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Какие мировые бренды есть в твоем гардеробе?

Много разных, от масс-маркета типа guess, levi’s, coach и т.д. до prada, versace, d&g (последние не составляют большую часть моего гардероба, офк).
При этом я не считаю покупку одежды в магазинах, типа «твоё», «gloria jeans» и т.п. чем-то зазорным (у меня куча футболок из глории). Вот. :)

Szép napot! Mi a véleményed az önsegélyező könyvekről? Szerinted segíthetnek bizonyos helyzetekben, vagy szkeptikusan állsz hozzájuk (esetleg magához az "öngyógyításhoz")?

Sophrones’s Profile PhotoSophrone
Szép napot!
Sosem olvastam még ilyen témában, így nem tudok releváns választ adni. Az viszont biztos, hogy az esetek többségében elég szkeptikus vagyok, így ezzel kapcsolatban is azt gondolom, hogy páran inkább azért írnak, mert felkapott lett az önsegélyezés, valódi tartalom azonban nincs mögötte. Néhány life coach kifejezetten az idegeimre tud menni.

Do you watching the EURO 2024 in Germany 🇩🇪? When yes who will win 😃🇨🇭 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon
Saying truth, football is boring game for me! 😂 Too large playground and a few good actions only, no dynamic there! 😅 Our team is new, Italian coach chose boys around age 23, I dont believe into them. I will support Croatia 😁🤷‍♀️.

Do you think it’s better to be useful or inspirational?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
The main thing is not to be a convenient person. Don't sure this is a correct word, I mean it in a negative sense like when ppl can use the person as they want and that person tries to please everyone to his own detriment. That is weird.
Useful person for country/company and for another person.. seems like these are different meanings.
I would say "useful" is more acceptable for the company you work for or for parents/relatives cuz you have kind of duty to them.
If you're a coach, you must be inspirational. Otherwise you're a super bad one.
If we speak about a couple we should combine both - to be useful and help each other and to inspire each other to live, to smile, to grow together.
So it depends on your social role I think.
P.S. have no idea how to put punctuation here, so correct me if I'm wrong. 😅

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Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
My father and mother, when I was a child, always talked to me about things in life. Did my parents tell me? Children don't get lost on the street, they get lost at home. ❤️🌹🤠
Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life How have they changed

Have you ever competed in a sport of any kind? ⚽🏋️🐎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Only time I’ve ever competed was in volleyball when I was like 11… And I only did it maybe 5 times before I quit the team. 😅😂
Let’s just say, I wasn’t the best at it, and the team/coach weren’t the most supportive/helpful. So, I just felt largely out of place and not very welcome. I also, started getting benched every game cause the coach had obvious favorites. 🥴 I think I would’ve maybe gotten into it more if I had a better team, had more practice, etc, as I genuinely did enjoy the competition aspect of things! 😯
Have you ever competed in a sport of any kind

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
My mom.
She never abandoned me, even when I made mistakes or didn't deserve her help.
She has always been by my side, she is the person I love most in the world.

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
When I did a short training award in the mid 1990s, I was very fortunate to have trainers who really changed the way I looked at education, and completely changed the way I worked with people.
Although it was a much lesser qualification than the formal one I went on to do, this programme, done over a series of residential weekends, focused on Experiential Learning and educational psychology, and had a much bigger impact on me.
The trainers included a Police psychological counsellor, an academic head of curriculum, and other training and development professionals.
I was really lucky to be trained by them and as I said, it had a huge influence and effect on my own work from that point on.

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Throughout my life, I've encountered individuals who may have had a seemingly insignificant influence on me. These are the people who began with nothing and managed to create something worthwhile. They are the ones who overcame tremendous adversity, showing incredible resilience and strength. On the other hand, there are also individuals I aspire not to emulate and situations I hope to avoid. From all these encounters, I've learned valuable lessons, picking up bits of wisdom from everyone I've come across, regardless of the degree of impact. ☺️

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Probably my longest partner. He led me toward a lot of spiritual related things. I ignored it for years but when the time was right then I kinda learned those things on my own. It was done in a wrong forceful manner when he was trying to teach me which automatically made me reject it. So I guess it was more myself.

