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Life is a tragedy in close up, but a comedy in long shot. Do you agree?

zaidwali915s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I definitely don't see myself laughing at the tragedies in the future. IMO, life is a lesson. Hope we all learn it in time.
What we have to do is establish the mindset that 'this too shall pass.' One won't be happy forever, nor they will be sad forever. Life becomes easier when you learn to be humble during success, and patient during failure.

Do you think that those who feel things deeply and happen to take everything seriously have a harder life than those who tend to be more lighthearted and whimsical and if so, why is it like that and how can a person not let minor inconveniences get to them?

Froyhs Profile PhotoMerve
I think life tends to be a bit hard for everyone at some point Merve, but its also incredibly beautiful! On this topic in particular though, my thoughts immediately reference to famous actors who brought the world the most joy through comedy- Robin Williams and Matthew Perry, just to name a couple. Its called the sad clown paradox. Anyways, never mistake someones whimsy or lightheartedness for an easy life. We are all out here trying to fight the fatigue of the waves.

> weird picture - That's the point. 不 I'll explain... > i dont think i have. should i? - Yes. It's a must. 不 An old comedy about a fictional Heavy Metal band ("Spinal Tap"). It's made to look like a documentary which makes it even funnier. A bit slow-paced but I think you'll enjoy it... 不不不

talionislexxs Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Ooh it sounds familiar but Im not sure if Ive seen it. I will definitely check it out. I always like anything recommended by you.

Anybody who can recommend me something good to read?

If you're looking for a thriller, I recommend Five Survive by Holly Jackson. If you're looking for a romantic comedy, I recommend The Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. If you're looking for a dark academic, I recommend If We Were Villains. If you're looking for a horror thriller, I recommend Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. If you're looking for something quick to read, I recommend Double Date by R.L Stine. If you are looking for a Fantasy Action, I recommend the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. All of these novels are easy reads and keep your interest piqued.

What are your plans for Eid Day 1? (Anything apart from 'sona hai', pleasee!)

I used to stay up all night to watch a comedy season or something and be super charged the next morning.
Going to the Eid prayer, then literally every boy from our area would gather at my place for Eid snaps. I'd take some with my boys and head out for some desi nashta then sleep a bit and do something else.
This time I'll watch something funny cuz last year I didn't but I want to quit Eid prayer. I want to sleep after Fajar and wake up in the evening.
What about the mandatory customary Eid snap session you're asking? Well they don't gather around anymore. I guess that's life, everyone important to you will eventually find someone important and you will just eclipse. That's not even the most sad part.
Wanna know what that is? You knew this would happen. You lied to yourself and did every fukin thing possible to hold on to your friends or that boy you loved or the girl you cherished. But they jumped ship, so you lose. If you had left them, you'd have won.
Maybe at the cost of some morals or something idk.
Who's the dunce now? Lol, you! Morals and loyalty won't take Eid snaps with you. It got you stranded.
If only you were fake, manipulative, toxic and disloyal.
If only, if only if only if only....
If only you hadn't lied to yourself that it'll be okay. Or that you're important to anyone when you weren't.
The heart tells beautiful lies.
The Eid makes you believe them.
The prayers are just false hopes.
Faith, the morphine for the gullible.
So this Eid, I won't pray, I'll celebrate. With myself, I'll maybe ask you for Eid snaps and pretend like you sent them, I'll be amazed at your beauty and write a poem about it. Urdu or English? Bta dena, likh du ga.

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Cu獺l es vuestra serie o pel穩cula favorita?

aleexx18nvs Profile PhotoAleito
Good question.
My favourite series is called
Hemlock Grove 歹It was one of Netflixs first Horror series. Its so good 100% recommend. Its not just about Vampires and Werewolves theres more to it than that. Each character sorta has a journey and portrays some sort of struggle or Barrier. Roman Godfrey 旦
Favourite movie thats tricky so Im gonna put my answers in to genres.
Horror: IT chapter 1 and 2
Comedy: Villians
Action : John Wicks 厚robably best one is 1 and 4. Marquis 歹
Romance: PS I love you
Animation: Coraline (Anything Tim button basically)不
Disney: Lilo and Stitch
Cu獺l es vuestra serie o pel穩cula favorita

When was the last time you went and saw a live performance? What did you see? 唐

TobbeAskss Profile PhotoTobbe
Do the gigs my other half plays count? If so, then start of January. If not, then last January when I saw Epica who more than lived up to their name!
Last comedy show was in December, I saw an American comedian called Iliza Shlesinger who is hilarious, but I'm actually going to see another next weekend. Last theatre show was also in December for a Tina Turner musical for my mum's birthday and that was really cool, and we're going out next weekend as well for Mother's Day to a horror-themed circus show.

