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Who is never hungry during Christmas?

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
I had to search the Internet for an answer, because as you and I figured out the traditions we have are different and we live under the domination of different churches, Catholic and Christian, the answer is stuffed turkey, yes you eat it on Christmas according to tradition, we traditionally have tangerines, champagne and Olivier in New Year)
New Year from December 31 to January 1 is more important than Christmas, because in Russia not everyone believes in God and many other religions, many do not celebrate it in vain, but how do you remember Christmas in Russia on January 7🌲🍾
Пришлось искать в интернете ответ, ибо как мы с тобой вычислили традиции у нас разные и живем по господству разных церквей, католической и христианской, ответ фаршированная индейка, да вы едите ее в Рождество по традиции, у нас по традиции мандарины, шампанское и оливье в Новый год) Новый год с 31 декабря на 1 января важнее, чем Рождество, ибо в России не все верят в бога и множество других религий, его по попусту многие не отмечают, а как ты помнишь в России Рождество 7 января🌲🍾

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Who is never hungry during Christmas

Are you that out of touch with reality to where you compare the word fae with a slur like the n word?

It is factual that, and I correct you, “faerie,” is not the correct term. And is in fact, a slur. Ours, associate with mass r4pes and killings on the Fae, men, women, and children alike, which were done by the humans who gave the slur, “faeries.” Wore our ears as necklaces. Lol. Trophies. Took all of which was sacred to us, such as silver, and used as a weapon against us. Raided and set fire to hundreds of Fae villages. All because the Catholic Church declared us as demons. They were afraid of us. Lol. Despite, our kindness to them. Oh. And they of course used weaker Fae that they chose not to kill, as slaves as well. Lol. Using the term, “Faeries.”
That is reality. That is what has been, forgotten. Which, was purposeful. So, yes. “Faeries” is a slur. It always have been. Always will be. We have always been called the Fae, for longer than the human realm was created.
Do not challenge us, on what reality is. You do not know nearly enough about us, to make such judgements.
Good day.

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oh, i meant if bullying was common in general, not if you were personally bullied. do you think some ppl demonize social media unfairly? i was bullied as a kid and didnt have many friends. but i had met alot of great, supportive friends through social media that otherwise i would've never met.

Ok,,,now I understand. Yes bullying was very common because people were not very accepting of people who were different. Keep in mind that most communities tended to be either Irish or Italian in the community where I lived. So in extreme cases you would have two Catholic churches i.e. one for Catholics and one for the Irish. For many years Irish and Italians were discouraged from dating or marrying. Italians viewed the Irish men as drunks while the Irish viewed Italians as criminals in the mafia.
With time these tensions did fade away but I still remember these behaviors as seen through the eyes of a child.

Are we so consumed by one gods! that we fail to recognize! they are only our idols?

Personally, I am a practicing Catholic, not a fanatic. I was interested in various faiths, including Buddhism and Hinduism. All the old world religions have some common features, but some religions have more exposure and less exposure in others. Sometimes only the names of the Gods change and the properties are similar
Are we so consumed by one gods 
that we fail to recognize
they are only our

Is there like a dress code in church? Like do you have to wear formal dresses and shoes

There is no dress code in the churches I attend (except for musicians and choir members). Wearing levi's or sneakers is accepted as are members of the LGBTQ community, the homeless, the disabled and all minorities. The services that I perform at focus on the teachings of Christ and the practical applications of those teachings. The church does not condone or encourage hate, division, racism, homophobia or misogyny, etc. Instead, the uniqueness of each individual, our differences and shared humanity are celebrated. For example, I am a heterosexual, but I respect the rights of alternative lifestyles and people to make their own personal decisions as long as they do not hurt other people in the process.
I understand that religions have made many mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future, because we are human; but, in my opinion, the churches that I belong to (Catholic and Unity) are accepting of all people and they try their best through education and various charitable ministries to make the world we live in a better and more hospitable place for all.

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Do you involve politics and/or religion when dating?

I think it's important to know and discuss... To see where you and that person, matches up on the spectrum.
Those were some things I wanted to know about my current bf, when we first started dating... and it definitely challenged me a bit because we had some differences.
He "was" catholic, but that kinda ruined his relationship with God/religion altogether.. So, he technically doesn't believe in anything? But still believes in a higher being... Just doesn't attach a label or religion, to it. Whereas, I considered myself Christian... and it was curious to see why he felt that way about religion... Which I get now, and I don't ever want to push it on him. Our politics, mostly match up, all in all, but we definitely have differences... Which I think is good to have, because it challenges you to think more about those things, and challenges what you believe and why you believe it!
I don't make politics or religion the "main center" of my relationship, though! It just may come up, every now and then.

