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Comment reprendre confiance en moi, après des années de déception, de trahison ect..

1) Travailler sur son estime de soi :
Si des choses similaires se sont produites plusieurs fois par le passé, il s'agit de schémas répétitifs. Dans ce cas, c'est important de se questionner et de faire de l'introspection. Réapprenez les bases de l'amour, ce qu'est une relation saine, ce que vous avez le droit d'exiger et à quel moment vous devez mettre des limites, vos standards, comment communiquer positivement ...
2) Ne pas faire de généralités :
Toutes les personnes ne sont pas comme celles que vous avez fréquentées. Connaissez-vous de jolies histoires d'amour autour de vous ? De jolis couples ? Bien sûr ! Si c'est accessible à autrui, c'est accessible à vous également. Cela vous prouve que c'est possible 🧡

Hi Shakira, i know busy ka... Pero just want to hear your thoughts... Is marriage something u really wanted for you and your wife or being in a common-law partnership is enough? Bakit for you mas pinili niyo ang being married? Thanks a lot. Gustong gusto ko kasi thoughts mo eh...

For the first ten years of my relationship, marriage wasn't even an option for us so then we weren't allowed to want it. But building a life with someone means securing your future together, something you will understand once you build a life with someone too. There are 1,300 rights and privileges same-sex couples don't get when they're not allowed to marry. This includes giving your spouse health insurance, pension, inheritance, healthcare proxy, etc etc etc. Adult things I know, but it's foolish to think that marriage is about romance. You can have that without marriage. Marriage is primarily a contract. Not to tie someone to you, but to protect your relationship and the family you're building together legally. You can have a strong commitment without it of course, but in this world we decided to protect our relationship, assets, and each other with marriage. Here's to hoping you'll never have the complications in life that would require legal protections. Here's wishing you're also allowed all the rights and benefits straight people get automatically even if they've just met.

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How far into a relationship should the idea of having kids be brought up?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
It really depends on the relationship because everyone is at a different stage mentally.
It’s a good conversation to have in the beginning of a relationship like 6 months because what if one person is not ready/doesn’t want kids & the other is ready/wants kids soon ect. It doesn’t matter how much you like the person, having views that align is a huge deal. In the moment people believe they can look past this major differences (such as; kids, idea of marriage, or religion ect) but overtime it builds into resentment & thats how people end up cheating on each other.
There’s some couples that after 6 months they know they want kids together. Then, there’s couples who have been together for 8 years & are just starting to think about having kids together. It really depends.
How far into a relationship should the idea of having kids be brought up

Do you believe in till death do us part Love or there’s no such thing as forever love & every love is shallow?

Of course there's such a thing as loving someone for forever. A lot of couples do stay together or stay married for the rest of their lives and even if things don't work out, it doesn't mean the love goes away for both people. Sometimes it doesn't even go away for either. You can love someone and still not be right for them.
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What’s the worst thing about dating today?

It fluctuates on social media. I still don't know how people deem it normal when a couple is arguing online over petty misunderstandings instead of resolving them in private.
I have known some people who are eager to be in a relationship because they want to flex it online for others to see. The more visible a couple's relationship is online, the more validation they will seek from others.
I am only saying this on behalf of what I observed and comprehended online.

In your experience, are old neighbors meaner? I usually like my boomer neighbors and I think it's mutual, I grew up right before their eyes. 'Cept for one vile man, the old buzzard clearly hates anything that lives from plants to pets to kids. He once told a neighbor that he'd bury her dog alive💀

Fortunately, that hasn't been my experience! The street I grew up in was mostly inhabited by older couples and they were all pretty nice. I have only ever had 'drama' with a neighbour one time, and that was with a woman in her mid-thirties who didn't seem to get why people took issue with her kids climbing over garden walls, throwing stuff at people's windows, and generally terrorising the whole neighbourhood...
I am so glad I don't live on that street anymore.

Isn't polyamory cheating? I understand all parties agree and have each other's consent. Consensual cheating, but STILL cheating, isn't it?

I think it depends upon the opinions, attitudes and perspective of the couples involved. In high school I dated a young lady for two years who believed that it was not only possible but acceptable for her two love and date multiple men while cohabitating with one primary partner. She believed in open relationships and felt they were "normal." I disagreed with her and ended the relationship.
I am not saying her opinion was wrong or invalid, but I am saying that I could never align myself with or be romantically involved with anyone who behaves like this because it violates my personal code of conduct and I personally believe that polyamory relationships are immoral.

Have you ever looked for help from specialists? psychologists, psychiatrists, couples consultants. What are your impressions?

CiplyteSandra’s Profile Photo土萠 ほたる
Ich wage mal zu behaupten, dass jeder Mensch mal bei einem Spezialisten war. Ich möchte eigentlich keine Spezialisten aufsuchen, das heißt nämlich, dass man auf die Hilfe Anderer angewiesen ist und das mag ich ehrlich nicht, auch wenn es manchmal nötig ist.

Hi Tita. My gf recently told her dad that she's bi and is in a relationship. He said he was okay with all of it, but one time he saw us holding hands and seemed upset. How do I deal with that? I love her very much but it's kind of hard to walk on eggshells knowing that I'm not (very) welcome.

