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If price had no limit, what is the most ridiculous thing you would buy? (Like getting Morgan Freeman to follow you around narrating your life). 🤔 Get creative! And yes, for the right price I can be bought. Just saying.

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Even if my wallet had no limit, I would not buy ridiculous things 🤔. I would buy useful things 👇🤩 Hotel at the sea in Croatia and Slovak AirCar to get there quickly! 😅👍.
..... And yes, my friends love me spontaneously and free of charge 😅, not necessary to buy them.Just saying.😜
If price had no limit what is the most ridiculous thing you would buy Like

do you travel by train

90% of my long distance traveling to abroad in my life was by car (drivers were my father or my husband or my boss in work and it was to Croatia and Italy mostly) 👍 . Maybe 3x by bus (Greece, Poland, Czechia), 10x by train (Austria, Hungary, Czechia) and 4x by plane (Bulgaria, Israel) 😱... 😅


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Hi, you are no longer alone from Croatia, and everyone loves me, but I'm sorry about other countries, I'm sorry, I didn't have time to release it.
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What’s your most favorite place that you’ve traveled?🙂

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From y. 2000 almost every year we use to spend part of our summer vacation somewhere at the sea in Europe - Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, but our favourite sea is in Croatia - we were there 12x in various places and 2x in one place called Medulin👇💜👌🤩 last was in 2018 😭.
Whats your most favorite place that youve traveled

How often do you travel and for what reasons?

My family isn't that rich so I've barely gone on vacations when I was a kid, like 2 times in my entire childhood and only in southern france, and now that I live alone, I get enough money to travel if I wish to but I'm just not interested in going anywhere, I know it'd probably be fun and nice but I feel like it's not worth and in the end I'd rather stay at home and do whatever I want to do.
I try to get twice a year for a total of 4-6 weeks. Last couple of years it's been South East Asia a bunch of times. I stay home and work in midsummer because the sun is up for 18h anyway and I strive on sunlight. In the 6 darkest months is when I try to go twice because I hate the cold and the darkness.
I live in Zagreb, Croatia, if I drive I can be in Slovenia in 30 minutes, Austria, Hungary or Bosnia in 1hr30, Italy in 2 hrs... And there's reasonably priced public transport too. It's not really that much of a financial commitment, can be even worth it for shopping trips if particular products are cheaper somewhere else.
Once or twice a year. Been outside of Europe two times, Egypt when I was very little and the trip of my life to Sri Lanka not that long ago. When I move out and start earning something considerable, I'd rather switch to every other year to go somewhere more far away.
Twice a year. I usually devote a summer trip to Europe. Then a winter trip where I split time between Europe and somewhere else. Like this past December, it was the UAE /Netherlands (Leeuwarden and Zwolle). For pleasure and meeting up with people.
Think of it this way OP, statistically there are much less chances of something going wrong on a plane than there is on any other form of transportation. In comparison, anything driven on the road is a death trap.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.
Not since 2009, except for a quick trip to the USA a year ago by car, but I have bought a house and had two kids since then, now travel has gotten a lot more expensive and wasn't possible for a while. I seem to be the only guy I know with an IT job that never gets sent elsewhere for work or training.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.

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How much experience do you have with being on boats? Do you easily get seasick? 🤢⛵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I was 2x on the sea boat trip - in Greece and Croatia - and several times on the river motor boat here and I had more psychical than physical problem with it because I am afraid of deep water (bad swimmer) 🤦‍♀️🙄 Yesterday we were on such place where people have bult house-boats and they can ride their private motor boats around 👇
How much experience do you have with being on boats Do you easily get seasick

What are your 3 favourite countries? Why?

