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What’s your primary use of this app? [Examples: venting, socializing, journaling, entertainment, etc.]

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I registered here a long time ago to communicate, find new friends, but at first I kept a blog as a personal diary, but without details about personal things.
I had no one to have a heart-to-heart talk with at that time; there was no person at that time who would emotionally support me.
So I decided to create my own world, a blog, where I can just be myself. Now I’m rather out of habit, because many people from that time are no longer on this resource.
Whats your primary use of this app Examples venting socializing journaling

How to tell if a guy likes you? I have a family friend who acts like he kinda likes me in person; like he looks at me a lot, has a sly smirk while talking to me, flirts/teases me etc. but on text he seems a bit dry? He said he's a bad texter, but i'm still confused idk maybe he just playin bruh

Bad texters or bad communicators are forever a no for me because if they cannot communicate today, they won't be able to do so when life gets rough and things get serious.

When interacting with others, do you tend to rely more on gut feeling, or prior knowledge about the other person?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I usually don't know people I meet for the first time in my life, so I listen to my intuition.
Alas, she often shouted to me that the person was not my friend, but because of the fear of loneliness, I wanted to communicate, but then they brutally betrayed me and acted meanly, to put it mildly.
They often slandered me behind my back, then, without even being afraid of my opinion about them, they themselves told me about it, as if it was something good - like they were conducting an “experiment”, finding out the opinions of others about my appearance. It still hurts.
When interacting with others do you tend to rely more on gut feeling or prior

Why do think this platform is good or bad than the other social media platforms?

nousernameavailable31645’s Profile Photo♠phlegmatic♣
Things I find better on here than on other apps:
💛 it’s a unique way to communicate with people from all over the world.
💛 It’s not based on private messages. I really don’t like private messages.
💛 you get to know a lot of different people their perspectives on subjects.
What I think is worse on here than on other apps:
☹️ bad blocking system. I dislike the fact that people can still see your account when you’ve blocked them.
☹️ it’s so very slow often!
☹️ anonymity brings out the worse in some people.
Why do think this platform is good or bad than the other social media platforms

What does it mean to be a good person?

It means not feeling the need to remind others of how good of a person you are because your actions and words speak for themselves. A good person wouldn’t feel the need to put someone down or make others feel bad about the things they don’t have control over (such as those who have anxiety, depression, and/or other struggles) just because they themselves can’t relate to them. It means choosing to communicate rather than being passive aggressive or making others go against a certain person due to a misunderstanding. It means not doing something just to spite someone or hurt them deliberately, even if they hurt you because you know that you’re better than that.

What is the most valuable freedom you possess?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I am open minded.
I love having meaningful conversations with people who have different perspectives.
Instead of arguing, I can acknowledge their points of view, take into consideration their feelings, and that's how I tend to easily connect with them.
The freedom to communicate with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures is a privilege that I cherish.
The truth is, it can be challenging to find someone who shares the same mindset.
They tend to be very judgmental.
What is the most valuable freedom you possess

Yaar hum kune kisi ko bhi gali dena asaan samjhte hain? Iklaaqiyat ki bht zarorat hai sabse request hai kindly kisi ko gussa kerne ka bhi tareeka hota abusing isn't a way

walimughal4041’s Profile PhotoWali MUGHAL
It’s more of a cultural thing for punjabis mainly. There was a time when gaaliyaan were not taken this much seriously and were just used as a metaphor to communicate the depth of your feelings.
But I do agree tameez sy baat ki jaa sakti hai because at the end of they day you have to evolve

I feel like my siblings are now strangers we don't possess same vibes and affection yet conflicts. It hurts so much

The more you expect, the lesser you communicate.
The lesser you communicate, the more easily you ruin your relations.
Expectations are just in your mind, people dont have nural links, they dont know how you feel, until they hear it.
So whenever you have a broken relation, sit and communicate, talk, fight, shout, yell, break bones, burn skin, cry your hearts out, burn the world down if it is what it takes, do whatever you want to get that frustration out.
Then hug eachother until u heal. And you are good to go.
I feel like my siblings are now strangers we dont possess same vibes and

