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A night walk or coffee? ❤️

Night walk, with my favorite person 🖤🧚‍♀️
ياااااه متخيله ان هيبقي جامد والله همشي انا وهو باليل ونقعد نحكي حكاوي كتير جدا عن حياتنا ونضحك، لا الصراحه هيبقي احلي من مليوووون كوفي 🖤

Tea or coffee in the morning

dan12330634’s Profile Photodan12330634
Добрый день ☀️ 12 January, 2023
Утром Полина пьёт кофе.
gagara1987 Девушка и лопата☀️ @conrad_maldives 💛 #полинагагарина #гагаринапоехали
Tea or coffee in the morning

do you ever wanted a part of your body to be bionic? ive always wanted an arm like Anakin's...

MikeCiavato’s Profile PhotoBekai
Maybe my feet I'm tired of hitting my toes on the coffee table and tins rolling out on to my foot getting tangled in wires around my foot I like mean it's would be awesome not to feel like crying in pain and telling objects to fuck of 🤷‍♀️
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How do you like to celebrate something big, like an accomplishment? Inspired by the fact that I handed in my bachelor's thesis today! 🥳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
What subject was your thesis on and what was your conclusion?
Indeed I do celebrate when I accomplish something significant in my life. When I graduated from Music School my father and I celebrated with a big party and invited all friends and relatives and my musician friends and I entertained the guests by performing songs.
When I complete some construction project like building a house or brick patio or wooden deck, I might visit the local pub and celebrate by having a draft beer. My final example was when I donated my kidney. I celebrated the health of the kidney recipient by forcing myself out of bed and slowly walking to a well known coffee shop located about 1 mile away. My doctors were surprised that I would do such a thing, but to me, enduring pain was part of the recovery process, plus I was bored to death lying in bed staring at the ceiling.
Oh.. and and a few times I rewarded myself by purchasing a guitar. Well... maybe a few guitars and amps. lol :)

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What's so special about your coffee?

jaceyproudfoot’s Profile PhotoJaceyproudfoot
It's black and strong like wild jaguar 🖤
without the sticky gloopy sweet muck they put into it like Starbucks bullshit
Now sit back and and feel the heavenly aroma entering into ur nostril as u sip ur homemade black coffee ...
It's free mental therapy!
Whats so special about your coffee

[samar || coffee] \~

أنا عدوّ الأماكن المزدحمة، التباهي بالمال والنسب، التصنع، الأشخاص المُستهلكين، المجتمع الوظيفي، العلاقات العابرة، الاجتماعات الصبح، والشخصيات المليئة بالنّفاق والكذب.⁣

✴️Jeśli pijesz energetyki, to wolisz smakowe czy oryginalne?✴️

Ostatnio, gdy piłem energetyki to był energetyk "Black Energy" Niestety obecnie, gdybym nawet bardzo chciał to wypić tego nie mogę - nie ma w sklepach. Dowiedziałem się, że Rosjanie wykupili na to licencję i było sprowadzane z Rosji. Ponieważ jest embargo to tego energetyka już nie sprowadzają i nie mam co pić - a dobre było i skuteczne jak mało który energetyk. Proszę nie spinać dupy na to co napisałem i najpierw sprawdzić, czy mam rację i czy napisałem prawdę? Ponieważ napisałem 100% prawdy i jestem tego pewien co piszę! Ponieważ wykonuję bardzo absorbującą pracę na komputerowej serwerowni internetowej, to dla mnie kawa to za mało, potrzebny był energetyk, a teraz posucha, ponieważ żaden inny tak dobrze nie działa. Były dawnej energetyki na bazie prawdziwej kawy Level up coffee energy drink, jednak obecnie też już tego nie produkują. Obecnie nie piję energetyków, ponieważ w Polsce dobrych nieszkodzących zdrowiu energetyków nie ma, a byle czego co w nazwie zawiera wyraz "energetyk" pił nie będę

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Jeśli pijesz energetyki to wolisz smakowe czy oryginalne

If you could spend a day with anyone, whom would you choose?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
With me
I am best friend of mine I am most happy when I am with me
Try to be your best friend , spend time on your favourite activities, do wha you live ,enjoy maximum time with your self and lead happy prosperous life. Mohammed Ali Baloucch
I have ocd problem , I deep cleanse my room.i do dusting of my bed ,dressing table I put all perfumes on floor clean each and every bottle with vinegar tissue ,put it back on their place
Change bed sheet ,fold tshirt keep in clothing cupboard, hang button down shirt
Everything is on place .I enjoy in my gorgeous Eden
I read new e book numerology book which I just purchased
I watch fear files Indian horror drama based on real events and walk
I step in kitchen make stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination spices and with sauces Serve with rice
Evening I make bullet proof coffee Walk on terrace .walk in breat-taking view burn calories and look maximum good every passing day

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What's your favorite fast food chain?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Mc Donalds probably? They have a nice offer for breakfast.
And I also enjoy Starbucks and Donkin' Donuts for coffee and sweet cravings. And Losteria when it comes to Pizza because they do the tastiest duff, which is very thin but perfectly baked. I'm getting hungry writing this. x'D

Would you describe yourself as “healthy”?

