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my ex and i have been on and off for 8 months and only recently i just cut ties completely , i’m missing him like crazy and being told by my best friend to reach out if i love him that bad. what now?

Open your eyes and look around, whatever the reason he is that now he is your ex hasn’t gone away, so learn to live without him for another few months and see how you feel then 😉

alguna vez has tenido alguna persona obsesiva contigo? como fue esa experiencia? todavia te persigue o lograste deshacerte de esa persona en cuestión?

¡Oye sí! Dos novias (ex) fueron así, (con una de ellas aún me relaciono, no legalmente, y ya conmigo no es así de intensa) :V. Esa última hasta me decía que se iba a quîtar la vîda, para tratar de manipularme, ¡y en todo momento era como una persecución!, de verdad, qué feo tener esas vivencias. También he sido acosado en varias ocaciones por "homosexuâles", se hacen pasar por otras personas y empiezan a decir y decir vainas a uno, siempre descubrí a los susodichos y con uno hasta estuve a nada de denuciarlo en la policìa, con pruebas contundentes del largo y que se tornó fêo el acôso; mi familia me sugiría ir a la policìa; pero el pana me pidió disculpas y prometió no hacerlo más; a veces me cruzo con él por la calle y saluda de buena manera, le correspondo el saludo. ¡Hay gente "crazy" (pendêja) en esta vida ¿oyó?! Saludos.

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You were in black dress and you were calling me to come close because i was at a distance 😂😂 that's all 🤪

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile Photolaxmikanth
Ooo interesting. Because I had been thinking of you and wondering if you were going to come back. I was probably contacting you for real on the astral plane. And I wear a long black gown in the astral plane. (I’m not crazy. 😃🤣)
You were in black dress and you were calling me to come close because i was at a

que opinas de que hombres vestidos de mujer entren en baños de mujeres? estás de acuerdo con eso? alguna vez has presenciado una escena así?

Anonymonguer’s Profile PhotoEl preguntas
Imagino que te refieres especialmente a los transexuâles/transgèneros, ¡el humano y su naturaleza ha ido complicando los patrones, las formas/costumbres! Pues habrá que hacer baños para esas personas, lo que parece muy "crazy" es que "siempre" aparecen seres "diferentes", ¡Calcula tú, los pansexuâles!, a este paso habrá más baños que nada, si se tomara la idea de hacer baños para cada "gènero" :).
P.D.: Pero digo que si físicamente son hombres, deberían usar baños de hombres, y viceversa; es una posible solución. ¡El mundo está loco, "man"!

I always read the messages people send me and reply back but I’ve recently been texting this guy that I met online and he usually leaves me on delivered or sometimes on read without responding back. What should I make of this situation?

Okay you've come to the right place for advice. This is obviously a 50 year old man attempting to catfish you. Just give up now or call him out on his bullshit.. or just get crazy and go marry him anyway cause love knows no boundaries.. innit?

Gdy przyszły narzeczony już przyjdzie i usiądzie, to będzie siedzącym narzeczonym? Czy przyszły narzeczony jak idzie to może zajść, czy dojść? Narzeczona może zajść, ale czy narzeczony też może? Życzę szybkiego powrotu do zdrowia i dobrego humoru. Trzymaj się cieplutko i zdrowiej szybciutko ;)

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Przyszły narzeczony wszystko może jak już będzie 😉
A jeśli chodzi o zdrowie to już zdrowa nawet chyba tego o kim mowa w pytaniu nie zaraziłam 😉
Humor jeszcze nie do końca dobry. Odpierdzieliłam jedną rzecz i jestem w trakcie odkręcania sprawy, więc o tym myślę dużo. Koleżanka nazwała mnie crazy Mariola bo ostatnio zgubiłam breloczek z kotem i pytałam się czy ktoś nie znalazł 😉😀
To tyle u mnie, a plany wyjątkowo mam na za tydzień, będę się wspinać 😉 😀😉

biggest hint a boy can give when he likes us?