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
My parents 💚💛, they always supported me in my study and motivated me to reach excellent study results by speaking with me in the way, how good life I will have as an educated and emancipated and independent woman 👍 I can't complain, I am content with what I have reached 🙂

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
There were many such people. Someone taught me to trust other people even less. Someone very sharply cooled down in communication with me. My husband changed me for the better. Thanks to him, I became more confident in myself and believed that I can be loved unconditionally.
What I lacked in childhood.
Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life How have they changed

Do you use public transport?

BlackVeilBrides1300’s Profile PhotoClonk
Driving in central London isn't practical at all so you have to. Nearer home, I usually use my bike for short journeys. Sometimes I will use the train or coach for long distance journeys in the UK as it can sometimes work out cheaper than the petrol to drive.

Jaki jest Twój ulubiony film?

Ciężko to stwierdzić. Bardzo lubię film Never back down, bo ma ciekawą historię oraz ścieżkę dźwiękową. Lubię też Poranek kojota, bo jest dość śmieszny. Lubię Killera część pierwszą, też za powody do śmiechu i za muzykę. Obejrzałem Foresta Gumpa i też mnie wzruszył, ale i zmotywował. Coach Carter jest świetnym filmem, też motywuje do działania.

What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

AlienXWorld’s Profile PhotoAshley The Astronaut
I used to play volleyball and I got into it when a Turkish volleyball coach came to the US and was looking for a way to make money as well as utilize her volleyball skills so she agreed to be a coach for the Turkish girls and it was going great until it was over one day. I also love listening to music and I was into it ever since I was a kid so as soon as I got my very first iPhone in high school, I made it my mission to download a music app and came across Spotify.

cite coisas que todo mundo ama e você detesta.

nessaschroder09’s Profile Photonessa
Papo coach trabalhe enquanto eles dormem
Sutiã com bojo e calcinha fio dental
Galera de esquerda cirandeira todes
Papel higienico dps do numero 2
Azeitona/coentro/salsinha na comida
Homem bombado
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Shout-out: what’s something that’s happened in your life that’s made you realize that you shouldn’t doubt yourself?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJ
I used to play volleyball back when I was in middle school and someone on my team was complaining about how we’d almost always lose because of how “slow” I was (which I believe was a lie since I’d always try my best for our team to win and no one else called me out for being “slow”). I remember when the coach made us race one time by setting up an obstacle course for us and I got placed as #1 and even tho no one really cheered for me, I was happy to know that I very much am capable of being fast and there’s no doubt about it. It made me realize that people who don’t like me and/or have an issue with me will always find excuses to put me down and make me doubt myself but I’m older now and don’t care too much about who doubts me anymore.

حلمك يوم كنت صغير وشنو صرت حاليا ..؟

alnahham07’s Profile Photoرِفآإعِي
احلامي بالترتيب
مدرسة انجليزي
اخصائية نفسية
والي صرته مُدرسة انجليزي 😂😂😂
بس ما شاء الله قاعدة اطلع من وضعية المحامي عن الاولي والتالي و صراحةً الكتابة نسيتها ، و اخصائية نفسية على life coach خلاص هذا في شخصيتي زرعوه بيتنا منذ الصغر اللهم باقي الشهايد 😂😂😂

What are some special talents that you have? Talents include, but are NOT limited to, playing an instrument, drawing/painting/other fine arts, committing crimes without being caught, drinking lethal amounts of alcohol, and writing good poetry.

