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If you had to volunteer for five hours a week where would you volunteer ?

Probably somewhere similar to the last place I volunteered at, a community centre that provided arts and crafts activities for the elderly, the vulnerable, and folks struggling with loneliness. I loved working there. It was such a rewarding experience.

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If i'm at home i'm being terrorized by the tiny goblins I created and birthed. Wording it like that bc they're wild atm & I just want a shower & to sit for 2 minutes🙃😂 But fr if i'm home i'm always with my kids, today's the 4th Of July so we've been celebrating all weekend with family but normally we go to the park or beach once in awhile, we bake, do little crafts, hang out and watch TV or they play in the pool or whatever in the backyard. My SIL lives with me so we just kinda talk & vibe while my kids play

I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

Check up on 3 things
1) Your Sleep Cycle,
2) Your Eating habbits (how many times u eat and what u eat as well, get checked for vitamin D and B12 or other B vitamins as they can affect mood)
3) Also check overall routine, are you doing anything productive? Or just laying in bed all day? Do you get enough physical activty?
Do you spend time with friends and fam? Social life is also very important for mental health, also how is ur environment, dirty or clean?
Try making a checklist at night before bed of small achievements you can do the next day to keep feeling accomplished, here are some ideas
1) daily 10 minute tidies
2) painting a picture
3) ironing a desired amount of clothing (you can save time in future by doing this)
4) cooking
5) reading a book, or learning one chapter a day from syllabus of any subject
6) writing a journal
7) learning a new skill
8) learning a new language
9) other arts and crafts besides painting
10) playing sports

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Are you good at crafts and making art?

I recycled an UGLY beer clock that I won at work in a contest to see who sold the most highlighted entrees of the day. . .
I had some Christmas ribbon left over from the holidays and wove it into sheets and cut out apples, that’s my kitchen theme. . .
I just love doing crafty things,
I may not be good at them,
but I’m fine with that. . .
Are you good at crafts and making art

What thing from childhood do you still enjoy to this day?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Bubbles, coloring books, arts and crafts, playgrounds, baths, blanket forts, board games, finding four leaf clovers, lucky pennies. Most things honestly.
Playing on my gameboy while in comfy pajamas as the sun rises in the morning. It’s a nice start to the day.
The original Nintendo Entertainment System. The mario brothers series, zelda, bubble bobble, mega man 1-6, blades of steel, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the contra series, donkey Kong series, mike Tyson's punchout, and many many other oldies
Super Nintendo, I don't know why just that one, but I play it all the time. Even getting more teary eyed as Ibeat games like Lufia again and again through life.
Lamb chops. Back in the day, these were cheap, and my family would have them often for dinner (loin chops, that is, not forequarter). I love them, both because lamb is delicious, and because it gives me warm fuzzies thinking about my dad cooking loin chops for us.
Polish sausage, mashed potatoes, amd cabbage with carrots. My mom was good at cooking the cabbage and carrots just right; they had a just-cooked velvety bite with no mushyness and so much flavor. I've never been able to replicate it.
Spaghetti-o's with meatballs. Served at approximately 50% the temperature of the surface of the sun. Improves my mood in a way that nothing else can besides a heroic dose of THC. Which only inevitably leads back to Spaghetti-o's. Vicious cycle.
i loved sweets as a kid (not really candy or soda actually, but i have always loved chocolate, any kinds of cupcakes or cakes, ice cream, cheesecake, brownies, tarts, really any desserts haha) and i'm in my early 20s now and i have even more of a sweet tooth than i did as a kid! does anyone know if maybe my love of sugar will decrease as i get older...? i sure hope so lol.
Honestly, candy. I never really lost my taste for super sweet things, although I don't drink soda anymore. I often have to force myself not to buy it every week at the grocery store because I just don't have any self control when it comes to sweets.

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do you know how to do yarn crafts i.e knitting, crocheting?

I've never tried lol
I'm fine when it comes to sewing, but actually knitting etc is a whole other ball game!
It's something I'd like to try! Maybe like knitting a throw or something :)
do you know how to do yarn crafts ie knitting crocheting
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Who has Pinterest? 😊 if you do, what kind of boards do you tend to create? 📌 if you want, you can follow mine: @ YentlGrande and/or YentlGrandee

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I do! Mine has loads of stuff! DIY, crafts, mental health, guinea pigs, recipes... at one point I was on Pinterest a lot! Now I do go on occasionally but not as much. Will check yours out! I'm @catasintiger on there.
Who has Pinterest  if you do what kind of boards do you tend to create  if you

Ile było łącznie wszystkich toreb materiałowych na festiwalach i eventach waszych? Pamiętam na pewno lato z manga, wsm i z pierwszego jak był po prostu wzór z waszym wydawnictwem, czy były jeszcze jakieś?

