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lost_souls__’s Profile Photolost souls
White Noise (화이트 노이스), also stylized as WN, is a South Korean girl group under Mania Entertainment. The group consists of 11 members: Binna, Summer, Spring, Belle, Leewoo, Soleil, Spark, Nala, Punch, Kanae and Sooyun. They debuted on February 22, 2022 with their first mini album "Significance" with the title track "Dazzling".
b i n n a [kang solbin] by WeisesFrettchen | leader . main dancer . lead rapper . choreography leader
s u m m e r [song nara] by celestae | lead vocal . songwriter
s p r i n g [kang saebom] by Skotophobia | lead vocal . songwriting leader . composer
b e l l e [annabelle dupont] by -Nessaa- | main rapper . sub vocal . producing leader . songwriter
l e e w o o [lee woori] by solasta | main vocal . composing leader . songwriter
s o l e i l [ha yurim] by Eternal Daisy | lead dancer . lead vocal
n a l a [nam narae] by s e r a p h i c - | main vocal . sub rapper . visual
s p a r k [salonga tala] by BlueElixir | lead dancer . lead rapper . sub vocal . art director . choreographer
p u n c h [harada kaoru] by moonchildren | main rapper . choreographer . center . fotg
k a n a e [im kanae] by chaewon | lead dancer . sub vocal . visual
s o o y u n [hyun sooyun] by redamancy | main dancer . sub rapper . producer

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THE PACK - Positions

Zu den Positions wollte ich noch was erwähnen.
Also im Grunde hoffe ich erstmal, dass ihr alle zufrieden seid, mit den Positionen die euer OC bekommen hat. Das war mit eine der schwersten Entscheidungen.
Zum Anderen wollte ich die special Positions ansprechen und sie hier mal zusammenfassen.
THE PACK ist ja wie bekannt eine self producing group also haben wir folgende Special Positions:
Jaera + Nate: Main Producer - Die beiden sind eigentlich die Köpfe hinter den ganzen Songs und kümmern sich um alles Rund um Beats, Lyrics, Aufnahmen und Mischen der Songs
Yue: Producer - Yue ist sozusagen Producer im Training da sie zwar schon etwas Erfahrung hat, aber eben nicht so viel wie Jaera und Nate. Sie ist aber trotzdem fast immer mit von der Partie und lernt unglaublich viel. Sie schreibt vor Allem auch Lyrics.
Ilsung: Lyricist - Ilsung ist zwar nicht aktiv im Production Team, aber er schreibt mit die meisten der Lyrics mit.
Sam: Choreographer - Da Sam so unglaublich viel Erfahrung in dem Bereich hat ist sie diejenige, die jede Choreografie von THE PACK erstellt und diese dem Team auch beibringt.
Das heißt noch lange nicht, dass die Anderen nichts tun. Sie sind nur noch nicht so erfahren, wie die o.g.
Fast jeder von THE PACK beteiligt sich ab und an bei den Lyrics und oder versucht sich am Produzieren. Und das ist es was THE PACK ausmacht. Sie schlagen ein wie eine Bombe und wachsen mit der Zeit noch mehr.

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Shems parehas pala tayo ng bias. Haha. G lang. I love those who love Dioooooo. ❤️❤️❤️ I personally love The Eve. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Parang alam ninyo naman kumbakit? Hahahahahaha

josephinewinona’s Profile Photojowi ✧
HAHA of course😂 ewan ko sa choreographer bat ba ganun steps nun? Alam naman nating si Kai ay nagbabaga na mas lalong sinilaban at center pa siya sa chorus jusme
Shems parehas pala tayo ng bias Haha G lang I love those who love Dioooooo 

+3 answers in: “What song is stuck in your head today?”

Hey guys ! I wanted to know what you guys would be doing if you weren't idols . By the way , you guys are all amazing 💕

Jin - farmer or actor
V - farmer or saxophonist
Suga - producer
RM - probably working in office
Jimin - he doesnt know
Jungkook - athlete, maybe taekwondo player
J-Hope - professional choreographer or teacher

I hope one day Alden and Maine to practice and dance a ballroom kaso madalas eb babes at G force ang choreographer nila.