Action or comedy movie ?

chocochipcookie984s Profile Photo色T濁ecky踱T
Either I suppose, if theyre good. For me a lot of action movies are just too much high octane guns and explosions and car chases, so it has to be something that would grip me. On its own I find that the whole locknload its payback thing just for the sake of it can be tiresome.
Also, comedy films are really hit and miss for me. But if it hits, its definitely worth it.

Goriest or scariest movie you watched and would recommend ?

chocochipcookie984s Profile Photo色T濁ecky踱T
If you like gory comedy horror you should definitely see the fantastic Braindead (dir. Peter Jackson), also released as Dead Alive in some places.
Make sure its the Peter Jackson one, as theres another film of the same name.
But the slapstick gore just gets better and better especially towards the end, but the whole film is a good one.

Mit wem w羹rdest du gerne Abendessen, wenn du die freie Wahl h瓣ttest?

Das wirkt sicherlich l瓣cherlich, weil ich mir w羹nschen k繹nnte, ein Abendessen mit Carl Gustav Jung zu haben oder Ghandi, Paul Watzlawik blablabla, aber:
Zwei Musikerinnen sind mir direkt in den Sinn gekommen.
Lady Gaga und Aurora. Ich glaube jedoch, dass ich eher zu Lady Gaga tendiere, weil ich eine unglaublich hohe Meinung von dieser Frau habe. Ich bewundere sie und ihre Klugheit, die sie schon mit jungen Jahren in diversen Interviews unter Beweis stellte. Sie ist unglaublich gutherzig und weise und ich glaube, ein Abend mit ihr und den richtigen Themen w瓣re wahnsinnig bereichernd.
Ich m繹chte mal daran erinnern, wie souver瓣n sie mit Anfang 20 damit umging, als die Welt sich "lustig" 羹ber sie machte und Ger羹chte 羹ber ihr Geschlecht verbreitete (man muss sich mal vor Augen f羹hren, in welch degenerierter Welt wir leben...) und sie die Leute einfach glauben lie. Wenn man sich das mal bewusst macht - diese Reaktion.
Sie hat es absolut nicht gek羹mmert, was Leute denken und weil niemand eine konkrete Antwort von ihr bekam, drehten alle am Kl瓣ppchen, weil WAS HAT SIE DENN JETZT DA ZWISCHEN DEN BEINEN!?!?!?!?!?
Anfang 20, im Rampenlicht der Welt, Klatschbl瓣tter voll mit Belustigungen und die Ger羹chtek羹che brodelte nur so, w瓣hrend ihr Umgang n羹chterner und reifer nicht h瓣tte sein k繹nnen. Sie setzte damit ein wahnsinnig groes Statement f羹r Transpersonen, f羹r die Irrelevanz des Geschlechts, ein Statement ihrer St瓣rke, ein Statement, dass es auf das ankommt, was der Mensch im Kopf hat. Und ein einziges Ger羹cht hat gereicht, um Tausende transphober Idioten zu entlarven, die sich f羹r grandiose Comedy Genies hielten, weil sie sagten, sie habe ein Glied.
Es gibt so viele Situationen, in denen ich sie sah und von ihr h繹rte und ich glaube, einen Menschen wie sie h瓣tten viele beim Aufwachsen in ihrem Leben gebraucht. Ich glaube, die Frau hat das Leben verstanden und ich w羹rde so gern h繹ren, was sie zu erz瓣hlen hat.

