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what insecurity holds you back the most?

Not enough money!😬 These cruise ships which are visiting my town every summer are full of people in age 60 - 80 who fulfill their travel dreams. (btw @SimonHess all 3 were from CH! 😁) Me in their age will be "happy" to spend all my saved noney for everyday rent and meal! 🤷‍♀️😅
what insecurity holds you back the most

If you got the opportunity to go on an all expense paid for cruise with 5 people from Ask, who would you take? 🤣🤣😁

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I don't want to upset anyone, but connections form naturally. 🤭
I'd love to take everyone, though.
My favourite - @LarryStylestomlinson436
My oldest 'friend' - @redoasis2017
Not a single bad vibe, plus, we're already going on another cruise. 🤭 @jansfort
Even though she's not on ask, I know she will come with me 🥺😅 @AdrianaRafaela98
I'd love to get to know you more on this cruise ship. 😃
💕I'm sorry for the annoying tags, please don't drop coins, I don't need them. 😵‍💫🙈🤭💕

If you got the opportunity to go on an all expense paid for cruise with 5 people from Ask, who would you take? 🤣🤣😁

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Hahaha it changes with time 😂. Every year someone new and interesting appeares here 😁. It would be nice to meet some of these people personaly💕👍 After checking my list from last 9 years it would be around 30 people, some are not active here so much as before, but we are in touch in other apps. It would be hard to tag just 5 of them😅.

If you got the opportunity to go on an all expense paid for cruise with 5 people from Ask, who would you take? 🤣🤣😁

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
It's very difficult to choose someone, most likely you and @Trololo_njan @whitelila @HelgaLise @MazenukeaTrekaila @Fire_vortex18
If you got the opportunity to go on an all expense paid for cruise with 5 people

Hi I asked her out In person, would you like to meet for sports and dinner She blushed and said,I'm sure we can arrange something on WhatsApp.its been 3 days and havent text once nor has she.Should I give her more time.Bad online, but better in person.Thankyou Write your answer...

Hannesja’s Profile PhotoHannesja
You Fuktup , Hannesja . . . .
You need to hurry back to read the man-U-el , you know, the one that tells you what to doooooo . . . .
And , YOU , need to blush , get some colour in your cheeks & complexion ~ from your profile pic, you look o-so grey .
(now when you fukup ~ you stay clear . Anymore will be criminal harassment !)
BTW , was her name 'Debora' by any chance ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyP_C3chI9Aigotamatch’s Video 174188082042 NyP_C3chI9Aigotamatch’s Video 174188082042 NyP_C3chI9A
(STRICTLY hypothetical, now)
I took my fantasy to Deborah
You know she's always been a friendly girl
You'll see her cruise the Picadilly streets
And she winks at every man she meets
I've been a fan of hers for quite a time
I tried to pull her with a bummer line
I asked her would she like a cigarette
And she said let's go to bed
('cause that's what you want)
And so I went
And I was shocked
I was so green
Ground I wish you'd swallow me up
She had to laugh
I nearly died
Some Superstud!
There's more to this than meets the eye
I hurried back to read the manual through
You know the one that tells you what to do
But all I needed was the confidence
To start and break the ice
Experience would be a boon for life
And Debbie smiled as I came strolling by
I said I'd like to have a second shot
And I'd give it all I've got
And with a twinkle in her eye
She led me by the hand
Through a door to a room
Above a Soho restaurant
And she smiled and told me
Not to look so serious
But by the time she'd talked me down
I was delerious, I was away
I had to window shop in Amsterdam
But down the Troubador in Hollywood
I found a lover who was bold enough
To live my fantasy (this isn't a dream)
I was away
Up in the blue
How you gonna make it in a jet
The need to shock
Was coming through
Where would it end
You'll never know

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Hi I asked her out In person would you like to meet for sports and dinner She

Erinnerst du dich mit allen Sinnen? (Falls nein, mit welchen?)