SHET THAT IS THE DREAM :((((((((((((((((((((((((( yung hindi pabebeng ballroom. KAYA NAMAN NILA EH I mean that AnSera prod tas yung New York Tokyo prod eme. Kayang-kaya talaga. Siguro time lang to practice those :(((

What do you hate the most in life? 😔 What kind off food do you like the most? 🍑🍒 What kind off job do you feel like its made for you? 😇

I hate liars and two faced people --..--
I'm a foodie 😍😍😍
I love junk food the most
but prefer dumplings and kattirolls
lastly dancing and singing is my fav
so choreographer
singer would be much appreciated 😅😅😅😘😘😘

Ur nickname in school ?❓Ur height❓Ur age❓Ur school/ university ?❓Ur best friend in school ?/?❓Ur gf/bf??❓Ur dream ❓ Ur fav singer in school ❓Ur fav player in school ? best memory of school ?❓mom or dad???❓

daffyduck12’s Profile PhotoDaphne Dias
Canossa High School! ❤?
There are many ?
Sanjana'S*,Navya, @Delainaferns , @daffyduck12 ?
Obviously MYSELF ?? then @Riya_1004 Rhea Noronha @KRebel2000

Love all your dances (you probs won't see this 😟) your the best choreographer ever! My question - if you could be one cast member for the day who would it be? Oh and if you answer this on Twitter pls tag me (@tns_ismylife) it would mean a LOT! TYSM Amy if h do read this!

TNSMAD_Victoria_Baldesarra’s Profile PhotoOlivia
I see them all and I would be Riley :-)

Do you know what countries will be added to the Wild Rythm Tour: Step 2....and what countries would you like to visit?

I would love to go anywhere in the world -- I am not going with the kids anymore.
It would be fun but Trevor is now choreographer of the tour. ALSO The tour is run by Family Channel so wherever they plan to go!

Palihug lng ug mag recruit nmog bag.ong dancers for FA dili ng sikat or gwapa/gwapo ha? Kana jung naay passion mu sayaw ug nindot tan.awun mu sayaw.

Ofc. Mao mn jd na gpangita sa among choreographer and ni sir roy, pero since wala na si sir roy and medyo busy na amo choreo, si ma'am vane najd. Dili mn tawn sikat/gwapa/gwapo among gpangita HAHAHAHA jusko! Iasa mna. Makaguba ranas sayaw hahahahaha. Ang tibuok FA , naningkamot jd na sila na masud sa 17 ka dancers na gpangita na sir roy over 78 ka dancers sa Dance Club sa HS dept.. Dili jd lalim ag auditions, pramis. Lucky lang jd ky mi kay nasud mis top 17 ni sir ug sa among choreographer. 😊👌

likers get tbh/note: Hey hafizzz!!Thanks for being such a great friend and dance choreographer during camp?by slaying during the performance & also the freestyle dance!!Continue to slay & stay cute with yr cool character!!?

k_tjw’s Profile Photokimmypoop
yeah thank u so much !! i actually didn't expect myself to go tht wild but hehe it was a great one ! ??

you look gorgeous........ isn't this the same red lipstick you wrote about in your first blog gifted you by your mom on your 18th? also, you are a choreographer for real?

No this time its a different lipcolour from a different brand.
Yeah, I am a dancer from last 15.5 years of my life.

Dil tau pagal hai, tum bhi pagal haiii :-D I've heard you dance really good and even a family choreographer on shadis. Koi trailer shrailer dikhao naa ;)

Are you out of your mind? I can't even dance, and I've never done that on my family weddings even.
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Làm sao để cool như chị Hành ạ? Và em cũng có hứng thú nhảy (chỉ là hứng thú thôi ạ, vì em biết cơ thể em không cho phép :v ) thì làm sao để nhảy đẹp hơn một tẹo ạ? :v

Chị k có mát em ơi lúc nào c cũng nóng hết c k thích mùa hè c thích mátttttt thích ĐL huhu :((
Tự tập đi em (y) Phòng ngủ chính là thiên đường luyện tập mà k sợ bị dòm ngó các kiểu con đà điểu (y) Trên Youtube nhiều clip lắm từ dễ tới khó, mình thích choreographer hay bài nào thì xem nhiều r múa may theo (y) Chị toàn v, mà c chủ yếu tập tutt ở nhà xong r nhìn ba c lâu lâu nhìn thấy c pose ở mấy thế như đang ngửi nách ấy huhu :'(
Làm sao để cool như chị Hành ạ
Và em cũng có hứng thú nhảy chỉ là hứng thú thôi

Hi, let's say that someone want's to audition to be a cast member of The Next Step, what does he/she has to do? Do you ask to every dance school if there is someone that want's to audition?

