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I've met over 200 men in 5 years, and not a single one was worthy of my time. How come men are getting worse by the years?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
I’ve never been on a date before and don’t have much of an opportunity to meet guys at the moment either. But, I think they’re getting worse because most of the time, they aren’t really looking to settle down and want something more casual when the chemistry dies. People (not just men) seem to jump from one relationship to the next and are quick to move on nowadays, even if they’ve been in a relationship with that person for quite some time. I also think it’s about culture since many of the people in the Turkish community that I grew up around try not to separate from their spouse and do their best to save their marriage. It all goes down to whether or not a person chooses to continue loving someone and loves them enough to try to make their relationship or marriage with them work out.

When interacting with others, do you tend to rely more on gut feeling, or prior knowledge about the other person?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
It is individual. Sometimes I feel that this is the person it could be funny or interesting to talk with. Sometimes it works and there is sympathy and chemistry from both sides a nd sometimes not. .....And usually when some person is contacting me as a first, I tend to check her/his wall here to know from answers something about her/him just to know what can expect :)))

Did you take Chemistry in High School?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen (Dante is dead)
Yep... Teacher literally.. let us all pass.. we did nothing. :/ sounds awesome but no.. when your in there for hundreds of days doing actually nothing.. it makes you think.. why am I even here? I wanted to mix sh and stuff 🤣🤣 i wanted to do labs! We did 1.. never another.. yeeeah. She got fired.. she was kool but didn't wanna teach and do her job so yeah.. oh well
Did you take Chemistry in High School

What kind of men do chicks who aren’t even pretty and are flat expect to pull.

Umm you can be pretty while still being “flat”. I myself am not flat and don’t always feel pretty and the kind of guy I’d prefer to be with is a guy I have chemistry with and someone who happens to be nice as well. I’m no longer into players and I care more about personality than looks these days (even tho looks do matter to a certain extent).

What makes u happy ? 😅

Ayesha0a’s Profile PhotoAyesha0a
There was a team mate of mine with whom i never even shook hands or even said a word to, but our chemistry was off the charts. Literally non verbal. It was telekinetic tbvh. We understood exactly what to do when the other person had the ball at their feet. He was pale, i am sorta brown and we looked nothing alike but everyone thought that we're brothers because of our coordination. I've had few more team mates and people like that in my life and finding someone who's on the same wavelength as me is something i really love.
What makes u happy

لو مكنتش دخلت الكليه اللي انت فيها دلوقتي، كنت دخلت كليه ايه مكانها؟

a7me_D_Sai_D’s Profile PhotoSAiiiiD
In my 18 I wanted to become a doctor and to study in Prague, but I was not accepted, because I did not pass my physics exam (only biology and chemistry). So when I was 19, I rather decided to study economy and business - there was mostly math and bla bla bla :))))))))))))

What do you miss about your school-going days?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
– How, because it was a very small one consisting of only 150 students, I knew everybody. And when I say everybody, I mean it. I was literally friends with this grade 1 student, she wrote an essay on me for the topic "best friend."
– How I'd play head and tails with everyone during free periods. We were SO loud.
– At the back of our class, we had this empty place without any seats. Whenever we had a free unit, we all sat on the floor. Collective floor time??? Hello??? We were literal goals.
– My classmates. I will never vibe with humans like I vibe with them. I love them so much it hurts.
– Luca. That kitten. I adopted him for a month before he went away :(
– I was a prefect. During break time, I was assigned the duty of supervising the "ground" where students of grade 4 till grade 7 were allowed. Sab badmaash thay. I miss handling them.
– We had two consecutive units of Economics on Mondays in grade 9, and my teacher would ask me to sit in front right after entering the class because I always fell asleep.
– The gossip. We'd talk about everything.
– PT. Please, the best unit ever. I miss Tuesdays.
– MY ART TEACHER. I used to bully him and he'd let me. Love that old dude.
– Van times. We had a group, we'd wait for everyone to leave so we could play Kings.
– Singing all the time.
– One time, a class fellow lost his brother. We all cried with him.
– How I'd see my Chemistry teacher enter school and he'd laugh at my grimace every single day. I always used to tell him to take a goddamn break.

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How can someone reject a person who is attractive and of a good family of generational prestige and money in town? Why would they not be interested when many others are?

Maybe because of the lack of chemistry there is between them and they want to be with someone they love rather than being with someone due to their rich background/family.