Croatia: my favorite country in the world, I moved there when I was very young and left again when I was still pretty young but we lived in a massive house outside Zagreb right next to a castle called Medvedgrad. Most beautiful country I've ever visited or lived in. I'm not just talking about Zagreb- Dubrovnik, Split, etc. are all great too although I personally love Zagreb the most because of the people, among other things. There are cafes and pizzerias everywhere as well as a fantastic downtown area, which are filled with incredibly humble and friendly people. Also, one of my favorite memories of Zagreb was going downtown on Saturday mornings with my father and buying pins from the street vendors. South Africa: one of the coolest countries I've been to, such a wide array of different landscapes and cities. The highlights for me are Capetown and Kruger National Park, I've never seen anything like those places. USA: having lived here for several years now I've grown to really love this place despite its shortcomings. As with South Africa, the country varies widely between different places and my favorite area is probably the entire western area, i.e. AZ, NM, CO, UT, WY, etc. Russia - beautiful and majestic, wonderful people, some of the most interesting history in modern times, good public transport, museums, nature, neat language. It's different enough to be interesting but not as crazy different as Asia and if there's one guarantee, it's that I'll never get bored there. France - best food in Europe, decent climate, great scenery, architecture, museums, beautiful language, a diverse range of cities and villages, cool and chill people with a goofy sense of humour, seemingly the most optimal balance of business and pleasure. UK - Brits are our kin who won the genetic lottery when it comes to being funny. Feels like home but with actual history, and there's barely any adjustment required. Great comedy, music and modern culture, idyllic countryside, pubs and a good variety of cuisine in most cities. Italy - Truth be told I've never been further south than Rome, but the places I've been - Genoa, Bologna, Florence, among others - I have met friendly, down to earth people with a sense of humour, beautiful old architecture, lots of culture, and great food. Italian is easy to learn if you took Latin in high school. Best national anthem in the world. Bosnia and Hercegovina - A country with a lot of problems, sadness, and the burden of history, but also a country where people just try to make the best of it, relax, and get along with life. Thanks to Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, this region is truly a cultural crossroad, for better or worse, and not only shows us what happens when we reject eachother; it also shows us what can happen when we embrace eachother. Germany - So familiar yet different, home away from home. Thanks to its size and geographical location, it has many beautiful diverse landscapes and variations of architecture.

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What countries would you like to visit?

Netherlands, Jamaica (again), France, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and Venezuela. Are the countries I would love to visit.
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What's your favorite way to travel? Why? What's the longest stretch you've travelled said way? 🚘🚄🚲🛳🛩

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I prefer traveling by car 🚗 because we can stop where we want and we are not depending on other people 😅...... the longest journey by car were to Croatia - around 700 km - probably 12 x during our family life (Croatian Sea is the nearest sea to Slovakia so Slovaks call it "Our Sea" 😋) - always my husband was driving and it always takes around 12 hours - we usually have just some 4 short breaks for stretching and eating and we use to travel at night from 11pm till 11 am. 😊 Next plan is summer 2022.
Whats your favorite way to travel Why Whats the longest stretch youve travelled

What's your favorite way to travel? Why? What's the longest stretch you've travelledsaid way? 🚘🚄🚲🛳🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
By car ✨ I’m afraid of airplanes 😂 I don’t know why, but I trust our car the most.
My longest journey was with my old class mates, we drove by bus, which was sooo old and slowly. Everytime we put on the air conditioner, the engine failed 🤦🏽‍♀️
We needed 11 hours to croatia 🙄 (my parents and I needed 5 😂)

No no no married life is good but finecial bit down, and it huge for middle class family, Anyway hows your life going after lockdown

Quite normal life, our team split into 2 groups which cant meet each other and we change every 2 weeks in office and working from home is allowed too - it will be till end of this year in this way - but I like working from home ? .... in shops and means of public transport we must wear masks and my daughter had all exams of University online ia computer at home. And because of corona we were not so brave to travel for holiday to Croatia this summer so I miss sea ? .... we spent 2 weeks in Slovakia in our Slovak hills and forests?

Ali ovo za naglaske bukvalno pretačno, mi kad smo iz Mančestera otišli u Lids bukv pola ih razumjeli nismo šta pričaju, stvarno su im naglasci nerealni pogotovo u Lidsu prečudno i prebrzo pričaju da to nije realno a u Šefildu recimo tako sporo pričaju mogu 3 osobe pretući dok oni rečenicu izgovore?

