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What was the most painful thing after a break up?

The most painful thing was knowing that the future I thought we had was over in a second, and I was blocked on every social media and basically treated like I'd never even existed. That was the really hard part. Over time, what was hard were reminders that would come when I didn't want them. Somebody would ask "Are they __ now?" I had no idea what they were doing, and not only was it painful to be asked that out of the blue anyway, but also because it was a reminder of how swiftly I was cut out. Then, I'd be doing something and be reminded of them. Maybe it was a song, a similar environment, or maybe just the vibe/feeling was the same, even if the activity and place had nothing to do with them. The random reminders hurt the most because I had no control over when the emotions or memories would show up, and I didn't have the ability to just push them out. The random reminders made me feel like I'd never move on or get better. There was a long while when I couldn't even go to the upstairs part of my house, because they'd lived there for a while, so going up there felt like I was surrounded by a ghost in every room. I'm doing well now, a lot better than I was, but there are still moments when it hurts. Thankfully, it's nowhere near as often as it once was, and overall I'd say I'm making progress and finally feeling like I'm healing.
My ex was an incredibly charismatic narcissist and I was an undiagnosed autistic with ADHD ODD and anxiety disorders. He was a champion of the people and I was the embarrassing immature monster always saying and doing things that upset people (it's weird being considered a naive child and a grown master manipulator all at once). Yeah my ex had my family convinced I was the bad guy (easy to do given they had known me my whole life and already thought I was a terrible person) and tried to get my son taken off me so he could have him (which he only wanted as a means to control me he doesn't actually want any responsibilities). Those initial weeks getting through that was fucking ROUGH. The terror of knowing you need to go to work to get bills paid but knowing you could show up to daycare and your child has just disappeared into the arms of someone who only plans to use them as a pawn? I shudder to look back on it. This time last year I was devastated over the breakup of my first real relationship with my first love. I remember the unbearable pain and at the time, I thought that I would never stop feeling it and that it would just follow me around forever. Fast forward to today and I no longer feel that particular heartbreak - but as the summer comes to a close and I'm facing having to say goodbye to a guy I just fell in love with, there's another kind of heartbreak I have to endure. This kind of pain is a cycle, since everyone will inevitably leave in one way or another, and the feeling of heartbreak and loss is unavoidable once you're vulnerable enough to fall in love. It's the price you pay for a moment of happiness.

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Buty puma czy Nike ?

Fila, a ostatnio Champion. Mają fajne sneakersy na wysokiej podeszwie i zdecydowanie lepszy wybór adidasów nadających się na deszcz. Bo jakaś dziwna moda na oddychające buty typowo do biegania sprawiła, że większość dostępnych nadaje się tylko na lato 😐

What is something you’ve said online that people got unreasonably angry about?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
I generally avoid posting controversial stuff online…except for here. It would have been something on YA GS. One female member bragged about working for a divorce lawyer who helped men. I said “Don’t confuse taking a job for a paycheck with being a champion for men’s rights.” She did not like that.
I’m sure I’ve offended you previously, but you managed your frustration well.

Es salir con universitarias la autentica ruina? El otro dia quedo con una del tinder para salir de fiesta, me cojo 50 euros y va ella y se me presenta con 6 euros. 6 euros para toda la noche!! Osea que se piensan? Que me voy a gastar el cash que gano doblando el lomo en la obra en invitarla a copas?

Porque irán a conocerte y hablar tranquilamente no ponerse hasta el culo como tu porque te piensas que de primeras vas a pinchar champion

If someone you know in real real life impersonated you on the internet and made fake accounts of you to try to ruin your reputation what would you do? Would you press charges on them?

Do you have evidence?
Can you prove what you are saying is the truth?
Do you have:
- accurate account information and reliable user account identification?
- digital foot print i.e. source ip address or source mac address?
- photographs and text messages that can be used in a court of law?
- what international law has been violated?
Remember, various countries have implemented legal measures to address these types of issues within the confines of their sovereign nations, but the international community has not codified into law impersonation involving fake askfm accounts unless a serious crime that involves death or extortion has been committed. Also consider that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff and their lawyers and all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the plaintiff. These fee's can easily reach in excess of $100k.
I recall reading a similar story a few years ago that took place in Madrid, Spain. The plaintiff went to the police in Madrid and attempted to file a criminal complaint against an askfm user located in Canada. The case was dismissed because the source ip address of the accused was located in Germany and did not match the digital footprint that the alleged victim had provided to the police.
Keep in mind that proving cases like this is extremely difficult because local police lack the resources required to conduct a proper forensic investigation and international laws are either vague or do not currently exist to cover cases involving fraudulent accounts, name calling, insults, racism, etc. on social networks such as askfm, tumblr, twitter, etc.
But hey, if you have $20,000+ dollars to waste on legal fees, why not proceed so you can learn how the legal system operates and perhaps you can become an advocate to champion the necessary changes to affect international law to prosecute askfm users who roleplay, create fake accounts and utilize your photographs without explicit permission.
Perhaps you might avoid these situations if you stop posting personal information on social networks or maybe even consider disabling your askfm, instagram, twitter and facebook accounts and do something more productive with your life like: graduating from college, obtain a job, volunteer are a homeless kitchen, adopt a child or (heaven forbid) help a neighbor or friend or family member who is suffering and needs help.
Good Luck!

