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Какие сказки помнишь из детства?

Сексуальные, а вообще
"Гензель и Гретель" (Brüder Grimm)
"Красная Шапочка" (Brüder Grimm)
"Гуси-лебеди" (Hans Christian Andersen)
"Спящая красавица" (The Brothers Grimm)
"Король Лев" (Hans Christian Andersen)
"Красавица и чудовище" (Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont)
Краков – 12 июня, UTC +2
Какие сказки помнишь из детства

How would you describe your religious background?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
My parents are both Christian-- albeit, they have always had a rather liberal outlook on religion and aside from having me baptized as a baby, they never pushed their beliefs onto me. Regardless, I still identified as Christian for a long time, simply because it was the only religion I was familiar with.
These days I don't align myself with any one specific religion or faith. Though I do want to clarify that I am by no means an atheist, which is the conclusion folks often jump to when I tell them that I'm not religious. I have beliefs. However, I prefer to keep those beliefs close to my chest as I consider them to be deeply personal. 💜

Ok, noch keine Frage zu euren Oblivion Kiddies?Dat müssen wir ändern. Also fangen wir klassisch mit drei FunFacts und einem Moodboard an 😊⚔️

Jouluku’s Profile PhotoCaleb
Haben wir uns ein wenig zu sehr auf die erste oblivion related Frage hier gefreut? Vielleicht.
Zugegeben war das auch unser erstes mood board überhaupt, davor haben wir uns immer davor gegraut weil … ja, warum eigentlich? Im Endeffekt war es richtig lustig und ästhetisch gesehen total zufriedenstellend, am Ende das fertige Werk zu betrachten! Natürlich dürfen auch die drei fun facts nicht fehlen, die gingen genauso leicht von der Hand :D
👻 Sein Zweitname soll einen Bezug zu seinem Geburtsort, Kristiansand in Norwegen darstellen. Diese Stadt wurde nämlich von König Christian IV gegründet.
👻 Nils ist ein großer Supernatural Fan. Bevor er herausfand, dass er ein Halbgott ist, hatte er sich als kleiner Junge immer gefragt, ob Sam und Dean Winchester auch ihn aufsuchen würden um ihm zu sagen, dass er ein Dämon sei, weil er nicht verstand, was falsch mit ihm war und wieso er das Unglück regelrecht anzog.
👻 Seine Lieblingsband ist (na, wer kann es eventuell erraten?) die schwedische Band Ghost.
Und noch zwei facts, weil es so Spaß macht! u3u
👻 Hätte Nils einen Themesong wäre es Imperium von Ghost (natürlich von ihm selbst ausgesucht).
👻 Sein Celebrity Crush ist Matthew Lillard.

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Ok noch keine Frage zu euren Oblivion KiddiesDat müssen wir ändern Also fangen

My Christian boyfriend keep saying you don't have to wear hijab so should I stop wearing it?

He's not jealous. He should be, you're a thing to protect not to display. It doesn't matter if you're a Muslim or Christian.

Can a random action be replicated?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Its funny you ask this I was just thinking about this. Yesterday morning I turned my truck on after a dead battery it automatically
Tune to the Christian channel the exact fraze I was thinking of the pastor was saying freaky. I was wondering the odds of replicating that random act. Second is it a random act if its nearly impossible to replicate

Obg por sua visita, é sempre uma honra. Aproveitando: Na sua opinião, quem foi o melhor e o pior Batman? Pra mim o melhor foi Michael Keaton e o pior foi George Clooney.

Veio anoni mesmo?? ç.ç' Fico sem jeito com esses elogios. Fico feliz que se sinta assim sobre mim, agradeço muito.
E, bom, eu gosto bastante dos filmes do Batman, sempre gostei. Os meus preferidos são com o Christian Bale. E o que menos gostei também foi com o George Clooney.

