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What has been the highlight of the summer, so far, for you? ☀️

A week in Lisbon with a dozen friends, some of which I had never met in real life before. We went to see our favourite band perform 3 different gigs, but by the time the concerts came around at the end of the week they felt like they were just an incidental part of our holiday.
I'm hoping we can do it again next year in either Germany or Italy but we're waiting on an announcement by the band of which cities they will be in before deciding.

Have you watched Metallica live concert? They have uploaded all 2022 live tours in their YouTube channel.

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Nope, but thanks for the heads-up! I rarely watch English concerts, more into Korean ones. It depends on my mood lmao. I think the last I watched was of Black Veil Brides' on YouTube, like two years ago when someone leaked out their virtual concet before it was taken down

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Because I am semi-retired I am fortunate to have a great summer schedule that affords me ample time off from work. During my days off I do the following:
- practice music and play gigs
- write poems and essays
- play golf
- attend baseball games
- do yard work and house projects
- attend concerts
- workout everyday
- read
- spend time with family

🎸 Do you enjoy concerts?

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Cazzy. ☠️
I love concerts! I went to the Hella Mega tour in Huddersfield on Saturday to see Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day. It was an amazing experience. I’ve also recently seen Billy Talent, Ed Sheeran, Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, and My Chemical Romance. And I’ve been to this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. I must have been to hundreds of gigs in my lifetime.

What do you usually do to deal with really bad heat? What if you're at a place that has no air conditioning? 🥵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
No air conditioning?
I would not live in Florida without air conditioning.
The truth is that I avoid places without air conditioning with a few exceptions i.e.
I will do the following activities without air conditioning:
1. Baseball games
2. Play golf
3. Swimming
4. Exercise, walks, biking, etc
5. Out door concerts
6. Yard work

I see ppl being desperate all the time and a lot of them are really good looking. Why do you think is that so? Why would an attractive person commit such an “ugly people thing” to desperately go after people and initiate conversation? Normally they attract people, they are NOT the initiators.

Great question, but because I've been out of the dating scene for so long and do not frequent places where single people hang out I can only repeat what my co-worker who is single tells me almost every day. He tells me that many single women today are mostly interested in wealthy men who can give them a better life even if there are single men with better personalities who treat them with kindness and respect but they are financially poor. I do not know if this is true or not but if it is, that might explain the "ugly people thing" you are referring to in your question.
I live in Florida where there are many older men who are financially well off in Miami and in the Tampa Bay area where I live and hang out. Based upon my own personal observations I have seen many young women between the age of 20 and 30 dating men who are between 40 and 60 years old. These older men are typically in good physical shape and they drive very expensive cars which is indicative of wealth.
My 29 year old friend tells me that he believes that many young women between 20 - 30 have given up on men his age and essentially ignore them, at least this is how he perceives his situation. He also tells me that he finds it difficult to even find a woman in his age group who will talk to him. Now in all fairness he is a video game junky and I've have read that young women are not interested in immature men who play video games all day long and they prefer men who will wine and dine them and take them on vacations, to concerts and who have the means to show them a good time. In other words young women want what most women want, a serious man who is well educated and fun to be around. Sorry guys, but that eliminates you gamers who love video games more than females.
Summary: I don't know who is correct. I think that young women are correct when they complain that young men between 20 - 30 are very immature and are more interested in video games than in having a meaningful relationship with young women. And if that is true, and I am not saying it is, then it makes sense that young women prefer older men, because what other choice do they have? Dating a immature man-boy who is addicted to video games or dating a man twice their age who treats them like a lady and has the financial resources to have fun and show them a great time?
I don't know.... you decide.

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The following meetings with Libor Milian connected with the promo on the CD Singels Wounded Heart

Relation / It's about you-TV Hronka
Moderator-Kristina Kucianova
Capacity 50 Seats
Afternoon with BB FM, reports
Moderator-Terézia Šusteková
Outside capacity in front of the building 400 people
Guest of Radio Regina Stred®
Moderator: Andrea Ballová
The One Show-BBC News
Moderator: Alex Jones
Meeting with children with disabilities
Delivery of assistance
Clothes, food, toys and other

The following meetings, sessions and concerts will be listed on the official pages of Libor Milian-Dates, Events, Concert and also on websites, radio stations, TV programs.
The following meetings with Libor Milian connected with the promo on the CD

What is a memory that never fails to make you happy when you look back on it? 😊💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
All the many times spent going to concerts with my wife and children. My family absolutely loves music. Our most recent concert was to hear Paul McCartney perform in Orlando, Florida on May 28, 2022. What a great concert. And considering that Paul is soon to be 80 years old makes it even more special and memorable.