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Did your parents ever tell you what other names they were considering before settling for the name you have now? If so, what were you almost named? As for me, I would have been named Joseph. 😸

fourwallsofhome’s Profile PhotoPhilip
You see, my Mama is a devoted Catholic so I was almost named Niña because my birthday falls on the feast of Sto. Niño. Buti nalang di pumayag si Papa👌🏻😂
Parang ang holy ng mga names na naiisip at first ng mga parents natin, ano? Haha

Are you religious or spiritual, and if so what does that mean to you? How does it affect your life?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I was baptism a Catholic as a baby wouldn't say I'm beliver thou in any of that I like even dodge jehovah witness when they knocked at my door I like once said to them didn't believe what they believe in and they wanted to come next day to make me believe to talk thru it but made sure never answer the door made out wasn't at home

aha, happy Easter Sunday, I hope the bunny left you an egg? 🐣

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
Haha, thanks, but I'm not a Christian.😅🤗 I'm a pagan. My husband is celebrating, he is a Catholic. My wife will celebrate later, she is an Orthodox Christian.

What are your views on Christianity?

I grew up in a Catholic household, there was nothing super bad about it. I went to Catholic schools most my young life also. I also was an alter girl for 5+ years, by choice.
But after my father died when I was 16, I just sort of stopped believing in it. I couldn't understand why someone who was still kinda young, and a wonderful person was taken away. And other bad people keep going. Then there's other parts I just felt weird about. Like why should be do good things because God told us if we do good things we will go to heaven. Like... Surely you should do good things because it's the right thing to do period. Regardless where you go when you die. And when good stuff does happen in life, I feel like God gets all the credit, when actually it's from all the blood sweat and tears of people on earth.
Also as I've gotten older I just became a bit more free thinking. Wanted to decide for myself what life was about and not have stuff from a book, they think was written by some man about a guy there's no proof existed other than his word.
I respect anyone who believes it, and don't deny them that. I am open minded. If that's the truth, I accept it. But I wasn't to be open minded to other possibilities and not just have tunnel vision on one thing.

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Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do for Easter?

QueenLibra88’s Profile Photo♔kꀧ๓๓ຯ ฿♔
No, I don't celebrate Easter.🙅 My girlfriend and my boyfriend are celebrating it.🤗 She is Orthodox, he is Catholic. They bake cakes and paint eggs.🥚🥚

Write an essay describing your involvement and participation in various out-group? What impact does it have on your thoughts, attitudes, values, and actions?

This answer is based on my personal experience, and I do not intend to judge or offend everyone who might see this answer.
I was in high school at that time when some of my friends invited me to participate in their Bible study after class. I'm a catholic, and they are Born Again Christians (if I'm not mistaken), and since I have free time and my friend will also be there, maybe out of curiosity, I joined.
Throughout the session, everyone was taking turns sharing their stories (stories about struggles, aspirations, desires, and prayers). I'm just observing and empathizing with them, and when it was my time to share, I refused to share my story, maybe because I'm afraid they would use it against me later on or when they find out my weakness, they'll perhaps tease and belittle me in some ways. So I keep saying no, it's okay, I'm just here to listen, and I don't have an interesting story to share anyway. But I ended up sharing my story because they asked me, not because I want so that they won't label me as a killjoy.
What impact does it have on your thoughts, Attitudes, values, and actions?
Thoughts and Attitudes:
At that time, it was evident to me that we were forced to do things out of curiosity, peer pressure, and the fear of being left behind. So we do things just to fit in and get along, and not because we want to, especially in this generation where everyone is craving attention and love to be in the spotlight. It is also an opportunity to explore, learn, and try new things we rarely do and experience.
Values and Action:
After that session, I'm thankful and relieved that I participated because It brought us closer together and somehow learned from them. We continue to do Bible Study after class, despite our religious differences. That scenario taught me that It's okay to do things out of your comfort zone that it's okay to live a little different from other people because your different views will somehow bind you as one who is honoring and glorifying God by all means.
Iha/Iho alam kong assignment mo 'to, wag mo sana gayahin kumuha ka lang ng idea as sagot ko at hindi to libre ha? Bayaran mo 'ko Cokefloat and Fries kasi nagutom ako. HAHAHA

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“and also, with you” was introduced to the sacrament by what non-catholic individual?

