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Was trickle-down economics in a capitalistic society treated like communism is a realist society where the greed outfavors the need?

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If this is STAIF question (Sent To All I Follow) - I would really like to know what answers you have got from 15 - 25 y.o. children here 😂😂😂
Was trickledown economics in a capitalistic society treated like communism is a

Why do you think people bully?

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I think people bully for different reasons, but have the common goal of taking something from another person or another country that does not belong to them. In the case of the 13 year old boy who is bullying another boy in order to steal his lunch money, the bully is probably acting out because he is being abused at home by his father or one of his older brothers. His aggressive behavior toward those he perceives as weaker is a learnt behavior that makes him feel like he is in control. When the bully sees something that he wants, he takes it without any consideration or regard for the pain inflicted upon his victim.
Another example would be when one country attacks another country. Throughout history there are many examples of this type of behavior, but once again, the common thread is that the stronger country wants to control, dominate and steal something from the weaker country. During the 20th century, I believe the country that epitomized bullying was, and continues to be, the United States. As an American citizen I take no pleasure in exposing and condemning my country in such a manner; but, the fact of the matter is from Vietnam to Iraq to Syria to Iran and Afghanistan and now inside the Ukraine, the United States has been pushing for a New World Order where the Globalist tyrants (ruling class) from the USA and Europe, dominate the entire world. Why? Well as bullies often do, these globalists are experts at propaganda and misinformation. And so they invent one crisis after another crisis to both hide and justify their real intentions. First it was to stop the spread of communism (Vietnam). Then it was to stop North Korea (China) from taking over South Korea, and of course the USA now owns South Korea. Next it was to kick Iraq out of Kuwait (can you say oil?). Then it was to invade Iraq to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction which never existed. And next it was to invade and take complete control of Afghanistan in order to kill Bin Laden (think oil pipe line, minerals and strategic military location to attack Russia or China). Then it was Covid-19 a Virus that was intentionally weaponized in a Wuhan laboratory that received 3.7 million dollars from America's Center for Disease control in 2017. Why? There are many theories about this, but I believe it is all directly related to the Globalist goal of establishing a One World Government and a New World Order by 2030.
These are all examples of bullying in order to control, manipulate and ultimately to steal something from someone else, in this case, the freedom to choose and the right of self-determination, the right to Life, Liberty and the right to Pursue Happiness and to make your own decisions on how to live, how to think, how to speak and who or what to believe in. Globalism is an attack on our humanity.
If you want to learn more about bullies and the grave threat they currently present to the world, please visit: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/

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Why do you think people bully

Очень нравятся ваши последние посты про российскую оппозицию и Россию (хоть содержание и очень грустное). Как вы думаете, какие ещё есть причины неудачи нашей оппозиции, помимо описанной вами?

Спасибо за обратную связь, по возможности поддерживайте, пожалуйста, лайками и репостами, или делитесь в личных сообщениях с близкими.
Из психологических причин, пожалуй, ещё можно отметить особую идеализированность, мазохистичность и беспомощность, свойственные теневым аспектам российской культуры. Если при политической борьбе другие нации или силы имеют хоть какое-то представление о том, чего они хотят (даже если это нечто совершенно нереальное на уровне мема про fully automated luxury space communism), то борьба с властью в России будто изначально обречена из-за того, насколько смутной чувствуется конечная цель. И насколько желанными в некотором смысле страдания и даже смерть. Речь не только о текущей политической ситуации, но и о традиции противостояния власти в целом. Российские оппозиционеры чаще и охотнее рассуждали о религии, философии, царстве небесном, чем о том, каким они видят будущее собственной страны и что именно для этого нужно сделать. Безусловно, я говорю лишь о тенденциях, которые вижу, всегда были и есть исключения.
По сути, эта причина пересекается с описанным мной ярким расколом на "темное" и "светлое", где светлым оказывается романтизированное ненасилие и разные духовные материи, а темным - конкретика и выгода. Этот дуалистичный раскол есть во многих культурах, в т.ч. западной, но там он не так сильно соотносится с псевдо-духовным смирением и пассивностью.
На эту тему очень рекомендую посмотреть фильм "Юрьев день". В свое время он произвел на меня огромное впечатление, как раз тем, что описал российскую "светлую" мазохистичность и самозабвенность, свойственную определенному слою оппозиции.

