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Quelle est ta routine matinale incontournable ?

Recently I started setting my first alarm to go off 90 minutes before I actually intend to get up. I heard that this helps your body wake up because an average sleep cycle is 90 minutes long, so if you wake up the first time in the middle of a sleep cycle, you can turn off that alarm, complete a full sleep cycle, and then the second alarm wakes you at the end of it. It's been working pretty well for me so far. Some days I feel really lazy and have a hard time getting out of bed, and I lie there with my tablet browsing reddit and other social media sites. Other lazy days I just keep snoozing my alarm until I really absolutely have to go get ready or I'll be late. On "good" days I get out of bed within 10 minutes or so. I always pee, brush my teeth, and soak my ear (piercing) first thing, and tend to any other bodily needs. I usually shower in the mornings so I will do that every other day or whenever I need to. Then I get dressed and ready, whatever that means for that day, and usually eat something before leaving for class or grab something to eat in my first class. On days when my classes start later I like to take my time and do some homework or other reading and eat a full meal before going to my classes. Wake up at 5am Work out for half an hour (by the time I'm done changing and everything it's 5:45) Cold shower Makeup and hair (finish around 6:30) Read my goals out loud Ask myself positive/gratitude questions Have coffee & breakfast Work on courses/website/post on social media 7:30 pack lunch 7:40 head to work I work 8-4:30 at a job I hate so I really love waking up early and setting myself in a good mood for the day. I find I can handle the stress at work a lot better when I do my routine. I got the basis of my routine from the Ed Mylett podcast. I sometimes struggle with the exercise part, and am looking at lane swimming as another option since I live 3 blocks from our rec centre and they open at 5:30am. I've never done it before but I'm interested in checking it out. Wake up at 5am to my Philips HF3520 dawn simulator with bird sounds as the alarm noise (I can't recommend this alarm clock enough, it's changed my life) take medication, then make a green tea and sit in front of my NatureBright SunTouch Plus mood light for half an hour while I read up on local news/surf reddit. Take my meds, brush my teeth then get dressed and have some breakfast - scrambled egg whites or a spinach, green pepper, cheese and green onion omelette. After that it's time to head to work!
I get up at 7AM every day, regardless of what I have to do or how late I was up the night before. I make coffee and catch up on the news. After waking up a bit, I do a set of stretches, which takes about 10-15 minutes. I then meditate for 15 minutes. Now is when I'll make breakfast, if I have time, and pack my lunch for the day. I'll make sure I have everything I need for the day, brush my teeth and wash up a bit, then I'm out the door.

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ايه رايك فى كافيه سيريبرو وثري كورنرز ثانيا مطعم cheese island ومطعم كاتشب

سيريبور ده مش عارفاه
ثري كورنرز حلو في الخروجات العائليه بس غالي جدا
كاتشب كفعده مش اوي جربت البيتزا بتاعته مكنتش قد كده جربت الهوت شيش هوتس كان حلو جدا
بالنسبالي احسنهم تشيز ايلاند كقعده وأكل جربت البرجر بتاعه كان حلو

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What are some of your favorite condiments/dips (ketchup, cheese, mustard, barbeque sauce etc)?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
- A1 sauce with my medium rare stake
- Ketchup with my French Fries
- Mustard with my Fenway Franks (think Boston Red Sox)
- Blue Cheese Dressing with my crisp chicken wings
- Heart Catherization to remove all of the calcium/plaque from my Circumflex artery, Left Anterior Descending artery, and Right coronary artery and Left coronary artery.

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What are some of your favorite condimentsdips ketchup cheese mustard barbeque

How do you have your tofu? (I read your answer about scrambled tofu) What do you have with it? What flavours to use?🤗

korndude’s Profile PhotoKoЯnDuDe
I season my scrambled tofu with turmeric, nutritional yeast (aka the vegan miracle food that makes stuff taste like cheese), and a little bit of salt and cracked black pepper. Then I like to drizzle some sriracha on top, after I plate it up! Spicy but nicey!

