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How can one express affection towards another by saying "I like you"?

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I’m confused by this question. I feel like you answered it. 😅 If I were to answer the first part, I’d say, find out what they like or what they care about and try to express your feelings in a way that touches their spirit, be that communication, poetry, art, quality time, physical touch, music, etc.
How can one express affection towards another by saying I like you

When you have friends that don’t get along, what’s your approach to keeping peace? Do you mediate, keep your mouth shut and listen, or advise parties separately while maintaining the confidence of what each party told you?

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This is a tough situation. In my experience, the best approach is usually to listen carefully and try to understand where each person is coming from. — so if I were in this situation myself, I would start by having one-on-one conversations with both friends - asking them how they are feeling and what is been going on between them lately. By really listening without judgment or interruption, you might be able to help them feel heard and validated.
From there, it might make sense to encourage open communication between your friends while also respecting their boundaries. Maybe suggest getting together sometime (maybe even all three of you) and chatting things out in a safe space.
Of course, every situation is different - so it may require some flexibility but I think the key is staying neutral as much as possible while still showing empathy and support for everyone involved. 🌻

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Im back again. Mein doctor ban gayi guys and i've alot of free time before housejob starts sooo tell me anything?? Any advice, smth you going through, a joke whateverrr

Please, please focus on developing good clinical, and especially, effective communication skills. There is no use in becoming a Doctor if you have poor communication with the attendants. No matter what happens, be empathetic and kind to your patients. Focus on history taking and examination and come up with differentials. That's what's important in House Job.

What qualities do you usually admire in other people?

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✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
■ loyalty
■ authenticity
■ honesty
■ treating people and animals with respect and kindness
■ kindness in general
■ creativity
■ consistency in communication and behaviour

Can long distance relationships work? And why?

Checking in with one another daily and using full range to keep in touch. Video call weekly, be creative in ways of bonding, virtual dates, and make a realistic bucket list. Be honest with your wants, needs, and goals. Have real intimacy and read sxxual books or buy vibrator. Open communication and vulnerability. Do trust building exercises.
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What has been on your mind lately?

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How to keep myself busy during the summer without triggering my social anxiety but also something that will keep me mentally preoccupied enough to not be as depressed as I usually am. I was having a conversation with my mom yesterday and she said that I have to build better communication skills to get along with people irl but I’ve also been told that I’m an easy person to talk to so I’m confused. She says that I have to talk to people irl which isn’t a problem to me but my personality doesn’t easily mesh with other personalities so others tend to keep their distance whereas I’m more than willing to talk to anyone who tries talking to me in person. Being constantly told that I’m not doing enough and that I have poor communication skills is not only annoying but also discouraging for me.

I want to correspond with you regularly. Can you give me your Instagram or Twitter?

And my desire is not taken into account? Honorable one, I don’t know who you are and I don’t see any interest in communicating with you. And I don’t have an Instagram or Twitter. But even if they did, there wouldn’t be any personal communication. My intuition rarely lets me down. I’m sure it’s right this time too.
I want to correspond with you regularly Can you give me your Instagram or

I have crush on someone here how i told him

Expressing your feelings honestly and respectfully can foster open communication and deepen connections; consider finding a comfortable setting and expressing your admiration with sincerity and confidence.

what girls like the most in a guy

Girls... like positive qualities like communication skills, responsibility, accountability. But when a guy like that actually appears, these girls leave him for a person who doesn't give a damn. 💀
The psyche could be.. that.. a nice guy must be nice to everyone. Right? If he is communicating, taking responsibility, having a sense of accountability, chances are, that's just his personality, and he grew up in such an environment where people communicate rather than running away. He is probably nice to everyone.
Girls want thrill. Adventure. To be with someone who is rude, toxic, mysterious, and make that guy soft for herself. Of course, what do you expect from a gender that grew up reading wattpad novels for fun? 💀 So, they just want to extract these positive characteristics from a negative source to feel special.
Real mature women, however, realize that it's not their responsibiliy to bring out a saint from within a diabolical person.

