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Capricorns are most compatible withCancer, followed by Pisces and Virgo. Capricorns are also compatible with Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. If you're dating a Capricorn, give them time to open up emotionally, and let them lead the relationship.

On a surface level they might seem compatible but it also depends on the placements one has in their birth chart and which elements (out of water, air, earth, and fire) are dominant in their chart. I have air dominant in my chart so even tho I’m a water sign, I find myself getting along with those who are libra, aquarius and gemini more often than not. Having similar thought processes as well as similar life experiences/history to someone else might also help you connect with them and understand them on a level that’s deeper than just superficial too.

Ce zodii iti plac si ce zodii nu suporti?

Imi plac: racii, scorpionii, varsatorii, femeia balanta, femeia taur, fecioarele, barbatul capricorn, barbatul pesti, femeia gemeni, femeia berbec, sagetatorii
Nu imi plac: barbatul berbec, barbatul taur, leii, femeia pesti, barbatul balanta, barbatul gemeni

Which colour ,gemstone we should wear according to zodiac sign

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Aquarius ruling planet is uranus (sun) they should wear uranus planet gemstone like hessonite , garnet etc
Their lucky colours are sun colours like orange,brown
Taurus/libra: Their ruling planet is venus. they should wear venus planet gemstone like opal ,pink tourmaline and rose quartz
Their lucky colours are baby pink ,ice blue lucky number 6
Capricorn: their ruling planet Is saturn .they should wear saturn planet gemstone like black tourmaline ,snow flake obsidian ,hematite etc
Their lucky colours are black

What are our lucky colours, numbers and gemstones according to zodiac sign ?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Aquarius ruling planet is uranus (sun) they should wear uranus planet colours like orange ,brown etc.lucky gemstone: garnet ,hessonite
Capricorn ruling planet is saturn they should wear saturn planet colour like black,lucky number 8 (capricorn number ) lucky gemstone: blue sapphire
Aries/scorpio : their ruling planet is mars they should wear mars planet colour like red luck number 9, lucky gemstone: coral
Gemini/virgo: their ruling planet is mercury they should wear mercury planet colours like green ,lucky number 5, lucky gemstone emerald
LibrA/taurus : their ruling planet is venus they should wear venus planet colours like ice blue ,baby pink lucky number 6 ,lucky gemstone: opal and pink tourmaline

Which colour we should wear on Saturday?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Each day is associated with zodiac sign
Saturday Is associated with saturn planet it's capricorn day ,wear black, put black lentil ,blsck sesame seed on terrace for birds etc
Denoting black flip flop to beggar and putting black on terrace fix sade sati which astrologer keeps on saying aquarius zodiac signs are going through sade sati , 7 and half years will be bad so I quit listening their predictions.
Black is colour of saturn (capricorn colour ) they are hard working ,goal oriented, disciplined and hard working people. they have good work ethics , wanna achieve so much in life.

Расскажи свой самый главный секрет так, чтобы никто ничего не понял

id260837771’s Profile PhotoAnatolii Novikov
1. I want to tell my first secret, I really want my ex named @Wanyok01 to get off me. He already got me so much that it's just terrible.
2. I really want the city to stop humiliating me, laughing at me, and much more.
3. I specifically say that I am for Ukraine, so that the SBU does not look for me, and does not disturb, and so my wounded soul.
4. I generally live in the Crimea, and I really want to have a diploma in design.
5. I want to stop being interested in Vladimir Putin, because the reason is that he is nobody to me, and let him do his job.
6. According to my passport, I am Ukrainian. But my character is like that of a Georgian. Despite the fact that my mother is a Crimean, I don’t look like my father at all.
7. I am one of those people who can put on makeup and dress beautifully only for the holidays. Color, and much more depends on the mood. On a typical day, I wear casual clothes.
8. My father is a native Libra in the zodiac, but I don’t even look like him. Nothing matches with Capricorn, I'm more like an Aries, and a Sagittarius.
9. I love peace, this is the only thing I like, because my soul is already torn to pieces. I am mentally ill.
10. I want a young man. It is desirable that he be beautiful in soul, and not just in the outer shell. The soul is the most important thing.

