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Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Very seldom and it usually only happen when I'm exhausted. The last one that I remember was when I was still working in my previous job and in my dream I was doing my work nonstop haha. Something like this also happened back in college wherein in my dream, I was having a one-on-one discussion with my Prof after class regarding a topic for our exam. I just find this as a pattern/sign of experiencing burnout and I hate whenever like this happened lol

What do a lot of parents do that screws up their kid?

There are many things that some parents do that psychologically damage their children:
1. Negative role model - some parents are hypocrites and are not good role models. They fail to realize that young people learn through observation. So when the parent fails to walk the walk and behave ethically/morally, their children are taught that ethics, morality, honesty and loyalty, do not matter.
2. Best Friends - Many parents want to be their children's "best friend." Big mistake! You are the parent and therefore you are tasked with setting an example and providing guidance, counseling and punishment when required. Once your child has attained adulthood and behaves in a responsible manner, then you can become "friends," but until then, you are the parent and your child IS a dependent not a peer.
3. Lazy Work Ethic - too many parents believe that their children should not work until after they graduate from college. Another BIG mistake! My most effective life lessons were a result of me having to deliver newspapers, mow lawns, shovel snow, empty trash, clean dishes, paint the house, help on the milk route and upon high school graduation being given 3 choices i.e. (a) work, (b) military, (c) college. Working is healthy because it teaches young people to be responsible, honest, loyal, frugal, manage time, set goals and to hold themselves accountable for their behavior. In essence, working as a child prepares you for reality and success. Not working does just the opposite, which is one of the primary reasons we experience so much chaos, violence and woke cancel culture in our dysfunctional society.
There are many other failures I could mention, but those I have listed are most critical, and if corrected would improve our societies health and wellbeing. /Alex
“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ― Thomas Jefferson

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When you become highly fluent in a 2nd language do you start thinking in that language?

I spent my 3rd year of uni in Spain. I was sent to a little Andalusian village where nobody spoke English, and I very quickly realised I wasn't as proficient as I had thought I was. The first couple of months were really hard but by the end of the year I was thinking and dreaming in Spanish, and when I would call my parents (once a week from a pay phone at the time - I'm old!), I would sometimes struggle to find the English words.
It could depend on which language you're using more at that time. For example, I am trilingual. Back in my home country, I would think more in my native language. When I moved (to the US), I used the two other languages more so I would think in them more than my native language. I think the past few years though I think more in English. I'll think in my native language still from time to time, but I codeswitch a lot more often.
A lot of active listening really helped. Even tho at some point I understood like 60% of what was said it eventually let to me understanding most of the language and being able to use it with no problem. Took me about 4 years to get from a2/b1 to c2. I didn't deliberately try and listen to as much as possible but rather there was a lot on English speaking YouTube that I was into. I hope some of that comes in handy
I started thinking in Spanish as soon as I finished the beginning level (AKA year 1 of college). This didn't happen after I took a year of Mandarin, although I sometimes think of Chinese numbers first because somehow they became very solidified in my brain. Being fluent in 3 languages means I think in that language when I am surrounded by it or I think about things linked to that language (for example I think in my ML when thinking about my family, mostly french when thinking about work and almost completely in English when I'm on ASK). Personally with my Spanish, while nowhere near fluent, have been able to produce and carry very short conversations by linking my Spanish words to English words. I can connect a Spanish word to an object just as quickly as I can connect the Spanish word to the english word to the object, and i've not been able to just connect a Spanish word directly to an object. Not sure how that works but if it works it works.

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Have you ever lost your oldest friends? What happened?

