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La Russia e l'America dettano leggi sul mondo per migliorare l'economia e non solo e quindi mi sono posto un quesito come si sono comportati con il problema coronavirus durante il periodo isolamento hanno trovato la soluzione secondo te😈😇

KingNorvegese’s Profile PhotoRagazzo Norvegese
Dicevano che le alte temperature adesso in siberia hanno già 26 gradi rispetto a noi ed è da un po' che hanno un clima rigido e poi comunque un caldo torrido che potrebbe influire molto sul virus. L. America di trump che adesso avrebbe vietato a chi non del posto e vuole entrare una bella sanzione. Poi ho letto che Trump aveva imposto un embargo ai cubanoline loro non hanno potuto nemmeno aiutare l Alabama. Poi che lui aveva chiuso i confini e vuole riaprire i confini quando vuole lui ma se noi abbiamo I governo che deve decidere entro una settimana per i confini dell. UE. Poi il blocco del volo dell UE. Poi vogliamo anche parlare che questo virus ha determinato un aggravamento cioè la russia ha ribaltato la sua conduzione a suo vantaggio cercando di colpire i libici perché i russi si sono spostato dalla Libia in Siria e comunque anche i contractor russi che poi sono andati a finire in Africa stanno cercando di distruggere cioè sarebbero deu mercenari che hanno aggravato l economia e poi rafforzato il loro controllo sull Africa e sulla Libia. Gli usa poi credevano che lasciare che i mercenari russi potessero portare Haftar sd unificare il paese e invece gli usa sono stati raggirato dai russi e minacciano che hanno fatto questo per avere più controllo. Gli usa hanno detto all onu che la Russia è Assad hsnno mandato miliziani siriani. Contro Tripoli. Poi che c'è stato una campagna di disinformazione della Russia che ja aggravato la pandemia da coronavirus. Gli usa denunciano anche questa cosa tu che pensi?

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اها فهمت عليك بس مهندس البناء بقدر يشتغل معماري وانشائي وكهربا وميكانيك للابنية بشكل عام ، ما بعرف اذا هاد الاشي نقطة قوة او ضعف لمهندس البناء

نقطة ضعف طبعا ،لانه بدهم كل واحد بمجال معين ، هون الشغل ماشي على قوانين كل مهندس بشغل وبمجاله ، انا لاني بشركة main contractor بقدر اشتغل كمهندس يجمع ٣ مجالات ، ولأني بعرف فيهم ..بنفس الوقت ما تنسى تحتي بشتغلوا مهندسين subcontractor .. وهم اللي بقوموا بأعمال التنفيذ .. وكل شغلة الها مهندس .. ما بزبط ييجيني مهندس يشتغل كل الشغل ، اولا ما رح يعرف كل شي ، وثانيا ما بقبلوا لانهم بدهم تواقيع .. من كل مهندس توقيع بمجاله .. وبرضو ما رح يلحق كل هالشغل لوحده ولا رح يعرف كل هالشغل لوحده .. انت بتقول مهندس بناء بعرف يشتغل شغل الكهربا والميكانيك .. وانا بتحداك ان بقدر يمشي شغل الكهربا والميكانيك الموجود .. ممكن يمشي بعضه .. وما بحكي من فراغ .. بحكي لأني شايف الشغل وشايف قديش بدو خبرة .. وشايف انه كل فرع صغير ومجال صغير من الميكانيك مثلا الو شركة معينة او مهندس معين .. بتلاقي مهندس ميكانيك بعرف بال drainage .. والثاني بفهم بالfire fighting .. الخ من المجالات

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Are you looking for basement renovation Services Calgary ? Our basement renovation Services in Calgary will give it a life. With our full plan and manufacture administrations, you manage a solitary contractor for the whole venture, which guarantees you a perfect finish of your renovation project.