Hahaha, I absolutely LOVE your suggestions. I can't claim to be good at any of the above, but I am decent aaaat:
☀️ Making friends with animals. I've got a really great range of furry friends, from my 4kg terrier to my 1100kg bulls and all of the gang in between.
☀️ Making friends with humans, actually. I've been a coach for a decade and every time I've been assessed (which has been way too often - I keep swearing I'm not going to do any more qualifications and then doing them regardless) and my ability to build a rapport with my players is one of my shiny happy traits.
☀️ I'll take a really good stab at identifying a plant. Might not be right but I'll give it a shot.
☀️ I'm a whizzy driver. Which nobody ever really expects because of the whole no-common-sense thing, but I can drive everything from quads and motorbikes to telehandlers and tractors. And I'm fast when I need to be which - in case the DVLA are listening - is never, honest.
☀️ I have a really good repertoire of shit jokes. Need a Dad joke but lack the Dad? I'm your father now, and I'm so proud of you.

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Mindenki kihasználja azt hogy nem tudok nemet mondani. Any ötlet hogy mihez kezdjek magammal, hogy keményebb legyek?

idontlikebulgur’s Profile Photoidontlikebulgur
A nem elviccelős válaszom: Önismeret, önfejlesztés, önszeretés. Nagyon fontos, hogy szeresd és tiszteld magad annyira, hogy határokat húzz. És igen, azzal, hogy nemet mondasz, bármire is, valójában egy határt húzol, amivel véded önmagad. Idődet, energiádat, privát szférádat. Nem egyszerű ezt megtanulni, sok utánajárást igényel és még több gyakorlást. Ha nagyon nem megy, esetleg valami rögzült trauma húzódik mögötte - elhitették veled, hogy nem érsz semmit, ha nem állsz rendelkezésére másoknak, stb -, akkor érdemes szakemberhez fordulni. Egy kisebb problémán még egy mezei coach is tud segíteni, komolyabb esetben már pszichológus is megfontolandó.
Ha viszont nincs ennyire vészes dolog, akkor elég egy hobbi beiktatása, valami, amivel alkotsz, amivel eredményt érsz el. Ez segít abban, hogy tisztelni, szeretni kezd magad, mert látod, hogy anélkül is képes vagy maradandó lenni, hogy másoknak megfelelj.
Kissé "elviccelős" válaszom: Kezdj el edzeni. Egyrészt önbizalmat ad és ahogy látod, hogy eredményeket érsz el, még büszke is leszel magadra. Továbbá, mivel kitartást és szervezést is igényel, így segít abban, hogy az idődet beoszd és becsülni kezd.
Aztán, elkezdesz erősödni... Aztán, meglátszik rajtad, hogy nem egy nyüzüge alak vagy... Aztán, az lesz belőle, mint nálam is lett, hogy már nem csak, hogy elfogadják a nemleges választ, de már kérni se nagyon mernek tőlem semmit, mert idézem Mufu munkatársam: "én már nem merek mondani semmit, mert felkapsz és kib@szol az ablakon".

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avete la vostra unpopular opinion? se si, quale?✨️

Giiiooooorgiiiaaaaa’s Profile PhotoGiorgia.†
Ne ho parecchie:
- Il femminismo non ha più niente da offrire, e le lotte che oggi combatte sono il frutto di una tirannia lobbista.
- Il movimento LGBT è una pagliacciata politica, e ha portato all'esasperazione l'identificazione personale.
- La cancel culture e l'ideologia woke mi ricordano molto quello che avveniva in 1984 di George Orwell: vocabolari che vengono cambiati e censurati in continuazione per costituire la neo lingua e il bi-pensiero, cosa che servirebbe a controllare e dirigere la forma mentis delle persone. Per questo motivo, ne ho una paura fottuta.
- Qualsiasi forma di ideologia politica è controproducente per il pensiero critico.
- Non penso che esistano relazioni sane: hanno tutte la loro tossicità.
- Se fosse per me, tutti i life coach e chiunque si professa tale, finirebbero fin fondo a un lago con un ammasso di cemento legato ai piedi.
- Harry Potter è uno sfigato.
Ne avrei anche altre, ma per il momento mi fermo qui.