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Which zodiac signs are the most romantically compatible with Capricorns?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
I don’t know 😂😂😂
But I get along really well with Aquarius zodiacs. Infact most of my friends are Aquarius. 🌚
Then come people with the following zodiacs:
Scorpios (although sometimes, they’re a pain in the ass. 🌚)
and with Capricorn!

As you think astrology is interesting rank the other zodiac signs from your favourite to least favourite and include a reason?

Interesting, I like this question!
Scorpio - I think they’re the most misunderstood cause people assume they’re toxic cause they can be ruthless when crossed but they will go to the end of the earth to protect the people they love. Most of the ones I’ve met (inc my best friend of over a decade) are smart, driven, brave and have a wicked sense of humour 🖤
Taurus - A very close second! I love their passion and intelligence so much. In my experience they are reliable and honest, ambitious as fuck and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. I admire their strength and although they can be stubborn little shits, I really enjoy spending time with them and would deffo want them on my team if shit went sideways 🥰
Capricorn - I’ve known them to be loyal and determined. A little bit more chill than the top two but amazing listeners and good at giving advice 🥺
Virgo - Kind, patient and understanding. Logical thinkers who are always prepared cause they’ve thought of all the outcomes so I find them just soothing to be around as an anxious pisces 😋
Cancer - Ride or die type friends, they’re protective and loyal over those who are important to them. Good listeners and sensitive souls so we tend to understand each other well. Can be a bit moody and petty if you cross them though 😅
Aries - I have a love/hate relationship with Aries haha. I get on well with them but have a tendency to clash over certain things. I find them quite irritating in disagreements cause they’re a bit hot headed and competitive but when we get on, we get on well 😆
Libra - I can have a good laugh with them, their sense of humour and wittiness is unmatched. They can be a bit too extroverted and draining for me in large doses 🙂
Leo - Another love/hate relationship. I like their confidence and passion but sometimes it comes across as arrogant or attention seeking. I’ve met a few toxic Leos (I tend to find the males more likeable) but I’ve met some that I’ve really liked too ✌️
Aquarius - I haven’t met many so hard to form an opinion based on my experience which is why I’ve put them in the only gap haha. I would say very intelligent but being an air sign, a lot of their traits are probably not compatible with my own. So a mutual respect rather than a dislike 👍🏻
Sagittarius - I’ve met a few and they tend to be either people pleasing and disorganised but hilarious and optimistic or they can come across as blunt, rude and impatient. I can fuck with the first but not the second. Think we’re just very different people so don’t understand each other well or get the others approaches to situations 🤔
Gemini - Don’t think I’ve ever met one that I liked. They say one thing to you and another about you in my experience. Don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, their superiority complex irritates me and they can be flaky, shady and judgemental. Just not a compatible sign with pisces at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Which is the lamest, lousiest, as well as the cheapest and most horrible, most awful, despicable and dumbest zodiac sign that shouldn't even be alive?

I’m very cautious when it comes to Libras and Scorpios. They can easily stab you in the back. I find them a bit arrogant too. I know a lot of Scorpios and they hold a very special place in my heart but they can be the ruthless people you know when you cross them. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. I always accepted people as they are. I’m the type of person that befriends outcasts. A lot of my friends hated me for that. I don’t care if they’re weird according to others or if they have a dark past. I can get along with someone who has a different view and morals as I do, but I'm not as open to myself as much as I want to be. I can be highly critical of myself. I crave adventure but I would feel conflicted doing it.
For example, a friend lets me try smoking weed. I'm a curious person and I don't want to eliminate something without trying it out first except for hardcore drugs or extreme sports (lol). So I did try it, but the feeling of contempt starts to sink in. My mind would tell me that I shouldn't be doing it and that, this is not real me. My family consists of Libras. I don’t like it when they act that they act but really they don’t. You would think that they’re an open book but those people don’t even know they’re being talk to behind their backs. Also, I never met a libra person who acknowledged their wrong doings. It’s always the other person’s fault. I get along with Aries and Cancers more. There’s good and bad for each.
I’m Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and rising. I’m very reserved and watch. Once I’m comfortable with people I’m very open, very dominant and blunt.
One of my bffs is Gemini. They’re great. Greatest heartbreak Gemini. Hottest romance Scorpio and Sagittarius. Greatest challenge tie between Aquarius and Pisces. Hard no on both. No zodiac sign is horrible or despicable. All zodiac signs are good. I am Capricorn. Do you like Capricorn?