RealMadridCF_1902’s Profile PhotoReal Madrid C.F.
Nisam znala da si bila u Engleskoj, kako je bilo? I da, naglasci im jesu čudni jako, ja sam gledala nešto o tome u jednoj emisiji. Tako blizu žive a ne razumiju se hahah. ??‍♀️
- Plitvice, Croatia ?
Ali ovo za naglaske bukvalno pretačno mi kad smo iz Mančestera otišli u Lids
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Koliko osoba te prate na asku, koliko imas prijatelja na fb, a koliko osoba ti pratis na instagramu ? Ako zelis napisi ili slikaj ??

ledenakraljica9990’s Profile PhotoIce Queen(Savetizasve)
Ovdje me prati 1033, facebook ne koristim više, a na insta pratim 254. ?
- Dubrovnik, Croatia ?
Koliko osoba te prate na asku koliko imas prijatelja na fb a koliko osoba ti

Ovo me podsjeca na kucice koje se nalaze na Plitvicama i mislim da poslije ovog svega idem s prijateljem tamo i iskreno can't wait! Priroda i ta jednostavnost i ljepota uhhhh???

arrowxteenwolf’s Profile Photoi'll sugαr mαmα you
Joj povedi i mene molim te, ne bih ja vama smetala, ja ću negdje viriti iz žbunja nekog haha. ?
Inače, moja mama obožava Plitvice i tamo je išla kad je bila mlađa i po njenim pričama, svaki put se oduševi kao da je prvi put. Trebala sam ići u augustu jer sam svakako imala u planu Hrvatsku, zatim sam trebala u Italiju, ali trenutna situacija nam je svima uništila planove ove godine! ??
[ Plitvice, Croatia ]
Ovo me podsjeca na kucice koje se nalaze na Plitvicama i mislim da poslije ovog
+4 answers in: “jesu tebi ljepša neka mirna mjesta, zelenilo, priroda ili veliki gradovi gdje je uvijek sve živo??”

4* Ona je jako luta na mene... I don't know sta da kazem.. Mozda sam vinovna.. Mozda bije trebalo tako da postupim ali sta da radim sve pravim kao ona zele i sve joj davam ali sad je neko moje zdravje u pitanje i nisam mogla.. Sta da joj kazem? Sry za moje velike greske ja nisam iz Croatia ?????

Nema veze za greske, sve sam razumjela hah.
Za takvo nesto bi se naljutilo dijete od 4 godine, a ne vec prilicno zrela djevojka. Ti si se samo brinula za svoje zdravlje i ucinila si ono sto je u tom trenutku bilo najbolje. Tako i ti njoj objasni, kad razmisli o svemu tome shvatit ce te. I zapamti: nikad nemoj radit sve sto ti drugi kazu, imaj svoje ja i postupaj onako kako ti mislis da je najbolje.❤☘
4 Ona je jako luta na mene I dont know sta da kazem Mozda sam vinovna Mozda bije

Ramona is a total upgrade from Eliza. She really pretty & also sweet af. Eliza wasn't even pretty plus she was constantly angry & so mean for no reason

All true but Ramona is going back to Croatia in like 9 days so we can't get together
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Trebuia sa se dea balonul doar pe calitati individuale/goluri, nu ci si pe trofee. Uite exemplu. Pai Daca croatia il avea pe modric accidentat si nu juca nici la real, mai lua? real si croatia inseamna modric ? putea sa marcheze in finala ucl marcelo si la croatia in finala portaru spre exemplu.

ShaggyScoobyDoo’s Profile PhotoScooby
👏👏👏 exact așa văd și eu lucrurile ! Balonul de aur nu se acordă pentru un meci că altfel câștiga Ronaldo datorită prestației pe care a avut în Portugalia 3 - 3 Spania , nu se datorează unei prestații mediocre a Argentinei în fața Franței , Balonul de aur se acordă pentru prestația fotbalistică individuală a unui jucător pe parcursul anului ! Și acela părerea mea , era Mbappé . A explodat anul ăsta . Bun , a câștigat Modriç dar când au meritat fotbaliști precum : Xavi , Snijder , Iniesta , Ribery 🤷🏽‍♂️ Modriç nu este peste acești fotbaliști , niciodată ! Dar mna , Perez 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

a luat si modric ala balonu ca sa fie egalitate intre messi si ronaldo:)))) si anu viitor ia sa vezi. cine? mbappe/neymar:))) pai de ce nu a luat mbappe anu asta? ca nu e de limita de varsta. el a luat cm cu franta. dar nu a luat ucl cu psg. modric a luat ca era la real si croatia a fost finalista..