No se inglés... Pero creo que me pediste una foto con mi novia ?✌️

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Are you looking for basement renovation Services Calgary  
Our basement

كتير من الناس بتعتبر الدكاترة والمهندسين دول حاجة Wow ال هو مفيش اعلي مرتبة من كدا في المجتمع و بدام قدر يوصل لكدا في الثانوية يبقي هو انسان ملتزم علميا واخلاقيا وان مش حد زية ابدا وان هو انسان ناجح دايما حتي ف دراستة وان اهم حاجة انة خد اللقب و راح الدوك وجة المهندس يبقي مفيش حد هيقدر ياخدة منة.☺

والله يبني م عارف ااقولك ايه..
لما اتخرج باذن الله هيتكتبلي ف البطاقه دكتور..
.-وحالياً انا شغال..ف زي م تقول كدا ف مقام مهندس بل الشركه main contractor انا بالنسبالها المسئول عن شغل الكهرباء""وكل دا بفضل الله ورحمته..مش اجتهاد يعني""
.-بس نصيحه عشان الكلمتين بتوعك دول مش اول مره اسمعهم ع طول بس بسمعهم من مين بقا...من اللي م دخلش اي كليه طيبه وملهوش نصيب...متقلش من قيمه حد واسعي واحتهد ع نفسك وهتوصل وبس ??

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Well I've got a jump ahead of you I guess. Graduated two year course in construction mgt. Have a great job. Building my own house myself. And do some traveling with my job.

cironwalker’s Profile PhotoBloody amazing
That's amazing. My stepdad is a general contractor who used to own a business and build custom homes. Now that he's older, he teaches construction classes.
I currently have a career as a medical assistant, but I am working on furthering my education to grow in the medical field. When I graduate, I will be a third generation nurse in my family.

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+6 answers in: “What are your dreams of accomplishments after you get your degree in nursing?”

aramco mai lagnay ka koi rasta btao yr they demand experience of 10-15 yrs 😂😂😂n I'm just freshly graduate (process/chemical engr) 😊

As I already explained in my previous answers that I'm not a permanent employ. I'm from main contractor and Aramco is the client. Jobs in Aramco are classified into three categories.
1: Permanent Employees (They can be only Saudi National except for few remote areas where expatriate are direct employees but they require very high experience)
There is minor difference in 2nd and third category but for your understanding, Those who are indirectly associated through registered supplier company like SRACO, AL HOTI, AL FALAK, VELOCI, JATCO etc

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+1 answer in: “Pıc 🍃”

Name something everyone should be more informed about. If you’ve got the effort to, inform us/me. (I’m interested to see what people are passionate about and will actually read/look into all of these)

It’s a personal cause for me but I think everyone should be informed regarding the U.K. government’s current and long-running onslaught on sick and disabled people, particularly but not exclusively those receiving government support. (Events not in perfect chronological order):
👉🏼First it began with taking away the responsibility of patient’s GPs to assess them, and handed it to private companies.
👉🏼At first, these private companies assessed most sick and disabled people, including those with cancer, degenerative and/or chronic conditions as “fit”. This resulted in their support payments and housing payments being stopped causing homelessness and suicides.
👉🏼 With 80% of appeals at the time overturning the companies incorrect decisions, huge repayments had to be made to patients. The government fired the first major contractor (but only for some assessments) blaming them, and replacing them with another private contractor.
👉🏼The government then changed the standards for what counted as disabled, to make it easier to assess people as fit. For example, previously to be considered even slightly mobility impaired you would have to be unable to climb 9 steps. This was changed to 1 step. And so on.
👉🏼The government slashed disability support money by £30/week leading to poverty and destitution among more sick and disabled people.
👉🏼Nothing changed with the appeals. The government fired the second company, blaming them, and replaced it with a third.
👉🏼The government then scrapped Legal Aid for poor people, which funded disabled people’s appeals, and also set an additional fee for appeals to make it extremely difficult to challenge their decision.
👉🏼The amount of sick and disabled people in the UK dying within 6 months of being told they were now magically fit was incredibly high. The government only admitted to causing 30 out of the thousands of deaths linked to deterioration of health, poverty, or chronically sick people being forced into performing work related tasks they were incapable of. The United Nations launched an investigation. The British government refused to cooperate with it.
👉🏼The European Union offered the U.K. millions from its welfare fund to support British sick and disabled people affected by the problem. The U.K. refused to accept it.
👉🏼 The government brought back previously fired companies to start re-assessing people living with disabilities for different types of support.
👉🏼120,000 disabled people with specially adapted vehicles 🚗 lost their vehicles as a result. Those that worked were now unable to even get to work. Those unable to work had their support cut further.
👉🏼The government banned first appeals outright and replaced them with a “mandatory reconsideration” system. There was (and still is) no upper limit on how long this could take. Unable to appeal the government’s decision, patients now had to wait indefinitely - sometimes upto a year - with no money.
👉🏼With the UN and EU (crd👉🏼)