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Cosa pensi della gelosia in una relazione? 🤍

FrancescoPiccirillo134’s Profile PhotoFrancesco Piccirillo
Per quanto i life coach vorrebbero sostenere il contrario, temo che la gelosia sia ancora un ingrediente essenziale per le relazioni monogame.
Come puoi provare interesse per una persona se non hai paura di perderla? Come puoi provare attrazione per qualcosa che dai per scontato?
Non bisogna ragionare sui buonismi ma su ciò che è funzionale. Nel caso delle relazioni monogame, occorre ricordare che è necessario mantenere vivo l'interesse, e la gelosia, da questa prospettiva, è un alimentatore.
Ovviamente, come in tutte le cose, l'equilibrio è essenziale. Altrimenti la gelosia sfocia nell'ossessione e questo può diventare un problema per i diretti interessati.

Post whatever you want 💭

S'il y a des gens intéressés par le développement personnel, j'en fais mon activité et j'ai un insta professionnel sur le sujet où je poste régulièrement. Je suis coach en dév. perso et également praticienne en hypnose.
Je suis ouverte à la discussion en DM pour les personnes qui voudraient être accompagnées sur certains aspects de leur vie (mais ce sera pas très approfondi en DM forcément). Je peux quand même donner quelques exercices, quelques pistes de travail, des idées de lecture, de l'écoute active, des conseils. Je réponds en vocal dès que je le peux pour être la plus exhaustive possible.
Je traite tout ce qui est lié à la gestion des émotions, gestion du stress/anxiété, changement de vie, besoin de passer à l'action, se libérer de ses peurs/croyances, besoin de se connaître davantage, trouver ses propres ressources, prendre confiance en soi.
Pas de pathologie, ni phobie, ni addiction.
Si vous êtes intéressés dites-le moi dans une question en désactivant l'anonymat, je ne souhaite pas forcément mettre ce insta à la vue de tous ici.

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Would you pay over 100 for a pair of shoes?

I most likely wouldn’t unless I found the shoes to be really aesthetically pleasing and/or really comfortable. I’m not someone who usually goes after expensive brands or someone who follows the newest fashion trends (no matter the cost) which is why I probably wouldn’t be chasing after pricey shoes in most cases. I have a pair of shoes that were almost $100 from the brand coach and I got them because they looked really aesthetically pleasing to me but I regret buying them now because they aren’t very comfortable to wear (which I didn’t realize when I first tried them on).

Se um relacionamento não deu certo e você ainda gosta da pessoa,como você se comporta,não quer mais ninguém ou quer logo substituir a pessoa?

Eu tiro um tempo pra mim. Antes de gostar do outro temos que gostar de nós. Parece papo de coach mas não é ! Quando a gente se ama aceitamos melhor os processos de pessoas que entram e saem de nossas vidas, o que é ótimo. Então seja fiel a si mesma, não é fingir que nada tá acontecendo é que não tá sofrendo, sofra, sinta o luto, bota pra fora toda essa dor pq ela precisa ser sentida! Não se negligência os próprios sentimentos, sofre, chora! Mas dentro da sua casa, no seu quarto e sem expor isso a ninguém! Porque ninguém precisa saber da sua dor! E quando vc tiver botado tudo pra fora, sacode a poeira!! Ergue a cabeça e segue em frente, entendendo e reconhecendo que acabou e que a sua vida continua! Procure outro alguém quando sentir que está preparada, na real essa ideia de procurar uma pessoa é furada ! Mas se permita conhecer alguém quando o coração estiver vazio, enquanto isso foca em si; nos seus projetos, estudar/trabalhar/treinar, se divertir e as coisas vão virando consequência: duvido que você siga, mas é isso ae.

