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What’s a charity that you like to support?

I always do the push-up challenge (women’s health) and Movember (men’s health) plus usually the homeless persons and animals welfare charity events.
I am starting a fund raiser for MS in July this year as well. 😇

What are your morals and values?

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Never to pluck flowers . . . . they are not for plucking
Rather, always sow . . . .
Always treat the garden you are in with respect . . . . it could be Gethsemane
*Keep Faith & Hope . . . . Live Charity*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA4U3hScku4igotamatch’s Video 172204610426 MA4U3hScku4igotamatch’s Video 172204610426 MA4U3hScku4
What are your morals and values

So uh... Imma say this. If you accidentally type in your cashapp or paypal into your bio I might do something about it. Not charity or simping. Let's call it an aquaintance buying y'all lunch. Hypothetically

Well my PayPal is wubbalubthedub but idk man, I'm bad at accepting gifts from those ik irl😅 I'd use it to surprise her w something nice though, for sure. It's just my job gave me Christmas off and then shortly after Xmas I got sick and had to miss a day. I had enough for all my bills and such but no fun money x.x

Look I don't care about your cult or whatever that is.*gestures to all of him lol * I just need a place to hide I'll pay you everything I have on me if you let me stay for the next four hours here it an emergency!* She offers him all the Yen in her wallet lol*

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
But..*before he could interrupt her, he spotted the Yen and you could have sworn his eyes changed into dollar signs as he grabbed the yen XD* The money is much much appreciated! You would earn many Kulipaas if you joined us! B-but, to make sure you understand, this isn't a cult! *he turns back to the other members dressed similarly to him* T-this isn't a cult! You all know that, you have all met our messiah! A-ahem..*he turns back to her* this is more..a peace seeking group, a religion if you will! Like ..those who follow Buddah! Yeah! We believe in letting go of your earthly ties and becoming a new you! You should join us! Maybe I can convince you while you stay here in your time of need! This will go directly into my bank--no, our charity fund! Yeah! Earn enough Kulipaas and I can take you to meet him!

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what would you do if you had more money? i'd dedicate more time and resources into charity.

Travel, move, donate to animal sanctuaries/ organizations that were well researched beforehand (and perhaps create my own.) As far as helping human beings, I’d be much more interested in helping directly. I obviously have a fondness for NYC and its people. I’d go there and help individuals.
what would you do if you had more money id dedicate more time and resources into

Do you thrift shop or do you feel like that’s beneath you?

How would thrifting be beneath someone?
It's fun! xD
I've got an antique store that I love to visit in the next town over :3
I've gotten quite a few things from there! Then there's thrift stores and charity shops over the road from it too! Also a crystal shop has opened up round the corner that I really want to go to xD
I don't get why people try to put thrifting in a negative light :s
Do you thrift shop or do you feel like thats beneath you
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Does the apple fall far from the tree? Are you a lot like one of your parents?

I look like a young dad for sure but we are very different in most ways and our thinking is way different.
Mom and I have the same thoughts on charity and values though 😇

You recently voted on one of @JoeeeMason 's polls. Some of us other voters for together and voted we thought it was boring but voted out of charity only since we like Joe. Your thoughts on the matter please dovah elf?

Are you on about the summer vs autumn forest poll? Clearly autumn is the winner it's all autumnal and pretty! If you think that's boring that's on you bud 😂 I'm too drunk to sugar coat this but like. Damn. Autumn when the leaves change colour and the world tales on a different hue it's so pretty!

Что люди должны делать, чтобы становиться добрее?

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Милосердие начинается с дома.Мы часто проявляем участие и сердечность на стороне.Это прекрасно.Но истинное добро начинается с отношения к домашним "Charity begins at home"

Are not we all attention seekers? Why it's considered as something bad? Isn't it human instinct to be noticed & seen?

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We live among people and its important to maintain healthy bonds with people around us, if we want to exist here peacefully. We are social animals so it's natural to want people to like us, all of us love it when people praise or appreciate us. It's a natural need tbh.
When does this turn into attention seeking though?
When your happiness starts depending on that appreciation and praise. When not getting that attention or praise daily means you're gonna deliberately do things to have a dose of that. Even if doing those things dishonor you. And by dishonor I don't mean doing wrong things, nope. You can dishonor yourself even by doing the right thing, if the intention of doing that is to seek praise.
For example, if you give charity to someone just to get appreciation from other people around you, you've dishonoured yourself by subconsciously telling yourself that you're valuable because others say so. You're valuable because you got money. You're valuable because of all this material stuff. This is dishonouring yourself and attention seeking does this to us.
If you were to give that charity just to see that person smile and pray for you, or have some ease in his life then you aren't attention seeking. You're honoring yourself by subconsciously understanding that another person's ease and happiness matters to you.
So again, praise and appreciation are great things and we all want it but if we can't stand criticism and we'd dishonor ourselves just to get that praise /appreciation? We're attention seeking then.

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Out of all the success you have right mow what is still something you wanna accomplish right now if you could?