Fea3li’s Profile PhotoYunikäfer
Da dominiert, warum auch immer, der Geruchsinn.
Gewisse Parfumdüfte und ich sehe sofort Personen vor mir, gemähtes Gras und ich bin im Garten meiner Oma usw. Ich bin selbst erstaunt wie schnell mir das dann passiert, zumal ich mich nie als "Geruchsmensch" identifizieren würde.
Auf Platz 2: Das Gehör. Ich bin absolut der auditive Lerntyp. Einfach den Krempel laut vorlesen und mitsprechen, egal ob Unikram oder Goethes Zauberlehrling. Bumms, im Hirn. Wurde selbst einmal davon überrannt als ich mit einem Kumpel "Krieg der Welten" auf DVD schaute (da geben die bösen Alienschiffe ein dröhnendes Warnsignal ab bevor sie auf die Menschen ballern). Jedenfalls ging ich WOCHEN SPÄTER durch die Stadt, ein LKW hupte an der Kreuzung exakt in dieser Tonlage und ernsthaft, mein Herz hat minimum einen Schlag ausgesetzt. Hat ein paar Minuten gedauert bis ich geschnallt habe was mich da genau getriggert hat, aber das war tatsächlich das Geräusch aus diesem verdammten Film!
Seitdem hab ich Angst vor hupenden LKWs also danke für nix, Tom Cruise!

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If you have a pet, what's the funniest thing you've seen them do? If you don't have a pet, have you seen any other animals do something funny?😹

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Since no one cared about my dream, I'm going to tell it here.
So I had this dream where I was on a huge cruise ship and I made me some tea. And I couldn't touch the big glass because it hurt (yup, I drink tea from a 0.5l glass). Once, twice, the third time- I woke up to my rabbit biting my finger. 😁 Apparently, she kept bit me for some pets.

A famous thing or place in your city ?

Athar_Lati’s Profile PhotoAthar Lati
Maybe our castle and UFO bridge. My city is mostly visited by two main groups of people 👉
1. By retirees from Austria who travel here on cruise river ships because of our cute historical center and good meal for lower prices 😁
2. Young men from England who use to have here farewells before the wedding and get drunk to the death in Irish pub 😂
A famous thing or place in your city

Any sexy stories to share from your recent cruise? Did you get to have some sexy fun?

It's always tough to fuck a crew member, as they're watched closely and if they are caught with a guest, they're usually left at the next port as per their contract.
That said, there's always sexual tension in a gym between the male dancers and guests like me who are in-shape and working out daily. I made it a point to hit the locker room after a lift to strip down and get some sauna or steam.
While nothing happened, it was pretty sexy just being able to cut the sexual tension with a knife. Opening your towel in a steam room, showing off a chubbed up dick and generally just being a egotistical tease can be fun in itself.

Que cosas o situaciones te ponen el corazón a mil por hora?

Que les pase algo a varias que quiero 👌The 🇺🇦, when the Russians lose they bomb Ukrainian cities with hundreds of cruise missiles, hypersonics, drones and planes ✨the video below a complete base with dozens of helicopters 🇷🇺bye❤️‍🔥, also the Jaliscos winning anywhere 😚 in Jalisco and CDMX I have spent a lot of time🍃 I have even lived ✨but I would like to live in Kiev link how the cowardly Russian army bombs civilians when they cannot win against the Ukrainian army https://youtu.be/0cD41N_3xMg?si=I-28s2G3WB9tZHRUGermanleyvajal’s Video 174334407032 0cD41N_3xMgGermanleyvajal’s Video 174334407032 0cD41N_3xMg
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Ayer fui a ver “The marvels” me decepcionó muchísimo 🥲🥲🥲 ¿Cual es la última peli que viste?

ttaniiiaa__’s Profile Phototania
La última que vi en el cine fue Misión Imposible: Sentencia Mortal Parte 1. Hay algo parecido a un argumento que sirve para enlazar escenas donde se ve Tom Cruise corriendo, saltando, peleando, trepando, deslizándose, haciendo carreras en coche, en moto, etc. Estoy ansiosa por ver la continuación, donde creo que tendré la oportunidad de ver a Tom Cruise corriendo, saltando, peleando, trepando, deslizándose, haciendo carreras en coche, en moto, etc. O sea, lo nunca visto. Que conste que me gustó.

What made you decide to go on a cruise to Alaska? What did you enjoy doing whilst you were out to sea & what ports did you stop at?

