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what’s your favourite month of the year, and why? 🗓🌸✨

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
"Autumn" by Nico, Photograph by Ricardo Gomez
When I was a young boy, my favorite month of the year was July. This was because I enjoyed summer vacation with my friends. We played outside from sunrise until sunset, and we laughed and laughed until our belly's ached. It was the best of times.
As I aged, the months and years seemed to move faster and faster and keeping track of time, I lost interest. In fact, if I could, I would not keep track of time at all. For example, using a baseball metaphor, when you are older and rounding third base heading for home, there is not much incentive to keep track of days, weeks or years; but rather, a desire for time to slow down and perhaps even stop, so one can reflect and take an inventory of their life, so as to give thanks to God for one’s good health and good fortune.
I think baseball is a great metaphor for each season of the year. In the spring of our life we think we will live forever, as we run with reckless abandon to first base. And in the summer of our years, we slide into second base to avoid being tagged out. As autumn befalls us, we round second and land on third base for the potential winning run. Now the bases are loaded and the pitcher throws a fast ball that is hit high to center field, and the third base coach is waving me home to score the winning run. And as I approach home plate, I am elated that we have won the game, but saddened that the game is over. Perhaps that is why Autumn is my favorite season.
From dazzling sunsets to a peaceful sunrise,
To glistening morning dew
Floating on calm waters,
Where the loon’s song play
Its seductive call,
That echo's again and again
Repeating a sweet chorus,
As autumn leaves change their color
Illuminating the forest,
A prism of sunlight in shades of red, yellow, and blue
And as the seasons change and time passes by,
I will recall the good memories and not forget the reasons why.
My friends and I ran, laughed, played and cried.
We stayed out all the live long day.
Without a care in the world,
And no one to scold us or tell us when to come home.
It was a great time to be young... not old.

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whats your favourite month of the year and why

حدثوني عن القرآن ولو بآية ❤️

esraaezz3’s Profile PhotoEsraa Ezz
أسوأ عقاب ممكن تعاقب شخص مش أنك "تهينه أو تكرهه"، لأ خالص..
أسوأ عقاب فعلًا أنك ترجعه لنقطة البداية أنه يبقي "شخص غريب" بس مع إضافة بسيطة أنه يبقى "بدون فرصة" لأن الغريب ممكن تتعامل معاه عادي وعنده فرصة يبقي قريب بس هو خلاص أستنفذ فرصته، أنك تحرمه من كل صلاحياته بدون ما تهينه، أنه مش بس يبقي علي الهامش بعد ما كان في الـ center بتاع حياتك وكل حاجة بتلف حواليه .. لأ دا الأسوأ أنه يكون عارف إن أي عابر سبيل له فرصة أكبر منه هو شخصيًا في أنه ياخد مكانته " أو اللي كانت مكانته" .
الإهانة والخناق مفيش أسهل منهم، بس العقاب الأرقى أنهم يحسوا إنك بطلت تشوفهم زي ما كنت بتشوفهم وإن أفعالهم طفيتهم في عينك.
‏مارك توين قال" أنا لا أنتقم بل أُعيد الشخص غريباً كما كان ".