I got good grades in geometry. I was good at it. Chemistry was hard.

Chemistry wasn’t hard at all but then again, I never took organic chemistry and I heard that that class was pretty hard for many people who took it. I thought chemistry was fun, especially since I payed attention in class and knew what I was doing for the most part.
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Why does connecting with people on an emotional level seem to be the hardest level to connect with them on, even tho life is about taking chances and having meaningful friendships/relationships?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
While some connections occur naturally, others are built. It depends on the chemistry between two people and how much their “vibes” allow them to trust and open up.
Why does connecting with people on an emotional level seem to be the hardest

Have you ever decided to be romantically involved with someone that you didn’t feel any chemistry towards/didn’t have any butterflies around at first? If so, did that change over time and if it did, what made you fall for them as time went by?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
No, personally I wouldn’t see the point in that if I didn’t have chemistry or butterflies 🦋 to start with, but in saying that maybe in some cultures where arranged marriages take place it happens after some time ✨

Have you ever decided to be romantically involved with someone that you didn’t feel any chemistry towards/didn’t have any butterflies around at first? If so, did that change over time and if it did, what made you fall for them as time went by?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I’ve only dated someone like that once, and it didn’t last long. Wake up to dude watching me sleep.. I was done after that. 😐
If I don’t feel something for that person, or I get really creepy vibes, I’m not bothering. meh

Have you ever decided to be romantically involved with someone that you didn’t feel any chemistry towards/didn’t have any butterflies around at first? If so, did that change over time and if it did, what made you fall for them as time went by?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Ok so this question is not as weird as some may think. So here's my weird answer. A good friend of mine sister was going to be deported. So I married her to get citizenship, we waited a year to get it annulled. Buuuuuut something happened... That chemistry thing... We still got annulled and dated a few times.... Both of us had other agendas
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In your opinion, does being determined about pursuing someone romantically and trying your best to make them happy end up working out in your favor and increases the likelihood of the person you like to want to be with you as well or does it all depend on whether there’s chemistry from both sides?

Blunt force on the menu? It isn't palatable. Chemical additives and preservatives can leave a foul taste in one's mouth. Ruin the appetite. Upset one's stomach. The most pleasant dining experiences are never rushed, seasoned too passionately or served without a decadent dessert. The courses must follow a natural order: Hors d'oeuvre, soup, appetizer, salad, entrée, dessert, mignardise. Please come again! ❤️
In your opinion does being determined about pursuing someone romantically and

eine abstrakte (aber hoffentlich lustige) frage zu zwillingsflamme ♡ wenn die clans k-pop gruppen wären, wie würde dieses idol-au aussehen? wie wäre die musik, die positionen, wie würden sie sich im k-pop game schlagen? wie stehen die gruppen zueinander? - Part 2

Part 2
🍀 Element Clan would be...
~ Red Velvet, Kiss Of Life, (G)I-Dle ~
🎼 Concept: sophisticated, dramatic, ever-changing, allrounder.
🎧 Signature Song: Feel My Rhythm by Red Velvet, Bad News by Kiss Of Life und Villain Dies by (G)I-Dle
🎶 Honorary Mentions: Run For Roses by NMixx, Vengeance by Bibi, The Real by Ateez.
🏅 Success: That one 4th gen group who came from an unknown company but managed to rise to stardom due to their chemistry and personality. Social Media probably helped as well. Still finding their way in the industry, but they are already getting brand deals and variety show appearances.
🎙 Vocal: Gyuri, Minjeong, Hyunjae, San, Dayoung, Sooyoung
🎤 Rap: Seungcheol, Sooyoung, Karina
💃 Dance: Karina, San, Hyunjae, Seungcheol
💎 Visual: Karina und Hyunjae
📍 Center: Sooyoung
💀 Face: Gyuri, San later on
👑 Co-Leader: Seungcheol, Gyuri
Sun Clan thinks they are the best and sales-wise they are. They think Element Clan is a little arrogant and has no manners. Slowly but surely Sun Clan is losing more and more awards to Element Clan. The Fan Wars are crazy. Moon Clan is chilling in the back, only having a comeback every 5 years but never without a bang and never without winning best vocal group at award shows. Surprisingly best friends with Element Clan, thinks they are cute and fresh air for the industry. Sun Clan is clutching their pearls.
Also Leaders Taeyeon and Taecyeon definitely dated, broke up and now have a feud going on. Never date your colleagues, they said. It would end horribly, they said. They were right.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk. I'm very passionate about this AU xD
Love, solasta ♡

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eine abstrakte aber hoffentlich lustige frage zu zwillingsflamme  wenn die clans

Can you be my Anastasia Steel?