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When's the last time you got on a train?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Around 20+ years ago ~ to clear some rogue american tourists from my children's 'RESERVED' seats .
They were travelling alone to, hopefully visit their mama c/o their granda . . .
I got a huge cheer from the whole coach . . . .
Whens the last time you got on a train

Alfredo aunque me joda muuuuucho no deberia volver a ask, Sara a parte de que se pasó y se equivocó, anda presumiendo de ese otro con el que anda, ella o quien escribiera como haciendo a Alfredo de menos... Y luego en su fb poniendo cosas de sexxo anal ( feo por Alfredo y tb porque tiene a su hija)

A ver, lo primero que porqué no va a volver? Independientemente de Sara? Que tiene ella que ver? Ella es una cosa y ask otra.
Lo segundo pa hacer de menos a Fredo hay que entrenarse, porqué lo tiene todo, tiene trabajo no estable, sino fijo hasta que se jubile o quiera dejarlo, tiene aparte su otro trabajo de coach (no le gusta a el que lo diga así pero como no está aprovecho) que le encanta y le da lo suficiente para poder vivir aunque dejara su trabajo, es profesor de kick, está montando un gym, es un padrazo, tiene una familia que lo adora, unos amigos que son como familia, somos vaya.
Como persona es un tio luchador, respetuoso, justo, alegre, tenaz, disciplinado al máximo, generoso, leal, divertido, nada machista, no es superficial, no juzga a la gente por sus vidas, acepta a la gente como son, no busca cambiar a nadie...y podria decir mil cosas buenas de Fredo y serían pocas asi que lo se hacerle de menos... está complicado porqué no te digo que lo mejores sólo que me lo iguales jajajajajaja ah y que Sara busca hacer de menos a Fredo lo decís vosotras no yo, para mi sólo buscaba(n) joder en ese momento, no hay más, pero bueno.
Y en su Facebook pone lo que ella quiera, no es problema vuestro.

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Czy lubisz korzystać z sauny?

Trafiłem dzisiaj przypadkiem na artykuł zatytułowany Coach randkowy zdradza 5 powodów, przez które niektórym kobietom trudno znaleźć partnera. Z ciekawości kliknąłem i co widzę?
1. Mężczyźni mają niską samoocenę i są zazdrośni o to, że ich partnerka jest obiektem wstchnień przechodniów.
2. Mężczyźni nie wierzą w siebie, więc nie nawiązują relacji z kobietami.
3. Mężczyźni błędnie interpretują sygnały płci przeciwnej.
4. Mężczyźni mają zbyt wysokie mniemanie o sobie.
5. Mężczyźni skupiają się bardziej na wyglądzie.
Tytuł był o kobietach a ja widzę samo punktowanie co z facetami jest nie tak. O co tu chodzi? Gdzieś źle kliknąłem i to inny artykuł?. Jak widać jeśli faceci są samotni to wina facetów a jeśli kobiety są samotne to też wina facetów XD.
Gratulacje dla pana cuckold coacha – świetne materiały promujące jeszcze większe rozwalenie rynku matrymonialnego.

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Thank you, I guess. But do you understand my answers? 😅