Some of my current goals include the completion of a real estate project, earning my MBA and in the distant future, establishing a charity or foundation. No rush. All in due time. 👍
Out of all the success you have right mow what is still something you wanna

What would you say is the nicest thing you've ever worn? Do you enjoy dressing up fancy like that? 🤵‍♂️👩‍💼

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> What would you say is the nicest thing you've ever worn?
Any of my Brooks Brothers or Hugo Boss suits. 👍
> Do you enjoy dressing up fancy like that? 🤵♂️👩💼
Not particularly but my usual look does not go too well with charity events, fundraisers or business meetings... 🤣
What would you say is the nicest thing youve ever worn Do you enjoy dressing up

I’m a well raised man. I‘ve two cars. I bought my own house and run since 5 years my own business. I can take care of you and give whatever you wish. But be mine. I want you so bad can’t tell. Give me one chance and I make you the luckiest woman on earth my Queen.🌚 🌹

If you have sooo much, then pls go and give some charity to the poor and needy ppl…
Thank you but I‘m not interested, stay blessed bye✌🏽

Последняя фотография в галерее 🎞

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🕊Доброе утро🕊
Последнее фото Тани из галерее
tanyababenkova Поход в театр или арт-галерею вместе с мной в рамках благотворительной акции в Meet For Charity! @meetforcharity Вырученные от аукциона средства будут направлены детям из онкологического центра им Н.Н.Блохина, которых поддерживает фонд "Чистые Души" @fond_chistie_dushi_ В связи с открытием нового отделения ранней помощи необходимо помочь приобрести оборудование. Ссылка на аукцион в профиле аккаунта 💜
Последняя фотография в галерее

Is money the root of all evil to you

No. The root of all evil is ignorance. Money isn't inherently "good" or "evil." It's just a medium of exchange. What one does with it is an entirely different matter. It can be used for lofty or useful purposes too: charity and empowering other people, investing in one's education, creating opportunities, spurring economic growth, settling one's debts, obtaining financial independence, encouraging fiscal responsibility, conducting business transactions, etc.
Is money the root of all evil to you

Jakie wizerunki polecacie dla Kösem?

♛ ⸻ Nurgül Yeşilçay
♛ ⸻ Hülya Avşar
♛ ⸻ Özlem Conker
♛ ⸻ Joely Richardson
♛ ⸻ Maria Doyle Kennedy
♛ ⸻ Essie Davis
♛ ⸻ Charity Wakefield
♛ ⸻ Meltem Cumbul
♛ ⸻ Maimie McCoy
♛ ⸻ Julia Roberts

// Mihrünnisa
Jakie wizerunki polecacie dla Kösem

Say you were an Elon Musk level billionaire, what'd you do with all that money? 🤑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea who Elon Tusk (as said by Rick and morty) is 🤷‍♀️ However I’d probably, invest, give to charity, just try and do good with it and also give myself and my mom, stability and comfort.

how's your day so far?

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today, I was invited to be part of new charity foundation for the benefit of children and youth, and as much as I want to be part of it, I'm quite hesitant since I'm already working with 2 side hustles, and handles one charity organization na rin. I cannot commit full-time, pero gusto ko, gustong gusto. Sana kayanin ng oras ko at ng katawang lupa ko.
The only commitment I can assure this time is to help with graphic designs, and postings for social media contents, since I can always make time for these things naman.
I can't commit 100% as an officer or member, but I'm willing to be a volunteer for the time being, para sa mga kids! 💗
I'm excited and my heart is happy!
hows your day so far

What’s the worst thing that has happened to you whilst on vacation?

On the way back to Vegas from The Grand Canyon there was a fatal accident on the road and we were stuck in traffic for six hours. Believe it or not it was snowing and cold as charity and I did get to find out what “piss holes in the snow” actually look like ❄️ 🥶 😭

Say you were an Elon Musk level billionaire, what'd you do with all that money? 🤑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would pay off the montage of my house first. Then, give 10% to my local church. Afterwards, I'll give 20% to charity. And lastly, share 50/50 with my husband, so he can buy whatever he wants.

Have you ever donated money to a charity? 💰 👍 😇

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Pack of questions and answers😂
Пачка вопросиков и ответиков😂
1. I didn’t give money into my hands, but food for orphans, in the shopping complex "Ya", there is often an action "help collect a basket of groceries", I buy every time and give the products to the representative (non-perishable)
я не деньги в руки отдавала, а продукты для детей- сирот, в торговом комплексе "Я", часто проходит акция "помоги собрать корзину с продуктами", покупаю каждый раз и отдаю продукты представителю (нескоропортящиеся)
2. ahaha, yes, I live in a 5-storey building with inadequate neighbors, there was a big conflict, but judging by their children, they are really mentally ill ^^ I don’t like to say that, but there is a saying: “You can take a person out of a collective farm, but you can’t take a collective farm out of a person” , this applies directly to them ^^
ахаха, да я живу в 5этажном доме с неадекватными соседями, был большой конфликт, но судя по их детям они правда душевнобольные^^ не люблю так говорить, но есть такая поговорка: "Человека можно вывезти из колхоза, а колхоз из человека не вывезешь", это относится прямо к ним^^
3. Tommy, I'm out of line elven blood ahahp and all🧝‍♀️💫🔥😂
Томми, я вне правил эльфийская кровь ахахп и все такое🧝‍♀️💫🔥😂

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Have you ever donated money to a charity

What is the best thing or high point of your week so far? (even if it's something small like taking a bath etc).

