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what phone do you have? How often do you buy phones and a laptop?

My trusty Samsung S20 has served me well for the past two (almost three) years! As for the question of how often I purchase new tech, the answer is more or less “whenever I feel the need to”. I've never been the sort of person who feels the need to buy the latest model of phone or computer when it comes out, especially if what I already own still works just fine.
That said, I have been thinking of upgrading to a better laptop recently. Partly because my old one is just that– old– and it’s very much on its’ way out. But also because I’ve been wanting to get back into digital art, and I’d like a laptop that’s better suited for that purpose. 😊👩‍🎨

AJ mere fiance ne mujhy bkl bola idk iska matlb kia hai Me ne us se bola KY kia matlab usne ans NAHI dia ? Plz full typing kia karo jab bi mere se bat karo koi bii Ajeeb

Bewakoof Ladka: In colloquial Hindi, "BKL" is often used as an abbreviation for "Bewakoof Ladka," which translates to "foolish boy" or "stupid boy" in English. It is a playful or teasing term used to describe someone who does something silly or foolish
Big Kernel Lock: Another full form of "BKL" is "Big Kernel Lock." In the context of computer systems, the Big Kernel Lock refers to a synchronization mechanism used in the Linux kernel. It is a lock that ensures mutual exclusion and prevents multiple threads from accessing critical sections of the kernel simultaneously

Are you this much romantic, my friend? 🐼😁 https://www.instagram.com/reel/C78Y0MVvaEZ/?igsh=MXI5bTRuMGlxamExZw==

MadPanda91’s Profile PhotoM.F. ♂️
In my case, some people confuse romanticism with rheumatism - but this is just a manifestation of dark humor that I celebrate every day. Regarding the behavior in the film, it even exceeded my black humor. This is not funny, this is the rude behavior of an insolent man. Since we live in Poland, not everyone, especially the younger ones, can understand the answer in English, so I will write the same in Polish. I hope it doesn't bother you?
I am in the process of arranging the installation of a computer network in my private IT room. Before painting, I need to build a computer network. More of my answers will be available later this evening
Best regards and have a nice day
Macie to samo w języku polskim
W moim wypadku niektóry mylą romantyzm z reumatyzmem – ale to tylko przejaw czarnego humoru, który celebruję codziennie. Odnośnie zachowania na filmie to nawet przerosło mój czarny humor. To nie jest śmieszne, to jest chamskie zachowanie bezczelnego człowieka. Ponieważ mieszkamy w Polsce nie wszyscy szczególnie młodsi mogą zrozumieć odpowiedź w języku angielskim, dlatego napiszę to samo po polsku. Mam nadzieję, że Tobie to nie przeszkadza?
Ja się biorę za układanie instalacji sieci komputerowej w moim prywatnym pokoju informatycznym. Przed malowaniem muszę zbudować sieć komputerową.
Więcej moich odpowiedzi będzie późnym wieczorem
Pozdrawiam serdecznie i życzę miłego dnia

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Are you this much romantic my friend

How would you describe your ideal work space? 💻🗃️🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Nice computer with a cute keyboard that sounds like rain drops when you type. Some nice lighting that I can dim or make bright. Nice window with some curtains. A lot of plants everywhere. And my cat is allowed to come in when he wants. Mini fridge with snacks and drinks 😊

Welches Schulfach war dir als Schüler ein Dorn im Auge?

michaelkustner’s Profile PhotoDon Micha El
Ich hatte überwiegend Lehrerinnen über 60. Die haben einen langweiligen rückständigen Unterricht gemacht der nur langweilig war und aus auswendig lernen bestand. Dabei war der Unterricht nicht mal gut. Während des Studiums merkte ich erhebliche Lücken in meiner Bildung und die anderen von anderen Schulen verfügten über dieses Wissen. Diese minderwertigen Lehrkräfte hatten dann noch die Verachtung in mein Zeugnis zu schreiben, dass ich mich nicht in den Unterricht einbringe und mein Potential nicht zeige. Warum auch bei langweiligen Unterricht? Insofern war die Schule die Hölle für mich und alles war mir ein Dorn im Auge. Wie sehr merkte ich erst als ich mal mit jungen engagierten Lehrerinnen an einer anderen Schule Informatik-Projekttage mitorganisiert habe. Sowas wäre an meiner alten Schule undenkbar gewesen bei den uralten Lehrkräften wo Computer nur Hexenwerk waren.

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Do you have scanner or how save your old camera pictures 📸?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon says
We did not use classic camera for last 4-5 years maybe 😅, all memories are in our phones and we really should do some backup in computer or some external memory medium not to lose them - especially pics from vacations 🤔.