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Why don't you think Cancer could be compatible with Capricorns?

elley1234567’s Profile PhotoellaTheendbye
Astrologically it is a good pairing. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites so they generally have the same approach to life just differently, if that makes sense. It's a "meet me in the middle" type of pairing. There's obviously going to be some challenges as these signs are in opposition. Keep in mind though that we never look at just sun signs to determine compatibility in astrology. Moon, venus, mars and even mercury could all play a more important role, not to mention house overlays. Personally I am a Capricorn sun and stellium and my bf of 6 years is a cancer sun and stellium. Our relationship is generally really nice, fulfilling and peaceful. Our moon signs are also in opposition (though this generally isn't as good as opposing sun signs). Literally the best, most respected I'd ever felt in a relationship. I trusted him enough to LET. GO. and let him help me. Sagittarius is fun, exciting, and a good friend but they can be underhanded, unfeeling, and devious, even cruel. They’re a lot smarter than they get credit for. People forget that Jupiter is god of the big picture, as opposed to the small things that build the bigger picture, and that means the weaker & more vulnerable people around them sometimes get bulldozed. They can be extremely dogmatic and rigid in their views, particularly religious and philosophical ones. They are constantly searching for the capital-t Truth and don’t care as much about the little guy as they do about their ultimate Goal. As a Leo rising maybe I’m “into myself” but more accurately I can acknowledge and take pleasure in my strengths. Because I can do that, I’ll happily build you up - I instinctively want to make you feel good about yourself, and it’s genuine. I think the thing people sometimes don’t like is that I know I’m hot and I know I’m smart LOL. Underneath people’s instinctive horror at that is: 1) A woman shouldn’t feel good about herself, that’s not right, she can only feel good if it serves me in some way; and 2) Why don’t I get to feel good about myself? It’s entitlement and insecurity. He was Cancer Sun, Leo Ascendant, and Virgo moon also. This was the best relationship I've ever been in, and I'm not just saying that because he passed away. We got each other on another plane of existence somehow. Staying up all night giggling, knowing when it's time to go nuts and when it's time to stop, and mutually supportive. But all of my relationships at least start out strong. I dated a Cancer woman for a very long time, and it ended the way you are describing. Just drifted apart and left each other on read. The first six months were phenomenal though. It was a lot of people pleasing on both sides, with neither person really wanting to end or progress the relationship. I like Cancer women a lot and I am drawn to them as they exude feminine energy.

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Zodiak Capricorn gimana menurut kalian?

zodiak kakek gua itu. kakek seorang yg disiplin, penyayang,tegas,setia, apa aja diturutin, galak punya samurai. dlu ada orang galak ama gua dikasih samurai 😅

How can I stop missing my ex so much? It’s been four months and I still miss him everyday. I’ve tried nearly everything to get over him. he said that he doesn’t see us getting back together.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
I cant believe that you are really Capricorn 🤔...
A) We have quite high level of pride
B) Knowingly and reasonably closed chapter is CLOSED CHAPTER ! 🤷‍♀️

you seem like a person who's very much into money and material things. I bet you're an earth sign (taurus, virgo or capricorn)

> you seem like a person who's very much into money and material things.
While I am currently able to enjoy some of the finer things in life, I am a man of simple tastes and far from pretentious or materialistic. My rise from abject poverty was not motivated by material gain, but by an intense desire to learn / master an arcane topic. Everything that I possess is a byproduct of my perseverance and if surrender everything today, I could gain it all back because I am driven by something which is infinitely more precious than any possession known to man.
> I bet you're an earth sign (taurus, virgo or capricorn)
That would be a wise wager but I wouldn't put much stock in astrology. Interpretations can vary and certain stocks are more profitable than others. ;-)
you seem like a person whos very much into money and material things I bet youre

What's your favorite zodiac sign and least favorite zodiac sign?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
My favourite is mine 👉 Capricorn 😁👌From others I have experence with these only 👇
Taurus - very kind🥰
Cancer - friendly🥰
Leo - individualist
Libra - indecisive so easy to manipulate them😅
Scorpio - lovers💖
Aquarius - talkative
Aries - men are perfect and funny👍, women are really horible! 😬😂😂😂

Worst breakup story?