SJG: Tak, była torba z dziewczynką-wydawnictwem, torby na Wiosenny Festiwal, Lato z Mangą i teraz na Zimę z Mangą. Dodatkowo była też robiona torba w SJG Crafts i raz do pakietu prenumeraty ("Seven Deadly Sins"). :)

Lately I've been having a hard time finding a reason to keep living. What makes you want to get up every day? What makes all the struggles and difficulties of life worth it for you? What makes life worth living for you?

To know I'm making progress in life.
Love. And my fear of death. But love is very important to me, specifically romantic love. I have a wonderful bf who helps me through a lot. He thinks I overplay his help, but its true. He helped me to move on from my previous bfs unexpected death. Hes made my ptsd better. He can't take it away, but hes made it easier to deal with. I'm not lonely anymore because I have him. I'm not a total mess anymore over my previous bf. I still miss him, but its gotten easier to deal with. I have someone new to love now and he makes my life better.
I went through a period of my life thinking that it wasn't worth it and I hoped every day that that feeling would stop, in any way possible... I worked for years to get out of those thoughts. Wasn't easy, but I love my life now. I actually love it! It's worth it for my family, my friends, even random people who smile at me! Every single thing that makes my heart and mind open a little bit more makes life worth living. Every hug and kiss, every night spent sleeping (more of that please), I even like the bad things, and the bad moments because I'm able to go through them without thinking that that's my end. Life is worth it per se.
The big things like my friends and family, especially my husband and kids. The majority of my loved ones are in good health. I can’t forget my three kitties. Seeing the impact of suicide after my Mum took her own life last year. When I was suicidal, I honestly thought that most people wouldn’t care that much and most would be better off without me. I now see how untrue that is. In a way, I feel like my Mum saved my life. I will fight with every fibre of my being to stay here. For my loved ones. For my Mum. Being grateful for what I do have. I have a nice house in a good neighbourhood in a beautiful state. I live in a first world country, and we have many things available to us that are easy to take for granted. Yes, my health is shit, but I can access excellent care that doesn’t cost too much, and I can access the public system if needed. My many health problems won’t bankrupt my family.
Appreciating the small things. A tasty meal with family or friends. Laughing so hard I fart, snort, or pee a little. A cup of tea and a good book on a winter’s day. The smell of rain. The perfect cup of coffee. Creating art and crafts. Seeing something beautiful, like a rare butterfly or a rainbow.
I have battled mental illness my whole life. I have Bipolar Disorder, and I’m no stranger to depression and suicidal thoughts. I have spent months of my life in inpatient psychiatric care. I have experienced significant trauma. I’m disabled and have many annoying health issues. But for me, life is still definitely worth living.
For me is my life not worth living. Already since decades I have really no reason to stay longer alive and on this earth.

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Has any piece of art ever inspired you to change your life in some way?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
A lot of art... inspires me to CREATE art!!
There isn't just "one" piece... It's MANY PIECES... MANY CRAFTS!! MANY DIFFERENT ARTISTS (some well known, some just getting started)...
Some I want to try for me-self!! It's just... doing it, that's the problem, lol.
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What do u do to escape reality?

tripplels’s Profile PhotoLeanna
I’m going through a stressful time now, so I do brain-numbing things…like watch reality tv (currently bingeing “Welcome to Plathville” on Hulu)…I play endless games of Scrabble on Pogo…take walks with music so loud in my earbuds that I can’t think…do crafts with scented candles and the radio playing. You do what you have to do to find moments of peace when you are going through something big or traumatic.

What moves your heart?

patchy_life’s Profile PhotoPatchy_life
🌷 There are many ways. But one of them is when I see and know more about a person, through other ways they could express themselves or with what they observe from the lives of others and with everything around them.
Such as.... composing poems, making music, doing arts and crafts, cooking, designing, writing, etc. It makes me appreciate them in a totally different way, as compare to just a normal convo. It's like through those ways, it helps me feel and understand more about their point of view, as how they see and feel things, which often moves my heart.