Has a movie, book, show, game etc. ever made you emotional? How easily does it happen? 😄😡😥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Disney movie can always make me bawl lol, they’re so good at hitting close to home by making it so recognizable.
Other that that, movies, shows, games, books don’t make me feel emotional easily.
What does make me emotional though are concerts, festivals, theme parks and other memorable things like vacation. Efteling and Disneyland created a soft spot in my heart. I love looking back at things or even having the realization during a moment and just be like ‘woah, I get to experience this, I get to be alive today and feel and take this all in and enjoy this moment with the people around me 🥹’
For example, this is my video I took at Disneyland, I cried for over 10 minutes looking at my videos and videos trying to find the most suitable one lol.
If you like this, I really suggest you search up on YouTube: Disneyland D-Light + Disney Illuminations 😊

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What is the best thing or high point of your week so far? (even if it's something small like taking a bath etc).

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I only just got back from two weeks holiday at the beginning of this week so I've been doing very little, although I did have a good day out in London yesterday. That included an exhibition at Japan House, two tours in the V&A museum, an art gallery, an astrophysics lecture, a sleep/circadian lecture, a talk on novel cancer drugs and other activities at the Science Museum late night event.
For the next 5 days I'm staying at my parents and going to 6 concerts with about a dozen friends. I'm just about to head into town to meet a few of them for a curry.

Have u been to any concerts

Yes, lots! They've all been rock/metal gigs, apart from a couple of weeks ago I watched Scooter with my boyfriend in Manchester. He hated it, but I had a good time haha. I have two gigs coming up in the next few weeks, You Me At Six and Billy Talent. I'm looking forward to them. There's nothing better than a good gig, just getting lost in the music. 🎶

idk why certain mothers (not saying names) use they kids as an excuse for everything claiming they cant do this they cant do that cause ✨kids✨ “i cant go there cause i have kids, i cant do that cause i have kids”. kids arent a burden and arent handcuffs. they dont stop u from living ur life

My kids aren't a burden. I've never said or acted like they were & I never said they stopped me from living my life. I was a teen mom. I had no help. My kids ARE the reason I couldn't go to concerts and music festivals, I didn't have childcare or the time for that kind of thing. I'm not the one crying bc i've never been to a concert, yall are. And yes, my kids are also the reason I can't take naps, they can't watch themselves you dumb fxck that's the whole point of me being a sahm😂😂😂

If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I have a very diverse taste in music, I used to go to various informal concerts and knew all the performers, oh, nostalgia attacked, such as Мясо Boogie, Platzdarm, Shimata, Tears Appliqué, Amabilis are the main ones and many others, now these groups have not been around for a very long time, but sorry ^^ and I saw the rest, but I don’t personally know them again, they are not for everyone: Amatory, Jane Air, Psyche, Dolphin, Remorha, Apokefale is the one who made a strong impression, the strongest energy🔥🤩💫
У меня вкус музыки очень разнообразный, раньше я ходила на разные неформальные концерты и знала всех выступающих, ох ностальгия напала, такие как Мясо Буги, Платздарм, Шимата, Аппликация слез, Амабилис это основные и многие другие, счас этих групп нет очень давно, а жаль^^ а остальных я видела, но лично не знакома опять же они не для каждого: Аматори, Джейн Эйр, Психея, Дельфин, Ремора, Апокефейл это тот кто сильно произвёл впечатление, сильнейшая энергетика💫🤩🔥
https://youtu.be/HptDHmh8ObADeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 HptDHmh8ObADeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 HptDHmh8ObA
https://youtu.be/N9PNCCW7hvoDeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 N9PNCCW7hvoDeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 N9PNCCW7hvo
https://youtu.be/pclobVRFTh0Deep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 pclobVRFTh0Deep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 pclobVRFTh0

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If you could meet one celebrity who would it be