My parents were celebrating their anniversary with an Alaskan cruise, but they got a really good deal through their travel agent and ended up offering to bring me and my husband along as well, as a gift. It was my dream vacation so we were elated.
My favorite things to do when out at sea were watch whales/iceburgs pass by, and to knit in the window with a cocktail.
We started in Seattle, went to Juneau, then Skagway, then back south to Ketchikan, then VIctoria Canada.

hows everyones day going

It's a struggle but I have done all the things. Had to go clothes shopping with Jon for cruise essentials and also the grocery store. Cleaned up and did more laundry. Going to cook beef stir fry here in a little while.
hows everyones day going

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Probably back in October, when I got my septum pierced. Or a week later when I went on a river boat cruise on one of the Cumbrian lakes.
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Wie gehst du mit Einsamkeit um?👀

Wenn ich alleine bin telefoniere ich gerne oder ich gehe alleine in der Natur spazieren um meine Seele aufzutanken. Ansonsten cruise ich auch gerne mit dem Auto rum oder stehe mit dem Auto irgendwo und höre Musik und schaue in die Ferne.

I always hear stories from my parents and grandparents about their love. My Father took my Mother on a cruise to propose her. Why don't young people still do these things? No one’s ever took me on a cruise. Why is romance dead. I want to experience what vintage love is, like my ancestors.

You really think expensive gifts or trips are all that romance is? So nobody took you on a cruise, do they show up for you? Do they remember the little details about you? Do they hold your hand in public because they're proud to be seen with you? Do they compliment you when you aren't around to hear it because they genuinely love you? Do they drunk text you because even when they're out having fun, you're on their mind? Do they stay up all night talking to you because they enjoy your company? THAT is romance, THAT is love. Not money. You could have all the most expensive gifts and get cheated on and heartbroken. Money means nothing.

I always hear stories from my parents and grandparents about their love. My Father took my Mother on a cruise to propose her. Why don't young people still do these things? No one’s ever took me on a cruise. Why is romance dead. I want to experience what vintage love is, like my ancestors.

Sadly a stigma was put on romance. It's been made out that if anyone shows true love or romance, they're instantly deemed "weak" or some rubbish -_-
It's really stupid and honestly ridiculous lol
I always hear stories from my parents and grandparents about their love My

Alcohol is cool, but have you ever had someone care for you? Me neither pass the bottle.

so listen y'all. The cruise lines don't always include alcohol anymore? They expect me to pay $120/per DAY for me and my partner to be able to access decent drink options without paying outrageous a la carte prices

Have you ever taken a Disney cruise?

BonesAngela’s Profile Photo#SWEET
No never been on any cruise heard a true life story a girl was kidnapped from a cruise n she was with her family, the family asked the people who work on the ship to help them find her they said no cause they would ruin they’re business, so if ever going on a cruise it’s best to only go with someone not alone 💯

hey its all good no stress, im okay bit tired aww sounds fun are you going with your bf x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Yes, I'm going to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. I can't wait! We're going in March because it was cheaper, but we already have a ton of stuff planned. We'll be going to the Anne Frank House, different museums, the zoo, bars and restaurants, something called A'dam Lookout, a canal cruise and we'll be visiting the red light district. It's gonna be so fun! 🇳🇱

O nome de um filme para curtir sexta a noite?

A Filha Perdida
O Páramo
Não Olhe pra Cima
7 Prisioneiros
Quanto Vale?
Um Ninho Para Dois
O Culpado
O Tigre Branco
Uma aventura lunática. / Aladdin.
A mulher na janela
Awake / Fuja / Cruella / Logan / Coringa
Moxie - Quando as Garotas Vão à Luta
Enola Holmes
Relatos do Mundo
Jungle Cruise / Viúva Negra / Mulan
O Segundo Homem
Naquele fim de semana
O Projeto Adam
O Lado Bom da Vida
Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 1, 2 e 3
O nome de um filme para curtir sexta a noite

Would you ever travel to the Bermuda Triangle? 🇧🇲🔺

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJ
Well it’s really not a destination so much as an area of coordinates where as you know mysterious disappearances are said to happen. I’ve flown through it a number of times while going on vacations, and one time on a cruise ship. No problem. :)
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Czy do zagrania Jacka i Rose był brany pod uwagę ktoś inny?