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Has anyone ever insulted you or said mean/rude things to you on the internet?

hahaha... this is a joke right?
Yes... all the time. This especially occurs whenever I express an opinion that is considered "conservative" by the woke crowd who dominate all social media. This is the reason I avoid discussing politics, religion, gender, feminism, climate control, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, abortion, life, death, sports, recreation, marriage, love, education, God, Jesus, morals, ethics, ideology, history, psychology, philosophy, science, biology, language, math, reason, logic, mental illness or any other topic that "offends" the woke activists.
And to my woke warrior "friends" who constantly attempt to censor my account, my apologies if what I wrote here "offends" your progressive and irrational non-sensibilities.

What is the fastest way to end crime? The idea is stronger laws... Wiggling is what we are always told. But it is the solution or a challenge for them.

Well we must accept that crime is an essential part in society, an ideal society without crime is simply surreal, why? Because there is always the unbalance between people and it become more complicated every day, every step in humanity's development, why? Because our resources in the Earth are limited so then we must fight, work for it. The criminals are just doing what they suppose to do for surviving, it help maintaining the balance between the rich and the poor.
If you want to divide equally the resource for everyone, welcome, you've got the 1st step of communism and you realize how stagnant your progression is, because people then have no motivation for self-development. And if just only 1 people tries to get out that system and becomes different, envy, greed will appear and grind down what you are trying to build.

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use this space as a way to air out any grievances you might have; 😫

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Dear Nurulhuda,
I usually do not publish my grievances because of the negative feedback I will receive. But since you requested my grievance, I could not resist the challenge. Please note: I understand what I am writing will offend some, but I have walked this earth for many years and based upon my observations and research, I believe the consequence of the Globalist class taking over the world will result in great suffering, inequality, crime, unmitigated hatred and ultimately WWIII. So if people reading this are offended, I am sorry. This is my reality and these are the outcomes I see.
The Globalists and their billionaire supporters are attempting to create a New World Order which will degrade, diminish and eliminate Faith, Family and Freedom across the entire world. People who believe in God must rise up and fight for their Faith, their Family and their Freedom or they WILL lose them to a global tyranny on a scale that has never been seen before in human history.
I pray that everything will work out, but in my gut I know that is not the case and humanity will experience unimaginable tragedy and human suffering. Remember this: "when good people remain silent, EVIL wins!"
The globalist ruling class WILL NOT stop until national borders have been eliminated, the population disarmed, all news (propaganda) organizations are owned by the ruling class, students have been indoctrinated to accept communism, the middle class wealth (property and savings accounts) will be confiscated, the ministry of thought police created, and all currency eliminated (cashless society). Once this "Global Reset" is completed, the 1% ruling class will be in complete control of 99% of the worlds population (serf's) along with all of the earths resources.
Never in human history has so much power and wealth been given to so few individuals. The result of all this power and wealth will be complete control of our thoughts, our behavior and our freedoms. Anyone who opposes these Globalists will be eliminated (woke cancel culture). Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated will be isolated and shunned (Covid19). Birth and death will be "managed" by these Globalist tyrants and any mention or attempted worship of GOD will be punishable by death.
This is the Global Reset.
This is the New World Order.
This is the One World Government.
Is anyone paying attention?
Does anyone care?

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use this space as a way to air out any grievances you might have

My day went well, nah scratch it's great actually. Work is a bit chill and I got to catch up with some friends from college which is a rare occasion for us because everyone's so busy these days. Time seems to fly by so fast eh. How's your day going? :)

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Is your work related to what you studied in college? I ask because I majored in music and then after realizing I could not make a decent living, I had to go back to college and earn a "useful" degree in engineering that would allow me to feed my family and provide adequate housing. Ah...if only I knew then what I know now. lol
My day is great because I just discovered another poet and writer G.K Chesterton. One of the greatest writers and intellects of the 20th century and his writing is NOT allowed in our public schools here in America. Can you imagine that? There is something terribly wrong with a (so called) "liberal" education system that intentionally excludes writers who are labeled as "unfit" because they oppose atheism, socialism, communism, wokeism, tribalism and globalism.
I am going to workout and then take my dog for a walk and practice some music. Have a good day Shaireen.