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What does a perfect burger consist of?

liquid_sinn’s Profile Photoѕιии-ѕαи ☻
I used to work at Burger King so my style of making burgers at home has very much been influenced by that lol Especially how I tend to have all ingredients over the patty! I tend to end up with similar ingredients to what's inside a whopper bacon cheese if I REALLY want to go all in. That is Mayo, lettuce, tomato (But not in my case since me no like tomato), ketchup, onion, pickles, bacon, cheese, patty and then mayo underneath the patty. Some burger recipies you just don't forget 😂

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What does a perfect burger consist of

Ассоциация с осенью? 🍁🍂🥮

id134412181’s Profile Photopollyjus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yjp97oPz8Upetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 6yjp97oPz8Upetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 6yjp97oPz8U
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WRtIkPU_wcpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 2WRtIkPU_wcpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 2WRtIkPU_wc
RZA_ fury in my eyes
Oh woe, these tears I've held
And yet I've no regret
Been all this time in pain
I've felt insane
Fury in my eyes, sword on my side
Escape death to become immortalized
Afro on my head, the black Samurai
Number One, I bring my whole nation alive
I'm the leader of the Clan, you can tell from the headband
Spirit of God, become one inside man
Accept all challengers, leave 'em in bandages
This sword won't cease 'till my enemy vanishes
And so the tables have turned
Coming out with you and I burned
Were these sweet memories?
In Revenge
Yo, I'm the master o' disaster, no one swing the sword faster
I warned you, there'll be tears after the laughter
Now I'm thirty years, after the rapture
More blood will be spilt, we start a new chapter
Fury in my eyes, sword on my side
Afro on my head, I'm the black Samurai
Number One, I bring my whole nation alive
Escape death, to become immortalized
Oh woe, these tears I've held
And yet I've no regret
Been all this time in pain
I've felt insane
Yo, yo
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Barnum & Bailey was in this place, shit is crazy
What's a man to do in this jungle?
Live life on the humble, in the jungle
When hamsters come and try to snatch a crumb from you
What a man 'pose to do, in this jungle?
If you could talk to animals in this jungle
Would you allow the slouth to come amongst you
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Get the thirty-thirty scope and put one in your head
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And so the tables have turned
Coming out with you and I burned
Were these sweet memories?
In Revenge
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWOUixtQoBopetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 wWOUixtQoBopetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 wWOUixtQoBo

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petrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 6yjp97oPz8Upetrkryuchkov5’s Video 168517003882 6yjp97oPz8U

What is your favorite way to eat French Fries™?

First, you gotta separate your fries from your burger, make a clear line of demarcation across your plate. Then in the middle, squirt a nice load of ketchup right in the middle, kind of like a DMZ if you will. Then when you're ready for fries, you pick up like 5 or 6 and hold them all in a bunch, then mush them shits right into your load of ketchup, then haul that glory up to your mug without splooging ketchup refuse all on your chest or chin. God bless.
When I'm driving and reaching over to the passenger seat, because I'm always alone and never have someone sitting there, trying to wrestle my hand into the bag to grab a couple and stuff them into my mouth while trying to keep my eyes on the road. Then getting home and not having any left to eat.
Well, if I'm eating something like Popeye's or Arby's, I usually eat them plain just like that. Sometimes with a bit of ranch or ketchup. But if they're just plain potato fries, I like to dip them in spicy nacho cheese. It's so good.
This is probably going to sound weird, but tartar sauce is quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten on french fries. That and vinegar. Lots of vinegar. Depends on the fry. Skinny little fuckers like McDonald's...BBQ, ranch, ketchup maybe mayo. Thick bitches like Red Robin? Sour cream! Although Red Robin specifically has a killer garlic aioli.
Lots of things are possible but usually I prefer mayo or ketchup. I prefer mayo with lemon, which they don't serve in most places in the Netherlands, so I'll often order ketchup. Patatje oorlog, with hot peanut sauce and mayo, can be fantastic, or terrible, depending on where you order it and is a typical Dutch thing. The Belgians have a bunch of awesome sauces to put on fries. I particularly like tartar sauce; which is like mayo, but even better when you're feeling in the mood.
In restaurants, they're usually served with salt, nothing else (unless you're in a McDonald's or something, where they will offer you ketchup or mayonnaise). When eating them at home (which rarely happens), my family will grind some pepper on them, as well.
I think nothing, ketchup and mayo are the most common here, too with some places having other sauces, too. But to be honest, we don't really eat fries outside fast food restaurants. I was very surprised how incredibly common fries are in the Netherlands (and people are still not fat).
When I was a kid we had the trend of putting mustard on it, at the time it tasted real good, but I hadn't have it in years.
I've been eating the tacos at brody almost every day for the past few weeks. If you like something, have access to it whenever you want, and know how your body reacts to it (in the short and long term), then what would stop you? It isnt weird. "Creatures of habit" yanno?
When I was a dumbass freshman I didn't take advantage of the wondrous Combo X-Change. I wish I had stayed a dumbass freshman because going to the big Sparty's in Hubbard to get a burger/chicken sandwich, fries, and a coke.

