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jaký předmět ve škole byl pro vás nejtěžší?

Matika byla vyučována stylem, jež mne uspával, tělocvik mě nikdy nenadchl svou zbytečnou snahou udělat ze mě atleta, místo toho, kdyby mě nechali hrát florball nebo baseball, tak bych určitě neměla tolik odporu.
Občanka a ekonomika byly v 90% napěchované zbytečným obsahem, jež nebyl použit dále než v testu.
Dějiny multimediální tvorby znamenaly hodiny nuceného koukání na polodementní konceptuální umění zachycené videoartem za hýkání a mňoukaní Yoko Ono. Kdy látku vyprávěla slovenka co za každé třetí nebo čtvrté slovo dávala "čiže".
100 % docházka, zápočtový test a prezentace na vybrané téma.
Každej tam chodil hrát candy crush a zahodit 2 hodiny svého času za 10 kreditů a snaha neusnout byla místy až nemožná, kdežto "čiže" bylo nekonečné.
Nejhorší semestr na vysoký. Ten předmět slečna docentka umístila na 19.00 až 21.00 h
A připomínám DOCHÁZKA 100%

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Come faccio a farmi considerare da crush, che è sempre pieno di ragazzine intorno?

Per farti considerare dalla tua crush, brilla con la tua luce unica. Mentre è circondata da tante altre persone, sii autentico, gentile e mostra ciò che ti rende speciale. Parla con il cuore, trova momenti per connetterti in modo genuino e fai emergere la tua vera essenza. L'autenticità e la sincerità spesso catturano l'attenzione più di qualsiasi altra cosa

Lugar que mas te gusta? Lugar que menos te gusta? Anacleto o Casimiro? Calcetines o tobimedias? Perros calientes o wuafles? Panaderia o tortilleria? Eres alta,baja,mediana? Que tan flaca o seca estas? Cuanto mides?Que te gusta hacer en ratos de hocio? Corta uñas o afila garras?

TioCaras88’s Profile PhotoJerry Wakayoshi Romero
•La cuidad luego hay mucha gente. 🤧
•¿Esa es una comedia argentina?
•Me siento como la del cadaver de la novia.
•Escuchar música,ver edits, platicar con mi crush.
•Corta uñas lol.
Lugar que mas te gusta
Lugar que menos te gusta
Anacleto o Casimiro
Calcetines o

Damn welcome back you Ferrari fan idk that crush or you actually watch their racing because they are bad racing team now a days tho

SaadSaleem’s Profile PhotoSaad Saleem
Yeah they kinda suckks after 🇲🇨 gp but as a ferrari fan all i can say is ab to aadat c h…. I do like norris he’s doing greattttttt i mean i love everyone but verstappen.

List down the names of all your crushes from childhood till now.

Shaheer. Grade 3
Komail. Grade 4
Yahya. Grade 5
Faraz. Grade 6. ( the cutest one. I was his crush and he was mine. When we used to play hide and seek. He used to seek me first forgetting every one else. Bachpan ki muhabbat tha wo meri. 😂)
Subhan. Grade 9
Shafay. Grade 10 (an ask user)
And then i grew up. No more crushes after that other then in 2020. I met a young doctor when i had covid. 30/60 bp tha mera and he was flirting with me. I didn't even saw his face just eyes and they were so attractive. And damn the next two three days i was continuously obsessing over him talking to my bestie. That's it.

Who's your Korean celeb crush??

This man, Hwang Inyeop <3
I've only seen his 2 dramas but the chokehold he has on me. 😩 I have seen many actors after him who did such impressive acting and are really handsome but my heart doesn't allow me to see them the way it sees him.
Whos your Korean celeb crush

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

If the friendship is more important to you than your other feelings then you should just crush that crush and keep on being friends with them,IMO!

There's a million reasons why I should give you up, But the heart wants what it wants.

