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*she chuckles slightly* "I always told you guys I'm half angel, my celestial aura has begun to develop. Also I think only you got spooked, Dream just looks excited." *she can send the kid to hell now for several hours so*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Oh dear God..admin..
*Admin yes*
XCH: *comes in a cloud* MY QUEEN!
Cr: NOOOO!!! *he starts crying lmao* WHHYYYYY!!!! CURSE YOU REALITY!!!

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Da się dokupić do telefonu pamięć?

miki4570’s Profile PhotoRafał
Oczywiście, że tak. Kupujesz telefon z większą pamięcią. Kartę SD można wsadzić do telefonu. Masz w telefonie wejście na karty.
Dużo jest rodzai kart SD, nie każda będzie się super nadawać.
Ja oprócz karty SD mam jeszcze dysk zewnętrzny oraz pendrive.
Nie trzymam wszystkiego na telefonie. Jakbym zalała lub zgubiła telefon to nic bym nie straciła, jedynie zdjęcia, które gdzieś tam zrobiłam.
Opłacam co miesiąc pakiet adobe cloud, więc tam też mam sporo pamięci do wykorzystania.
Sama też mam niezłą pamięć.
Pozdrawiam 😁

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Da się dokupić do telefonu pamięć

What makes you sad? Why?

Willful ignorance. Every human being is capable of amazing things but so many of them refuse to learn anything, even when a opportunity comes to them. It saddens me that we have so many wasted humans. Knowing that time, the only resource that matters for a human, is constantly running out, and that nobody knows when that timer will strike 0. That everything I ever do might lead me into resignation and settling for a miserable career choice, miserable job, miserable everyday that from start to finnish is just a waste of valuable time that could've been used for something more fulfilling.
The fact that all the happiest parts of our childhood are almost non-existent now. For example, McDonald's no longer has Hamburger chairs and Nintendo 64's. We knew it was bound to change, but I didn't expect the whole modernization- rather, only upgrades to the Wii, Wiiu, etc. McDonald's is just an example of one of many things where the childlike imagination is gone. POOF.
Things I'm genuinely nostalgic about, like Calvin and Hobbes. It's not really in my emotional wheelhouse but I just rode that Calvin and Hobbes nostalgia toboggan all the way up offensive wallpapers and now I feel bad. But also, you can enjoy them all over again as an adult once you realize stuff like they're not talking about Santa, they're talking about God.
A cold, lonely winter night; all silent, save for the slight whisper of wind between the trees. A blanket of heavy snow covers the ground at your feet, weighs down leafless branches, drifts across our face and shoes. The stars are bight tonight, clear and calling with their voiceless twinkle, fading in and out with the wisps of cloud that roll across the blackness. Your toes are getting cold, numb, but you don't care, you just drink in the peaceful loneliness of the night.
Christmas. It was so magical as a kid, and it is still fun now as an adult but every Christmas I remember how great it was when I was a kid and it is kind of sad because it's not the same. I'm just happy I have my own kid now. He's not old enough to understand Christmas yet but in a couple of years I will be excited to see him get excited about Christmas.
Nothing sends me into a rabbit hole of twirling emotions like the youtube. I go over there to watch a movie trailer next thing I know I'm seeing some crippled child with the voice of an angel belting out a tune on America's got talent and I've got tears rolling down my face. This is probably the happiest I'll ever be in my life. I'm 28, off work and school for a year, and doing 6 months of chemo, and even though I'm just really happy to be alive right now I'm pretty sure this is the main highlight of my life and it's all going to be downhill from here.

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How often do you go on vacation? How's your life style?