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Did you guys know someone who doesn't like fries?

I used to hate fries, then I started putting a little extra salt on them. Turns out they were always just not salted enough for my tastes. These days my favorite fries are well seasoned. Smashburger has these Smashfries that are awesome.
My cousin (or step cousin, I guess) refuses to eat French fries. I was out with a bunch of family on my step moms side, and when she was laughing at a joke, her sister tossed one right in her mouth. She had the biggest look of betrayal I've seen in my life.
Although it is indeed hard to find someone that is not into fries, the closest I've gotten is my friend not liking McDonalds fries. Personally I don't like them as much but I'll still have them if I'm having a meal there. However, my friend would not even touch McD's fries even if her life depended on it.
My hubby. He wont eat anything with potatoes because as a kid all they had to eat was potatoes. His mom would hand him one and say here this is all we have for the day, or she'd bake them/mash them with the same story.
I'm not a big fan. I'll eat them and even enjoy them on occasion but I'll never go out my way to get them, that's for sure.
Curly fries are so good but we only recently got them back at exactly one supermarket this year. I envy countries where they're an all-year option.
I like curly fries more, but will eat normal fries more often. Curly, when I want to really enjoy them. Normal, when I want to focus on my entree and have a palate-cleansing food.
Nobody makes them like I do. French fries, chips, freedom fries, or whatever you want to call them are a horrible food. They're by far the most popular item at most fast food restaurants. I feel like their popularity is the greatest culinary scam of the past hundred years and that the only reason people like them is because they haven't given what a French fry is much thought. First let's take a look at the cooking process. Deep frying a potato turns its inside to mush and essentially destroys its flavor, which wasn't really much to start with. People compensate for this by murdering them with salt, so instead of tasting potato, you're tasting a teaspoon of salt with every bite. Since eating pure salt is kind of nasty, most people will dip the fries in something like ketchup, barbecue sauce, or ranch dressing in order to tone down the salt a bit. Dipping a celery or carrot stick in ranch dressing would yield a better tasting product than dipping a French fry in ranch, and would be ten times healthier. It mystifies me that people will pay several dollars for a single order of fries. I think it really depends on where you get them. Places like BK, Dairy Queen, Hardees have fucking terrible fries. It is very difficult to get good tasty fries. Also why is this the only damn option for a side at most places? Why not baked beans, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, etc;.?

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Can an egg omelet satisfy you? If so, what are your fave ingredients?

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
Yes it can and then what I put in mine is I like to cook some bacon and make it really crispy and then I break it up into small pieces I get a little bit of real butter not a lot just a little bit. I add just a little Shake of salt and pepper. Before I start cooking it I make sure there's a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pan so it does not stick to the pan. I put a very thin layer it can be olive oil or regular oil it doesn't matter. You just need something to put in the bottom so it doesn't stick it can even be olive oil butter or just vegetable oil butter. And then I get a little bit of colby jack cheese or cheddar cheese and right before I close on what I add the bacon and cheese inside of it or I'll do ham sometime both is good

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Can an egg omelet satisfy you If so what are your fave ingredients

Un tip s-a luat de mine ca am spus "mac and cheese" in loc de "macaroane cu branza" cand m-a intrebat o cunostinta ce am gatit si s-a luat ca de ce n-am spus in romana, ca suntem penibile cu "americanismele" & made a whole scene. Eu am zis asa c-am facut reteta americana. Tf is wrong w him??