What should I do if my new girlfriend is on Onlyfans but never told me ahe was? I found out on my own, and I feel awkward

If you found out that your girlfriend has an Onlyfans account, it's important to communicate openly and honestly with her about how you feel. You could start by expressing that you found out about her Onlyfans account and let her know that you didn't know about it before. Ask her why she didn't tell you about it and express how it makes you feel. From there, you can have an open conversation about each other's boundaries and expectations in the relationship, and work together to address any concerns or issues that may come up as a result of her having an Onlyfans account.

So, how many of you think that the more we value someone, the more they devalue us?

mis_e4’s Profile Photoum?
It is certainly possible that valuing someone can lead to them valuing us in return - after all, when we show care and appreciation for others, they often feel more positive towards us as well. However — there are also many factors at play when it comes to how people perceive and respond to each other. Sometimes two people may value each other deeply but struggle to communicate or express those feelings effectively. Other times, one person might not realize how much they are being valued by the other until later on down the road. So while I do believe that mutual respect and admiration can be important in building strong relationships, it is not always a simple cause-and-effect equation. 🌻

What sentimental item do you hold close to your heart?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Good day, Marie Serendipity 👋😌
In most cases, sentimental things for me are almost any gifts that were given to me by close (albeit in the past😄) people 😌 I have enough of these things 😌 For example, an ex-girlfriend gave me a set of sweets in an ambiguous package 😄🤭 After all the sweets were eaten, I made some clippings from this package and pasted them on the wall above the desktop 😌 About three years have passed since that moment, and they still hang over the workplace as a memory 😌 I also have a postcard from this set in excellent condition 😌 Another ex-girlfriend also gave me a gift about 7-8 years ago in the form of cologne. Of course, it has been over for a long time and is empty, but I still keep it 😌
I don't necessarily keep any expensive things. Even if the thing is worthless, but it was given by a loved one, then it also has value for me 😌 So a friend about 10 years ago gave me a postcard that she just drew with a pen on an ordinary notebook sheet 😄 And I still have this very postcard. It has almost faded since it was drawn with a pen, but it is still readable 😌
Speaking in general terms, such sentimental things always have value for me if it is a gift from people close to me, even if it is from the past and it does not matter whether this gift is expensive for money or just a postcard drawn with a pen 😌
Even if I no longer communicate with those people who gave me these gifts, I will still keep these things, at least as pleasant memories that such wonderful people once were in my life 😌😇🥰
Good mood to you, Marie Serendipity and have a wonderful day Today 🥰😌

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What sentimental item do you hold close to your heart

why do men mislead women if they only want sex? why not just communicate that at first?

cuntcore92031’s Profile Photocuntcore
Women want it like men both can mislead the same. Some women can actually trick a male into getting her pregnant for child support purposes everyone is evil
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why do men mislead women if they only want sex? why not just communicate that at first?

cuntcore92031’s Profile Photocuntcore
Men have a lot of pressure and societal rules to abide by in order:
• To not be seen as a threat
• To not be seen as a creep
• To be forced to act “masculine” to avoid being called gay
• To be able to make a lot of money
• To be protectors, car fixers and a ton of other pressures in order to claim this “Iron John” right of passage to be thought of as (roar with me) “a MAN.”
…but the ONE thing EVERY man would LOVE to ask the woman he asks out is: “ya know…can we f&(k first—before I waste my time, conversation and money for this date?”
No matter how nice, beautiful, wonderful and woman is-even, no matter how great her conversation or personality is or how well you gel; a man needs a “sample of that dessert” in order to decide to
* keep you on/around
* where to tier you in his life
* —or to desert you altogether
GENERALLY speaking. Men are kinda-sorta narcissists and sociopaths in a way but they are pummeled with a TON of rules, regulations and pressures to sort through that sometimes, women get caught in crossfires that aren’t necessarily “PERSONAL” but definitely NECESSARY.
(I will address this in further detail on my TT/YT/IG reel but you get the gist…*shrugs* gotta stick with me so I can show ya how to handle these fools lol)
Stay on the lookout for my not yet published book “Feel Like A Lady Deal Like a Man: Tips and Secrets on Everything from Friendship, Love Sex & Men” ( #FeelLikeALadyDealLikeAMan …it’s packed with a lotttttt of tea 🍵 to teach).
In the meantime, FYI.
Back in college-before majoring in philosophy and journalism-I majored in Psych.
I took a some electives: a Psych of Women course— AND a Psych of Men course.
Go check out 2 books:
“To Be A Man - In Search of the Deep Masculine” by Keith Thompson and another titled “Iron John - A Book About Men” by Robert Bly

