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Why is it that Kuwait doesn't support the different majors and hand crafts rather than engineering and medicine majors ! Most kuwaitis are engineers / doctors what about the rest of jobs ??

dreamyhead’s Profile Photogh●st
That’s funny because I was having a discussion with my mother about this topic yesterday
Thanks for pointing this out.
المشكله مو من الطلبه، المشكله بالنظام بكبره. غلط بالتفكير، والترتيب. المفروض يشوفون سوق العمل شنو ناقصه؟ لان الديرة متروسه بشكل مو طبيعي كل الطلبه هندسه ومحاماه
If we compare our ideologies with other western countries such as canada or new zealand they support the ones with capabilities in expressing their knowledge and creativity using their hands such as nursing or wood crafting or whatever that deals by using the manual labor. We have many majors that lack criteria such as software security engineering, international perspective.
I think in Kuwait, they select these majors(engineering/ drs) because of the salaries. Other than that 🙇🏻‍♂️God knows why

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What would you say your "love language" is? (i.e. physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, acts of service) And how so? :)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I love this question! I often ask my friends this too. my own love language is words of affirmation. my love language towards others is gift giving.
words are so important to me. as someone who loves writing and reading, words carry so much weight, thought, and intention. just a few simple words can make or break my day.
as for the gift giving, I really do love giving presents to the people I care about. compiling and crafting individual and unique gift bags/boxes/packs brings me so much joy. seeing the recipient open it up and go through all the hand selected items is even better. when their face lights up at seeing a handmade painting or craft they love is a such a highlight for me. 💛

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What would you say your love language is ie physical touch words of affirmation

I want to get to know you better so say 5 things about yourself that you would like me and all your followers to know.

this is so difficult bc idk what y'all do/don't already know about me LOL
1) i am a gamer
i've been a gamer my entire life~
i've owned; gameboy colour, n64, gameboy advance, playstation 2, nintendo ds, xbox 360, xbox one, ps4, and nintendo switch
2) i love music
i've been to dozens of concerts :3
i used to go to warped tour every summer before it ended
my music taste ranges from the dixie chicks to korn to justin bieber to meshuggah to lil uzi vert to marilyn manson etc.
it's ..vast ok
3) i love animals~
i plan on enrolling in college soon (online) to get a veterinary technician degree!
and i'd like to work alongside vets who specialize in large animals n__n
4) i'm quite artistic
my mother was an artist and ever since i was little, i've been interested in drawing and painting too.
i'm good at crafting as well.. probably bc i'm a perfectionist uwu
it's a blessing and a curse
5) i try to be as nice as possible to everyone (unless someone gives me a reason not to be)
i am almost painfully polite irl and i hate upsetting/disappointing people..
i hate saying "no" to people and am always willing to go out of my way to help someone (even if they don't deserve my help and/or kindness)

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Do you consider yourself an artist? Why or why not? Art can include singing, dancing, traditional art, digital art, animation, photgraphy, writing, poetry, playing an instrument etc Do you do any art? Do you enjoy a certain kind of art? Tell me about it! ^.^

ErinWolf4919’s Profile PhotoErin Wolf
Yes! This is too funny because my mum works with some of my old school teachers and they can't believe I decided to study music, they had always thought I'd stick to doing something art-related once I graduated. I excelled in Art and Graphics in school. Drawing used to be my main outlet before I discovered my love for books and writing, and you could say that my art skills are higher than average. I love painting, sketching, screen printing, drawing, animation, mosaics, photography etc. And lot of abstract art, representational art, figure drawing/painting, tribal art, visual art, experimental, visual & modern art and conceptual art.. as I've answered before. I love creating things from nothing. I love using different utensils like pencils, pens, felts, crayons, chalk, paint, shellac, tile, clay.. the works!!!
The first instrument I learned to play was the guitar, I've been playing on and off since 6 years old. I then moved on to learning the keys, I'm o-kay at playing and know the fundamentals and I must say It's been a while since I played; I need to get back into it again. I then learned and fell in love with the bass and think it is the sexiest instrument!! People don't know how to use it properly and it gets lost in the sound-waves, undetectable. And then I learned how to play drums! It's super fun and challenging at first, but I've gotten the hang of it and love a good beat to hold the band. I love every, any and all types of art!!!!!!!!!!!! Art is what kept me sane. My hands are best at crafting and healing.