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سپریم کورٹ کے آج کے فیصلے پر کچھ کہنا چاہیں گے؟

AmeerHumxa’s Profile Photoمیاں الامير حمزة
I know it’s going to hurt a lot of sentiments but the fact is that by deciding to subvert the constitution instead of facing a perfectly constitutional process, Imran Khan put the final nail in his own coffin. The disgraced, fascist Premier; the self-proclaimed champion of Islam and patriotism who is about to be sent home in Ramadan. Down with Fascism!

Can we have intro if you dont mind if intrested question back :)

talhakhan099’s Profile PhotoTalha Khan
Im Maryam.
Mostly silent or boring.
Kinda like werid stuff (doesn't include drugs and alcohol).
Someone who doesn't know how to interact basically.
Needs a lot of motivation even for a minor thing.
You cannot hurt me as I'm a champion in ignoring.
Sometimes philosophical and mostly dumb.
Serial killers names in my interest list here is not bcoz i like them, it's bcz im interested in reading abt them.
I usually dont sleep at night.
I like ppl who recommend me dark and mystery containing series and books.
I like to vanish in between conversations.
If you share memes thn im your best friend

DROP IT - A Picture of Goofy-YOU - A.

King_of_Bristol’s Profile PhotoArian Henry Winston
Arian fing Annie mit seinen Armen von hinten ein, ein schiefes, schelmisches Grinsen auf den Lippen da sie seine unkluge Wortwahl kritisierte und spontan entschied, dass er so unromantisch doch lieber auf der Couch bei dem Paarungsverhalten seiner Eisbären bleiben sollte.
"Moment! Moooment, gib mir ne Chance...!"
Der Brite räusperte sich grinsend und kündigte an: "Achtung, superromantic. Hör genau zu!"
Er lehnte sich zu ihrem Ohr.
"Hörst du genau zu, Annie?"
Dabei kamen seine Lippen näher an ihr Ohr. So nahe, dass er sie fast mit jenen berührte und sie die leisen Atemzüge von ihm auf ihrer Haut fühlen konnte.
Atemzüge und Stille.
Seine Arme fest um sie mit die er sie längst eingefangen hatte.
".....BUH!" kam es völlig unerwartet von ihm.
Sie hörte wie der 38 Jährige hinter ihr anfing zu lachen, sie losließ und an ihr vorbeilief in Richtung Treppen.
"Wer zuletzt oben ist muss Vinnie die Windeln wechseln!" rief er noch on top während er lachend zwei Treppen auf einmal nahm und genau wusste dass sie preggo alleine durch den überraschungseffekt gehandicapt war.
Oben angekommen warf er sich mit einer kleinen Stunt-hechtrolle für sein nichtvorhandenes Puplikum ins Bett und streckte die Hände wortlos aber ehrvoll als Champion in die Luft und beobachtete schelmisch grinsend wie Annie durch die Tür kam.
Wesentlichen später.
Nur langsam ließ er seine Hände sinken ohne dass das grinsen auf seinen lippen wich.
"Weißt du was du an mir liebst? Dass ich vielleicht somehow ein Loser bin, wichtige Unterlagen verliere und ein talent dafür die falschen Worte zu sagen.....but somehow bin ich auf ominöseweise doch immer wieder ein Winner, Winner - Chickendinner." sein schmunzeln wurde langsam zu einem lächeln.
"....and now, steig mit mir ins Bett." winkte er sie zu sich und als sie neben ihm Platz nahm, nahm er sie in den Arm, platzierte einen Kuss auf ihre Schläfe und schloss die Augen.
Mit einem seeligen lächeln atmete er tief ein und konservierte für immer in seiner Seele.

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DROP IT  A Picture of GoofyYOU  A

Why is it important for us to uphold the truth and morality in all aspects of our life? How can you champion the truth over the prevalence of lies in today's time?