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Share some good memories 😊

Ervilin’s Profile PhotoErvilinlingz
A lot of times I remember things based on what age I was, which I recall by remembering what grade I was in. Other times I just remember random bs. Like my mom was about to throw out this nice reclining chair we had, and I remembered going with her to look for it when I was younger and the salesman saying "if there are any problems with the chair, we will come out and fix it, and we will also replace the chair entirely one time". I told her that based off memory from 13 years ago. She had no idea that was even a thing, but it turned out I was indeed correct. As a child and all through my adulthood I have had difficulty expressing my emotions. My grandmother was the first person to start calling me "Spock" as a joke, but it actually stuck and became a running bit for most of my life. Star Trek was always popular in my family, and I have many fond memories of watching TOS and TNG with my mom and dad in the living room, while eating our dinners from TV trays. A few years ago he fought the battle against cancer and lost. I gave the eulogy at the funeral, and in the parking lot afterwards my mom handed me an envelope and told me that he had given it to her near the end, and that I wasn't to open it until the end of that day. Inside was a complete set of Tops collectible trading cards depicting the entire crew of the USS Enterprise. On the Spock card was a post it note, and written in a shaky hand was, "Always remember that Spock was half human. I love you." When my ex and I first started dating, we'd fallen asleep all wrapped up in each other. I woke up during the night and noticed how nice the feeling was, our arms and legs tangled together, the way she smelled, her breathing into my chest. Even though it was sort of chilly we didn't need the blanket like we usually did, and I thought to myself "man, this is the best".
A couple of weeks later we both happened to get foot injuries the same day. We booked our appointments to the university wellness center, and both went at the same time. For whatever reason, her appointment got done on time, but mine was 20 minutes off schedule. As she was finishing up her appointment, she walked past me waiting for the doctor in the examination room. I told her that I was still waiting to be seen, and I was going to tell her that she could leave if she wanted to, but before I got the chance, she offered to wait for me out in the waiting room. I had a rather tumultuous childhood, and that was the first moment in my life I genuinely felt like someone truly cared about me. Nobody saw it, but that was the only time I've ever had happy tears in my life. We broke up in May. I wish things had lasted longer, but I'm getting to the point where I can appreciate the good memories without longing for her. When you hit that stage, you can really be at peace with things.

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عندى ٢ اكونت انستا مش فاكر الايميل ولا كلمة السر وعايزة الغيهم عشان هعمل واحد جديد واشتغل بيه حد يعرف طريقة الغيهم بيها وشكرا على الافادة مقدما🤍💙

روح ال sitting اختار help او مساعدة بعدها help center او مركز المساعدة هينقلك على ويب تانية انزل تحت سيكا هتلاقي اوبشن " التوقف عن استخدام instagram مؤقتاً " اضغط عليه هيظهرلك الأوبشن بتاع حذف الحساب هتلاقي اربع خطوات تعملهم على لاب او كمبيوتر مينفعش فون.. لمؤاخذة يسطا انطفيت مكسل اقولهم

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Czy ktoś tu posiada konto na portalu mewecomTam też rozwija się fikcja Jeśli

❝✨─── ⊰ NEW YORK WELCOMES! ⊱ ❯ If you want to become a real New Yorker, there's only one rule; You have to believe New York is, has been, and always will be the greatest city on earth. The center of the universe. ❯ Zapraszamy już dziś, o godz. 19:00 do zapoznania się z nową odsłoną @JUNGLEOFLIGHT_RP

Hej, Nowy Jorku! Dziewiętnasta już niebawem, dlatego wszystkich zainteresowanych odsyłamy na Wasz profil, aby dobrze się rozejrzeć i wkrótce pojawić w szeregach! :D Powodzenia, owocnego otwarcia!

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NEW YORK WELCOMES   If you want to become a real New Yorker theres only one rule

Mi az, amit “normál” boltok helyett inkább “kínai” üzletekben vásárolsz meg?

Titanilla289928i1910o’s Profile PhotoÉtelek, Háztartás, Termékek,
Sárkány Center több mint piac :)
Étel alapanyagok, márkás italok sokkal olcsóbban. Syoss sampon, balzsam 800-ért, Gillette Fusion 16 db-os 10.000 vagy alatta, tusfürdők, krémek, mosószerek, arcszesz hasonlóan olcsóbban. Nem, nem hamis és sok esetben akár a bolti ár feléért meg lehet kapni.
Ha meg már arra jár az ember mindig akad még valami apróság, mint az óriás tábla Milka 600-ért :)

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اتحداك اذا عمرك اصغر من ٣٤ واضح من صوتك والله يعينك اذا تخافين من العمر بيبان عليك الكبر من بدري من الخوف 🏃🏻‍♀️

