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Narrowing sockets for a moment in irritation, a brow would then raise. "Going old-fashioned on me, eh?" Raising his Havoc Staff, the mouth would unhinge open, as a long and wicked scythe blade emerges out of it, formed from arcane energy. "FINE by me!"

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*Shadow may not use his sword as often as his counterparts, but he's just as skilled with a blade as any of the colors, add in his 'stretchy dodging nonsense' and shapeshifting and he's a tricky foe to deal with*

Your favourite movie/series dialogue?

I could recollect one dialogue especially from the Aamir Khan starrer Bollywood movie "Dangal" that impressed me a lot.
The scene was something like this:
Sakshi Tanwar (as Aamir's wife) - "The entire village is laughing at us. Who will marry our daughters?"
Aamir Khan - "I will make our daughters so capable that boys will not choose them, they will choose boys!"
A big shoutout to dialogues like these. For me, this stands for women empowerment. Movies like these make the females believe that they are not inferior but equal compared to their male counterparts. Yes, that's the message.

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