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Electoral College is a show the US Communist Party (including "Dem" and "GOP" actors) feed to us every 4 years. They already know which states will be competitive in 2024 and what issues will be at stake

What the hell are you talking about now? That "show" has been an integral part of our system *before* Communism was ever conceived. It exists because the Founding Fathers were sharp enough to create a form of government which grants every state equal representation - without the Electoral College, a few coastal states would decide the fate of the entire country. With respect to battleground states, they have been known for years and they rarely change from one presidential election to another. As an Independent, I am not a fan of the Dems or the GOP but you're talking out of your a55.
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تحبي تعيشي في دولة ايه ؟

Currently I live in the United States, but the USA is rapidly adopting Marxist ideology which will ultimately lead to communism and a tyrannical government and the elimination of the middle class. If I could move, I would consider Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Costa Rica or maybe even Russia, because I appreciate Vladimir Putin's no nonsense style.

You clearly didn't read the article. I get it that you like Jordan Petersen, but he did not completely fact check her. She has a lot to gain, but it doesn't look like you want to read anything that goes against your initial impression of her. I always like to look at evidence from multiple angles.

I read it but the things she said in the interview were not the same as that article. She only talks about how different it is being in North Korea compared to America. About how it all works. How many people are starving. How you have zero individualism. How everything is controlled by officials. How 60 million people have died from communism. About women being sold to China for slavery. She doesn’t even talk about her family. ALL those things are fact checked. Many many people talk about the same things.

Im in early 20s and i find boomer humor funnier than gen z humor. Anyone else feel the same?

"Baby Boomer Humor" by Nico, Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
I agree with you. Generally baby boomers do not take themselves too serious. Baby Boomers love to laugh. Many of us grew up watching the Three Stooges, F Troop, Hogan's Hero's and cartoons like The Road Runner, Popeye and comedians like Rodney Dangerfield and hosts like Johnny Carson who were allowed to say outrageous things to make people laugh without the fear of being censored or hurting people's feelings. The problem with contemporary culture is that too many people see themselves as a victim and often see laughing at our human folly as a form of abuse, racism or insensitivity and therefore laughing at ourselves is not tolerated. In short, free speech has been censored by the "Woke" ruling class and young militants who perceive humor as a form of human bondage and white supremacy.
Remember, baby boomers grew up during the cold war.
We were taught that nuclear weapons would destroy the world but if we hid under our desks in an air raid drill, we would survive. We were the generation that was told, by our government, that America was winning the Vietnam War and that winning would stop the spread of communism. We lived through the assassinations of three of our greatest leaders J.F.K, M.L.K and R.F.K while being told that Russia was responsible, the mafia was responsible or Cuba was responsible and finally told Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible using a bolt action rifle physically incapable of firing the three shots that killed J.F.K. Sadly, we knew instinctively that our government was lying to the American people and covering up the truth.
As we aged we also witnessed 911 and then the Iraq war and once again our government lied to us concerning weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to justify their corruption and insatiable need to accumulate power and wealth at the expense of American lives. And most recently we were forced to experience the Fake Media, Russian Hoax, Ukrainian Hoax, a questionable 2020 election and a manufactured Covid virus that has killed millions of people worldwide, destroyed economies, resulted in thousands of suicides and psychological problems, all the while listening to our government blame Trump Supporters, Christians and anyone living in red states for the slaughter.
Baby Boomers are NOT laughing anymore.
In fact, We The People are angry and we want honest answers!