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Comment on fait pour stopper tout contact avec une personne toxique ?

Si l'on part du principe qu'une personne toxique se nourrit de l'emprise qu'elle exerce sur son/ sa partenaire, FUYEZ ! bloquez la partout, ne gardez vraiment plus aucun moyen de communication. En lui montrant qu'elle n'a plus aucun pouvoir sur nous, elle va finir par lâcher l'affaire... le pouvoir de l'indifférence.

How do you handle conflicts or misunderstandings with your loved ones?

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Dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings with loved ones can be tough but communication is key.It's imp to have an open and honest conversation to express your feelings and listen to their perspective. Try to understand where the other person is coming from and find common ground. Apologize if needed and forgive each other. Building trust and showing empathy can help strengthen ur relationships. And don't forget a little patience and understanding can go a long way in resolving conflicts with ur loved ones.

What kind of things would end a friendship for you?

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A lack of open and honest communication is a big one for me. When I am upset with one of my friends for whatever reason, I talk to them calmly about it and try to resolve the problem. I don't do silent treatment, I don't send someone else to voice my grievances for me, and I certainly wouldn't act as though nothing's wrong to their face while secretly bitching about them behind their back. Nor do I expect to receive that sort of behavior from anyone else who calls me their 'friend'.
It's an immediate dealbreaker for me. All it tells me is that they don't respect me or our friendship enough to wanna work on it.

Pourquoi seriez vous prêts à mettre fin à une relation, amicale ou amoureuse ? Quels sont vos red flags ?

Je mettrais fin à une relation si la confiance est rompue ou s'il y a un manque de respect constant.
Mes red flags incluent la manipulation, le mensonge répété, le manque de communication, et l'absence d'effort réciproque.
Une relation doit être basée sur le respect mutuel et l'honnêteté, sinon ça ne vaut pas la peine.

What are the effects of modern technology on communication between individuals in society?

Ab1rapper963’s Profile Photoعبدالسلام
I think modern technology is great for communication purposes these days but some people don’t utilize it or use it as a chance to reach out to whoever they’re thinking about and many words are left unspoken. With technology, you can try having genuine connections with others all you want but if someone doesn’t want to talk or gets offended by one thing you say or do, they’re likely to block you and that sucks. Some people don’t care enough to hear someone out or wait for an apology from them and immediately end the friendship via text which can make the people they’re communicating with online feel unimportant.

Do you find it easy to show your feelings? 😇

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It depends on who.. with people who are not close to me, I am a rather cold person.. despite tactful and even sweet communication at times 🤷‍♀️

What’s the toughest conversation you’ve ever had to have?

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Every conversation I have had with an emotionally closed off person. Communication isn't tough for me. I don't run away from uncomfortable ones either. It's just that sometimes, you talk to some people and it feels like you are talking to a wall, yk?
Khair. I have always believed that communication is the key, but sometimes, you're trying to open the wrong lock.

He is too shy. So am i. Who is going to initiate the conversation? Walls?

Once someone told me: "Until a boy comes to you and tells you that he loves you, never even think that he loves you no matter how hard he is trying to make it known." Now I realise, it was the best ever advice someone offered to me because that boy will just keep you tied without any proper communication or commitment. And such things become a torture

What habits can make you lose feelings for your partner? Or at least make them less.

However, in any relationship it's imp to maintain open communication, show appreciation, and make an effort to keep the spark alive. Neglecting these aspects can potentially lead to a loss of connection over time. every relationship is unique, so it's essential to understand and respect each other's feelings and boundaries.