Do I look like someone who is going to waste her time catching hints? No honey. When they say move mountains for girls they mean go fully crazy in love, show me how your world revolves around me and may be just may be I would be amused.
Nothing less than that is welcomed.

Confess something 🌿

We all talk about the intimacy of eye contact but do you ever think about the intimacy of looking at someone's eyes while they're looking at something else-either because they're distracted or they're deliberately allowing you to have this moment to yourself or they know that it'll be too much to look back at you directly-and if so does it ever just make you go full crazy.

Just look at yourself and be honest. Can you marry someone who behaves like you?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
What works best is a combination of similarities and differences.
Similarity helps avoid big problems. Big differences are hard to reconcile and tend to destroy a marriage.
Moderate differences give you things to talk about, they expand you viewpoint, and invite you to explore new worlds. It also gives people time to spend on themselves as individuals, which is important to a marriage.
When I was in college, my professor told our class that it’s good to marry someone different. Differences makes a relationship exciting. It’s amazing to be with someone and work with your differences. It won’t be boring.
Besides, I’m sometimes a crazy person. I overthink and worry a lot. It will be a mess to have someone who does the same, too. I need someone to calm me and erase my worries.

Do you like to dress fancy for parties, events and such? What'd be a typical fancy outfit for you to wear? 🤵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not at all, unless my mother forces her choices on me. I prefer comfort to fanciness, because being a clumsy blind lady kinda limits my options (in order to ensure safety). Usual outfit, irrespective of event, consists of hijab, long-sleeved blouse, black long pants with large zipped pockets, socks and covered slip-on shoes. Only difference is the type of hijab and blouse for important occasions such as weddings. For these, I'd wear the 'complicated' hijab (that wraps all around for God knows how many times) instead of plain slip-ons and flowery blouses instead of crazy abstract ones. On rare occasions when I feel bold, I'd don on a long dress instead. However, I'd make little to no effort around my friends. I've never been one to care about such things to begin with.

Say someone were to be your roommate etc., what'd be some of the upsides or maybe even downsides of living with you? 🍲⏰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I took a test online and that's what it says:
"According to your score, you appear to be very good roommate material. You seem to be well aware of the rules of roommate 'etiquette'. You respect and communicate with your roommate(s), and when difficulties arise, you are willing and able to compromise. Although this doesn't mean you'll never have conflicts with your roommate(s), your score does indicate that you'll most likely deal with them in a healthy manner."
The only negative thing about me is probably that I might be a boring nice roommate 😂 I don't like parties, don't do crazy and unexpected things, but everyone should make their own conclusions 😁

Hey Lex!!! So sorry I haven't been on. It's been crazy busy. I'd love to tell you, but I don't want it publicly known lol. I hope you're doing well and I miss talking to you. You make my days easier by your extremely intelligent answers and kindness. I'll talk to you soon hopefully. Take care.

Beau_Abbs_Char’s Profile PhotoBeau_Abbs_Char
Hello my friend! It is wonderful to hear from you again. 😊 No worries, I have been extremely occupied too. Thank you for your thoughtful sentiments but I am undeserving. Truth be told, I have been neglecting my Ask duties. 🤪 So many great questions but I just can't get to all of them. I hope that you are well and 2023 brings you everything that you so richly deserve. You've always been kind and an inspiration. I am fortunate to know and interact with superb people such as yourself... 💗
Hey Lex So sorry I havent been on Its been crazy busy Id love to tell you but I

What's the craziest thing you've done? Are you the type of person who does crazy things regularly?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
🌷 There are too many.... I'm not sure which one's the craziest.
I won't say it's crazy but yeah, I do a lot of unordinary things that most people doesn't do. Let's just say I'm not the type that gets grossed out easily😄

Screentime-Sunday. Habt ihr eine aktuelle Serienempfehlung für all jene, die ihre Prokrastinazions-Zeit genießen wollen? 😁🎞🍿