Generally Amy Wright, the casting director and supervising choreographer of the show, knows of people from dance studios in the Toronto area or from traveling to do workshops. I'm not sure how open a call she puts out. We've discussed doing more open calls in future seasons, but no plans yet.
Generally, you have to already have plenty of experience dancing and in competitions. :)

http://ask.fm/veronika2905982/answer/132752554539 Day 22: ♪BTS - Tomorrow (You can anserw with gif or pic) ❤

veronika2905982’s Profile Photo˜*-‘๑’-☠ Exo-L ♥ BTS ☠-‘๑’-*˜
That choreography though ???!! Their choreographer lets them to do too many body rolls ???!!
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QEame7_sCu8KamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 QEame7_sCu8KamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 QEame7_sCu8
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N6Z_qMhcSRsKamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 N6Z_qMhcSRsKamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 N6Z_qMhcSRs
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=neOdZM9WqI0KamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 neOdZM9WqI0KamilaCh’s Video 133034082331 neOdZM9WqI0
httpaskfmveronika2905982answer132752554539 Day 22 BTS  Tomorrow You can anserw

Is there a reason there was Easter eggs in the trailer, or is it just some weird coincidence they were in the background?

The trailers are edited knowing some details will be harder to spot. The guest choreographer in season 4 episode 3 was in the background of some quick shots and some people, but not many, noticed. But there are some details that are for fans to try to theorize what's happening.

You dont drink that's why girls? You should neither be addicted to drinking nor flirting with girls. You make your reputation go down that the people who dont even know you ,dont even want to know you coz of your image.

R u out of ur senses!! U asked me what do u like except sports and speaking!! So if I like girls it does not mean I flirt with them!! Look I am atlast a male and it's human psychology that males get attracted towards female!! Now if u have a different case I don't know!! Untick plz wanna know whose this!! Btw I am even a choreographer and I like dancing as well

you should stop dancing I hate you your hip hop class I can't wait till me contract ends cuz my money doesnt need to be spent on you your only 17 and u think you own the studio your dad should be teaching the class your not a read dancer u copy's other peoples choreography...I hope I ruined your day

Well i apologize that you feel this way, as I am trying to find solutions to improve my class and make it more enjoyable.
Given that my age doesn't matter, I was raised in the studio and that's the only reason I'm teaching at the age I currently am (which is actually 18).
My dad was initially teaching that class but got overwhelmed with the business side of the studio, that he asked me to take over it.
I spend thousands on top of thousands on my dance training, traveling to top of the line conventions almost every month. So no, I won't stop dancing because even if you think I'm horrible, "I" am very serious about my dance career and think I have what it takes to be great.
Lastly, I NEVER copy other people's choreography. I sometimes teach my students what I've learned at theses conventions so that they are learning what I'm learning, but I've always gave credit to the choreographer when I do. However, If you disagree I would appreciate if you gave me an example of when I "copied" someones choreography.
You slandering me, and my God given talent, just to "ruin my day", is:
1.) Below the bar
2.) Outright pitiful
But you're entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but instead of lashing back at you, I'm going to take this positively.
I'll improve my class.
I'll improve my talent.
I'll improve my humanity to respect others in their endeavors, and not criticize or try to bring them down over social media.
Thank you and have nice day ☺️

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Is ur dance crew famous? Who is in your dance crew? Where do you guys practice? When is ur next performance?