Wie verbringst du deine Wochenende?

tareck539’s Profile PhotoSasha
Welcome to my world
Mein Wochenende folgt einem Szenario: Bett ➡️ Computer ➡️ Spaziergang ➡️ Schlaf. Eigentlich wollte ich irgendwo in die Natur gehen, aber ich will nicht. Deshalb möchte ich vorübergehend nicht.
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 10/06/24
Time: 10:05
Wie verbringst du deine Wochenende

Whats your biggest regret?

HollieRose1998’s Profile PhotoHollieRose1998
Not regret exactly, but I often wonder how my life would have turned out differently if I'd studied Computer Science at uni instead of Physics. There's nothing wrong with how it did turn out, but Computing would have been my first choice but for various reasons I opted for the latter.

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

shimaasamir88’s Profile PhotoShimaa.
A PhD in Computer Science
dedicated to studying and scientific research and I wish I find genuine passion and curiosity in my studies, where every subject and lesson ignites my interest and drives me to explore and understand more deeply
A quiet life path without deviations or drama

A partner who shares my dreams

working from home is like being a prisoner in your own room glued to a computer. i really wish my job would approve my request of letting me work in the office. its not good for my mental health to be home all the time

Not in my experience but I'm self-employed and I can work from anywhere. It can be hectic but I enjoy the chaos.
working from home is like being a prisoner in your own room glued to a computer

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't have one! However, we're currently in the process of renovating our second bedroom into an office/personal library sort of space for myself... So I am going to have to purchase a computer chair for myself at some point in the near future! I'm open to recommendations if you have any... 👀

I love movie soundtracks. In this respect, Ennio Morricone, who composed western movie scores, is magnificent. Goblin, who has composed the music for many films directed by Dario Argento, is also great. John Carpenter has created amazing film scores as both a director and music producer. 😉😌 😍 🥰 😘

Ennio Morricone - Once Upon a Time in the West : Your love - it is the best! 🎵♥️👍 (now I regret that I dont know how to copy past songs on my phone, haha, my computer is at home 🤷‍♀️😅) 😁

Credi di essere dipendente dalla tecnologia? Non intendo solo social network, ma proprio tutto ciò che è internet: serie tv, spotify, i social stessi, Google, YouTube, twitch ecc? Se perdessi cellulare e computer andresti in “astinenza” senza poter usare ciò che ti collega a internet?

Diciamo che ormai siamo un po tutti dipendenti dalla tecnologia, solo le persone di vecchia data forse no perché erano cresciuti in altri tempi dove non esistevano queste cose, io penso che chiunque farebbe fatica o quasi impossibile stare senza tecnologia e internet. Anch'io personalmente non riuscirei, forse per qualche giorno ma non del tutto.
(Pensiero Personale)😊

Credi di essere dipendente dalla tecnologia? Non intendo solo social network, ma proprio tutto ciò che è internet: serie tv, spotify, i social stessi, Google, YouTube, twitch ecc? Se perdessi cellulare e computer andresti in “astinenza” senza poter usare ciò che ti collega a internet?

Potrei disegnare su carta e scrivere sul quaderno, potrei leggere i libri, potrei fare giochi da tavolo che amo alla follia. Mi mancherebbe la musica, ma mi basterebbe suonare il pianoforte in quei casi. Potrebbe non essere semplice a primo impatto per l'abitudine, ma se sparisse internet sopravviverei tranquillamente, non mi manca nulla.

Ciao. Il mio computer è stato infettato da malware. Avevo uno smart mouse collegato. E' possibile resettarlo e pulirlo da eventuale malware, o lo devo buttare?

Ciao, io mi chiedo cosa ci fai con il pc se ti becchi tutti questi malware 😅 capisco che possa capitare una volta ma così è eccessivo, magari noti un comportamento simil malware.
Comunque anche le periferiche posso infettarsi ed essere dei portatori sani, non esiste un tool per sanificarli e se queste periferiche hanno un chip di memoria (per salvare una impostazione o configurazione) questo può essere usato dal malware come nido. attualmente non ci sono in giro malware così avanzati e periferiche di alto livello hanno una protezione per evitare questo tipo di problemi.

Hello Rachel how are you?

Hey Tiffany. I’m good. Bit nervous. But something very special just happened. A year and a half later I now know why a song that one of my musician Ask friends sent me felt so life changing to me. It just started to random play on my computer on loop while I was doing something that I’ve never done before. The universe was letting me know this would be playing in a very unusual moment for me. Sorry for the story. 😂 How are you?