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
okay bear with me here
Bald kommt die neue Staffel 'Drive to Survive' auf Netflix raus, das empfehle ich einfach mal pauschal weil ich ein ganz kleines bisschen Formel 1-Fan bin. Zumindest empfehle ich es als Einstieg in den Sport, bei manchen Zusammenschnitten krieg' ich als long term fan die Krise. :D
Ansonsten...'Interview with the Vampire' und 'What We Do In The Shadows' kann man sich prinzipiell immer geben, wobei es doch sehr unterschiedliche Vampire-Vibes sind. Trotzdem, beides definitiv 'ne Empfehlung von meiner Seite.
Abseits davon bin ich immernoch ein k-drama girlie at heart, was also das angeht:
- Netflix hat endlich 'Bad and Crazy', und mal meine Voreingenommenheit Lee Dong-wook gegenüber außen vor, hatte ich mit der Serie echt Spaß. Bisschen Crime Thriller, echt lustig, nicht extrem heavy was die Themen angeht. (leider) Nur 12 Folgen.
- 'Tomorrow' hab' ich mittlerweile schon zwei Mal gesehen, und mein Gott hat diese Serie mich beide Male komplett fertig gemacht. Auf eine gute Art und Weise. Es geht um Suizid, ich würde da die Warnung direkt am Anfang sehr ernst nehmen, es wird teilweise echt heavy. Und ich würd' Taschentücher dabei haben, just in case. :') Davon mal abgesehen...so viel Chemie ohne dass sich das Paar überhaupt wirklich küsst hab' ich schon lange nicht mehr gesehen. Und...joah. Rowoon. Lee Soo-hyuk. iykyk
- Bitte schaue doch jemand 'Flower of Evil'. Am besten ohne sich vorher irgendwie spoilern zu lassen. Dieses Drama, ne. Diese Schauspieler, ne. Eieiei. Crime, Thriller, Established Relationship, und der obskurste Beginn einer Freundschaft ever.

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Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful🍸

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
https://youtu.be/o_1aF54DO60AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171807363907 o_1aF54DO60AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171807363907 o_1aF54DO60
I've seen the world, done it all, had my cake now
Diamonds, brilliant, and Bel Air now
Hot summer nights, mid-July
When you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, city lights
The way you'd play with me like a child
Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will
Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?
I've seen the world, lit it up as my stage now
Channeling angels in the new age now
Hot summer days, rock and roll
The way you'd play for me at your show
And all the ways I got to know
Your pretty face and electric soul

What's the craziest thing you've done? Are you the type of person who does crazy things regularly?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
Once I was about to touch a lionfish in an open sea, which is known to be poisonous, it was so tempting and beautiful. It is supposed to attract small fish, but her temptation worked on me 🙃

¿Sabías esto?🤭 En 1966, el equipo de fútbol de Corea del Norte eliminó a Italia del Mundial. Los italianos se quejaron de que como nadie los distinguía, los coreanos lograron cambiar a todo el equipo en el descanso sin que nadie se dé cuenta. ¿Qué opinas? ¿Tú crees esa vaina?🤔

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja, en varias ocasiones lo comenté en forma de chalequeo con unos panas; mas no llegué a pensar que pudo haber sucedido, ¡quién sabe! :/, :D. Qué "crazy" dato, "man Cat",.‼

Вы обращаетесь к врачу при малейшем недомогании или совсем в крайнем случае?

HelenaKarev’s Profile PhotoKarev
Раньше, обращалась при сильной необходимости. Сейчас же, живя в США и наблюдая за бешеными ценами после лечения других людей, я хочу начать обследоваться вовремя, чтобы не было потом сюрпризов, как по здоровью так и финансово 😂
In the past, I used to visit doctors only when it was really necessary. Now, living in the USA and watching the crazy prices after the treatment of other people, I want to start being examined on time so that there are no surprises later, both in health and financially 😂
Вы обращаетесь к врачу при малейшем недомогании или совсем в крайнем случае

Have you ever witnessed the process of someone going crazy? If so, how was it?