Czy te 5-minute crafts, woo hop, troom troom itd to tak na serio czy dla beki? Pytam bo niektóre ich pomysły są tak głupie że aż trudno mi w to uwierzyć

Osobiście uważam, że niektóre ich pomysły to debilizm wtórny idący w potrzebie masowej treści, aaale... czasem faktycznie trafi się coś ciekawego co może pomóc. Jednak wszystko to co widzimy, to trzeba dzielić przez 10 co najmniej.
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So for real, how does one rock as hard as you?! 💪💪💪 keep lighting up this site friend! - also, what are you excited for this coming week?

anonstar121089’s Profile PhotoJHennessy1210
Thanks J! I just like coming here to chill, it is peaceful here. 🤩 I like what you post here about your board games and shoes! In lockdown so doing arts and crafts, how about you?

when was the last time you handcrafted something? ✂️🎨🏺

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I cook, bake and make beer, wine and jam quite often, which I suppose counts as being handcrafted. I'm not good with art and crafts, but I do a bit of carpentry and design/build electronic circuits sometimes, which also sort of counts, I suppose.

Bonsoir Que fais-tu habituellement pour te remonter le moral ?

danielmassepetiot2’s Profile PhotoDaniel Massepetiot
When I’m sad I normally get this weird combination of sad/angry/anxious. My go to is to either run or bike, the endorphins bring me back to a baseline and then I’ll try to watch a comedy show or movie. If you have someone to talk to that really helps too. Not someone who tries to give advice, but someone who can just listen and maybe point out patterns in your life that aren’t helping you. Kinda like a therapist or a friend who is good at that. I actually have a self care plan with different suggestions on it and pick the ones that seem the most appealing or make the most sense. Some stuff that's on my list: look at art, make art, do something nice for someone else, go outside (especially barefoot), clean the house a bit, watch a cheerful tv show, look up happy news stories, do light stretching, watch my feel better YoutTube playlist, and so on.
It can vary a bit as to why I'm sad but a lot of times my first step is just embracing and accepting the sad. I let myself get in bed and turn on movie and just be sad. Then usually its bbn some sort of craft related thing. I do various crafts and always enjoy learning others, so I usually have some sort of project I can work on. I can feel accomplished by getting further in my project, even if it took me 30 min to do something that normally would take me 10, still further along than when I started. I normally have either youtube or Netflix on when I'm doing m crafts, crafts, something that's more cheerful on. To me, it's less about cheering myself up and more about moving forward. When my problems and anxieties go away, I feel happy again. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. You know the goal and what it looks like, but it can be overwhelming to piece it together. But you can do things to make the process smoother. Put down the corners first, then the walls. After that, sort into colors and obscure pieces. Slowly but surely it comes together. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to do simple things. I remember one day I couldnt summon the energy to get up and brush my teeth. How was I supposed to get through college, pay off my debts, get good grades to get a good career, all when I couldnt even get up and brush my teeth? It seems like such a small task - I was completely overwhelmed. But when I look back on that day, it's one of my proudest moments. I forced myself to do the task, tears rolling down my face. Even though I was completely and totally overwhelmed, that was the first thing I actively did to combat my depression. I have a writing blog and also text-based roleplay with friends, and both really help in making me happier. If I don't do these things, then I will sit at my piano and just play for hours until I feel better.

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What’s something that happened on elementary school that you still remember today? 🇳🇱: Wat gebeurde er op de basisschool, wat je tot op de dag van vandaag nog steeds herinnert?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I think I've told you this story before 😂 During crafts I managed to rip my pants REALLY badly, like I had to try and walk with my legs together somehow badly 🤣 So I asked my crafts teacher if I could go home and change pants since I lived only 10 min away from school. When I met said crafts teacher again years later that was the ONE thing they remembered about me 🤦‍♂️😆
Whats something that happened on elementary school that you still remember today

Do you spend a lot of time indoors?