I haven't shared this story before. When I was in preschool I had a friend named Anthony (not his real name). We were inseparable. When we were in middle school he was hit by a truck when riding his bike. He wasnt wearing a helmet and landed on his head. He had severe brain damage. The accident killed the friend I knew. He changed drastically in the coming months. He became extremely clingy, calling me multiple times a day. I told him to stop calling so much but it didn't stop. I remember the day I had to make the decision to cut him out of my life. I was at his birthday and he had several friends there I didn't know well, it was common knowledge that several of them were into drugs and my friend was acting strangely. After he started hanging with a bad crowd I decided to walk away. It was a tough choice, but it had to be done. Went to see THE LAST JEDI with one of my oldest friends, we grew up watching the movies together, saw all of the re-issues. For whatever reason, after we saw the movie, he stopped replying to the texts I sent. I kept wishing him happy birthday for a couple years because all the dates of all of my ex-classmate's birthdays are burned into me, and he really was my best friend for many years, and it meant a lot to me, that we could still remain close after 30 years of friendship---i tried to think of reasons why he stopped talking to me and it drove me insane. it feels like a tragic misunderstanding. but he was one of the smartest people i knew. i had so much respect for his art and sensibilities.
I lost contact with most of my good friends when I moved out of town after graduation from college. It's hard to stay close when thousands of miles separate everyone. When we did get together occasionally the connection we had when we were younger was long gone. It's sad but it's not unusual.
Back when I was about 4/5 years old I lost contact with an old friend of mine called Amber. She moved to Scotland I believe and since we didn't have any social media or anything of the sort at the time, we have lost contact. For some reason, 14/15 years later, I still wonder where Amber is now.
Just after his death we all sat down with his mom. She was very, very kind and told us all it wasn’t our fault. I hadn’t been on the mountain with him, but I still felt awful and guilty for several reasons. I’m 11 years out now, and I still think about it. On the anniversary of his death I write a letter or pour one out for him. About four years after his death I had my now fiancé (who was there) explain to me the extent of his injuries. I had blamed myself for not sending a “be safe” text to the whole group that morning. Apparently, no safety precaution besides him choosing to go slower would have saved him.
He has his legacies though. His family loves him still. He introduced me to my fiancé. Through him, I found the love of my life. His sister is doing great. Many of us mourners have tattoos that memorialize him, including me.

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Do you consider those who don't have a college degree inferior?

Not at all, pursuing higher education is no indication of someone’s intelligence, morals or virtues, or any real descriptor of someone. To be honest, degrees really don’t mean much these days, the focus seems to be switching back to promoting or favouring those to go to trade school or to pursue apprenticeships (or at least that’s what I found, when looking for jobs).

Why do the old age people think that they can disregard us and treat us unfairly just because they are elders? Is it happen to you,? Have you ever been mistreated by elders?

dilnahilagta’s Profile Photofareeha Durani
Its natural... Its how it is... We all feel bad about the things we later do ourselves... Ham bhi wohi kar rahay hotay hain jo hamaray sath kiya ja raha ho... Its how we are trained... Cognitive ability is to think and improvise... Its only that we change ourselves first to start the chain reaction... Bhasm hona lazim hai... i am 43 and my dad is 76 yold and he still treats me like i am ka college boy and he loves me like a brother... But he never talks to me like a father... He is my father when he sees something wrong on my face... Its like i am someone who is wrong even before he utters a single fuckin word... Its decided whatever is he saying is wrong... But he still asks me time to time... Do you need any money for anything... Do. You have any debts to clear... Do you want to buy something only for. Yourself... But when it comes that dad its too hot, you lungs need comfort, please turn on the ac, says i know what i need and that surely isnt your opinion... Imagine 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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What is something a teacher or mentor said to you that you will never forget?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMerecas
It wasn't so much something they said, but something they did.
Okay, so story time! I was in college (just so you know, college and university are two different things in the UK) and deadline week was fast approaching. I was incredibly stressed out and at some point, I don't remember what exactly set me off, but I found myself crying in a bathroom stall.
Not long after, my course leader found out what'd happened and called me into his office. I was expecting him to tell me I was overreacting and needed to chill out. Instead, he showed me a clip from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, specifically the scene where Mr Creosote devours an ungodly amount of food at a restaurant, but then explodes after the waiter offers him one last bite: a wafer-thin mint.
After the clip was over, my course leader said, "it's normal for small things to get the better of us sometimes, especially if we have stuffed ourselves full of worry already. I think, whatever upset you today, that was your 'wafter thin mint'. But you have nothing to worry about. Your work is great, you're going to do great. Now get back out there and keep doing what you do!"
It is a memory that will always stay with me.

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Was college different in your days than it is now?