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I met Anthony Horowitz which was AWESOME. I went on a date and tickled some baby goats. I had a HUGE clear out and took tonnes to the charity shop. I painted a dresser that I've been meaning to do for yonks, went on a killer run which was looovely, put some new plants in, bought a couple of books and got some good fun workouts in. Saw a friend that I haven't in aaaages and I'm seeing some more friends on Saturday - I'm a happy bunny!
A lot of this has only been possible because I took a week of leave for the first time in two years, though. I normally just don't have time 😅

What's your take on cyber bullying/harassment.

My love- here's what I do. I pretend they don't even exist. They have no physical shape or form in my realm of consciousness. Besides honey, since their unfortunate intellectual paralysis renders them incapable of expanding their logic bubbles, this action is their only way of acquiring that sense of achievement. Sweetheart, let rats have their share of fun- the least charity we can do.

What jobs have you done?

Hmm, child care of varying ages, worked a few retail jobs (cinema, card shop, clothes), did some voluntary work here and there also like charity shops, being a judge for talent competitions, helping with lighting/sound in performances. And also being an artist.

If your hair suddenly grew to a huge length, kinda like Rapunzel's, what'd you be thinking? Would you decide to keep it or not? 💇‍♀️📏

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would probably keep it for a while cause it seems like a shame to just cut it all off straight away. I'd be thinking about how much it's going to hurt when I accidentally sit or lay on it, how much more shampoo I'm going to need and how much of it is going to clog my drain cause it's bad enough now and it's only chest length! When I was getting irritated by it then I think I would cut it off and donate it to a cancer charity for wigs :)
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Do you think policemen, nurses and teachers in public institutions should beneficiate from discounts on food, bills, etc?

I can only answer from my point of view. I work for a charity which bids for NHS contracts and previous worked in the public sector for 10 years. The pay is certainly not great, especially at lower levels, and unlike for-profit business the budget cuts from government have a direct impact on the services provided and on job security and stress. Many working in my area, mental health, burn out due to long hours, tough shifts and really emotionally demanding work with high levels of responsibly for low pay compared to private sector jobs. So yes, I do think that failing a decent pay increase we should get whatever discount on food or bill's we can get our hands on!
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Did you already get the question about some fun facts about your Baby back? 🌚👀

Jouluku’s Profile PhotoCaleb
Dann kommen wir mal zu Annabeths Fun Facts 💚
1. Alle weiblichen Nachkommen der Familie Bermondsey erhalten den Namen einer britischen Königin (siehe Annabeths Cousine Victoire aus @Venuci' s requiem for a dream). Da Elizabeth an ihre Schwester und Anne an ihre Großmutter vergeben war, wurde sie eben zu Annabeth.
2. Auch wenn Alkohol im Internat und gerade unter Sportlern nicht unbedingt angesehen ist, so liebt Annabeth Rosé und versucht nicht gerade selten das Getränk heimlich mitzuschmuggeln – immerhin haben ihre Eltern einen sehr großen Weinkeller, da fallen ein paar Kisten mehr oder weniger nicht unbedingt auf.
3. Als kleines Kind ist sie einmal in Berührung mit einem nassen Hund von Freunden ihrer Eltern gekommen. Da sie schon viel zu viel bei deren Gartenparty gegessen hatte, war ihr so schlecht, dass sie sich beim Geruch des Hundes auf der Wiese übergeben musste. Seitdem hasst sie den Geruch von nassen Hunden.
4. Annabeth liebt Mode und hat im Rahmen des Fashion-Clubs angefangen Merchandise für das Quidditchteam zu gestalten. So gibt es jedes Jahr ein ausgefallenes Heimtrikot für die Stammmannschaft, das bei einem Charity Spiel getragen wird und für einen guten Zweck verkauft werden kann.

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Do you respect other religion such as Islam and Muslims people?

I am irreligious but I can respect all religious ideologies (and their practitioners) when religious doctrine can motivate and inspire acts of charity, virtuosity, atonement, introspection and self-improvement. I take issue with those who exploit or distort belief systems for nefarious purposes, but those who follow structured spiritual paths with sincerity and a desire to promote positive change should be universally revered.
Do you respect other religion such as Islam and Muslims people

What's a charity or cause that you support?

So many. Cleaning the ocean of plastic and junk. Saving the Coral reef and marine life. Cleaning up the beaches. Banning single use/non recyclable plastic. Charities that help homelessness. Giving back native land to native people, also making sure Native American people have clean drinking water. Raising awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. More support for native people.

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