You should get out for a quick 10-20 mins in the daylight once a day for vitamin D plus just the bonus of fresh air and a bit of exercise but other than that, staying in is fine. I'm a homebody and stay in a lot. But I do work 2 days a week and have a dog so that gets me out. I doubt it would do you serious harm staying in. Just try and get out a couple times a week and you'll be just fine.
We evolved outside, in a way it is where we are supposed to be. Artificial light, vidya, junk food, sitting down all day, and isolation have been shown to cause depression anxiety. When I was in school for engineering, I gained weight, developed terrible digestion problems, depression, anxiety. Forcing myself to be out on the trails for just a few hours a day, listening to a podcast made me feel like a different person! There are studies about sunlight doing way more for our health than just activate vitamin D production, although the vitamin D increase can help reduce inflammation which has been linked to impulsive, poor decision making. Exposure to sunlight has a huge impact on depression, seasonal affective disorder, and sleep quality.
Physically, it's bad because you need vitamin D to avoid rickets, which we mostly get from sunlight. People are studying the psychological effects still, but a lot of evidence suggests that people are happier if they spend time outside. Symptoms of ADD, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders all seem to decrease in kids when they are outdoors more often. If you're indoors by yourself a lot, this can obviously lead to feelings of isolation, which can contribute towards depression.
To be fair, try to make sure you get some form of face to face socialization even if it's family. I had a rather bad experience years ago where I basically went into isolation with only some light over the phone conversation and never left that apartment at all for weeks at a time. It was not good for the mental health.
A lack of phisical exercise can make you obese and with that give you plenty more health concerns. The sun also provides essential vitamins wich are good for you. If you don't move at all blod clots can form and block your blood flow potentially causing death. There might be more but that's everything I can recite off the top of my head. When I dropped out of my old college to transfer to a new one but still had a month left on my apartment that I was the sole occupant of, I stayed inside for 4 days with the blinds drawn and played little big planet. I would've stayed in even longer but I had to go to work.
I've spent 11 straight days in a hospital. Also, since I work odd hours from home, I'll regularly go several days without going outside. I don't really plan to stay inside, I just tend to get caught up in my work.
I spent a lot of time in my room as well. I loved gaming, doing crafts, and making videos and such. I had no problem being by myself. It made socializing difficult, but once I got a job, it made it easier.

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Sheikh please answer. I live in NY. I want to open an online shopping page. With unique original products. What is the best company zero جمارك. And how to go about it. Ty sheikh. نصيحه ليا يا شيخ.

Retail websites only work as a function of paid advertising. If you want to earn 10,000 per month you need to start by spending 7,000 per month.
Once a competitor outpaces your marketing spending, their sales start to outgrow yours.
We live in a knowledge economy. Build a company that offers a product or service that is the result of knowledge which only you have or can excel at, compared to all of your city, state or perhaps even the eastern part of North America.
Let's say, your grandmother taught you a certain craft, and you learnt some design skills in a liberal arts college in the USA. You can combine these two to sell those cultural-fusion crafts on etsy, run an online class teaching it, or take orders to make them for special occasions, like weddings etc. These are examples of unique businesses that are less likely to be eaten up by Amazon or the next retailer site.

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Why is it that Kuwait doesn't support the different majors and hand crafts rather than engineering and medicine majors ! Most kuwaitis are engineers / doctors what about the rest of jobs ??

That’s funny because I was having a discussion with my mother about this topic yesterday
Thanks for pointing this out.
المشكله مو من الطلبه، المشكله بالنظام بكبره. غلط بالتفكير، والترتيب. المفروض يشوفون سوق العمل شنو ناقصه؟ لان الديرة متروسه بشكل مو طبيعي كل الطلبه هندسه ومحاماه
If we compare our ideologies with other western countries such as canada or new zealand they support the ones with capabilities in expressing their knowledge and creativity using their hands such as nursing or wood crafting or whatever that deals by using the manual labor. We have many majors that lack criteria such as software security engineering, international perspective.
I think in Kuwait, they select these majors(engineering/ drs) because of the salaries. Other than that 🙇🏻‍♂️God knows why
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If you had the power to extend your limbs to great lenghts and overall contort your body into different shapes, like Mister Fantastic or Elastigirl can, what'd you use said power for? 🦸‍♀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Something practical- think of all the chores I could accomplish!
Something fun- pet all of the soft creatures🐹🐈🐁🐄🐕, do multiple crafts at once, play multiple instruments. I have played violin and clarinet. I need to get my guitar out!
If you had the power to extend your limbs to great lenghts and overall contort
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What's a hobby or activity you have always wanted to try but haven't had a chance to for whatever reason?