I had a sleepover party for my birthday in 7th grade. I had all of my friends over an we went to sleep. This one guy, new to the group, Mike seemed normal. Quiet, mild-mannered, nothing out of the ordinary. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up to screams of pain from my friend. Apparently, Mike couldn't get to sleep because of this guy's snoring, so he grabbed a stapler and beat my friend in the face with it until we got him off. My parents dragged him upstairs and his parents came to take him home. Never hung out with him after that.
The most striking example was my boyfriend's late mother who had a dis-associative episode where she forgot most of her memories. She was having hallucinations and talking to them, a lot of the time what she said was "gibberish". 999 were called and couldn't do much. I sat down and talked to her for about 20 minutes and managed to talk her back to a lucid state (this had never happened before and I was the first person to ever do so)...Really the trick was realising that what she was saying wasn't "crazy", it wasn't without reason. I empathised and in that moment it made sense to me. It was raw primal emotion, confusion and fear. I spoke to her as a person, not as a mental patient. I communicated through tone rather than logic. Apart from that tragic case, though, there was a guy who moved to my station a couple of years ago who I got on with initially because he was ex-Royal Logistics Corps and we used to swap stories on watch. He seemed a bit odd, but harmlessly so, at first and I could hardly complain, being considered a bit mental by the other staff myself. His attitude to the work, though, was a bit slap-dash which there isn't much room for in SAR and he took longer to train on station-specific stuff than most people, but my boss was a good egg and I felt a sort of loyalty to the guy as he was an ex-soldier so we really tried to help him.
As he got to know us better he started to open up to us about his personal life, including his fights with his landlady, his rather creepy attempts to find a girlfriend by approaching waitresses at restaurants in town and a lot of other stuff that made me gradually less and less keen to talk to him. Manpower shortages meant there was a reshuffle of a few staff, though, and he got moved to a different watch whose boss was a bad-tempered old fart who'd spent thirty years shipping containers of 'rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong', as it were, and we just knew this wasn't going to go well. He started calling in sick all the time with really weird-sounding illnesses and he became increasingly aggressive. Eventually there was a stand up row in the ops room and he went off with stress. I didn't really hear from him again after that, apart from increasingly angry and incoherent posts on Facebook that I suspect indicated increasing alcohol consumption, drug use or something even more serious.

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¿Sabías que? 🍜 En China, hacer ruido comiendo es una señal de agradecimiento, pues es una manera de mostrar al anfitrión o al cocinero que has disfrutado de su comida. ¿Qué opinas de esto?

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja, percibo lógica mas también mâla educación, bastedâd. ¡Qué dato más "crazy", "man Cat"!

Tell me a story funny, sad, or crazy 🙂

iamkabirr_’s Profile Photothe incredibly cool kakashi
I've a neighbouring bhaiya, Shantanu who is 32 years old. He got recently married 6 months ago to a 25 year old girl, Shweta. Shantanu bhaiya and I were very good friends, he shared everything with me, he had many affairs before marriage, he had s.e.x with more than 10 girls, he even showed me the n.u.d.e.s of his ex girlfriends. Recently, he told me about his new affair (even after marriage), he showed me a video in which he's kissing his new gf. I transferred that video to my phone and now I blackmail him. Shweta is a very open-minded woman so she often invites me to lunch when Shantanu is in office. She knows wht I want and I know wht she wants so we often share heat in the winter afternoons. Shantanu knows that I've an affair with her wife but he stays silent coz I've his dirty kissing video. Shweta is a smart woman and knows who can please her senses better so she supports me. Shweta told me that she already knew about Shantanu's affairs before marriage, and that we can together trick him now for his entire life. This is a crazy story (for me), sad story (for Shantanu), and funny story (for Shweta- coz she's the one who is benefitting the most and having lots of fun from both Shantanu and me).

