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Mają ulubione perfumy?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All
▫️Tak, mają.
▫️Nayeon - Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile Eau de Parfum
▫️Jeongyeon - Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum
▫️Momo - Secret Very Sexy For Her
▫️Sana - Estée Lauder’s Aerin Iris Meadow Eau De Parfum, perfumy Prady
▫️Jihyo - Estée Lauder’s Aeri Lilac Pass Eau de Parfum
▫️Mina - Estée Lauder’s Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Parfum
▫️Dahyun - GUCCI Bloom, Dior Addict Eau de Toilette
▫️Chaeyoung - Tacit Eau De Parfum, Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia Cologne
▫️Tzuyu - Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris A La Rose
Mają ulubione perfumy

How often do you go to the zoo?

duksasei’s Profile PhotoKurka Neeala
Not often. The last time I was in the Cologne Zoo, maybe 4 years ago in summer or maybe more. I were there with my family. Beautiful animals, nature and atmosphere. Loved it.
How often do you go to the zoo

Describe yourself in a paragraph.

I'm a 30-something, single, college educated, middle class woman. People describe me as strong-willed, confident, distant, aggressive and funny. I describe myself as a wordsmith (occupation), ass-shaker (hobby), car singer (secret talent) and sexy nerd who can have a conversation with anyone - but would prefer to be left the fuck alone. 9/10 times, I'm thinking, "move out of my way, don't start, you tried it (and failed), don't bother me, where can I get some chocolate?," or Spanish music lyrics. I love rarely, but hard and cut people off often and easily. Earth is ghetto, I wanna leave. But for now I'll just get high and wish I could be with the one man who knows how to turn on my body and shut off my brain. I collect things—comic books, bottles of cologne, sunglasses, platinum and tungsten carbide jewelry, art (traditional and digital), photographs and many other things. I enjoy strategy games like chess and Magic, my favorite formats being the older ones. I'm an atheist and skeptic. I wear black a lot, which I see as representing neither a brooding personality nor an inclination towards a gothic motif. My taste in music and film is eclectic. I'm currently writing a novel set in Afghanistan. I don't consume drugs or alcohol because I don't trust myself to do either in moderation. My sense of humor is dark, bordering on morbid but I still love Disney films like The Little Mermaid. I don't put a lot of stock in IQ tests and think people who brag about their IQ are generally losers. Sports involving a ball bore me to tears. I hate pop music and bright colors. I voted green party in the past two presidential elections. I love Coke and hate Pepsi. I put ice in all my drinks. My favorite colognes are tea scented. Whip Inflation Now. Make love, not war. Why are you still reading this?
I work as an engineer for the Director of Operations at a robotics company. I do what needs doing and enjoy it, but ultimately my career is just a job. I collect myriad hobbies and inevitably discard them, as nothing maintains interest. Principally, I read history, philosophy, and science, mostly during lunch. I also play guitar and study foreign languages. I feel very alive when listening to the right music, and I feel mostly dead otherwise. Regarding personality, I'm like a still ocean, occasionally disturbed by ripples in the wake of a passing ship, but only ever lightly, and never for long. I appreciate irony.
I'm quiet and scared shitless most of the time. I tend to come across as a know-it-all but this is usually just a mask for my insecurity. I have a fear of abandonment so I get emotionally attached too easily. I'm pretty intuitive and I like philosophy.

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1)Любимые вкусы чипсов? 2)Любимое вино (не просто красное или белое, а название)? 3)Любимые пиво и энергетик? 4)Ты технарь, гуманитарий или естественник? 5)Какими духами ты пользуешься? 6)Общаешься с бывшими? Как относишься к общению с ними? За или против? 7)Топ-3 любимых сериала

1. Лобстер.
2, 3. Никогда не выделял любимое из алкогольных напитков. Red Bull.
4. Естественник.
5. Lancome Hypnose Homme Cologne.
7. Начал смотреть Ведьмака, пока нравится. Ещё два не смогу сейчас выделить.

Name the states you've been too !?!?