والله بصراحة ما توقعت أنو "عمري" مسوي أزمة للدرجة هاذي 🤣 وشاغل بالكم
“come on “ 🤗
وشكرا على المعلومة القيّمة الجديدة يعني تعال سمعني صوتك أقولك كم عمرك ☺️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻amazing
وعلى الطاري تذكرت مرة اتصل علي أحد العملاء وصوته كان على حسب معلومتك القيّمة تقريبا ستيني أو نهاية الخمسينات وبعدها لما التقينا face to face طلع واحد عشريني طبعا انصدمت 😨 وعبالي هذا الولد واللي كلمني أبوه بس من شفت هويته خلاص انتهى 😅
ومن جانب آخر وحدة اتصلت علي يالله شقد كان صوتها صغييييير مرة وبعدين أتفاجأ انها طبيبة بعمر الخمسين 😍ماشاء الله
طبعاً اللي يشتغلون ب call center تمر عليهم نماذج كثيرة من هذا النوع ☺️
يعني ماشاء الله تخصص أصوات وكمان محلل نفسي تخصص خوف 👏🏻👏🏻 أحييك حضرة المجهول ويومكم سعيد يارب 🕊🤍

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T’es parents sont il encore en vie

My father passed away when I was in my 20s. Mom is still alive but lives 3000 miles away. She is dealing with my step father's end stages Alzheimer's.. as awful as it sounds, I hope for her sake he passes soon. She is almost 80 and even though she has help taking care of him, its very hard on her. He has no memory left at all, barely eats and she has to take care of all his personal tasks. I want her to move back to California so I can watch out for her.. I cant do that when she is so far away
My dad Is gone a cancer and Korean war survivor. Died after a heart valve slowly failed <he refused the surgery due to risks of vegetative state after a clot no i dont blame him My uncle died of same issue only on the table for the operation my dad refused. Mom is a live and moved to a "semi-supervised" apartment at a senior center. She has to check in once a day either by phone or meal. She has started to "forget daily grooming" But still aware but degenerative back issues are catching up to her mobility. My dad passed away from cancer at the age of 53 in 1980. My mum is still going at the age of 84. She has heart problems, occasional gout and the family spinal problem which means she has trouble getting around.
My mother passed away a few years ago but my father is still alive and doing well. He has remarried, moved to a new town and gotten very involved in the church and helping with a food bank. He has minor health complaints, but I think he is happier now than he has been in a long time.
My mom is mostly great, and we have a good relationship. The only issue is that I am an introvert and she is not. Sometimes when we spend time together (like over a weekend, which we do in summertime a lot) she gets mad at me for not wanting to always be with her 24/7. She will get mad enough to yell at me like I’m an errant child. For context, I am 48 years old. I’ve had to remind her that I’m introverted, and I need time away from everyone, not just her. It’s odd since she’s been getting mad at me since I was a kid for the exact same reason. You’d think she’d have some understanding of what I’m like by now.
They ask me for money regularly that's definitely not limited to bring an adult any summer job I had they took the lot. That's how I feel like an adult and a kid all at the same time, refusing them causes meltdown arguments that get nasty. Helping them means I put myself into a position to starve/freeze from not having enough money.

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What is the best museum you've ever been to? What do you remember from it?

kellykitties’s Profile PhotoKelly de Does
The Smithsonian Museum. The elephant when you first come in is probably the most memorable for me because it's right in the center of multiple levels. The whale, the evolution of human beings. I also remember the airplane museum. ✈
I absolutely love history. It fascinates me and is one of the reasons why I became a scientist.

