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List down the names of all your crushes from childhood till now.

Shaheer. Grade 3
Komail. Grade 4
Yahya. Grade 5
Faraz. Grade 6. ( the cutest one. I was his crush and he was mine. When we used to play hide and seek. He used to seek me first forgetting every one else. Bachpan ki muhabbat tha wo meri. 😂)
Subhan. Grade 9
Shafay. Grade 10 (an ask user)
And then i grew up. No more crushes after that other then in 2020. I met a young doctor when i had covid. 30/60 bp tha mera and he was flirting with me. I didn't even saw his face just eyes and they were so attractive. And damn the next two three days i was continuously obsessing over him talking to my bestie. That's it.

What was your favourite toy as a child ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
As far as I can recall, I don't personally have any favorite childhood toy. I had lots of plushies and stuffed toys. Though this was my first childhood toy, Candy although I hated dolls, I found them creepy but somehow it is close to me and it is precious when you find your childhood toys and they remind you of the old days — a simpler time in our life, and we have good memories attached to them. ✨️🌻
What was your favourite toy as a child

What do you miss about your childhood?

Omniahaleem’s Profile PhotoOmnia ™
I miss living in peace, facing so many tragedies when I was young when I could bear and absorb all that.
I always ate and slept to forget what happened, I lost my father and my brother. After that, I realized the meanings of death and nostalgia, as I only remember from childhood everything painful and unable to comprehend it, so that I am unable to confront myself with what happened to me.

Did you have a childhood pet growing up? If so what were their names

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
I had a diverse array of pets, including a German Shepherd-wolf hybrid named Polar, a freshwater alligator named Ralph, and a large iguana named Zeus. Additionally, my household was home to various birds, aquatic animals like fish, and red-tailed sharks, though those belonged to my grandfather. Unfortunately, we had to part ways with Polar due to legal restrictions, as my grandfather was also terrified of how protective she was. meh

Do you remember your childhood friend? Are you still friends till this day?

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
I remember. We never never had much growing up. At times we had even less, but he was different. He had nothing. Barely enough to eat. Screwed up as his was father accepted my old friend. I think he was more than son the old man wanted anyways. Simple, good with his hands, and traditional.
We were nothing alike, but you were a brother to me when I had no one. I don't know where you are now or how you've been... But I think about you from time to time. I hope you know I had to go away. There was nothing for me there, but dying. I'm sorry man I just had to go

What's a discontinued snack item from your childhood days that you would love to get back?

fried_brainiac420’s Profile PhotoSarr Dard
Oh gawd, there are few of my fave snacss that I love to have them again.
bp-sapcer those mini burger one jelly, the dino munchies, the tangy masala chips. The 50-50 biscuit, polo, top-pops, choki bar and those bubble your name gum and there are other more I can't recall. It is always sad when something we cherish isn't accessible anymore. Ah, nostalgia. 🌻

What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards? Why do you think that is?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
In childhood, she was closer to sanguine or choleric people, she was cheerful and active.
With age, she became depressed and melancholic. Sometimes I have a combination of personality types, but I can’t currently classify myself as one of them. Sometimes I am sad, sometimes I enjoy life and remain a grateful inner girl, this is life😅👍🏻
What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards Why do you think

Did you have a childhood pet growing up? If so what were their names

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
Yes, we had a golden retriever named Angel. She was nearly the same age as me. I think she was 1? Year older then me. Then we had Libby. A Maine Coon cat. Black and white. Beautiful cat. She lived a long time too. Miss them both. Best pets you could ever have. Sad they only live 8 to 16 to 20 years. Some. :( Wanna keep my whole lifetime. All good. We learn from it. Makes us stronger in the end.

Do you remember your childhood friend? Are you still friends till this day?

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
I do. I had a childhood friend back when I was in second grade and we would have sleepovers every weekend even tho we lived in apartments that happened to be a few walks away. They came to stay in the US temporarily then went back to Turkey after a year of staying in the US and I spoke to her a few times on the phone afterwards but that was it. I also made a good friend back when I was in sixth grade but we don’t talk anymore since we drifted apart in seventh grade and she later moved elsewhere and so have I.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory that always makes you smile?

Amma used to take my brother and myself to park on Saturdays. It was close to my nani's house and whenever we used to visit nani, Amma used to make sure that we get that trip to that park. We were only allowed to sit on tea cup and train and all other rides were a big no. On our way back we used to buy those dabbay walay burgers from moon market and then wapis ghar.

What do you usually do during a blackout? 🕯️🔦

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have a generator so there’s no change. It wasn’t my choice but the house has one. I miss childhood blackouts when you sit with candles and watch the lightning.