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Met a guy at work. He's a contractor who travels here once a month. We've flirted, exchanged #s, texted. I asked abt talking by phone and got a funny answer. Looked up him on FB. He's married. Ugh! I just wanna go ghost (for my personal life) but what to do at work? Do I bring this up w him?how?

Stop communicating with him and when you see him, pretend it didn't happen. Just be professional and polite and act like he's just another contractor breezing thru the office. If he says something, pretend you don't know what he's talking about.
Asking for truth and transparency from a man who lied to you over time is pointless.

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How did you get involved in the development of Larrabee, and what concepts do you have to know to do such a thing?

Foo Bar
It was a rather convoluted process!
* Michael Abrash and Mike Sartain at Rad Game Tools were working with Intel to make a new processor called Simple, Massive Array of Cores (SMAC)
* I was also at Rad Game Tools working on Granny3D and was asked to be the DirectX expert, since I knew the details of the API very well.
* As well as doing general coding on the whole software rendering stack, I helped capture a bunch of shader workloads from existing games, and then wrote a compiler for the SSE-based instruction set SMAC used at the time to prove it would be efficient at running these shaders.
* It wasn't.
* The compiler helped us add instructions to SSE to make it more efficient.
* It still kinda sucked.
* We threw SSE away and started again with a new vector instruction set we called "SMAC New Instructions" (SMACNI). Didn't really know what it had to be, except "not SSE".
* All of us contributed ideas to the new instruction set, and then I'd make the compiler understand each idea, and we'd see how well it worked on these real shader workloads.
* Feature by feature we created SMACNI, and bit by bit I became more of an instruction architect, less of a software coder. I learned a ton about hardware on the way, mainly by asking real architects stupid questions and trying to understand their answers. Hardware is nothing at all like software people imagine it is.
* At some point, SMAC was given an official codename "Larrabee", SMACNI became Larrabee New Instructions (LRBNI), and I stopped working for Rad being a contractor for Intel, and instead became a full time Intel hardware architect - although I still sat at the same desk doing the same job with the same people.
* We made Larrabee 1, aka Knights Ferry, and I started work on the next version of the instruction set and architecture.
* We made Larrabee 2, aka Knights Corner, aka the first Xeon Phi. All exactly the same bit of silicon, just running slightly different software.
* At this point there was a big push to make the next chip, Knights Landing, run all the existing MMX, SSE and AVX code (KNF and KNC didn't run any of those, it was just x86-64 and LRBNI), and conversely to push LRBNI onto the mainstream Intel cores. So I worked with all the rest of the architects at Intel in a massive board for a couple of years to hammer out how to merge these two instruction sets and encodings. The result was AVX512.
* Those meetings were exhausting frustrating work and moved so agonizingly slowly, that once it was completed, it didn't take much persuading from Michael Abrash to go to Valve and work on virtual reality with him instead.
* AVX512 has now shipped inside Knights Landing (the latest Xeon Phi chip), and inside the Skylake Xeon cores. Hopefully we'll see it in the mainstream desktop cores shortly. It's pretty cool seeing an instruction set I designed shipping in so many high-profile cores.