Wow lot of question
We will be famous🕶🕶📸
There's 7 of us dancers... 5boys and 2girls...and we have a teacher/
We use to practice at mount druit at some park.. Now we r renting out a studio in mount druit
Next performance is in June at a talent show....during that time we might dance in the public..maybe
Tune in guys if u wanna come watch!!!!!!

Kak,bangtan 15 th yg akan datang bakal gmn ya kira2? member yg bakal nikah duluan menurut kak ute siapa?

Jin, 41th: owner restoran BBQ di pinggiran kota seoul
Yoongi, 39th: goler-goleran di rumah sambil nyuruh-nyuruh anak istri
Hoseok, 38th: jadi choreographer gantiin sungdeuk ssaem
Namjoon, 38th: nulis buku poem berdasarkan pengalaman hidupnya yang penuh dengan asam garam kehidupan
Jimin, 37: udah punya anak cewe 1, cantik... Suka diajak jalan-jalan ke taman terus jimin digodain sama ibu-ibu lain soalnya papah muda ganteng
Taehyung, 37: jadi kolektor mobil mahal (kali ini bukan mobil mainan lagi, akhirnya mimpinya jadi kenyataan)
Jungkook, 35: masih berkelana mencari arti kehidupan


mereka kan emg tadinya cuma fighting choreographer aja trs dikasih screen time. oke lah, dia bisa bilang dia pernah main di one of the moat successful movie franchises of all time. lah lau pernah ngapain?

abg ank dancer ya, trus ktanya choreographer juga, dengar2 gosip dri semua ank ancer ktanya klo ngedance tu badan bg kyk cacing lenturnya, jelasin semua bg!

off anonnya dulu ya! emang iya. iya bg choreographer, alirannya tu (hiphop, ladies style, modern dance, heels dance), iya dk emang lentur, badan lentur tu dilatih, dulu sebelum bagusnya jdi dancer ni, bdan bg dulu kaku, latih1 sampai akhirnya hasilnya alhamdulillah!

Ni ask cyag number ato kay nabalaka ra cyag nakauli ba tong girl ga uban man silas ila choreographer ato nga time gkan ga inom and what he did kay ni grab cyag taxi for them kay that moment mulakaw sad sila, he let them rode the taxi first. Mao nay reason why he asked for the number that morning.

Why do you have to explain for him? HAHAHA You know what he told me? What's done is done so why bother right? Sagdi na cya. Hahaha or bsig imo rang glimpyo iyang ngan dris ask.fm nko. Nice try, bro. Di mn malimpyo iya ngan bsag kanus a bsag asa. Kinsay tarong nga taw makakitag puli dyun? OH GOD HAHAHAHA naa mn koy mga pagkuwang guro like atong ana cya nga kapoy daw ko ana2. But bsta in'ana ngita diayg puli dyun? Hehe hahahahaha. Can you stop asking na? Bsin maguba njd cya pagmaayo dri ba. Kapoy napud balik2 ana. In the first place, ug sa iya tan'aw wa cyay sayop edi iya gklaro tanan. Pasagdi na nah.

Tbh- useless ? youre really pretty and ur eyes are cool, best sense of humour, i like your xmas songs remixes eventho theyre sometimes scary and weird, best santa tell me choreographer and nice most of the time BBY GAL ?❤️

marie_hehehe’s Profile PhotoMARIE
thx useless child. hahaha i cant believe we said that at the same time like wow what were we thinking ?? gosh that was hilarious but thank youuu

kenapa vido setiap perform di istimewain mulu???,, yang beda sendiri lah,,, yang nari berdua mulu lahh.. apa karena kalian pacaran?????

di istimewain dari mananya ya? sama aja ko mungkin aku sama mas dodo kebetulan aja waktu itu pernah nari berdua jadi di percaya terus buat nari berdua, waktu hut inbox aku dipasangin nari sama ka ewin ultramen ko, mas dodonya sama silvi. dan kalo diistimewain mah engga lah toh kalo latihan aja aku kena omel mulu gara2 salah2 narinya, kalo diistimewain mah aku mau salah kaya apa ga bakal diomelin. di balik sesuksesan di atas panggung yang kita tampilin ada cerita di balik latihannya. choreographer tau gimana baiknya suatu pertunjukan yang baik, pasti semuanya udah dipikirin gimana gimananya makannya aku sama mas dodo yg di pasangin. bukan karena kita di istimewain atau karena pacaran.