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What would you say is your best skill? 👨‍🔧👨‍🍳👨‍🎨👩‍🎤 How much use do you get out of it? You think you'd be able to teach said skill to others? 😁

My best skill would be songwriting.. with singing being a close second!! I'm currently in the middle of crafting an EP, writing songs for other artists and have many mini-bands who contact me if their singers are busy. Hmmmm.. I think it'll take some time to be able to teach because I still need more confidence in myself, to be honest.

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If you could decorate / furnish your bedroom however you wanted, like if you had an unlimited budget, how'd you do wanna do it? 🤔😁

I'd have it painted to look like a solar system, nebulas n stars n stuff, I'd have a sphere light fitting that looked like the moon which would be dimmable (bright lights hurt my head) I'd have a specially made crafting wardrobe so I had spaces for all my yarns, sewing kits and fabrics so they didn't all get mixed up all the time. My bed is comfy so I'd keep it, just get some darker cover sets, dark purples and blacks. Black carpet. My desk is fine as is, I'd just put a bracket on the wall for a monitor and also guitar brackets on the wall so they aren't just lying bout the place 😂

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Subscription boxes are boxes you subscribe to. They can be monthly, sometimes weekly, or every other month. Come in all sorts of categories like crafting and gaming.

Yep got it, like Tokyotreats . com ugh sorry 🙏 I totally got confused! I thought this site had implemented something like that! OKi now I feel silly! 😑😇😂...

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Subscription boxes are boxes you subscribe to They can be monthly sometimes
+1 answer in: “You seen those things like Loot Crate? Those are subscription boxes.”

♔.https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/157372560734 & https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/158015856222

The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask’s Profile Photo【Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ】
ᶠ————Finnick’s eyes remained on the brunettes, as they were just inches apart from one another. Finnick slowly bit down on his lip, unsure of what to say or do, everything in felt him felt tingly, but this moment right here, it felt right. It was honestly the only place he wanted to be. He didn’t even really comprehend what she was saying at first, his thoughts, his ears, his everything was all wrapped up into her beautiful brown eyes. He quickly shook off the daze and nodded slightly, “I’m fine–a lot better now that we are actually safe for the time being....” he eyes redirected to hers, “I’m glad your okay, that’s all that matters....” he whispered. His eyes traced hers, yet her eyes weren’t staring back into his, instead they seemed to be locked in on his lips. His eyebrow raised slightly, as he was about to ask if he had something on his lip, but before he could, the brunettes pink plush lips were pressed against his. He didn’t know how to react at first, it was odd, having someone he considered a best friend kissing him. Yet it all felt so—right. Like this was exactly what was supposed to happen, that this is exactly what he had wanted to do since the moment he had saw her in the prison cell. Before he could even react, kiss her back, bring his hands to her face and cradle her she was pushing away from him. She looked scared, almost as if she had realized what she had just done was a mistake. She wouldn’t even let her eyes reach his, and she was quickly making her way out of the water and stumbling around, “Katherine...” he whispered, about to assure her that it was completely fine, yet she wouldn’t let him speak. Before he knew it she was off into the woods, and he was left alone in the water confused. Finnick finished washing up, and made his way back into the house to grab some cloths out of the dressers. The cloths were baggy, but they’d do, he went and grabbed some wood to start a fire, and finally made his way back to the house. His eyes followed the girl making her way out the house, “Did you find some stuff to eat?” He asked, crafting the logs, the fire sparked and lit into flames. He took a step back, clearing his throat slightly and letting his eyes stay straight on the fire, “So uh-can we talk about that? The—kiss...” he stopped, running his hand along his jawline, “I honestly want to tel you.....I’m glad you did it, it was something I’d been too afraid to do....” he whispered, unsure how she would take that. He had let out his secret, that he had wanted to kiss her almost this whole time.

