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hey ames how did the holiday go hope you had so much fun x 😍🎉🤣

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hi, how are you? It was amazing, thank you. I had such a good time. It's a little depressing being back home after having such a wonderful experience. We sat by the pool and beach, played mini golf, went dolphin and whale watching, went to see a volcano, and to the Chinese Lantern World. My favourite part was probably the Monkey Park. We had our photos taken with parrots and could touch, stroke and feed the monkeys and lemurs. 🐒
hey ames how did the holiday go hope you had so much fun x

Have you ever bought anything that qualifies as a knock-off brand/product and you were surprised by how good it was? What was it? 🙊

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I can tell that I was shocked that brand shoes life on my feet was shorter than life of chinese shoes bought on the market 😂

What are the few things we should add in diet

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Tahini for STRONG bone : take food processor add 1 cup sesame seed grated garlic olive oil lemon juice salt pepper blend it
Natural antibiotic :garlic sauce : turn on food processor button add 2 cup Chinese garlic cloves add 6 pinch salt ,6 pinch black pepper olive oil lemon juice blend it
Vitamin a b c iron juice for hair nail skin : turn on juice extractor add diced carrot ,diced beetroot pineapple 5 spinach leaves take out juice
Vitamin d salad : take fry pan add tuna fish black pepper garlic onion powder fry it
Serve with rice

Long Term Travellers: When did you feel ready to go home?

I really can't do more than 3 months of backpacking. Stuff that's okay at first really gets on my nerves after awhile. Getting next to no sleep, dealing with annoying drunk people in hostels, getting scammed, constantly watching my back, etc. I love it in short bursts but I'm always happy to be back "home" wherever that is. I'm currently living outside of my home country and much prefer spending a year or two in a different country and working, living, and meeting friends here. That way I can have my privacy and sleep and learn what it truly feels like to live in a country rather than just being a tourist passing through. I'm hoping to spend a year or more somewhere in Europe and Australia before settling down somewhere.
After my second long term trip (with no original return date), I'm returning home after the 5 month mark. Things didn't really pan out as I'd hoped, but I've realized that, partly due to personality, partly due to age (29), that I now want other things. Namely to start building things (skills, hobbies, money, relationships, a community), all of which although achievable, are very hard while you're travelling around with no permanency.
I don't know about that. After I had been here a year, and had been studying Chinese for most of that time, I began to feel more and more welcome. A larger and larger percentage of my close friends came from local Taiwanese rather than expat English teachers.
As someone that lived in Taiwan/Taipei for about 1.5 years (on and off) I'll tell you that you will NEVER fully assimilate into that culture. Other than the ex-pat community, you'll always be looked at as an outsider. I really can't explain it - but that place is seriously pretty xenophobic. Super super super nice, but unless you're from there...you'll always be viewed as an outsider.
I set out on a year long trip that I recently (after 4 months) decided to cut in half. Around the 2 month mark, I never wanted to stop travelling. Slowly my feelings changed and around 3-4 months I started feeling restless and it took more and more to impress me in the places I visitted. Generic backpacker small talk also started getting old. I'm feeling excited for my remaining month on this trip, but I think I've found my future backpacking limit at 2-3 months. I would love to live abroad and travel very slowly in thr long term (2-3 months per city), but for now I'm happy to return home.

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I may send this out to everyone I follow but, how have you been? 😊 Just curious since I haven't really been active as of late. I put up a small update on my page if you're curious about what I've been up to recently!

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly...I have a stressing time ahead of me. I wanna try to get into diplomatic training in 2024, so I am preparing for like 10 years to finally try it in two years. And my resume is good so far, but I am lacking an Asian Language, so I recently signed up to chinese classes to learn Chinese as my seventh language. So yep, starting from September for a whole year I will not have the Saturdays off, as my classes will take place on saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm and I am deciding if I would like to take a rhetorical course afterwards ( just to be a little bit safer for my application). That would be from 3 pm to 6 pm.
I see even more stress than now in my future. Fun am I right?
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Can you speak Chinese?