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why do men mislead women if they only want sex why not just communicate that at

how do you start a conversation?

cuntcore92031’s Profile Photocuntcore
On here? You just have to ask questions that you think might be relevant to some people and with the responses you get, you can reply back. In person, I usually compliment someone or sometimes I hear people in front of me have a conversation and I join in (which is how I made a friend in 6th grade but sadly, idk what she’s up to these days). I usually can’t stand awkward silences but I put up with them when my social anxiety got worse because I couldn’t get myself to talk/speak up in front of others in a classroom setting as I got older. I no longer have friends that I meet up with in person because they all moved away and so did I. I also just find it easier to communicate online.

Why do some individuals make themselves look desperate by attempting to connect with those who are either ignoring them or have rejected them in the past (friendship/relationship wise)?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I think sometimes it’s not out of desperation. It could simply be the fact that you’re trying to seek out answers. With that, it can be tricky because sometimes it’s better to leave things in the unknown tbh.
On the other hand, sometimes all it takes is to communicate with one another and see where each other’s intentions and feelings truly lie. I mean you won’t necessarily know that, unless you speak with them about it. If it’s not mutual, then you will truly know where y’alls relationship lies. Is this where you stand with someone in particular or is this question just a general one? 🤔

Why would someone be such a hater when they have a great life too?

They could be dealing with jealousy issues, they could have someone fixated on their minds and can’t help but bother them because they’re obsessed, they could have personal issues that make it hard for them to communicate with others and because of that, they might grow to resent and/or dislike the people they aren’t able to connect with, etc.

When you have friends that don’t get along, what’s your approach to keeping peace? Do you mediate, keep your mouth shut and listen, or advise parties separately while maintaining the confidence of what each party told you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I didn’t have such situations, since I always had few friends, my former childhood friends didn’t get along together, I just walked with them on different days in my youth, no one was offended, however, one emotionally blackmailed me into doing so, so that I could only be friends with her, but it didn’t work out for her, since I always had my own opinion and that friend was important to me too. And with my former childhood friend, I was not in first place.
I no longer communicate with both of them, they showed themselves on the bad side, they now have other interests, friends, they didn’t particularly respect me. In terms of friendship, I feel very lonely.
I only have one friend from another city now.
When you have friends that dont get along whats your approach to keeping peace

Can you be friends with someone you don’t trust?

Yes, it is possible to be friends with someone you don’t trust, but it may be challenging and may not be the healthiest or most fulfilling friendship. Trust is an essential component of any strong relationship, whether romantic or platonic. Without trust, it can be difficult to feel truly close and connected to someone. However, it’s important to remember that trust can be rebuilt and strengthened over time, if both parties are willing to work on it and communicate openly and honestly.

