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How were you managing o levels last time at this time of the year? And what about studying with sir imran,plz i need help, I'm suffering

I would be honest. At this time, I did not know shit. I remember I skipped the mocks in the beginning of April because I knew i wasn't in a position to take them.
My advice to you is if you really really want straight A's then start giving maximum time right now. It is possible that you end up finishing the course earlier than expected so you can relax in the last days.
If you go to school then please do not neglect what you are being taught at school and try to cope up with Sir Imran's academy as well as the school.
And If you don't go to school, then PLEASE do the classifieds of the respctive chapter the moment sir finishes the chapter because it takes long to finish the course at the academy so its better you do everything side by side to lessen your burden. Don't leave past papers for the end, at the end of the day the past papers practice is what determines your grade.
Lastly, don't worry you still have time if you study well. Don't fret!
Good luck.

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Hi Sunneith! When did you start doing harsh vocals ? How did you learn all these vocal techniques ? Did you have stage fright when you first started ? How are you trying to push your singing now ?

Hey man. I think when I was about 16-17. I sounded like shit back then and continued to for a few years that followed. I put up an ad on Gigpad in the classifieds and received an email from Amidstya asking if I want to audition. When I auditioned for Amidst the chaos, I auditioned without a mic haha. It was pretty ridiculous. Then Amidstya and Neeraj (Ex-Belial) broke into Painkiller and I tried to do a bullshit falsetto on the song and that was oddly what got me another jam. Like I said, ridiculous. Most of what I tried to do back then was try to sound like Phil Anselmo, and later Randy Blythe. This is very evident on the first Amidst the Chaos EP 'In labour' and even 'Catharsis'. I can't listen to those songs without cringing really hard.
Amidst the Chaos played this show in Vashi called Valentine's massacre - our fourth or fifth show. Sahil was doing sound for the bands and we were soundchecking. After all the instruments were done, he asked me to scream into the mic, and when I did, Sahil had that look on his face like he stepped on day-old shit haha. "That's as loud as you'll get? Go louder.". He asked the singer from Redemption to scream into the mic for me. We played the show and after, I remember going back home that night to read the "reviews" on Gigpad like we did back in the day, and Sahil wrote something to the effect of 'Vocalist is weak'. He was spot on and I remember that making me sad but also knowing that it was the truth. I didn't have a technique in place back then. Pure emulation.
A few years passed and my voice changed. I started trying out different styles. Most of what I was trying to do is hit the lower registers, and that wasn't giving me a lot of volume. I started going higher and that changed a lot of things for me. Then I discovered Zen of screaming. That's how I learned about fry and false chord. I still do those exercises; they're very useful before recordings and shows.
I still have stage fright. The first show was a nightmare and I don't remember being that uncomfortable or scared since. RAIT 2004-5 I think.
I am not really trying to push myself when it comes to harsh vocals. I am in a fairly comfortable space, and at 31 there's not much that you can change about your voice. This is what I sound like and I am happy with that. What ever variations I want to add to my voice I do with the pitched screams and alternating between lows and mids. I've stopped doing those high shrieks because they annoy me now. As far as clean singing goes, I know I don't have the widest range. Again, at 31, there's not a lot that can change about your voice. I am comfortable with what I can do and have made my peace with what I can't. All I really want to do for as long as I have a voice is to write memorable vocal melodies.

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what will you do if ua parents kicked u out of the house ? How will u live ? will u start a new life ? ( no-studies , no-money, nothng - ull be der vth a bag vch if full of cloths nd some snacks)

I can survive. Go through the classifieds for a job, crash at my friend's house, plus, i can cook, so yea, i can survive. i am cute enough to worm my way to success. ;) :P

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Um anônimo me pediu para te perguntar a seguinte coisa, Lexie: "O que você acha do debut solo da CL na América?".

Acho que já está na hora de sair, hein?! n Obviamente fiquei super contente quando a notícia finalmente foi confirmada! Não somente por ser fã, mas sim por ela. Conseguir alcançar o mundo e conquistar as pessoas através de sua música é o maior sonho da CL, então com certeza não poderia ter outra reação. Embora eu goste bastante de ver minhas quatro meninas juntas - e tenha a impressão de que a CL sente-se muito mais à vontade ao lado delas -, não deixaria de apoiar esse solo de forma alguma. Já vi muitos CLassifieds que não apoiam porque dizem que ela mudou bastante, mas sabemos que, embora seu modo de se vestir tenha mudado, no fundo ela continua a mesma. Além disso, não só a CL fica ainda mais conhecida pela América e até mesmo pela Europa, como o 2NE1 também, não é algo que vai beneficiar somente ela. Agora, como realmente será esse debut, teremos que esperar para ver. Não dá pra dizer se vou gostar ou não (embora minhas expectativas estejam lá em cima e eu esteja ansiosíssima para ver como vai sair esse trabalho dela com o Jack Ü) até ouvir de fato. Estou bastante ansiosa por esse álbum, às vezes a @euaerinz é quem tem que ouvir minhas reclamações e me acalmar, porque essa demora não 'tá dando, gente! HAUAHAU Mas sei que isso tudo é porque ela quer fazer algo que fique incrivelmente bom e que deixe nós, fãs, felizes e - ainda mais - orgulhosos!