Since I am not Catholic, I'm afraid that I don't know. If I'm not mistaken, it comes from Latin: "et cum spiritu tuo" which was interpreted as "and also with you," but I believe the literal translation would be closer to "and with your spirit." Apologies as I cannot be of more help...

Can you write me the first thing that comes to mind when you see this image? http://houraney.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/madison-tyranny.jpg

"Many of the greatest horrors in human history owe their occurrence solely to the establishment and social application of a false reality. With gratitude to the Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper and his landmark 1970 essay" Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power "for the term and the idea, we can refer to these alternative realities as ideological pseudo-realities.
Pseudo-realities, being false and unreal, will always generate tragedy and evil on a scale at least proportional to the extent of their control over power, which is their main interest, be it social, cultural, economic, political or (particularly) a combination. of several or all of them. So important to the development and tragedies of societies are these pseudo-realities as they arise and take root that it is worth outlining their basic properties and structure so that they can be properly identified and resisted before they result in socio-political calamities, up to and including war. . , genocide and even the collapse of civilization, all of which can cost many millions of lives and ruin many millions more in the vain pursuit of a fiction whose believers are, or have been made.

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In Italy, unfortunately, the Catholic Church greatly influences political decisions. Italy is officially a secular state, but in substance it is not entirely. I wish I could live in your beautiful country 😍

Awww yeah that’s too bad.. I hope that it will change for your sake.
Haha aww, I mean it’s a beautiful country, but it’s less beautiful than that it seems to be, lots of hate and discrimination here sadly ):

The concept of "taboo" is different for everyone. What is considered a "taboo subject" for you? For me, it's religion. I don't discuss religion 'cause, from my experience, this is a controversial topic that always ends up in a heated argument that isn't productive for anyone. So I'd rather not.

Before I respond to your question please allow me to thank you for this thoughtful and well written question. Hopefully... you will send more thought provoking questions. Thank You!
For me there are many subjects that I consider taboo i.e. religion, politics, Covid vaccinations, climate change, woke cancel culture, globalism, progressive liberalism, Marxism, Catholic Church, abortion, sexuality, gender, homosexuality, LGBT, race, white supremacy, indentured servitude, Critical Race Theory, Capitalism, the pandemic, crime, justice, history, the law, the environment, abortion and much, much more.
I refuse to discuss any of these topics on Social Networks because, in my opinion, the "woke cancel culture fanatics" lack the intellectual aptitude and emotional stability required to debate without resorting to screaming, name calling or insulting their opponent. And in the end the "woke warrior" will not be persuaded or enlightened, nor will they ever change their opinion or even acknowledge that it is healthy to debate opposing ideologies and points of view. And so in the final analysis, it would be a waste of my time attempting to educate someone who is unwilling or incapable of comprehending alternative opinions, perspectives and thoughts. I would rather talk to an inanimate object, such as a rock, than waste my time attempting to reason with anyone who rejects reality based upon facts, science, evidence and reasoned observation, experimentation and analysis.
Video: "Karen Metal"
https://youtu.be/o8hYrNsRoTsalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169821317931 o8hYrNsRoTsalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169821317931 o8hYrNsRoTs

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 169821317931 o8hYrNsRoTsalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169821317931 o8hYrNsRoTs

Często płeć żeńska mówi o tym ze Muzułmanie są tymi złymi wiadomo jak tam traktujecie się kobiety a u nas w Katolickich krajach to co jest? nie jestescie świete i wiadomo jak u nas traktujecie płec meśką. Uwazacje ze płec meska ma cięzko pracować,sprzątać mieszkanie,gotować itd a wy to Królewnie

Often the female gender says that Muslims are the bad guys, you know how you treat women there and in our Catholic countries what is it? you are not holy and you know how you treat sex with us as a baby. Considerations that the male sex has to work hard, clean the apartment, cook, etc. and you are Princess
A woman is a lady so that a guy works for her! A man does not do grace, the man will not work for a woman, another will do it with great pleasure and work like a subject for his queen!