Not mine but my friend told me his girlfriend broke up with him by saying you can't handle Capricorn girls like dafuq? 😂😂 dump krne ki naye tareeke i died laughing tbh.
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As a Capricorn, what ‘Capricorn traits’ do you not have?

I’m driven by success and status, but its not necessarily about money. I like classy, elegant things, and abhor people with poor taste and uncultured behaviour. I am also rational and cold. I like beauty and perfection.
I can fit every characteristic most of the time and split from the traits with some aspects. I'm career oriented, but not ambition obsessed. I'm money driven, but not at the cost of quality or people. I'm a lover of art, but not a fan of knick-knacks. I'm an organized, efficient, & thorough worker, but not exactly a "hard worker bee."
I'm emotional & sentimental, but can certainly be stern & terse. Sometimes I'm "cold" when sorting through my emotions, I like to be able to speak about them clearly so that they are taken seriously and respected. But I cry at Disney movies, too. I like things tidy, but overlook little messes as long as they are taken care of before getting out of hand. Resourceful, creative, family-oriented, compassionate, patient, intelligent, balanced - these are traits most "readings" neglect of Capricorns. I used to fit most (ambition, hard work, wise with money, emotionless) when I was younger, and haven’t explored much about life and myself. Now, I can’t believe I’m even a Cap to begin with. Work is a chore, ambition is smth I feel I’m forced to have to better my circumstances, I don’t save. I’ve cried and felt more emotions in the past three years than I’ve ever had my whole life. It’s confusing and pretty alienating.
I can be ruthlessly blunt. Very straightforward and often times can be mean, or so people feel that’s how I’m being. Emotionally I’m unstable, but very rarely show it. I’d rather be working than with friends and most people even bosses would call me a workaholic. I push people away often.
I don’t have a lot of Capricorn traits. My only other earth placements are my Virgo NN & Capricorn Neptune. Rest of chart is mostly Aquarius & then Sagittarius & Aries sprinkled in there. What I DO have is the overthinking & worrying... I take myself pretty seriously and my absolute least favorite thing in the world is being made to look bad. I care a lot about my status (to my dismay) and I crave power and success, mostly cause I like the respect and attention that comes with it. Not big on money. However, people always say I do not come off as an earth sign. When I’m not depressed, I’m very outgoing and playful, I’m scatterbrained, irresponsible, impulsive, I’ve been told I’m “airy” but that doesn’t sound like a good thing ha. I always felt like I was having an identity crisis because I never have presented as a traditional Capricorn and I actually even have a stellium so I relate heavily in other ways like work ethic, responsibility, and ambition.

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But Cancer IS a nice star sign too since Elon Musk is one. But you'll never be us, WE are a special kind of people. Everyone wants to be us and people are simply intrigued by us. We are truly incredible people. We're the most hard-working people on this planet. We don't work harder, WE work smarter.

I didn't know Elon Musk was one. You learn something new everyday. My father is a Capricorn and he is the nicest Capricorn I know.

In the show Avatar people have the ability to bend and control one out of four elements: Fire, water, air and earth. Which of those elements do you think you would've wanted to control and why? 🔥🌊🌪☄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am afraid of 🔥&🌊 and I hate Airflow 🌪️😬.. So I would control earth 🌎 probably, btw Capricorn is earth zodiac sign too! 😅

Is Capricorn one of the less special signs in the zodiac? Is Capricorn the hardest zodiac sign to date? Is Capricorn a rare zodiac sign? Is Capricorn the rarest zodiac sign?