You can't expect parents to suddenly embrace you as their child's partner even if they said it's OK. For your sake you both should lay low on the PDA until you're sure her parents are processing the news properly. They have a lot of fears. Of course it sucks, and in an ideal world they would welcome you as their own right away. Unfortunately that doesn't usually happen, even with straight couples. Ease your way into their lives as a consistent and unobtrusive presence, not one where every time they see you they have to confront their feelings about the news. Be helpful around the house. Bring them food. Be thoughtful. Ligawan mo muna parents bago ka mag-PDA with their daughter. Just like guys. In the end it's your GF's responsibility to bring you closer to the family. That means konting kabig muna sa physical touching in front of the parentals.

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Do you give a partner a second chance if they cheat on you?

Haven't been cheated on, but no I wouldn't. I understand some couples can move forward from things like that, but there'd be too much hurt & resentment here
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What do you predict would be the long-term effects on mental health of children being encouraged to pick a gender and sexual orientation, rather than going with their genetics?

Well you can see that in a lot of older generations. People who were gay married people of the opposite gender and had children with them because of various reasons, but were never really happy. Some people even got depressed and after years many of those couples would get divorced.
I think it would feel very confusing and pressuring to be somebody you’re not. It’s like telling somebody with an atypical neurology (autism for example) to act neurotypical (free of autism and other neurodivergent patterns). That’s basically impossible and can lead to self doubt, low confidence and a lot of stress.
What do you predict would be the longterm effects on mental health of children

I don’t want children ever but because of one mistake or one night stand I will mandatorily have to be pregnant for so long to have a child that I don’t even want to have?? Why ? law they approved today -.- I’m so upset

Orphanages & adoption agencies have infant shortages because couples want babies instead of adopting a child/teen

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? Is there a limit to how much pda people should show?

Public displays of affection don't bother me, I don't tend to pay much attention, to be perfectly honest with you. There is a line though. It's one thing to hold hands with your sweetie, maybe even give 'em a lil smooch while you're out together in public. That's fine. Grinding on each other in the fruits and vegetable aisle of Tesco while little, eighty-six-year-old Ethel (who only popped in for a bag of potatoes) watches on in horror?
Not so much.
Keep it PG, folks.

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? Is there a limit to how much pda people should show?

I mean, do whatever makes you happy but I personally have a limit and I wouldn’t be playing tonsil tennis for the whole street to see 🤣
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Men do not want marriage anymore. No man will ever marry you. 🔬⚽🔫

marriage is a beautiful thing. why would anyone be against it. ig it's bc ego's before sensation in this world nowadays. if you want to know what true love looks like, pay attention to the elderly couples you see together in the park & stores. they don't bring drama to their marriage. they just live a normal peaceful life together, bothering nobody

What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
I would just watching people especially kids playing with their families seeing couples smiling and laughing going on their ways of life
It just puts me back into a good mood more like an instant smile ❤️
Listening to songs and just be lost in those also lift my spirits up for sure 💎
https://youtu.be/v4peso5bOY8AliNaveed333’s Video 169946557149 v4peso5bOY8AliNaveed333’s Video 169946557149 v4peso5bOY8

Tu fais quoi dans la vie ?

Sous un soleil écrasant de Juin, je porte des plateaux, parfois des assiettes, pour que la plèbe s’enivre et s’empiffre.
Je suis serveur.
Il y a des amoureux qui s’aiment et des couples qui s’ennuient. Les premiers sont plus rares que les deuxièmes.
Tout à l’heure, j’ai servi la famille la plus heureuse que j’ai jamais vu. Tous beaux, tous souriants, tous complices, à tel point que j’aurai voulu qu’ils m’adoptent. C’est drôle. Je me suis demandé ce que je serais devenu, élevé dans ce nid d’amour et de confiance. Qu’importe.
Je vois des amis qui s’adorent, et je les envie. En vérité, je salive à toutes les tables, puisque je travaille comme un forcené pour que les autres prennent du plaisir. C’est en cela que réside la beauté du métier. Nous contribuons au bonheur des gens. Parce que rien ne rend plus heureux celui qui a faim de voir arriver son plat, ni celui qui a soif de voir venir son verre.
Nous nous sacrifions pour leur satisfaction. Parce que nous courons des dizaines de kilomètres par service, et que nous arrivons encore à sourire, à faire de l’humour. Nous sommes fous. Parce qu’il faut être fou pour conjuguer une avalanche d’information et la concentration qu’elle implique, avec une intensité physique digne d’un trader de wall street.
Je suis tombé amoureux de ce métier, et c’est tout ce que je fais de ma vie. Être serveur.
Tu veux boire quelque chose ?

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Are you for or against same-sex couples being parents?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan A.
I’m totally for it. I literally have no reason not to be. They make just as good of parents as a heterosexual couple would. As long as they are happy, and the child/children is loved and cared for, what else matters?
Are you for or against samesex couples being parents

Should Lack of Sex be a major concern to end a relationship?