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What were you told would happen if you were bad for Christmas? That you would get coal? Be on the naughty list? Or other? Lol. Did it ever straighten your behavior out? 🤪😝🎄😇😈 (Please ignore if you don't celebrate Christmas)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
My father was very strict about Christmas... we were never trick into the whole Santa BS
If we didn't behave... we would have to wait until everybody else opened their gifts... and only then would "we" be allowed to open up presents... This only happens to me every Christmas.... until I was 7... then I went to my Jewish side.... And had 8 CRAZY NIGHTS 😈....And YES, I'm both

You might be 8 or 9 in California but in Colorado or Florida you are solid 4

That literally makes no sense 😂 Californias beauty standards are WAY higher than either one of those places 😂 why do you think all the crazy health & beauty products come out of California? Why do you think people from other states try to dress like Californias? 😂
I live in Colorado & everyone here is pretty average. Kinda bland.
Florida is just trash 😂

Don't name them. Don't mention them. But describe the person who made your 2shitty22 better.

muzzaf999’s Profile PhotoMicro.7
This year was freaking crazy. I had the best things happening to me as well as worst things. Overall I am happy with everything cause I learned so much. My usual people made this year beautiful and made me feel loved. I am grateful each day to have such blessings.

Some days are bad days. I start thinking of you and get so scared that you may not be okay. Some days I fall apart in the grocery store and have these sobs that come from the gut. That's probably the worst part. I'm completely numb or depressed the rest of the time. My encounters with ppl r fake.

i don’t know who you are anonymous…but you are right….
yes’ i’m not okay sometimes…
or all time …. because …. i feel that i should be right now
with the one…❤️🕸who lives in my heart ….❤️and share with him his joys and happiness…. that i will bring to him….and when he looked for my eyes 💚💚 and immediately calmed down inside…. from the fact that i’m with him around him….everywhere….i feel how his heart restless…. ( i don’t how but i feel…) because i’m not with him yet ….and i feel like we are both restless….because we are already “connected “ our heart …. our souls …. our bodies…( i feel all his touches….)but we are not together yet….i think anonymous if you are meet someone very unusual….absolutely yours the one who you began to love …. you need to do everything to ensure that this person always been close to you….
especially if it mutual….“ it’s like do whatever you want, but next to me…. in my house “and i know that if i come into someone’s life …. i become the one without which existence is absolutely impossible….and i know that right now in this moment i am becoming like this for the one who lives in my heart….and i’m worse than drugs….i’m a necessity….and i want to be with him wherever he is…. and make him happy…. all the time…. ❤️we make happy each over all the time….❤️be in absolutely crazy love
do madness things in the bedroom
and in the same time….be like…. ‘taking care about you - my responsibility now’i feel only like this ….yes anonymous I’m like Cinderella right now …. but you know anonymous when my beautiful mom was with me….do you know what my family called me….?! ( one of the names…. of me….)( sorry deliberately distort the words….)😌a homely little pet …. expensive little pet ….which harmful
requires a lot of attention… and care do only what she wants to do….but without which absolutely impossible to live….i know myself…. i know i bring only happiness…. and joy…. and i want to bring him everything…. and already next to him…. i always talk about it this life …. infortunately is not a rehearsal….what is being done…. is being done….and guys …. if you have meet someone and what is important is mutual….you need to do everything that she/or he to be next to you ….don’t need to then your whole life to spend …. no anonymous maybe not whole life…. sometimes yes, but not always…. it’s just the roads will be already different…. and maybe you will never meet someone especially and you have to love anybody…. or maybe not who knows…. anonymous …
about me….
i want to be with him 🕸❤️right now….🌎❤️
about craziness ….and about who say that some things are impossible…. maybe for them yes everything impossible….the world belongs to those for whom everything is possible….but most important thing everything must be mutual….
and you know : “ Those you dance appear insane to those who cannot hear the music “
and it’s not about dance or music it’s about someone tell that it’s not possible

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Buenos días 🐄 ¿Sabías esto? Existe algo llamado: "Boantropía". Las personas que tienen esto, sienten que no son humanos y, que en realidad son unas vacas; y se acaba comportando como tal. ¿Qué me puedes decir sobre esto?