With summer (or winter) not too far away now, do you have any plans for the upcoming months? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes! I have some plans left!
This month and next month my boyfriend and I will attend concerts. I’ll go to the sauna with a friend of mine. In the summer my boyfriend and I will travel to Carcassonne (south of France) where we will stay a couple of days. Then we will travel to Paris where we will stay a week! ❤️
After that, if everything will go according to plan, a Swedish friend will come to the Netherlands to turn this country upside down 🎉
We also have a Coldplay concert left and my boyfriend and I will take care of the house in the summer.
Oh and I’m planning on finishing my studies!
With summer or winter not too far away now do you have any plans for the

Why is this app so addicting? 🤔 I don't use other social media that much lol

Same. For me it’s the energy. Most is not so great of course but the couple that do draw me in I’d say greatly enhance my daily experience. I can’t really find that anywhere else. Maybe in my VR meditation community but there’s no direct connection for me there like there is here. I also enjoy answering questions and occasionally going on spam sprees of photos and thoughts after concerts. 🙃

Emin, you have great songs, however, in your concerts and performances, you always repeat the repertoire, it doesn't change anything. Why record so much good music if you're not going to sing it live?

At various shootings and concerts, compositions are mainly performed that have become hits, which are more loved by the audience, which hit the charts of various radio stations. Also, often this or that song is specially selected for the theme of the concert.

What's the last concert you went to?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
It must have been to a HammerFall concert in Gothenburg twenty years ago. In the same city as my mom went today to attend a Bryan Adams concert.
Judging from her post on Facebook, it looks like she had a lot of fun. Maybe it's time to start attending more concerts in the future.

Have you ever felt resentment toward someone and then later in life, felt compassion toward them?

What I am about to write is personal and the only reason I am sharing this information is to help other victims of abuse.
"Nobody's Perfect" by Alex
Yes I have felt resentment. When I was about 5 years old my family attended a family gathering at the Hoboken Club. All my aunts, uncles and cousins were there. People were eating, dancing and playing games. I wandered off and found myself in the basement of the club, where I caught my mother having an affair with my uncle. I got the attention of one of my uncles who intervened and broke up the illicit encounter.
For the next 40 years my mother and I hardly ever spoke to each other. You might say that I didn't respect her and she hated me. I avoided my mother like one might avoid a virus, and whenever we were in the same room together the tension was intense. We were constantly walking on egg shells.
Eventually I got married and my wife and I moved to another state. My wife was upset that my mother and I never talked and she would periodically call my mother and then stick the phone in my face and say: "talk to your mother!" This went on for a few years until one day my wife got very upset and asked me why I refused to talk to my mother? So I explained to my wife about my mothers adultery and how it affected me and that I had no respect for her because of how she treated my father. My wife said that ignoring my mother was hurting me and I needed to forgive her.
Some time passed... and one day I prayed to God about it and he gave me the courage and grace to begin reconciliation. So for the last 10 years of my mothers life, I made every effort to spend time with her. We attended concerts together (Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond) ate at restaurants together, and we took her on family vacations with us.
Mom passed away in August 2004 from breast cancer. She was 74 years old. About two weeks before she died, my wife and I visited her and she was curled up in a fetal position on her couch, in pain, and looked like she was a frightened little girl. You see, mom never believed in God and thought that all Christians were hypocrites and so she didn't believe in prayer. I sat next to mom and asked her if she would do me and herself a favor. I asked her to pray to God and ask him for forgiveness. I told her that if her intentions were sincere, God would forgive her.
Two weeks later mother slipped into a coma and passed from this earth. To this day, I am thankful for my wife's understanding and guidance, as she motivated me to forgive my mother and repair our broken relationship. And I am also grateful that my wife and I were able to love my mother and spend time with her, share some laughs, and enjoy each others company. And I am pleased that I had enough common sense to never discuss mothers affair with anyone, as it would have destroyed her marriage along with our family. My mothers final words to me were: "nobody's perfect."

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Have you ever had a moment where you managed to do an incredible lot in very little time? Like when you had to hit a deadline? 🕐📚💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, I’ve had moments like that.
There was a moment where I had a big assignment due. At the same time I also had to enroll for my minor (which was also deadline bound), but it went wrong technically so I had to mail back an forth a couple of times, this was very stressful.
I also had to hand in my minor assignment once and on the day of the deadline I basically went to Antwerp 😂 pulled an all nighter and worked on it further in the car on the way to the city. Basically ran on caffeine that day.
Packing for concerts and holidays is very stressful in my opinion, because lots of things can’t be pre-packed and have to be done at the last moment. You also have to check if everything you need is there 😬
Have you ever had a moment where you managed to do an incredible lot in very

What does music mean to you personally?