Freelancing is a lifestyle you have to build. You probably aren't going to have the perfect system of recurring work and high-paying gigs lined up right away. Don't expect any vacations the first year, maybe 2 depending on your level and skill set. I was freelancing and took plenty of long weekends off, but could never really afford big travel plans. I was making ok money but there was always the looming cloud of having to get more work lined up. I hated the constant sales and self-promotion. So I ended up joining an agency that's really flexible and now I'm happier focusing on completing the projects instead of trying to secure my next meal ticket. Freelancing just wasn't for me. On the other hand, I have a friend who's been freelancing for 5 years now, gets calls constantly from a bunch of major agencies, signs 6 figure contracts for a few months of work, and schedules minimum 3 weeks between projects. He has a very specific and high-demand skill set and has built a network of clients. He's set and typically seems happy with his work life. I try to have as many days off as my full-time job counterparts. So the same national holidays, the same amount of vacation. The difference is I'm not getting paid for any of this. Yet, if you compare my hourly rates, lack of commute, never being sick (truly, most likely because I am not with sick people at the office or the bus) I probably come even. But I try not to count too much for sanity. Last year was the first time ever I took three weeks off in summer and went abroad. The longest streak of vacation I had before (full-time job or freelancing) was two weeks. I have to say three weeks was great and I plan to repeat that. Now, all the time. Just got back from the Bahamas, going to Disney World with my nieces in August, and going to London in September. (This year is kind of a fluke. Before this year I only went on "vacations" to visit family.) However, it took awhile before getting to that point to establish consistent, regular income. And even when I'm on "vacation", I'm usually working. So they're more working vacations than anything.
I recently took a month off on holiday, in part just because I was feeling a little burnt out. Before I went I emailed all my clients to explain that I was going away and I offered to get all of that month's work done in advance for them before I left. The majority agreed, and so I had one hectic month followed by a month off - and that worked out fine for me. YMMV.
Generally once a year, varying in length. This year I took an 10-day vacation, but there was plenty of stress leading up to it. The evening before is generally an all-nighter. I like vacations but sometimes they really put the stress on. However, my wife really likes to travel so I compromise.

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Has recibido una pregunta personal de @villalobosij: “Por extensión, se llama susurro al sonido de poca intensidad que realizan ciertas cosas o personas. ¿Es de mala educación hablar con susurros?”

"The Artist" by Nico, Photography by Tetiana Shyshkina
The artist moves her brush back and forth,
as the thistle whispers silently against the canvas
A touch of blue and white,
a touch of yellow to show the sky so bright
An angry cloud off in the distance,
a rolling wave crashing on the shore
Calling her name as her hand moves in silent patterns,
back and forth in a rhythmic motif
Circular motions twisting and turning,
as the image slowly forms distant yet near,
Ever slowly coming into view,
crystalline as her hands quietly guiding and gliding
The artist, a steady force that controls and dominates,
her willingness to reveal what her mind perceives
Show yourself to the world so that they too can admire your exquisite beauty,
and see what I see in my own minds view

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Has recibido una pregunta personal de villalobosij Por extensión se llama

Do you think getting attached is all in your nature or did early experiences losing things that mattered to you contribute to it?

DaniyalKhokhar’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Khokhar
All I know is that the more I lost people the more I craved that attention and love so whenever a new one showed that affection/care/love to me? I became addicted to it for a while, that's the attachment phase. That's when you get it and you're on cloud nine of good emotions, you may confuse it with infatuation and love too.
phir comes time when the other one starts showing you less, once again the hurt's back but this time you get hurt more because it wasn't easy for you to open up to someone and now when they're tired of you and your exaggerated emotions, they'll leave.
CycLe repEats itSelf sO wHat Were we toLd?

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who knows the real you? 🌚🥀

mahnoorjadoon7’s Profile Photo✨ E N C H A N T R E S S✨
Sometimes I'm a tree that provides shelter, 🌳
Sometimes I'm a mushroom that poison the others. 🍄
Sometimes I'm a flower that attract everyone, 🌷
Sometimes I'm a thron that hurt everyone.
Sometimes I shine as the sun, ☀️
Sometimes I hide behind the cloud as the moon. 🌙
Sometimes I forgive because religion asked so,
Sometimes I take revenge because heart asked so. 🖤
Sometimes I hug when I don't want to see their tears,
Sometimes I say harsh words to watch those tears.
How amusing can one be,
As the heart keeps all these traits. ♡

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a few poetry lines? 💕

malaecayy’s Profile PhotoMalaika
This is for someone "Rare"
Let's walk hand in hand tonight.
Let's seize the breeze tonight.
Let the storm be the norm.
Feel the drizzle as the mizzle.
Hear the thunder exclaims wonder,
See the cloud, reflect proud.
No birds no stars, feel free erase scars.
Let the shower flow the power, be the odour of the flower.
It's raining Ali, stay calm!
Be assure, words are a balm...

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Do you consider lightning to be supernatural?