> but what am I “using” it for? it’s just there - Irrelevant as far as the code (law) is concerned. > what about the farming right - There's a catch. You're not using it as farmland. Unless you start growing zucchini. Got a farming permit? 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Well, what if I get a goat? They eat the lawn and they’re badass. 🤣 Plus the Christian neighbor would probably be scared of it because Baphomet. 🤣🤣🤣💗

Welchen Anime schaust du? 🤙🏼

Aber viele verschiedene Dinge. Ich werde mich nicht erinnern. Muss mir meine Liste ansehen. =)
1). Nagagutsu o haita neko.
2). Marine Boy.
3). Flying Phantom Ship.
1). Hans Christian Andersons The Little Mermaid.
2). Candi Candi.
3). Goldorak.
4). Captain Future.
1). Golgo 13 Professional.
2). The Dagger of Kamui.
3). California Crisis.
4). Robot Carnival - Star Light Angel.
5). Kenya Boy.
6). Roots Search.
7). Urusei Yatsura.
8). Savior of the Earth.
9). The World of the talisman.
10). Dominion Tank Police.
11). C.O.P.S.
12). Last Unicorn.
1). Mad Bull 34.
2). Alien From The Darknes.
3). Mamono Hunter Youko.
4). Kite.
5). Street Fighter II.
1). Full Metal Panic!
2). The Animatrix.
3). Golgo 13.
1). Appleseed Alpha.
2). ...
1). Urusei Yatsura.
2). ...

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How traditional would you say you are?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hmm it’s hard to tell because the original Dutch traditions and culture haven’t really been around since about 1900.
I hold on to the traditions we sort of have though:
celebrating Kings Day: the birthday of the king. On this day everybody can set up a spot and sell some of their junk. It’s like a huge flee market all over the country. There are also festivals and it’s normal to dress in orange. 🧡
Kids do ‘Kings Play’ which is basically a sports day at school. Where they do an estafette with different activities.
Memorial day: 2 minutes of silence on the 4th of May, to remember those who died in the second world war.
Day of Freedom: 5th of May: celebrating that The Netherlands wasn’t occupied by the Germans anymore.
Then we have a bunch of Christian celebrations as traditional, like Easter and Christmas. I do not really celebrate it since I’m not a Christian, but we sort of have our own twist.

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How traditional would you say you are

jakie wizerunki polecasz?

Hmm jeśli chodzi o damskie to Suki Waterhouse, Jessica Chastain, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Taylor LaShae, Anya Taylor Joy, Debbie Harry, Olivia Cooke, Zoë Kravitz. A z męskich Bradley Cooper, Sam Claflin, Cody Fern, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale

Co myślisz o wyznawcach islamu? Mogłabyś wyznawać tą religię i chodzić ubrana zgodnie z kanonami wyznawców islamu?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Podoba mi się to, że nie wstydzą się przyznać do swojej wiary i bardziej przestrzegają jej zasad niż chrześcijanie. Nie mogę powiedzieć, że mogłabym wyznawać tą religię bo jestem chrześcijanką, ale Islam ma niektóre cechy wspólne z nią. Nie przeszkadza mi ich ubiór, u nas też kobiety zakrywają włosy (Christian veiling) chociaż nie jest to wymagane i było bardziej znane we wczesnym chrześcijaństwie. Bardzo podobają mi się też nasheedy (tak jak u nas pieśni religijne?) i zdarza mi się ich słuchać. Nie wiem jak to ująć, ale mają w sobie wiele energii, w porównaniu z naszymi. Nie mam nic przeciwko nim, każdy ma prawo wyboru. Po prostu okazuję szacunek tym, którzy mi też go okazują. Chorych fanatyków znajdziemy wszędzie, nie tylko w Islamie. Wstawiam też link, jest to nasheed, który naprawdę mi się spodobał.
https://youtu.be/tBbdSzwxqyY?si=ywy7FNuwD66SEIUGMelihaann’s Video 175792573380 tBbdSzwxqyYMelihaann’s Video 175792573380 tBbdSzwxqyY

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Melihaann’s Video 175792573380 tBbdSzwxqyYMelihaann’s Video 175792573380 tBbdSzwxqyY

Why are rabbits and eggs a symbol of Easter? It doesn’t make sense to me?

Because they weren't originally. Most of the Easter imagery actually comes from Ostara, which is a celebration of spring and fertility, of nature waking back up and beginning the cycle again. Eggs and rabbits are symbols of this as they represent birth and new beginnings. When Christianity started becoming more widespread, they didn't want people still practicing these pagan religions, but the people wouldn't stop so they co-opted most of the imagery so, that way, if people were still celebrating it was now "legitimised" and Christian. But underneath it all, it's still pagan and has nothing really to do with Christianity.