V. What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw?

🦕Camden kann in seinen Beziehungen manchmal ein bisschen too much werden. Er ist sehr kommunikativ und spricht auch extrem gerne und viel über Gefühle. Gleichzeitig tut er sich auch extrem schwer Grenzen zu setzen, was wiederum dafür sorgt, dass er hin und wieder seine eigenen Bedürfnisse zu weit nach hinten schiebt und sich mitunter deswegen übergangen fühlen kann. In romantischen Beziehungen ist Camden noch zusätzlich eher unsicher, einfach weil er enorme Angst davor hat, irgendetwas falsch zu machen, sodass der sonst so enthusiastische Halbgott hier dazu neigt, Dinge auch oft mal zu überdenken.
🚙 Josies Beziehungskiller - sei es nun eine romantische oder platonische Beziehung - sind eigentlich immer ihre Vertrauensprobleme. Wobei das vielleicht nicht ganz das beste Wort ist: Josie fällt es enorm schwer, über einige Dinge, die sie sehr beschäftigen und geprägt haben, zu reden. Sie kann deshalb manchmal beinahe geheimnistuerisch wirken und insbesondere wenn man eigentlich das Gefühl hat, eine sehr enge Bindung zu ihr zu haben, sie dann aber bei manchen Themen geradeheraus “Das erzähle ich dir nicht” sagt, kann das schon verletzend sein.
🐢 Bad Communication Skills. Addy ist niemand, der besonders gut darin ist, zu kommunizieren. Sie besitzt keinen natürlichen Charme, der ihre harten Worte in irgendeiner Weise abzumildern vermag. Addy sagt, was sie denkt. In einer Beziehung mit ihr zu sein, bedeutet unweigerlich auch, sich in Situationen, in dem es einem schlecht geht, nicht auf aufmunternde Worte verlassen zu können. Addy ist nicht nur ehrlich, ihr fehlt das Fingerspitzengefühl, um ihre Meinung zu äußern, ohne ihrem Gegenüber das Gefühl zu geben, nicht ernst genommen oder nicht verstanden zu werden.
Beziehungen mit ihr würden in erster Linie daran scheitern, dass sie nicht wirklich rücksichtsvoll und einfühlsam kommunizieren kann.

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What do you believe or think people need to know about each other before they get married?

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The way they treat others (kindness, respect etc.), their views on cheating & divorce, their role & how they will incorporate that into your future home, their future parenting style, the way they were raised vs. how they want your children to be raised, past traditions vs. incorporating new traditions in the future, things y’all are willing/not willing to compromise (present/future), their attachment and social styles, their love/h*te languages, their communication style, how they deal with tough/detrimental situations, past traumas and experiences, emotional tr*ggers (what sets them off etc), their favorite and worst memories of childhood, what their personal wants & needs are, their political, religious and personal beliefs, how they handle everyday stressors, their healthy and worst habits, their spending habits etc.
After my huge run-on sentence, my advice is to never be afraid to ask the tough questions. Also, be sure that you are able to answer it with clarity as well.

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"A woman always prefers a man who has no sense of honor; she detests a man who tries to guide or correct her behavior." "Is this statement correct?"

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I can't say if that statement is entirely accurate cause some women may prefer partners who are more laid-back and less controlling, while others may value qualities like respect, honesty, and accountability in their relationships. Ultimately, what someone looks for in a partner can vary widely based on individual preferences and experiences — that being said, it is important to remember that healthy relationships involve mutual trust and communication - rather than one person trying to "guide" or correct the other's behaviour. Respect and understanding are key ingredients for any successful partnership. 🌻

Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life? How have they changed you or your perspective? (I.e. parent, sibling, friend, pastor, teacher, relative, coach, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
There were many such people. Someone taught me to trust other people even less. Someone very sharply cooled down in communication with me. My husband changed me for the better. Thanks to him, I became more confident in myself and believed that I can be loved unconditionally.
What I lacked in childhood.
Who has had an impactful or rewarding impact in your life How have they changed

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel bothered by people who don't use correct punctuation and spelling? If you're so ignorant and dim-witted, perhaps you should consider returning to school.

While it's natural to appreciate proper grammar and spelling, it's also important to remember that not everyone has had the same educational opportunities. Kindness and understanding go a long way in fostering better communication.