Post anything worth reading✨

AroojA2020’s Profile Photo
A Delta Force guy Scot had once known put it best. The man had been brought up Protestant and was marrying an Irish Catholic girl. In the mandated Pre-Cana marriage counseling, the priest asked the hopeful groom how he thought their marriage would fare, considering their different religious backgrounds. The Delta Force operative was quick to respond, “To tell you the truth, Father, I don’t think God has a favorite football team, or a favorite religion.”

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🥰🤗🥂🥳 (if you’re not celebrating: I hope I don’t come across as disrespectful, I wish you a great day!)

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Of course I do celebrate Christmas. I am a Catholic and every practicing Catholic celebrates this holiday. On the occasion of Christmas, I wish you a lot of happiness, health and make your dreams come true 🎄

so a black metal schism like when the orthodox church split from the catholic churh lmao !!

Yeah, you might say that... =D
Interestingly enough, I prefer Derph's version but Bart's isn't terrible. That said, it is Derph's concept and Bart should use a different designation - if for no other reason, at least to prevent unnecessary confusion among supporters of both camps.
Liked by: Vitaliya Michelle

What are your biggest regrets in life?

When I was in the Army I got accepted into the biomedical program at the University of Washington. My girlfriend at the time talked me into going back to Michigan for the summer, my plan was to head straight to Washington and get settled and she was going to join me after a month or so. Well I went to Michigan. Then she talked me into putting it off for a semester which I did. Then she dumped me for another guy. Well here I am in Michigan still, now going to a community college. Fucking women will ruin your life if you let them.
This is for the dads out there. When my kids were little I went through this weird selfish stage (the reason isn't important) which as a result I missed several of their birthday parties. Blew it off at the time but years later it started to really bother me. They usually went to one specific pizza / gaming place, and I can't drive past it now without feeling regret.
Not meeting someone I met on-line that could very well have changed my life. He's well known in his genre of books, but I was hesitant because of a couple of things that seem rather silly and petty now. Couple of months ago I had another opportunity to meet him face to face, I was embarrassed to approach his table because of our on-line relationship (it became sexual). I regret that I cannot be a fan on his FB page and interact with fellow fans, I'm so embarrassed by what we did.
Not changing my major to something else when I came home from college to a community college. tl;dr I had a nervous breakdown at a small Catholic college because it was cultish and I didn't fit it. I also was an education major and went with it in community college until I transferred to another college and saw designing lesson plans was not for me.
Six years ago I broke up with a long time girlfriend, she was coming out of a severe deppression due to the death of her parents in a car accident, we were fighting one night, I don't even remember why, I just remember it was a stupid meaningless fight. It was 2 am, she told me she never wanted to see me again, then grabbed her keys to her motorbike and left. She was drunk too, She drove out to the beach and drowned herself. I still know I could have and should have stopped her.
This is probably going to sound like a petty first-word problem, but I have huge regrets about not accepting my admission to the Naval Academy. I was already enlisted in the Marine Corps at the time and the thought of signing away 10 more years of my life scared me away at the last minute.
I ended up finishing my enlisted contract and going to an Ivy League college, so it's not like it had any negative effect on my life, but I still regret it a lot and get really jealous every time a new class starts their plebe year. By now I'm too old to attend, even if I wanted to.

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What was the best part about today?

bombdiggityboo’s Profile PhotoPerson
Performing at Unity Church this morning. The band members have been playing for years in various bands and today was one of those days where everything clicked. Of course I always enjoy playing my guitar, especially live, but what I love the most is when the vocals and harmony kick ass. There is something about 3 and 4 part harmony (think eagles) that I simply love being part of. Typically what I do is listen to what everyone else is singing and I add the 3rd or 4th part. And the audience feedback was awesome. Unlike the Catholic church where I have to play reserved and cannot really be too expressive musically, in the Unity prayer service they actually allow me to open up and play. What a treat.
Now I must admit that hanging out with my wife at Home Depot, Costco and Target was also fun. There is nothing more stimulating than hanging out with the woman you love in the plumbing aisle debating which toilet flapper is more pretty i.e. the red one or the black one. Anne selected the red flapper (see photo) because it matched her red curtains.
*You cannot make this stuff up. :) to funny!