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Im in early 20s and i find boomer humor funnier than gen z humor Anyone else

Обикновено говорите по-бързо или по-бавно? Тихо или високо? Хората около вас също ли предпочитате да са като вас или нямате проблем с това, ако говорят по-високо?(например, ако така си говорят просто)

ivrainovaa99’s Profile PhotoIvana
Преди плямпах доста, и то бързо, ама в момента мозъкът ми е вечно уморен и съм в другата крайност - спирам, чудя се за дума, ммм-кам, ъъъъ-кам и аааа-кам. Понякога имам Еминем моменти, както казва приятелят хд. За тихо или високо, преди виках бая, но с времето свикнах да се въздържам.
Предпочитам тихите хора, за да не ни чуват останалите, когато кроим как да наложим space communism. И все пак, имам една приятелка, която има най-бруталния и силен смях, който съм чувала, и много й се радвам, когато се смее. :3 Смее се от цяло сърце и си личи, как да се сърдя, че вика!!!!

Каква работа съществува, просто защото хората сме тъпи?

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Счетоводител. Имам чувството, че могат да се направят изцяло автоматизирани системи за счетоводство. However, не съм учила счетоводство, за да съм напълно сигурна в думите си.
Виж, касиери обаче... Cards exist, people, it's so much more convenient than cash!
Също така, не е до тъпотията на хората. Ако трябва да сме честни, най-хубаво би било да не трябва да работим, да няма пари, роботи да правят всичко, ама сме далеееееч от space communism.

Should you be friends with someone who always believes they are smarter than you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
You remember that add jahan sooraj straw sy sari energy ly leta hai bachay ki? Same way he believe that he's smarter than me and I let him believe it, I suck on his intelligence aesy k communism ka process chal raha hamara jis main mainay dominant hou jana, hehe.

Which country do you prefer, Japan or Korea?

Both. I would love to travel all around Southeast Asia some day. I’m not a fan of the Chinese Communist Party, and I am sure they feel the same about me, but I would love to explore throughout China also. I’ve got nothing against their 1.5 Billion people. I’m sure most feel the same about communism as I do. So I’m sure we would have some great stories to share.

El comunismo es individualista (el colectivismo es sólo una consigna), opresor, esclavista, manipulador, ruinoso, destruye todos los medios de producción y monopoliza todos los recursos para ser el único proveedor y chantajear a quiénes no le sirvan ni se sujeten a sus designios.

Hm, maybe. I don't know anyone who likes communism. But I wish people would stop mistakenly calling socialism communism. It just shows how uneducated they are. As for communism being individualistic, I disagree. It damages an entire society, not just specific people.

equality as a guiding principle does not thereby imply adherence to a capitalist mode of production or slavery to the whims of the market.

Arisstotle’s Profile Photoari
I take all of the points you made but Communism is nevertheless a thoroughly limiting system, both materialistically and metaphysically. It essentially serves as a mere *reaction* to liberal economics, so I don't see how it can possibly go further beyond the very system to which it is ostensibly opposed. Thus Communism and liberalism are two sides of the same coin - both fundamentally materialistic systems and philosophies primarily concerned with economic outcome and seemingly little else. In the grand scheme of things, I just don't believe economics is of *such* great importance.
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+6 answers in: “Foucault is interesting and the reason a lot of people hate him (besides the fact that they think he wrote pedophilia apologism, which isn’t the case, even if in his personal life he did questionable stuff) is bc his capillary account of power doesn’t center the human subject.”

You are right. Even though, I don't like communism and Marxism. I love some of marx words. He said and I quote "RELIGION is the opium of the people."

Jhasincere’s Profile PhotoShailesh Jha
Yeah right
Wafa hargiz na dekho ge phir tm ksi mein
Zamana wo esa qareeb a raha hai
Hifazat kro apnay imaan o deen ki
Zamana wo esa ajeeb a raha
+2 answers in: “What would you choose if you have to in between them? Smoking(tobacco) or Drinking(alcohol)”

Nu ti se par penibile tipele care incontinuu reposteaza la story poze si clipuri cu ele de cand erau “in libertate”? Eu inteleg ca nu mai au material de pus pe insta si fb, ca le e rusine sa isi pozeze peretele mucegait si crapat, dar totusi. :)))

Less hate, more communism
Nu ti se par penibile tipele care incontinuu reposteaza la story poze si clipuri

What language would you like to learn and tell me why? 😊 What's your favorite subject and tell me why? 😊 What do you think about the Soviet Union and when it's collapsed? ☺️

German, I'm part German so I wanna be able to speak the language of my ancestors.
Psychology, I wanna abe to learn and understand why we act the way we do.
The Soviet Union was a great example of how powerful a nation could be in the 20th century and it's no surprise that it collapsed due to the way it was ruled, along with communism failing in the system.