How soon is too soon to meet the parents?

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That depends on the individuals, cause some people might feel comfortable introducing their partner to their family after just a few meetings and if they have already established strong connections or shared values. On the other hand, some individuals may prefer to wait until they feel more confident about where their relationship is headed before taking such an important step. — I believe that timing isn't as important as being sure that both partners are ready for this kind of commitment. It is essential to communicate honestly and openly with each other about expectations surrounding meeting family members to avoid misunderstandings or potential hurt feelings down the line cause everyone has unique needs when it comes to navigating these kinds of milestones - but open communication and respect for each other's boundaries can go a long way towards building stronger relationships over time. 🌻

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I'm a really nice person, i just wish people would respect my boundaries. Do you set boundaries?

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Yes, it's healthy boundaries, green flags are Trust: Mutual trust and reliability are essential components of a healthy friendship. When both friends feel secure and can depend on each other, it's a green flag.
Respect: Respect for each other's boundaries, opinions, and feelings is crucial in any friendship. When both friends demonstrate respect and consideration for each other, it's a green flag.
Communication: Open, honest, and effective communication is key to maintaining a strong friendship. When friends can communicate openly and resolve conflicts constructively, it's a green flag.
Support: Friends who support each other through both good times and bad demonstrate a strong bond. When friends offer emotional support, encouragement, and help when needed, it's a green flag.
Equality: Healthy friendships are built on equality and balance, with both friends contributing equally to the relationship. When there is a sense of reciprocity and fairness in the friendship, it's a green flag.
Empathy: Friends who show empathy and understanding towards each other's feelings and experiences foster a compassionate friendship. When friends listen attentively, validate each other's emotions, and offer empathy, it's a green flag.
Shared Values: Having shared values, interests, and goals can strengthen a friendship and provide a sense of connection. When friends share common beliefs, hobbies, or life goals, it's a green flag.
Resilience: Friendships that withstand challenges and obstacles demonstrate resilience and durability. When friends can overcome conflicts, disagreements, or periods of distance and remain connected, it's a green flag.
Overall, green flags indicate a positive and healthy friendship characterized by mutual respect, trust, communication, support, and shared values. Recognizing and nurturing these green flags can help cultivate and maintain strong and fulfilling friendships.

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If he never texts me and I am too afraid to reach out to him in fear that I’ll be ignored or blocked, does that mean we probably aren’t meant to be together if neither of us have made a move for years? As a woman, I’m trying not to come across as desperate & am considering moving on these days.

It's important to realise that communication is a key part of any successful relationship 😌
If both in a relationship haven't made a move or reached out to each other for an extended period of time, it may be a sign that there's underlying issues or that the relationship may not be a priority for either of them 👀
Assess the situation and consider if it's worth continuing to invest time and energy into a relationship which lacks communication and effort from both sides 🤘
If he never texts me and I am too afraid to reach out to him in fear that Ill be

What’s something you really need to get off your chest?

imaginarylauren74136’s Profile Photoimaginarylauren
I should probably contact the one person that’s been on my mind for years to ask them what they think about me or feel when/if I ever cross their mind just to know whether to continue waiting on a friendship that’s yet to happen between us or to move on for good and stop expecting us to be friends and/or possibly be in a relationship in the future. I already don’t think a relationship would work out but what I really want to know is whether or not they’ll ever be in my life or if it’s better for me to stop deceiving myself into thinking they care when there’s no communication between us at the moment and never really was. If I knew where I stood with them, I wouldn’t be feeling as conflicted as I do now.

Why are men so complicated?

Because once upon a time, they were told that they weren't allowed to have feelings. This was meant to simplify everything and let us get on with our lives, but it unfortunately lead to men having an over-abundance of feelings and no communication skills. So instead of just being able to say "Hey, I'm sad about this" they have to drive really badly and pretend that they're super upset with the Tories.
Are they upset with the Tories? Probably, but they're probably more upset about the fact that their boss was kind of a twat today.