The Truth would have to be accepted, and supplant ‘beliefs’ that are suspect, unverified, and proven false.
I don’t see that ever happening as long as humans have the angels on their right shoulder and devils on their left.

Do you support sexual harassment laws ? Do you support anti_nudity laws ?

Theoretically I do, but I'm afraid that they'll be abused. We have witnessed countless examples and as we move forward, more burdensome regulations are proposed / implemented - ironically, by those who claim to champion "equity" and "social justice." The level of disconnect is truly mind-boggling.
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Ma non sei rossonera? Non sei mai andata a Milanello ad ammirare le 7 Champion (oltre le Intercontinentali)?(A.B.)

Ho casa piena di cose piene dell'Inter tra cui:
il cuscino dell'inter
il tappetino del mouse dell'inter
2 capelli dell'inter
un jolly dell'inter
la maglia dell'inter
il portachiavi dell'inter
la cornice dell'inter
il cuore che mi ha regalato il mio ragazzo dell'inter
avevo anche il pigiama dell'inter
le calze dell'inter
il borsone dell'inter
e tu te ne esci con "ma non sei rossonera?"
Guarda sono interista dal 1996 e no per sfortuna non sono mai andata allo stadio e chissà se un giorno ci andrò ma poi la cosa che non capisco...

Poproszę radosne zdjęcie 🥰

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 Shin Ryujin | ITZY Poland
"Kpop Idol Human Theater" z udziałem Stray Kids
https://youtu.be/ddyYjBGeZSEstraykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 ddyYjBGeZSEstraykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 ddyYjBGeZSE
Występ 3RACHA z uczestnikami Loud
https://youtu.be/Yhb2g3TqiJ8straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 Yhb2g3TqiJ8straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 Yhb2g3TqiJ8
LOUD x 3RACHA "Back Door" Rehearsal Scene
https://youtu.be/ZsQLGJEW848straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 ZsQLGJEW848straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 ZsQLGJEW848
Show Champion Behind z Stray Kids
https://youtu.be/RS8mMBpofmUstraykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 RS8mMBpofmUstraykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 RS8mMBpofmU
Wywiad Bang Chana i Felixa dla Vogue Thailand
https://youtu.be/KpCPmq7IBn4straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 KpCPmq7IBn4straykidsnews’s Video 168979929106 KpCPmq7IBn4
Poproszę radosne zdjęcie

Champion 💪🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

Deinen toten Vorfahren pisse ich aufs Grab deine Mutter soll von 100 Asylanten vergewaltigt werden dein Vater deren Spermien schlucken deine Tochter soll einem Pedophilen zum Opfer fallen mit 2 Monaten bis zu ihrem fünfzehntem Lebensjahr danach soll sie im spanischer Pisse ertrinken und du baust hoffentlich einen Unfall bei dem du Querschnittsgelähmt wirst und das alles leidend hinnehmen musst HURENSOHN

If there were an Olympics for average people, what would some of the events be? 🥇/ Als er een Olympische Spelen is voor de gemiddelde mens, wat zouden de activiteiten dan kunnen zijn? 🥇

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
🥇 Spending as much as time as possible watching a channel you absolutely despise cus you can't be bothered going up to grab the remote.
🥇 Just general eating contests. Maybe you could become the world champion of "Most dammsugares eaten in 10 minutes"? 😂
If there were an Olympics for average people what would some of the events be
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Any Dragon Age players/fans on here? Who has been your fav protagonist to play as? (The Warden, The Champion or The Inquisitor?) Or fav character in the series instead?

wolfmeister1992’s Profile PhotoWolfie
Nah, I don't think I've ever played it but I don't know 🤔
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شخصٌ ما أسديت له معروفاً فقال لي وبالحرف الواحد "منور يا تَشَمْ" السؤال هنا مالذي تعنيه كلمة تَشَمْ ؟

جو إختصار ل champion يعني منور يا بطل هكي قال لك
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Oh cool. Ja von tft bin ich nicht so der riesen Fan. Spiele league seit 7 Jahren. Cosplayen will ich diesee Jahr mal ausprobieren, aber keinen Champ von league. Lupin von Code Realize

supremevoid0024’s Profile PhotoLion
oh cool mein Freund spielt das auch schon seit 8 Jahren oder so 😄 wer ist denn dein Lieblings Champion von lol?
kenne ich gar nicht muss ich mal googlen 😅
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+7 answers in: “Mögt ihr cosplays? Wenn ja, macht ihr selbst welche oder wollt es Mal versuchen?”