Music, to me, is one of the most magical art forms available. My theory is that it's because music is intangible. As far as I know, the closest thing to a physical representation of music ever created is a vinyl record. It's music converted into plastic grooves, but you can't look at a vinyl and experience the song. You have to put a needle on it and amplify it and yadda yadda yadda. Here's a further example of what I mean: If I look at a painting, I can, with however much effort, understand what the artist is trying to say. Just by looking at it. But I will never be able to look at a record and understand the depth and meaning that the artist is trying to convey. I HAVE to hear it. That whole concept just continuously blows me away every time I think about it.
Personally, I don't think music means something to everyone. I've met people who genuinely don't listen to music. Like ever. They just live their lives in silence, I guess. (I don't get it, but they seem content.) But I think that just adds to the magic of music. It's almost like not everyone is able to harness it which, while tragic, is fascinating. Lastly, my inspiration often comes from what I couldn't or don't know how to express to others. In other words, I use music to say what I can't. Sometimes words alone aren't enough to illustrate a thought I have. I don't mean that my thought processes are on another level, but, rather, that I can't personally articulate some of the things I feel. Furthermore, if I could phrase my thoughts clearly, I don't know that I'd always want to. Sometimes I feel like when I share with people I'm putting a burden on them, BUT if I can phrase my thoughts in such a way that others want to hear them or that others find beauty in them, then... I feel content. But it isn't until I feel that I've properly expressed myself, while also creating something I think is worth listening to, that I'll be happy. Some may say that's not healthy, but... Well it might not be. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. I am the youngest of 4 children. My brother is a year and a half older, my sisters 8 and 10 years older. Never mind that I was reading since I was 4 years old, it always felt like everybody was better than me at everything, until school when that reading thing had me marked as "gifted" and made school socially awkward. We went to local concerts, our parents had gigantic record collections, and my grandparents on dad's side all played instruments and bought home organs. Dad bought a piano for the house when I was 6 years old, and we all tried to play, but I was the only one who kept going.
A crutch, mostly. It's basically all I've ever been good at, at least to any useful degree. It's a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to hustle every day, a thing to connect with other humans over, I kinda rely on music to just exist.

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That’s cool! And no, I don’t. I have a violin, but it’s hard to learn and I don’t have the money to take lessons

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Yentl, that is great that you have a violin. Perhaps one day in the future when you are able to afford it, you can take violin lessons and eventually perform in a local symphony. My daughter takes violin lessons and is also playing violin in our church and in the local youth symphony. I love the sound of symphony with viola's, violins, cello's and double basses. What a magnificent sound! Yentl, do you enjoy attending symphonic concerts or listening to classical music? Such a beautiful sound. The other aspect of violin music that is great fun are playing duets i.e. two violins or one violin and viola or piano and violin or even guitar and violin. Good times. ❤️

You think it's more beneficial to you to be single vs being with someone?

Personally, I enjoy being married, but as I tell my closest friends, I will never marry again. That is not to denigrate or diminish marriage, but I believe that once you marry the love of your life and then you lose that person to death, there is no point in attempting to "replace" that person. Instead, I would consider dating but only for non sexual companionship and to simply enjoy each other as friends and to attend concerts, wine and dine and to take vacations together and hang out together. As difficult as this might sound to someone reading this, it is possible to become best friends and even fall in love, without having sex.

What’s the best way to ask a man to be your boyfriend? Asking for a friend👀

I think a lot depends upon the man's age and whether or not he is interested in a serious relationship or not. A younger man who is looking for a serious relationship might be more receptive to a woman being aggressive than an older man who operates from a different set of rules and behavior from an era when women were more passive and men asked the lady for a date, opened doors for her and always paid expenses related to dating, dining and going to concerts or perhaps a cruise to some distant adventure. Times have changed drastically and most older men I know prefer to keep their head down and stay in their own lane for fear of unfounded accusations such as sexual assault, racism, and all of the anti male wokeness that permeates our society 24x7. So the answer to your question really depends on the man's age and his set of beliefs, rules and personal boundaries. Good luck.

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Have you ever seen a band or artist perform live? Which ones?

So, so many! My ex is a musician and I would almost always come along to their concerts. So I have met many other bands and artists and also seen a lot from my own many. Like Architects, Beartooth, 30 Seconds To Mars, Tokio Hotel, Melanie Martinez, The Neighbourhood, Rise Against, Issues, Alesana, Twenty One Pilots, the list is endless.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Have you ever seen a band or artist perform live Which ones

Have you been to a concert?? Who was it?