Have you ever thought about changing your name? What would you change it to if you had to?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Hello, Marie Serendipity 👋 😌
Sometime in my childhood, I really wanted to change my name. I think I wanted the name Artyom 😅 I think if I had to change my name, I would choose the name Artyom 😅 At the moment, my name is completely satisfactory to me (namely the name Alexey) and I definitely do not want to change it 😅 In any case, for this period of his life. Moreover, my name sounds good with my patronymic, namely, Alexei Sergeevich 😌 But, if I really had to change my name, I would still choose the name Artyom 😌
Have you ever thought about changing your name What would you change it to if

How does rain make you feel?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I love rain. It's like a blessing from Allah that washes away all the negative vibes and makes us feel free for a while. It brings back beautiful childhood memories and offers an opportunity to pray. But recently, things have changed. Now, when I experience extreme weather, I think, "How are Gazans surviving this? What would they be doing in heavy rain or cold weather?" And then I don't feel positive anymore.

What song makes you feel better?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
There are songs that don't really cheer me up, but they remind me of my childhood. We used to listen to them in Baba Jani's first car, so we call them "Baba Jani ki car ke gaane." When I hear them now, I feel nostalgic, but there's also a weird, stressed feeling I can't quite describe.

Do you think it's weird that I haven't really made new friends in years? All my friends that I regularly talk to I've known for years. I haven't really made a new friend since like 2020 when my friend was bored during the lockdown and introduced me to her friend, who later became mine too.

I don’t think that’s weird at all. I haven’t made new friends in person for years myself and the friends that I have now (which I don’t have many) are those I’ve known since childhood or ones that I’ve met online. I separated from my friend group when I was a freshman in high school since the friends that I hung out with the year before have moved away and I wasn’t close to anyone from school so I kept to myself. I was more of a recluse when I started going to college due to the pandemic and since I took all online classes, I didn’t meet anyone new. I’m still taking all online classes when I’m able to due to having social anxiety and only have online friends at the moment. Someone I have mutual friends with moved into our neighborhood recently and she’s around my age so maybe we’ll become friends.

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لمسـٰاحاتـگ الجميـلة 🔐💚

abuzuhairhdt’s Profile Photoمُحَمّـد حميـدات || الطَنـُّوس
A person is way Allah created him... The situation is way Allah decided, My childhood is way Allah ordered, My life is way Allah intended it. If I judged everything like this: “I deserve better. How bad everything is, how dishonest,” then my upbringing will not end.
But if I decide to show humility, then HE will show me beauty in everything... In every atom and in every second of my life there will be limitless beauty and love...

Do you believe in the concept of guilty pleasure? If yes, what's yours?

Yes and no. It has everything to do with confidence! As long as you enjoy what you do, there is no guilt.
There are some things I enjoy that some people might think is a little odd: rereading my childhood and teen books and loving theme parks.

What generation are you?

BonnieRose12’s Profile PhotoBonnie Rose C
I'm the 90's generation. I was born at this time. It was very interesting in those days. I was a child. There were no such gadgets as there are now. There were games of hide and seek, catch-up, trips to the village. In the mid-90s, game consoles began to appear. Dad always bought me a Kinder surprise. I loved my childhood
What generation are you

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
I don't remember most of my childhood birthdays. They were all very similar to each other so they tend to blend together in my memory, making it difficult to pinpoint any one specific birthday as being the "best".
The only one that sticks out in my mind was my twelfth birthday. I went to the cinema with my parents, brother, and a couple of our cousins, then we got pizza after. I'm not sure why that specific birthday stands out above all the others, but it's a pleasant memory nonetheless.
Meanwhile, I have the exact opposite problem when it comes to my birthdays as an adult... I have so many great memories that it's actually really hard to choose a favourite, so I'm just going to go with my most recent-- my thirtieth birthday.
I spent my birthday (and the days leading up to it) on holiday in the Loire Valley, France with my fiancé. We stayed in a cute little farmhouse, right near Cour Cheverny. The Loire Valley has always had a lot of sentimental significance to me. I last visited there on my twentieth birthday. Not with my partner, we hadn't even met at that point, but with family.
Anyway, I felt it would only be fitting for me to close off the wild, wonderful chapter of my life that was 'my twenties' in the same place it began, and I'm glad I did. Not only was it fun to revisit some of the same towns and spots I'd visited all those years ago, but it was nice to reflect upon just how much my life had changed over the past decade.
Who knows, maybe I'll make a tradition out of it and go back for my fortieth birthday. I'm not thinking that far ahead, though. Not just yet.
I hope you enjoy your upcoming birthday,
may it be a pleasant day for you! 😊🍰