Tita, I just want to share that I completed my target emergency fund today. You consistently champion the importance of financial independence here, and for that, I thank you. 🤩

Wow holy cow! CONGRATULATIONS!! This is a huge cause for celebration. I'm so proud of you. Come back and tell others why an emergency fund is important and how it has changed or helped you. Bravo! 👏👏👏

Seriez-vous prêt à donner un prénom particulier à votre enfant pour faire un bon mot avec votre patronyme ? exemples qui existent Guy Schaller (c'est une poissonnerie Lorraine) Henry Cochet (un champion de tennis 1920) Clair Fontaine...

noovalis’s Profile PhotoUn parmi des milliards
Non, d'ailleurs aucun jeu de mots n'est possible avec mon nom de famille et je ne veux pas d'enfant.

Seriez-vous prêt à donner un prénom particulier à votre enfant pour faire un bon mot avec votre patronyme ? exemples qui existent Guy Schaller (c'est une poissonnerie Lorraine) Henry Cochet (un champion de tennis 1920) Clair Fontaine...

noovalis’s Profile PhotoUn parmi des milliards
Ceux qui font ça, ils feraient mieux de pas avoir d'enfants c'est mieux.

Biographie d'un champion

CoreyAWRPG’s Profile PhotoCorey James
Corey James est un jeune afro-américain de 17 ans qui joue au football américain dans son quartier avec des amis. Pendant quelques temps, il fit parti d’un gang, mais un de ses amis qui lui-même en était membre, trouvait qu’il avait un potentiel pour faire autre chose de sa vie et réussi à lui faire lâcher le gang pour se consacrer à sa passion pour le sport. Il apprit à se battre dans son quartier, car habitué des violences des gangs ou même policières, il n’eut pas le choix autre par moment que se défendre.
Il vit dans un quartier pauvre, où les guerres entre gangs sont courants et voulait le meilleur pour sa famille, jusqu’à l’Apocalypse qui malheureusement, la décima entièrement le laissant seul. Avec ses anciens coéquipiers de son lycée de quartier, il continuait le football jusqu’a se retrouver un jour face au directeur des sports de l’UCLA, [Prénom] [Nom] qui parvint à le convaincre de retourner au lycée de l’UCLA. Il hésita longuement, mais finit par accepter. Il aura des difficultés à trouver ses marques n’étant pas habitué à la richesse.
Le problème, c’est qu’il vivait relativement loin de cette université et le chef des sports, décida de le faire emménager officiellement pour le rapprocher de l’université et officieusement, car c’était son fils.
Il accepta la proposition et se lia d’amitié avec Charles Hensen mais les deux garçons ignoraient qu’ils étaient frères et Dwayne ne leur en parlaient pas, car il avait eu honte de l’abandonner et avait peur de blesser ou dégouter Charles de lui, aimant vraiment son fils.
Il finira par apprendre la vérité, tout comme son frère, cela créa quelques tensions entre les deux garçons, mais il en voulait surtout à son père de l’avoir abandonné, lui, sa mère et son petit frère. Jusqu’à peut-être lui pardonner un jour.
Avatar : Daniel Ezra

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Biographie dun champion

Hi👋 Pls write your answer in order: 1. Name the 1st animal you could think of. 2. If the 1st animal doesn't exist, what's the next one you can think of? 3. If the 2nd animal doesn't exist, which animal can you think of? I'll explain later. If you don't want to participate, pls just delete. Thanks.

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
1. Salmo Trutta Ferox
2. Homo Sapiens
3. Homo Heidelberensis
Ferox: The Aquatic Wolf from the Ice Age
The Ferox Trout was already ennobled in 1835 by Scottish zoologists with the Latin title ferox (having the appearance of a wild animal). Similarly early on, this fish also earned its remarkable reputation among anglers. Charles St John(1809-1856) respectfully recalls one particular day of ferox fishing: “I was crossing Loch Ness alone one evening with my rod at the stern of the boat, with my trolling-tackle on it trailing behind. Suddenly a large trout seized it, and before I could do anything but take hold of my rod he had run out eighty yards of line and bent my stiff trolling rod like a willow.” St John lost the fish. But the latter could not have made a better contribution to the reputation of its kind. Anyone who travels through Scotland today and goes there for fly fishing will soon learn something about this fabulous fish. To read the adventurous story that connects us personally to this trout species, check out “About The Logo”.
Ferox and Conservation
When in 1985 a Scottish whiskey distillery invited several anglers to a one-week fishing expedition, no legendary fish was captured, but the stories of a historic whiskey were consumed and ,above all, the “Ferox 85 Group” was founded. To this day, the “Ferox 85 Group” serves as an association of fish biologists who champion the protection and study of especially the Ferox Trout. Since this fish has been on a red list of endangered species since 2008, it should not be specifically targeted except for conservation-oriented research. If, however, by some incredibly great coincidence a Ferox Trout catches your fly, gently return it to the water. Even if your gut feeling in the face of this great catch tells you otherwise, skip the whole photo act because it only wastes precious time. May this special fish still swim the deep, dark waters for a long time to come!
If you would like to get into the subject in depth, check out this very recommendable introduction and further links:

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Hi Pls write your answer in order 1 Name the 1st animal you could think of 2 If
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Today is international day of persons with disabilities. What's something you feel people should know about either disabilities in general, people with disabilities or a specific disability?