Yes. Big Time!
When I attended college we did not study: gender studies, black history, feminism, equity and inclusion, etc. I studied composition, arranging, harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, music history, conducting, ear training, guitar, piano, bass guitar, digital systems, analog systems, power supplies, electricity, physics, calculus, English Literature, US History, Ancient History, Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Psychology, Philosophy, Network engineering, machine language, basic programming, pascal programming, C Programming, IP addressing, Subnet masking, OSPF, BGP, RIP, WAN, LAN, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, OSI Model, Access Lists, etc
And after acquiring all of this knowledge I worked hard to apply what I had learned. In the case of music, I performed in bands and practiced to continuously improve. In the case of engineering I became a Cisco Certified and Baynetworks Certified Network Engineer and worked for many organizations over a 40 year career i.e. Motorola, Nortel, Cabletron, Bay Networks, Cisco, State of New Hampshire, Vital Networks, Bloomin Brands and Tech Data.
Whenever possible, I studied subjects that interested me and that I knew would allow me to earn money and provide for my family. I also studied music, not for the money, but because I love Music and that has always been my dream to earn a degree from Berklee College of Music. Some people say, so what? Who cares? Here is the thing, when we are moments away from death and we reflect upon the life we have lived, what will we think? Will we regret our life because we only did those things that made us money? Or will we have a more balanced appreciation that we utilized our time to not only provide for our family but that we also achieved our dream and thus satisfied our soul? The choice is ours to make and only we, as individuals, can make those choices and be honest enough to own whatever choice we make, and refrain from blaming other people or society, and thus become "victims."
My father once told me the following: "son you've made your bed, and now you must lie in it." Which translated, means that we are responsible for the decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad. Said differently, we must take responsibility for what we think, say and do.

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Grossest pizza topping

I had a teacher in high school who (as a college student) jerked off onto a pizza with all his friends & the last guy to finish had to eat a slice. Idk about yall but I really don't want jizz on my pizza🤷🏻‍♀️
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Did you you go to university or college If so did you enjoy it ?

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
College done two years I did drop out the second year the written work like assessments struggle to put on paper the right words like talk to my tutor they was fine he said probably could of easily pass if ask for that help with it but my mind always went blank I knew in my heart I would of easily fail it

I'm a guy, and I'm not getting many likes or matches on dating apps. I'm an avg looking guy, and probably the most appealing thing in my profile can be that I got into a very esteemed college, and after that got a great paying job. I haven't added it in my profile yet, seems weird, should I?

I don't really think that you should mention you having a "great paying job", might end up attracting the wrong crowd. You can mention what work you do though. Like an engineer at ABC company, CA working in XYZ etc.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? 👻

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
hmm, if you think about it, yes, my friend and I arranged it and it’s very scary ... we also tried it with my brother and sister, oh gods, this is not self-hypnosis, since three people cannot imagine the same thing, because "when it seems that it seems , then it’s not imagining "^^ here I am writing and remember these feelings, oh, it excites😝😁💫🔥🔥🔥
when I was in college, my friends came to me, yes, we didn’t arrange a seance, but we shared our impressions about them, who tried what, and it’s adrenaline and heartbreaking😈🔥💫👍
you know about the Ouija board) everything is in the process ^^
хм, если подумать то да, мы с подругой устраивали и это очень страшно... с братом и сестрой тоже пробовали, о боги это не самовнушение, так как троим людям одно и тоже мерещиться не может, так как "когда кажется, что мерещится, то это не мерещится"^^ вот пишу и помню эти ощущения, ох будоражит😝😁💫🔥🔥🔥
когда учились в колледже ко мне пришли мои друзья, да мы не устраивали спиритический сеанс, но делились впечатлениями о них, кто что пробовал, да и это адреналиново и душещепательно😈🔥💫👍
про доску Уиджи ты знаешь) все в процессе^^

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Have you ever had a paranormal experience

popularity over credentials? artist over lawyer? clean track record over no college degree? seriously? haha hirap mong ipaglaban, Pilipinas.

"Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana
Good luck, Pilipinas. I'm turning off the news and stay offline muna. Adios.

Hardest subject in school?