milamson’s Profile Photoחנה
You are very welcome . . . .
But do I understand ? - ie comprehend . . . . interpretation !
I guess you refer to understand RUSSIAN !
Well as well as my wife, VIKI, being Russian ; my OS is google chrome which has instant entire page language identification, & translation ~ it works fairly well with Russian , and Latin based languages , but some others no at all.
It's usually comprehensible , but can be hilariously out at times . . . .
I see you're born UA & reside Israel , but type Russian ..... your heritage ?
Here's a sample ;
Do you eat canned stew?
December 13, 2022
It reminded me how in 2012 we went to the river with tents with the team with which I was engaged in MMA and the coach.
Just imagine, a couple of people, 4 tents, a fire until late at night ... and training from the very rise to sunset 😂😂
So. From food, we had different cereals and stew with us, but I practically don’t eat meat (very rarely and only what I saw how it was cooked). And then we are all hungry, we are waiting for the lunch that the coach was preparing (and before that it was just an unrealistically tough workout) and he pours me stew on top of the porridge and is like “oh, I forgot, let me pour you into another plate”, but I was so tired, hungry, that my only reaction was: “yes, it doesn’t matter, let it be” 😂
By the way, this was the first time (and the last) when I tried stew 😂
Eating canned stew
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I ordered a smartphone for $ 95 6/128 memory, what do you think is the norm?
December 13, 2022
What about the type of memory?
CPU? CPU frequency? Number of Cores? Screen ticker? Number of colors on screen? Permission? f/r cameras? Matrix type? Number of megapixels? Data transfer standard? Charging speed? Wireless charging capabilities? Internet speed? Battery capacity? Is there stereo sound?
And, most importantly, did you take a case? 😊
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So, of course, I want to caress your neck! 🥰😍😋
December 11, 2022
Do not gnaw - and thanks for that.
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What is your favorite... flavor?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
The best?
• Bean salad (beans in tomato sauce, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil).
• White grapes are sweet.
• Tangerines.
• Pastry with orange jam.
Liked by: igotamatch João Henrique Yulianna Lis Unknown what to expect ❤️O.E❤️ Valera Cosmos Emptiness is not a thief, not a slut 13th month that is not rakatakataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The most common mistake .... in your life?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
Don't bet on those people.
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Why do guys like kissing girls on the neck so much when they get fra

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قولوا جمل سلبيه اتقالت ليكون💫

ShimaaSabry427’s Profile Photoشــــــــيـ✿ــاء
اخر موقف Hr قالي اني تعليم مجاني بس دي مش حاجة تعيبني وانه كان زيي كدة حقير لحد ماربنا كرمة وخد MBA ب 65 الف من الجامعة الامريكيه باين وبقي Hr و life coach قد الدنيا وفضل يستعرضلي انجازاته وهو جربوع اساسا وانا مؤهلي يسمحلي احط عليه اصلا😂

This is first day highest score in test cricket history. Another record under Babar's belt 🥰

how is that a fault of Babar? match sy pehle hi lag raha tha ye hona ha, flat track bnaya ha, highway road bana diya ha pitch, and we all know what English batsmen are capable of and after Bazz became their coach and Stokes became their captain, they are playing with aggressive mindset.

🎼 🎵 🎶 > O que será necessário fazer, para ela conseguir 1000000 de views ❓ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBFqIi8zqkA ❓ Mudar de vóz ❓ Contratar um vocal coach ❓ Divulgação publicitária ❓ Usar roupas curtas ❓ Escolher canções mais atuais ❓ Cantar em espanhol ❓ Sugestões, por favor.

Eut3rpe’s Profile PhotoEuterpe
Eu acho que a Zoe Clarke tem seus méritos.
E ela faz um pouco de tudo "em relação aos termos do país dela", afinal o Brasil tem outras culturas. E se vc chegou ate ela, é sinal que a divulgação dela é boa. E se vc curtiu é porque gostou da forma que ela canta e se veste.

🎼 🎵 🎶 > O que será necessário fazer, para ela conseguir 1000000 de views ❓ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBFqIi8zqkA ❓ Mudar de vóz ❓ Contratar um vocal coach ❓ Divulgação publicitária ❓ Usar roupas curtas ❓ Escolher canções mais atuais ❓ Cantar em espanhol ❓ Sugestões, por favor.

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Olha na minha sincera e honesta opinião ela têm uma excelente voz mesmo acho que ela deveria divulgar mais os trabalhos dela no Facebook e Instagram tenho certeza absoluta que ela iria impressionar bastante as pessoas têm um canto e uma voz brilhante 🎶🎶