Ce pulifrici jenibili=))) Ce mi plac mie astia care practic iti dau unda verde sa ii muiesti, asta e stresul lui cel mai mare in veatza, "americanismele" of

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What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

A place called Braums they only have their restaurants in Oklahoma and Texas. They make their own ice cream and products. They always get your order right, play smooth jazz and the bathrooms are clean. Braums is way better than Whattaburger will ever pretend to be.
A snackbar in the middle of nowhere next to a road. Not in a normal building but in some wooden shack with a small unpaved area to park and sit on these cheap white plastic chairs and eat a fries with stovemeat or maybe a currywurst. Instead of a wooden shack a old mobile snackbar trailer is also acceptable as long as it hasn't moved in a decade. Usually found close the dutch/belgium/german border.
In n out. I live in Denver and it previously didn't have one. As a truck driver I would go to California and sometimes I'd have an opportunity to stop and get some over there. Wendy's. Their chicken sandwich and nuggets are delicious. If only their fries were as good as McDonald's fries though...
I used to love Popeyes, but they have, by far, the laziest, most apathetic customer service in the industry. And they also make it really difficult to buy the meal I want: a 2 breast dinner with one side. Sometimes I go and the cashier says "2 breasts? No problem, there's an 89¢ upcharge, is that OK?". More often than not, though, the cashier insists that they don't sell 2 breast dinners, so they ring up an 8 piece and subtract all the other pieces from the order. Sometimes they'll insist it's just not possible to order a 2 breast dinner at all. And once I actually had a cashier insist the only way to get a 2 breast dinner was to order two all-white 2 piece dinners (breast and wing), then put the wings in one box and the breasts in the other. He then told me to take a bite of one of the wings, say it "tasted bad" and get a refund for the "wing only" dinner. I appreciate his effort... but Bojangle's is not only closer to me than Popeyes, they actually have a 2 breast dinner right there on the menu. It's much less of a hassle.
Krystal's is one of my favorite fast food places. Those little burgers are so good, especially when the inside of the bun gets a little soggy. Their fries are great, and their chili cheese fries are amazing. Now I'm not saying that Krystal's is the absolute best, and my preferences change with my mood, but generally they hit that balance with quality and price. No they're not say Five Guys quality, but they're way cheaper. They're not the absolute cheapest, but they're worth the price. But Krystal's never gets any love and that makes me sad. Portillo's if its available. I love everything on their menu, I can rant and rave about Chicago food and Portillo's is far from the best but it's easily the most widespread. Qdoba is my GF's and I's go to Sunday lunch food. I like a burrito. Good queso, free guac, more add in options, unpretentious atmosphere, and no pseudoscience about how "natural" their food is - q blow Chipotle out of the water.

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What is your favorite fast food chain?

Actually Subway but I visit Burger King more regularly as Subway is so expensive. Other than that we only have McDonalds and KFC here. While KFC isn't my thing (I like chicken but every time I go to KFC it tastes bad. Maybe our KFC just sucks?) and McDonalds burger are dry and only the Chicken Nuggets taste decently, while the fries are always garbage and the burger shrink every year.
Depends on what I'm in the mood for and what's close by. Bumpers has amazing chili cheese fries, Wendys pickles on their burgers are the best and they taste fresh, McDonald's chicken nuggets are a classic, Taco Bell has my favorite the steak Quesorito, Sonic bacon cheeseburgers are top notch, Subway is healthy but expensive, Whataburger is pretty good but they keep putting mustard on my burgers, Dominoes has the parmesan sauce (which is delicious on an extra cheese pizza if u don't like marinara but u have to request it) and their hand tossed pizza crust is better than anywhere I've ever been, Arbys has curly fries and the best chocolate mint shakes, Checkers/Rallys fries taste like they were cooked alongside glazed donuts. I'm going to be in the minority here, but I love Krystal. I usually get the simple 4 Krystals meal, but if I'm really hungry, there's nothing like 5 cheese Krystals and Chili Cheese Fries. The thing is, you can't get it to go, otherwise the fries get soggy under the chili. If you eat it fresh though, those chili cheese fries are amazing. And of course, I love the burgers themselves. I'm a bit weird in that I actually like it when the bun gets a little soggy on the inside.
Taco Bell. It used to be McDonalds but after working there for 2 and a half years, I don’t eat there that much anymore. I would like to try In n Out, White Castle, Whataburger, and Jack in a box, Carl’s Jr.’s but unfortunately they are no where close to me.
I don't think I ever saw Boojum, anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland when I was in both places last summer. Do they have locations in Dublin and/or in Belfast? Ah well, I ran into a lot of really awesome fish and chips places over in Ireland and Northern Ireland, that I wish were much more common in the US. So it's all good....
Yah! There's 3 or 4 in Belfast City Centre and a similar number of stores in the south I think. I know people that work there, the ingredients are delivered fresh every morning. They do the yummiest burritos! But you aren't wrong- I love a chippy dinner!
I just discovered these hot icing filled malasada things at taco bell (something bitty bites?) and I don't know how long they've had them but I found out they did, literally drove up and bought a dozen of them, and damn they are delicious. I had them over a couple days and they were even good reheated.