Tbh, I don’t think she was a great fit for the 50 shades of grey series since I felt little to no chemistry between the main characters and she never seemed genuinely interested in her partner. Christian Grey was great tho and his acting skills were amazing.

What did you want to be when you were little?

juliocesarhinojosareyes’s Profile PhotoJulio Cesar Hinojosa Reyes
I really liked the hospital I’d go to as a kid and wanted to work in a hospital when I grew up. Unfortunately, I’m not a very hardworking student so I don’t think I can work at the hospital with my severe lack of interest in school/studying but, I did like chemistry and human anatomy and ended up doing decently in both when I took them in high school. Maybe if I had a habit of studying and was doing great in every class I took, I might’ve stood a chance at working at a hospital as a child doctor or could’ve been working as a pharmacist instead.

Are you a quick learner? What new skills do you want to possess?

dante_aligh’s Profile PhotoDonovan
I’m a quick learner when it comes to the things I’m interested in (such as human anatomy or chemistry) but I don’t learn as quickly when I’m disinterested from the start. I would like to easily memorize the information I’m not particularly interested in but have to learn about and memorize in order to pass the classes that I’m currently taking (such as biology and history related classes).

Какой твой любимый трек и почему? Что с ним связано?

luckybunny’s Profile Photoさようなら
Miley Cyrus - Violet Chemistry.
Вдохновил меня. Когда у меня с моим молодым человеком начались отношения мы постоянно включали эту песню. Это как своеобразная романтическая волна.
Даже имидж поменяла, вдохновляясь этой песней
Какой твой любимый трек и почему Что с ним связано

Can i have your advice about date ages ? I'm 31 and i like girl who's 20 years old. Will it be creepy to ask her out ??

When I was 19 the person I dated was like a month from being 25. That's 5 years (rounding our ages up) and we definitely had stuff to talk about.. Conversation, trust, and chemistry are the main elements to a successful relationship in my opinion. I wouldn't mind if a dude was 35 and asked me out. (I'm 25 now) Honestly age doesn't matter to some people. If I like you it's rare. I don't usually like people like that anymore. So I wouldn't let something as simple as age get in the way. Unless they're under adult age. Not into all that. 😂
Can i have your advice about date ages  Im 31 and i like girl whos 20 years old

In your own honest opinion, Do you agree that people who go into nursing and med school are mostly in it for the money & less for caring people?Thoughts 💭 🧑‍⚕️ 🥼

Everyone is different so I can’t speak for every person who goes or went to nursing/med school and I myself have considered med school but didn’t follow through with it due to how long the process to get a degree could take for me to start working in the medical field. I never considered nursing but have considered working in the medical field before because I loved human anatomy and chemistry was also something that I found interesting back when I was in high school. I also loved the hospital I’d visit when I was a kid and imagined myself working there when I got older so no, I don’t think the majority go into the medical field for the money since it usually takes time, dedication and interest in the medical field to go through years of schooling and officially start working in that field.

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Why is there so much emphasis on everyone being beautiful? I’m ok with being ugly. I might not be ugly, more average, but I’m definitely not beautiful and that’s fine. I love beauty/beautiful things but not everyone or everything is beautiful nor do they have to be

i see it the same way, except i'm able to find beauty in even conventionally unattractive people/things. not because they fit some standard, but because they shine just the way they are.
and i know all of that sounds corny, but i think this paragraph from the twits (by roald dahl) changed my brain chemistry when i was a kid:
Why is there so much emphasis on everyone being beautiful Im ok with being ugly

Does your client visit always include sexy times or would that depend on chemistry, etc.?