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There are many that I like. Used to do crafting and knitting when I still have all the tools. I don't have any tools anymore. The last accessories I made was a set of necklace and bracelet, keychain all made from pearl beads. I make bracelets for my sisters, in law and niece. Ball keychain for boys.

atnur77’s Profile PhotoNuriza Ahamad Thamizi
Do u have a photo about it? I want to see that 😁😁

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+19 answers in: “Hi Yudha! Happy Saturday! Be happy, take care! 😊🌹🌷”

Yeah I saw xD It's the small things like that that stop me building bigger things because I'd only get angry xD I love modded Minecraft too but there are soooo many mods and modpacks I'm never sure where to start with crafting and things and where to take anything once my plot is built up xD

The mod pack that the server I was on, is called FTB Revelation.
It's really good! :D
There's tons of avenues you can take!
I tend to focus on a mod called Chisels & Bits. So you can break blocks down into little pixels and build with those! Which I have done in all my houses xD
It's really fiddly and time consuming, but I really like the outcome I get!
This is my city house's kitchen! Most of which was done with Chisels & Bits!

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Yeah I saw xD Its the small things like that that stop me building bigger things
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In the most recent stream, you said you wouldn't mind if there were no more great games that you didn't play before. It's kind of bizarre to hear it. I would want you to expand upon it a little more. Finally, what games made you feel this way/what games would you replay over and over?

I didn't say I wouldn't mind, in fact I said I'd be sad about it, just that I feel like I could live with it more easily these days. There's nothing complex to understand, I just feel like I've crossed a line where I've already played so many great games I could just cycle through them and be reasonably content.
Look at it this way, there are something like 17 mainline Zelda games. That means if I finished one Zelda a week I would only loop through the series 3 times a year and that's just one series. Add in all the Metroid and Mario games and we haven't even left Nintendo yet. If time was no obstacle I'd happily spend hundreds of hours crafting my own SMB3 campaigns in Mario Maker.
I haven't beaten Yotta Difficult in Dustforce and my scores could be better on every level.
I haven't beaten God Hand on hard.
I haven't Pure Platinumed NSIC in Bayonetta.
I haven't Pure Platinumed The Wonderful 101.
I haven't no damaged Resi 4.
I could drop hundreds more hours optimising all those Zachtronics games.
I barely scratched the surface of Guilty Gear Xrd or Smash Bros.
I could be better at Wipeout and BallisticNG.
I haven't played the original Half-Life in about ten years.
I still need to 1CC Nex Machina.
By the time I ran through the list of all the things I want to perfect/replay I'm pretty confident I'd be ready to start over.

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Sioux lowered her eyes to the puppet and continued crafting the face now. "Luke has been planning to get the ship down onto a planet after the delivery of your fake body. To stay away and keep you in a distance. Maybe he can go down on the planet you mentioned," she suggested.

Blackrosesfragrance’s Profile Photo✝ нelα ✝ (Hiatus)
“The crew of the destroyer will attend my funeraI” he said, looking up at the ceiling “So I don't see why not some holidays for the three of us” he chuckled. He just wanted to hug Spock again but he knew he had to wait. And this hurt the most.

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Sioux lowered her eyes to the puppet and continued crafting the face now Luke

that's not fucking true, who said that??? just last night you helped me lift a weight off my shoulders, you're super creative (i glues the fucking jimin envelope to my wall), you're great at crafting- you don't need to be the best to be good at something

dicksoutforbeef’s Profile Photoelmo
no one really said that but my boss, again, kind of said it to me and makes me feel like it.
im not too confident at stuff i do you know that but to hear this pushes it even more.
but that i am creative and good at crafting doesn't really help anyone or doesn't help me in my job and she makes me feel highkey useless. im pretty sure im the worst trainee they ever had in the office so far by the way she talkes.