SpearsPhotos’s Profile PhotoBritney Spears Polska
Do roli Jacka rozpatrywani byli między innymi: Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Dorff, Ethan Hawke, Christian Bale, Tom Cruise i Chris O'Donnell, ale podobno Cameron od początku chciał do tej roli Leonardo. Pasował mu idealnie.
Jeśli chodzi o Rose rozważano znacznie większą liczbę aktorek, np. (podam te bardziej znane) Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Rachel Weisz, Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone czy Izabella Scorupco. Były też takie panie, ktore już otrzymały propozycję zagrania, ale ją odrzuciły z różnych powodów. Przykładowo Gabrielle Anwar nie zagrała, bo nie spodobał jej się scenariusz, a Robin Tunney odmówiła ze względu na sceny nagości.

Dzień dobry, czy możecie mi polecić jakiś drugi wizerunek? :3

pistanthro_phobia’s Profile PhotoAѕlan ⠀₍ ♠ ₎⠀ Paşa
no pewnie, już szukam kogoś odpowiedniego dla naszego dzielnego lwa :D
↪ David Oakes,
↪ Eddie Redmayne
↪ Bradley James
↪ Eric Bana
↪ François Arnaud
↪ Jacob Collins-Levy
↪ Jamie Dornan
↪ Jonathan Bailey
↪ Aidan Turner
↪ Tom Cruise
↪ Sam Heughan
↪ Tom Hughes
↪ Robert Pattinson
I propozycje H, bo mi podwaliła pytanie xd
↪ Luke Evans
↪ Michiel Huisman
↪ Clive Standen
↪ Craig Parker ( w "Mieczu Prawdy" też ma takie dłuższe włosy, jak w przypadku Twojego obecnego wizu ;) )
↪ George Blagden
//H & Q

Poproszę ciekawostki zza kulis Cry-Baby.

💧Innymi aktorami rozważanymi do roli Wade'a byli Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. i Jim Carrey.
💧Johnny po pierwszym przeczytaniu scenariusza uznał go za dziwny i zabawny. Zdecydował się jednak przyjąć tytułową rolę jako część swojej misji zerwania z wizerunkiem idola nastolatek, który został mu przypięty po udziale w "21 Jump Street".
💧Ani Johnny, ani partnerująca mu Amy Locane nie zaśpiewali w filmie. W rzeczywistości to James Intveld i Rachel Sweet śpiewają partie odpowiednio Wade'a i Allison.

Do you buy lotto tickets? It’s over $1 billion now (mega millions) for tomorrow’s drawing. After taxes, it’s $400,000,000. I bought 5 so if I win, we’re all going on a cruise

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
Scratchers for amusement. A lotto pick maybe 3-4x a year. I’ll try to buy Mega Millions Fri before the drawing. If I win, HOOKERS and BLOW for all my regular Ask.fm crew!

How do you keep a woman/girl happy?

In order to keep your girlfriend/wife/high school sweetheart happy, do good things for her. Offer to make dinner for her, make a cake or something for her birthday. (Don’t forget to make a card!). After you’ve done some of those things, take yourself and your lover out on a movie night or go on a cruise, eat out at a nice restaurant, etc. Think of all those nice things your own Mom has given you.

Jamila you said that you like Bali a lot and I want to go there can help me and tell me what best things to do there and how to arrange my stay?

I don’t like Bali, I LOVE Bali, it’s my favorite destination in the whole world 💞
This really depends on your preferences but I could give you the overall picture and you could decide how to plan your trip.
The island central part is called Kuta, this is where you can stay in a modest hotel that won’t cost you much, and if you are into surfing there is a great beach there for surfing and they have all the stuff that you would need, there are also many malls in the area.
If you want a more luxurious stay, you could stay in a private villa in the Seminyak area, it has many amazing villas with private pools and stuff like that, and the area has many shopping malls too, there is also a beautiful beach there where you could have a romantic dinner if you’re traveling with your loved one.
If you like temples you could go to the Ubud area, it has many temples that are beautiful and are very high above the ground where you could have an amazing view of the ocean, and there is a monkey forest there where you can walk among monkeys but take care of your stuff like hats and phones because they really snatch stuff out of your hands 😅.
There are many other attractions that you could try on the island like the Bali Swing where you swing between the trees on swings that have many heights up to 80 meters I think, so you could choose the suitable one for you but regardless you would have an amazing view.
If you are into water parks, they have Waterbom Bali, it’s like one of the largest aqua parks in Asia and they have many many amazing and thrilling rides.
If you like adventures, there are many treehouses where you can swing between tress using zip lines or even swing between them like Tarzan 😄 there is also rafting where you could raft in a fast river for like 2 hours and you could get out of the raft for some time to enjoy a beautiful waterfall and it’s so fun, also there is the ATV ride where you could explore caves and waterfalls on your ATV.
You could get on a cruise tour and go to one of the islands around Bali and enjoy your day there where you could do many water activities like banana boats or parasailing and other stuff, you could do there the sea walking where you literally walk in the depth of the water with a group of people and see the different beautiful fishes and other sea life down there.
I tried to give you an overall picture as much as I could but there are literally many other things to do so if you are interested in knowing more just send me using your username and I could give you more details and help you arrange your trip, good luck ✌🏻