For me it is a pleasure and of course Mexico is also your home and you can feel welcome you and your family have almost all the climates of the globe, and even more, I really like the Russians and they have gotten rid of the communism that oppresses you You must also be very kind, you can see a kiss

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
▪️Thank you very much for your kind heart. ▪️You're a wonderful man. And I'm glad we ▪️met. I hope that I will have the ▪️opportunity to come to you and perhaps ▪️that we could even meet. I would be very ▪️happy about that. Thank you again🌼🤗
+4 answers in: “You are born in Russia?”

#2) ... to be the answer. He compared China's economic success with that of India's lackluster performance, gross corruption, poverty, etc., let alone South Africa, which he considers a "banana republic,". Any thoughts/comments?

hakimnaved’s Profile PhotoHakim Freethinker
There is no doubt our version of democracy in the middle east is a failure, and not just here, look at the UK, they allowed the ppl to vote on Brexit with out understanding the consequences of it, now some of the ppl who voted "leave" will lose their jobs because they depended on trade and a delay in trade will shut their business down, so that citizen who voted leave against his self interest was failed by the democratic system, that allowed his ignorance to ruin his business, that's not how representative democracy works, the elected politicians who actually understand the economic and diplomatic repercussions of Brexit were the only ones who should have been given a vote, not the ppl.
So the referendum was actually a bad idea although it seems very democratic & was suggested by the democrats, the left.
As for China there is a price to pay for that economic success, there is significantly less freedom of speech in the country, the president is seen as an emperor & his origin story is studied as if he's some super hero, imagine such power in an ignorant president's hand someday.
However I have to admit that china is an economic success, their plan to create roads and connections between the entire world with china at the center is quite impressive if they succeed, and the welfare of the ppl is significantly increasing, each generation is living a better life than their parents, oddly enough the ppl are optimistic unlike most of the world.
There's way less freedom & more restrictions even on religions such as Islam, but a better economy, definitely better than ours.
So yes democracy is a failure I suppose, but is communism the answer? Or some new version of democracy, a representative one, in which not every one gets to vote but only those who are experts on each controversial matter.
I don't know the answer to this question, I am quite ignorant myself when it comes to politics, and this ignorance is exactly why I shouldn't get to vote unless I know more, but I do want some freedom, president Xi of China & his vision isn't ideal to me either, maybe somewhere in-between, I am too ignorant to support a vision right now :'D
But the ppl of each country are different & maybe a single perfect system for all humans right now is impossible.

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+23 answers in: “What hobbies and skills do you have ?”

well right there you've proven that these people are mental and have inconsistent logic so why are you allowing them to get their own way like entitled petulant children? where's your fight man?! science works communism doesn't!

Oh silly anon, 1/3 of the earth still believes penguins and elephants marched from all over the earth on a wooden ship. Good luck trynna convince these morons that they’re wrong.

Not only is America stupid but you are located in the south which is the dumbest part of an already dumb country. People in more civilized first world countries dont go around preaching communism like some uneducated ignorant twats.

“dumbest part of an already dumb country”
i love when people say that about the south yet all them rich folk send their kids south for a higher education lmaoooooooo
+8 answers in: “how would you classify yourself politically then?”

That's wild! I believe that there are good aspects to communism but I dislike the organized groups. I think non-affiliated people with open minds are the best off.

The Marxists-Leninists would point out that giant multinational corporations being what they are, an unaffiliated individual (unless they're Warren Buffet or someone like that) has no real power to change the status quo. Emotionally, I'm entirely on your side, just thought I'd parrot a bit of the opposing philosophy for fun. As far as I am concerned, they can start the revolution without me!
+2 answers in: “Scientology: What do you know about it? Do you think it's a cult or a religion? Can you name any celebrities who are Scientologists? Would you ever consider joining why/why not?”