Just a little bit of daily conversation, such as how to ask for directions, how to make an order in restaurants, communication with the bank, how to reserve a room (in a hotel), etc. Yet, I'm still a beginner 🙊
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Best food to order from the chinnese?

unicef11’s Profile Photounicef11
Enjoy some prawn cracker , Beer from China . . . while you choose . . . .
A truly great Chinese restaurant is rare ; 2nd best I've ever found , was THE PRINCESS ROSE in Balloch, Scotland, by Loch Lomond ~ they'll help & advise , let you sample ~
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhowVJr0bPIigotamatch’s Video 171087790458 FhowVJr0bPIigotamatch’s Video 171087790458 FhowVJr0bPI
Best food to order from the chinnese


FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
⠀⠀⠀❪❀❫ ⠀Like a good curious listener, he took into consideration every detail obtained from the female voice. However, his crimson eye fell on that relic in her hands almost instantly. He occasionally exchanged glances noting that he had managed to shake her temper. That looked interesting.
He widened the smile.⠀❝Hua Cheng.❞ he said. A Chinese name with a real reputation to respect... at least, in the ghost/demon realm.
At some point a thoughtful countenance began to appear on him.
⠀❝What would you do if... in front of your eyes, is the cure for that curse of yours?❞ The masculine voice took on a persuasive touch. The silver butterfly soon lay on the disturbed woman's weapon, a clue to what he was referring to.
⠀❝You have someone who, with his death, can bring you peace from all that hell, right here, right now.❞
The man returned a fixed look. He really didn't want to miss her reaction.

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If you're at a restaurant and you're waiting for the waiter. Aren't you the waiter?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
Nice one 😆
While u are waiting for a waiter, u are indeed the waiter, u 've to wait for ur food from the waiter, who is in turn waiting for the food from the kitchen.
but when the wait for the waiter is over and u have ur food,then the waiter waits for u to finish , he's indeed the waiter 😵‍💫
I'm done with English .. I'd just go for Chinese 😂

What is the weirdest thing anyone has ever asked you?

Well, I first met a friend when she came up and asked if she could touch my nose. Then one day we went to a mutual friend who was obsеssed with bacteria, in short, we all washed our feet, disinfеcted shoes and walked around his house in shoe covers. Officially the most nеrdy party of my life, and that was even before covid! A couple more times beautiful chinese girls tried to lurе me into a sеct (after that I was disappoоinted in street acquaintаnces).
Once an old lady at the bus stop tried to match me with her son from the army, from whom a girl had recently left. Kringе. I just thought she wanted to ask for directions!

Do you ever listen to music to hype yourself up? Like when you work out for example. What kind? 💪🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've never tried it... It seems strange to me to artificially replace an emotion with another one until the first one is over. I usually listen when I'm in the mood to listen)
For stretching and ballet warm-up, I have playlists with classical and chinese music, according to the mood. For step, I try to take something new every time, because I have already learned måneskin by heart😅 For example, music for basketball fits well into the rhythm, sometimes electronic, it's great to take chvrches. Latino is tоugh firstly. For dancing, I usually take music from the video, which I memorize the dance (transcend has very cool selections), or rock'n'roll classics. Anything will do for a bike, I listen to a audiocourse in astrophysics btw)

What has been on your mind lately?

Emma_Rfq’s Profile PhotoEman
RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, Vladimir Putin Says: Pakistan Is A Cemetery For Pakistani’s:
"When a Pakistani becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to London/ America for Medical treatment.
He invests in Uk/ Dubai. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.
If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Pakistan.
Pakistan is just a cemetery for Pakistani’s. How could a cemetery be developed?"

my university is offering language courses as a subject (gpa will be included too) and the option is Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. which one should i go for?

Go for Arabic!
Reason: Allah SWT chose Arabic as the liturgical language of Islam. Thus, the Quran, hadith, and all Islamic teachings were provided in Arabic. It was chosen out of all the languages in the world, used in the past, present, and future. This fact alone should suffice as a reason to learn Arabic.

How to forget someone you're madly in love with?

joonaauwu’s Profile Photojoona
1. Raat 12 bajay uthain
2. Chinese kee talash main baahir jayein
3. Chowmein pack karwa kar layein
4. Wapis laa kar us par thoura aur soya sauce chirkain
5. YouTube par video lgaye jis main koi bnda bta raha hou kay pyramids aliens nay banaye hain
6. Ek raat kay liyay saray ghum bhoul jayien

Did anybody bought stuff from Shein? What was it and what was your opinion when the item arrived?

sds_mad’s Profile PhotoMisfit S
I’ve bought loads of things from shein, my wigs in my pics, my nails, clothes, even some things for my rabbits. It’s great for women’s clothes, the men’s is very limited tbh. I always check the reviews as a guide to size and quality because Chinese sizes are smaller etc but overall I haven’t had anything I disliked. Most stuff aswell comes within a week roughly even though it’s estimated much later. They also have some nice lingerie, I have quite a few sets of there and night-ware.