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What was the best part about today

Have you ever had an unexplainable experience with the paranormal/ghosts? 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Story time. Lol.
I transferred school when I was in 4th grade. I was always shy even in my first school so it's not news I'm a lot timid on the new. 😂 But I liked it better there because everyone's friendly (all the girls, some of the boys). One afternoon, my friend and I were alone in our classroom answering our Filipino assignment (lol we're both comparing each other's answers) and while at it, we're talking about something and suddenly, a figure passed by at her back. I just looked at it casually and get back to stare at my friend's face to listen to what her saying. She actually felt something because some of her hair actually moved as if a swift of air passed by.
But I was really bizarre that time because when she asked me if someone's passed by or a classmate was hiding to mess with her, I said that there's no one and we're alone. It took me months to remember that particular moment again. And when my mind's getting clearer, an image of a tall and beautiful nun (in her black nun uniform) was passing by at my friend's back straight to the green board and vanishing (as if she's naruto). The fact that she doesn't looked asian confused me. And I never told that story to anyone because as a young girl that grew up in a household with strong faith and belief as a catholic, telling people I saw a ghost of a nun seems disrespectful. People won't believe me because even me, I've been telling myself I'm just imagining things that time. 😂😂😂

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You believe in God, but you have faith in science? 🤨

Dantes190’s Profile PhotoะCะΣะSะΛะΓะ
Yep, I do believe in God and in Mary Virgin, I am a Catholic when I was a child I used to go to the church every Sunday, nowadays I am dissapointed with the Church but I still believing in God and in Mary Virgin, the reason why is when I pray yo him I feel much better, in peace.
I believe in science as well, new discovers will come and I hope that improve our quality of life and our life's expectancy could increases over time.
You believe in God but you have faith in science

Like you said some people are just narrow minded. But yeah give the fanbase what it really wants! That's okay, you will always get compliments off me you know that. Anon I can assure you it's not me that Máire fancies, she would tell me if it was as she's definitely not shy! 😂 🥰 X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
it was mainly fun as I see it and it was the case that i had free time to answer but persistent ignorance can be tiresome in the end....
this app is interesting in that it has potential to throw up [forgive the phrase] almost anything,
the scrumptious object of my longings must remain anonymous for now
being a shy half Irish Catholic girl, I have to preserve my maidenly dignity in the eyes of the Lord lest my innocence be taken away by a moment of indiscretion on Ask lol
but a girl has to keep her secrets...just for the moment 😉

i mean with that how mutch for the privat pictures hahah

try Only Fans
I'm a devout Catholic half Irish girl and you are trying to lead me from the path of righteousness and moral probity
but my Mammy and The Lord herself warned me about such peeps,
I cannot be tempted into such immoral acts
God Bless you my child you must now seek redemption for such an outrageous proposal

Do you know much about the history of your country? If you want to, maybe share a bit of history? 😄

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I know a lot about the history of Poland. It is difficult to share the history of your country, which dates back to 966, when Poland was baptized and from that year Poland became a Catholic country. Too much information to convey in one answer everything that happened in Poland from 966 to 2021

What constitutes cheating for you? 🙃

This is a repost and discusses cheating or infidelity as it relates to marriage. However, the concept can be applied to any relationship involving two people.
Cheating essentially is when you take an action the violates the trust of your partner. Before you take any action involving another person ask yourself this fundamental question: "If my husband or wife or partner were observing me right now, would they approve of my behavior?" If the answer is no, you are in violation of their trust and, in my opinion, are being unfaithful.
Marriage is a sacrament in which a husband and wife promise, before God, to love and care for each other for better or for worse until death. This is both a commitment and a contract before God. Married couples, or in this case a wife, who falls in love with a young man on the Internet are violating their marriage vows and committing a mortal sin.
Although many married men and women engage in "cybersex" on the Internet and send inappropriate text messages while engaging in virtual sex (sexting) using Skype, WhatsApp and other applications, this behavior is considered unethical and immoral according to the Catholic Church and the medical community. . . In fact, if my own partner behaved like this, it would end our relationship. Why? Because I find sexting offensive and disrespectful. And although there is no physical contact, sexting is insidious and results in physical attraction, sexual arousal, and ultimately infatuation or love. Cybersex will destroy a marriage and a family.

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What constitutes cheating for you

About 7 deadly sins: I can’t be more agreement with u, he asked me if I believe in 7 deadly sins as a “theory”, so I tried 2 explain that 4 hem: it’s not theory but belief. A Catholic belief 2 b more ‏accurate.