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
-Not a state but braga,braga portugual
-New York
- also not a state but Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-not a state but cologne, north rhine Westphalia, Germany
- Greensboro, North Carolina
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Washington DC
- Kinston, North Carolina
- Raleigh , North Carolina
- charlotte, North Carolina
- Chattanooga, Tennessee
- Nashville, Tennessee
- Brentwood, Franklin etc (I live in Tennessee now)
- Louisville, Kentucky
-Columbus, Georgia
-Columbus, Ohio
- Chicago, Illinois
-st. Charles, Missouri
And manyyyyy more

อยากได้อะไรหอมๆ แชมพู โลชั่น น้ำหอมหรืออะไรก็ได้ อยากลองเปลี่ยนกลิ่นดู มีแนะนำไหม;-;;

- herbal essences สีชมพู
- fresh and juicy delight peach sorbet ของ oriental princess
- story of happiness forever bright ของ oriental princess
- cactus blossom ของ bath and body works
ส่วนตัวเราไม่ค่อยใช้น้ำหอมเเนะนำเป็น body mist กับ hair mist เเทนนะคะ
- story of happiness forever bright hair cologne spray ( hair mist ) / oriental
- floralista fuchsia ( hair mist ) / oriental
- story of happiness forever bright body cologne spray ( body mist ) / oriental
- Journey for the senses dreaming sheer eau de toilette / oriental
เเหะๆ เยอะเลย

How long does it take for you to get ready for school/work ?

ddeniseworld’s Profile Photodanï
Well about 5-10 minutes (or less) because of Covid. Normally, it would be my husband who takes longer to get ready for work. I don't take hours and hours just trying to look like prettiest jeweler in town. I take my time and get ready WITHOUT having to just take more time rather than simply applying eyeliner or lipstick or eyeshadow. I only put on lipstick and lip balms (in case my makeup gets ruined or disappears) and that is IT. Sometimes I will put on a little sweet smelling cologne 2 or 3 times. But I only use three things: lipstick, lip balms and just a touch of coconut cologne.

Oh gosh, me too especially their seasonal scents. You can't go wrong with Bath and Body Works lol. Everyone loves it. I got my dad some cologne and other things from there as well. My favorite scent right now is the Christmas Cookies. It smells so good.

Oh I actually got some cologne for Jensen’s Dad. My favorite scent is also the Christmas Cookies.
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♔. ᴏʟɪᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴋᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ - ᴀ ᴄᴀʀᴛᴇʟ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ [ @behavedappropriately ] ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪ

The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask’s Profile Photo【Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ】
♔. ━━━━━━━ As soon as Oliver set her father free, the brunette explained him the deal as fast as she could, knowing that they wouldn't get much time together. "It's the only way, dad. You go, get that money and bring it back." Katherine said as she looked deeply into his eyes-- he couldn't do anything right now, Joe just had to listen and find the money to save his daughter's life. He sighed and pulled her only daughter into his arms, while her face hid in his chest, holding him back tightly. "I promise i'll be back soon pumpkin. I love you." Her heart almost skipped a beat as he called her so, he hadn't used that nickname since her mother passed. And within the blink of an eye, he was gone -- two men came and took him away from her. Her teeth sank deeply and hardly in her bottom lip as she tried her best not to cry but it was perhaps a little too much.
Her tears ran down her cheeks and it wasn't until she heard a breath close behind her, that she rose her head up and wiped the tears away, staring straight in front of her. It was Oliver, she could just tell by his cologne-- she didn't dare to move or say anything; god knew what this psycho had in mind. Eventually feeling that he didn't move or say anything, she took a step forward and finally turned around to face him-- how could someone looking so innocent could be such monster ? What led him to be this ? Why would you care anyway, Katherine. There they were, staring at each other without none of them saying a thing-- was it a little game he liked to play with his prisoner ? What was next, now ?

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ᴏʟɪᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴋᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ  ᴀ ᴄᴀʀᴛᴇʟ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ  behavedappropriately  ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪ

Km masih pake produk baby gak? kyk sabun nya mungkin atau minyak nya atau apalah itu. Req dong yg bau nya baby banget biar kyk baby gitu🤭

aku emang makenya produk baby semua😅 minyak telon biasa beli yg my baby tp makin kesini wangi nya rada berubah (perasaan gue) wkwk jadinya beli minyak telon yang mereknya konicare wangi nya lebih baby deh lebih gak keras(?) bingung jelasinnya:( wkwk.
pake baby oil sebelum bobo biar muka nya ga kering karna muka akuuu kering bgt kaya kerupuk wkwk. trus pake cologne dari mitu tapi ga terlalu cinta ini beli lg iseng aja cobain, tp kalo mau beli baby cologne mending yang zwitsal wangi nya lebih enak bgtt🥰 zwitsal ku ngga tau kmnn huff jd abisin mitu dulu trs beli lg yg zwitsal! hehehe. trusss pake cussons baby hair lotion yg tutupnya warna ungu ya! wangi nya lebih enak wkwk.
Km masih pake produk baby gak kyk sabun nya mungkin atau minyak nya atau apalah