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Ton fast food préféré ?

BalouDydyHeise’s Profile PhotoBalou Dydy Heise
My go to is a Double Whataburger with cheese. Mayo, mustard, pickle, onion. Get that sucker to go and let it mellow, like 20 minutes or so. don't worry the double wrapping will keep it warm, while the meat, cheese, and bread meld into something magical. Once the time is up unwrap and prepare for burger nirvana. The crispy edges of the patty, the lightly steam bun, the bite of the onions, cheesy gooeyness with a vinegar kick from the pickle.. It's amazing...
Culvers is the best for burger type fast food. Followed by In and Out then Wendy's (spicy chicken sandwich ftw). I don't consider Five Guys as fast food, they are more quick service, otherwise they would be near the top. Popeyes is the best for chicken (mmmm spicy chicken). Taco Johns for Mexican fast food (six pack and a pound with cheese sauce). Portillos for hotdogs, also the burgers are awesome and the Polish Sausage is awesome. They go somewhere between Culvers and Wendy's.
Whenever Dunkin Donuts comes up in a thread with lots of New Englanders the same thing always happen. Some non-New Englander asks if we actually like DD or if it’s just a stereotype. Someone replies with something along the lines of “It’s not very good but they’re everywhere and their w is okay”. Someone else says “Well their x is terrible, but I love their y, I have it every morning before work”. Then someone else says “Yeah, y is good, but did you ever have z. Greatest thing on their menu, shame they took it off”. The conversation is then ended with a “Go Sox”.
Jersey Mike's makes an actual, legitimate, real sub sandwich (unlike Subway). Panera makes a turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich that is dynamite. Subway makes the list mostly just because there's so damn many of them they're the most convenient place to find an acceptable sandwich fast. I wouldn't call them "good" sandwiches, though. Except Subway's meatball sandwich. I have an unreasonable like for those.
Five Guys and Shake Shack are just excellent burgers, almost a different class than traditional fast food chains. It's almost not fair how much better they are. Burger King burgers are empirically better tasting than McDonald's, but McDonald's is more nostalgic and reminiscent of my childhood -- and therefore more comforting -- than Burger King. And I know west coasters are infatuated with In-n-Out and Texans with Whataburger, but I've never eaten at either more than twice, and neither was a transcendent experience.
Their chicken is among the best of the burger places no doubt. I love their burgers but the problem with whataburger has always been consistency. I can get one of the best FF burgers I've ever had, or it can be a soggy pile of cold shit. McDonald's 9n the other hand has impressive consistency. I can grab a double quarter in any state or location and it'll almost always be as it should. Whataburger isn't quite that way. But when it's good IMO it's among the best.. For fucking sure above burger King.

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What is the the worst meal you've been served as guest in somebody's house?