“you deserve better“ nah why can’t you be better?

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Maybe they(person who said this) are thinking that the other person can be more happy with.out them, like if they are having difficult time balancing things happening in their life and the other person is getting affected emotionally by it and unable to understand that they need some time for themselves, to handle situations, then the other person should give. However, communication can happen but understand that they are little bit occupied for sometime and it is tough for them to handle so much emotions.
If unable to accept SO then they will think they deserve better.
There should always be freedom in love, and not controlling the other person. It is all about understanding, respect, trust, communication.
The other person finds it difficult to adjust according to the lifestyle of a person. They are not willing to
make changes in their nature. They want everything as it is.
But if someone wants to change their habits and are willing to bear that much hardship then it shows they are truly in love with that person. It will be a struggle for them because it's about leaving the imperfect acts and being a better person for other.
But when people don't want to do that much effort so they say, it's fine, you will find someone better than me.

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you deserve better nah why cant you be better

Why am I so thoughtless it makes no sense and it hurts everyone I love I just say things I don’t mean miss social cues when people need help and in general act like I don’t care

It sounds like you may be struggling with being unintentionally thoughtless and hurting those you care about. It's important to reflect on your actions and consider seeking support or guidance to improve your communication and empathy towards others. Acknowledging these feelings is a positive step towards making positive changes in your interactions with loved ones.
Massachusetts, Boston – March 25, UTC -4
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What are some signs that indicate that a person is more of an ambivert rather than being an introvert or an extrovert?

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Well I have periods that last for a couple of weeks to months where communication gives me energy, but there are also periods where communication absolutely drains me.
I also took the personality test four times so far in different periods of my life and I always shift between I and E!

Why is it that when your personality is starkly different from someone in the room, their presence alone can make you feel uncomfortable sometimes (at least that’s the case with me)?

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Feeling uncomfortable or uneasy when you have a starkly different personality from someone else in the room is a common experience. Several factors could contribute to this feeling:
1. Lack of familiarity: When you encounter someone with a significantly different personality, it can be challenging to relate or find common ground. This lack of familiarity can create a sense of discomfort as you may not know how to navigate the interaction or connect with the person.
2. Differences in communication styles: Variances in communication styles can lead to misunderstandings or difficulties in effective communication. If you and the other person have contrasting ways of expressing yourselves or communicating, it can create tension and discomfort in the room.
3. Fear of judgment or rejection: Depending on the situation, being around people with a different personality may trigger feelings of inadequacy or a fear of being judged for being different. This fear of rejection or not fitting in can contribute to discomfort and a sense of unease.
4. Cognitive dissonance: When confronted with someone who holds contrasting views or values, it can create cognitive dissonance, which is the psychological discomfort that arises from holding conflicting beliefs or attitudes. This dissonance can be uncomfortable and may lead to tension in social interactions.
It's important to remember that everyone has their own unique personality, and differences can be an opportunity for growth and learning. It can be helpful to maintain an open mind, practice empathy, and focus on finding common ground or understanding each other's perspectives to alleviate some of the discomfort.

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Famille recomposée : comment gérer l'éducation des enfants ? Merci

Éduquer les enfants dans une famille recomposée peut être complexe mais réalisable.
La communication est la clé, on a tous eu des éducations différentes même les enfants (avant votre couple) donc vous devez trouver votre rythme. Il faut créer un environnement où chacun se sent à l'aise pour partager ses préoccupations et ses besoins. Ensuite, établissez des règles et des limites ensemble.N'oublie pas d'être patiente. Les enfants ont besoin de temps pour s'adapter à la nouvelle situation, alors donne-leur le temps nécessaire. Il faut également créer des moments de qualités en famille pour renforcer les liens.
Je sais que ce n'est pas facile tous les jours, mais tu va y parvenir si toi et ton conjoint êtes déjà alignés.

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