When I was younger, my body was an outfit that I wore for other people. My ribs weren't there to hold my heart in - that didn't count for much - they were piano keys to be plucked at. That suited certain people.
It's taken me a very long time to take that outfit off. I still say no when my boyfriend offers me a bite of his lunch, still get green tea when my mother joins me for coffee. But these little things are little, yknow? I've competed for my country more times than I can count, run the circumference of the world (and a bit more.) That being said, it's only now that I'd say I'm healthy. I like the girl in the mirror today.

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Very casual and no more than an hour. Meet up for coffee or a drink. Meet there, that way either of you can cut it short if you need to. I feel like you know within the first 15 minutes if there is a physical attraction, and the rest of the convo to see if you have common interests and mindsets.
When I was younger I would have had a different answer, much more full of romance and expense. Now I’m practical :)

Favourite late night snack 🙃🌸

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Yesterday i ordered coffee from foodpanda, i was writing "EXTRA MILK" in the comments. My autocorrect replaced 'MILK' with 'MILF'.
I instantly texted the guy "bhai wo galti se likha gya ha, it's milk* "
and the guy replied "Ab to kuch nae ho skta, AB TO MENE BITHA B LI HAI BIKE K PEECHE"
After 15 minutes the guy knocked my door, aur usne waqae bike k peeche bithai hui thi. I shrugged saying, "theek hai phir ab to kuch nae ho skta". So yeah, that was my favorite late night snack :|

Gibt es ein Geschäft bzw. eine öffentliche Einrichtung die du vermisst? Wenn ja, was war das Besondere daran?

FraeuleinFritzi’s Profile PhotoFritzi
Ich vermisse zwar kein bestimmtes Geschäft, weil ich außer in meiner Kindheit keinen persönlichen/emotionalen Bezug zu einem Geschäft mehr hatte/habe, aber ich finde es generell sehr traurig, dass viele kleine Greißler, Bäckereien, Gemüseläden etc. immer mehr den großen Handelsketten weichen mussten. Ich denke da sehr gerne an meine Kindheit zurück wo ich mir nach der Schule öfter mal Schokolade o.ä. gekauft habe und die Ladenbesitzerin mir das eine oder andere Mal einen Schlecker oder auch etwas anderes einfach geschenkt hat. Aber ich glaube, dass das auf dem Land nochmal etwas ganz anderes ist wo jeder jeden kennt als in einer Stadt. In diesen kleinen aber feinen Geschäften hatte man noch das Gefühl willkommen zu sein und man hat noch gespürt wie viel Liebe und Herzblut der Besitzer in diesen Läden steckt. Man konnte spontan 2-3 Dinge kaufen ohne gefühlt erst kilometerweit laufen zu müssen um diese Dinge erstmal zu finden. 😅 Aber auch ein paar traditionelle Kaffeehäuser hier in Wien, die zum Teil über 100 Jahre existiert haben, mussten dem „coffee to go“ weichen und haben die Pandemie nicht überlebt. Der Spruch „Die Zeiten ändern sich und wir mit ihnen“ bewahrheitet sich leider allzu oft in den falschen Bereichen und leider auch auf die falsche Art und Weise. 😉

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Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have this very romantic idea to go on coffee dates with my friends, wander along a meadow hand in hand, read books under a cozy blanket and play a bunch of board games.
Sadly, no friend nearby for that. :<
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Don't name them. Don't mention them. But describe the person who made your 2shitty22 better.

muzzaf999’s Profile PhotoMicro.7
Me !!! It's my solo effort which made my 2022 better like every other year.I make effort to make my each day go good .
I am best friend of mine I am most happy when I am with me .I watch fear files Indian horror drama based on real events and walk ,I step in kitchen make stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination spices and with sauces
Evening I step on terrace with strong cardamom green coffee Walk in breathing view burn calories look maximum good every passing day
Its one of the best year like every other year .I made zillion good memories .
All credit goes to me .