If you celebrate Easter, how do you usually do so? 🐣🍫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Since I’m not a Christian I don’t celebrate Easter. However, since they are official days off and my parents grew up this way, we always have Easter breakfasts and we gourmet at one of the two Easter days here.
We also always get a chocolate bunny and we eat chocolate eggs, but that already started in February lol.
This year I stay at my boyfriend’s house, we’re going out for dinner on Sunday. 😊

If you celebrate Easter, how do you usually do so? 🐣🍫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t celebrate Easter with my family because I’m not a Christian but I would say happy Easter if/when someone wishes me a happy Easter. I really like the vibes I get when people remind/tell me that it’s officially Easter as it makes me happy knowing that others are thinking about me and care enough to reach out during the holidays 🥰

Can you be my Anastasia Steel?

Tbh, I don’t think she was a great fit for the 50 shades of grey series since I felt little to no chemistry between the main characters and she never seemed genuinely interested in her partner. Christian Grey was great tho and his acting skills were amazing.

Do you believe in the importance of being baptized? Why or why not?

Yes because Baptism declares that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a public confession of your faith in, and commitment to, Jesus Christ. It is the next step after salvation through repentance and faith and is an important foundation for Christian life.

What genres and styles of music did your parents/guardians listen to when you were growing up? How much of an influence do you feel it had on your current music taste? 😌🎧🎶

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
My grandparents listened to a lotto oldies, some Beatles and Christian Country!
My mom and stepdad listened to more hip hop/rap/rock/dance kinda music!
Though I wouldn't say I have the "same" exact music taste as them (especially now lol 😝)... I do hold onto a few select songs, that were played quite a bit during our car travels, from my childhood ☺️
What genres and styles of music did your parentsguardians listen to when you
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Do you have any local holidays or minor days of note? Today it's "fettisdagen" in Sweden, when it's tradition to eat a semla, a certain kind of pastry 🥐🇸🇪

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, this week we had Pancake Day otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday which is the day before Lent starts in the Christian calendar if anyone participates in it (I don't), but is mostly an excuse to eat pancakes. Then the next day was Valentine's Day which I don't think I need to explain.
After that, we have St Patrick's Day in mid-March which is just an excuse to go drinking, and then Easter.

Spill the tea und her mit dem Gossip! Wer wäre der celebrity Crush deines demigods? 😍🤭

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ahhh, die Teenie-Schwarm Zeit, wie könnte man die vergessen. 😂💖 Ich dreade diese Frage immer, weil ich mich dafür mit Mainstream-Media der Zeit beschäftigen muss und schauen muss, was mein OC wohl so sehen würde on a daily basis... Aber für Erin fiel es mir überraschend leicht! :D
🖤 ihr Typ ist 'somewhat dark, somewhat babyface'
🖤 Keanu Reeves ist einer ihrer ältesten Crushes und sie hat Brotherhood of Justice sicher ein Dutzend mal gesehen. Life Under Water ist jedoch dabei, ihr Lieblings-Keanu-Film zu werden. Keanu ist auf jeden Fall Erins Crush Nr. 1, während Götterfunke spielt.
🖤 Seit dem Film Heathers hat Erin zudem (sehr ungesunde) Schmetterlinge im Bauch für Winona Ryder und Christian Slater 😂
🖤 Zwar mag sie Depeche Mode, aber bis vor kurzem hatte sie noch keinen Crush für Dave Gahan, Seitdem sie jedoch einen Livemitschnitt von einem Konzert gesehen hat, hat sie zu ihrer eigenen Verärgerung immer mal wieder Träume von ihm und spürt eine gewisse Zuneigung. 🤭
🖤 Und last but not least; Alyssa Milano fällt Erin seit wenigen Monaten immer öfter auf, wenn sie irgendwo auftaucht, interviewt wird oder sie einfach im Alltag über Fotos von ihr stolpert. Noch ist da kein richtiger Crush, aber Erin beginnt, alles mögliche von ihr zu sammeln, in einem Anflug von Do I want her or do I want to be her? (the answer is yes to both)
🖤 Als Autorin kann ich euch aber verraten, dass sowohl der Crush auf Alyssa und der auf Dave in den 90ern sehr stark werden wird, sollte sie so lange leben- so stark in fact, dass Keanu von Platz 1 vertrieben wird 😂 Erin gehört auch zu den Leuten, die ab der ersten Episode geradezu religiously Charmed schauen. Und sie liebt Daves verlotterte Era mit langen Haaren ab circa 1993 SEHR.