ShaggyScoobyDoo’s Profile PhotoScooby
Păi uite Grizemann , a luat Supercupa Europei cu Atletico + Campionatul Mondial , deci era demn de câștigarea Balonului de aur :)) sau dacă nu , îți dau exemplul jucătorului care a luat tot , Raphael Varane și Champions cu Madrid și Campionat Mondial cu Franța . Fură mult nenea Perez 😂 da exact , la fel zic și eu , Mbappé împlinește anul ăsta 18 ani , să vezi că îl va lua el sau Neymar . Probabil e făcut totul să rămână egalitate între Messi și Ronaldo :))

Saznala sam zahvaljujuci tebi, ne znam puno toga istina, ali vidim da ulazes puno truda i LJUBAVI? u sve to i bilo bi neljudski nepostivati tvoj rad. :) svatko tko to ne vidi niti ne postiva, dijete je, nezreo. Puno pozdrava iz Hrvatske. ?

Much love for Croatia from Bosnia!!!! ???
Uvijek su nekako ljudi iz Hrvatske na asku bili puni podrške u najgorim momentima, i iako bih rijetko vidjela da je neko iz Hrv inače, demantovali bi me kad mi je bilo najpotrebnije, hvala puno! ❤

Noć je. Zamisli da ti je nešto prosvijetlilo kroz prozor. Otvorio/la si prozor i ugledao/la jaku svjetlost ispred kuće/zgrade. Hoćeš li izići van i provjeriti šta je to?

Selma27201’s Profile Photoselkø
halo? croatia airlines? ocu let za 5minuta u Osijek hahahaha
jk aa ne bih sigurno neg bih rekla tati da se nest mice i svijetli vani i da nisam sigurna da su to susjedi
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Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall increasingly likely over north-northeastern Italy, parts of Slovenia and Croatia this weekend

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
The approaching deep trough and the associated frontal system is setting up to produce an episode of severe weather across the northern Mediterranean region this weekend. Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall are expected.
Source: more: http://www.severe-weather.eu/mcd/severe-thunderstorms-and-torrential-rainfall-increasingly-likely-over-north-northeastern-italy-parts-of-slovenia-and-croatia-this-weekend%C2%B8/
Severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall increasingly likely over
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Ден 22: Пътуване Обичаш ли да пътуваш? Коя страна си посещавал/а? А коя би искал/а да посетиш? Прикачи снимка! Приятен ден!

Silvi_Panova’s Profile PhotoMiss. S.
ayoo ;з
× ♡ I love traveling.. 🐼
× ♡ I have visited many countries - Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia ... 🍁
× ♡ Until a few months ago I dreamed of visiting Turkey, but in September this dream will come true. 📷🔚
baii, queenie. 💙
Ден 22 Пътуване
Обичаш ли да пътуваш Коя страна си посещавала А коя би искала да

It was a very exciting match, unfortunately, Croatia lost. I was backing them because they were the underdogs. I'm happy for France though.

hakimnaved’s Profile PhotoHakim Freethinker
Oh, I'm sorry that your favourites lost, then. :( But I'm glad if it was a good match. That is often the most important thing. I know my English colleagues were saying that their team seemed not to do their best in their own match with Croatia. It was almost like throwing the game in a sense, a bit of a wasted chance. I'm glad the final was much more exciting! :) I would have liked Croatia to win, too, but that has the ridiculous, completely unrelated reason that I think it's a beautiful country, not because of their football. :D
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Are you happy France won? i think the world cup this year is the worst in history specially when Deutschland lost

I wouldn’t say happy satisfied maybe coz France deserves to win.. they took out big teams such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium Meanwhile Croatia played a respectful tournament but they played against humble teams like Russia, Denmark, England
And I wouldn’t consider this version of the World Cup as the worst.. it was full of surprises and no way near any predictions.
And as for Germany I’ve predicted that they’ll disqualify from the group stages because they seem from their friendly matches they were out of form.

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