When you become highly fluent in a 2nd language do you start thinking in that language?

I spent my 3rd year of uni in Spain. I was sent to a little Andalusian village where nobody spoke English, and I very quickly realised I wasn't as proficient as I had thought I was. The first couple of months were really hard but by the end of the year I was thinking and dreaming in Spanish, and when I would call my parents (once a week from a pay phone at the time - I'm old!), I would sometimes struggle to find the English words.
It could depend on which language you're using more at that time. For example, I am trilingual. Back in my home country, I would think more in my native language. When I moved (to the US), I used the two other languages more so I would think in them more than my native language. I think the past few years though I think more in English. I'll think in my native language still from time to time, but I codeswitch a lot more often.
A lot of active listening really helped. Even tho at some point I understood like 60% of what was said it eventually let to me understanding most of the language and being able to use it with no problem. Took me about 4 years to get from a2/b1 to c2. I didn't deliberately try and listen to as much as possible but rather there was a lot on English speaking YouTube that I was into. I hope some of that comes in handy
I started thinking in Spanish as soon as I finished the beginning level (AKA year 1 of college). This didn't happen after I took a year of Mandarin, although I sometimes think of Chinese numbers first because somehow they became very solidified in my brain. Being fluent in 3 languages means I think in that language when I am surrounded by it or I think about things linked to that language (for example I think in my ML when thinking about my family, mostly french when thinking about work and almost completely in English when I'm on ASK). Personally with my Spanish, while nowhere near fluent, have been able to produce and carry very short conversations by linking my Spanish words to English words. I can connect a Spanish word to an object just as quickly as I can connect the Spanish word to the english word to the object, and i've not been able to just connect a Spanish word directly to an object. Not sure how that works but if it works it works.

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I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Thank you for being kind to ask. I'm doing alright, I actually just woke up. I'm pretty sure I'm going out for Chinese food later on today. Tbh I never get up early but I decided to. Coffee, a sore body, and on discord talking to friends. (Sore from the yoga I did last night lmaoo)
But overall, I'm doing good. I hope the same for you!!!

With summer (or winter) not too far away now, do you have any plans for the upcoming months? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not really. We have to make passport for my son so that we can visit my family in slovenia after the summer but no specific plans until then.
I am just trying to handle single parenting and housekeeping best i can, trying to keep daily contact with both families and to support my husband as he has goes through a big project in his career. Any time left i plan on spending learning chinese and french + i am deeply invested into psychology atm and i am learning a lot about specificaly personality disorders. Mainly BPD to be precise.
I am also eventually gonna continue my weightloss during summer but for the time being i am so preocupied with everything that i am just working on maintaining until i have time for exercise again. We used to go on walks a lot during winter but summer here is sooo hot that leaving the house is something we try to avoid :'D

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Suggest some good business ideas.🥺

City wise ya Country wise compare Kar Ke aur Demand check Kar Ke kafi kuch dhoond sakte ho.
Lahore main street Chinese food maine dekha popular tha Gujranwala main nahi. Aik Model town main Chinese Street food ke shop kholi. Bht chali
Asse he hota hai, big cities se small cities main woh cheezan le ao. Ya Dusre countries ka kuch idea Pakistan ke big cities main ley aao ✌️

my university is offering language courses as a subject (gpa will be included too) and the option is Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. which one should i go for?

Spanish ( cause if you go to USA 50% of them are Spanish)and it's also the 2nd language used there and Spain as usual
Arabic is ok if u wanna go for middle east
Chinese have 2 languages (Mandarin and Cantonese)
U can learn only 1 so less advantage

my university is offering language courses as a subject (gpa will be included too) and the option is Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. which one should i go for?