What did you want to become when you were a child?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Unfortunately, until primary school, I really wanted to become a teacher. But by 16, I lost that interest though, it was because I had to take a class or two at my father's school to teach computer to some kids.
But here I'm going to school everyday.
The happiness on my face at 2:30 pm is like that of a prisoner breaking out of prison.

2) I've been informed that if a ban is legit, you should receive an email notifying you why, etc. There would be a dispute link there too. Have you received an email? Anyway, if you haven't tried, see if you can login as described above. No phones. Apparently, that won't work.

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Yes. That’s how I submitted the appeal. Remember “takes just over a day?” Well it took a couple hours and denied. Nobody obviously looked at it that quickly. But we know that already with the bots. I can’t log in at all on my computer. I’m logged in on my original account on browser still. That’s where this message is.
2 Ive been informed that if a ban is legit you should receive an email notifying

Con quanto sei uscita alla maturità?

Non è una cosa di cui mi piaccia parlare; ho cambiato scuola molte volte e il risultato non soddisfa i miei criteri. Ero in un periodo in cui, all'ennesimo cambio, mi sono ritrovata nel bel mezzo della pandemia. La mia valutazione è stata schedata da un computer senza aver conosciuto nessuno. Mi sono presentata alla maturità dopo due anni, vedendo tutti per la prima volta. La mia compagna, che poi non era proprio una compagna, abitava nel mio stesso quartiere ma frequentava un'altra classe. Non avendo avuto gli scritti, il voto nella mia scuola è stato ridotto adattandosi alla presenza dei crediti degli anni precedenti, che io non avevo. Sono uscita infatti con 75/100.
Dato che successivamente rivolgi la stessa domanda riguardo alla mia amica, lei uscì qualche anno dopo di me con 87/100. Tengo a precisare che la mia formazione, dal secondo anno di liceo in poi, ha preso una svolta in una scuola serale pubblica. Mi concentravo sia sul lavoro che sui corsi di formazione.
Ad oggi mi ritengo soddisfatta.

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First computer you ever used as a kid? For me… At home we had a HP Pavilion desktop with 256 MB RAM, 30 gigabyte HDD, with a Zip 250 drive and a 600 MHz Pentium 3 processor… recall it ran 98SE. At school we used a combination of Macs until the school system got Pentium 4 Dell Optiplexes in 2004.

amckeever’s Profile PhotoAlex McKeever
One like this but it wasn’t the 80s. Well that’s the first I owned myself. At school we had an even older Apple I think.
First computer you ever used as a kid For me At home we had a HP Pavilion

معك حق في كل كلامك عنه، عندي تعليق واحد فقط حتى يرتاح ضميري: أكره اسمه (بودكاست) ولا أحب نطقه، ولا أحب المصطلحات المستحدثة عموماً. °√•

zhldrbaltbant’s Profile Photoزحل
أتفق معك جدا .. ما دام المصطلح العربي موجود ما في داعي نستخدم المصطلح الإنجليزي او نستخدم كلمات بلغة تانية خاصةً لما نحكي مع أشخاص بيتكلموا لغتنا..
ولكن بالحياة العملية والأحاديث العامية الموضوع فيه درجة من الراحة خاصة مع الكلمات اللي انطبعت وترسخت بأذهان العامة باللغة الآخرى .. وهاد هو الاستثناء الوحيد بالنسبة إلي..
يعني مثلا لو بدي احكي مع شخص واذكر كلمة (جهاز الحاسوب) هيستغرب جدا! الكل بيحكي عنه Computer أو pc لهيك ما حدا بعتبره تفزلك أو قلة إحترام.. وقِس على ذلك كتير مصطلحات microwave مثلا .. وكل البنات بيذكروا اسماء أغراض المكياج (مساحيق التجميل) باللغة الانجليزية اساسا في شغلات احنا نفسنا ما بنعرف شو بتتسمى باللغة العربية..
وال podcast نفس الشي مصطلح انتشر باللغة الانجليزية عند المتحدثين بالعربي لهيك لو كتبت بالمساحة اللي قبل اني بسمع بث صوتي لساعات متأكدة ما هيفهموا بالزبط عن شو بقصد لانه كلمة بث صوتي بأذهانا مرتبطة بالراديو أو برنامج بينبث مباشر بدون صورة ..