Was being driven home from a pub by a drunk driver. I had no choice, I was 19 and in rural Ireland where you would otherwise be stranded. Plus the group I was with were adamant we had to get in this guy's car. Anyway, he was speeding, we hit a baby hare on the road and he stopped the car. I jumped out to inspect what we just hit. Asked my now ex to kill the baby hare as it was injured beyond repair and it was just suffering. He stamped on its head but decided he wanted to take it home and use its fur for a project. He was very out doorsy and this wasn't that strange to me at the time. My aunt gave my siblings and I sandwiches when we were forced to visit. Sandwiches with moldy bread, and then tried to tell us it was fine. I basically had to put my foot down and say no, we aren’t going to eat this.
The house was terrifying... like it had clearly been cleaned up a bit but they just stuffed all the mess elsewhere. She had pill bottles out for all sorts of different prescription medications just left out in different rooms. She had new and expensive appliances and luxury electronics all over the place despite not having a job. She had lawsuits for dummy’s books all over because she was trying to prop up a bunch of frivolous lawsuits against the public schools who had kicked out her terrifying and violently disruptive children. The kids rooms looked like rats nests with food trash everywhere. We left as soon as we could and I make a point not to talk to them anymore because of the vortex of nonsense they bring with them. The worst part? When she does end up coming to family events and get togethers she has a ton of dietary restrictions that rotate periodically. (And she just expects us to know because she posts about it on Facebook) and she turns any meal into an act of walking on eggshells. Cold peach soup. I was a kid and we were visiting family friends, and they wouldn’t let me or my sister leave the table until we ate the soup. My sister threw a tantrum, I just sat there until it was time to go home. Our parents got us fast food on the way home (which was awesome but I’d still have rather they stuck up for us with the friends and let us politely leave the table).
Someone made olive bread and hyped it up like it was some insane delicacy. They gave me a big chunk of this purplish bread, and it tasted EXACTLY like black olives and even had the same texture. It was as if they had gotten 15 cans of black olives, beat them into a chunky paste, then baked that into a log shape. They were so excited for me to try this "amazing family recipe", it took all my strength that day to eat that damn bread without getting sick or making a face.
When I was about 19 I dated a older guy who lived with his aunt and cousins, they invited me over for supper one evening. I than learned they never cleaned her house, ever and she had like 7 dogs that shit everywhere. They than brought me the pork chops and macaroni and cheese.

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How often do you have a cheat day, and what do you eat on your cheat day?

I'm eating 1200 a day to lose about 60 pounds (I'm about 22 pounds away from my goal) and in the beginning I had a few full-blown cheat days. I was still looking at junk food as a drug and I missed indulging on everything so I tried to eat everything. I ended up really sick and wasted a lot of money on food I didn't end up eating. Each cheat day since then has gotten less crazy, now it's more of a cheat meal. Truth is- in terms of cheating my diet I'm just spending a day eating at maintenance, I rarely go over my TDEE. I remember asking this question to one of my new co-workers. She's my height and very slim. She said she usually just eats a big steak, a glass of wine, and has some fancy chocolate when she needs a "cheat day." I took that to heart, and now when I go over my usual 1200 its for chocolate truffles, sushi, steak, wine, beer, bearclaws, and cheesecake. The old me would have gone for cheap mac n' cheese and ice cream, the new me feels like if I'm going to splurge it should be on the best food I can buy. My husband and I enjoy a toke about once a week, so we usually use that evening as our "cheat" day. We eat w/ normal calorie restrictions during the day (maybe being a little more strict, knowing what we have planned for the evening), then do a multiple course feast that takes the place of dinner and lasts for a few hours. It helps to space the stuff out b/c then we can stop and say "Do we really want to keep eating?" Anyway, it's not all junk food. Last week we had cut up pink lady apples & strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate (~150 cals a serving), microwave cheddar cheese popcorn (3 cups ~120 cals), tostadas made with a 5' corn tortilla, sprinkle of cheese, salsa, veggies & avocado (~200 cals for one), a popsicle (up to 120 cals). The food isn't terrible, but there's more of it and it's more sugar/fatty than we usually do. We still try to stay within a few hundred calories over our our daily goals.
I usually try to have one cheat day a week, but I don't set a day for it. For example, yesterday, there was a grilled cheese food truck outside my apartment, and I treated myself to a smores melt. Delicious, but now I want to be good for the rest of the week. And even with that day where I go crazy each week (because let's face it, I eat a LOT sometimes), I still see results.