Jak facet powinien dbać o swój wygląd? Co dobrze jak robi, a co dla Ciebie jest raczej nie do przyjęcia u faceta?:)

Ja powiem na swoim przykladzie bo bardzo dbam o siebie i o swój wygląd więc tak facet jeżeli chce o siebie dbać to przedewszystkim musi trenować silownia sporty walki cokolwiek musi być poprostu wysportowany ja osobiście uważam że jestem wysportowany dobra no przez zimę się zalalem bo masę robiłem ale już wracam do formy czyli six pack na brzuchu klata lapy nogi następnie zawsze musi być czysty pachnacy i nosić czyste ubrania ja osobiście myje się codziennie ukladam wlosy i używam perfum przeważnie pachne hugo boss'em orange ale również używam perfum yessaintlaurent 2 rodzaji niepamietam nazw niestety jedne to są chyba yessaintlaurent L'home cologne bleue a drugich nie pamiętam no poprostu używam głównie tych 3 perfum oczywiście oryginalne jeżeli chodzi o cerę to używam pelingu enzymatycznego i tradycyjnego maseczek odkarzając do cery tradzikowej maseczek regenerujących odżywiających i odmładzających jeszcze używam kremów zeby nie mieć tradziku no bo jednak 18 19 lat to jeszcze trochę jest to wiek tradziku wlosy też aby je zregenerować używam odżywek i maseczek przy ukladaniu włosów spryskuje je takim czymś że nadaje im to połysk zwiększa objętość i grubość wlosa i no każdy facet dba o sobie innaczej ale żeby nie było przesady i byl facet a nie pedał do minimum silka oryginalne perfumy i pachnące czyste ubrania bo to co robi szpak to według mnie on ma w sobie 99,9% kobiety i 0,1% faceta i tylko dlatego ma to 0,1% bo chyba musi mieć coś w spodniach ale obok faceta to on wogóle nie stał

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I definitely want to, it's just quite surreal that someone 'wants' to! Think you understood my last answer a bit wrong there xD Also relieving to hear you're not travelling alone and have someone along your side, sounds safe! (and calms me✨) as I've lived in Cologne for years, it isn't beautiful^^

WhiiteNoiise’s Profile Photohonestly idc slime
I probably misunderstand your answer xD
Yes, my bf and I have almost the same plans, also we don't like to travel alone, it's not fun :(
What a disappointment to know that Cologne is not beautiful! ;-;
I definitely want to its just quite surreal that someone wants to Think you

I also won't have much of my holidays, be it summer, autumn and winter but it'll be fine aslong my plans will workout! ✨ You'll definitely get one! 🌹 Also how cool to get free icecream! :3 What do you mean ''Shortterm'' plans? 🤔 I'm still surprised that you wanna visit me, like... w h y? xD 🤷🏻

WhiiteNoiise’s Profile Photohonestly idc slime
It seems that you don't want me to visit you ;(🤔 however, I definitely want to visit your city, it looks pretty and interesting, I also want to visit Cologne xD✨ I want to travel with a friend 🌚he wants to go to France first, but it would still be a very fun experience.💖
I also wont have much of my holidays be it summer autumn and winter but itll be

Do you know anyone who wears too much perfume or cologne? Today at work there’s a guy wearing too much cologne and a woman wearing too much perfume and the combination is killing my sinuses!!

Years ago, I think they learned to tone it down. less is more
Liked by: Jen❄

Do you know anyone who wears too much perfume or cologne? Today at work there’s a guy wearing too much cologne and a woman wearing too much perfume and the combination is killing my sinuses!!

I can think of something far worse, nail polish remover

Do you know anyone who wears too much perfume or cologne? Today at work there’s a guy wearing too much cologne and a woman wearing too much perfume and the combination is killing my sinuses!!

Yes! Ugh it gives me pains in my head and if my blood sugars are high from my t1d, I feel sick from it.
I'm like "buddy, look, no matter how much you wear, it still won't cover the absolute stench of cigarettes from you".
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Du hast deinen Geburtstag in Cologne gefeiert oder? Kannst du gute Clubs empfehlen bzw Bar‘s - shisha bar‘s oder sagen wo du warst?