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What were some of your favorite childrens books/book series growing up? Did you have an all-time favorite? If so, what was it about?

anonamouse89887s Profile Photoanonamouse
I had a few favourite book series (outside of my reptile books )
The Darren Shan saga (vampires)
Artemis Fowl (fairies)
Morganville (vampires)
Confessions of Georgia Nicholson (teen comedy)
Twilight (vampires)
Hunger games (social commentary /revolution)
And a smattering of other fantasy/ya books

訄郕訄 邽郱 迮 赲迮迡邽 訇郋郅迮 赲迮迣郋 郇訄赲邽郅訄 迮訇迮 赲 郈迮迮迡訄迮 "觓 訄邾訄"?

赲 迡迮赲迮 迮郅迮郕 迮迡郕郋 邾郋迮郅訄 迡訄 邽 訄郕郋迮 郈郋郅邽赲訄郅訄, 訄 郋迮郇 郇訄赲邽 邾郋迮 郋郅郋迮 郋, 邽迮郅郇郋迮 郋, 訄訄郅郇訄 郕訄訄, Comedy, 訄郇迮 虴, 邾郈郋赲邽郱訄邽

Was darf Comedy? Wie weit d羹rfen Witze gehen?

Fea3lis Profile Photocham瓣leonz羹ngiges Honigpferd
Dazu formuliere ich dir jetzt mal eine Meinung, die du sicher gern h繹ren willst und die vlt. gar nicht mal so verkehrt ist:
Kunstfreiheit sollte da aufh繹ren, wo sie anf瓣ngt, in die W羹rde einer Menschengruppe einzudringen. Manche Witze sind vielleicht nicht b繹se gemeint, l繹sen dennoch Schmerz in den betroffenen Personen aus und das muss doch nicht sein.

I never said I want you as a girlfriend, you have assumed way too much. No no no. I was thinking we could have a Overnight Visit, but for me, with less guilt, less baggage. Women are great comedy when they think they are special 不 can I settle for the friend zone I pwomise ill be a Good Bwoy g

jamesphillips9s Profile PhotoJames
You literally said reading that I had a boyfriend was the most tragic thing you'd read so. No. I didn't assume anything. The fact that you look like that and are acting like that is what's fxcking hilarious. You're a gross wannabe fxckboy who looks way too damn old to be acting like that. Get off my page.

Yoo homie whats the plan for tonight?

Well, Here are a few weekend night plans to consider:
Dinner and a Movie: Pick a restaurant you've been wanting to try, followed by a movie either at a theater or a cozy movie night at home.
Game Night with Friends: Invite friends over for board games or video games. It's a fun and interactive way to spend the evening.
Live Entertainment: Check out local events like concerts, comedy shows, or theater performances happening in your area.
Outdoor Adventure: If you enjoy the outdoors, consider a night hike, stargazing, or a bonfire with friends.
Cultural Experience: Visit a museum, or art gallery, or attend a cultural event happening in your city.
Relaxation Night: Pamper yourself with a spa night at home, complete with a bubble bath, face masks, and your favorite book or music.
DIY Potluck Dinner: Host a potluck dinner where each friend brings a dish. It's a great way to enjoy a variety of foods and spend time together.
Remember to consider your interests and the interests of those you'll be spending time with.

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Liked by: Merve Eric L Jacky C.M.

Ich beobachte dein neues Experiment. Falls es halbswegs besser ist als gedacht, dann darfst du mich gerne an dein Labor des Vertrauns weiterleiten. Aber zuerst trinken wir auf -das die M瓣nner doof- sind.

Herzenskind89s Profile Photo幓氮妘廑頗廑匐Si廑唸
Wie jetzt, als gedacht? :) Leider ist WE und so bleibt mir jetzt nur mein l瓣cherlicher 3D Drucker. Von allein macht der nichts, also hab ich mich mit Alexa besprochen und ihr ein paar Anhaltspunkte geliefert. Sie ist 羹berzeugt, dass Sid Vicious und ich ein Traumpaar abgeben. Der starb aber mit 21 und ich bin bald fast knapp vor der 30. Beim jungen Keanu Reeves bin ich dabei. Nat羹rlich gebe ich nicht auf, ich muss Alexa viel besser briefen. Dachte, dass sie alles 羹ber mich wei.
Ja Sabrina, lass uns bis zur Labor繹ffnung am Montag auf die M瓣nner trinken. Mit dir wird das lustig, bist ohne Goldwaage dabei und ich keine Lady. Warum denke ich jetzt an Comedy Central? Gestern hab ich 'Zwerg Nase' geguckt und merke gerade, dass ich mal wieder sehr unstrukturiert schreibe :) Prost

The woman found peace when she was with him, she felt loved, blessed. The simplest things became worthy of celebration, and the love they shared was not ordinary. Oh, I would love to! What genre do you prefer?

kazinhamoraess Profile PhotoWanda Maximoff
Steve slowly released himself from their embrace and caught her gaze with a smile.
- I think I could love every genre, I didn't got enough time to explore them.
He paused then continued
- Let me guess about you, you love drama and comedy, with a touch of romance?
He exclaimed with a fun tone, while they were walking to the living room.