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Un uomo alto 1.65 non sarà mai un bel ragazzo Perché l'uomo deve avere il fisico giusto e l'altezza giusta per dare protezione ad una ragazza.

Protezione di che cosa esattamente? In un mondo dove esistono armi di ogni tipo.. ci provo lo stesso a spiegartelo anche se dubito che qualcuno come te sia dotato di un minino di intelligenza, in vita mia ne ho viste di ogni, soprattutto ragazzi alti che se la tiravano per il semplice fatto di essere alti sbattuti poi per terra da ragazzi più bassi perché avevano praticato arti marziali.. a parole sono tutti bravi ma contano i FATTI.. quello che hai scritto se hai le pa..e vallo a dire a Tom Cruise o a Kevin Hart persone che tu probabilmente non raggiungeresti nemmeno in 2 vite; questa storia di dire così a quelli bassi è puro razzismo ma la società ancora non se ne rende conto perché uno basso non può cambiare la sua altezza proprio come uno di colore non può cambiare la sua pelle, però in un caso ti danno del razzista assoluto mentre nell’altro è socialmente accettato deriderlo vero?
L’importante non è l’altezza ma ESSERE ALL’ALTEZZA.. forse se ci provi e ci pensi ci arrivi sempre se la tua stup....tà non ti blocca del tutto anche se ne dubito 🙂
E tanto per la cronaca la prossima volta che decidi di sparare str....te almeno mettici la faccia.. GG
Think it over! ✨

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Cruise sono qualcosa come 10 anni che non vede sua figlia perché l'ha fatta con la donna da cui ha divorziato e a quando pare la sua "religione" vieta ciò

Motivo per il quale ho una pessima opinione di lui. Gli uomini che si disinteressano dei propri figli per me sono all'ultimo posto nella scala dell'umanità

هو لو راجل لقى بنت مميزة مختلفة فيها كل الصفات الراقية ورقيقة وجميلة بس جمال محدود مش الجمال اللي رسمه في دماغه من كتر اللي بيشوفه على السوشيال ميديا .. ممكن الراجل يقبل بالجمال الشكلي المحدود قصاد عشقه لجمالها الداخلية؟

هو الجمال اللي بتشوفوا علي السوشيل ميديا ٩٠٪؜ منه fake .. يا filters يا عمليات تجميل ..
طالما شكلها مقبول و انت متقبله يبقي هيا حلوه .. و حتي لو كانت ملكة جمال العالم فجمالها ده مش هيدوم
فلو تفكيرك هيفضل كده انت مش هيملي عينك اي واحده مهما كان جمالها عامل ازاي ..
و معلش هل انت Tom Cruise ؟!

Są jakieś role które Johnny sam odrzucił?