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Japanese language school affiliated with tokyo international university om...di takadanobaba...biasanya sekolah bisa jadi contractor nya gt ya om?

yuncow’s Profile PhotoIndah
Urusan kontrak rumah di tokyo itu ribet kalau orang asing. Sebenarnya bukan karena gak suka org asing, tapi sudah terlalu banyak kejadian yg merugikan oleh anak anak dari cina dan korea selama ngontrak rumah.
Jadi broker maupun pemilik rumah atau apartment agak trauma untuk menyewakan rumahnya ke orang asing. Jadi sebaiknya kalau bisa tinggal di asrama atau apartment milik sekolahan, karena prosesnya lebih mudah

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💙 Tagesfrage(n) 💙 : 01. Welche Anime-Charaktere findest du am Attraktivsten und wieso ist das so? 02. Gibt es vielleicht auch Charaktere mit Brille, die du magst? Wenn ja, welche sind es?

Ah... das sind zu viele und insgesamt vermutlich an die 20, wenn ich mich jetzt nicht irre. Wobei ich sagen muss, dass ich manche nicht im herkömmlichen Sinne attraktiv finde, sondern eher wegen ihrer gesamten Art und Ausstrahlung. Ich versuche mal, mich (auf die männlichen) zu beschränken:
➤ November 11 (Darker than BLACK): Hier weiß ich echt nicht, was genau es ist, denn eigentlich finde ich ihn eher "durchschnittlich" anstatt attraktiv. Vermutlich ist es seine coole und lockere Art, die ich schon vom ersten Moment an mochte und mit der er etwas Stimmung in das eher düstere Setting gebracht hat. Außerdem war er - gerade für einen Contractor - immer wirklich nett und empathisch und ich hatte nicht das Gefühl, dass es gespielt war.
➤ Ferid Bathory (Owari no Seraph): Okay, eigentlich ist er jetzt nicht unbedingt eine gutmütige Seele, die man mögen sollte, aber sein Äußeres erinnert mich ein wenig an einen Elben und seine Haare finde ich eh sehr schön, da kommen seine Haltung und diese ganze edle, recht arrogante Art nur noch passend hinzu. Ich weiß selbst nicht so recht wieso, wirklich sympathisch ist er mir ja nicht, aber attraktiv wirkt er schon irgendwie.
➤ Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona): Auch hier ist es die gesamte Mischung, wenngleich ich Jae-Ha eben auch wirklich sympathisch finde. Auch seine Haare mag ich sehr gerne, ebenso die Augenfarbe und irgendwie ist seine ganze Art und Weise echt ziemlich niedlich. Er war immer mein liebster "Drache" und hat für mich am ehesten erwachsen gewirkt, ebenso konnte ich bei ihm am meisten Charaktertiefe erkennen und musste gleichzeitig am meisten schmunzeln.
➤ Izaya (Durarara!!): So, endlich mal ein Charakter, der in mein eigentliches Schema passt, ha ha. Izaya sieht einfach nur total cool aus, er hat ein sehr intelligentes Gesicht, eine Schwäche für dunkle Haare habe ich eh und seinen Kleidungsstil bzw. seine Jacke mag ich auch total. Dazu noch seine Messer und seine wendige Art - jup, Izaya ist definitiv mit unter meinen Favoriten.
➤ Yuu (Charlotte): Yuu hat meiner Meinung nach ein ziemlich attraktives Gesicht und auch echt schöne Augen - aber das liegt wohl auch mit am Zeichenstil, den ich insgesamt sehr hübsch fand. Im Verlauf wurde er mir auch immer sympathischer, das trug dann natürlich noch zu seinem hübschen Äußeren bei.
➤ Jellal (Fairy Tail): Er musste einfach mit hierher, weil er mit der erste wirklich hübsche Charakter für mich war, für den ich sogar ein klein wenig Fangirling betrieben habe. Ich mag eigentlich alles an ihm, sowohl das Gesicht als auch den Charakter und die Kleidung - nichts zu meckern!
Das war jetzt wirklich noch eine kleine Auswahl, Charaktere wie Yato und L oder Oga aus "RELife" wären auch noch dabei gewesen - aber die finde ich meistens eher niedlich und wollte den Rahmen nun nicht sprengen. :D
Die gibt es definitiv auch, aber da sie oft auf "Streber" getrimmt sind, halten sie sich eher in Grenzen. Ich mag aber zum Beispiel Kazuma aus "Noragami" recht gerne!