EmzLiv’s Profile PhotoEmzLiv
I'd like to make candles. I got the idea last year when I wanted to make some as Christmas presents but the stuff for them is crazy expensive so i've never done it. I think it would be fun tho. I've also considered making YouTube videos where I do kid friendly crafts and stuff but like....I wouldn't want the attention that comes with posting videos on YouTube.
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I'm not really talented at any art forms other than writing. I made some interesting (and ugly) things in crafts class in school, though. When did you notice your interest in art?

YaoiMasterSadist’s Profile PhotoShenzo ❤ Sho ~
Writing is an amazing skill to have!! I truly admire anyone who can write creatively. Do you prefer to write stories, or poetry, etc? Haha, we’ve all made ugly art before, so can fully relate!
I think I’ve always been interested in art, even from being a toddler. I guess it was natural for me to want to express myself that way - I used to draw all the time as a child. I didn’t really anticipate it being an actual job till a couple of years ago, in truth :)
+10 answers in: “What was your dream job as a child?”

Yeah, but I hate that people get the silly misconception that the Activities staff just does bingo, crafts,and games. It is so much more than that. They look forward to activities and they get to interact with each other. These residents need something to look forward to, especially now

Definitely! And what’s the matter with doing bingo, crafts and games? The staff there want to make everyone feel happy and better about themselves and that they’re getting all the love and care they need. I definitely agree with you. Those people do bingo, crafts and games with their children too. So what’s the big deal about it with the elderly community?
+3 answers in: “Happy Father's Day to you, Jensen:) I hope you have an awesome day!”

if you had a kid in the future and some talent scout approached you and wanted him or her in a project, would you consider it or not?

It depends. If its something my kid is interested in then yes. Personally, I do wish that my parents put me into sports when I was younger, like gymnastics, martial arts, that sort of thing. Because when you are young you are more flexible and its easier to learn versus when you are a grown up adult. I think if parents know their kid has a natural ability or interest in something they should help their kid explore that talent. My mum knew I was interested in creative stuff so she got me a lot of sketching, painting, and crafts books. I remember watching M.A.D. art on Pogo and I got a book too. I made a pop art poster I saw in that book and a few other things.
+3 answers in: “Just interested, not looking for a debate: Is anybody worried for the kids growing up with their whole lives being recorded and broadcast by their parents? Do you think it is a breach of their privacy to be posting the kids acheivements and failures on facebook?”

What's the last thing that delighted you?

The best thing about falling in love is that it doesn’t always have to be with people. Let yourself fall for a color, a story, a moment, a dream or an art form. Shed light on the crafts that you hold close to your heart—the love for these things will help sustain you when heartbreak does come knocking.

In the article, it lists various interior design styles. Which one appeals most to your tastes and aesthetic? https://bobbyberk.com/whats-your-interior-design-style-a-breakdown-of-all-the-styles/

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
All of them have their own appeal and they'd look beautiful in the right kind of house. That's why for my own self, I'd prefer an eclectic style - an antique piece of furniture, house plants, some colour, traditional crafts, self-made crafts and all!
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have you done any arts and crafts or DIY projects since you’ve been in quarantine? post a picture if you want.

I'm definitely not a crafty mama, but we painted bird houses today 🎨
have you done any arts and crafts or DIY projects since youve been in quarantine
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Please admit that this new world has some good qualities? Like staying at home is a good change and rich people suddenly being just as broke as us is kind of cool, agree?

it's fine to see the silver lining, such as people spending quality time with their families and learning new crafts and whatnot, but you also can't deny the fact that the reason we're all in quarantine is so that we don't contract the virus, pass it onto others, and cause them to become severely ill.
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Have you done any DIY lately? Can you knit or crochet? I've been wanting to learn! I can probably find a video on YouTube.?

Margaaria’s Profile PhotoPrincesa Margarita♡
Hey! I have been doing quite a few odd jobs around the house, redecorating etc so not much time for crafts at the minute. I did start to learn crochet a while back as my friend is really good at it! She crocheted mini versions of my Guinea pigs ?
Have you done any DIY lately Can you knit or crochet Ive been wanting to learn I

Apa yang akan terjadi ketika automasi menjadi signifikan hingga menggantikan hampir seluruh pekerjaan? Bagaimana org bisa mendapat penghasilan jika tdk ada pekerjaan? Apakah sistem ekonomi akan bertransformasi to let's say communism, where the resources are distributed freely so people can spend it?