Trochę tego jest 😅:
🔹 Ferris Bueller - „Wolny dzień Ferrisa Buellera”. Z powodu kolizji ze zdjęciami do filmu „Pluton”, Johnny postanowił zrezygnować. Zastapił go Matthew Broderick.
🔹Brian McCaffrey - „Ognisty podmuch”. Johnny zrezygnował z tej roli, żeby zagrać w „Edwardzie Nożycorękim”. Rola przypadła Williamowi Baldwinowi.
🔹 Jack Traven - „Speed”. Ostatecznie zagrał Keanu Reeves.
🔹 Lestat de Lioncourt - „Wywiad z wampirem” (niepotwierdzone). Zagrał Tom Cruise.
🔹 Sean Archer - „Bez twarzy”. Johnny był przekonany, że to film o hokeju (angielski tytuł „Face/Off”- „face off” oznacza wznowienie gry w hokeju) 🤣 Po przeczytaniu scenariusza okazało się, że hokeja tam nie ma, więc Johnny porzucił projekt. Jego miejsce zajął John Travolta.
🔹 Jack Dawson - „Titanic”. Tak, Johnny miał zagrać innego Jacka na statku 😝 Rola nie przypadła mu jednak do gustu i zamiast niego zagrał Leonardo DiCaprio.
🔹 Neo - „Matrix”. Johnny był pierwszym wyborem Wachowskich do tej roli, ale zrezygnował ze względu na pełny grafik. Ponownie zamiast niego zagrał Keanu Reeves.
🔹 Hrabia Olaf - „Seria Niefortunnych Zdarzeń”. Johnny opuścił projekt, gdy Tim Burton zrezygnował z jego wyreżyserowania. Rolę dostał Jim Carrey.
🔹 John Smith - „Pan i Pani Smith”. Johnny zrezygnował, żeby zagrać w filmie „Charlie i fabryka czekolady”. Ostatecznie zagrał Brad Pitt.
🔹 Jack „Jackie Boy” Rafferty - „Sin City: Miasto grzechu”. Johnny ponownie zrezygnował ze względu na przepełniony grafik. Jego miejsce zajął Benicio del Toro.

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What would you do with $44 billion?

Jeez I can't even imagine! There would definitely be a fair chunk of charitable donations and sharing out that wealth amongst the poorest people. I'd also like to give grants to people to access private counselling and psychotherapy. I'd also be making sure my family were all financially secure and for my part I'd be booking a Mediterranean cruise, getting my garden landscapes and house done up, buying a new car and a hot tub. It's insane to think I'd have enough to do all I can think of that even if with even 1% of that! I personally think it is obscene any one person has this much money while others starve to death.

Einige wenige Filme/Serien fand ich beim zweiten Mal schauen sogar noch besser als beim ersten Mal. Gibt es für dich persönlich auch Filme/Serien, bei denen das auf dich zutrifft? Welche sind das?

LukasSteigerwald’s Profile PhotoLukas
Magnolia (1999) von PTA fand ich beim ersten Mal supergut, aber das Ende etwas komisch. Nun finde ich mich jährlich irgendwie den Film wiedersichten und habe ihn inzwischen total ins Herz geschlossen. Über drei Stunden lang und für mich sicherlich PTAs Meisterwerk. Tom Cruise als Red Piller ist einfach nur die Höhe.
Oldboy (2003) von Park Chan-wook war einer meiner ersten koreanischen Filme, und daher ist viel der Filmsprache noch an mir vorbeigegangen. Nachdem er sich zu einem meiner Lieblingsregisseure gemausert hat, habe ich den Film auch noch viele Male gesehen und liebe ihn inzwischen bedingungslos.
Ähnlich verhält es sich bei vielen der kinderfreundlicheren Ghibli-Filme, auch bei Mamoru Oshiis Filmen und bei Akira - die habe ich so früh gesehen. Jetzt, wo ich mit Anime und Animation wirklich sehr viel Erfahrung habe, habe ich erst realisiert, was für phänomenale Ausnahmewerke Filme wie Ghost in the Shell und Akira sind, oder Serien wie Cowboy Bebop.
Jim Jarmuschs Night on Earth (1991)! Fand ich anfangs mit jedem Kurzfilm etwas weniger cool, und am Ende etwas planlos. Rewatche ihn aber jährlich, weil der New Yorker Abschnitt allein so genial ist, und habe die Schönheit darin endlich erkannt. Mit jedem Kurzfilm wird die Nacht später, und die Begegnungen entsprechend... auch müder, irgendwie. Das ist einfach ein toller Film, gerade, wenn man selbst etwas müde ist.
Andrei Tarkovskys Ouvre ebenso. Damals war ich einfach noch nicht bereit für langsam erzähltes Kino, das auch noch als älteren Jahren ist. Jetzt, wo ich alte Filme sehr gern sehe, und auch überwiegend (noch dazu deutlich älter als 1960 oder sonst was), bin ich total daran gewöhnt, mehr entschleunigt. Seine intuitive Art, Filme zu drehen, findet bei mir "mit dem Alter" genau wie Terrence Malick und Wong Kar Wai immer ein Stückchen mehr Anklang. Sehr schön.
Serientechnisch vermute ich, dass mir eine Wiedersichtung von Twin Peaks die Serie völlig zur Offenbarung macht. Sie ist der große Bruder meiner Lieblingsserie The Leftovers, und gerade ihre surrealsten Momente sind TL am ähnlichsten, aber damals fand ich es einfach zu lang und teils etwas banal. Inzwischen vermisse ich das Städtchen so sehr, dass ich mir sicher bin, mich über jede geteilte Minute damit mehr zu freuen.
Zuletzt Breaking Bad, das ich zweimal abgebrochen hatte, obwohl es so gut gedreht und gespielt war, weil's mich in der dritten Staffel immer wieder verloren hat. Habe es irgendwann zur vierten geschafft und war dann vollends sprachlos glücklich, das Meisterwerk endlich so richtig zu fühlen.