For me it Algebra 2 a.k.a "College Algebra" is the third math course in high school and will guide you through among other things linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials and radical expressions, quadratic equations, functions, exponential and logarithmic expressions, sequences and series, probability and trigonometry. It's too much for me to remember all the formulas.
But Geometry is easy for me.
Hardest subject in school

If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice would you want to? And if so what’s the most important piece of advice you’d give yourself?

TamaraConway’s Profile PhotoTammy Conway
You don't need friends.
You don't need a boyfriend.
Punch that bully in the face.
Asked to be home schooled.
Try and study and get better grades in high school and college.
Don't care about the rumours.
I could go on and on.

I’m 24 and always felt determined and proud not to attend college until now. I feel super insecure and guilty now for not going but wonder if it’s worth it to return at this age ?

Regrets are pointless and you have no reason to feel guilty or insecure about previous decisions. Learn from your errors and move forward. If you want to further your education, it is never too late to invest in your future. Acquaint yourself with the job market, starting salaries, demand and requirements. Best of luck and stay on top. 👍

I’m 24 and always felt determined and proud not to attend college until now. I feel super insecure and guilty now for not going but wonder if it’s worth it to return at this age ?

if you have the means, time, and desire to attend college — then do it. age doesn't make a difference, and there are probably even more adult students now than ever before. there's no age restriction on when you can go to school.

| Il vostro gdr è spuntato tra i consigliati. Mi ha incuriosito molto. Sarebbe possibile tornare con il mio Bogo? Faceva parte del dipartimento di polizia del disney college.

toprotectandtoserve’s Profile PhotoBogo.
Per noi non c'è nessun problema, però nel GDR abbiamo @DIKimStone che è la figlia adottiva di Bogo, quindi teoricamente essendoci lei da prima dovresti sottostare alla sua trama o comunque metterti d'accordo con lei per trovare un punto d'incontro! Spero non ci siano problemi in merito.
⸻ Aica.

What’s something obvious you should have known, but just learned?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoPocket Full Of Sunshine
I did actually know this, but was distracted.
Imagine I’m driving with a fresh cup of coffee from Panera in my hand and feeling quite satisfied. My vehicle is at a red light. As it turns green, I take a sip and hit the gas to move. A big splash of hot coffee shoots into my mouth. Eeek!
It is simple physics (objects at rest/motion), and I even took courses in college.
When sipping coffee in a car, do not sip when accelerating.

Are you able to work from home, and if so, do you enjoy it?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
With my current job? Nawp!
If I were to look for another jerb? Yesh, very likely!
There seems to be a lot of remote opportunities these days... though, I just know me... and I personally need to GO to another location and see people face-to-face... If I stay at home, I'd just become more lazy/procrastinate more/be less inspired, and would become more depressed from the lack of in-person interaction. It was the same with studying for school assignments at college... I would "need" to go to the library, the computer lab or somewhere on the school campus, to become motivated to get my schoolwork done!

How ambitious are you?

I am leaving no stone unturned to reach the highest positions. Grew up in an inner city, motivated myself to get a degree and get a good job, and now that I have a decent job my parents constantly tell me to quit while I'm ahead and settle into my position for life. They think I'm a moron for striving for bigger things. My friends from the same city that became extremely successful also have only themselves to thank. None of us had abusive parents but we also weren't pushed to greatness as children. We just wanted better for ourselves and didn't want to end up living in the same shitty city as adults because we didn't work hard enough. In my experience the people who have the biggest dreams and most success have innate ambition. There is no "settling" for a job that pays a certain amount of money or a house in a nice neighborhood. There's no end point, only a desire to achieve bigger and greater things. I don't know if this is due to personality or brain chemistry, but you can see one person come out of a family living in squalor to become very successful while the rest of the family is content to keep living the same way they always have. I agree with this. My father is one of those hard dedicated workers. I have been working for the same company for close to 4 years now and have only taken 6 days of sick time. I do this because i strongly believe in attendance when working as he has done so his entire life. My mother on the other hand won't stay at a job for more than a year and mostly works 4 days a week and uses sick time nearly all the time.
Some of it was just monetary. When I was single I didn't care about money as long as I had enough to pay for rent, food, and video games. But now I'm 32 and we just bought a house, we are saving for college for our daughter, and we hope to travel internationally. All those things are easier with a better-paying job. As far as doing big things in the world, I've never really thought that way. My goal is to leave the world a little bit better than I found it and to raise my kid(s) to do the same. EDIT: Spelling
When I first read that, I was ready to call bullshit. No fellow human could look at these photos and not be moved. But then I realized... I didn't really care, the first time I saw the pictures in a book, or a movie. I doubt I felt any awe at all. Ten or fifteen years later, just thinking about it makes me tear up more than a little. The difference is that I've gained (I'd like to think) some perspective, both on our place in the cosmos, and realized the immense expansion and fulfillment of human capabilities that space exploration inherently is.
Ambition probably comes from life setup and morals taught early on. Rich kids don't have as much of a drive to succeed as poor kids like myself, because daddy will always be there to bail them out. You will find that a lot of the large names of today were poor early in life. Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling are two commonly known ones.

