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every cat must have its own litter box plus one extra, that's a golden rule. So two cats - 3 boxes. The litter and the box must be according to the size of the cat, age, sex, and necessities. Never cheap litter, that's a no no. you wouldn't use cheap toilet paper either.

there's no need for three boxes for two cats, lmfaoo. at least in my specific case. the cats have always had just one box, and nothing is wrong with that.

Do you think your cat reincarnated in one of your other cats?

No, I have not acquired any new cats since her passing. I do feel heavy energy of another type of animal associated with her though.
One of my other cats from the day I met her made me feel a dog that I had as a child. I even named her the same.
Do you think your cat reincarnated in one of your other cats

Do you have favorite pets? 🐈 🐶 🦜 🐒🐰🐟

monna_1999_’s Profile PhotoМона
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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I love most kinds of animals but I was always drawn to cats probably because I like how selective they are if they've found their favourite human you can really feel how they open up to you. And I always appreciate the feeling when someone opens up to me or starts to trust me, especially when cats do that. It's an honour, really. If my cat starts to avoid a person or also is aggressive towards a person (which really seldomly happens because my cat is the calmest cat in the world) I srsly trust in its intuition.

Сделай выбор и обоснуй его: Книги/фильмы; Кот/Собака; Дом/Квартира; Лето/Зима; Луна/Звезды; прогулка по лесу/парку; кофе/чай; объятия/поцелуй

Midori93757’s Profile PhotoMidori
Before, I'd choose a movie, because I'm lazy and I love to see the combination of great music, picture, and actors play all in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, there are not many movies that impress me lately, actually the opposite. The more new movies I watch, the less I have a feeling of watching something again. So, I choose a book 📖
Cat. Even though dogs love their owners more, I still feel more love for cats. Maybe because in Ukraine, cats are more popular to have, maybe because I never had a dog, but I don't want to get something that I don't know how to take care of 😼
A house, because it's a personal property, where you have your own private space and more room for creativity on how to make that space that you live in, your own place 🏠
Summer. Even though I learned to appreciate winter more, I still feel more disabled and like I can't do much during this season, but the summer is a season of vacations, hangouts, warm sun, and longer days ☀️
Moon. It always attracts me with its light and shape. So beautiful, so lonely... 🌛
Walk in a forest. I feel like I connect more with nature and myself. I become isolated from the city noises and it's more peaceful and quiet 🌳🌳🌳
Tea. Even though I used to favor coffee more, I feel like I've become a tea girl ever since I moved to the USA. Now, It's my comfort drink 💖
Hugs. A kiss doesn't always express love, especially nowadays, but hugs are comforting, give you trust in someone, and it just warms my heart 🤗☺️

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Сделай выбор и обоснуй его
Книгифильмы КотСобака ДомКвартира ЛетоЗима ЛунаЗвезды

✏️ Want any tattoos? Do you have any inspiration for future ones if so?

I do want a few more, I want one in memory of my cats that passed, want to add the newest horse to my existing tattoo of the other two, a mental health related tattoo and I have gone back and forth on whether I want a dainty thigh one. The cats will be the next one I get!

You know, it's amazing how they still troll audiences with the "Satanic" spiel and imagery but it works for them and it drives some people crazy - your cats are probably more "evil" than Ghost. 😺😈💗 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9DV1eHQpcA Meow! 🤣

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
You’re right, it caught my attention before I knew much about the band and the groans and murmurs of the crowd were amusing. It’s kinda like me how some people think I’m “dark”and it draws them in whether they like it or not when I’m anything but. But shh,🤫 my cats are top secret Satanists. 🤣🐱😈💗
You know its amazing how they still troll audiences with the Satanic spiel and

What time do your kids go to bed?

My kids are cats. Right now they’re locked out of my bedroom because I need to be able to rest. One of these cats has become so aligned with my emotions that when he sees a certain person coming towards he knows yelling is about to start and comes running to my side meowing and trying to protect me. He can really see or sense something changing in my energy and emotional state. What a dear, beloved cat. A familiar. 💗
What time do your kids go to bed

Kennst du gute Dokumentationen?

Sem061’s Profile PhotoSemra
Kommt auf die Themengebiete an, die dich interessieren.
Ich seh relativ viele True-Crime-Dokus und da könnte ich so adhoc "Der Tinder-Schwindler", "Don't F**k with Cats", "Der Fall des Gabriel Hernandez" und "Bad Vegan" empfehlen. Einige davon sind aber definitiv nichts für schwache Nerven.