Kui hästi saaks sinu arvates Eestis hakkama nii, et teed kõik laste jaoks(maatükk, maja, loomad, peenrad söögiga jne) ja edaspidi nad elavadki seal, ei lähe kooli ega tööta? Paljudes kohtades tehakse nii, kas arvad, et ka siin oleks lihtne niimoodi?

Communism has failed every time it was tried.

Can you explain what a liberal is? I mean I know it means a member of the conservative party in Oz but it also means "open to new ideas" in the other meaning but why do people hate liberals though (and I don't mean conservatives b/c I don't like them either)? It's good to be open to stuff? :/

This answer's probably going to be boring, sorry, but it's a good question & deserves a proper answer.
Liberalism is a political philosophy. When it was 1st popularised, it was striking for its "open-mindedness," yes. Also its secularism; atheism is another 'ism' that prides itself on its openness to new ideas.
Here's the important thing: no political ideology, belief system, code of laws, whatever, will make you "open to new ideas." Everyone is open to some things, & not-open to others. What is which is the real meat of our beliefs.
To be "liberal" more-closely means to be "generous." You have a "liberal" amount of gravy. You sprinkle your salt around "liberally." This is open-mindedness of a particular, specific kind.
Liberals ARE very open to new ideas about products, for example. New market opportunities. Very open-minded about that. Is it good to be open-minded about that?
Well, if you're open to green energy tech, maybe we'd say yes. If you're open to artificially creating scarcity in pharmaceutical supplies for rare illnesses...maybe we're less keen on that.
This is why people don't like liberals, despite how "open" they insist they are. Liberals, *like all people*, are more open to some ideas than others. They are also completely closed-off to certain ideas. The pretense that they're not, is just a performance.
The ideals of liberalism as a philosophy are very different to how the "liberals" of today's political landscape operate in practical terms. You've already noticed one sign of this: the conservative party in Oz are the "Liberals," despite being very conservative.
They're ECONOMICALLY liberal, as in, they're very open to new ideas about making money in a free market. Coal? Hell yeah! Private roads? Sure! Offshore prisons? Not profitable! Well, that's because they're also conservatives: we gotta have concentration camps, because that's how we (white ppl) did things last century. Gotta conserve those traditions, WHILE making money via liberal economic policy. See? Liberals.
Hillary Clinton is another famous liberal millionaire mass-murderer. Open to new ideas? About murdering Syrian civilians, sure!
No belief system owns any virtue. Communism is literally ABOUT sharing, but does that mean every communist is going to be generous? Obviously not. Does it mean any given party that calls itself Communist will be down with sharing? Hell no! Politics is a sham, a puppet theatre. Just ask the Australian Liberal Party.
Judge ideologies & political beliefs by what they DO. What do they actually ACCOMPLISH. That's hard enough to actually determine, especially in the case of Banned Ideologies like communism; hard to know how it plays out in practical terms when it's being censored.
But those who CAN do, CAN be judged by their actions. That's what's important. You can attach their actual ideologies to their actions usually, sure, but the important thing is to recognise ACTS before promises & philosophy.

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Hi P.C! This country (U.S) is becoming Socialist. Communism is generally the same. Now they have a group called, "Democratic Socialism" under way. Be careful with this group. They are a detriment to the foundations of this country and dangerous. (:

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
More dangerous they are the better is for me not to join and this the rest of my answer below
Hi PC This country US is becoming Socialist Communism is generally the same Now

Bor.. Bor, daripada hidup lo ngebully dia mulu, Mending lo diri-in badan amal kek, buat bisnis baru kek, belajar bahasa baru kek, liburan kek, atau aktualisasi diri yang lain kerenan gitu. Sesampah-sampahnya dia, lebih sampahan elo kalau elo lanjutin ngebully dia mulu

gue yang lain juga jalan lah yakali pak
tapi ibarat ada orang yang hobbynya memancing, ada orang yang hobbynya ngelukis, atau main bola... let's say hobi gue ngata2in dan ngetawain orang tolo lmao hahahaha
oh, and...
"Mending lo diri-in badan amal kek" ---> i detect a little communism
+5 answers in: “Cewe kayak gitu enaknya dibugilin jangan ditubirin borr?!”