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Do you have any home videos from your childhood? If so, have you ever watched them back? Any memorable moments you can recall? 🎥📼

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Ooooh yeeeeah.... 😳😂 Some are QUITE THEATRICAL, lol.
I haven't watched any recently, but one of my favorites is one where I do a whole skit acting like a old grandma (grey hair, all hunched back with an old lady cane, lots of makeup and wrinkles, slightly gassy - had an electronic "fart machine" that would go off when I was walking, lol) for a birthday video that I made for my great grandmother when I was around 10, lol. At the end of the video I was talking to her about my new glasses, and telling her what they were (like she wouldn't even know already, lolol 😂)... Was humorous, to say the least!
Then, there was this other one, I was about 6 years old, and my grandparents and I would visit their house while it was being built! (My grandpa wanted to inspect the process - make sure it was all being done correctly)... In that video, it was evident that my grandpa was my best friend. I would always tug on his hand/shirt and ask him questions - random life questions, lol. And randomly in the video I would start singing old Christian hymns I learned from church!

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【︰】Tres actores o actrices que consideras deberían tener más reconocimiento.

Eclipse Games
• Keanu Reeves. Es un gran actor, una gran persona, un gran ser humano que se destaca sobre la gran mayoría de los demás. Es muy sencillo, está muy alejado de la controversia y ha tomado tanto el éxito como el fracaso con el mismo paso y, sobre todo, es agradable y fácil de identificar. También es muy versado en las artes marciales y en las armas de fuego, habiendo recibido un excelente entrenamiento para algunos de sus papeles, y así, es simplemente un malote. Amo su amabilidad, el amor sus fanáticos, en ayudar la naturaleza, pese a haber padecido ciertas desgracias, supo seguir siendo amable. • Ryan Reynolds. Siendo mi actor favorito este hombre tiene un humor bastante sarcástica y un tanto encantador, también hay que destacar que es buen actor. Es de esos que sabe hacer reír a los demás sin esforzarse demasiado. Y sí son de esos hombres que son ridículamente guapos. Sin duda Deadpool es muchísimo mejor que Linterna verde, sorry don't sorry. • Christian Bale. A ver, son de esos actores que han transformado su cuerpo hasta ciertos niveles para sus papeles. A él no le importa si su cuerpo queda gordo, él solo quiere interpretar a su personaje con mayor exactitud posible. Man, es increíble, es imparable.

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e thème du jour est: Le Petit Chaperon rouge

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Je n'ai jamais été une très grande fan des contes de Charles Perrault même si j'en apprécie certains. Je préfère largement ceux de Wilhem et Jacob Grimm et de Hans Christian Andersen.
e thème du jour est Le Petit Chaperon rouge

Kdo je Váš nejoblíbenější herec či herečka?

Herci:) naši:
Roden, Trojan starší, Vetchý:), Plesl, Finger.
Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, Depp a Hanks..
Herečky naše;
Cibulková, Bydžovská, Geislerova, Kameníkova, Judit Bárdos.
Jodie Foster, Annette Benning, Charlize Theron asi na další nepřijdu:)) 🤷🏻‍♀️
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What is your biggest pet peeve about Christianity and when it comes to Christian people, is there anything you dislike?

jeunchon’s Profile PhotoJeun Chon
I don’t have a problem with Christianity but I do have a problem with Christians who claim to be religious and wear the cross symbol thinking that it’ll save them yet, at the same time, they ask for nudes, have premarital relations or frequent one night stands, watch indecent videos/the hub regularly, belittle women and think that that’s ok. Deliberately sinning isn’t something a truly religious person would do.

What is your biggest pet peeve about Christianity and when it comes to Christian people, is there anything you dislike?

jeunchon’s Profile PhotoJeun Chon
The 3=1 deal.. the God is love God loves everyone God loves you nonsense because love (unlike mercy) is earned.. the original sin.. Jesus being a sacrifice.. believing heaven is earned merely by believing not by deeds.. the latter is the most destructive of course and it might be why most christians are completely comfortable being just a christian by name..