🤔Everyone says that I am ugly is it true and what ugly do you see in me? I hope I can change it! 🙂 Here is my photo☆

daniellezlatoto’s Profile PhotoDaniella Danailova
When you hide . . . . it's hard to be seen
You need to stand your ground.
I would suggest you change 'your everyone'
As an owl, especially , don't flirt with cats . They're treacherous & deceitful . . . .
Everyone says that I am ugly is it true and what ugly do you see in me I hope I

Partner don’t want to continue buying food for stray cat here so how do I get it to stop coming around meowing for food and go some places else since I won’t have food for it now and no way to get it.

I really don’t know. I’ve never tried to drive a cat away. I’d at least try to look up what kind of human food is safe for them and try to give them a bit of that. Like I have backup canned chicken and tuna for my own cats.

Doberek! Chciałabym odebrać rezerwację na Tay - #Cats

high__infidxlity’s Profile Photo‣⠀❌⠀dorothea.⠀❃ܙܓ
Hej, cześć!
Wszystko się zgadza - świetnie Cię widzieć, Dorothea. Wizerunek Taylor trafia do Ciebie… czyżby to oznaczało same najlepsze muzyczne hity? 😎
Nie chcę przynudzać, ale pamiętaj, że na przygotowanie się do wspólnej zabawy masz cały tydzień wraz z możliwością zyskania kilku dodatkowych dni. W razie potrzeby, pisz śmiało.
Doberek Chciałabym odebrać rezerwację na Tay  Cats

Koty potrafią chodzić po drzewach, jednak czy jakiś gatunek psa potrafi chodzić po drzewach? Jeżeli tak to jako to gatunek?

magdamagdalena90’s Profile PhotoMagdalena ¥ =)=
Cats can walk trees, but is there a dog that can walk trees? If so, what is the genre?
If a tree is lying on the ground, felled by the wind or felled down, who forbids the dog to climb the fallen tree. In this case, any breed of dog can climb the tree
Każdej rasy pies może wejść na drzewo. Musi być spełniony warunek, aby drzewo było powalone przez wiatr, lub ścięte przez drwali
Koty potrafią chodzić po drzewach jednak czy jakiś gatunek psa potrafi chodzić

Say your day was like a Phineas & Ferb episode, that you could build something beyond your wildest dreams and then get to spend that day with said thing, what'd you create? Examples from the show include a full on beach in your backyard, the world's longest roller coaster etc. 🏖🎢🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would build a pink castle full of cats and I would live in it. 🥰
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Say your day was like a Phineas  Ferb episode that you could build something

Do your kids ask you for more pets? I remember i always wanted a snake or lizard as a kid and mom said NOPE! So i cached them myself and had them in my bed but she found them when putting me to sleep and got angry, i was like 5 at the time and never did it again 😂

Not really. like my oldest daughter got into a really bad car accident with my aunt in 2019, she had to have 2 surgeries back to back and physical therapy and she spent a couple weeks in the ICU so I told her she could have anything she wanted if she could push through physical therapy and get to go home. She wanted a cat so I got her the cat. That cat unfortunately passed away and that's when I originally said we were done but....then my grandma died in 2021 and my ex husband (husband at the time) got me a kitten to make me feel better. Then my mom died a month after and she had 2 cats, so they kinda got dumped off on me. So that left me with 3 cats lol. And then one of her cats just had to be a lil whxre and get pregnant and have kittens so now we have the kittens too🙃 I'm done with pets once these ones are all gone lmaooooo.

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*After revealing he could talk in that Raven form, Shadow slunk down to the ground and reformed as a cat, he's glaring at @Gorogorogorochan in that judgmental way cats do*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Aw..! *Umeko couldn't help herself when she saw him transform into a cat and immediately hugs him while he's in his cat form* Your not as scary as I thought! But..when could you talk like that? And..what happened to the demon I saw earlier?
*She can be a airhead at times*

Do you find it annoying when you’re laid in bed and the cat wants to sit on you? I mean I dont mind when mine sits on my legs but 8 pounds of fur feel a lil too heavy on my stomach and chest. If I let her she’d go for the neck and choke me with those paws.

Sometimes if I’m not in a great mood or need to be able to move. I’ll just put them to the side and most of them will take the hint. But there are times when I have multiple cats on me at once so just imagine that weight. They are pretty large cats too. Well over eight pounds.
Do you find it annoying when youre laid in bed and the cat wants to sit on you I

Hai un animale domestico?

