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when you're feeling sad, do you listen to sad songs or do you listen to happy songs in hopes that they'll cheer u up

When I’m feeling sad, I accept those feeling, I cry it out and then I try to overcome the sadness by taking deep breaths and doing things I enjoy.
I don’t seek for music when I’m feeling sad, I rather look for activities.
when youre feeling sad do you listen to sad songs or do you listen to happy

sejujurnya gua udah burnout parah sama kerjaan gua sekarang. Udah susah banget fokus ngelarin kerjaan, dateng telat makin sering, sama temen kantor juga udah ga terlalu nyaman. Gajinya kecil pula. Tapi gua sadar kalo gua keluar belum tentu gampang dapet kerjaan lagi. Gimana guys gimana??

You know what, related banget sih ya ini, keadaan dan juga motif alasan untuk ngga ambil langkah take out😔 but, cheer up men🤙🏻😅 kudu mulai terlatih terbiasain, itu kan hanya berlangsung 8jam perhari itupun without lembur ya hahaha jadi tahan tahan men hahaha..
Semoga sama sama dpat mentas kita men dan apa ya? Umm
Semangat ✊🏻😅✨
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I'm sick today, what do you do to keep yourself occupied or cheer yourself up when you're sick?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
It depends how it’s affecting me. I often try to pill up and sleep through particularly difficult illnesses, whereas other things I suffer from like vomiting, there’s not much you can do other than hold the bucket.
If I’m poorly but the physical effects are manageable - as with my chronic illnesses - then browsing the internet, reading, watching Netflix would be thing’s I’d try to do to help pass the time when there’s little else I can do.

What events has changed your life

There's been a number!
🌸 Meeting my boyfriend, him asking me to be his girlfriend and everything that we have done! :3
Without him, I don't know where I would be now. He's helped me so damn much! Been a huge support, put up with my idiocies and loved me despite all my flaws! He's changed my life for the better!
🌸 The other biggest hit to my life, was losing my grandparents! They were my biggest inspiration, my biggest advocates, my biggest cheer leaders! They are the reason I have a lot of the hobbies and interests that I do now. It still to this day feels like I have a big void in my heart. And even now, I still can't come to terms with them being gone...
What events has changed your life

I want to love myself more I don't know how do you know?

"Gratitude and Self-Love" by Nico
This is such an important question and one that I have asked myself hundreds of times over the years. So the first thoughts that come to mind are: What is self-love, why is it so important and how can I make it part of my life?
There are four fundamental attributes to self-love:
1. Self-Awareness - Before we can love ourselves, we must know ourselves. Reflect on your authentic self and what drives you? Motivates you? Excites you? Disappoints you? Saddens you? Angers you? Inspires you? Relaxes you? Take time to consider your deep-seated values and how they affect your decision-making and your triggers. Your values are the blueprint for who you are as an individual.
2. Self-Acceptance - As you evaluate yourself and take a deep dive into self, you might not like what you see. That is ok because we are human with an abundance of imperfections. So own your problems. Own your mistakes. Own your values. Once you can fully accept and embrace your authentic self, the easier your self-love journey will be.
3. Self-Confidence - The best way to describe self-confidence is to think of it as self-congruence. When you show up as your authentic self in the world, and act on your self-acceptance, that’s self-confidence. It takes courage and bravery to decide to respect your own values and opinions more than others. But that’s what you have to do every single day. Not everyone will love you – but that doesn’t matter when YOU love you.
4. Self-Love - From here on out, you will make a commitment to yourself and to your growth. You will carve out time in your daily routine to invest in yourself, compliment yourself, reassure yourself and cheer yourself on.
There are three components to self-love:
1. Gratitude - each day write down three things you are grateful for and reflect on why you feel grateful. Try to connect your gratitude to your values. What are you proud of yourself for? What compels you to get out of bed every morning and keep going? Share your gratitude with others.
2. Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk - Remember, our thoughts, whether positive or negative, precede action and affect our behavior. Be careful how you speak to yourself. Show yourself love and gratitude by choosing kind and encouraging words. Have your own back especially when it comes to standing up to your inner critic.
3. Self-Care - Self-care can be defined as any act that nourishes the self. Some self-care acts might re-energize, while others might be for relaxation purposes. Typically, it’s used to rest, reset or reflect. Taking care of yourself can be divided into three different categories: mind, body and soul.