So much hypocrisy around this topic. It's like Trump saying he's against abortion yet I'm sure he's probably paid for some of his exgfs to have them. Right-wingers are so anti-abortion yet loathe single mothers and want them to raise kids in poverty. Concern for the zygote but not the born child.

Don't be sure unless there is evidence. This behavior irks me to no end, that's probably why they left has no credibility and just fuel the right to get more extreme rather than finding a common ground. And the right irks me with their second amendment.
I am against single mothers empowerment. It's unfortunate to have to know that the father of your child is a scumbag and end up putting your child in a semi family while you try take both roles of a nuclear family. And vice versa, with single fathers. It should not be celebrated, yet things like that happen and so I can't neither tell any couple to stick in a toxic relationship. Which we do in middle east, as you can see we aren't doing so great.
Finally the world is bigger than the US, the left and right. When I discussed this topic I took 7 billion people into consideration. Children who suffer from being kept alive when are clearly unwanted are not just in America, they are in undeveloped countries the most. Yet the internet likes to apply either communism or capitalism mindset on everything then diverge to right or left, into their line of though to supposed woke or erudition or knowledge.
I typed to much zygote for one day.

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The regimes in Moscow are changing - from tsarism, communism to democracy - the essence of its poisonous policy, both against its population and against its neighbors, in particular Ukraine, remains unchanged.

No tengo respuesta a tu pregunta porque no soy de ningún lugar de esos en el mundo, así que no sabría como es la vida allí ni responder a ella. ¡Buen día!

The regimes in Moscow are changing - from tsarism, communism to democracy - the essence of its poisonous policy, both against its population and against its neighbors, in particular Ukraine, remains unchanged.

I am not from Russia so I dont know life of people there so good. But here in my state I was living 22 years in communism and 29 years in democracy and believe me, life during communism was much better !!! It was safe, study and doctors were free of payment, people worked 8 hours dayly, firms organized various sport and other interesting meetings for their employees and their children during their free time ... etc, etc ... one disadvantage was less goods in shops and not possibility to travel to some states.

I'm pretty sure I talked about communism on my page before or maybe even about how STUPID AMERICA IS (ahemtheCOLDWARYOUGODDAMNIDIOTS) so I think my FBI agent is just done with me. I'm surprised I wasn't catapulted to Cuba, yet.

My FBI agent is my homie and the brother I never had
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The problem with Communism is that it requires that people in charge do their best to not be corrupt and facilitate a natural and stable transition into a full-fledged Communist system, which is not conducive to human nature. We are lazy, greedy and selfish and nothing will ever change that

this was where i quit reading. i will delete your other messages. if the core of argument is "it goes against human nature," believe me, i have heard this story 1000 different times in 1000 different ways. there is no such thing as an omnipresent, consistent human nature. people are the product of material conditions, such as the environments that produce them, where they grow up. humans aren't naturally greedy, or naturally selfless, or naturally anything

what's the deference between stalinist communism and the 'normal' 'standard' communism? not looking for a fight, sincerely want to know as i am ignorant in that topic. was russia ever a communism?

communism, by definition, is a form of government that calls for a stateless, moneyless and classless society, where mankind is free from oppression and scarcity and the means of production are controlled through common ownership. in classical marxist, it was the terminal stage of human social development that would be achieved after a revolution resulting in a seizure of power by the proletariat. even then, the post-revolutionary period would be one of socialism, not communism, which would come after the state "withered away," in engels's memorable phrase. communism has never been seen in a successful view, since it hasn't been pared with any other form of government but a totalitarian state.
it’s important to note that technically russia did not exist at the time of the ussr. russian sfsr was one of the republics of the soviet union. soviet people lost their houses and savings and were forced to labor eternally for meager wages with no voice in the system. millions of petty criminals and political prisoners were sent to work camps (death factories) for harboring anti-soviet views. ussr’s economy was characterized by wage labor (the employer-employee relationship), the accumulation of capital continued to drive economic development, and planning wasn't an operational part of the economy, devolving into a system of command-and-control administration, with enterprises being vertically integrated into the command structure. essentially it was run like a large corporation. the means of production did not belong to the people, they were still private, but lied in the hands of state bureaucrats instead of entrepreneurs. thus, the ussr was a state capitalist society. communism has nothing to do with ruling others or oppressing anyone