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Can a random action be replicated?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Erm, if you are referring to a purely random action, it cannot be precisely replicated. A random action is one that is determined by chance and has no predictable or patterned outcome. As such, it is impossible to reproduce the exact same random action, as its outcome is unpredictable and will vary each time.
However, if you are referring to an action that appears random but is actually based on a deterministic process (such as a computer algorithm), it is possible to replicate it by replicating the process that generates the action. In this case, the action may appear random, but it is actually generated using specific rules or algorithms that can be replicated to produce the same outcome.

Che tipo di cuffie usi per il telefono? E per il computer?

Non utilizzo cuffie di marca, pesco quelle che trovo in camera, che sono anche tante, dalle cuffie con il filo a quelle Bluetooth. Al momento, ho le fallocche (immagino) i12, prese tramite degli sconti su Amazon. Sono quel tipo di persona che quando esce senza cuffie va a prendersi quelle sotto marca pur di non rimanere senza musica.

> i played that all the way through for four hours i guess. yeet and no_thing d!ed early on and rachel and diana made it all the way through. 🤣 - Ya know, I'm not much for the Nintender but you are slowly convincing me. I love how it ended... 🤣 Is there a PC version? 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I thought you would like that ending. 🤣 There’s probably a PC version since it was originally a computer game when I was a kid. 🤣🤣🤣💗

Träumst du auch von einer Welt, in der ein kleiner freundlicher Pinguin irgendwann der größte 'Fensterhersteller' der Welt sein wird? Oder könnte ihm da noch ein Cyborg-ähnliches Wesen dazwischenfunken?

andy4you’s Profile PhotoF⭕RTY-SEVEN
Und ich dachte immer du träumst von einer Welt wo Flamingos Strumpfhosen tragen. In meinem Traum läuft der Pinguin 🐧 auf jedem Computer 🖥.
Pass lieber auf, dass bei dir nicht zu viele Träume platzen...
Träumst du auch von einer Welt in der ein kleiner freundlicher Pinguin

Ich habe ein portrait von Präsident Trump über meinem computer. Supertrump 2024!

Toller Posterboy, dieser hochkomplexe Sunnyboy voller Grips und Würde, was? Wenn du wenigstens jemanden mit etwas ...mehr deutsch...genommen hättest und was geht uns der Ami an...wenn wir uns dabei selbst vergessen, ansatt uns stark zu machen? Wie wäre es mit einem Bildnis von Tino Chrupalla oder meinetwegen auch Hans-Hermann Gockel - SuperAfD 2025?

Ich habe ein portrait von Präsident Trump über meinem computer. Supertrump 2024!

Mal unabhängig davon auf politischer Ebene irgendwie nur zwischen Pest und Cholera wählen zu können und der Shoutout wahrscheinlich Getrolle ist...
Es gibt da draußen wirklich Menschen, die diese Typen sympathisch finden. So richtig aufrichtig sympathisch. Und fähig. Da sitzen Menschen, die sagen "Den find ich super". Genauso wie bei deutschen Parteien - die Leute sind da einfach wie Fußballfans. Das kannste dir nicht ausdenken.
Ich habe ein portrait von Präsident Trump über meinem computer Supertrump 2024

Are there any remote jobs for computer engineering? Please suggest.

So many remote opportunities are posted daily on various Dacdbook groups. Join some authentic ones and keep hustling.
Liked by: Pir Fahad

Finding nsfw pictures of family members. What do you do?

I once found photos my father took of my mother on their computer as a teen. Only topless but still. Also when I was a kid and used to go over to my grandmother’s place where she lived with her bf at the time there were also pics like that of her on the wall upstairs. I guess the apple does fall far from the tree in my case. 🤣

Is there a problem that does not have a solution? If so, what is it?

It is really fascinating to think about it, if a problem like this exists that doesn't have a solution so yasss, the concept of unsolvability in mathematics such as the halting problem in computer science, presents problems that are proven to be undecidable or incomputable. These types of problems challenge the very limits of what is possible to solve within a given system. Additionally, philosophical questions like the nature of consciousness or the meaning of existence may also be considered as problems without definitive solutions, as they delve into realms where certainty and consensus may never be fully reached. ☆

Do you think you can be a great computer programmer and have you ever been interested in programming?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I have strong computer skills, but I don't have a passion for programming. I believe my strengths and interests lie elsewhere, and I'm focused on pursuing a different career path.

Piove, che fate in questo sabato grigio e triste?

Stamattina ho fatto delle cose al computer, pomeriggio mi sono guardata qualche puntata di mare fuori 4, stasera sono andata a mangiare la pizza fuori, adesso sono tornata a casa e penso continuerò a guardare mare fuori😄tu?

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