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Action or comedy movie ?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile PhotoBecky
Either I suppose, if they’re good. For me a lot of ‘action movies’ are just too much high octane guns and explosions and car chases, so it has to be something that would grip me. On its own I find that the whole “lock’n’load it’s payback” thing just for the sake of it can be tiresome.
Also, comedy films are really hit and miss for me. But if it hits, it’s definitely worth it.

Should staffing agencies be illegal? Are they really able to hire adequately for a company they know nothing about?

Chi3Chi’s Profile PhotoChiChi
Honestly... They SUCK!!! They came to my company telling me "I have to hire through them only".... I ask which person has the ability to train dogs?? Then gave them 4 seconds to reach the car before I release 6 dogs 😈😈😈
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Have you ever spilled liquid on something which shouldn't get wet? What did you do then? Was that thing okay afterwards? 💧💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It was okay but it wasn’t a huge amount. 🥲
The last thing I lost was an iPad which I left in the car boot and it was some water accumulated somewhere on the left side from the rain. Idk how, it wasn’t my car, the thing is my iPad fell into that hole and got soaked wet and never turned on again. 🥹

As an urban planning student I'm curious, how would you describe an ideal city? 🏙️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My ideal city will be full of parks, lots of trees, grass perks, bushes, flowers.
I’d also want it to have car free areas. Any place in the city has to be easily accessible by foot, bus, metro, tram and train.
I’d also make sure there is enough in each area: entertainment, supplies, healthcare, etc.
As an urban planning student Im curious how would you describe an ideal city

Tu as combien de piercings, tatouages ?

0 percings, 0 tatouages
Les percings que j'ai aux oreilles ce sont des faux, car je ne cicatrise pas donc je ne préfère même pas essayer 😕
Et les tatouages, je vais en faire quelques-uns c'est sûr ! Mais je n'ai pas encore commencée 😊
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richard has no aspirations to travel or the ability to make much money. living with him would be so depressing. dont sign away your beautiful life for that mess. you deserve more

Well he did invest in his friend’s company and they’re going to get a pay out in April so he will be able to pay to fix his car then I guess

What is your plan to do this Saturday? 🤔

hmmm I’ve serviced my car, swapped out 30 lavender plants, washed and groomed doghead, mowed the lawn, fixed dads laptop and I’m about to jump in the spa …Saturday is about done, although I’m still considering driving over to Wynyard to play poker with a few mates 😂😂😂😂

What genres and styles of music did your parents/guardians listen to when you were growing up? How much of an influence do you feel it had on your current music taste? 😌🎧🎶

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
My grandparents listened to a lotto oldies, some Beatles and Christian Country!
My mom and stepdad listened to more hip hop/rap/rock/dance kinda music!
Though I wouldn't say I have the "same" exact music taste as them (especially now lol 😝)... I do hold onto a few select songs, that were played quite a bit during our car travels, from my childhood ☺️
What genres and styles of music did your parentsguardians listen to when you

Call me materialistic but guys with iPhone, car, and dha lifestyle have a different vibe. Always find elite lifestyle exciting

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
You should go for that lifestyle instead of going for a guy with that kind of lifestyle. I find rich guys extremely arrogant, annoying and usually immoral with 40-50 gfs and disloyalty is in their veins, they feel that world belongs to them and they can pull anyone. It's not a safe side tbh.

Call me materialistic but guys with iPhone, car, and dha lifestyle have a different vibe. Always find elite lifestyle exciting

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
DHA lifestyle. Wow. This is something new. Bruh even DHA people wouldn't own this ridiculous term😭😂.
And it's not about being materialistic. Materialistic people are good. They always look for ways to make more money. But people who want others people's money and wants to depend on them aren't materialistic. They're dumb af and low people.

Dang. It was a nice car too. I'm glad you're getting an attorney. There's no way that person should've been able to screw your life up like that and barely have to give you anything. Was your job that vague to just say soon? How do they expect you to know what that means?

Yeah but i’ll get another one…. eventually.. i hope. And it was me and my two work best friends, were told that 2/3 of us would be layed off and for all of us to start looking for a job… buuuuut they decided to dip b4 me :,)

What happened? Did your car situation get sorted out?