Ich habe meinen Geburtstag im Nachtflug reingefeiert und am Tag meines Geburtstags war ich im Vanity.
Incavall Lounge und Luxx fand ich auch ganz gut und die Shotbar ???

Hi Ashton , it ' s Jahaira . I wanted to know when will be your next tour ? . I ' m hoping to save money for the concert and meet and greet tickets . And what kind of cologne do you wear ? . ( sorry , I don ' t know if that ' s appropriate , I ' m really sorry if it isn ' t ) ... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Tour dates talk for next year is still in the works and I wear Calvin Klein cologne x

I think Britain should be split into two countries, one half being for men and normal women who aren’t feminists and the other half being solely for feminists who don’t need men.

One cologne brand and scent I can not be around because its way to over powering is that curve brand all these guys be wearing ?

pano ba lumande? lol lalake ako. di naman yata ako panget pero ngsb pa ren haha sa mga lalake jan tulong nman mga bro 😭

You're lucky I'm bored.
1.) Let's start with your appearance (let's get real; it matters a fuckton in flirting). If you were born with the looks and are hygienic on top of that, jump right down to number two. Lesson number one: being neat is a major turn-on for all people (unless filth is a fetish). Observe proper hygiene. Take a shower at least once a day (you live in a tropical country, for fuck's sake). Toothbrushes aren't there for mere display either. Get a goddamned mouthwash. Spray (don't pick a girly scent, you have balls) perfume or bodyspray on yourself (some cheap cologne is also an option if you're broke). And shave that bushy moustache, you fucking hermit. Fix that mop of a hair (bed hair is only attractive in books and on Netflix; in real life, it's just gross). There's also nothing wrong with wearing jologs clothes, but don't expect then to get a chick on your arm any time soon.
2.) If the girl you have your eyes on knows about your dork/dumb/undate-able (it's a word, I coined it) self, well, the least thing you can do now is to not make yourself appear dorker, dumber and more undate-able than you already made yourself to be (first impressions are important but hey, they don't last forever). Also, I know you want to impress her but don't do so with cringy, overused punchlines you've picked up from jeje Facebook/Twitter pages; nor should you like every post she writes or has written online (that is borderline creepy). In simpler words, don't be generic and stupid.
3.) If you guys are friends, that's way better; texting and chatting are already a given. Here's an undervalued tip: message her (casually) late at night or during the wee hours of the morning (only if she's awake, of course). There's something personal and intimate about talking over the phone at 12 AM or later (earlier, technically); take advantage of that instead of lying spread-eagled on your bed, snoring like a dumb blowhorn.
4.) Contrary to popular belief, no, girls don't like (at least not in the I'd-date-him type of like) guys with sense of humor. Sure, crack a joke (don't if it's lame) here and there, drop quirky side comments from time to time but always do it effortlessly, casually and a teeny-weeny bit suggestive. Main point: avoid being too funny, too reliable, too talkative and too friendly. Every sane guy knows that's where the friend zone begins (you're welcome).
5.) Have a way with your words. The action-speaks-louder-than-words thing is utter bullshit. Run that mouth and be charming and smooth as fuck while you're at it. Just don't overdo it (you don't wanna look and sound like a fucking railgun). But at the same time, stay mysterious (there's no interest when there's no mystery). Don't give her too much, but don't give too little either or she'll get it from somebody else.
6.) Make her feel special but don't drop statements that suggest finality. Don't tell her stuff like I'll-treat-you-better-than-your-ex or

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(Proposée par @keintanz ) As-tu un bon sens de l'odorat ? Quelles sont les odeurs que tu adores, et inversement celles que tu ne supportes pas ?

FSIQA’s Profile PhotoFSIQA
Très bon, oui. enfin, j'ai jamais su si j'avais un odorat très développé ou si c'est simplement mon cerveau qui ne sait pas traiter les informations qu'il reçoit. Mais du coup je suis très sensible aux odeurs fortes et/ou chimiques, je suis rapidement submergé et ça me donne très mal à la tête (et c'est la tristesse parce que j'adore les bougies parfumées, le papier d'Arménie et les trucs du genre)
Les odeurs que j'aime c'est l'eau de Cologne (mais vraiment, vraiment beaucoup, je m'en lasserai jamais je crois), le thé Earl Grey, la bergamote (et plus globalement les agrumes), les vieux livres, le cuir, la terre, l'herbe coupée, la lavande, la pluie, l'aquarelle, la mousse à raser, la lessive, les allumettes brûlées, l'automne et l'hiver (ça a une odeur particulière je trouve, mais j'ai jamais su décrire précisément). Ce sont surtout des odeurs familières qui me rassurent et me rappellent des souvenirs.
Il n'y a pas tant d'odeurs que je déteste vraiment, à part l'odeur de parking (essence, caoutchouc, etc.) et d'intérieur de voiture, ça me donne la nausée.