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I want to love myself more I dont know how do you know

I'm sick today, what do you do to keep yourself occupied or cheer yourself up when you're sick?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
Find a ***** , and kick it's arse
eat some minty-chalk (eg , rennies) depending on the kind 'sick' ~ there's an awful lot of kinds of sick . . .
Sing this little ditty to myself :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dnjnD_Xv-Migotamatch’s Video 171393396858 2dnjnD_Xv-Migotamatch’s Video 171393396858 2dnjnD_Xv-M
Im sick today what do you do to keep yourself occupied or cheer yourself up when

That's fair, I'll be honest, I'm scared too. I have no idea what my brother will do to you or Ink or Cross. Does knowing that help any Blue? I'm not some infallible hero or perfect guardian, I get afraid just like any other monster.

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐I suppose not. We should just take every day as it is. Sometimes I forget.. Thanks Dream I'm glad to know you have my back. I should probably go makes some tacos while im home. If you need me you know where to find me!⭐ *Dream seemed to cheer him up*
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كيف تتصرف عندما ترى شخصك المفضل تعيس ؟😔

sosandrellao769’s Profile PhotoSomi
I would ask them about it like a billion times
I won't ever let them be alone
I would find memes and YouTube videos to cheer them up
I would send them anything related to something they love
We would talk about anything and everything
I don't mind staying up all night
I would sing even tho my voice is terrible
And I wouldn't mind the silence
I would still ask them every now then if they feel better
Would tell them about happy memories we have
About how special they are
I can come over and I can call even tho I don't like calls
Well at least I used to do that for my fav person not anymore tho

Cheer me up somehow. 🤔

🤨 знаю точно для счастья нужно есть пельмени а для бодрости кофе☕️))) поэтому хватит спать вставай и будем страдать дальше))😎
Cheer me up somehow

So I finally block him after struggling for 2 weeks I hope I won't regret it, its really hard to control my tears, keep telling myself I'M STRONG🥺

It must not have been easy for you to block him but you still took the step because you had a great reason, so cheer yourself up girl. You are strong and if you have taken this step, stick to it.

If you are in a bad mood do you prefer to be alone or be with someone to cheer you up?

لو هقدر أشير الحاجه اللي مضايقاني يبقي اكون مع حد واتكلم واعيط ونحل الموضوع او مش لازم حل عادي المهم الاهتمام وبعدين هبقي تمام المشاركه عندي افضلللل

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

When I need to cheer myself up, I try to listen to my body and mind to see what I want or need at that moment.
It can be to cry, because holding all those feelings in can make it harder for me to cheer myself up eventually. It can be to take a walk and clear my mind, it can also be for me to talk with people, to watch a movie and/or by listening to music. 😊
What do you do to cheer yourself up

Not sure if i can change your mood but surely do i wish to let you know !! Just switch on the front cam of your phone and watch yourself smile that's the biggest happiness to cheer your mood with charm ! No better mood than being there for yourself, it matters the most! Feel free to share with me ❤️

viraj08’s Profile PhotoViraj Karandikar
Luckily, never struggled to get my own support....been always there for myself :) And ofcors didn't need to open mah cam n' smile, ur words were enough for them to stretch out)) 🍁🍁
extremely sorry for late replies...um can't think of a reason tho, just kinda lost & even i donno where...🛤️
Not in a hurry to come out either 👀
Lemme ask "how you doin' ?"


SquirrelGirl_MCU’s Profile PhotoDσɾҽҽɳ Gɾҽҽɳ
❖Still in a state of "drunkenness", the clown was still trying to get rid of those perverse men who wanted to take advantage of her, and it was at this time that the blonde had her attention called upon seeing an unknown girl who suddenly appeared there to be able to help her. Harley then, even with her blurred vision due to alcohol and drugs, began to watch the fight that followed between that girl against the two aggressors, she smiled and wanted to be able to participate in that fight too, but with her state in that not pleasant way, the clown tried to sit on the floor, thus starting to cheer for the victory of the supposed hero who managed to save her from the pair of bandits who left by accelerating the van. A laugh escaped his lips as he watched the girl with some curiosity. The clown was trying to stand up to say thank you, but suddenly...❖
— ...Hi... you must be my "guardian angel" who works double... hahahahaha! I want to thank you for what you did for me... you were awesome... I'm fine now... I think I'm...
❖The blonde's speech had been interrupted due to a fainting fit in front of the girl, which resulted from the consumption of alcohol and drugs that were placed in one of her drinks during the party.❖