Plenty of people on ask already champion mental health and disability awareness
In lieu of repeating all the good things they say, I will simply raise a glass and applaud them all. Thank you
Today is international day of persons with disabilities Whats something you feel

Es Navidad, y un/a atractivo/a desconocido/a se acerca a ti con una ramita de muérdago y te pide un beso “solo un besito”. ¿Qué haces?

A ver... Tengo miedo ¿De acuerdo? 1° por que aún no es Navidad Champion 💯
Y 2°, si me pide un besito y no estamos de acuerdo, pues no pasa naaaaa, nos liamos a hostias y ya está y... ¡Que nooooo! Que es broma ✌ yo le doy un besito😇 A su Cadáver 🙂

"Когда ты счастлив - ты наслаждаешься музыкой. Когда ты грустный - ты понимаешь текст песни". Сегодня попрошу вас назвать те вещи или занятия к которым вы прибегаете в моменты счастья и грусти. Что помогает приумножить счастье и разделить грусть пополам? А так же добавьте сюда свой любимый плейлист)

prostushka1988’s Profile PhotoRavena
⠀⠀Когда нам грустно, задаемся вопросом "а чем я заслужилf это?", мы ищем причину нашей печали и именно в эти моменты думаем, как было б просто умереть. Пустота внутри, тьма в мыслях, мир сер и однообразный. Все, что хочется - закрыться у себя в комнате, стать забытым для всех и перестать сдерживать слезы. Боль накопилась внутри, неудачи как снежным ком наваливаются и накрывают, и просто думаешь, когда уже станет легче. Слишком сложно держатся, а поток мыслей будто уносит твое сознание в Лету, все что остается - писать. Когда грустно, я все записываю, все мысли и чувства. Так проще. Писать, рисовать, слушать музыку - это либо вытягивает всю боль наружу, либо приглушает ее, но становится легче.
⠀⠀В точности да наоборот моменты счастья. Мы не хотим чтобы это заканчивалось, мы чувствуем удовлетворение, спокойствие и гармонию. Мы хотим находится здесь и сейчас, творить и наслаждаться. В это время, из памяти удаляются все воспоминания о боли, ее будто не существует. В мире нет зла, войны окончились миром, больные излечились, нам кажется, если хорошо нам, то должно быть хорошо всем. Счастье прибавляют улыбки друзей и родных, солнечный день, животные и птицы. Но на деле, счастье либо есть, либо его нет. Счастье - это состояние ума. Ты можешь плакать и ненавидеть весь мир, но через пару дней опять будешь светится от счастья, потому что ты так устроен. Счастье можно увеличить или уменьшить, но с бухты-барахты оно не берется. Счастью нужно учится, а несчастье валяется повсюду.
Bon Jovi - It's My Life
Carrie Underwood - The Champion

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Когда ты счастлив  ты наслаждаешься музыкой Когда ты грустный  ты понимаешь

Под какую музыку лучше всего сжигать мосты прошлого?

irina13_di’s Profile Photoirina13_di
☞ EXO "El dorado"✨
☞ Billie Eilish "my future"
☞ Imagine Dragons "Believer"?
☞ twenty one pilots "Chlorine"
☞ Алёна Швец "Ведьм у нас сжигают"?
☞ Blackpink "Kill this love"
☞ Fall Out Boy "Champion"??
☞ Sia "Unstoppable"
☞ Нервы "Самый дорогой человек"?
☞ Mélovin "Wonder"
ⒹⒶⓉⒺ: 26/10/20
ⓉⒾⓂⒺ: 22.19
Под какую музыку лучше всего сжигать мосты прошлого

Avete dimostrato per l'ennesima volta la vostra antisportività. Grande Presidente De Laurentiis, vergogna Agnelli e Juventus. Forza Napoli! Abbasso la Juve ladra

noi abbiamo giocato una finale di champion senza il nostro leader e voi non volete giocare una partita da 3 punti per 1 o 2 squalificati, ovviamente senza nessun motivo ufficiale, vedi un po chi è antisportivo
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