If you want to live in Pakistan always, then Arabic is a very good option it would be helpful (especially for us Muslim's) and maybe Chinese, but if you are ever planning to go to any European Country in future or to any American country then Spanish is the obvious option.

my university is offering language courses as a subject (gpa will be included too) and the option is Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. which one should i go for?

choose spanish or chinese.. if you want some edge over people of your age in practical life i-e CVs.
and choose arabic if you wanna see and learn your religion in a spiritual way.
choice is yours.
arabic does not help much in career, but it might clarify many things about religion.
but in both choices its you who need to decide what fruit are you craving for... now! 🌚🥀

Wie stehst du eigentlich zur politischen Lage in der VR China? Warst du schon einmal in der Volksrepublik oder der Republik China?

quetzop1’s Profile PhotoFritz-Ferdinand von Pinguin
Die KP Chinas unter Xi jinping ist pragmatischer und flexibler als der Westen und vor allem Russland mit seinem Krieg gegen die Ukraine. Xi jinping ist bei seinem Volk beliebt, weil er die wirtschaftliche Situation verbessert. Es wird sich auch zeigen wie lange die Chinese hinter Putin stehen. Denn Europa ist für China ein wichtiger Absatzmarkt, eine längerfristige Störung der Absatzmärkte wird den Chinesen nicht gefallen. Zumal die neue Seidenstraße auch die Ukraine betrifft.

Good it's roped of history needs to be protected! Venice the water city in Italy if you know it, it has so many tourists that it's sinking a few cm every year so sometimes 80% of the city is flooded. Pyramids chinese tourists write their names on so i think it's good to protect history

I agree. I did read about that. It’s nice in a sense that so many are interested in the history but sad that it does so much damage 🥺
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5 facts about you please 👀

1. As a child, when I heard the term "making babies", I was convinced they're making them out of plasticine.
2. I love onions and potatoes
3. My first big art success was achieved..by accident. I was 11 years old and it was to design a crest for my county. The school principle wanted me to submit a design, but I declined because I'd compete against adults. So to get me to do it, they've made it compulsory for all students to draw a crest, and then snatched my work and sent it off. The colours used for crests are limited, I used some brown which wasn't allowed, and at the last minute I was told to change it, so I changed it into black, which accidentally joined 2 motives together creating an interesting effect which captured the judge's attention. I won the competition.
4. My most interesting, physical finding was a ww2 bayonet with words engraved "ku krwi ojczyzny, 1942." (for the blood of the fatherland 1942). I've given it to the school's "museum" (we had a history classroom with all historic artefacts that anyone could find).
5. I hate Chinese food.

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Ate marie, natry niyo na po bang mag short hair yung elbow length, tapos naka bangs? Mukha ka po kasing koreana, sure akong bagay na bagay sayo yon 🥰.

Hello! 🥰
I really appreciate your message.
Hindi ko alam kung ganito yung bangs na tinutukoy mo but natry ko na din kasi ang iba’t-ibang style na bangs before bago humaba ang hair ko before Maraming style na ang pinagdadaanan neto.. 🤣
Half Chinese Half Filipina po ako. My mom is Filipina and my dad is Chinese. And I can speak Chinese din a little.. Pero separated na sila matagal na at lumaki na ako kina mommy at grandparents. 🥰
Well yeah! Hindi ko alam kung ganito ang style na tinutukoy mo pero sana nga ganito. Hehe! Salamat uleeeet! God bless! 🙏🏻♥️
Ate marie natry niyo na po bang mag short hair yung elbow length tapos naka

How many languages do you speak in what your main language what your others you speak in ?

missygls’s Profile Photo♡Gem♤
my mother tongue is spanish , I learned German when I was little but I forgot most of it 🤣🤣then I speak english and I more or less understand Italian and Portuguese cuz they are similar to spanish.
Also know a few things in polish lol and currently learning chinese 😅🤣

Do you eat again if you are still hungry after eating?

they say that usually happens after having a Chinese meal,
usually I would plan my meal in so far as I would know the amount and type of food to consume in order not to be hungry after a meal
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What do you make for guest if they are coming in iftari party

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Umm Chinese chicken pakorai I add carrot which cut into stripes, bell pepper which cut into stripes,cabbage pieces ,some boneless chicken salt pepper soya sauce besan fry it
2) diced apple ,grapes , banana pomegranate seeds salad in which 1 glass orange tang chat masala
3) rooh afza milk shake in which tsp tukh me balanga strawberry jelly pieces 😊
4) white sauce cream cheese pasta in which chicken pieces bell pepper fried 😊

Language: English