HosaiE’s Profile PhotoGhostsAndVeils
No. It's actually a thing created by certain events which has been tested and proven by scientists and meteorologist in the past. is a fact not a theory factual thing & event. Lightning is anelectrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Most lightning occurs within the clouds. This heat causes surrounding air to rapidly expand and vibrate, which creates the pealing thunder we hear a short time after seeing a lightning flash. As the storm moves over the ground, the strong negative charge in the cloud attracts positive charges in the ground.

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Do you consider lightning to be supernatural

What is happiness for you?🙃

saudrehman’s Profile PhotoSaud Rehman ._.
Blue skies with not a cloud in sight, feeling the warmth of sunshine on your skin, listening to the lapping of waves by the sea, the feel of grass or sand beneath your feet, the colours of autumn, the sound of wildlife (and seeing them!), cuddles with my dogs, seeing other dogs come up to me to be petted, animals in general, listening to music that makes you feel good, melodies that touch the soul, the satisfaction of reading a good book, watching a film that leaves you inspired, that first sip of Earl grey tea, the warmth of a good coffee, visiting museums and galleries, travelling in London, sightseeing, taking photographs, the innate sense of calm while creating, listening to audiobooks while painting, laughs with my family, feeling emotionally connected to others, etc! 🌸🌿🌊

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What is happiness for you

How comfy would you say that your own bed is? How thick are your sheets, mattress cover etc.? Is there anything you'd want to improve about it? 🛏😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
It's not the best bed in the World, it's just a standard mattress, albeit a fairly good one, but it's not pocket-sprung or anything like that. It's quite firm though, which is what I like.
However, I recently added a 5cm thick mattress topper to it, and it has totally transformed it. It's like sleeping on a cloud! I definitely recommend these, and they're much cooler than memory foam toppers which I'm not a fan of:
Best £23 I ever spent (sign up to their emails get a discount off first order).

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Sé sincero/a: En la actualidad y según tus posibilidades, ¿de qué podrías darme trabajo? En el caso que te lo pida y tú quieras ayudarme. Si es complejo, especifica detallando cada punto. Saludos a todos, en especial a los nuevos usuarios que agregué. :3

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
@TrollearNEF Si tienes conocimientos para trabajar en grupos de colaboración con Google Apps Script para la creación y publicación de complementos para Documentos, Hojas de cálculo, Presentaciones, Gmail, Calendar y Drive en computadoras de escritorio y dispositivos móviles, Apps Script es una lenguaje de scripting para el desarrollo de aplicaciones ligeras basadas en Javascript 1.6 con algunas partes de 1.7 y 1.8 y proporciona un subconjunto de la API ECMAScript 5 ejecutado en Google Cloud.

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➥ What do your powers, if you have any and/or magic look like? Describe colours, smells, physical sensations, aesthetics etc.

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
Some call it "the eagle vision", other Assassins just call it their "talent". This particular skill is in our blood line, not every Assassin possesses this ability. But in a sense, you could describe it as a better eye sight, much like a sixth sense. You see the world differently, in black and white mostly. Those who possess this vision are able to instinctively sense how people and objects relate to them, which is shown as a colored glow... uh, just like an aura? Red is for enemies, for example. Blue indicates allies, white is mostly uninteresting and sometimes an opportunity for sources of information orhiding spots, but almost everything... is white and grey or black. Buildings, furniture, civilians- it shows me what's important for survival and what's not. However, the colors are important, especially gold because it indicates targets or objects of interest. I can "mark" targets from very long distances, see the way they went, see them through their own home walls. (No, thankfully I can't see through clothes.) But feelings can influence this sight, so it happened that I got fooled a few times, seeing a supposedly ally in blue who turns out to be an enemy later. That's why the Assassins keep telling you that it's important to not let feelings get in the way of the mission or cloud your judgement. It's a very useful ability.

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Would you say you're any good at geography? If you have the time and will, I'd happily challenge you to do a Seterra test of your choosing and post the results here. Let's see how well you know the US states, countries of Europe etc.! (You can easily find those at online.seterra.com) 🌍🖱

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
We never did that kind of stuff in Geography in school. It was all about things like riverside scree, or a guy in a poor area in Africa attempting to train as an engineer, or map contour lines, or wind speed and direction and cloud formations.