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
¡Vêrga! Suena muy "crazy" eso. Parece más un desequilibrio metal que cualquier cosa. Saludos, "man Cat",.‼

Kokius keistus maisto derinius labai mėgstate?

Nėra jie žiauriai keisti, bet konservuotus ananasus galiu su bet kuo valgyt:D ir ant picos max mėgstu, taip pat valgau sūrį su džemais visokiais, vaisiais. Nu bet nesu tokia crazy, kad ten šokoladą su kokiais agurkais valgyčiau ar dar kažkas panašaus:D normaliai

Каким персонажем вы бы стали, очутись на страницах книги "Алиса в Стране чудес"?

nukemduke936’s Profile PhotoДмитрий Сергеев
Стала бы скорее всего :
Гусеницей или Чеширским Котом, скорее всего.
Оба этих персонажа интересны, lmao.
Кот ассоциируется с : смекалкой, умом, необычностью, умением адаптироваться и избежать критической ситуации; появляться там, где не ожидали другие и делать то, на что другие не решаются.ю, по большей части.
Гусеница с : мудростью, наставничеством, тайной, умением обратить внимание на вещи лежащие не только, где-то в глубине, но и на поверхности и житейской занудностью присущей нам всем в бытовой жизни, в некоторых моментах.
На мой взгляд этих двух персонажей, также связывает сильная аура харизмы и обаяния, хотя когда Алиса встречает, ту же гусеницу, он поначалу вызывает у неё не самые приятные эмоции. Чеширский же кот наоборот, ей импонирует. Со мной также. Знакомясь с людьми, одни испытывают симпатию, другие отторжение. По большей степени это вызвано моей излишней прямолинейностью/бестактностью(каждый величает по-своему, хех.)смешанную с высокой динамикой эмоций/настроением и их сменой.
Вообще, учитывая переменчивость человека, попав в книгу Алисы, можно стать любым из второстепенных персонажей :3
Спасибки за вопрос С=
Alanis Morissette - Crazy

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Каким персонажем вы бы стали очутись на страницах книги Алиса в Стране чудес

Yeah I agree with you but guns are crazy in the US though and also I've never and will never understand people who shoot up schools

That's true, I don't understand why it's so easy for people to get their hands on guns over there considering the amount of shootings there has been. I don't get school shooters either or how they even manage to get into the building with a weapon

Czy pamiętasz jeszcze gwiazdę z pierwszych lat 2000 Crazy Frog'a?

Kazachok804’s Profile PhotoKazachok804
Pamiętam. Najbardziej zapadł mi moment w pamięci jak byłam na dyskotece harcerskiej to było chyba w 2007 lub 2008. Koleżanka miała koszulkę z tą postacją i leciało to :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k85mRPqvMbEwyluzowaana’s Video 173287165642 k85mRPqvMbEwyluzowaana’s Video 173287165642 k85mRPqvMbE
w domu często brat starszy to puszczał heh

Something Poetic! 🥀

Head over heels for you, maybe
aint seen a woman like you mi lady
Tareeki main jaisay tu noor baby
When I caress your body with me
While having strawberries thats cheeky
I’ll take you down, down on your knees
Itna main matlabi hi sahi
Teri khushi ab meri khushi
Tu jadoo karey jaisay ecstasy
You got me going, going crazy
chah kay bhi dil na main morun kabhi

What’s a compliment someone has given you that you’ve never forgotten?