Vi presento sua maestà Tommaso, per gli amici Tommy 🐈👑.
Il bene che voglio a Tommy è indescrivibile, per me è un amico, un fratello, un figlio.
Spesso chi non ha un animale domestico non riesce a capire quanto immenso e sincero possa essere l'amore nei loro confronti, giudicando come "esagerati" i sentimenti che i padroni di un animale dicono di nutrire nei confronti dei loro cuccioli a quattro zampe.
Ricordo come se fosse ieri il Natale di due anni fa, quando a Tommy venne una broncopolmonite, ricordo la sua improvvisa debolezza, la sua tosse che non faceva dormire né me né lui la notte, il suo appetito era scomparso e aveva lentamente inziato a lasciarsi andare.
Ricordo le nottate passate a piangere mentre cercavo di tenerlo al caldo per farlo rilassare, allora non potevo permettermi un veterinario, dunque dovevo solo sperare che guarisse da solo.
Passai una settimana in bianco, la notte dormivo pochissimo sia perché la tosse di Tommy era forte e spesso svegliava anche i miei genitori, sia perché non riuscivo a dormire perché ero troppo in pensiero per lui.
Non riuscivo ad uscire di casa come se nulla fosse perché non volevo lasciare Tommy da solo, aveva bisogno di me, i miei genitori non sarebbero riusciti a prendersene cura come facevo io.
Fortunatamente questa storia è finita bene e Tommy guarì velocemente, ritornando ad essere il gatto forte, giocherellone, mangione, a volte aggressivo, che è sempre stato.
C'era una canzone che mettevo sempre la sera, per cercare di farlo rilassare, "Music for cat's" di David Teie.
I gatti sono noti per odiare la musica, ma quella era una canzone che aveva un effetto speciale su Tommy, spegneva in lui ogni preoccupazione e riusciva sempre a dormire.
Ancora oggi quando la ascolto, penso al mio micio e a quel momento terribile in cui temevo di perderlo una volta per tutte...
Io ho aiutato Tommy in un occasione, ma lui ha aiutato me in cento altre.

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Hai un animale domestico

What different pets do you look after?

We look after every kind of animal! Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, fish, horses, etc.
📸: Didi, one of our clients.
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What different pets do you look after

Tell me about yourself

I am an artist, I am well known in my community, I am in the top 0.5% of intellects that have been formerly tested, I learned to read at age 3. I smoke a ton of weed. I have schizophrenia. I have three cats and a lovebird. I'm married for 18+ years. I live in the Pacific NW

Do you think cats are good pets?

I do like all animals, but for me, cat is a huge, enormous no no.
They'll scratch the furniture, eat plants, destroy flowers, walk on the table with same feet that touch the poop. If let outside, they destroy bird nests, kill baby animals. They're untrainable.
Low maintenance since they don't need humans.
For some they're great pets.

What do you like most about the current place you live in? 🏠🏢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My garden, My dogs have free roams in the yard, I have the whole upstairs to my self, More room for my cats kittens soon. etc
I also have 3 bedrooms upstairs i Can use for my Candle making/Office

Have you or anyone you know ever had cancer? What is the best thing to stop it?

Just one of my cats that has since passed. We tried some natural cures with him and he may have lived longer than expected but I don’t feel comfortable giving advice about this.

Do you like to keep plants in your home? Maybe post a picture of a plant you own? 🌿📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would love to but my cat tries to eat everything that's green so I have to be careful with plants because there are too many of them that are toxic for cats.

Only women children dogs and cats are loved unconditionally. If a man tells ppl he loves a girl they ask how does she look like. If a girl tells to ppl they ask what does he do? A man gets loved only if he provides. Wether or not he can facilitate a dream or not🙃🌚🌝

And a women's gets loved when she is pretty fair skinny hot whatever so yeah it's horrible for both sides

in your opinion how many dogs is considered too many dogs ?

I've never been much of a 'dog' person (mostly because I was scared of them for most my children haha, not as bad anymore though). But I think have as many dogs as you want AND feel you arw actually capable of caring for. For instance, if you feel you can only properly put the time in to care for two. Then only have max two. Or you'll leave the rest slightly uncared for and that's not fair on them. I'd say the same for cats, babies, any other animals tbh. As long as you know for sure you can care for them then have them.

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