Do you ever just want to walk away from technology? 📱 🖥️ 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Not entirely, no. I sometimes need to take a step back from technology and give myself space to breathe a little, as I have tendencies to doom scroll or be online far too much. 😅
Especially when it comes to social media, I need to restrict my time as I can easily get anxious/overwhelmed consuming too much content. 😬 But walking away from it as a whole? I don’t really consider that. Mostly because that is how I communicate with a lot of friends and family who live far away from me. ☺️
Do you ever just want to walk away from technology

what girls like the most in a guy

Girls... like positive qualities like communication skills, responsibility, accountability. But when a guy like that actually appears, these girls leave him for a person who doesn't give a damn. 💀
The psyche could be.. that.. a nice guy must be nice to everyone. Right? If he is communicating, taking responsibility, having a sense of accountability, chances are, that's just his personality, and he grew up in such an environment where people communicate rather than running away. He is probably nice to everyone.
Girls want thrill. Adventure. To be with someone who is rude, toxic, mysterious, and make that guy soft for herself. Of course, what do you expect from a gender that grew up reading wattpad novels for fun? 💀 So, they just want to extract these positive characteristics from a negative source to feel special.
Real mature women, however, realize that it's not their responsibiliy to bring out a saint from within a diabolical person.

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You meet your 15 year old self , and only you tell them something about life. What do you say and why?

Dear 15-year-old self,
Always communicate your actions to your parents. If there's something they oppose, refrain from it. Never disobey them. Avoid attending rave thrown birthday parties in the middle of the night; they can potentially ruin your life and lead to harmful consequences, even thoughts of suicide.
Your older self

♡Каждому, по факту, рядом нужен человек, но бывает так, что одиноким лучше всех♡ А как вы переносите одиночество?🌠

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
I don't have and never have had friends. And although I communicate with a large circle of people, only my adoptive parents are truly close to me. But we live in different cities, I’m in London, they’re in Washington. Therefore, most often my loneliness is brightened up by my sex partners or simply people with whom I am interested in communicating.
Каждому по факту рядом нужен человек но бывает так что одиноким лучше всех
А как

What would you make of this? When I'm with my boyfriend its good and I'm fine but when I'm not with him I think about all the wrong things and think about breaking up even though I don't want to, we just want different things, Soo confused, what's it supposed to mean?

That probably just means you’re tired of the way he’s been behaving and you’re getting sick of thinking about how will you make this work. But doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break up with him. If you love him and he still feels the same way about you then you should try to communicate with him and try to make it work. In life nothing is guaranteed that the next bloke will be any different.

I am soory Yr ager meri efforts m koi kami reh gayi hu tumheim apna krny k lia ... mugy ehaass hy tm ny bhi life m mera intazar kia buhat soory for everything mein itna failure hon ga life m nai soucha tha 😔

تم لوگوں کا سب سے بڑا عیب، یا شاید واحد عیب یہ ہے کہ تم لوگ communicate ہی نہیں کر پاتے۔۔۔ یا تم لوگوں کو آتا ہی نہیں ہے۔۔۔
یا سرے سے تم لوگوں نے بھاگنا ہی ہوتا ہے شاید۔
دل بھی اگر بھر گیا ہو۔۔۔ تب بھی اگلے بندے کو بتاؤ صاف صاف۔۔۔ کہ دل بھر گیا ہے بھئی تم سے۔ ختم۔۔۔
یا چوروں کی طرح منہ چھپا انتظار کروانا تم لوگوں کے لیے مزید مصیبت لاتا ہے، پھر بعد میں سوری کہہ کے کٹ لو۔

How do you feel when people seem to deliberately misunderstand you so they can create a "situation"?

justbeme74595’s Profile PhotoABEER
I have to admit, it can be frustrating and hurtful when people deliberately misunderstand me or twist my words in order to create conflict. It feels like a betrayal of trust - as if they are not really interested in having an open and honest conversation but are instead looking for ways to manipulate or control the situation and not trying to listen to me. I feel like sometimes people have their motives or biases that get in the way of truly understanding where I am coming from. So while it can be difficult at times, I always try to stay true to myself and try to not lose my temper and communicate with kindness and clarity regardless of how others may respond. 🌻

is it healthy to have doubts in a relationship?

It's perfectly sokay and natural to question things when they are important to us, and relationships are no exception. Doubts can help us evaluate our feelings and make sure we are on the right path. However, it is important not to let those doubts consume you or define your relationship. Trust your instincts, communicate openly with your partner, listen with an open heart, and grow stronger together. Remember, it is through understanding and kindness that love blossoms. 🌻

Name the person you concider your life partner?