Don't worry, nothing happens, anyway it's not as true as you think it was just your perception and I respect it, but I'm generally not like that, let's leave it that way, blessings Juliey

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
I think I was not mistaken in my assessment of you. The fact is that you are trying to pass yourself off as a representative of a medieval knight of one of the orders of the Catholic Church, while demonstrating a desire to date me, given that I am a femboy, not a girl, which is directly contrary to the charter of any Christian knightly order. At the same time, you are talking about the possibility of your career as a model, which also does not fit into the charter of the knightly order. And your answers to most questions on Ask.fm make me think that your mental development is delayed, or, alternatively, that the photo does not belong to you, but to your older brother or a stranger, and you are actually no more than 10 years old.
Dont worry nothing happens anyway its not as true as you think it was just your

Tell me about your father.

He’s a Mexican Christian that listens to country music and goes to mega church. He’s a good guy but we couldn’t be more different. He wasn’t like that when I was a kid.
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I know that you do not celebrate it or believe in it as I believe, but out of simple love, affection and Christian solidarity on my part I wish you a beautiful, sanctified and precious Christmas 🎄😇 I send you a kiss and a big hug dear sister 🙌🏻🏻 🤲🏻🙏🏻💝

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
believe that I have Christian brothers. They have my love and pride
I wish them happiness and joy
I celebrated with them according to my birthday
But what our Arab and Muslim brothers are going through
It makes my smile mourn the lives of those who kill🇵🇸🇸🇩😢
I know that you do not celebrate it or believe in it as I believe but out of

Avez-vous déjà regarder "sauver où périr" sur Netflix ? Il est trop bien mais triste à la fois...

jeu_dangereux’s Profile PhotoManon
Bof, Pierre Niney....
Souvent le même jeu dans les mêmes productions françaises assez niaises, moralisatrices, accumulant les poncifs.
Je préfère éviter cet acteur comme la peste noire. De toute façon globalement le cinoche français actuel, c'est compliqué....Entre la énième "comédie" à la gomme de Frank Dubosc ou Dany Boon, Christian Clavier jouant un bourgeois raciste, un 75 ème film sur les banlieues, d'obscurs films d'auteurs à moins de 1 000 entrées en France...
Avezvous déjà regarder sauver où périr sur Netflix  
Il est trop bien mais

How many siblings do you have?

There are 4 of us in the family.My sister is the eldest from my stepfather’s first marriage,she lives in Italy and has a little 2-year-old son there.The middle sister is me,I will soon be 26 years old.There is another sister,she will be 24 years old soon.And she is the youngest, she goes to a Christian school,in the 4th grade.

What is the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam? My understanding as a Christian clueless about this topic is that Shias think their leader has to be a descendent of Muhammad (peace be upon him), Fatima and Ali’s descendants. Conversely, Sunnis think anyone can be the leader?

ConnorSchramm105’s Profile PhotoConnor
The core difference is their view of the prophet's family (Ahl al-Bayt) and his companions (Sahaba).. Shias believe Ahl al-Bayt are above the companions and that they're perfect and that they should have ruled starting with Ali but they took his right and Abu Bakr ruled instead which goes against what the prophet PBUH said.. the sunnies believe Ahl al-Bayt are as good as the companions and the sone of the companions are can even better and no one is perfect except for the prophet and that the prophet didn't say Ali should rule after him.. many shias (not all of them and I don't know if the majority does) speak ill of the companions especially Abu Bakr and Omar and the prophet's wife Aisha..
From the outside the sunnies sound more convincing if you go deep you know the shias got many things right.. starting with that the prophet wanted Ali to rule after him.. the sunnies say that they appreciate Ahl al-Bayt but they belittle their virtues in comparison to the virtues of the companions.. and while the claim of Ahl al-Bayt being perfect sounds like too much.. the sunnies have a more consequential and dangerous belief about the companions.. first of all they believe all those who became Muslims and have met the prophet are companions.. they are tens of thousands!! and all these tens of thousands are believed to be righteous and good.. they don't claim they're perfect but in practice they treat them specially like they are..
When Ali ruled one of the "companions" called Mu'awiya decided that he won't step down from governing the north because he wants Ali to kill the people who called the previous ruler first which was his cousin.. And Ali fought him but nobody won and over 70 thousand people were killed.. sunnies believe it's an unfortunate thing to happen between two companions.. shias believe Mu'awiya is an evil cunning man and people sunnies don't know how awful his action is because they don't comprehend Ali's place.. they've just boiled everyone to "sahaba".....

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É verdade que você esteve uma vez na casa de Putin?