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Jakieś propozycje wizerunków, które by się wpasowały?

Myślę, że tutaj naprawdę nie ma ograniczeń i wszystko zależy od Twojego gustu!
Jeśli miałbym jednak kogoś wymieniać, chętnie podrzucę takie inspiracje:
◦ tom holland, RDJ, chris evans, chris hemsworth, tom hiddleston, chris pratt, sebastian stan (!), aaron tyler-johnson, anthony mackie, taika waititi, richard madden, josh holloway, matthew fox, naveen andrews, daniel dae kim, ian somerhalder, will smith, leonardo dicaprio, tom cruise, johnny depp, joaquin phoenix, keanu reeves, bradley cooper, ryan reynolds;

◦ scarlet johansson, brie larson, melissa benoist, elizabeth olsen, natalie portman (!), zoe salanda (!), evangeline lilly, emilie de ravin, rebecca mader, jennifer lawrence, charlize theron, cate blanchett, kate winslet, julia roberts, sandra bullock, jessica chastain.

Są to oczywiście propozycje z pamięci, ale może ktoś uzna, że któryś wizerunek został stworzony akurat dla niego! Razem z @INSIDEOVT serdecznie zachęcamy do pojawienia się, na pewno każdy śmiałek zostanie ciepło powitany. ❤️

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¡Sábado cinéfilo! (Sí, soy yo, no soy un bot 😂) vuelvo a preguntar después de mucho. Hoy quiero que pienses en tu película favorita o una película que te guste y me nombres o expliques tu escena favorita de dicha peli. 🎬

Madre mía! Con lo cinéfila que soy me resulta imposible elegir una sola película o una única escena!🎬
El vuelo en avioneta por el Masai Mara de "MEMORIAS DE ÁFRICA",
cuando Scarlett O'Hara llega a la plantación de "Tara" y descubre que ha desaparecido Todo lo que tenía en la vida pero decide plantar cara a la adversidad y jura por Dios que no va a rendirse en "LO QUE EL VIENTO SE LLEVÓ" cuando Tom Cruise debe despedirse de Dustin Hoffman (su "hermano autista") en RAIN MAN,
cuando FORREST GUMP conoce a Jenny, cuando HACHICKO se reúne al fin con su dueño... 😢
Y de mi peli favorita (GLADIATOR) ¡me gusta todo!
La mano acariciando el trigo y las ganas de regresar a su hogar, su lema "Fuerza y Honor" su firme promesa de ajustar cuentas con el villano que le ha destrozado la vida, su Lealtad a sus Valores más allá de la Vida y la Muerte...
El asco que siente al principio por los que van a ver los combates "¿Os habéis divertido?" hasta el épico momento en que Rebela su Identidad y dice...

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Sábado cinéfilo Sí soy yo no soy un bot  vuelvo a preguntar después de mucho Hoy

Imagine you were on a cruise and your ship was heading straight for an iceberg, what would your reaction be?

... there is no way in hell you will get me on a cruise xD
I'm good! I prefer solid land beneath my feet!!
Imagine you were on a cruise and your ship was heading straight for an iceberg
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