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Um anônimo me pediu para te perguntar a seguinte coisa Lexie O que você acha do

chaaaaang, i'm a bit nervous for college since i'll be studying 2 islands away from home. :c can you give me advices to me? about proper spending, life hacks, or idk, just stuff to help me survive for 4 years huhu

hi anon! don't be nervous :> it'll be normal to be homesick at first (or to be homesick two years into it lmao), but a few good friends will get you through it! and it's also ok if you don't have many friends at first, or if you make some friends but then realize that they aren't for you! college is a big mess of people and most of them you won't have constant interaction with for all four years. idk if you're the type to be ok with roommates, but if you are i definitely recommend moving in with a good friend instead of say a total stranger who you pulled off of classifieds uwu it's also good to Really Work on relationships. like people drift away easily in life but esp during college!! so sometimes you have to make the effort to reach out to an old friend and drag her out for lunch uwu
also before you go to college LEARN SOME 5-MINUTE RECIPES featuring ingredients that are easily frozen/found in the pantry, bc otherwise you're going to live off a diet of instant noodles during year-ends and that is not pleasant = = on that note buy a lot of tupperware and cook a lot when you're free so you can freeze everything for when you're busy and stressed and malnourished!
it's helpful i think to always use cash, esp for things like groceries/eating out/treating yourself instead of credit/debit bc that way you visualize better track of how much you're spending and how fast you're spending it.
it's also important not to procrastinate and to pace yourself! and also to realize your limits and not to over-estimate yourself! also communication is so important! don't be afraid of faculty/staff. people are generally there to help you! and if they aren't helpful you just aren't with the right person uwu
idk what else i can rly tell you to help you along................... i think this phase of yr life is rly something that you have to experience first hand and no amount of advice from me will rly help you, sadly ): but if you ever run into trouble i'll be around to lend a shoulder!

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total value of SR370 billion, a first of its kind research conducted by dubizzle – the leading classifieds website in the Middle East and North Africa, revealed on Tuesday. ------------- دراسة تقول أن في المملكة العربية السعودية أغراض منزلية غير مستخدمة تساوي في قيمتها 370 مليار ريال. رأيك ؟

glalo’s Profile Photoحَآكّم
ايوا الله صادقين ، لو ابيع الاشياء اللي مانستدخمها في المطبخ جابت مليون :)

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Hallo selamat malam Bryan Domani. Boleh Minta biodata lengkap? Nama Lengkap, Hobby, Nama Sekolah, Tinggi Badan, Berat Badan dll :-) Kamu Orang pertama yang ingin Kita Post Di Top Pop Teens Indonesia. Bantu Promote dan request ya..

Top Pop Teens Indonesia
Full Name: Bryan Elmi Domani
Nickname: BD (read bidi)
City of Birth: Munich, Germany
Date of Birth: 29 July 2000
Zodiac: Leo
Religion: Islam
School: Universal Junior High School, Kelapa Gading
Hobbies: Art & Sport
Name of Father: Jurgen Domani
Mother's name: Ade Domani
Sister Name: Megan Anita Domani
Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, & Yellow
Food Likes: Pete & Chips
Food Not Likes: Rice (His name is also Bulee) * said the hell sticky
Idols: Bruno Mars
Favorite song: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
Profession: Singer & Model
Posted: Frozen Milkuat
Career: Following Ads Classifieds & Modelling
Travel Career: Create a song Sekuta Champion Bali
Experience: Starring Ads & Become A Model of Ramayana Shirts
Drama: FTV
Twitter: @ BryanDomani_S7
Fans Name: AlwaysBd

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How old were you when you got your golden retriever? How did he come into your life? It's so sweet how much you love him!

I just turned 8 years sold, and my first golden before him had to be put down, she had a tumor that was cancer on her hip and they removed it but it had spread to her brain and she became epileptic.. So after she battled epilepsy and brain cancer for 2 almost 3 years she had a really bad seizer that lasted 45 minutes and after she didn't get up. She was still alive but my dad and I made the right decision and had her put to sleep to end her miserable battles. She passed away on the 11th of January my dads birthday.. But we wanted some time to grieve before we got a new pup. So February 1st my dad told me to start looking. We tried to rescue but they said we were on a list of 205 people and we were number 146.. So my dad told me to look on the Arizona classifieds online, he told me no more than 500 for a puppy. And I found Brady's litter pictures and I honestly fell in love. So we called and she said she only had 2 males left and that she would hold them until we could get out to her big ranch out in carefree on the upcoming Saturday. So, that Saturday came and I was so excited. But I was nervous about picking the wrong one. Once we got there she opened up her big gate and his parents were already outside, his mom was beautiful and so was his dad. She told me to close my eyes and to kneel down. And then all of a sudden I hear a door open then shut. And these three adorable little balls of golden fur were on my lap. There was a little girl that her daughter wanted so she wasn't for sale. But then there were these two boy puppies. One was a little bigger than the other, so I gravitated more towards him but he didn't want anything to do with me. But I'm very persistent and kept trying, but that whole time my dog Brady was trying to get my attention he wouldn't let me get away so finally my parents said "Linds, why don't you try bonding with him. He seems to really like you." So I sat down on the ground and put him in my lap and held him like a baby. And he looked into my eyes with his big brown eyes and his little heart shaped nose and that was it. My heart was his, and his heart was mine. So after an hour of what people call bonding time it was time to go. And as we left the ranch and closed the big gate he stood at the gate and cried because he wanted to go home with us right then. But I was supposed to wait 2 weeks until my dad got paid again to pick him up, but the Monday after I picked him out. My dad surprised me when he picked me up. He told me to put my back pack in the way back of the SUV, and that we were going to stop at Mcdonalds on the way to my surprise. Because I was 8, I really didn't have a clue where we were going. But once we pulled up to the ranch I screamed and my dad said surprise he's coming home today. I don't think I have ever been so happy before. And he's been my baby ever since ☺️❤️

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How old were you when you got your golden retriever How did he come into your

Hello :-) So it is true that Robert sold his house .. Because I read an interview in the magazine Elle. replied that seeks a new house, watching by online classifieds and go to the houses and watch....But Kris did not say a word, so probably looking for house to myself :-(

Hi:) Yeah for privacy, and i think it's a good idea.

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