If you have a YouTube account: Do you comment on a lot of YouTube videos or just watch them on there?.exe Do you also subscribe to people? Post a picture of some subscriptions (if you want).exe ^.^

(Sorry for off topic but it came to my mind)
Well, I read the comments to see what is up. I hate when I see the comments full of cultural appropriation especially when it comes to dance videos. Dancing is something that is spread throughout the world and shared with other dancers from all types of cultures. I don't think any one should speak when it comes to dancing unless you're a dancer or you understand the concept of dancing. Sometime, you may not know the choreographer who made the dance for the people. There are choreographers from different cultures. If they are letting their customers or whoever use the moves, then what is the big deal? Also, color doesn't determine one's culture. Also, I hate people who refer all blacks as Africans. No, they are not all African. There are black people who will straight up get mad at you for saying they are African because they are black. You know what? I am fine if they do that because you do deserve it for assuming. Swear I have a friend who is black and if you call her African American, she will straight up tell you off.
I don't subscribe to any. I subscribe to them in my head though.
Frankie J Grande, blndsundoll4mj, those buzzfeed channels, Sophia Grace, plenty of other artists who have music videos or their own channel, Haschak Sisters, FraulesGirl, autiefreestylefriday, Matt Steffanina, Larsen Thompson, 1Million Dance Studio, and tons of dance channels.

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https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=http%3A%2F%2Fonehallyu.com%2Ftopic%2F240171-game-what-kind-of-kpop-career-will-you-have%2F проходим,скриним,выкладываем.. кому интересно узнать мой результат пишите^^ Пы.сы.:надеюсь откроет

id213458969’s Profile PhotoАдский Фей Мин Хосок
клмпания: sm
колво мемберов: 11
позиция: lead vocal
жанр: alternative
коллаб с: cn blue
будет ли соло: yessss
скандал: nudes
годы активности: 4
после карьеры: choreographer
оч странно😂😂

Why don't you become a choreographer instead of dentist?😁or you can do a part-time job for choreographing steps. You're really good at it, that's why😁

ahahahaha well. that's my hobby I won't be getting professional in it 😂
Liked by: Ammar Jaffar

anh ơi, em rất thích thể loại anh đang nhãy, em xem youtube thì thấy anh ghi là choreography, mà e không hiểu choreography là gì vậy anh?