My long lasting bf is a Capricorn and he is tough as hell, he's complicated and hardest to date, very tough man emotionally. It's hard to make him open up. I’ve dated Capricorn women. They can be very contradictory and also run hot and cold.

Spill cara luluhin hati si capricorn😣😣

Kasih perhatian misal tanyain "gimna hari ini?", terus kasih kabar meskipun mereka nggak minta (because itu membuat dia merasa spesial), pap kegiatan kamu ke dia. Terus jadilah diri kamu sendiri alias tampil apa adanya, terus jujur dan terbuka sih yang nomer 1. Itu aja sih kayaknya 🐼
Fyi iam Capricorn hahah

Feeble minded ? Cancers may not be bravest but we are strong and determined. Capricorns have big egos

Let me get this straight, let me set the record straight. you are not just as strong and determined as we are, we were born to face any storms, and we were born with a strong will. Our tenacity is second to none, Capricorns are exceptionally well-mannered, and they pursue status, which means always acting with proper etiquette. Capricorns work hard to surround themselves with only the best, and the same goes for the people they associate with. They prefer to befriend those who have higher social standing, and will behave in a refined and mature manner. Capricorns know how to get down to business, and they make some of the best CEO’s and investors. Their minds are productivity and profit driven, and they know exactly how to turn the heads of those that are in higher positions than them. Capricorns can make any business a profitable success.
Capricorns are incredibly ambitious, sometimes to a fault. A Capricorn will work their fingers to the bone, and they will not stop until they have reached their goal. They do not let loose and have fun often, which makes them quite serious and high strung. To many Capricorns, enough is never enough, and they always want more. They are quick to look down on others who have not succeeded in their professional lives, and they tend to judge and stereotype people according to their social class and income level, only wanting to associate with people of high status.
Capricorns are determined to make things happen during their lifetime. They’re known for their serious focus, especially in youth.

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What sign do you typically dislike?

Personally, I am a Capricorn, and I am really annoyed by most Leo's I meet. I think it is because I enjoy attention, and Leo's are big attention seekers. I prefer to work hard at whatever I am doing, in hopes that people will notice me. But then I still become bitter when a Leo so effortlessly gets the attention that I want. They also tend to be lucky and popular (at least the ones I know), and I am not. Things you dislike about your zodiac sign? What sign do you personally dislike the most? I do not judge people about something, so shallow as a zodiac sign. And it confuses me a bit that people who believe them have specific ones they dislike, because I see little to no difference of saying I dislike this sign compared to saying I dislike this ethnicity or race of people. As you basically alienating a hole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation.
Do you believe in zodiac signs?
I'm not the most spiritual person, but it still is pretty fun to read about my personality nonetheless. And more times than often, my personality does correlate with my sign.
What's your sign and do the personalities associated with your sign correlate to who you are? I believe in zodiac signs but I don't think it's fair to single one out to dislike them. I'm a Pisces myself and yes, the personalities associated with my sign do correlate to who I am. I think that's true about everybody, not just me. I've never met anybody who is the opposite of what their zodiac sign says they are. Being jealous of another person's popularity, regardless of zodiac signs, is no better than alienating a whole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation. You already know how I see astrology. Show it works and how it works, otherwise it doesn’t work. Great for making excuses and avoiding personal responsibility though. What make astrology the superior bigotry? How many people of each sign does one need to form accurate stereotypes. Five? Ten? Does gender and ethnicity make a difference? Age? Does a child immediately act like their sign or grow into it? Also explain the programming part. Happens instantly? No downloading time? Are the planets each emitting a energy beam traveling billions of miles to focus on my tiny head?

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Favorite start sign and least favorite star sign?