The problem with all of humanity is that they are trying to get into places where they shouldn’t be.Helping is a good thing,but as far as my family is concerned,my mother or my father, perhaps my sister,aunts and uncles will help me with this.I want to explain to you,I have a large Christian family.I have 8 aunts and 4 uncles.If you collect them all,then I have 27 sisters,4 nieces,and 2 nephews.They are all from Crimea.
They all live in the countries of the European Union and Eurasia. What do you think, even if I was with them (which is not a fact), and they want to take me, do you think 27 sisters and brothers will not take me back to Europe?

Day 17 Citami un film sopravvalutato

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Ci tengo a specificare una cosa: ciò che rende un film sopravvalutato o sottovalutato non è la trama, non è il regista, la sceneggiatura oppure quanti attori famosi e bravi ci lavorano dietro, ma in particolar modo un film al giorno d'oggi viene etichettato in base al successo proposto all'interno dei social, attraverso i meme, azioni che alzano polveroni enormi che rendono i film sempre attuali. Quindi una premessa per arrivare al punto che uno dei film che trovo sopravvalutati è American Psycho, quel film è imbarazzante ragazzi, una parodia continua che mi porta a stimare Christian Bale per aver in qualche modo firmato un contratto di riconoscimento solo per quel film, del tipo: "Il tuo film preferito con Bale?" "American Psycho!!", quando in realtà ha lavorato duramente sacrificando la sua salute per altri film che non si è praticamente cagato nessuno dei giovani. Ma parlando del film American Psycho di Mary Harron è basato sul libro* di successo di Bret Easton Ellis, segue la storia del giovane Patrick Bateman, un banchiere di Wall Street che vive la sua vita senza curarsi del benessere degli altri. È spietato e privo di empatia, e i suoi hobby sono la violenza, i omicidi e il caos. Il film ha ricevuto recensioni contrastanti, con alcuni che lo hanno considerato un film profondo che esplora l'anima umana, e che lo hanno definito banale e superficiale, in mia opinione si, la trama è troppo banale e non ha un vero messaggio che valga la pena di condividere. La recitazione è la cosa che lo rende un buon film, ma non è un vero capolavoro come spesso ci è stato fatto credere.
* Ho letto il libro, non penso lo stesso del film. Il libro ti dà la possibilità di percepire un po' di più il passo del protagonista, ci sono più tratti della sua visione che nel film non sono presenti ma vengono troppo osati con l'espressività che io ritengo ancora una volta imbarazzante.

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Day 17 Citami un film sopravvalutato

Day 15 A chi daresti un Oscar e per quale film?

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Complicato, io di quest'anno mi porto la sconfitta per Jamie Lee Curtis, ha vinto si, ma in un ruolo che non le dà giustizia per la sua carriera. Vincitrice come miglior attrice non protagonista in Everything Everywhere All at Once, che per quanto sia il mio preferito, non le rende giustizia per il ruolo. Altro ancora potrei dare un Oscar a Martin Scorsese per il film "The Irishman". Questo film porta in scena le vicende di Frank Sheeran, un ex soldato della Seconda Guerra Mondiale diventato un killer professionista per conto della mafia italiana di Filadelfia. Il film è una grande produzione con un cast di fama che include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino e Joe Pesci, e un'ottima regia e fotografia che rendono questo film un'ottima opera d'arte e del cinema. Lo darei al film "The Dark Knight" del 2008, con Heath Ledger e Christian Bale. Questo film ha una grande storia, un cast di talento e una regia potente, ed è un grande esempio di come il cinema possa essere anche intrattenimento di qualità. Christian Bale è stato fantastico nel ruolo di Batman, e Heath Ledger ha dato una prestazione impressionante e indimenticabile nel ruolo del Joker. È un film che merita il recognition, quindi se dovessi dare un Oscar, lo darei a questo. Lo darei alla signora Octavia Spencer per il suo lavoro in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", un film che è un'importante cronaca del razzismo e della discriminazione contro la gente di colore in America, e della loro lotta per i diritti. La signora Spencer ha recitato nel ruolo di "Ma Rainey" con un talento e una bravura eccezionale, e mi ha commossa e ispirata con la sua interpretazione. A volte gli Oscar perdono un pezzo fondamentale del cinema, trascurando la vera interpretazione.

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Day 15 A chi daresti un Oscar e per quale film

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