KukuhMuntono’s Profile PhotoKukuh Muntono
I had a lot of discussion about this recently.
Well, first of all, obviously, goods will be hella cheap because of significant production cost reduction, so things that are previously quite expensive, especially those which can be mass produced, will be accessible to the masses.
This, however, means that blue collar workers won't be sought after and from then on, the demand for specialist worker will increase significantly, some previously niche fields that requires a skilled specialist will probably be in high demand, arts and crafts will also flourish, especially custom crafts that requires a high skill to work on.
However, I doubt that this will turn into communism. This implies that the owner of the means of production would be willing to part with their money-making factory and present it to the people. As cheap as it would be, if the goods were to be sold en masse, they will still generate a huge amount of money. There's no way the would be willing to part with it.
But I guess since things are affordable (and hopefully, this include foods), hunger won't be a problem anymore. Housing will also probably be cheap, but that doesn't mean poverty will be eradicated. Despite of our increased purchasing power, overpopulation will still be a problem and people who don't have a lot of money to either buy a plot of land or an expensive apartment will be forced to live in a slums or shady cheap apartment complex.
Still, the poorest person in that era would still probably richer than even the upper-lower class citizen now.

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Buna, vreau sa stiu ce parere ai tu, exista pe paginile cu crafts & tricks tot felul de chestii, cica daca tai o lamaie felii si le arunci in wc si le lasi acolo cateva ore apoi tragi apa, va reimprospata si va dezinfecta in mare parte toaleta. Crezi ca e pe bune? Eu am pus dim inainte de lic

De ce, n ai bani de dezinfectante special pentru wc-uri? Oligofrenii ca tine s motivul pentru care avortul ar trebui sa fie chiar obligatoriu uneori <3
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من وانا صغيرة وانا بتخيل نفسي في محل مساحته مترين ببيع منحوتات او ديكور خشب صغير وفي محل تاني بنفس المساحة ببيع فساتين خيطها بإيدي انا شاطرة في كدا باي ذا واي :D بس guess what دخلت طب وعندي امتحان بعد يومين في منهج معرفش منه غير نسبة قليلة انا حزين أوي بومبا :D انا حزين أوي بومبا

طب ليه متعمليش كده؟ العمر فات؟ ليه نركب قطر مش هيوصلنا لمحطة عاوزينها؟ ليه نحقق طموح غيرنا فينا؟
تصوراتك جميلة
وأنا كمان زيك
سؤالك الأول خلاني أفكر أنا جاوبت كده ليه عالسؤال الأصلي
أنا بحب ال crafts فعلًا
بحب أي حاجة بتتعمل بالإيد وتقريبًا بعرف أتعلم أي حاجة كده
وبحب حاجات كتير
وفي نفس الوقت بحس ساعات طموحي طمع وهدفي عشوائي وأحلامي أحلام يقظة
حاولي تقفي مع نفسك تاني تفكري
أنا كنت خدت career coachting session وكان ملخصه إن حياتنا المهنية مهياش أبيض أو إسود، إحنا بس محتاجين نخطط بهداوة
وإن ممكن نعمل الحاجة ال بنحبها بعد وقت وفلوس من الحاجة ال مش بنحبها
أنا على وش تخرج إن شاء الله وأنا في هندسة وكنت بحبها بس حاليًا فقدت نفسي
بس برده وخداها هدنة ومستنية الستارة تتقفل والمسرحية تخلص لكني خلال كل ده بحاول أدور على نفسي فعلًا
عندي كلام كتير ومعنديش مانع لو تحبي نتكلم هكون سعيدة😃
ربنا يوفقك ويكتبلك الخير وفيه ناس كتير عملت شيفت لحاجات بتحبها بس الموضوع مش سهل وهو مش الخيار الأسهل بالعكس محتاج مجهود وانظباط وبينقل عوامل النجاح والسعي لأبعاد تانية
لسه واحدة أعرفها اتخرجت من أسنان لقيتها عاملة جروب بتبيع رسومات عالخشب
وغيرهم، أنا بغبطهم ومقصرة في حقي في النقطة دي بس المهم إني بحاول أرسم لحياتي بمعاييري وأتصالح مع التنازلات ال هدفعها مقدمًا، أتمنى لك الخير وإنك تلاقي طريقك

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