I’ve been to many… Janet Jackson, Coldplay, DMX, Ruff Ryders, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z, The Roots, Marsha Ambrosis, Jazmine Sullivan, Chris Brown, 112, Lil Kim, Biggie, Junior Mafia, Cash Money, Faith Evans, H.E.R, Ashanti, O.T. Genesis, etc. I absolutely love concerts.
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Отсутствие денег может убить любовь?

TatiNati13’s Profile PhotoNatasha
It can definitely kill a relationship. Do you know how much it costs to afford to have a woman?
Holy shit! It's like running a fucking company.

Do you like going to concerts?

chloejohns2306’s Profile PhotoChloe Johns
We subscribe to the City Hall's annual Classical Music concert season every year (apart from 2020/21 of course). This season there are about 8 in the new but you have to buy each ticket individually. I suppose it is hedge against covid precipitated cancellations.
Liked by: Chloe Johns Jigsaw

How many concerts have you been to in your life and which was your favourite? If you’ve not been to one, who would you most like to see?

I’ve long lost count. Some favourites:
Some Concerts Attended (non local band gigs)
Blodwyn Pig (Hull, UK)
Jethro Tull (Glasgow, UK)
Steve Marriott (x2 Hull, UK)
Desmond Dekker (Hull, UK)
Poormouth, The (Hull, UK)
Selecter, The (Nottingham, UK)
Who, The (x 2 Birmingham, UK)
Searchers, The (Hull, UK)
Dubliners, The (Hull, UK)
Riverdance (Edinburgh, UK)
Moody Blues, The (Manchester, UK; London, UK)
Pentangle (Hull, UK)
Drones & Bellows (Tonder, Denmark)
Ozric Tentacles (Hull, UK)
Bad Manners (Nottingham, UK)
Beat, The (Nottingham, UK)
Capercaillie (York, UK; Edinburgh, UK)
Cyndi Lauper (Boston, USA)
Edwyn Collins (Edinburgh, UK)
Boston Pops, The (Boston, USA)
Big Country (Newcastle, UK; Cottingham UK)
Levellers, The (Bridlington, UK)
Paul Weller (Hull, UK)
Billy Bragg (Hull, UK)
Inspiral Carpets, The (Hull, UK)
Graham Chapman (Cottingham, UK)
James Taylor Quartet, The (Hull, UK)

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Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

Summer because it allows me to enjoy my favorite things, camping, hiking, & shooting targets. But then again I’m able to do all of those things during the winter also.
Summer everyday! Its warm and sunny and you can wear just shorts and no shirt and not be cold. Days are longer so you can stay out and its still light and nice. Summers the best! Winter. There’s something so magical about snow, it makes me feel like a kid again. Everything is so silent and peaceful, it’s like an entirely different world. Driving through it is less magical, however.
Autumn, short as it may be it's a beautiful mix of hot sun, chilly wind and days are just starting to shorten. And mushrooms. Love mushroom hunting.
Winter, lovve winter. I drive with my windows down in the dead of winter because it's so refreshing. Then I'll blast my head and do it all over again. Winter, as breath taking as it literally is, is amazing to me. I loathe the heat with the passion of a thousand suns. You cannot take off your skin when it's too hot which is exactly how hot it feels here in the South every summer. If you are cursed enough to end up in a/with a car with no AC in the dead of a southern summer it feels like torture...the heat, the sweat, the funk. Burning your legs on your car seat...wanting to wear shorts but being absolutely murdered by the mosquitoes...summer is absolutely the definition of misery to me. Truly hate it.
There are others out there. Every time I explain this to people, I get the weirdest looks, like I'm from another planet. Summer. I don't like feeling cold, I don't like wearing layers, I don't like being covered up from head to toe, I don't like dealing with rain and snow, I don't like the inevitable colds and flus I always seem to pick up, I don't like the shorter, darker days.
Summer 100%. I can deal with bad weather, but I can’t deal with the cold when I have limited heating, and I hate dark days/long nights. When I first hear birds singing again in spring and colour popping from flowers, it honestly makes me so happy.
Summer 1,000%. I ride motorcycle and am just generally obsessed with sunshine and patios and such. I like the change of seasons and cool weather until around January, and then I’m just seasonally depressed for ~4 months. I probably shouldn’t live where I do, but I can’t think of a state/city I’d prefer to live in, so I just stay out and whine about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Summer. We only really get one rrally hot week here, the rest of the time ot sits aroubd 25C so its not unpleasant, I can bike to work in sunlight, spent lazy afternoons in pub gsrdens or reading in the park by the river, and its full of fun events like frstivals and outdoor plays and concerts.