I'm a really straight forward and open Capricorn and Geminis just frustrate me. They're mostly flaky and indecisive, and I cannot be around you if you don't communicate directly. Also, I don't really get along w Aquarius' for some reason. I get along really well w other virgos cause my who my family are born in September and I like other Capricorns.
Favourite: Scorpios. They're the only sign where everyone I've met has met the sign's description to a T. Passionate, seductive, and very irresistible! Least Favourite: I don't "dislike" any sign, but Aries as a concept are intimidating.... Rash, easily angered, energetic. My sister is an Aries and she was such a little handful. I love her to pieces though. 2 of my 3 long term partners were Pisces (I'm a Virgo), all of my favorite musicians are Pisces (I only found out about this years after they were already my favs), and my grandma who was the person that I absolutely loved the most in the whole word was also a Pisces. Whenever I'm dating a new girl and she says she's a Pisces I automatically get super attracted to her lol I get it. Most Gemini are hyper or I guess extroverted. But I’m a a Gemini ♊️ and some of us are actually quiet. I guess I’ve been told way to much I’m a broken Gemini. But some other Gemini people I have met have annoyed me a bit. Some rude. But most are pretty nice :). I believe all Gemini can’t be what they call us. Nice,smart,out going, adventuress, those things. But I hope you Gemini experiences weren’t to bad. I’m actually calm, fat,have one friend, hate conversation,I cry when I get yelled at, I do my work and draw that’s all. :) But I agree with you.
For me Aries. Masculine, assertive, passionate, great initiative, knows what they want and how to get it. Will stand up and defend you no matter what. That's incredibly sexy to me. Aries is my Descendant so that's probably why. I enjoy competitive, love-hate connections with men I'm attracted to (I have Venus square Mars) and Aries is a sign that can handle that. So yeah, Aries!
Romantically/sexually... Scorpio. I love that they act like the strong and silent type, but inside have a depth of emotion and passion that just knocks me out when it comes to the surface. Unfortunately for me, those extremes are hella attractive but unsustainable in the long term because I'm always guessing what they're really feeling and what they're about and it drives me crazy. I tend to find more stable and satisfying relationships with signs that are more straightforward.
There's multiple though. I could like Taureans because I just find them hot (taurus lilith maybe), and I'm a slut for stability and sensuality. But I also like Pisceans, because they're soft and gentle (they're like the most feminine men, or so I feel). I'm a Pisces Descendant. Then there's Arians. I relate to them and I enjoy the playful nature that I know too well from my sun and Mercury. And last but not least virgo because they're so analytical and detail oriented.

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As a Capricorn, what do you think of Cancers?

Cancer men as a friend are not my cup of tea. I guess I don’t have the patience for the brooding, very self absorbed, naggy, manipulative, constant victim, personality these days. Also hate the mood swings that they have when you ask them about what’s bothering them ,they beat around the bush or avoid your questions all together and are a buzz kill. It’s kinda funny this post popped up as I am about to cut ties with a Cancer friend. Be gone! Lol! Honestly, am a HUGE FAN, I love Cancers. All the Cancers I have gotten close to in my life have made me look at things in life VERY differently. I like that they are able to see through my sarcasm and my serious demeanour (usually a defence mechanism). When some back away, they come closer, pull up a chair and sit next to me. They can read me like a book and when am hurt, they are the first to pick up on it in a room full of people. They listen to my fears and my thoughts without judgement. My best friend is Cancer and their presence is healing to me, the yin to my yang :) They are my favorites. We always click right off the bat. I swear, every Cancer I’ve ever met says the words “you are so interesting to me”. Which to a Capricorn, is one of the most meaningful compliments to hear. They always make me feel really appreciated for who I am. I truly think the opposite signs thing plays out beautifully..it’s like yin and yang. I think they’re drawn to our depth and we’re drawn to their softness & openness. I can pretty much always tell when someone’s a cancer because we get along so effortlessly. The men melt me down. Even if I’m not really physically attracted to them, I usually end up falling for them. They’re hilllllarrrrriiiiooouuussss as fuck. I’m a big sucker for someone who makes me laugh. And on top of that, I can talk to them about anything. They’re comfortable talking about feelings and their past and I like that open and honest flow of conversation. I really liked a Cancer 8 or so months ago. I knew he was a playboy but when he was with me it was like there was nothing else in the world on his mind. His focus was completely there with me. He worked at the Whole Foods and everyone knew him as being one of the most authentically kind people they’ve ever met. It was one of the constantly busiest stores but every customer he got he would look them in the eyes and ask them how they were doing. I hold a special place for him in my heart. As a friend, big no. Romantically yes. I love girls with Cancer sun. It creates the mother & father archetype relationship. But from experience guys with Cancer sun, they are too nagging, beat around the bush, manipulative. I avoid them as much as I can. I can't stand them sometimes. But I really appreciate their caring nature, their sensitivity. I prefer Scorpio and Pisces.