Nope…. car was deemed totaled, they only offered 2K more than what i owe on it so it’s been 5 weeks and about to have to bring an attourney in since they owe me 38K…
And found out friday i’m being laid off “soon” so trying to figure that out since you know i have an apartment and a child and bills and all of that 🥹🥹🥹

What do you do throughout an average day? 📅

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Today I woke up early and thought I’d do my Walmart run because it shouldn’t be busy at 8 am. It was busy, but I got a screwdriver, some bananas, a compact, soap, bottled water and some granola.
Then I went through a drive through for breakfast using a coupon on the app.
Went to Goodyear because my tire pressure light was on and they checked it and said it was fine, and reset it.
Went home and used the screwdriver to put my permanent license plates on my car, and threw the temporary one away that expire tomorrow. Called the dealership to schedule a loaner car for Wednesday so I can bring my car in for the second time because it is still rattling and creaking even after they replaced the stabilizer link.
The Spectrum guy came to wire my house for wifi and set that up for me. It had never had cable or wifi before.
Made chopped salad for lunch with romaine, cucumber, and chicken.
Spent the afternoon researching luxury Gucci bag sis found while thrifting for $5. It is in prime condition and they resell for over $1,000 online. Brought it to Gucci store to verify it is real. I staged it and took pictures of it and wrote a detailed description. Will list it tomorrow on resell site.
Called Cheesecake Factory to make reservations for lunch with my group of friends for tomorrow afternoon.
Gave cat medicine for her asthma. Comfort watching “The Middle” right now with my newly set up wifi.

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What do you do throughout an average day? 📅

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Here was 24 h thurs/fri;
Arrived home thurs eve 2100. NO ELECTRICITY. All buildings around me had power. Called utilities. ATT cut something. Went to bed. Luckily, temps were moderate so inside only dropped to 65 F/18 C. Woke up 6 am no power. Enough hot water to shower. Had a work conf call 8 am. Had just enough cel signal to use my phone.
Then drove to dealer for car appt. Guess what? They were short staffed Fri. I go home to darkness my old friend. Management brought water bottles. BFD. Tell me pizza coming in an hour. 3 freakin hours later it came. Gave me 2. Ate half of 1. With no refrigeration, rest went to waste.
Went to sports pub. Checked my home cam which went online about 4:30. Called car place “Um Neo, we need to keep car til Monday. Your rotors are not covered under warranty.” FML.
I said don’t replace with OEM, I want race rotors. Will find someone else. Still no car til Mon because of other service (I have a loaner)
Threw out all fridge/freezer food Sat. Backfilled about half with trip to grocery. Waiting for reimbursement from ATT.
And I just dropped my lunch of sushi rolls on floor. I was too tired to cry.
That fridge note was to prevent sleepy me from eating/drinking something overnight before I disposed of contents.

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What do you do throughout an average day

Qu'est-ce que tu en penses de ta meilleure amie 🤫

Que c'est le plus grosse folle que je connaisse et que j'aime.
Elle est très forte, elle s'est construite seule, elle n'a eu personne derrière elle et aujourd'hui elle a déjà accompli une bonne partie de ce qu'elle voulait accomplir et ce n'est pas fini. Je la soutiendrais jusqu'au bout d'ailleurs car je l'admire et c'est un exemple. C'est une femme libre et indépendante. Elle a toujours le sourire, même devant les pires galères.
C'est une amie en or, toujours là, toujours présente. Elle sait trouver les mots même quand ce n'est pas ce qu'on veut entendre. Elle est toujours celle qui trouve les meilleurs sorties les plus délirantes les unes que les autres, elle transmet sa joie de vivre et c'est agréable d'avoir une personne comme elle à ses côtés.

What's a gift you've recieved which you think was truly thoughtful? 🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When my partner and I first got together, he was convinced that I was going to die in a fiery car crash. This was exacerbated a SMIDGE by me driving way too fast and using my phone as a map on my knees. You can’t report me for this, it was AGES ago and I never hit anything I didn’t mean to 😂
Anyway, he bought be a phone holder for my car so that I didn’t die. I thought that was peak romance (and still do!)

Je croyais que t'aimer pas le carnaval?

Quand j'étais + jeune je le faisais avec mes cousins/cousines.
Mais j'ai eu un trauma ( ça date maintenant) mais ça reste c'est comme si c'était hier...
Du coup depuis ce jour là je n'ai plus fait de bandes de carnaval.
Aujourd'hui je fait que 1 ptit tour sans déguisement car ma fille adore voir le carnaval ! Et puis dimanche c'est la 1ère des trois joyeuses c'est tellement attendu à Dunkerque !
Mais en aucun cas je ne fait la bande etc..
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Tu va aller à la bande de Dunkerque dimanche ?