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✨ Où comptez-vous partir en voyage cette année?

faustineflofaure’s Profile PhotoFaustine Flo Faure
I saw her at Christmas (after a year apart) and it was great but we were very cautious (because how could I live with myself if I got her sick?) and it was painful to be there with her but not sit right next to her or hug her (6 feet apart and all that).
First few trips would be to see family and my best friend. Then I’d hopefully have new dates for the shows and concerts I was supposed to travel for in 2020 (so NYC and Toronto.)
I’ve got no idea what I’m gonna do in 2-3 years time.
I haven't the foggiest idea, to be truthful. Sorry to say, I haven't got the foggiest idea. Truth be told, I haven't the foggiest clue where I'm going to travel this year. Haven't the foggiest. I would say an 18 year old would be unlikely to be able to afford to comfortably unless they've been working for several years and even then it would have been difficult to do so alongside school so they'll probably want to save whatever they have. If the 23 year old can afford to it would make sense to pay their own way, even just to an extent like paying for anything they get or do while there. Especially if they have a job that sounds reasonable. I'm the U.S and hoping to travel to Europe next summer too! I had an amazing trip booked for last summer, but obviously had to cancel due to Covid. While there's no guarantee that EU countries will be open to Americans in 2021, I am cautiously optimistic about it now that vaccinations have begun. I'm wondering if perhaps some of these countries will require proof of vaccinations for entry? Berlin is dope btw if you haven't been. Definitely the coolest city in the world I've ever visited! I'm from California and typically every summer I travel to Malaysia to visit family. this summer will be different because it is the summer before I transfer to a 4 year university. And i'm assuming my summers after this one will be filled with internships. That being said, I'm definitely planning just in case things get better by summer. I am also planning a trip to Sicily. I won’t bounce around as I typical would. Just renting an apartment for a month. I may head back to London/Brux to visit friends before I head to the US. I am however being cautious. I should be vaccinated soon and I am following health departments of major cities/countries on Twitter so see where they stand. I don’t want to lose money and I also don’t want to be a burden. Looking at late July and August.
If possible, I'm going to take a solo trip to Marseille and Saint-Tropez in the summer, but that's going to depend on what's open and what my budget looks like. I’d love to visit Germany with my mom, who was stationed there when I was in middle/high school, but that may be better suited for winter when we can see the Christmas markets. I'm planning lots of things. I'll be too broke to execute any of them no matter how well things turn around by the summer though.

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what do you think of the Astroworld saga?

my hearts go out to the victims/their family/people who were traumatized from watching people die
i’ve gone to so many concerts, ive moshed with crowds of mostly adult men when i was in high school, i’ve been to a festival where there WAS a stampede but nothing like this and this tragedy was totally preventable
it’s scary to think about bc i’m 5 feet tall and would have gotten completely swallowed by that crowd

Post 20 facts about yourself 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Oof 20 😳 I’ll try…!
🌻 My name is Yentl.
🌻 I’m currently 24 years old.
🌻 I am a woman.
🌻 I have blond hair.
🌻 I am in a very happy and steady relationship. 🥰
🌻 I currently still live at my mom and dad’s house.
🌻 I study speech therapy pathology.
🌻 I love sunflowers (as you might tell lol)
🌻 My favourite colour is yellow 💛
🌻 I’ve had eczema since I was a baby.
🌻 I have hyper mobility and often disjoint parts of my body, especially my fingers and shoulders.
🌻 I love reading and gaming so much!
🌻 Fall is my favourite season, I just love the colours and low laying sun so much! 🍁🍂☀️
🌻 I absolutely love snow! 🌨
🌻 I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande, Post Malone and Coldplay.
🌻 The Efteling is my all time favourite amusement park 🎢🍄✨
🌻 I listen to all sorts of music genres, from night bass to medieval and classical for example.
🌻 I love concerts and I’ve been to 10 concerts. I have 4 more that I’ll attend!
🌻 I have dyscalculia.
🌻 I have a very short attention span 😅😂

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