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Have you ever been in love with someone and age of 18 ? Staif

1) 10 saal ki umer me log cricket, football, grounds se pyar krty thy or hain. Mene us wkt bhi Imran khan se pyar kia
2) 18 saal me log larki dhuntay hain, Mene us Imran Khan se Ishq kr lia
3) 25 saal ki umer me log career bnaty hain, Mene Janoon ki Hud tk Imran Khan ko support kr lia.

How do you feel about being in and around water? Perhaps you have any favorite water based activities? 🏊‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love the beach❤️. It's my second home. I love all activities from playing cricket on the beach to surfing. Australia has the best beaches in the world🏖️. So it's a no brainer for me.

Who do you support? PTI OR PMLN

neither. but pls God, the way pti supporters are living in a bubble is too funny. is giving speeches and triggering masses the only requirements for a leader? phir bhai meri uni mein bohat awaam hai that would qualify as candidates. cricket junoon bhi hai. shakal wise local dhaabay walay 50 saal ke uncle bhi lagtay hain because that’s clearly what's hot for pakis these days

Any tips for job interview?

-Prepare a short introduction about yourself (usually the first thing they ask is to introduce yourself)
-Make sure you do your research about their company so you don’t seem clueless if they ask.
-Make sure you answer their questions briefly.
-They usually ask questions from what you’ve told them so DO NOT LIE. (For example if you say you like cricket there’s a high chance they’ll ask you details about the most recent match or top players)
-If you don’t know something then just tell them instead of making blind guesses.
-Be alert and mind your body language.
-Confidence is crucial but don’t be arrogant.
-Think of a couple of questions you could ask them about their company. Incase they ask you if you have any questions in the end (it makes it seem like you’ve actually put in an effort).

Hi wanna ask you ur opinion about being dumb & unskilled on something and someone saying like “ why are you taking so much time to finish this task”. It is not that I gave up, just I need time to get used with it😔. But their words made my self esteem went bad

Don't feel bad about yourself just because you're unable to do a task on time or bad at it.
And don't listen to people. If you do something, they'd still say something negative, and if you don't then still they'd bring negativity.
If you're slow or bad at a task that doesn't mean you're dumb or unskilled. It just means you're best at something else and skilled in a different field.
If you're a good dancer, and one asks you to sing then of course you'll be pretty bad at it.
If I'm good in playing basketball and one asks me to play cricket then of course I'll be pretty bad and slow and unskilled to play cricket.
And yes, you can take your time to finish a particular task. Don't give up, take your time, adapt to the situation, learn how to do it and eventually you'll get better and better at it with time.
But if you're unable to do so that doesn't mean you're unskilled or you're dumb.
~You're amazing just the way you are. Know your worth and value. Don't let people define you. They're just people, in every situation they'd say something negative. And if people are being negative, leave the area and surround yourself with positive people.

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Hi wanna ask you ur opinion about being dumb  unskilled on something and someone

Who will win today?😌🤡

iammk888’s Profile PhotoMubariz khan
Whose rate goes higher today... Who gets more money to people... Remember one thing, when a game ends, a lot of people always get heart broken...
PS: jis din waseem akram ne plate main rakh ke match pesh kia tha austrailia ko, world coup 99 ke final main, us din se cricket dekhay hi nahi apan kabhi dobara... 🙏🏽💐

What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

A scar just under my left eyebrow from when I was cycling too fast, hit the curb and just flew off and fell 6 feet down. Bruises on my thighs from constantly bumping into the kitchen counters and my bed. And this bruise on my shin from where a hard ball hit me while playing cricket in childhood. Lmao I can go on forever.

which team are you supporting in psl ?

iss saal tou kisi ko support karne ka dil he nahi chahh raha.
Itna cricket daikh liya hai k craze/excitement he khatam hogyi hai.
kisi ko bhi support karloonga lakin Lahore jab tak Geo ka sponsor nahi khatam karayga tab tak ussay nahi karoonga.
7th edition hai aaj tak support nahi kiya.
log mujhey Lahore ka fan samajh kar mazaak kartay hain lakin mein unsay behtar mazaak urra leyta hoon Lahore Qalandar ka.

Do you also believe that we failed as a nation?