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What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
I dreamt that I was viewing my city from the top most roof of a skyscraper and a missile came and hit the city. It was a nuclear attack, with the typical “mushroom cloud” forming across the horizon and i was stoned to death thinking if i were in the 50 km radius of the strike-zone(because they say everything gets sublimed that’s within a 50km radius in 30-60 seconds). When i wokeup my heartrate was over 100 and i was sweating as if i were jogging. That was by far the worst nightmare i ever had.

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مهندس ما هي تفرعات شهادة CCNA ؟

CCENT - مناسبة للمبتدئينCCT - مناسبة للمهندسينCCDA - مختصة بالتصاميمCCNA Cloud - لمهندسي الشبكات السحابية وما يتعلق بها
CCNA Collaboration- لمهندسي الاتصالات VoIP ومهندسي شبكات الفيديو
CCNA CyberOps - شهادة رائعة تصقل مهاراتك لتصبح محلل أمن سيبراني و مختص في غرف العمليات والمراقبة
CCNA Industrial- لمديري محطات العمل ومهندسي نظم التحكم والشبكات التقليدية الاخرى
كما هُناك الكثير من التفرّعات الأخرى، لكن هذا ما أذكره حاليًا 🌷

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♡ : última canción que escuchaste.

TouchesOfLetters’s Profile PhotoQ:black
Here's our chance to make it
Make this into something more
Here's my heart, don't break it
It's all that I ask
Nothing more
Break into your heart
Called from wild and far away
Can any fool learn love?
It's all that I ask
Nothing more
Nothing more
So we just lay in bed all day
I couldn't see, by the cloud in my arms
But if I ask you, would you say
It's only rain

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Du kennst dich ja mit final fantasy aus, oder? Ich hatte letztens eine Diskussion mit einem Kumpel darüber ob Cloud schizo ist oder nicht. Was meinst du?

Interessante Frage, danke dafür.
Ich kann es zumindest nachvollziehen, wenn man es so wahr nimmt, als wäre er Schizophren.
Er hat zwar eine Persönlichkeitsstörung, aber ist eigentlich "nur" traumatisiert. Viele nehmen die Persona des "Soldat erster Klasse" die er annimmt als gespaltene Persönlichkeit wahr.
Ist es aber nicht. Durch sein erlittenes Trauma und die Manipulation durch Sephiroth und Jenova erinnert er sich einfach falsch an die Ereignisse und verdrängt Dinge, die ihn Traumatisiert haben, wie Zacks Ermordung durch Shinra, in sein Unterbewusstsein.
Zwar tut er gelegentlich Dinge, die so aussehen, als wäre eine andere Persönlichkeit in Kontrolle, aber das kommt daher, das er buchstäblich von Jenova, also einem übermenschlichen Alien Parasiten der sich mit seiner kompletten Genetik verknüpft hat, kontrolliert wird, sobald sein Mindset es zu lässt.
Aufgrund massiver Traumata ist er anfangs nicht stark genug, sich dagegen zu wehren und es ist buchstäblich so, als würde jemand anderes seinen Körper wie eine Puppe steuern.
Das erinnert zwar an Schizophrenie, ist aber angesichts der Tatsache dass Jenova und Sephiroth tatsächlich existierende, physische Faktoren sind und nicht nur fabrikationen seines Unterbewustseins, nicht als solches einzuordnen.
Er ist traumatisiert und wird manipuliert, ist aber nicht schizophren.

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(4) EnglishwithLatte

foreveryoung_2020’s Profile PhotoLanguagewithLatte
1. don't give up your day job (used for telling s.b that u don't think they're very good at s.th).
Ex: Your drum solo was very entertaining, but don't give up the day job!
2. put all your eggs in one basket (to depend for success on a single person or plan).
Ex: I'm applying for several jobs because I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.
3. easy does it (used to tell s.o to do s.th carefully and slowly).
Ex: Easy does it! Don't spill that paint!
4. every cloud has a silver lining (every negative has a positive).
Ex: Every cloud has a silver lining - after being made redundant, I found my dream job!
5. get a taste of your own medicine (get treated the way you've been treating other people).
Ex: The nasty prison warden got a taste of his own medicine when he was thrown in jail.