مسَاء الخَير ☀ [ مَا حالكَِ وهل سَارت الأمور علَى ما يُرام اليَوم ؟ ] ч

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مسا مسا (يارا) 💜
والله المزاج عالي عالي عالي الحمد لله
احچيلچ غيرت روتين تماريني
اليوم چان الدور (تمارين رجل) واصلا اني اتحمس الها رغم متعبه واحس بثقل لدرجه لما انزل الدرج (ما استخدم المصعد) احس حالي عندي جفاف عاطفي واريد احضن الأرض 🤣🤣🤣
بس جد والله انها واااو
فاليوم صار "اكسترا" حماس لما ضفت تمارين وغيرت التكنيك حتى خليت الكارديو بعد المقاومه
(خلص بعد فتره تلاقوني صرت coach 😂)
مساء الخير   ما حالك وهل سارت الأمور على ما يرام اليوم   ч

لو حد مثلا بيحب يسمع اقتراحات الناس في انه يعمل ايه في حياته، يبقا كده شخصيته ضعيفة؟

No, I regard it as strength instead. You must accept that you cannot experience all things, and never will - and sometimes the best way to learn or do something to the highest standard is through the eyes of another.
And this is why most professional star athletes, celebrities or famous people begin their epic journeys by meeting a once-in-a-lifetime coach, mentor or teacher.
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Aku lg suka sama coach gym aku tp dia udh punya calon istri dan aku udh punya calon suami, akhir bulan ini dia mau resign dari tempat gym. Aku tau perasaan aku ini salah Aku mau ungkapin perasaan aku ke dia sblm dia resign cuma untuk dia tau bkn utk pacaran. Mnrt kalian gmna ?

tahan aja gausah ungkapin perasaan. takut malu nantinya, masa udah punya calon suami masih begitu ke cowo lain

A cosa/chi devi qualcosa per dove sei arrivato?

Ho vissuto soddisfazioni in diversi ambiti, e nella maggior parte di questi sono emerso grazie all'aiuto, al supporto e l'insegnamento di altre persone: nello sport non avrei fatto nulla senza il mio coach, che è di gran lunga la persona che più di tutte si è spesa per il tiro alla fune in Italia, poi ho avuto la fortuna di essere iniziato al mondo della ricerca storica da un nobile veneziano - che sono onorato di poter chiamare amico - e da un'altra ragazza che, nonostante ora non voglia più parlarmi (benchè davvero non ne capisca fino in fondo il motivo), aveva preso molto a cuore il mio interesse, spronandomi a studiare, pubblicare e non mollare mai. La mia gratitudine verso di loro è grande.
Il lavoro bene o male è l'unico ambito dove sono cresciuto in autonomia, anche se pure qui penso di dovere molto ai miei genitori per avermi trasmesso nel tempo il senso del dovere che mi ha portato fin dove sono ora.

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Did you go to school with anyone who is famous now

Yeah (not name dropping though so don’t ask) ; theres two girls who are models and one married a famous billionaire and the other one married a Cubs player.
A guy who went into the NFL and is now a coach and is working into owning an NFL team.
A guy who is now a professional skater and travels the world.
A guy who is now a famous fitness model/body builder.
A guy who’s rising up in the political world and plans on running for senate.
(There’s probably more but thats all I can think of at the top of my head.)

Perdonar y dejar ir son pasos para nuestro regreso a la felicidad. buenos días a todos.. les deseo un buen día. 🌦️☕🚬

No estoy de acuerdo. Puedes no perdonar a la persona que te hizo daño. Y no, no quiero tus consejos de coach con positividad tóxica, gracias.

المشكله اللى انت منزلها حلها انك تروح لاخصائى نفسى يحللك المشكله

اكتئاب reactive مكتسب مع iq عالي ونصحني اعمل ماستر او دكتوراه
بمعني انا ذكي بصورة مش طبيعيه مع imagination عالي بفهم الي قدامي من نظره بس محدش بيفهمني
مع شوية إضرابات
حاجه تاني ؟
كان مرواحي ليه بلا قيمه ودلوقتي مع life coach بتحاول تقنعني اني ارجع اعمل حاجه بحبها عشان انا talented

What is your biggest fear?

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From movie Coach Carter.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were all meant to shine as children do.
It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.
And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give
other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

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