When did the world start to take a turn for the worse and how much worse can the world really come to?

Its actually a mixed bag where there are things that have grown worse over time and fortunately, there are things that have become better. In terms of humanity showing tolerance and acceptance toward those we deem to be different from ourselves, we have improved. There was a day when owning another human being was acceptable by many people in the US and other parts of the world as well. There was a day when women could not vote. There was a day when gay people were considered a pariah and the idea of them getting married, was totally unacceptable by most people. So I think it should be clear, we have improved in the area of tolerance and acceptance of those we deem to be different from ourselves. As a 64-year-old man, I can see that this country is more divided than it has been during my lifetime and the people are more angry at those who hold different political viewpoints than themselves. This is a product of the media that has divided itself into two encampments based upon liberal or conservative political viewpoints, and have implemented a policy of vilifying those with opposing political viewpoints. When I was younger, people were limited to a handful of TV stations from which to get their information. The FCC regulated the kind of information that could be broadcast. They required the news media to be accurate in their reporting, and that they show both sides of political arguments. Broadcasters that failed to do this were heavily fined. Those regulations were lifted during the Ronald Reagan era, and now with the Internet and cable TV, people are subjected to a much broader range of media indoctrination and brainwashing that gears itself toward one specific political viewpoint and vilifies the other one. The people themselves are partly guilty of the brainwashing that is occurring because they tend to gravitate toward news media that tells them what they want to hear, and agrees with their own political viewpoints, rather than seeking out information from multiple sources in order to gain different perspectives. Some viewers are also oblivious to the tactic that has been implemented by the news media, whereby they intentionally try to engender either fear or anger, or both, in order to gain viewership and readers. This is true because it is our nature to be drawn to that, and if the news came on and you saw everything was just fine in the world, you would change the channel and watch Netflix or your favorite comedy. There are two ways to fix this. The first one is to educate people in high school to be more discerning consumers of media, and get their information from multiple sources. The other is to enact legislation, that is similar to what we had when we FCC regulated the news media.

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When it comes to horror movies do you prefer frightening or disturbing?

Atm, neither. I used to LOVE horror films, but I've gone off them in recent years, turning more to sci fi and comedy. Horrors started to bore me as they were all too similar, a lot suffer with lazy writing and cheap jump scares, not very well fleshed out characters, or trying too hard to be "the scariest, goriest and grossest" that it stops being fun. Slap on a sci-fi with character development, plot twists and cool aliens and robots and I'm there!

Ich glaube niemanden der sagt, dass Charakter mehr als Aussehen z瓣hlt. Niemand verliebt sich in einen Menschen nur aufgrund seines Charakters.

Optik vergeht, aber der Humor bleibt ein Leben lang. Wenn man mit seinem Partner lachen kann und Spa hat, ist das die halbe Miete. Egal ob gemeinsame TV-Sendungen, Stand-up Comedy Veranstaltungen, das kleine Necken im Alltag oder Wortwitze, Humor verbindet.
Der Partner sollte im besten Fall der beste Freund, der Herzensmensch und der Partner in Crime sein.

Rate your sense of humour out of /10????

Zainab_Bajwa13s Profile PhotoZainab Bajwa
I'd say my sense of humor is a solid 8 on a scale of 1 to 10! It's like a trusty sidekick, always there to bring some levity to the situation. It's been known to get a good chuckle out of most people, and my jokes are clever enough to earn a nod of approval from even the most discerning comedy connoisseur. So, while it may not be the funniest thing since sliced bread, my sense of humor is still pretty darn good!