لقهوة هذه الليله ... 💚🕊️

ssinderely’s Profile Photo❤️ ريحة مطر ❤️
ولها في القلب مالا يجوز لغيرهاا
وفي النبض نبض على سواها محرم
ولها النفس والشوق ورؤيتي
والعشق لسواها محرم
- my coffee 🤎🤎🤎

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers of Reddit, what's the closest you've ever gotten to dying?

Jumped of a 30ft cliff after my buddy. Since he went first the Rock was wet at the point of the jump. Fell about 6 inches away from the wall thought I was going to smack into some rocks at the bottom. While I missed the rocks at the bottom I hit the water on my side. Air immediately left my lungs. It was one of those moments where I was swimming for the top of the water and wasn’t sure if I’d make it before I passed out. Obviously I made it, but I really though for a moment that was it! Jumped out of a helicopter when skiing. My skis were stuck in my parachute so I dropped them 4000 feet in the air. This was in backcountry Switzerland so I had to make my way 40 miles to the rendezvous in 3 days hiking. Not a fun trip. Almost fell 4000 feet without a parachute, was frost bitten, almost died of infection, and got sent back to Canada without my personal belongings.
Oh, quite a few times. Surfing big waves blitzed had a few wipeouts where I didn't know where up was... Warzones, for sure, several times... Trying to jump onto a trampoline from the roof to catapult into the lake... Actually trying the stuff with the wagon from Calvin and Hobbes near my parents' house as a kid... Locking us in the camper, starting a fire in the kitchen while I tried to make coffee, and getting stuck on a bunk when the table fell apart when my cousin and I were 4... Waking up on a deserted island after losing a boat after a tequila misadventure... Waking up in a body bag after mixing alcohol and heroin.

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Ammm dating me would be boring as I have huge interest in astronomy , metaphysics , psychology type things soo you would get bore may be 😂 amm and one more thing i love cold coffee

am_naaa7’s Profile Photoam_naaa7
Wo sb to theek ha… lakin mana poocha ni tha 🌚

is dating a co-worker allowed in ur workplace? whats ur view abt it? should be allowed or not? would u date secretly?

It’s allowed if they work at a different branch, but not if you work in the same coffee shop. I wouldn’t want to date anyone I worked with in truth, regardless of the job. It has far too much potential to get messy, but I also value my independence and would want some space where it’s purely just me focusing on my job and not having that distraction there, if that makes any sense? I’d find that pretty claustrophobic otherwise. That and I believe in keeping my personal life very private, so I wouldn’t want to be living a lie at work, nor having other people I work with know my business :)

Сделай выбор и обоснуй его: Книги/фильмы; Кот/Собака; Дом/Квартира; Лето/Зима; Луна/Звезды; прогулка по лесу/парку; кофе/чай; объятия/поцелуй

Midori93757’s Profile PhotoMidori
Before, I'd choose a movie, because I'm lazy and I love to see the combination of great music, picture, and actors play all in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, there are not many movies that impress me lately, actually the opposite. The more new movies I watch, the less I have a feeling of watching something again. So, I choose a book 📖
Cat. Even though dogs love their owners more, I still feel more love for cats. Maybe because in Ukraine, cats are more popular to have, maybe because I never had a dog, but I don't want to get something that I don't know how to take care of 😼
A house, because it's a personal property, where you have your own private space and more room for creativity on how to make that space that you live in, your own place 🏠
Summer. Even though I learned to appreciate winter more, I still feel more disabled and like I can't do much during this season, but the summer is a season of vacations, hangouts, warm sun, and longer days ☀️
Moon. It always attracts me with its light and shape. So beautiful, so lonely... 🌛
Walk in a forest. I feel like I connect more with nature and myself. I become isolated from the city noises and it's more peaceful and quiet 🌳🌳🌳
Tea. Even though I used to favor coffee more, I feel like I've become a tea girl ever since I moved to the USA. Now, It's my comfort drink 💖
Hugs. A kiss doesn't always express love, especially nowadays, but hugs are comforting, give you trust in someone, and it just warms my heart 🤗☺️

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Сделай выбор и обоснуй его
Книгифильмы КотСобака ДомКвартира ЛетоЗима ЛунаЗвезды

What did you learn from life

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Life is boring its your solo effort that makes your day interesting .
like I step in kitchen make milk-yoghurt-peach-apricot smoothie and stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination spices and with sauces .
I Watch fear files based on real events and walk
Evening I step to terrace with strong cardamom green coffee spread fragrance wherever I go .walk in breath taking view burn calories and look maximum best every passing day.Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Listen music !!
Play chess with friends on Facebook.Try to be your own best friend ,do what makes you happy ,spend time on your favourite activities ,enjoy time with your self to the maximum and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch. So yeah

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