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why are you a communist? capitalism and communism are not the only two economic systems. why did you choose communism over systems like corporatism, syndicalism or distributism?

corporatism requires complete government control in order to work, and i’m not comfortable with any group having that much power. a system that suggests that in order to reduce the destructive influences that class struggle and capitalism have to the nation, individuals have to lose all their rights, doesn’t sound that much appealing. syndicalism can only exist within either socialism, capitalism, or corporatism. it’s not a separate economic system. distributism - overly associated with catholicism for one, and gives no explanation of how they're going to redistribute without violating private property rights. relies on a non-socialized model of production (i.e. say goodbye to factories and all mass produced products)

well, anarchism touches greatly upon racism and sexism too. what even is the difference between communism and anarchism, would you be so kind to explain?

there are forms of anarchism which retain the use of money and/or non-circulating currency like labor vouchers which can be used to purchase goods from a communal store (collectivist anarchism, mutualism, individualist anarchism, etc). communism refers to a stateless, classless, moneyless society ergo the use of money and communism are mutually incompatible by definition. other than that we basically share the same philosophy: dismantle hierarchy and end class struggle. the difference lies in how we want to get there. anarchists think that the state must be abolished near immediately to usher in their ideal society. marxists believe that the state will wither away as the time passes when what lenin calls "class antagonisms" vanish. we believe that after every successful insurrection, the proletariat will build its own organs of class rule so as to become the ruling class, in short: form its own state, the dictatorship of the proletariat. and as the ruling class, the proletariat concentrates all private property in its hands, leading to the abolition of private property and class distinctions, without classes the state can't exist anymore and so dies off. lss marxists in contrast to anarchists do not dismiss the governing role of the management completely (i don’t want to use the word “state” because it implies a self-preserving entity that sees its own people as a threat to its sovereignty, and usually involves corporate industry as well as hierarchical forms of government + marx himself said that communism would be a stateless world) and advocates gradual transition

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What do you think is the single most important thing you and we can do to unite the great divide in this country and head back towards equality, respect, rights, sovereigry, health and love?

Yo whats gucci askfm. Long time no see. My answer to that wonderful question is communism and free snags to all straliyans every monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.

Modes in Moscovschina change – from tsarism, communism to democracy – and the essence of its poisonous politics, as against its people and against its neighbors, particularly Ukraine, remains unchanged.

i know don't try to win an argument with me that doesn't exist im just saying that Ukraine its not the first nor the last place that other countries will try to rip of for its natural sources
believe me i know im from Albania

What's the public opinion about communism in Russia, especially considering the millions of Russian peasants that straved to death during the Soviet rule?

People strongly dislike communism and the memories of those times aren’t happy ones. Now, I personally think there are a lot of “myths” and disinformation about Soviet times. The USSR was a socially-conservative state that prioritised large families, classic art, etc. but without the property rights. Many common people benefited from early USSR’s policies that went from massive literacy increase to a decrease in childhood mortality. There were plenty of homegrown, willing, and able Communists in every Soviet republic. The political prisoner deaths in the USSR are nowhere near the millions of millions as people seem to think in the West. If you count the non-political deaths from the “harsh conditions” then you can probably make the same argument about poverty and disease etc. under capitalism. WWII touched us. Russia lost around 26 millions of lives after being invaded. My family was part of the war effort, and we also lost many beloved members during the 1930s purged. I just wanted to point that out. I personally think communism is an outdated ideology, but Marx is useful as an analytical method of the relations between the bourgeoisie, elite power structures, etc. I think one of the main problems with communism, that most Russians can agree with, is that communist pretended to be the sole representation of reality making Christianity an ideological opponent. That negation and replacement of the Sacred with itself (materialism) is perhaps what we find most shocking and what bothers us the most. Or so I’ve seen. Orthodoxy is a very important part of our lives. Also, I’m sorry if this is too much. I felt the need to debunk some of the lies people tell about Soviet times.

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