Lmao you stay the heck away from my pearly whites 不不 this shit is GOLDEN. Ahh, Im going to bed now but Miles you made my evening so much better. Im basically gonna call you my Master.

jjfujimori5s Profile Photo幓幓 唸幓阞幓幓阞
This would make for a funny Comedy Central series 丹領儭. This is simply comedic gold. I love moments like these.

Was darf Comedy? Wie weit d羹rfen Witze gehen?

Fea3lis Profile Photocham瓣leonz羹ngiges Honigpferd
Aus meiner unreflektierten Position als hoffnungslos optimistischer Idealist und weier, mittelst瓣ndischer, deutscher Mann w羹rde ich gerne sagen:
Bis zur Unendlichkeit und noch viel weiter!
Dummerweise sind Witze eine tolle M繹glichkeit, um Menschengruppen zu diffamieren, Vorurteile zu zementieren und das Ganze (nachdem es sich ein St羹ck tiefer ins kollektive Bewusstsein gebohrt hat) mit einem kecken Augenzwinkern als lustigen Spa abzutun.
So h繹rt man nicht nur in der homosozialen Echokammer des Stammtisches (nat羹rlich nur im Spa, lol), dass Frauen in die K羹che geh繹rten, dass Osteurop瓣er alles klauten was ihnen in die Finger k瓣me und dass Juden allesamt gierige Gesch瓣ftsleute seien - und wer das kritisch zu hinterfragen wagt, der geht zum Lachen ja wohl auch immer in den Keller

Was darf Comedy? Wie weit d羹rfen Witze gehen?

Fea3lis Profile Photocham瓣leonz羹ngiges Honigpferd
Einen humoristischen Konsens zu erm繹glichen, halte ich offenkundig f羹r unm繹glich, weil jeder Mensch dahingehend ein anderes Verst瓣ndnis von dieser Form der Unterhaltung besitzt. Ich pers繹nlich bin aber der Auffassung, dass Comedy nicht gezielt Minorit瓣ten, Ethnien und Geschlechter diskreditieren soll. Ich finde Witze 羹ber Frauen bis heute hochgradig diskriminierend und s矇xistisch, da ist es mir herzlich egal, dass irgendein Hans-Gustav es am羹sierend findet, wenn Frauen in einer Slapstick-Einlage objektifiziert werden. Ich wurde schon oft als "humorlose/羹berempfindliche Emanze" beschimpft, weil mich das offenkundig verletzt, gest繹rt oder zum Teil auch fr羹here Traumata wieder wachgerufen hat. Ich will mich hier jetzt nicht als Moralapostel der Witze auftun, weil auch Menschen existieren, die damit 羹berhaupt kein Problem haben, aber ich nehme mich lieber zur羹ck, erkundige mich 羹ber die Komfortzone eines Menschen und mache dann vielleicht Witze 羹ber etwas, wobei ich das auf Kosten anderer als geschmacklos empfinde.
Ich kannte einmal eine Person aus meiner Schule, die sehr locker und unbefangen mit Blindenwitzen umging und selbst gerne welche machte. Das heit jetzt aber nicht, dass jede blinde Person damit d'accord ist oder dass es - meiner Meinung nach - grunds瓣tzlich in Ordnung ist, Witze dieser Art zu machen. Das habe ich nicht zu entscheiden. Genauso wenig, ob sich eine BiPoC von mir nicht auf den Schlips getreten f羹hlt, wenn ich meinen 2000er-Humor penetrant zur Schau stelle, ohne dar羹ber zu reflektieren oder r.assistische Aufkl瓣rarbeit zu leisten. Lieber nehme ich (einmal mehr) R羹cksicht auf die Gef羹hle anderer als unbewusst r.assistisch oder s.existisch zu sein. Mir ist das wichtig; auch im Kontext des Humors. Und dabei ist es mir dann egal, wenn ich von der Fraktion "Humor darf alles" als spieig deklariert werde.

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Sz矇p napot! Mit gondolsz a Black Friday-jelens矇grl? Esetleg siker羹lt id矇n kifognod valami klasszat az idtartama alatt?