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Speak Your Heart Out.🌸

areej129’s Profile PhotoAREEJ.
As strangers they met, and no sooner than the blink of an eye they became friends.
Talks began in its own slow pace, but they hardly knew that their hearts would find solace in each other's face.
It was something that the real world failed to offer, that they got from the reel world.
The people around them mattered so much that, in the mad rush to keep them happy, their lives seemed to have got lost in an oblivion.
The 'thing' that they had didn't drain them emotionally, cause they agreed upon being there for each other when intrications hit them hard.
They promised that no matter how much the distance could irk their hearts, they would meet some day.
A lil prayer, a hearty cheer and a beautiful curve on the face is all they need when they meet in real.

Do you have a comfort show or film? Like, one that you always watch when you're feeling down? If so, what is it? 🎥

Studio Ghibli movies :3
They're so wholesome! So some of them do cheer me up a lot!
I tend to steer clear of the darker ones like Princess Mononoke or Grave of the Fireflies when I'm sad cuz they'll probably make it worse xD
But like Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, My Neighbours the Yamadas, etc :3
Do you have a comfort show or film Like one that you always watch when youre

~ ᴀ ʀᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴇʀ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ ~

Karbala ne btaya, Yazeed ki jitni mrzi bri fouj ya lashkar tha, Ground reality me beshak jeetna yazeed ne tha.
Lekin Zulm kay khilaf larna bohot zruri tha.
Nawason ne Shahdat de kr bhi Islam ko Bacha lia,
Or wo Yazeed, Naiki ki gardan cheer kr bhi Badi or Zulm ki Hifazat nahi kr ska.
Ye Sabaq Tamam Maa Baap Bachon ky liye hai, jo sirf Zulm kay khilaf is liye nahi lartay, kay maray na jain, Hmary future ka kia bany ga,
Hm Sab ka future sirf Qabar or Moat hai. Koi gari, ghr, bangla nhi.

A wide, toothy smile is upon the mask, though not an unnerving one, more festive and goofy, to promote cheer. "I am. Is it so wrong, to wish someone a good morning?"

yggdrasilplayer7’s Profile Photoᴏᴠᴇʀʟᴏʀᴅ ɪᴠ
*The priestess smiles slightly at the masks expression but she looks to the ground to try and hide that she was smiling at it, it wasn't okay for her to be happy, right? At least she felt that way* S-sorry sir! I'm not..used to anyone wishing me a good morning..u-um-a-are you new here? *She sounds a little afraid to speak- she really wasn't used to having a conversation- at least none that were nice*

Доброго Вам утра. Хорошего Вам дня❤️❤️❤️

anon993043’s Profile PhotoСашуля Иевлева
Each morning reminds me
Of the lovely creation of Lord
With the sunlight passing by
With the clear blue lovely sky
There is something to cheer for sure
There is something around
Each morning has a pleasant vibe
Of the cheerfulness that surrounds
Good morning to you!
Доброго Вам утра Хорошего Вам дня

Do you ever leave people sweet messages or paragraphs to wake up to or to cheer them up when they're having a bad day?

I used to do this quite a lot when my friends were going through it and I had a few friends that sent me them too. Honestly, such a simple way to make someone’s day and you never truly know how much someone might need those words 🥺

How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?

MehrAR’s Profile PhotoAR Mehr
اک بچپن کا زمانہ تھا خوشیوں کا خزانہ تھا
چاہت چاند کو پانے کی تھی دل تتلی کا دیوانہ تھا
خبر نہ تھی کچھ صبح کی نہ شام کا ٹھکانہ تھا
تھک کر آتے تھے سکول سے پھر کھیلنے بھی جانا تھا
بارش میں کاغذ کی کشتی ہر موسم سہانا تھا
دادی کی کہانی تھی پریوں کا فسانہ تھا
ہر کھیل میں ساتھی تھے ہر رشتہ نبھانا تھا
غم کی زباں نہ ہوتی تھی نہ زخموں کا پیمانہ تھا
رونے کی وجہ نہ تھی نہ ہنسنے کا بہانہ تھا
اب نہیں رہی وہ زندگی جیسا بچپن کا زمانہ تھا...!!

smh guys never hit on me and i'm sad about my looks what should i do ?