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Is Cancer and Capricorn compatible in terms of a long-term relationship?

They can be if they work on it, but Capricorn might need to open up a little more. Cancer is very sensitive and Capricorn doesn’t like to express feelings, it’s good to communicate with Cancer how you feel or they will feel unwanted by Capricorn. Usually yes like any other zodiac combination, since it's a matter of personalities. If you consider any combination over the person, then there is already some doubt, so the relationship might fail anyway. It all depends if the two people have a healthy and honest relationship. I (Capricorn Female) and my husband (cancer Male) are totally compatible, we have been together for 10 years now. His sentimental, homebody comfort is really relaxing compared to my “workaholic” attitude sometimes. We set goals togethers, we work hard to make it happen & we relax & have fun at the same time.
I have a capricorn moon and my bf has a cancer moon. He is the sweetest, most thoughtful and intuitive man I've ever dated. He's loves my ambition and let's get to work attitude. Although I'm very independent and self sufficient, he still pays for all our dates and gifts me the most thoughtful items. I blame my cap moon for making me wait so long to meet someone like him. I should also note he's good at managing money; his sun is in Taurus. In my opinion, I think they can be compatible.
Every cancer/capricorn couple I know are long term marriages, seem very happy and keep it real with their relationship. Quite PDA as well. I really like this placement together. My partner and i are cancer moon/cap moon and we do unspeakably understand each other. I also in general am a person that needs a lot of space in romantic relationships. I don’t like feeling smothered and I love doing whatever I want, when I want, and I think in the past this has thrown my leo partners off because the attention I am willing to give them is quite inconsistent. I attract a lot of libras but I only really appreciate them as friends. I can’t take them seriously as partners. I have been with my cap SO for 11 years and it’s good. We’re a good match because we don’t mind working hard on the relationship and making sure we grow together. Sometimes natural compatibility isn’t the most important part of making things work.
Both my parents are cancers and my best guy friend is a cancer. It's funny because I always tell my friend he's literally just my dad but like 30 years younger lol. I love them. Except I love the evolved ones, my mom is very much unevolved and my dad is the opposite and it shows. My mom because emotional but she doesnt know about what really and she thinks I'm "cold" to her because she doesnt understand me.

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الابرااااااج 😂 يعني مثلا الدلو بووت عذراء ڤيرچن ايه بقى القوس ده او الميزان ؟

لا لا بص/ى 😂
اول حاجه لما تسأل عن برج حد هتقوله
What's ur zodiac ?
What's ur horoscope ?
What's ur sign !
الابراج بقى
Aries الحمل
Taurus الثور
Cancer السرطان
Gemini الجوزاء
Leo الاسد
Virgo العذراء
Libra الميزان
Scorpio العقرب
Sagittarius القوس
Capricorn الجدى
Aquarius الدلو
Pisces الحوت

właśnie czuje, że Damiano to ten sam typ co Taehyung, tyle że D ma jakby większe pole do „popisu” swoim wizerunkiem, przez to, że to rock band i każdy ma tam taki image, a u bangtanow trzeba dbać o opinie grupy, tak jak to powiedziałaś wcześniej Asiu

Damiano to jest naprawdę typowy Capricorn i ja to cenię, bo tego się nie nauczysz tylko takim się musisz urodzić przez to ludzie z tego znaka zodiaku świetnie się odnajdują w rockowym środowisku. Ale u Tae to szaleństwo przejawia się trochę inaczej przez to, że należy do zespołu, w którym wytwórnia szczególnie dba o opinię + jego rising sign to Sagittarius.

i mean nic dziwnego. taehyung jest typowym capricornem. capricorn energy 100%. i może to jest unpopular opinion, ale mam wrażenie, że większość stanerek tae nie rozumie co to znaczy i sorry, ale śmiać mi się chce jak czytam, że myślą jest jest taki niewinny i słodziusi itp.