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Is 30 to old to go to college?

NO. Go to college whenever you're ready! Go when you're 90 if that's when you want to. Nobody will ever judge you for wanting to further your education, regardless of how old you are. I've had plenty of people in my classes that were older than 30. I've even had people in my classes that were upwards of 60. If you want to go to college, please go.

How would you go about this? I’m a 21 year old college student working part time and lives at home with my dad. I do all the cooking (including buying groceries) and cleaning yet he still expects me to give half my paycheck to him.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
That's not fair especially if he doesn't do anything. Tell him you need the money as you are the one taking care of the house.

Quel genre d’élève es-tu/étais tu en cours ?

lea__83580’s Profile Photolea__83580
Au collège, j’étais sérieuse, bavarde, mais j’ai eu quelques mots dans le carnet quand même.
Au lycée, c’était plus compliqué, j’ai été à 3 lycées différents durant trois années scolaires. Le premier, ça c’était hyper mal passé, j’étais sérieuse, mais je séchais certains cours. La seconde, ça été. Et la troisième, j’ai lâché l’affaire au bout de 3mois disons. Ma scolarité a été un fiasco total et ce n’était pas de ma faute du tout. J’explique si vous voulez.
Quel genre délève estuétais tu en cours

"Becoming the best version of myself" can be interpreted in many different ways. How would you interpret it?

I haven't been the best version of myself since i've went to college, i've been the worst version i've done things i didn't expect to do, i become sm1 who's victim of his actions.
I even did things that were not thing of my personality..
but knowing that i'm struggling to be better even if it's a little to be hoping for i'm okai with this.
personally i don't even know the answer tho

Ilang taon ka unang nagkatrabaho/ part-time?

Since elementary. Elem - physical work, di ako proud sabihin. HS - Math/Science tutor. College - Physics/Calculus/Chem tutor. Work lang hanggang kunin ni Lord. Sana si Lord.
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A⃗nything you want to share? 💫

fariha_ashraf’s Profile Photoفریحہ❤
People often assume that i dont make new friends even my parents. They keep insisting me to expand my friend circle explore more friendships. What everyone dont understand is that at this stage everyone has already made good friends. Their friend circles are already completed. From here on every new friend they make will only be due to some purpose. Its natural. School & college friendships were only friendships which established without any meaning or purpose. Even university friends always want something in return from you which is totally fine. This is how universe works.
If i want to make new friends i might have to take someone elses place in their life. This is not me. But if im interested in someone & want to be friends with them. I will try everything possible to get their attention. But as soon as i realize that i will not be their best mate or their priority or their top togo person i will distance myself.

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According to science and medicine, your brain is fully developed when ur in your late 20s. That’s when you truly are a full grown adult in the literal sense. So why is 18 considered the adult age, when it’s pretty obvious a 18 y/o is still not fully developed? There’s a huge dif between 18 and 28.