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Dun jesi ko manja onako razmisljala o Harvardu i kako ces da budes uspesna jednog dana? 😊 sta mislis o Harvardu ovako ?

Pa jesam kao manja pomalo, ali nikad ništa posebno. Jesu to vrhunski fakulteti i iako je teško upasti, sigurno bih se trudila bez obzira da me to jaaako zanima... Ali ti najpoznatiji američki fakulteti i najpoznatiji engleski fakulteti su najpre za elitu i ne pronalazim se u tom društvu. Kao što Amerika ima svoje Ivy League fakultete - skupina najboljih fakulteta, Nemačka ima svoj Exzellenzinitiative, od kojih je jedan baš Cologne University, tako da, čemu to? Amerika mi je veliko NE, a Britanija me privlači veoma turistički, ali neka na tome ostane. Jedino na šta bih pristala još su Španija, Belgija, Švajcarska ili Italija, ali Nemačkoj ništa ne fali pa ne bih išla baš odatle. Što se Harvarda tiče, ne znam puno o njemu, ali spava u Ivy League i to je kažem, više za elitu. 😄
Dun jesi ko manja onako razmisljala o Harvardu i kako ces da budes uspesna
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we'll see about that! but before i go, do you naturally smell nice today or are you wearing perfume? this is not meant to sound creepy btw, i'm just really sensitive to smell and i notice i get more attention when i'm wearing nice cologne!

So you wake up for morning prayers?
Hmm I mean how can someone "naturally" small nice? Haha. I do smell nice every day but today it's extra nice HAHA - its my body spray. Yasss cologne is awesome :D
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What are your favorite scents for lotions and body sprays? I tried warm and cozy which has been popular for a while now and it smelled wonderful c: Am I the only one that feels like a lot of body sprays and/or perfumes start to smell the same after a while?

lately i've been using 'magic in the air' by bath & body works because it smells good, and @Courrtana also gave me some victoria's secret body sprays which are equally delicious (especially 'sheer love,' which is cotton & lily scented).
i don't use perfume or cologne much anymore because it's been aggravating my sinuses since it's much more concentrated than body sprays. i also don't use very much of it at all.

¿Qué actividades realizaba de infante? ¿Cree que se han perdido en la actualidad los juegos típicos de la infancia?

CoppiCalamar’s Profile PhotoFloor Romero(Cachetona)
Thank you Zurich! 🇨🇭 🔜
22.03 Berlin - Mercedes Benz Arena
24.03 Cologne - Lanxess Arena
25.03 Munich - Olympiahalle
29.03 Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle
31.03 Oberhausen - Schleyerhalle
01.04 Frankfurt - Festhalle
03.04 Ljubljana - Arena Stozice
04.04 Ljubljana - Arena Stozice
05.04 Viena - Westfalenhalle
06.04 Viena - Westfalenhalle
08.04 Leipzig - Leipzig Arena
09.04 Bruselas - Palais 12
Qué actividades realizaba de infante Cree que se han perdido en la actualidad

️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ ️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ ️&. https://ask.fm/bulstrcde/answers/143579533618