Jvais faire un tour car ma fille adore surtout que c'est la 1ère des trois joyeuses dimanche !
Si tu me croise n'hésite pas 😉
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Souris, ta pas le droit de cacher la septième merveille du monde pour un chagrin

Non, parcontre j'ai le droit de cracher sur la dernière Mer.de du monde... tu sais quand je vois des gens finir tt seul chez eux en pleurant (car imbuvable) ou bien d'autre entrain de stagner ici qui te parle comme si tu les dérangeait... ça me rappelle pk à chaque fois je reviens tous les 6 mois... l'âge d'or de ask est bien derrière... malgré qu'il reste des mietes de personnes respectable, paix à tout ceux qui m'ont suivi et liké où tt simplement lu.... à pluche...
Souris ta pas le droit de cacher la septième merveille du monde pour un chagrin

*Space for picture you want to showcase* 📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
So AI tries it's best... most of the time!😅 I found this AI creation to be hilarious!😆 I specifically typed in "Arnold Schwarzenegger driving a car with SpongeBob" and it gave me this!🤣
There doesn't appear to be anyone driving! Spongebob is through the windscreen! There's an extra random "thing" in the back seat which doesn't look human!😱😆 And i'm not even going to try and describe those trippy U.F.O's flying behind the car!🤦‍♂️😅
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Comment oublier son ex et arrêter de penser à lui ?

On n'oublie pas un ex on accepte que notre chemin doit continuer sans cette personne.
Mais on a tendance à rester bloqué dans cette relation car nous avions des projets ou parce que nous avons peur d'être seul(e) ou encore nous ne voulons pas voir que cette relation nous faisait peut-être souffrir.
Courage tu va y arriver ❤

Do you like going on Roadtrips? What are some of your favorite routes? 🚗🎶

cometstrixxx’s Profile Photo✧˚Comet˚✦
I only ever went and go on road trips with my family and we haven’t done it in quite some time. We went to Florida together and it was always stressful the two times we went there because every time we go on a road trip, my anxiety acts up and I find it hard to tolerate my siblings making too much noise/complaining in the car. My brother doesn’t like doing things as a family as much as he likes being with his friends so he already isn’t having a fun time and when I talk/speak up in the car, it almost always ends up with me arguing with my parents on the road so I choose to stay silent for the most part. I only tolerate road trips with the hope that the destination (rental home we’ll be staying in) doesn’t disappoint but usually, I don’t like them. Maybe if I went with friends I’d enjoy the road trip more 🤷🏻‍♀️

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اكتر حد هيترجم دي صح لإما يخد 50 كوينز أو يسأل سؤال في الإنجلش وهجاوب عليه My grandmother was in a car accident. She was brought to the hospital in an ambulance.The nurse called my father. I could sense something was wrong. My father looked shocked.

علي ما أعتقد انك بتقولي أن جدتك عملت حادثه ونقلت بسياره الإسعاف والممرضه كلمت باباكي وهو كان مصدوم وانتي حسيتي أن في حاجه مقلقه

What is your love language?

I have all five love languages alhamdulilah
1. Quality time: I love spending quality time with him. I like when we go out on long drives, have hangouts and sit together under the wintery night sky just to count stars.
2. Physical touch: I love holding his hand, hugging him tightly, putting my head on his shoulder and just feeling the beauty of that moment etc.
3. Words of affirmation: I being myself a writer,really love appraisal words, confessions and compliments. I do blush whenever he compliments me alhamdulilah.
4. Receiving gifts: I admire getting gifts and giving gifts to those whom I really love. I keep those gifts (which he gives me) saved with me and make use of them mostly to feel their presence on those gifts. E.g the purse which he gave.
5. Acts of services: I can cook for him, serve him food, comb/massage his hair, massage his legs/feet if he is tired,hold his shoes to carry from one place to another and can drive at midnight just to reach him if his car stopped at the middle of the road on a wintery night.

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A votre humble avis soutenez-vous la hausse du prix de la consultation chez le médecin généraliste?