What an interesting question.
The truth is that I have no idea; however, I do have several theories/opinions. If you ever have the opportunity to visit an old cemetery that is at least 400 years old, you will notice that most people in the 1600's died by the age of 40 which is half the life expectancy we see today. This obviously affected the age people married (13 years old), when people began to work, and when they were considered to be adults.
Another consideration is education. Our public schools were originally designed to prepare young adults to work, right? The town I grew up in was a mill town owned and operated by the corporate owners of the various mills. It was expected that the local schools would provide the future workforce for those factories. At age 18, upon graduation, you had three choices: (1) work, (2) college, (3) military.
This brings me to my final point which involves the military. As we all recognize, war is a brutal business, but it is a business and as such, those lurking in the shadows (bankers, military complex, politicians, etc) earn great sums of money whenever wars are fought and they require a compliant labor force (soldier) that follows orders, does not ask questions and is willing to sacrifice his or her life for whatever cause the ruling class, political class and military complex deem appropriate (typically to defend freedom).
Because the brain is not fully developed at 18, but the body is physically at it's prime, the 18 year old makes the perfect soldier. They are strong, tough, naive, insecure, inexperienced, malleable, compliant, eager to please and most importantly, they follow orders and they never ask questions. So when their superior barks out an order to "charge" the 18 year old will run full speed ahead into oblivion and to his death only to return home in a body bag along with an American flag and Presidential citation thanking this 18 year old and his loved ones for making the ultimate sacrifice in defense of his country (wall street, the bankers, the investors, the arms manufacturers, the corrupt politicians and the greedy ruling class).
For these reasons I believe the ruling class, corporate class, political class and military complex have all conspired to select age 18 as the official age of adulthood.
Is it nefarious? Yes.
Is it corrupt? Yes
Is it evil? Yes
Is it a form of manipulation and abuse? In my opinion, yes. Is it wrong? absolutely!!
Will it ever change? NO.
As long as war exists, 18 year old's will be sacrificed on the political field of battle so that the wealthy can enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, the young, the naive and the indoctrinated 18 year old youth who do not know any better.

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If You Had All The Money In The World What Would Be The First Thing You Do Or Buy & Why? 🧐

m12141995’s Profile Photo(安瑪麗)
Kung may unli money lang ako, Lahat ng mga bata sa langsangan, kukupkupin, bibihisan, papakainin at aalagaan, nasa isang compound sila. tapos sa compound na yon may school na don, at may boarding house sila. Tipong di sila makakalabas sa compound na yon, hanggat di sila nagtapos ng highschool pati na rin sa college. Feel ko kasi uunlad ang bansa natin kung 'LAHAT' ng mga bata at lalo na yung mga batang laki sa hirap ay makakapagtapos ng pag aaral. Sapilitan na to, para sa future nila HAHHAHAA. (Ang lawak ng imagination ko 😹)
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What Is The Worst Thing You Did For Love? 🧐💔

m12141995’s Profile Photo(安瑪麗)
I think nasagutan ko na yong tanong na 'to dati pero uulitin ko nalang.
Pumunta ako sa bahay ng ka M.U. ko nong college ako around 9-10PM in the evening. After class non kasi may 4-7PM akong pasok. Then, nagsumbong ako sa parents nya tas umiiyak ako sa harap nila at sinasabing di nako kinakausap ng anak nila. Like wtf, ang tanga ko sobra. Di pa kami non pero nilegal na ko sa kanila. Ang sagot pala ng mama nya that time, "baka may ginawa kang bagay ayaw ng anak ko kaya nagsawa sya sayo." GRRRR

Complete the sentence: I miss back when...

Medovic1907’s Profile PhotoWow How
Tears were enough to calm me down.
I miss those school days. At that time we all were wishing to be in college but now I understand school days were best.
I miss all my favorite cartoon network and nickelodeon episodes.
I miss the time when I used to meet my friends everyday, unlike today when it's hard to meet them even once in a year.
I miss the carefree nights when just lying in bed was enough to get a sound sleep, unlike today when I calculate hours while trying to get a sleep.
I also miss the happiness and satisfaction that persisted everytime in my mind and heart, unlike today when every day appears more or less a struggle to me.
And what I miss the most is that time when I visited The Kaaba and Masjid-ul-Haram for the first time. That was the most beautiful feeling I've ever felt. I pray to reach there at least one more time :')

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I’m 22, and feel like I’m doing nothing with my life, is the thought of enlisting a good one?

why is there societal pressure to be employed or successful by your 20s? everyone is going down different paths and everyone has the right to choose what they wanna do. e.g. you don have to go to college to be successful and vice versa. at the end of the day you do you.

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