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If you turned into a godzilla-like monster and were like that for a day, what kinds of things do you think you'd do? Why? 🦖🏢

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
“With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down
Helpless people on subway trains
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them. He picks up a bus and he throws it back down as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town”
“Oh no! They say he’s got to go, go go Godzilla! Oooooooo oooooh” 🎶
(That’s such a ridiculously bad ass song!)
https://youtu.be/muUZjovOFRgbombdiggityboo’s Video 166954091498 muUZjovOFRgbombdiggityboo’s Video 166954091498 muUZjovOFRg

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Jaka jest Twoja rola w monitoringu na mieście? :):

Zaczynam pracę w call center i kiedyś już pracowałam w czymś takim, nawet parę razy. Nienawidzę tego, ale bardzo chcę jechać na wakacje, na które muszę zarobić. Dopóki nie jestem jeszcze sławna i bogata, to niestety będę musiała dzwonić do ludzi i wkurwiać ich pytaniem czy są zainteresowani fotowoltaiką. :)
Jest ktoś??

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In which of the these you fall? •The one who is open to opposite gender friendships on this platform and publicised them •The one who likes to keep things private coz of fear of being judged here •Not interested in making any.

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
I wont say not interested but keeping things private is better not because you fear being judged but being center of attention always gives the third person the margin to destroy everything.

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Glaubst du, dass es die nächsten Jahre viele Insolvenzen gerade in den Innenstädten geben wird oder hofft du, dass dieses verhindert werden kann? Was könnte unternommen werden, damit die Innenstädte attraktiv bleiben?

oai4m2538’s Profile PhotoFragen_über_Fragen
Das kann ich mir schon vorstellen, gerade für viele Gastronomen und kleine Betriebe, die über die langen Zeiträume der Schließungen durch die Lockdowns schwere Verluste verzeichnen mussten. Fördergelder kamen wohl auch nur sehr verspätet und in kompliziertem Verfahren. Darüber hinaus glaube ich kaum, dass diese Förderungen geschenkt waren - es würde mich nicht wundern, wenn die ohnehin gebeutelten Betriebe jetzt noch Schulden an der Backe haben.
Davon abgesehen sind die Mieten in Einkaufszentren extrem hoch und oft verbunden mit Laufzeitverträgen. Kleine Geschäfte können sich das kaum auf Dauer leisten, somit werden wohl in absehbarer Zeit alle Innenstädte gleich aussehen, besiedelt mit den überall gleichen, großen Ketten. Ich finde es schwierig zu sagen, was man tun könnte, um solche Geschäfte zu erhalten. Ein Großteil der Leute will ja augenscheinlich überhaupt keine Individualität und außerdem muss alles immer schnell gehen und billig sein. Dass es nur noch die überall gleichen Ketten gibt, ist wohl dem Kunden und seinem Einkaufsverhalten geschuldet. Wenn die Mehrheit so drauf ist, kann man kaum den kleinen Läden helfen.
Vielleicht wären vergünstigte Ladenmieten ein Anfang, so dass die überhaupt eine Chance haben, mitzuhalten.
Und ich finde, gerade in großen Einkaufszentren sollte das angrenzende Parken umsonst sein. Schließlich kommen dort gezielt Kunden für das Center hin.

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Vixxon: Not on my watch...*he glares intensely neo hides behind her body guard nervous*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
The lights were several, until finally the whole room was illuminated. It was the control center of everything, and in it was the dangerous robot, GlaDOS, an imposing android with cables connected throughout her body, while some panels accompanied her.
❛❛ A-AH, it's her! ❜❜
Retracted the other android, who also hid behind the bodyguard, very nervous.
GlaDOS; — " It's lucky that you had people backing up the pathetic in your life, otherwise, you would have already been fuel for the incinerator. I have no reason to get rid of these strangers, except for the moron behind. I can offer a reward if you end him in the most painful way possible. Really, I don't give these opportunities to just anyone. " —

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Vixxon Not on my watchhe glares intensely neo hides behind her body guard

Have you ever tried playing mini golf? What do you think of it and how good are you at it in general? ⛳