Blackhole3653’s Profile Photoكَايْروس.
I find that many people who do not believe in God or who reject the notion of intelligent design also reject anything related to religion which includes: The 7 deadly sins, The Bible, The Koran, The 10 commandments, etc. For atheists, everything is relative to either their "feelings" or to their fake pseudo-science. For example, most atheists I know are proponents of abortion and believe that abortion is acceptable. They attempt to use pseudo-science to prove that the "human fetus" is NOT human when, in fact, the child's DNA proves that it is human. And this is just one example of what I consider to be the atheists unjustifiable and irrational justification for murder.
Another example is the atheists insistence that God does not exist, right? And when you ask an atheist to prove that God does not exist they either state the "Big Bang" theory as though it was fact and they actually witnessed it, or they become obnoxious and declare: "God, if you really exist, turn this temple into gold or raise my mother from the dead."
Yes, I am taking literary license with my choice of thoughts and words here, but my meaning and intent is clear. Any person of faith who has every attempted to communicate with an atheist or (heaven forbid) tried to convert them, would achieve better results talking to a rock.
The attached quote tells you everything you need to know about atheists and their so called belief in "absolute knowledge" and the complete rejection of faith. Perhaps this explains why so many atheists who I personally know, suffer from depression and anxiety.

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About 7 deadly sins I cant be more agreement with u he asked me if I believe in

What do you think about cheating in a relationship? 👋

Cheating is wrong because it destroys marriages, families, friendships and relationships. Marriage is a sacrament in which a husband and wife promise, before God, to love and care for each other for better or for worse until death. This is both a commitment and a contract before God. Married couples, or in this case a wife, who falls in love with a young man on the Internet are violating their marriage vows and committing a mortal sin.
Although many married men and women engage in "cybersex" on the Internet and send inappropriate text messages while engaging in virtual sex (sexting) using Skype, WhatsApp and other applications, this behavior is considered unethical and immoral according to the Catholic Church and the medical community. In fact, if my own partner behaved like this, it would end our relationship. Why? Because I find sexting offensive and disrespectful. And although there is no physical contact, sexting is insidious and results in physical attraction, sexual arousal, and ultimately infatuation or love. Cybersex, flirting, sexual roleplaying and sexting will destroy a marriage, a family and a relationship.

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What do you think about cheating in a relationship

(sent on 8/8/21) what is your opinion on religion?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Well it does not matter what religion you are you still a human as for me I’m atheist cause Christianity judged me for been emo and been catholic calling me names such as the devil workshipper ect I been called a fag by a Christian cause I have long hair but religious honestly is up to them on what they believe you know ?

Do you think Heaven is real?

I think many after lives are real, in many versions. Good ones, bad ones, and neutral ones.
I believe the catholic version of “heaven” exists, but based off evidence very little of mankind has ever gone or will ever go there. Yahweh is a very unforgiving, rigid, uncaring god that looks down at humanity far more than other gods do (hence why you don’t really hear of him coming to earth to mate with humans like other gods have, except maybe the Jesus story. But that’s the only time you hear of his having a son on earth, and if you pay attention it’s obvious it was only to spread his religion) and only a select few of his favorites could ever hope to go there. It’s my own personal belief that anyone else who sells their souls to him (an example of this being willful baptism) will be used as a battery to raise his power. The god of the New Testament bible is not the real Yahweh, and most Christians today don’t acknowledge that. They may be going somewhere if he bothers to notice, but it won’t be their idea of heaven.
Just my thoughts on that.

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Since morals change over time, what are some things we do now as a society that will be deemed unacceptable 100 years from now?

1. Privacy will be a privilege, not a right.
2. As technology advances, expectations of typical human interactions will change with it.
3. To live in a city but have spare empty rooms in your house will be considered borderline sinful.
4. People will be expected to be far more obedient to their governments.
5. It will be far more acceptable to have your rights stripped from you for being a dissident of the system.
6. “Green” will be the new religion.
7. The idea of “national sovereignty” will eventually become non existent as the UN slowly move their initiatives into place all around the world, it will happen so slowly that people won’t see it until it’s all around them!
8. We’ve seen a lot of things get censored in terms of words, coming up will be the censorship of words concerning emotions! - yes, people will be taught from a very young age an entirely different set of limited/approved emotions, as limiting emotions limits thoughts, and to “trigger” emotions that produce a certain stimuli in the brain that keeps you from thinking outwardly in a more open minded manner.
9. The Catholic church will look to make mergers with other religions making a “one world religion”.
10. Ownership will one day be a thing of the past, soon it will be commonplace to rent and subscribe to everything.
11. It will be commonplace to do tests and have your job assigned to you according to “demand and skillset”.
12. Centralised control will be the governing structure of everything, operating partially as a technocracy, but freedom as we know it will be a thing of the past including freedom to travel.
13. EVERYONE will be completely complacent and happy with the above whether they like it or not.
People who live ”off the grid” will live a very survivalist existence but will be the last ones with freedom.
Oh anyway where was I? 😂