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Mit szoktál nyáron vacsorázni? Valami egyszerű, könnyű és nagyszerű ötletet szeretnék kérni! Én már nem tudok mit kitalálni...

renatapajger’s Profile PhotoReni
Nagyon összevissza eszem nyáron, nincsenek behatárolva az étkezéseim, szóval most teljesen rád szabom a választ. Ha jól emlékszem magad csinálod a körözöttet, tojáskrémet, ilyesmiket én ezt el tudom képzelni vacsira sok-sok zöldséggel, akár ilyen mártógatós jelleggel. Humuszt is lehet készíteni hazilag. Tök guszták tudnak lenni akár ilyen cheese boardok is, amin van sajt, szalámi, gyümi vagy zöldség stb, amit épp megkívánsz. Minden finomságból egy kicsi.

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Mit szoktál nyáron vacsorázni 
Valami egyszerű könnyű és nagyszerű ötletet

Oh so you're from lahore too..that's great... I am a business graduate..& What else?🤔 i lovee pizza or anything that has cheese ...ummm okaay now its your turn 😂

NaimaButt217’s Profile PhotoNaimaButt217
Oh no im not from lahore but i work in lahore I'm a Chartered Accountant but 😂 i discontinued that and working as a chef 😂 and i can make the yummiest pizza and tones of other things made by cheese 😂

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Salam. I'm Ayesha. Almost 24 years old. Weight 120kg, hairs all over face and body due to PCOS disease. Fair complexion. No one wants to marry me because I'm ugly. I have no friends and I guess my family don't like me. Koi ha? Jo hum jaison ko Pasand kary ga? Jugde na karein, Zindagi pareshan ha...

Hi Ayesha. Darling PCOS is a commonly growing problem among women. Even I have it. I used to be fat.... Like really fat. Not 120 kgs of course but still I was overweight. This problem is so common among girls but it does not mean that you cannot change your lifestyle. I am going to suggest you a few things to work in your favor.
First of all, you do not need a man to make you feel happy and validated. It should come from within you. Do not even consider getting married unless your PCOS is under control because you will have problems conceiving, in intercourse and several other marital activities.
Secondly, I want you to understand that most girls think that our weight is worse because of our PCOS... This is a wrong misconception. Our PCOS is triggered because of our weight in reality. When I was fat, I used to experience things like abnormal vaginal bleeding, I still have low iron count and anemia which I am working on, depression, stress, eating disorder, sugar cravings, prediabetes etc.
You need to cut down any kind of carbs for at least 2 to 3 months to balance your hormones and improve your menstrual cycle. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, drink spinach juice, apple juice, AVOID BEEF AND MUTTON, eat fish. Avoid dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese etc because a PCOS body does not tolerate lactose.
Women with PCOS also have the tendency to develop more bodily hair. Although an uncomfortable thing but nothing to be ashamed of. I had a triggered facial hai growth too. Just go and get a wax after every 15 days or so. When you are going to start losing that weight, hair growth will get better eventually.
If you are not getting regular periods, clean your diet and take Duphagston and Glucophage ( 1 tablet each after 1 meal twice a day) do the complete course. Its 800 a pack and has 14 tablets.
I am attaching a few links to help you get rid of ovarian cysts and PCOS issues.
Dr Sabeel Homeo Clinic: He gives three months course 1500 weekly charges of medication to remove cysts from ovaries. He will also help you manage weight.
10 Day Egg Diet Plan by Versatile Vicky: I have tried it and it really works.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGtwMA5_mUo&t=88sAimenKhalid’s Video 167276258264 aGtwMA5_mUoAimenKhalid’s Video 167276258264 aGtwMA5_mUo
Momal Asif PCOS Friendly Diet Plan: I have also done this. Highly effective for PCOS management
Lastly, just go out for walks initially for the first 10 kg that you lose. Slowly incorporate cardio and weights or hire a fitness trainer. You can also go for a fat freezing procedure to instantly lose a few inches.
I hope this helps anyone who has PCOS. :))))) Stay blessed, happy and do not depend on anyone. InshaAllah Allah paak will bless you with the best.

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AimenKhalid’s Video 167276258264 aGtwMA5_mUoAimenKhalid’s Video 167276258264 aGtwMA5_mUo