Failing as a nation requires a little more bad people than the one's resident of this land.
but being muslims i am damn sure we failed as a nation.
being a curious personality i read a lot, a lot. about the crimes, the criminals, making my assumptions on what have caused the incident.
by reading stuff,
i realized there are these molvi's in south punjab, who raped non muslim girls and women & forced them to convert to islam.
i realized a mob who killed these guys for namoos -e- risalat had never be seen for the ba_jamaat prayers at the masjid.
i realized the man who raped zainab, had a beard.
i realized the women who claimed to be muslims slept with na mehram men.
i realized the women that killed their daughter in law, for not bringing a bike, claim to be muslims.
i realized a girl was raped by victims brother, cuz her brother was accused of rape of the victim.
i realized a goon killed a brother cuz he couldn't digest seeing a goon touching her sister.
i realized two brothers were killed by a mob, and were tied to a truck in sialkot, for this fight they had on a cricket match.
a guy in peshawar was killed by a mob, cuz he had a mind that questioned .. things.
children were killed in a school, as a bait or revenge of what their parents did.
people died and froze to snow cuz they thought, it might get good money to them.
fuc* this society, fuc* everything!
afsos ye nahin kay tamasha banay hain,
afsos to yh hai kay tamashai apnay hain!

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Do you also believe that we failed as a nation

10 more days till Christmas: are you celebrating Christmas? And if so, how are you celebrating it? 😊🎄

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
We do the lights on the house, Xmas tree and decorations, have a “stocking” for small pressies each at breakfast, do the gift exchange at the parents at lunch and then we go via the cemetery to pay respect to those past on the way to the beach for a few beers, a bbq dinner and beach cricket 🏏

Stephen King is to Glinda what cricket is to me. She can't get enough of him! What would be your equivalent of cricket. Disclaimer: Only answer if you feel comfortable answering. I feel that should go without saying, but sometimes it's best to reinforce things...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photoachilles
Wine maybe. Not sure if I imagined this or not but I think I saw a series of quotes from Stephen King and they were all suggesting he’s such a deep and tortured soul. I wonder if I’m getting it wrong. Has he said lots of serious things about life? I didn’t think he had a philosophical bent, but I don’t know much about him really.

What was something you got teased about a lot? ☻

We had a friend who used to work part-time as a carpenter, we had named him GHONSA.
Aik din we were playing cricket and our bat broke, we gave him the bat to get it fixed.
Ab GHONSA told us after a few days that he couldn't fix the bat.
Khair everyone forgot or aik din hum GHONSAY ki workplace py ja k cheezen dekh rhy thy and we found a wooden piece, when my friend picked it up, it was a BABLU made of wood. Upon asking ghonsa he told us "yaar wo bat ka handle para hua tha mene apni BACHI k liay BULBUL bna dia "
^we all laughed so hard but that thing was beautifully carved and smooth xD
Now the guy has his own factory of THINGS made by wood 😂

Stephen King is to Glinda what cricket is to me. She can't get enough of him! What would be your equivalent of cricket. Disclaimer: Only answer if you feel comfortable answering. I feel that should go without saying, but sometimes it's best to reinforce things...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photoachilles
For lunch, I grabbed some carryout and parked down by the river. I noticed a coal barge moving along. Just a few steps down from me was someone launching what appeared to be a fishing boat. This caused me to switch to:
I ran down to the fishing boat and said to the guy "There is a big leak under the engine of your pickup." When he went to investigate, I pushed the boat off the trailer and hopped in. The skiff was already too far away for the owner to jump in it when he noticed it floating. I managed to get it started (key was in it) and hit the throttle full speed headed upstream. In a few minutes, I reached the tugboat pushing the barge, tied my skiff to the side, and made my way to the navigation bridge. The crew of two were shocked to see me. Boldly, I yelled out:
"I am the River Pirate Neo, scourge of the mighty Ohio river. I'm taking this boat and cargo. If you surrender easily, I won't have to harm you."
Well, they started laughing so hard they passed out due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. I dumped their unconscious bodies in the skiff and set it free. I now have about 100 tons of coal.
@GlindaBells I'm headed your way and will need to unload all of this. Please be ready.
@Applepop do you know of any buyers?

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Abhi bhi cricket match dekha karo gai?