Hiểu theo 1 cách chính thống:
CHOREOGRAPHY KHÔNG PHẢI LÀ TÊN GỌI CỦA 1 THỂ LOẠI, nó chỉ đơn giản là 1 từ Tiếng Anh có nghĩa là : “art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation. “………..
Tức là một nghệ thuật thiết kế một chuỗi các động tác bao gồm sự di chuyển, hình dáng hoặc cả 2. Choreography cũng có nghĩa là 1 mẫu thiết kế của riêng bản thân nó, thỉnh thoảng thể hiện bởi những động tác, những điệu nhảy.
*Để hiểu đơn giản, thì CHOREOGRAPHY ám chỉ CÁCH THỨC để nhảy : Một dancer sẽ biên đạo (dựng) những động tác cố định trên nền 1 bài nhạc “có sẵn” mà họ muốn, các động tác được dựng tùy theo style và cảm nhận của người biên đạo sao cho họ thấy rằng phù hợp với suy nghĩ , tâm trạng và bài nhạc đó; bài nhạc có thể thuộc bất kì 1 thể loại nhạc nào. Một khi đã là nhảy theo những động tác đã được dựng sẵn theo bài nhạc có sẵn thì dĩ nhiên Choreo hoàn toàn không có battle FACE 2 FACE (mặt đối mặt ), mà chỉ có battle thông qua các bài biểu diễn SHOWCASE .
Khác với cách thức của các dòng nhảy hiphop old school ở chỗ nó đề cao việc FREE theo nhạc, các dancer sử dụng những Basic vốn có, khả năng bắt nhạc, phiêu và cảm nhận trên nền 1 bài nhạc hiphop bất kì nào đó thuộc thể loại của mình chứ không phải là 1 bài nhạc có sẵn với những động tác dựng sắn như choreography. Những dòng nhảy này cũng chú trọng nhiều hơn ( không phải là hoàn toàn ) vào battle FACE 2 FACE hơn là showcase .
Tuy nhiên có điều cần chú ý rằng nếu 1 nhóm nhảy BBOY hoặc POP …vv dựng bài gồm các động tác được thực hiện trên 1 nền nhạc có sẵn để BIỂU DIỄN trên sân khấu, thì khi đó họ cũng là những choreographer
Một số thắc mắc:Như trong các cuộc đấu giữa 2 team bboy , popping …vv thường cũng có những tổ hợp được dựng sẵn để đem ra sử dụng, tại sao đấy lại không phải là choreography ? ………Trả lời: tuy đó là những tổ hợp được dựng sẵn động tác NHƯNG lại ko phải trên 1 nền nhạc có sẵn. vì vậy nên đó ko phải là choreography
Ở VIỆT NAM, từ “choreography” được sử dụng như là 1 từ đại diện nhằm miêu tả cho 1 xu hương nhảy mới được du nhập. Nhưng sau một thời gian , nó bị lầm tưởng là tên của một thể loại nhảy mới Nếu như bạn là người biên đạo cho bài nhạc A, thì bạn được gọi là “choreographER” của bài A đó hoặc là bài A đó được biên đạo bởi bạn Biểu tượng cảm xúc grin
VD: Tôi dựng bài “ I never knew you “ của Jason Mraz thì tôi sẽ viết là
I never knew u – Jason Mraz / Choreographed by Long Oliver
Hoặc Choreographer : Long Oliver / I never knew u Jason Mraz
Còn bình thường, tôi chỉ đơn thuần được gọi là DANCER !
#2 : CHOREOGRAPHY MÀ TÔI ĐANG TẬP VÀ THEO ĐUỔI KHÔNG PHẢI LÀ HIPHOP (mong các reader để tâm, để nếu trong trường hợp ng khác có hỏi choreography dance là gì thì bạn hãy trả lời là ”biên đạo – biểu diễn”
- Nếu có bất kì 1 bài báo nào sử dụng những cụm từ như là “hip-hop choreography” hoặc “hip-ho

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Kak vicky, kalo disuruh milih. Kakak lebih pilih kerja sesuai dengan jurusan kakak skrng apa jadi dancer. Ans yah kak, sekalian sama alesannya. Oke ! Hehe

ita_ita98’s Profile PhotoIta Nuraeni
ini yang suka aku ributin sama pacar aku ahahha. pacar aku itu mau menghasilkan uang dengan cara yang dia suka. contohnya dia kan choreographer dia mau ya kerjanya disitu atau bisnis pokonya pekerjaan enak tapi penghasilannya banyak. ga mau sekedar jadi pegawai. beda lagi sama aku kalo aku itu juga maunya bisnis punya uang banyak dari hasil usaha kreatifitas sendiri bayar orang atau gaji orang. tapi balik lagi 1hal. nyokap gue sekolahin gue cape bgt pasti nyari duitnya kalo sekedar gue bisnis ngapain gue kuliah sampe skrg. lah laki gue enak bisa bayar kuliah pake duit sendiri jadi mau gimana seterah dia. tetep kalo kata aku mah kita harus coba yang namanya jadi pegawai kerja menurut jurusan kita, kita harus belajar di pimpin sebelum akhirnya mimpin. alangkah lebih bagus kalo kita jadi pegawai sembari bisnis. kan penghasilan jadi lbh banyak. kerja jadi pegawai juga sembaring berjaga2 kalo sewaktu waktu usahakita terjadi hal yg ga diinginkan (amit amit jabang bayi, jauh jauh jauh jauh jauh jauh huh)sebenernya kalo cari uang di dance juga lebih enak, tapi inget kita punya badan makin lama akan makin tua dan lemah sedangkan regenerasi bakal terus ada lama2 bisa tersisih. makannya aku pasti nyoba kerja sesuai jurusan dulu. itung itung pengalaman ehheheh 😊😊😊

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