Sophroness Profile PhotoSophrone
Egy j籀 p獺r 矇ve k繹vetem. Legfk矇ppen j獺t矇kokat szoktam venni Steam-en, most is bev獺s獺roltam kicsit. Velem j籀l j獺rnak; sokszor sokallom az 獺rakat, ez矇rt mindig v獺r egy lista j獺t矇k arra, mikor lesznek 矇pp kedvemre val籀 m矇rt矇kben akci籀sak. Hi獺ba a k穩v獺ns獺glist獺m, azokat nemigen 獺razt獺k most le, de tal獺ltam m獺st. K繹nyveket szoktam m矇g rendelni BookDepository-r籀l, de ott 獺ltal獺ban is vannak akci籀k - nem vettem 矇szre k羹l繹n繹sebb le獺raz獺sokat; amik megv矇telre v獺rnak n獺lam, nem l獺ttam ket most olcs籀bbnak, st... az infl獺ci籀 miatt szerintem dr獺g獺bb lett minden. Az矇rt akci籀san berendeltem Dante Isteni Sz穩nj獺t矇k獺t (Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri) brk繹t矇sben (矇n ilyen kem矇nyk繹t矇s鑄 k繹nyvgy鑄jt vagyok, pap穩rk繹t矇ssel nem szimpatiz獺lok). Sz矇ps矇ges bor穩t籀ja volt, 矇s a klasszikus/intellektu獺lis irodalom sz矇p bor穩t籀val a gyeng矇m.
Maga a modern Black Friday jelens矇g 繳gy sejtem arra lett kital獺lva, hogy felpezsd穩tse a v獺s獺rl獺st az 羹zletekben, olcs籀bban kisz籀rva az egy矇bk矇nt kev矇sb矇 kelend term矇keket.
Fizikailag v獺s獺rolgatni nem szeretek - f矇rfi l矇temre mily' meglep. Ilyen nagyszab獺s繳 meghirdetett le獺raz獺sokkor pl獺ne nem, mert akkor m矇gnagyobb az embert繹meg. Filadelfi獺ban - az egyik els helyen ahol a kifejez矇st haszn獺lt獺k - elsz繹r nem egy megtervezett jelens矇get takart, hanem azt jelentette "a leforgalmasabb nap", megelzve az amerikai H獺laad獺s 羹nnep矇t - felt矇telezem teh獺t innen ered az idpont. Ezt onnan tudom, hogy most ut獺na n矇ztem, mert 繳gy eml矇keztem a templomosokhoz van k繹ze, de k繹zben r獺j繹ttem, hogy az a p矇ntek 13.-a, melyen veszt羹ket lelt矇k.
Rem矇lem te is tal獺lt獺l/tal獺lsz valami kedvedre val籀t. Neked is sz矇p napot!

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訄郕郋迮 郋訇迮赲迮郇郇郋迮 邾迮郋郈邽邽迮 赲 郋郕赲迮 迮訇迮 郈邽郋迡邽郅郋 郈郋迮訄?

郅 郇訄 郱訄郈邽邽 郋 Comedy Club 赲 Golden Palace. 迡郋郋赲訄郅 赲訄迠訄迮邾邾邽 郅迡邾邽 邽 迣迡迮-郋 迡訄迠迮 郋訄郇邽郅邽 郋郕邽.

Se di carattere non 癡 di per s矇 particolarmente divertente ma 癡 semplice e ti fa stare a tuo agio ci staresti?

nope, la simpatia 癡 uno dei criteri fondamentali in base al quale "seleziono" le persone che possono ritagliarsi uno spazio nella mia vita, anche in amicizia. Ho bisogno di divertirmi seppur nella semplicit, non cerco il tipo che mi faccia perennemente stand up comedy, ma qualcuno che sia incline ad avere sempre la battuta pronta perch矇 sono cos穫 anch'io. In caso contrario, mi annoierei a morte e non ci sarebbero basi per costruire una relazione se non quella che pu簷 esserci tra due conoscenti, del tipo che ti concedo al massimo un saluto e due chiacchiere

Diffrence between sadness & depression?

Sadness ... comedy yah Romantic movie Daikh K Thora Rona or Sadness Khatam Dil Khush .....
Depression ... horror movie main devil Jin Churail Pay Tarass ana or Un k baray Main Dukhi ho k Rona Serial Killers pay Tarss ana...Dil Or Ziada Tang Hona Or Bilwajah He Serial Killer Yah Azazil Ko Acha Samjhna.....

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