I have someone in mind but I’m not quite sure about them yet considering we hardly ever spoke in the past and for me to consider spending the rest of my life with them, we must be able to communicate and be compatible friendship wise first.

‏مالذي يدفع المرء في ترك عزيز يحبّه؟

esraaelsayed735’s Profile Photoموجود علشان أسمعك (':
"We communicate, we fix , we stay "
that is maturity
احنا بنتواصل ، بنصلح ، بنفضل .. هو ده النضج
... ساعات باسمع عن علاقات طرف ما فيها بيحمل نفسه العبء الكامل للتواصل ، اللي هو يبقي حزين ان الطرف التاني مش بيتواصل معاه او بيتجاهل رسايله .. طب ما ديه مش علاقة اصلا ؟! هو يعني ايه علاقة ، طرف فيها عمال يتكلم و مبيتسمعش ؟! او الطرف التاني مش مهتم يسمع او يعلق حتي و لو بالامتعاض ؟!! .. ديه خدعة الطرف الاول عايش فيها مش علاقة ابدا .. او حالة استغلال و ملي فراغ الطرف التاني بيقضي بيها وقت ..
.. فالتواصل مش مجرد كلام بيتقال ، إنما مشاعر و افكار و احلام بتتنقل بين شخصين علي نفس درجة الشغف و الاهتمام ان الرابط النفسي و الفكري ده يحصل ، اللي بيقول مهتم ، و اللي بيتلقي كمان مهتم .. و زي ما اللي بيقول مسؤول عن شكل رسالته من اسلوب و لغة و توقيت ، برضو المتلقي مسؤول عن الاستجابة و التفاعل ..
في النهاية فيه جملة خطيرة بتقول :
(( .. يبتعد المرء عمن يحب عندما يفقد الأمل، وليس عندما يتوقف عن حبه ..))
فالناس بتسيب بعض و العلاقات بتنهار مش عشان مفيش حب ، إنما عشان مفيش جدوي من الحب ده .. مفيش امل ، مفيش بكرا سوا ، مفيش تواصل"

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How do you cope when your family hurts you and doesn't understand you?

aswafatima’s Profile PhotoFatimaa shah
I can imagine that it must be incredibly difficult to feel unsupported or misunderstood by the people who are supposed to love and care for you. Personally, when I am feeling hurt or upset by someone close to me - whether it is family or friends - I try my best to communicate openly and honestly with them about how their actions have affected me. It might not always lead to an immediate resolution, but at least it creates space for understanding and empathy on both sides. At the same time, though, there may be situations where we simply can't change another person's behaviour or opinions. In those cases, all we can do is focus on taking care of ourselves and not let the circumstances affect us or our mental health. Don't let the negativity consume you. And healing from familial wounds takes time - but in my experience, cultivating self-love and compassion is one of the most important things we can do along this journey. By learning how to treat ourselves with kindness and respect even in the face of adversity, we build up resilience that helps us weather whatever challenges come our way. Sending my prayers on your way. 🌻

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Girlfriend never comes to my family events. She always tells me to go without her and complains she doesn’t feel well every time. She has health problems but I’m tired of going alone to every event. I love her but should I leave her? We’ve been together 3 years

I apologize, I’m just now seeing this. I personally don’t think that’s a reason to leave her. I think she may be dealing with something else meaning there could be an underlying issue.
The only way to find that out is to communicate with her and see if it could be social anxiety or something else. I understand that you want your needs met but it works both ways. Perhaps, seeking to understand her will greatly improve the relationship overall. Those are just my thoughts.

How soon is too soon to meet the parents?