I bet if you ask 10 people this question you will receive 10 different answers. Unfortunately, many young couples base their entire relationship primarily on the physical aspect and for these folks, sex is the most important aspect of their relationship without which the relationship would fail.
Personally, I would rephrase the question as follows:
Do you think sex is important to an elderly couple who have been married for 75 years? If the answer is no, what do you think keeps them together?

If you are big on communication, but your partner isn’t entirely or is unsure how to effectively communicate with you regarding certain issues in the relationship, do you try working it out even though it’s always the same brick wall result or do you decide it’s time to part ways? What do?

Hey I mean I’d say maybe try couples therapy but also imo depending how long you guys been together & how much effort & stuff y’all put into the relationship. Now if that doesn’t work . Then by all means. Break up.
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Do you support interracial couples

I don't support or oppose. I am neutral on most issues which seem to concern those who claim that "race doesn't matter."
Evidently, it does. You might wish to question their posturing.
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What is your opinion on couples who have an open relationship?

skimpyxoxo’s Profile Photoskimpyxoxo
I don’t really have an opinion to be honest, I’m betting some have to do that or the relationship would just implode. Sometimes the heart might crave something one other just can’t give and an open relationship fixing that problem I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

apart from Ranbir and Aliya what's annoying ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
I don’t give a shit about their age difference but the fact that he had a coupe of girlfriends before but never did, what he needed to do, to keep them forever but he married Alia!
Time proves it again and again, that if you want to make things work, you make them work. It’s nice to see couples making it official. They look happy! I’m happy for them. 🦋

Do you feel that a relationship can only be successful when all parties have the same core values?

Having the same or similar core values is one of the most important things to consider in a relationship.
But there are other determining factors as well.
Trust and authenticity, how well couples fight (and recover), and the effort both put into keeping the relationship alive are factors that are just as important.

🏦 Do you think that a married couple should have both separate and combined bank accounts or just keep everything separate?

As I see it, a combination of separate and private accounts, investments and income streams could benefit both parties. Equity and borrowing power, money management, financial and estate planning, tax reduction, diversification, etc. - by implementing different strategies, savvy couples can take advantage of numerous opportunities to protect, manage and maximize personal *and* combined wealth.
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Est ce que c'est normal les couples mixtes ??? Sérieux c'est saoulant toutes ces pubs avec des couples mixtes à la télé.

Rien contre le métissage en soi perso du moment ça vient d’un amour naturel mais le fait qu’ils en font une propagande carrément ça j’suis complètement contre on se retrouve avec des gros matrixés qui deviennent des bandeurs d’ethnie etc c’est trop grave
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Should I cheat on my wife... Since she did it to me

damienw650’s Profile PhotoDamien Wayne
No. Wtf. This is why shit doesn’t work period. It’s not about getting back at one another. Like if you do that your as immature as her fucking cheating. Y’all both need outside help like a couples therapist so both of you can talk about your pain, and how to fix the relationship, and do the homework for that. God this generation sucks with relationships, this is why I’m old school. Like fuck!!

"بالحب ماكو كرامة" تتفقون ويه هالعبارة؟

عن يا هو (حب) دتحچين؟!
بين المتزوجين وبـ "العلاقة الزوجية" اي ماكو طالما الإثنين واحد يحب اللاخ/واحد يحترم اللاخ/واحد يهتم باللاخ/واحد يريد اللاخ
الوحده خاصة من تتأكد انه اللي وياها رجل حقيقي ما رح يستغل ضعفهه وياه وما رح يأذيهه ما رح يهمهه اي شي ثاني بگد ما تريد تسعده
اما اذا الحب بين الـ couples والعلاقات الـ toxic اللي ما معروف راسهه من رجلهه فلا والله!
ما معقوله تخلين واحد يهينچ ويعذبچ والله شنو يگول "احبچ"!
مو كل وحده تتحمل هالشي
حتى اللي عندها ميول (ما-زو-خية) هم الها limits الا اذا اللهم چانت "فاقدة السيطرة" تماما يعني انسانه "منوّمة" مغناطيسيا
وصدگيني الرجل شگد ما يكون (سا-دي) صح رح يرغب بهيچ وحده ک experience بس يبقى يرغب ويحب (القوية) اللي تدلل نفسهه وتعلي قيمتهه

do you miss your ex?

marpsy’s Profile Photomarpsy
At times when I see how happy couples I know/don't know/I work with are together and having a good time, and being all cute together and shit.
It legit makes me sit back and think about how happy she made me, and all the good times we had together, which then makes me feel kinda lonely; and it makes me be like "damn. I low-key miss this shit"

Saturday shout out! Diese Frage gab es vor einer Weile schon mal aber mich interessiert 🤔 die Antwort habt ihr liblingsocs anderer Autoren in MMFFs in denen ihr entweder nicht angenommen wurdet oder auch dabei seid. Habt ihr Lieblings Couples in diesen?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Lieblingscouple, alrighty...ich mochte die Ideen, die @romancva zu Camille und Steven in @somewhatunpretentious Keep Them Safe hatte, sehr bittersweet stuff. Und couple goals sind natürlich @somewhatunpretentious Phaidra und ihr Ehemann in @Hanna_Blub The Emblem of Truth :D

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