bulstrcde’s Profile PhotoRICHIE BULSTRODE.
️ ️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️
️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️ℒ ️ ️ ️ ┊ ️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️FOREIGN BUSINESS. ┊ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ @BULSTRCDE
️️️ ️ ️ ️ nostalgia. the way he looked so apathetic, yet so. . . ENTRANCING. he was broken, but the gaunt had always been attracted to broken things. maybe it was her sick need to relate to anything with a pulse, or maybe it was because she wanted to believe there was SALVATION in their future. she had a feeling that, since this was richie bulstrode, option number one had to be the one to go with here.
️️️ ️ ️ ️ ' oh, talk husky to me, why don'tcha? ' english. pure, almost ROYAL english. even his voice took her back to a simpler time. a time of devastation for her, but one where things weren't quite so CONFLICTING. they were black and white ━━ and lysa was sure where she belonged. now, she wasn't. but if anything that only made her understand him more. if she could turn it all off? or not even have it to begin with? she bloody fucking would.️
️️️ ️ ️ ️ she leaned forwards, long legs still stretched as she watched him. she moved her hair, slowly, from her neck, dark eyes narrowed. there was a curiosity to them. . . a suspicion. ' honest. i missed that. ' slytherins were nothing without it. a smirk lit up lysa's small features. ' would you believe me if i said i didn't miss you? ' as sweet as she could be ━━ sweeter than he needed her to be. but she did like to tease him. make him shudder.
️️️ ️ ️ ️ her eyes scanned his drink. ' -you can have whatever you want, as long as i do, too. but you never had a problem with THAT before, right? ' she moved to grab his drink instead of hers, taking a sip curiously. hard liquor seeped onto her tongue, a bitter and yet sweet taste that she had long known. she handed it back to him, licking her lips. lysa knew how to play the game. . . HIS GAME. she liked playing his game.
️️️ ️ ️ ️ ' so, call me curious. . . ' -and suspicious, because she remembered the DEVIANCE in both of them well. they never did things out of the goodness of their non-existent heart. ' -but what made you actually track me down? ' as much as she made him aware she NEEDED him, she never said where. . . or for what. was richie so easily swayed by a long set of legs, or was he out for more? or worse. . . up to something?
️️️ ️ ️ ️ despite her better judgement, and her words, lysandra trusted him. trusted that this still meant her father did not know where she was ━━ that cass wasn't looking, and that xavier had all but forgotten her. all but theo, and a mother who never knew her, and was not about to know her now. ' what i need from you, requires trust. just like what i sometimes did to you, remember? ' this time, her smirk is slightly more. . . humorous.
️ ️ ️
️️️ ️ ️️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️after all, they were nothing if not 「 MACHIAVELLIAN. 」
️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️' so. . . YES. let us show cologne what we can do. '

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Korang rase lah kan, artis yang dok promote minum2 cologne pemutih kulit tue betul ke? Entah2 sudah suntik vitamin c baru nak promote product tue kan. Tak berdose ke buat begitu?

I think, artis-artis tu were getting paid to promote orang lain punya produk. so diorang hanya buat kerja. zaman & ekonomi sekarang, duit is everything ok :) nak kata dosa ke tak itu urusan dia dgn Tuhan, just kita la jgn bodo sgt :)

Korang rase lah kan, artis yang dok promote minum2 cologne pemutih kulit tue betul ke? Entah2 sudah suntik vitamin c baru nak promote product tue kan. Tak berdose ke buat begitu?

Kalau betul dia buat gitu, mestilah berdosa sebab tipu org kan. 😌
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BF has a slight odor. It's not funk or BO but I guess his natural smell or his cologne. Needless to say, I hate it. What to do/say, if anything?

You gotta figure out if it’s cologne or his natural scent. If it’s cologne, compliment him into wearing something else. And if that doesn’t work, confess you don’t like it and suggest something else. You may have to pick up a bottle. Consider it an investment in your happiness.
If it’s his natural scent that you don’t like, maybe he can eat different foods to adjust it? That’s tricky tho.

your acc is beauty! and yes, this is my awkward way of introducing myself lol - im nithi btw! i think i sent you a message before but i got logged out of my old acc so i had to make a new one! hope you're having a lovely day tho! x

srinithisays’s Profile Photonithi ♡
hello, nithi! may i just say ur account is sweeter than apple crumble w vanilla ice cream? i'm currently drowning in homework and i'm just sittin' here not doing it so i'm. so. screwed. other than that. . . i've gained like 3kgs in 1 day so that's brought me down on my mood - maybe it's because i'm v bloated atm? idk, i literally have no metabolism so again, that sucks so much. my skin is sorta clear, sorta not but that's probs my fault because all i do is wash it with cleanser #lazypig and i have a problem w food - i srsly can't stop eating !! i eat 1 thing n then boom, 5000+ cal n 2 hrs later, i finally stop so i have 2 research ways to stop binge eating. like, i'm not even hungry n it doesn't taste that gr8 but like... i just do it..!? also, dior homme - SUCH A GOOD COLOGNE GIRLS. if u have a beau at home / that u r serious w, buy the fragrance for him bc it is literal heaven. it smells like spice n man n coziness n heaven n it lasts forever ! ah, heaven. okay if u think u r awkward, this answer is x10 more awkward lol. livia signin' out. xx

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