Bilkul, hum bure waqton me sath chorne wale nahi hen balke hath pakr kr sath khare hone wale hen.
If you can't stand by your team in bad times then you have no right to cheer them up or to call yourself a fan when they're winning tbh.
Football me we call such people PLASTIC FANS....
They follow a team without any emotional connection or rapport with it...
And their interests in teams keep on shifting based on which team is on the top currently.
And these are the exact people who troll and abuse players not knowing shit about the game.
Liked by: Naumanfayyaz

In the end its just not a game of cricket but the emotions of millions of people 🥺

your so called state has successfully managed to divert your attention from the real issues
the players got huge amount of money
you an unemployed person who gave his time, emotions & don't forget the wasted electricity that comes from (تربیلا & منگلا) the two dams built entirely with foreign yk a m e r i c a n aid but in return you got nothing but feelings which are of no value at least to a rational analyst of social issues

Who will win? Pakistan 🇵🇰 India 🇮🇳

feemanshykh’s Profile PhotoFeemu
first time in my life since ive started watching cricket i didnt get to run to my grandad in the middle of the match to give him an update and make him turn his tv on
soch rahi hun uper ek tv package karadun jis pe ptv sports ata ho lekin address nai samajh araha :(

India or Pakistan who is winning?

mene 2016 se cricket nhi dekha , is baari IPL mein CSK Jeet gayi iska bhi pata online news read karke pta chla .....
mujhe lauda farak nhi pdta kon jeete kon haare , meri life bhot busy hai ......
By the way , my train is moving at the speed of 175 kmph r.n.

Come reagisci a chi inizia una conversazione inaspettata con te? 💬

Andersh92’s Profile PhotoAиdrew
Be intanto cerco di farti riflettere sul fatto secondo te perché molte squadre italiane come il Bologna e la fiorentina e poi il Milan e le Roma avrebbero fatto un investimento con dei nord americani. È molto semplice sai che da noi i prezzi dei giocatori sarebbero molto sottostimati rispetto alle altre zone del mondo. Tieni conto che i Inghilterra il campionato inglese è diverso dal nostro modo di fare. Cioè loro sembra che comunque loro abbinano la squadra Sportiva collegandola ad altri sport come il cricket. Quindi il campionato Inglese sarebbe collegato da investimenti fatto da altre squadre mentre in Italia ogni Squadra avrebbe un proprio investimento.

What is your biggest addiction?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I even got a free machine from them when my machine broke down because I used to buy cartons of coffee every month. My unquenching thirst for malayalam films, cartoon network and music channels gifted me a pair of myopic eyes at the age of 14. I was always glued to the infamous Idiot Box. I used to wake up scheduling my day around my favorite cartoon shows. I always got decent marks in school, so I was saved from the infamous ban on television that most other parents imposed.My TV addiction did certainly make me a lazy kid for most part of my childhood. Then when I was 16, my eyes caught an extremely calculative game called cricket. A person who didn’t even understand the C of cricket was learning every nuances of mind game from cricket. I was so obsessed with this game that I started searching for old matches in youtube( eg . Sachin’s blitzerring sharjah series). Mind it, in a span of few months I became so bugged to cricket that even during my board exams, I would catch up with few matches on TV. Though now it’s not an addiction anymore, but a good game of cricket on TV can actually make my day sunny (pun intended). Eventually I fell out of love with my TV as I grew up. Mobile and laptop replaced the great Fansworth’s creation. To an extent, Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence have even replaced our brain utility. Gone were the days when school projects actually helped us to learn. Today, a project or an assignment is a curious case of plagiarism. Even our characters and personalities are serious mix up of many ‘cool’ influencers reigning the Internet world. Do we know who we are today? How many of us are moulding ourselves into a personality who has got a million thumbs up on the social media.My most debilitating addiction is this very object of medium that is used to convey my experience of addiction. (Gods of irony are having a hard time today.) Texting. Just normal, useless texting. Texting without no reason, just texting because I am bored, or I felt left out. That had been the biggest addiction of my life, something I wouldnt survive without and live on. It all started when I came to college and I got freedom like never before. Back at home, there would be a huge arguement over using phone but in college, it changed.
My addiction was to people with addictions. I’m not totally over it, but I’m conscious of it.
Growing up in a family with alcoholism and drug addiction kind of formed my natural attraction. When I’m attracted to someone like crazy, odds are, they have an addiction. It still happens, it might always, but I make better choices by usually not getting involved.
I probably would have read in total 10 books(novels and stuff) before 2018 till date, I am reading my 23rd book already right now in face of “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”. So, this is how I got over my addiction of phone as well as texting.

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