AliBatman1999’s Profile PhotoAli
That depends on the individuals, cause some people might feel comfortable introducing their partner to their family after just a few meetings and if they have already established strong connections or shared values. On the other hand, some individuals may prefer to wait until they feel more confident about where their relationship is headed before taking such an important step. — I believe that timing isn't as important as being sure that both partners are ready for this kind of commitment. It is essential to communicate honestly and openly with each other about expectations surrounding meeting family members to avoid misunderstandings or potential hurt feelings down the line cause everyone has unique needs when it comes to navigating these kinds of milestones - but open communication and respect for each other's boundaries can go a long way towards building stronger relationships over time. 🌻

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Why do you feel like cheating is so normalized in today’s society? ❤️‍

Because the only advice a lot of people seem to want to give out is to just leave. Usually this comes from people who can’t even keep a relationship, also. Why take advice from those not qualified to even give it? smh
No one wants to communicate or fix anything. People don’t want to work through anything, compromise, or even just consider their partner’s needs or wants anymore. People have gone selfish. Personally I couldn’t be that way in a relationship! Im old school, I guess. I’m not built like that; I’m too much of a giver, and it’s probably one of my biggest flaws, too. I’ll give and give until I have nothing left to give, when it comes to someone I care that much about.
Fuxk this 50/50 sh¡t, too! It’s 100/100 or nothing. meh If your aim is 50/50, think about it, and then tell me what’s wrong with that, ya know? meh

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I need advice. My boyfriend is friends with girls, he communicates with them on social networks, these are his classmates. This upsets and angers me and he says that they are friends

I am a bad adviser in these matters,,,,, but if we talk about me, then I could not be with such a person. If I don't communicate with men, it means he can't communicate with women. With classmates, a polite greeting when meeting is enough. Tell guy that you will also be friends and communicate with guys, ask if this suits him😂I don’t know what else to offer in such a situation🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm a really nice person, i just wish people would respect my boundaries. Do you set boundaries?

ItsTiffyTime’s Profile PhotoGeorgie
Yes, it's healthy boundaries, green flags are Trust: Mutual trust and reliability are essential components of a healthy friendship. When both friends feel secure and can depend on each other, it's a green flag.
Respect: Respect for each other's boundaries, opinions, and feelings is crucial in any friendship. When both friends demonstrate respect and consideration for each other, it's a green flag.
Communication: Open, honest, and effective communication is key to maintaining a strong friendship. When friends can communicate openly and resolve conflicts constructively, it's a green flag.
Support: Friends who support each other through both good times and bad demonstrate a strong bond. When friends offer emotional support, encouragement, and help when needed, it's a green flag.
Equality: Healthy friendships are built on equality and balance, with both friends contributing equally to the relationship. When there is a sense of reciprocity and fairness in the friendship, it's a green flag.
Empathy: Friends who show empathy and understanding towards each other's feelings and experiences foster a compassionate friendship. When friends listen attentively, validate each other's emotions, and offer empathy, it's a green flag.
Shared Values: Having shared values, interests, and goals can strengthen a friendship and provide a sense of connection. When friends share common beliefs, hobbies, or life goals, it's a green flag.
Resilience: Friendships that withstand challenges and obstacles demonstrate resilience and durability. When friends can overcome conflicts, disagreements, or periods of distance and remain connected, it's a green flag.
Overall, green flags indicate a positive and healthy friendship characterized by mutual respect, trust, communication, support, and shared values. Recognizing and nurturing these green flags can help cultivate and maintain strong and fulfilling friendships.

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Would you rather speak 10 more languages or talk to animals 🐶 🐱

Confessedloser’s Profile PhotoTJ
I mean I know the first option would be farr more beneficial and would be a colossal asset in life, but talking to animals would be an absolute win! Mind you, I’d probably still just chat to dogs, and you can more or less tell what they wish to communicate anyways! 😆

Should you demand flowers and gifts from your bf/gf?

For me, it's a no. Gifts should be given freely and accepted without the need to ask. While I understand that some people feel loved by receiving gifts, I think they can still communicate it to their partner without being pushy.

you're complaining about your family, but are you making an effort to better your relationship with them or do you just expect them to do it without you lifting a finger?

i communicate with my family. but i shouldn't be the sole person responsible for trying to make things work, especially considering i'm a victim of their ab*se. it isn't the survivor's job to seek out or amend relationships when it wasn't my fault in the first place.

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