It isn't your appearance but a lack of confidence and what you project to the world. Heavy makeup, photo filters and shopped images can only go so far. Develop a positive attitude, exude confidence, try to be kind / endearing and plenty of guys will vie for your attention. Cheer up and value your worth - nobody wants to date a funeral procession. =)
smh guys never hit on me and im sad about my looks what should i do

What is the nicest thing someone did for you ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
When I was admitted to hospital, my friends made a huge file full of photos of us together and best wishes. I thought that was really sweet. Also when my old dog died, my best friend at the time made a plaque with his name and picture on for us to put on our living room wall. My boyfriend has just paid for a weekend away in Manchester for my birthday in August, and often gets me little presents to cheer me up. I could go on. There's a lot of nice stuff people have done for me. 🙂

If the last food you ate was decided to be the only food you will be allowed to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? (example : last thing I ate was oats, so therefore oats would be the only thing I got to eat for the rest of my life)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I had a hotdog with red onion, ketchup and flaming hot tangy cheese doritos broken on top...
I was trying to cheer myself up with something tasty lol
If the last food you ate was decided to be the only food you will be allowed to

A friend of mines ex recently broke up with him after 2 and a half years or so (give or take) and she spread loads of toxic rumours around her friends saying that she was bullied and forced to do questionable things for him. My friend wouldnt hurt a fly. he's absolutely distraught over her beahviour

niallbop’s Profile Photo~~niall-bop
That is not mature behavior and I empathize with your friend. No doubt that the Narcissist told lies about me to his mother, who seemed to like me.
Here is pillow meowtain to cheer you up!😻
A friend of mines ex recently broke up with him after 2 and a half years or so
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Do you want your last ex to be happy, even if it means not being with you?

People find it kinda strange that I will happily go to my exes weddings. And honestly, I get it.
But the thing is, this is a person that I have cared deeply for (usually for good reason 😂) and at some point our paths in life diverged. That's okay, it happens. We have great memories and a bunch of common experiences. So why should I turn down an invite to their wedding? A wedding which would never, incidentally, have been ours because I am dead set against marriage.
Also, free snacks.
So as long as they're a good person and you care about them, I think you should definitely cheer them on as you would for any of your friends.
If they're a twat, treat them accordingly.

What is something someone can say that always cheers you up?

This might sound a little vain, but positive comments about my appearance always cheer me up. Whether it's someone telling me I've lost weight, or just telling me I look nice, it always brightens my day. Maybe it does make me a little vain, but at least I'm being honest. :')

If you feeling low and lost . What you do to cheer you up, I am not doing good

Put your hand on your chest. You can feel your heart beat, right? As long as its beating you’ll make it. You’ll get out of this situation as long as your heart is beating you can always make things right. Just remember that this too shall pass. Don’t give up, you are allowed to cry and rethink what went wrong but you’re not allowed to give up. It will all make sense in the end. Everyone’s trying their best, so are you. And this hard work will pay off eventually. 🤲🏻

If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?

sneezy209’s Profile PhotoA:"
الأفضل يكون في حد لطيف يحاول يغيرلي المود وبما إن دا مش متوافر فأغلب الاوقات ف من الأحسن إنك تتعود تظبط مودك بنفسك .

Lg capek mental dan fisik, suasana hati lg buruk dan bener" ga ada mood buat ngomong ke siapapun. Tiap kepikiran masalah, air mata langsung netes, but aku gamau orang lain tau seberapa banyak beban yg aku tanggung. Please cheer me up 😭

semangat terus ya!
aku tau mungkin kata semangatku itu terlalu biasa buat kamu, bahkan bisa aja kmu bosen denger kata semangat. Tapi, kamu hsrus semangat!!
aku yakin kamu kuat^^
kmu busa lewatin semuanya kok! dan kmu engga sendiri! banyak yg sayang sama kmu dan dukung kmu dari kejauhan, termasuk aku!🙌🏼

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