okay anonymous
in that day i think i was absolutely beautiful …. happy
and free…. beautiful fashion girl
in my heart lived only joy
I had my beautiful mom…., i wasn’t in love with anyone…. but i drove everyone crazy who saw me….
and what most interesting thing that fact only amused me….I always smiled at people and as people told me ( about me)
my radiance illuminated the universes….
i was really happy…. really
my friend and me we are went for a walk and this whole huge
city was mine….people looked as if they saw a seventh wonder of the world …. my friend was neither beautiful nor ugly…. an ordinary girl….
I don’t know how she survived that day with ….( no of course she was happy too …) i mean
all the attention even of the animals was mine ….! I shone
and so we were standing with her and chatting about something
in one place…. ( before shopping)
where we’re fashion stores of the famous world brands
I remember
we were standing with her under the stairs and for some reason i didn’t even pay attention to the brand name…. when suddenly a tall …. very intelligent-looking man…. but already quite elderly
approached us
I remember he was wearing a cap and burberry scarf …. stylish and tall
he come up and politely greeted me
and asked
do you know what means a this brand name
I raised my head to read the name … it was boutique of the French brand Sublime….
and i replied that no…. I didn’t study French and I don’t know the history
of the name of this brand
then he said Sublime
translated from French means beautiful like you ….
i blushed so much …. i could say only thank you
you know after that of course my friend told everyone
and for very long time a lot of peoples called me Sublime….
every day someone
tells me about my beauty…. but for some reason
I remembered these words….
I really don’t even remember his face of that elderly man just silhouette and a scarf burberry
when i start to remember this story
it was so so beautiful words ….
that’s why I don’t really like to tell stories about myself….
there’s only beauty
in them and it may seem that i’m bragging….
but no… sometimes i even belittle my stories….!

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Warst Du mal nach vielen Jahren bei einem Klassentreffen? Was hat Dich geschockt/überrascht? Hast Du alle erkannt und wurdest Du erkannt? Wie war es?

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
Yes . . . .
It was in 2010 , I think it was October , 12 years & 1 month ago .
About 5 years earlier I had bumped into an old mate from teen & secondary school days ; like me he had returned to our old home town after divorce . . .
And another @ school parent's evenings (I had my 3 kids as a solo parent)
I hunted down another , though he ran his business in a city 200+ miles to the south (in the land of "The Auld Enemy")
However , the four of us had formed a ritual of going out on the town once a month . . . .
~ so the 4 of us went together to the aforementioned CLASS REUNION . . . .
I was amazed to meet at least a dozen former male friends , who were genuinely ecstatically delighted to meet again , regaling me with amazing memories of crazy funtimes . . .
And there were about half a dozen females who's greeting were all along the theme; "OMG, are you Ben's dad . . . that's amazing I really love Ben . . . "
*Ben, on a rare visit home, watching the bands . . . that bar is gone now . .*

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Warst Du mal nach vielen Jahren bei einem Klassentreffen Was hat Dich

Buenos días 🌻 ¿Sabías esto? Existe algo llamado: "Efecto Halo". Así se llama cuando una persona se deja llevar por la primera impresión de todo lo que ve. ¿Qué me puedes decir sobre esto?

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
Qué buen dato, un calificativo perfecto para identificar a las personas que se dejan llevar por la primera impresión. Por lo menos esas personas que solamente al ver a otra por primera vez ya la odian, ¡eso debe ser un "crazy" efecto "Halo"! :/, :D. Ando viendo el partido de Alemania Vs Japón, ya le anularon un gol a los nipones :). Se percibe ritmo a primeras de cambio, ojalá sí sea un partidazo. Saludos, "man Cat",.‼

Can you believe it's almost the end of 2022? Are you ready for 2023?

It's really weird. I mean since covid first hit, those first two years just got swallowed up, it's like time just skipped two years and they were lost to the void. So sometimes I have a hard time just remembering it's really 2022 when it feels like it should be 2020, or 2021 at a push. So the fact it will be 2023 in a couple months is crazy.
Its almost scary how fast time flies when you're older. I feel like when I was a kid and teen, time went by so slowly. I think when you're building core memories and stuff, time tends to feel longer. And as you get older you have less core memories (at least not as jam packed like you do when you're younger and growing up). As you've learnt most vital stuff by then, so most experiences aren't that new to you and thus don't seem as distinct to remember. And so time feels like it's just flown by without many milestones to slow it.
I think my goal for next year is to actively put more milestones in and make it more prominent.

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