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Since morals change over time what are some things we do now as a society that
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When I was a kid my dad told me a story abt phil andthe capital manila Comes from the arabic word aman allah أنان الله but catholic changes it to manila after they killed muslims ...is it true !?

moadam566666481’s Profile PhotoMo
Um I heard about it before, but I haven’t found a reliable source 🤷🏻‍♀️
From what I know and what have been taught in schools ‘til now, Manila’s original name is Maynilad.
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Or because “nakuha na niya ako”, he realized na I’m easy to get easy to forget and not worthy seryosohin?

You have to stop thinking this way about sex and your body. You are an adult and made a mature decision to have sex. There are no assurances and it can always go both ways. If you cannot handle it then don't have sex outside a commitment or marriage. But it's really better to develop a healthier attitude about sex, especially if you're going to do it outside a relationship. May nakuha ka rin naman. You also enjoyed. Or maybe you didn't and that's the problem. It's a very Pinay thing to consent to sex and then feel something is taken from them. Blame Catholic conservative upbringing, sexism, and patriarchy. Kasi ang lalake hindi ganito mag-isip, they just enjoy and shrug it off kung ayaw na nung isa. Be the same. Don't have sex if you don't enjoy it and if the experience can't stand alone for you. Equating it with love means trouble. If you can't then don't have sex until you've established love and commitment. Marriage even para walang kawala (though that's also a distaster). And most of all, safe sex please. You're the one who bears all the consequences and you need to take charge.

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I need to know the differences that separated the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. Can someone please help?

The Catholic church believes that the Pope is infallible. Orthodox Christians don't agree with them in the idea that a patriarch can't be subject to human errors.

You said "Crusader seals Catholic banishing charms" does that mean "holy" items from other religions don't affect you? Because several religions have some sort of blessed food/liquids or banishing charms

nevalorsen3159’s Profile PhotoThe Scarlet Ibis
I haven’t been exposed
To “holy” items
Not stemming from abrahamic
And I haven’t
Tested them on myself.
But that’s a good idea.
I’ll have to try it.
And see
What happens.
What do you recommend first?
+7 answers in: “(For Wolf) Seen an older question and you said you're allergic to holly water? Is "allergic" really the proper term? Also, is it your body that reacts badly to it or your soul/spirit and it manifests similar to an allergy ?(I'm assuming the influence of God on that water kinda clashes with your soul”

(For Wolf) Seen an older question and you said you're allergic to holly water? Is "allergic" really the proper term? Also, is it your body that reacts badly to it or your soul/spirit and it manifests similar to an allergy ?(I'm assuming the influence of God on that water kinda clashes with your soul

nevalorsen3159’s Profile PhotoThe Scarlet Ibis
It’s not an allergy.
But my reactions are similar
To an allergic reaction.
It does clash.
Both my soul
And my body react negatively.
Holy water
Holy wine
Crusader seals
Catholic banishing charms
And the like
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I went to a catholic funeral and the priest kept talking, I just wanted to go to the part of the coffin. I hate chickens but I love their meat, I don’t eat “chicken home”, only supermarkets. 😂 Sheep they are demons, my mother have and they always love to look to me. 😂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Haha, that's cute 😂 love how you're describing sheeps 🐑🐏🐑🐏
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Does Satan really have that pointy stick like the one we used to carry in school during the Halloween parties?:O 😅😀🤔🤔

The trident was a symbol of Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea, and Neptune, the Roman God of water. It's not unusual for the Roman Catholic religion to adopt symbology, practices and festivals from paganism and other religious belief systems, but why exactly they associated the trident, which is mostly a positve symbol, with the devil, I don't know.

Because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Hebrews 13:5-6

I'm Jewish & Catholic so when I was little I used to get extra presents that I didn't care about bc it's not bout presents it's about spending time with family♡ I know 2020 was not the best way to spend the holidays. But just know I Luv u all sm♡ I always will and please PLEASE know that♡♡♡ :3

There are no more public copies because the Catholic Church surpressed or destroyed them all in the Middle Ages because it supposedly contains Jesus's real name but there are copies in the Vatican Archives.