To jest unpopular opinion w fandomie, szczególnie tym twitterowskim, ale ja myślę tak samo. Tae może często się hamuje, bo nie jest solistą tylko jest w zespole, więc musi dbać o opinię grupy, ale fakt, że ciągle jest Capricornem i gdy nie czuje presji robi szalone niezrozumiałe rzeczy. Sam jego sposób bycia jest dość specyficzny. Owszem, potrafi być uroczy, ale jego osobowość jest o wiele bardziej złożona i mam wrażenie, że niektórzy fani o tym zbyt często zapominają.
i mean nic dziwnego taehyung jest typowym capricornem capricorn energy 100 i

M-a citit ca pe o carte deschisa invers, inchisa in Alcatraz, deschisa la foi rupte si inchisa la culoare, sa nu se diferentieze literele de pagina. Ma simt... descifrat. Now wut?

GraffexTheTfK’s Profile PhotoGabriel
Acum dacă te-au descoperit, nu mai ai ce face. “Îndulcesc” eu situația afirmând că și fetele Capricorn sunt la fel😇🙄
+2 answers in: “Barbatii capricorni sunt materialisti. Vor bani si pozitie. Are mai mult drag de bani decat de femeile lor”

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

Leo: phoopho ki beti.🤣😅
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Ich bin so gespannt auf die Entscheidung, weil alle OCs auf der at Choice Seite so toll aussehen 💕 Und so viele haben so klangvolle Namen 😍Darum wollte ich zum spoilerfreien kennenlernen der Konkurrenz mal fragen, wie ihr alle zu den Vornamen eurer blap Ladies gekommen seid? ☺️

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Ich mag den Namen Nashira gerne. Das ist ein arabischer Name und @peschawaabdullah321 hat mich auf die Idee gebracht. Familie Shafiq kommt nämlich aud Marokko und Nashira ist die Cousine von Dana Shafiq 🙈. Ihr Name wird btw "Nas•hira" mit scharfen S ausgesprochen und nicht Nas(c)hira. Da das aber viele Menschen falsch aussprechen hat sie sich irgendwann nur noch mit Nas vorgestellt. Der Name wurde ihr hauptsächlich gegeben, weil die
Familie Shafiq traditionell nur arabische Sternnamen vergibt. Außerdem ist Nashira die
arabische Bezeichnung des Sterns „Gamma Capricorni“ im Sternbild Capricorn also im
Sternbild des Steinbocks und da ihr Sternzeichen Steinbock ist, hat ihr Vater diesen Namen
gewählt. Naja Astronomie ist zwar nicht so angesehen bei den Shafiqs, aber Traditionen schon und deshalb haben alle einen arabischen Sternnamen 🌌💫 (bis auf Dana, aber Onkel Furud ist eh einer der nicht viel Wert auf Tradition legt) hier ein Bild vom Stern Nashira.

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Ich bin so gespannt auf die Entscheidung weil alle OCs auf der at Choice Seite
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According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Bhai mein virgo hou, lekin khuda ki kasm mein sahir lodhi pe crush rakhlo ga lekin yeh na hoga mujhse

Haha I meant you fall under both Capricorn and Aquarius category. Dates are very close to each other. But yes! Haha nice :)

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I realized that later you know as I'm half asleep ( 3:46 am here). So as per my date i got dual horoscope personality?
+5 answers in: “Do you know a lot about horoscopes? Do you have any views or thoughts on Pisces souls? ♓🐟”

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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Mine leo😂 phopo k bety😐

According to your Star. I am your..???? Aquarius : Bestie❤ Sagittarius : Bf ? Cancer : Partner in crime ? Capricorn : Life ? Libra : Cousin ? Leo : Phophu ki beti ? Virgo : Crush? Pisces : Humsaye♥ Taurus : Teacher ? Gemini : Enemy ? Aries: One sided lover? Scorpio: Friend?

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