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4 EnglishwithLatte

Heyy lucas Why don't you write a book or a novel...?

username_ahmed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Naveed
Everyone's brain works differently... I have huge worlds in my head, I suppose. I thought they were very detailed until I actually started writing them. I suggest that you start writing, yeah. You'll probably find that one hundred times as many ideas come to you once you put the story on paper. I do wish that I'd kept a notebook earlier. I'm sure I've forgotten many things. I also regret not keeping a journal my whole life.
I develop a story for years, and have never kept notes of the going-ons of the details themselves. I have 28 novels in my head for one of four series, and have only had the time to write two novels down on paper. I have to say, I have a pretty great memory, and I'm sure my memory capacity has certainly developed along with the complexity of my story. So if you haven't had problems remembering everything, that's not so bad. Can't say I recommend it, though. Even if I know the entire sub-plot of a war going on in the background of my world, it helps to at least write the why, how it has developed over the years, and how it will end down on paper. That was I have a mental note as to what point my story is in (the war) as I'm writing it. It made the war concrete rather than something untouchable, like a cloud. I don't have the patience to write the plot, or characters, or details, or anything else down on paper as notes (believe me, I've tried). I might as well work on the third book if I have that kind of time. But I do have a single Google Doc file, something easily brought up on my phone for on the go or for on my laptop, that is literally labeled "Notes." And it is really just a huge chaos filled page of who-knows-what and probably important details for the story. It's unorganized, but for someone like me, I found having a Doc or a Sheet just to data-dump is extremely beneficial. (Have to say, whenever I look over it though, they're all things I still remembered. But it gives that peace of mind from that "what-if" thing, ya know?).
It's actually how I figure out which stories to start writing. I am a pantser and for the longest time I would just start writing whatever tiny idea came to mind, which would typically fizzle out after a few pages. After years of this I decided I should try to write a story in my head before actually writing it down. Now, I don't tend to "write" the entire thing in my head, since my stories always change as I write them, but it lets me know if my idea has enough to it to actually be a novel.
Generally it starts with a single image, usually whatever the 'game changer' is a third of the way through, or the impact of whatever the final endgame is. Only once have I had an idea of the story start to finish before writing it, and even then it was really just four or five points. I largely improvise, even though that's a terrible word to use for writing, because that's literally what writing is.

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Why 😭 you are very sad??

saady3105’s Profile Photoسعدی
Shallows me apart
I'm slowing down
Don't stop me
Let me down slowly by own being
My broken soul calls me
Just feel a essence of this dark moon who's wriggling like a dancing daffodils along the cloud
You see there is darkness everywhere
Here's camera isn't working well
Here's her broken soul capture a piece of asthetic sound that dimming her shallowish material

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Jaké používáš vybavení k počítači?

Nevim k cemu ti to bude, ale ok xd
Mys: Corsair Glaive PRO RGB
Klavesnice: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Cherry MX BLUE
Sluchadla: HyperX Cloud Flight
Mikrak: SPC SM900
Volant: Thrustmaster T150 + T3PA Pedaly + TH8A Paka
Monitor: Nejakej ASUS xd
A kdyby te to zajimalo tak notas je od MSI s i7 a RTX 2060 a 16GB Ram

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When you fucking have to send your CV to someone in next 2 hours but your CV is being deleted from your laptop and you don't have time to make it again because you have 2 assignments due tomorrow.. I swear this is one of the worst days of this month so far. And I feel like crying to death.

You deserve to stay jobless if you didnt even upload your cv and relevant docs to the cloud storage. Cry yourself to death

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What do you truly desire..?

RasabSiddiqui’s Profile PhotoWOLF ⭕〽️
Al Bahro Alaa wal Mavjo Tagha,
Man Bekaso Tufaan Hosh Ruba,
Manjdhaar Mein Houn Ya Rasulallah,
Manjdhaar Mein Houn Bigri Hai Hawaa,
Mori Nayya Paar Laga Jaana
The sea is rising and the waves are tumultuous
I am helpless and the storm is terrifying
I am in the middle of the storm and a gale is blowing
Please help my ship get to the other side
Ana Fi Atshiv Wa Sakha Ka Atam,
Aey Gesu-Aey Paak, Aey Abr e Karam,
Barsan Haare Rimjhim, Rimjhim,
Do Boond Idhar Bhi Gira Jaana
I am a thirsty and dry ground
O! The one with holy trees O! The cloud of kindness
The rain (of your kindness) fall in showers
Please also drop a few driblets (of kindness) on me

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Any updates on your plants? Added anything new to your collection?