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Would the child you be surprised to meet the adult you or are you the same in personality and spirit?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
The childhood me would be surprised we're still alive. I've shared this before, but I always delete it shortly after. I don't like people to think of me in this way. I never planned on living this long. I told myself I would exit on my own terms by or at 18. My life wasn't wholely miserable. Just impoverished & lonely. Shuffled from person to person as an unwanted child. I wasn't like the other children. Even my mother stayed away from me as much as possible. Until id be taken away for periods of time. I sleep with cotton in my ears at night because i can still feel the bugs. I don't wear shorts, because of the scars on my legs. I learned to cook so id never have to be hungry again. I learned not to need or want anyone so the abandonment would be tolerable. I planned to die every day of my childhood. There was a time I so hated adults/humanity I wanted to take my own life so i wouldn't grow up

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How do you define success? Is it a definition that is exclusive to you or do you use that definition towards society?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Everyone has a different understanding of success and success. Perfectionism was instilled in me since childhood, and this had a negative impact on my self-esteem and psyche.
But for me personally, success is learning to accept myself, choosing myself over toxic people, giving myself completely to those people who do not respect or appreciate me.
How do you define success Is it a definition that is exclusive to you or do you

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
We had a family tradition in our childhood: on anyone's birthday, we'd go to another city. First, we'd go shopping and buy anything we wanted. Then, we'd visit the great park, followed by our favorite restaurant, and finally, we'd have Baba ice cream. We used to ask Allah for good weather as a gift, as it was the only thing we needed to ask for at that time. That was a lovely time.❤️

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
I had parties in mcDonalds play room with kids from school when I was very young then I started doing it at Pizza Hut where they let us make our own pizzas in the kitchen. One year I had a dance party in my basement. That one was probably most memorable childhood one. As an adult, on my 30th I was in NYC and it began to snow. That was special. And a couple years ago one of my favorite bands played locally on the date of my birthday which was special. I’m really not big on birthdays but those are just a few memories.

why are we supposed to say "it's okay" when it's not?

because we are kind isn't it. Didn't like to be a bother to those people. But personally.. I feel we just some stupid little shit that can't put out our own thoughts in the open because 'We need to be strong for all these trouble time'. Because human. Human is judgemental. But yeah, I'm also a hypocrite human too. But at the same time, I miss the childhood time. Where what were said, is just a solid truth, and the adult can't do anything beside laugh and said 'How cute you are' while they slowly dead inside.

What kind of conversations do you usually have with your friends❓

SN_Khan’s Profile PhotoAhsan Khan
I have three childhood friends who follow a particular sect and have different political affiliations. I don’t follow any sect and understand the flaws of this tyrant political system. I used to encourage them to study and look at the facts to help them out of their delusions, but they were very resistant and never listened to me. The same happened with my family, so I stopped trying to correct them and went silent on everyone...!!!

What is something from your childhood that you miss?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
I'm one of the last who in my formative years wasn't surrounded by smartphones. I was 8 when the first Iphone released and then it still took a while for smartphones to take off. I just think it's so sad to see parents give their three year old an Ipad to watch / play something that's very overstimulating, instead just being bored for a moment and take in the world around them📱
Then when it comes to video games, I'm glad I grew up with them when I did, with games which were fully focused to entertain and to enrich. Not the predatory free to play and mobile games full of microtransactions you see today 😅
What is something from your childhood that you miss

How to heal ? (Ps its not a breakup kind of thing)

romesanoor1212’s Profile PhotoRomesa
Since childhood, we're taught to see ourselves as victims when things don't work out. We think we deserve better and that others were the problem. But have we considered that maybe we were the problem? Maybe they deserved better and we were projecting our unhealed traumas onto them. It's hard to accept but acceptance leads to growth and healing. When we acknowledge our mistakes, we start to grow.❤️

Which is your favorite holiday foodwise? What do you eat then? 🍗🐟🥔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love New Year, when you can eat sandwiches with red caviar. In general, I don’t associate dishes with holidays, but I always look forward to New Year especially every year. Since childhood, there has been a feeling of miracle before the New Year, and although with age I expect the holiday less, I feel it less vividly, but it is still special for me.
Which is your favorite holiday foodwise What do you eat then

What is one of your best memories of childhood? Worst?

HappyBoss_’s Profile PhotoAnon+
I’ve blocked out a lot of childhood bad memories. I can’t remember many good ones either except when traveling. I don’t know if 16 is too old, but I had a special connection with my art teacher. He introduced me to painting and my world was opened up to color in art. Something he did that meant a lot to me was frame my art pieces. He built the frame himself. It was my first painting ever so even though it had many flaws and I’ve thought about painting over it, I can’t because the frame reminds me of how sentimental the piece is.
What is one of your best memories of childhood Worst

Why women like flowers?

chivalry19’s Profile Photodumpty had a great fall
It's not hust women, men love flowers too. Give flowers to a man and he will cherish them for life. It's not about men and women actually, it's all about the heart, some people prefer delicate things such as flowers because they give peace to their heart. Oh and when I mention flowers, I think people should give flower pots instead of bouquets, that way they don't have to pluck and kill the flowers, I used to make bouquets in childhood and now I regret that.

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