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Paņem pirmo grāmatu, kas Tev ir vistuvākā, uzšķir 18. lpp. un pirmie trīs teikumi, vai pirmās trīs rindiņas raksturo Tevi. Kas sanāca?

Among them was another of Jack's close friends in SEALs, a high-spirited, fun-loving operator named Glen "Bub" Doherty. Jack and Glen had become SEALs the same year, and now Glen was a contractor for the GRS in Libya, working in Tripoli. Not Surprisingly in the tight-knit world of the former SEALs, Glen and Rone had also become friends.
Varbūt pirmais teikums mani raksturotu, bet ne gluži.

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This is totally random. But what flash in your mind's eye everytime you heard "politik kantor"? Btw, Happy Sunday, gorgeous ^_^

The darker side of human nature; schadenfreude. Like y'know when one drafter/architect/building contractor or whatever you call it rejoice to see the another drafter/architect/building contractor fail but pretending to offer symphaty while in fact be glad that there is one less competitor thereby increasing his/her own chances of 'success' or similarly, when one succeeds, another may envy the success to the point of jealosy and spite atau kurang lebih seperti itulah sehingga.
Happy Sunday to you also.

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What's the problem white people have with wanting to be "opressed"? Do they think being unprivileged is a fun party that they haven't been invited?

I don't think it's so much wanting to be oppressed, but a realization (even if a poorly understood one) that they benefit in many ways from the oppression of others. Whether it's a comedian who has "edgy" jokes because they poke fun at POC or fat people or trans people, or some contractor for a private prison who literally profits off the institutional racism that keeps their cells full, or white students who get ahead because some potentially brilliant minds are nevertheless too poor to afford an education -- the loss of privilege is a terrifying thing. Or, at the least, that privilege is so embedded in their experience of the world that to have it taken away FEELS "oppressive" to them, even though they have no clue what oppression really feels like.

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That's business jargon for you, they murder the english language as much as millenials do. Prioritize/Prioritization and Utilize/utilization should not exist at all

Deculture’s Profile PhotoFifty Shades of Decu
Here at Planefag Consulting we proactively actualize your analysis paradigms to deliver a fully-synergized, bottom-up roadmap of the dank meme sharing economy. By actively curating a flexible, adaptable network between like-minded shitposters we empower your business to target your customers on a market-based level. Our remarkable network of intertwined, cross-functional IT infrastructure allows for real-time communications via ASCII based characters that dovetail perfectly with your extant productivity software; thus enabling your rapid penetration into the memespace via comprehensive communication channels. Our team of shitposters possess an authentic understanding of the meme ecosystem to help you rightsize your operations and streamline your ROI. Whatever your needs, we've got a Ristar rockstar ready to hotdrop right down your competition's fucking throat.
Planefag Consulting's team of industry veterans specialize in filling many specific operational needs, including:
-- Aircraft Volumetric Analysis
-- Mexican Sugar Dancing
-- Synergized team shitposting
-- Scrum-based project management
-- Sodium-Chloride management and generation
-- Multifaceted, Unique Restructuring Dynamics: Extended Reach (MURDER)
-- Bionic livestock management
-- Inventory Management Contractor Meta-management
At Planefag Consulting, we adopt a mutually-supporting approach enabled by our uniquely globalized resource base to focus fire from multiple divisions on your unique needs. With boots-on-the-ground we obtain actionable intel via our Sugar Dancing franchises, allowing us to achieve complete market saturation with follow-on MURDER techniques. With comprehensive realtime battlespace, mindspace and subspace analysis, nobody can get your loss-leading penetrative thrust into an emerging economy faster than we can - and with superior bionic goats courtesy of our vast network of industry professionals and eldritch gods. With follow-on Scrum management services provided by our subsidiary Pimphand Solutions, Ltd, your team will achieve hithero unknown levels of enthusiasm, energy, vision and quiet, meek respect for authority.
Call Planefag Consulting today - and see what we can do for you.