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
It was fun as a child...as an adult depends on who you're with and how competitive it gets. It's fun to play.
Here it's called miniature golf. And when I was much younger I was very good at it. Yet I was always good at golf putting. No so good at driving at the golf range. So I was never a good golfer!
Golfs fun even when we suck. Something about being out just enjoying playing that makes it so great. First time I went out to play, we sat on first tee with a long line behind us on Saturday morning thinking golf wouldn’t be hard and you can imagine how embarrassing that was haha.
It can say any number of things, that's up to you and her to determine. For one person the former may say that they have to be competitive in everything, even an activity that is meant for fun. For another it might say that they find fun in the competitiveness. For some the latter might mean they are incapable of being serious about anything, for others it might mean they don't care about "keeping score". Different strokes (sorry for the pun) for different folks.
Either way is acceptable. It depends on how busy the place is. If nobody is waiting for you, your way is perfectly viable provided you have enough alcohol. Otherwise, her way is pretty much superior regardless.
My now wife's dad has played golf with me as sort of a "bonding" thing early on in our relationship as gf/bf. He asked if I wanted to play a round with him and a couple of his buddies since he heard that I like to play golf too and they had an open slot in the foursome. I said sure, sounds like fun, so we set everything up and met at the course the following weekend. (Side note: I met my wife when we were in college, and I was on the university's golf team, playing 3-4 times a week. She failed to mention this to her dad.)
We met at the course and I was introduced to his two friends, really good guys I still see every now and again. None of them were there to light the world on fire, but had fun and drank/smoked cigars all throughout the round. From the first hole on, I think they knew I was a ringer. Tee shot piped right down the center, leaving a short pitch shot to the pin. I hit the pin on the fly on my second shot, and bounced back to about 12 feet. Sank the birdie putt and all of them were just looking at me completely dumbfounded. Her dad asked me how long I've played for and I said since I was really young and that I play for the school as well. He said that my gf forgot to mention that and had pretty low expectations before the round. I went and shot 3 under that day. He shot somewhere in the low 100's. It was the ultimate power move. Same thing when I played with the big bosses a few years back. Putting has always been a sore spot, so I spent the week practicing to avoid three putts. Saturday morning we meet at the course, and I’ve realized I forgot my putter at home. I end up using my PW to putt with and shoot three over, beating the big bosses by a mile.

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احكي موقف لطيف حصل من شخص غريب "🖤

كنت بحكي قدام حد ان كان نفسي اشتغل في مجال call center واني حاولت كتير فالموضوع ده ومنفعش ف هو حاليا بيساعدني وقدم ال cv بتاعي لكذا شركه عن طريق ناس صحابه وحرفيا ماشي فالموضوع ومهتم اكتر مني♥♥♥♥

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Do you think better than jails when God sends humans to hell it is the best human behaviour correctional center forever

phanzimbo’s Profile Photophanzimbo
I believe it is not god that sends us to hell. It is our guilt that sends us there. We have guilt in our souls only when we have sinned. It is we who decide our fate. God has just created this world and us humans who well, turned out to be a disaster mostly. It is not anyone else to be blamed for what we get, but ourselves. There is so much more yet to discover.🌸

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Share your thoughts.

xlethalraidx’s Profile Photo✟ Raidon ✟
❛✎❜ ᴊᴀᴇᴍɪɴ 'ɴᴀɴᴀ':
〝i wonder where i stand in the center of your heart,
i will drift and go inside of it without knowing.
eventually i lose my way,
where's the ending to this hеart?
where you are?
it's sеrious, i'm even jealous of the wind
that passes by you.
even the moonlight glowing on your cheek
is annoying me.
i wanna be closer to you than that.

〖ɴᴄᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ - ᴅɪᴠᴇ ɪɴᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ〗

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A bit of a random question, I know, but suppose I knocked on someone's door and it turned out to be you who answered it, would you invite me in for a cup of tea? ☕ 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ƭεɳαciσυઽ Ŧѳɱɱყ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
Nooooooooooo Kitty !!!! 😹 - I would take one day of holiday because of you, I would show you historical center of my city, we would have lunch in some good restaurant in our castle area and coffee with some tiramisu in special cafe with cats around 💟👌 Just let me know that you are here !!!! 😜😸

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A bit of a random question I know but suppose I knocked on someones door and it