Lol... what they do to keep lies alive that suit them.
+13 answers in: “Do you believe in soulmates? What do you think of the theory that there are several soulmates in existence at any given time? Also do you think that having a soulmate doesn't necessarily mean getting married having kids falling in love but could just be unnaturally strong connection like family?”

18 Листопада, 2020 За підрахунками Організації з безпеки та співробітництва в Європі упродовж 2019 року на континенті було здійснено понад 500 злочинів антихристиянського характеру. https://politteo.online/novyny/hrystyjanofobija-1811/

lvvskbatyari’s Profile PhotoЛьвівські батярі
Вже понад 13 років тому вже тепер покійний кардинал Любомир Гузар говорив:
"Ми залишились при своїй вірі, а Європа?"
Ретроспектива-2007. Львівська газета. Ігор Гулик, Любомир Гузар. Сутінок Європи.
**однак ніхто ніяких практичних висновків з цього ні тоді ні пізніше так і не зробив.
Тому і маємо те що маємо.
Упродовж року у Європі зафіксували понад 500 злочинів на ґрунті ненависті до християнства
До числа таких злочинів входять напади на священників, акти вандалізму, атаки на об’єкти соціальної інфраструктури, осквернення Найсвятіших Тайн, повідомляє Catholic News Agency.
Найбільше злочинів на ґрунті ненависті до християнства було здійснено у Франції. Там зафіксували 144 випадки. Також в ОБСЄ повідомили про 81 інцидент у Німеччині, 75 в Іспанії та 70 в Італії.
Загалом в ОБСЄ зафіксували 595 випадків агресії проти християн. З них 459 – напади на власність, 80 – жорстокі напади на людей.
Значна частина випадків, які позиціонують як напади на власність, стосується профанації Найсвятіших Тайн. Святотатці вривалися до храмів, нищили дарохранильницю і або викрадали Найсвятіші Тайни, або розкидали Їх по підлозі.
Також досить помітним явищем є підпали храмів. Так, у Франції упродовж 2019 року відбулося щонайменше 20 підпалів церков.
14 Листопада, 2020
У шведському Ґетеборзі атакували католицький храм
У США тривають антихристиянські напади: підпалено два храми
19 Листопада, 2020
Минулої неділі у місті Брустер, що в штаті Вашингтон, було здійснено одразу два підпали християнських храмів.
Як інформує National Catholic Register,
зловмисники спробували спалити католицьку церкву Найсвятішого Серця, а також баптистський храм Нового Завіту. У католицькому храмі від пожежі постраждала лише вівтарна частина. Більших ушкоджень зазнав храм баптистів.
Напади були здійснені майже одночасно.
Слід зауважити, що напередодні, у суботу, спостерігалися масові фізичні напади лівих екстремістів на учасників ходи на підтримку Трампа, що відбувалася у столиці.
Антихристиянські напади активізувалися у США влітку цього року на хвилі протестів Black lives matter. Поширеною формою висловлення ненависті до християнства була вандалізація статуй на честь Христа, Діви Марії та святих. Учасники протестів нерідко обмальовували фасади храмів графіті. Також зафіксовано кілька випадків серйозних пошкоджень храмів, у тому числі шляхом підпалу.
**сам Католицизм вже давно хворий на толєрантність. І дуже подібно, що ця хвороба може стати смертельною. Як мінімум для католицизму а як-максимум і для всієї Європейської цивілізації.

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18 Листопада 2020

За підрахунками Організації з безпеки та співробітництва в

Hi tita. I need your advice. I'm a 26/f bisexual and I have a girlfriend, but my parents do not approve of my relationship with her because they are too religious. They say that I am going against my Catholic faith & church teachings if I act upon my feelings for her. I'm not financially stable atm.

You're an adult and don't need to discuss your personal life with anyone, especially your parents. Your goal is to find employment and move out as soon as possible. Until then, there's no need to talk about your relationships or try to convince them of anything. How will you go out? You're an adult. And if you had a male partner they didn't approve of, you would still do what you want because you know nothing is wrong with it. Once you're convinced nothing is wrong with your relationship, you'll actually stand up for it and not care what anyone thinks.

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