I mean, it's part of the make-up of what I do, but yes, in some cases, I am hired to simply be someone's social companion.
The only time I would not engage sexually is if the other person was an asshole. Then, I'd just leave.
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Sometimes we don't miss the person , sometimes we miss the vibes, the chemistry we had with good people 🌸

Yes, that's so true. You just miss the time spent together and all the little things like that scenery or a scent or maybe a food you ate together. 🖤

I’m not his type oh well 😒

I have a friend that I’ve been speaking to for quite some time now and he told me that I wasn’t his type and at the time, I felt desperate and thought that our instant connection as well as great compatibility as friends meant that there must’ve been some chemistry (despite only talking for a few DAYS at that point). As many months have gone by, I eventually realized that it’s best if I didn’t try to convince myself that we’ll ever date when he made it clear that I wasn’t and am not his type (just based off of my looks) and now I’m perfectly fine with that. At first, it might make you feel as if you’re not “good enough” when he/she tells you that they don’t find you physically attractive but later, you’ll realize that maybe you two were better off as friends anyways.

مـ؟!ـادة | دراسية كنت تحبها ..

ifaisal2x’s Profile Photoذكريات فيصل ،
Math ..... all the way from (G&A)
Job Costing
Material & Automatic Control
Small Scale Intergeneration & Logic Circuits
Software Engineering
Computer Science
.... etc.

Do you like reading?

I had a lot of books in Russian, but I took most of them to my grandmother in the village for her to read, and gave the minority as gifts. Therefore, these are all my purchased books. And I won’t show you the books I have at home from the university, because I didn’t even take them from the library. I took only a couple of notebooks from physics, chemistry, mathematics where you can solve examples, and, of course, ready-made homework assignments,so that if I don’t know the subject,like the Portuguese language, for example, I could copy it from there.And so, mostly history, I don’t read in pairs, but read from the Internet,and then retell it in Portuguese.Because I haven’t learned to read Portuguese yet, just speak.
And I didn’t show you all the books. I basically only have notebooks in Portuguese for various subjects. And all the rules that I need, I find in Ukrainian-language books that I order in Ukraine to be sent to me at Nova Poshta.

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Do you like reading

In your opinion where should you not take someone on a first date? 🤔

I had always been a stickler with not going to the movies on a first date...
- There's no room to talk/get to know each other
- If you "do" talk, you're basically paying for a movie you're not going to watch, and are distracting everyone else around you who wanted to watch the movie - which is aka, noooooo buenooo 🙅‍♀️
- Gives more opportunity for your date to wanna feel you up/get touchy
- And it's kinda uncomfortable when you're sitting next to a stranger, even if they're attractive? 🤷‍♀️ (Maybe, that's just me, lol)
Even a more dinner setting for the first date, isn't really necessary.
I'd always go for coffee for the 1st date, or a walk in the mall, or a hike/walk in the park... Just somewhere more public, but open and there isn't much worry/debate on who is going to cover the cost - especially if the chemistry doesn't quite mesh! And it just gives you more opportunity to see if your values and beliefs, align? And if you both have good flowing chemistry, energy and conversation ☺️

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In your opinion where should you not take someone on a first date

Die deutsche Sprache ist manchmal ein Kuriosum. Wie sprichst du das Wort Chemie aus? "Kemie" oder eher "Schemie"? Wieso gibt es zwei "Versionen" des Wortes bezüglich der Aussprache?

ShortMan679’s Profile PhotoSaturas
Das Kuriose ist, dass wenn ich mit der Frage konfrontiert werde (bzw. mit China), ich mich dann selbst verunsichere und in der Folge nicht weiß, wie ich es spontan aussprechen würde 😂
Ich würde vermuten Kemie wegen dem englischen Chemistry, bei China entgegen aber komischerweise mit Sch

Had an affair with a friend of 18 years. We are both married with kids. We got caught. Now he has ghosted me. I know it’s because of his kids as he did indicate he’s scared of losing them out friendship / connection and chemistry was next level.. does he miss me? Will he reach out? It’s been 5 month

I think you need to look to your own life. You clearly don't feel guilty about cheating, and it's quite unfair to your spouse if you feel this way.

سؤال للولاد ممكن تحب واحده اكبر منك وتكمل معاها ..؟

Love is doesn’t not distance or age
الفكره انك تلاقي الشخص الي تكونوا متفاهمين سوا ويتحبوا بعض وف بينكم chemistry ومشاعر لكن صدقيني اي معايير المجتمع بيحطها هي ملهاش اي قيمه قد ما انك تلاقي الشخص نفسه

รีวิวสาย/สาขา ที่เรียน

หลักสูตรจเน้น physics calculus anatomy electric engineer แล้วก็มี chemistry โผล่มาตัวนึงแบบงงๆ จบไปก็ไม่ได้ใช้ เรียนไปทำไมนะ สงสัยสุดๆ

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