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Thats business jargon for you they murder the english language as much as

Hallo kak, mau tanya, setelah nanti dapet master (aamiin), pekerjaan yang ideal buat kakak apa? (btw kok kakak bisa keren banget gitu sih?) hehe

Architect developer in successful firms, in contractor mgmts, and also freelance of course. Yup user interface as well 😁 haha i'm not a cool kid i'm mediocre tbh but thank you for being so kind! *sending virtual hugsss

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bor, kalo ada sebuah brand yg terkenal karena satu produknya yg hebat (let say, red wing 1907) apakah otomatis sepatu lainnya (chukka, dll) juga ga kalah bagus?

tergantung brandnya. niche brands biasanya quality controlnya ketat, jadi ga akan ada perbedaan terlalu signifikan dari kualitas barang season-to-season.
kalo brand2 fast fashion yah... chances are mereka aja gak tau barang mereka dibikin di pabrik mana (biasanya mereka pake outsourcing contractor yang kemudian ngoper pesenan ke pabrik2), jadi ya wajar aja kalo quality controlnya all over the place.

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Sa, ahim kerja di PT. Anugerah bara kaltim kan? Mksd nya aim nih http://ask.fm/xxxx115/answer/133858801002 yg punya PT bpk nya ya? Brrti bapak nya ahim Pak Sohat Chairil (President director) nya PT.ABK donk ya,tp setauku pak sohat org bangka belitung bkn banjar:))

Kepo bgt, km nanya Ahim blm dijawab kepo setengah mampus sama aku gtu? ABK itu perusahaan yg punya tambang, kalo Ahim kan di Arum Jaya (sub contractor nya ABK) , papah dia yg punya saham, coba di kepoin lagi wkwkwkwk ketahuan bgt ngiri nya ????

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Kalau ibu mertua kamu udh ditinggal suaminya dan dia hanya tinggal sendiri, apa pendapat kamu saat suamimu nanti minta kalian untuk tinggal bersama? Kamu, suami kamu, dan ibu mertua

I also have a sick dad and of course I can't leave my mom who's getting older alone with him, I already promise my mom to take care of them since my siblings already moved out to Alam Sutera and Perth. Of course I already see this problem might happen in my future.
The reason why I renovated this house this year is because I realize I can't leave my parents and this house, yet I still need space and privacy. I designed the first floor for my parents, easy for my dad to walk there so I make it clean and minimalist, less of sharp objects that might hurt an elder if s/he falls.
And I arranged the second floor for me and my future husband and kids (which is now "bedroom for guest") complete with playroom and my office.
I even asked the contractor to make two entrance in the front, one for the first floor and another one directly to the second floor.
So basically we only share the same gate, kitchen, and dining room.
Not to mention the third floor that ready to be built later just in case 2 levels are not enough.
So I'm sure that I'd rather ask my mother in law to come with me. I already try my best to prepare for this, space for the elders, space for the youths. I don't find any problem to build a new nice bedroom for her and maybe she can get along with my parents too. At least my little family still have enough privacy in the second floor but we can still keep an eye for the elders too to make sure that they're okay because I understand how elders are very fragile and need us so much although they always say that they're fine.

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Amnaa, congratsss. Tho im not from contractor, im so so happy for you yar<3 the way you run around the school, the way you always fret & your highly confidential meetings never fail to leave me awestruck. Contractor honestly couldnt have had someone better. WAY TO GO BBG. Im from dinshaw so nvm:p

THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ Hahah Dinshaw? You guys will do good on the Sports Day, dw. x

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