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
A la fois oui, et à la fois non
Non car ça peut commencer à devenir cher pour certaines personnes
Oui, car il faut bien que les médecins vivent eux aussi, puissent payer leur factures divers, leurs charges etc
Puis il faut aussi que leurs années d'études et les déserts médicaux puissent compenser
Ca fait beaucoup de choses à prendre en compte
Sans compter les patients qui deviennent de plus en plus comme des clients de grandes surfaces (impolis, irrespectueux, égoïstes, etc...)
Etant dans le commerce, faut des nerfs d'acier et aimer grandement son métier pour se les farcir ceux-là!
(Oserais-je dire que je n'aime plus trop mon métier à cause de ces sudiser ed etopac ... )

What's your opinion on influencer culture?

dante_aligh’s Profile PhotoDonovan
I think it’s great for those who have the potential to do well as influencers and seeing other influencers ways of living might motivate them to create more/new content. On the other hand, those who are nowhere near being an influencer (like me) might envy them and can be unrealistic in the things they want (like buying themselves an expensive car or a luxury apartment) after watching the way other influencers live their lives.

Situation : tu devras passer un test de quotient intellectuel dans 3 mois puis concourir à la fonction publique. Vas-tu t'entraîner avec tous les corrigés possibles ou bien tu marques le rendez-vous pour être certain de ne pas l'oublier et tu continues ta vie normalement en attendant ?

LudovicRuiz’s Profile PhotoLudovic Richard RUIZ
Je pense que ça dépend un peu de ta situation actuelle.
Si tu as le temps et que tu veux te donner toutes les chances, ça peut être une bonne idée de commencer à t'entraîner dès maintenant.
Les tests de quotient intellectuel peuvent être assez exigeants, donc plus tôt tu t'y mets, mieux c'est.
Cependant, ne néglige pas non plus le stress et la pression que cela pourrait générer.
Assure-toi de trouver un équilibre entre la préparation et la gestion du stress. 🥃🥃
Et bien sûr, ne rate pas le rendez-vous, car ça serait dommage de faire tout ce boulot et de rater le test 😌

Quels sont les sujets tabous pour toi ?

AntoineChemla’s Profile PhotoSyndrome
Je n'ai pas de sujets tabous en réalité.
Je n'aime juste pas parler de tout avec tout le monde, car le tout-venant ne mérite pas forcément (très élitiste hein),ma nature méfiante fait que je n'ai pas envie de parler de tout avec quelqu'un que je n'estime pas un minimum, c'est aussi une certaine pudeur car je ne veux pas me dévoiler forcément.

Si tu es en couple, quelles sont vos interdictions pour ne pas que ça foire entre vous ?

Ne pas fumer
Ne pas boire
Ne pas aller en boîte
Toujours dire les choses telles qu'elles sont même si ça peut faire mal au deux.
Pas de sous-entendus.
Pas de jeux sournois car je peux très vite les reconnaître.

would u wait for someone outside for a long time??

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
If I have to say something to them in person and it’s very important that I do so, then maybe. But if it’s in the middle of the night and I don’t feel safe on the street that I’m waiting for them on, I’d probably wait in the car or eventually go home if they don’t come out soon.

> friends or ghoulfriends - 🤣 > if i call the police, will he answer > house detail - Why can't I work my normal detail on the usual corner? I just had my hair done and everything. Precinct duty is boring. Nothing exciting ever happens... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
It’s time for me to get a car and put on a fake mustache. I know, I know, save it for when we get home. 😛🤣💗

The 3rd Monday of January is often called “Blue Monday” here in the West. The term was coined in 2004 by a psychologist who claimed (without scientific evidence btw) that it was the most depressing day in the year. So how has your day been today? I hope all your spirits are in reasonable shape 👍

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Today I've spent most of the day booking a hire car for my three week holiday in South Africa, and researching the numerous wineries in the Franschhoek area where I'll be spending a couple of days.

Quelle est votre passion ? Vos hobbys ?

camilledewilde78’s Profile PhotoCamille
Je fais beaucoup de choses, en vrai.
Je peins, dessine, crée, écris énormément. Je peux même aider sur mon temps libre pour des tournages (j'ai bossé sur un ou deux plateaux en général sur la décoration, je suis assez douée pour dépanner), je suis présidente d'une association de théâtre, je fais toujours du bénévolat, en ce moment c'est avec un jeune garçon autiste, j'adore aider du pdv éducation canine car je m'y connais pas mal à vrai dire, même pour les animaux je dépanne facilement, je m'engage tout doucement mais sûrement dans un parti politique
Voilà voilà beaucoup de choses finalement qui font une petite vie.

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