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That's amazing! I used to do miniature crafting and origami. Erpor majhkhane 2/3 years ar kora hoyni. Onek din por shundor kaaj dekhe khub bhalo laglo. ♥️♥️

Thank you so much apuni it's the love of you guys that gives me the strength to do my work. Kaj gula korar shomoi be careful. X acto knife khubi sharp hoi r wood crafting is really dangerous. Shabdhane koro r kaj sheshe amk oboshhoi dekhaba😘😍

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+6 answers in: “Tell me about something that you made with your own hand... It can be anything...A handicraft, an artpiece, A painting maybe or a dish etc. upload a photo if you want.. 😊”

Suppose Tumi Basay eka aso , Rater bela Tomar room a shuye aso . Hotat kore Ekta Awaj Shunle erpor kheyal kore Bujhle Basay tumi sarao onno keu ekjon ase. Tokhon tumi ki korbe ? ( If you don't like my question You can ignore it. )

Shopnil_niloy’s Profile PhotoHasibul Alam Niloy
Erokom duibar hoisilo amr bhoi lagena ken jani.ami prothom bare cricket bat ta uthai aste aste room theke ber hoisi hate shobdo na hoi. Next bare crafting knife niye ber hoisi. Janina Jodi erokom r hoi maybe ostro niyei ber hobo😂😂😂

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The master of crafting platinum album's with no feature is back J.cole is dropping his new album K.O.D this Friday!! What's your thoughts about his new album is he gonna do it again with himself or we gonna see some collaborations??

Wtf since when there is awesome people near me who know and love j Cole what the fuck with the world!!?? I'm dead man you killed me before j Cole will

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**quick survey** 1) your five phobias? ? 2) your four hobbies? ? 3) your three favourite person? ??? 4) your two insecurities? ? 5 your one favourite photo (any kind of photograph you like) upload it.. ?

1. Acrophobia only. Eta thakte ar dorkar nai etatei kaat.
2. Music | Writing | Crafting | Reading
3. Okay this one's tricky cause honestly everyone that I'm in close connection with have my heart. Ekjon ke bolle arekjon mone mone cheye thakbe amar dike. :3
4. N O N E yooo
5. প্রিয় ছবি বাছতে গিয়ে এটা সামনে এসে দাঁড়ালো। ২০১৬, সুইটজারল্যান্ডে। আমরা একটা জায়গায় গ্রুপে গেছিলাম, সেখানেই এই বাবুটার সাথে পরিচয়। সে নাকি সব সময়ে এমন ভ্রু কুঁচকে বিরক্ত হয়ে থাকে, তার মার কাছে শুনলাম আর তাজ্জব হলাম। তাও আমি কাছে গেলাম, কিন্তু একটু একটু ভয় করছিলো। রিজেক্ট করে যদি? ? প্রথমে তাকালাম, সেটা সে খেয়াল করলো আর ফিরে আমার দিকে তাকালো। কোলে নেবার জন্য হাত বাড়ালাম, সেও বাড়ালো! কোলে নিয়ে, কিছুক্ষণ তাকিয়ে আমি হাসলাম, তারপর? সেও হাসলো! মন জিতে নেওয়ার আনন্দের উষ্ণতায় ভরে উঠলো আমার মন।

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quick survey
1 your five phobias  
2 your four hobbies 
3 your three favourite

What things do you tend to do to calm yourself when stressed or very anxious? (Basically been feeling really on edge lately and nothing seems to help!)

- Listen to music
- Do some crafting (for me it's 5d diamond painting)
- Chat to a close friend /family member
- Try going for a small walk just to get some fresh air
- Listen to a mediation (can download free ones on smartphones)
- Write down what's getting to you so it can clear your mind
- Watch a comedy film to cheer you up
If you need someone to chat to, I'm always here 😊😊 xx

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لو عايزة أستثمر 1000 جنيه في شغل من البيت جنب الدراسة ايه الحاجات اللي عليها طلب ونسبة نجاحها عالية غير الاكسسوارات والميكب والملابس؟ ساعدوني بأفكاركم😊

شغل ال crafting عامه حلو ممكن تجيبي ماتريال وتشتغلي
مليش اوي ف الافكار دي الصراحه 😊

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Favourite Day : - Christmas - Halloween - New Year Eve - Eid - Thanksgiving - Valentine's Day - Black Friday - Summer Vacations - Spring Holidays ; Choose Only One 🔥 #SWG!!!👗👠❤

Winter Vacations: Get to meet my cousin (her family comes over from Canda every winter), get excited for my birthday, my sister's birthday, WINTER IS AWESOME, and genereally pretty good time for crafting :)

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