I actually asked for plants for my birthday, so yes! I am now the very proud owner of a Eucalyptus tree, two new acers (a regular palmatum and an Orange Dream which is just the most sTUNNING colour, dear lord) and the most beautiful Golden Hornet crab apple! I'll be getting a new David Austin rose as well, because that's tradition every year. I just haven't chosen her yet!
But as for the rest of the plants, they're all coming out beautifully! The first two roses in the rose beds are out, and then I'm watching my geraniums like a hawk as well. I've got the most beautiful lilac double - Cloud Nine - and she's a monster, utterly enormous.
Oh, and I grew a bunch of aquilegia from seed last year and they've flowered for the first time! White Towers and Blackcurrant - I've never seen anything quite like them before, I'm thrilled with them.

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It scares me this place, the people we meet, disappear into the cloud, unknown will we talk again? Hours, days, months, years, never? Are they safe have they died? To think the worst chews at our souls, a negative demon chewing in our minds destroying what ever good remains!

The sparrows tend to fall asleep. The wind doesn't speak to me no more. The water that becomes to sea, it holds me until I can't breathe at all. I dream of things I've never seen. The sunlight doesn't wait for me now. My demons - they walk with me, they tell me that I let you down.
You were just a heartbeat, yet to come alive. Just two feet, yet to stand upright, was just three times we cried that night cause it was four months until you arrived & though I'll never be able to describe how you were born with your mother's eyes & how your hands felt when they met mine.
I'll keep you safe inside my mind as I try to say goodbye. There was more than one heart that stopped that night - If I'm honest. ✨

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ڪ ⇣⇣ ⇠ ® 💞 ƒ૨εε รpαcε ⇢ ⇡⇡ ڪ

Esoparati’s Profile Photo✠ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ Δпgєł ☮® ⇠ ⇣⇣
☠️ (-::-) Good evening @Esoparati. How is your day ending I hope sensational -It was fantastic from me 'She took the leap and built her wings on the day down' [There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love.] Forgiveness quotes (I'll share this quote with you, maybe it will catch your attention) Now, it is an immense pleasure to read your question and without further ado the answer - I trust I have answered appropriately + The magnificent swirling cloud of Jupiter {statement that contained the attached image} ☁️⭐☺️ Imagination is everything. It the preview of let's coming attractions... Manifest law of attraction🌙😃

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ڪ     ƒεε รpαcε   ڪ

10 favorites! ? 1. Favorite movie? ? 2. Favorite show? ? 3. Favorite game? ?? 4. Favorite color? ? 5. Favorite animal? ? 6. Favorite fruit? ? 7. Favorite dish? ? 8. Favorite dessert? ? 9. Favorite season? ? 10. Favorite holiday? ?

1. used to be Shutter Island, Cloud Atlas and American Mary, not sure if what my faves are right now
2. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
3. latest obsession is Among Us, among my all time faves are The Binding of Isaac, Dead Island 2, Luigi's Mansion, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 & Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
4. teal & blood-red
5. cats
6. raspberry and banana
7. peanut curry
8. no ultimate fave, but to name a few examples of what I love: homemade tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, banana walnut muffins, creme brûlée, bread-and-butter pudding, brownies, black sesame ice cream
9. fall
10. new year's eve and halloween

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Share a cloud photo you have taken ☁️📸

I waited over an hour to get the clouds just right in this shot. I wanted to portray a chimney effect from the peak of this mountain.
This is one of my favourite pictures. B&W photography shows light and shadows so much better than colour photography. B&W is also best when trying to shoot with a cloud focus.
This shot was definitely worth the hour standing in -25C temperatures.

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Share a cloud photo you have taken

OOTD & Quote of the Day:

All I'm tryin’ to say is get back, click-clack - blow! ‘Cause I ain't playing around, it‘s a game called circle and I don't know how: I'm way too up to back down. But I think I'm still tryin' to figure this crap out. Thought I had it mapped out, but I guess I didn't. This fxckin' black cloud still follows me around, but it's time to exercise these demons. These motherfxckers are doin' jumpin' jacks now and I‘m not afraid.

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lucasblackturner’s Video 164864952124