Reminds me of the time jb mjhe Selena Gomez pe itna shadeed crush hua tha k maine almost pura din iska "A year without rain" song repeat pe suna tha (ofcourse video).
Aur phir apnay Nokia 2800 classic mein iss ganay ki video 3gp format mein convert kr k bhi dekhta rehta tha.
Kya din thay bhaai sahab wo bhi.

You can't force your crush to love you.

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss multiverse
Sahi baat ha Sir.
Maine tou aik dafa apni crush ko facilitate krne k liye apnay insta username ki jagah direct apnay insta account ka link hi paste kr diya tha bio mein (real desperate I know) taake missy ko username search krne ki bhi diqqat na hou, click krte hi seedha meri profile mein naazil hou jayein magar khair..........

Do you still remember your first crush ?

Itslaurencim’s Profile Photo♕ ʆɑuʀɛɳ
Yep haha. Tyler. I was like 6 😂 kissed him on the cheek on the bus. Haha we were kids. Literally adorable tho. Then I remember Colby. Still friend with him to this day. He is well. Living up life. We was together when we was 9him him turning 10 I was maybe 11 haha cute.
1st crushes.

aku ada crush, kitaorang dah confess kat eachother but sekarang aku tak tau apa relay aku dengan dia sebab kitaorang tak ada communication, aku give effort tapi dia sebaliknya, at the same time aku ada bestfriend lelaki dia treat aku like someone special and aku pun lebih selesa dengan dia, so how?

quafiee’s Profile Photoafi
Then.. tanya dia are both of you tengah dalam relationship or not. This almost like playing around dah. It's a bit weird you both confess but didn't have any talk how to proceed.
About bestfriend tu... Please make up your mind. I mean, ask yourself.. If that crush is just a crush. Just like? Is it love? And yang rasa selesa itu just selesa or it's something else.
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There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

it's normal but trust me don't wait make a move otherwise you'll regret that you had time if you were just brave enough IF trust me this word messes up with your head real good

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

This "shy" person might be Lucifer himself if you check out his personal questions. Just saying. :))
I wish nothing but the best for you.

Have you ever done something embarrassing around a former crush?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I walked up to him and apologized for looking at him in class or if I acted weird somehow. I didn’t have to say anything but because I cared about the impression I gave off around him, I didn’t think it through. I then had the audacity to ask him another time again because I was really anxious in class again and was worried that he might’ve sensed it. He was done with me at that point since he didn’t even respond when I asked him the same question.

mention satu user askfm yang paling anda suka dan kenapa?

MaiSenget’s Profile Photonyet
Hm nak mention ramai..
Kita suka ramaii orang kat sini..
- walaupun dia dah tak aktif kat sini.. But still contact her.. gabisa hilang ini orang.. She holds too much secret..
Lagi lagi aku crush siapa.. Dan Updating her every day cause im single dimple mingle doodle. Tiber.
Suka baca apa dia tulis.. causee issa random thingss.. saya suka benda random.. Also kadang rasa boleh relate.. kadang kadang tak masuk logik akal.. entah tapi mostly random..
Suka juga dia ni sebab been years still same human being. Belum tukar jadi katak lagi.. good.. Kadang kadang Annoying.. Tapi nvm okay je nak hadap..
Suka bocil ni juga.. tetiba random chat... tetiba random merajuk.. Rollercoaster emotion dia ni. tapi overall dia baik.. Korang yang single.. boleh try dia ni.. "Bocil For sale".
Kat sini ramai orang yang baik baik.. kitaaa sukaa orang baik.. (⁠⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)

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If a guy had a crush on you to the point and he told you how he feels, would you laugh at him? If you did laugh at him, would this indicate you love him more like a Brother which would suck like hell? or could he still have a chance at having you as his Woman? 😭 😉 😂

Max Taylor
I would not laugh, I would just smile and considering it as a compliment 💟👍 If I was single and I would like that guy, there could be chance for him to interest me 😁🤷‍♀️

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
As a kid, I don't remember. As an adult, my last birthday was pretty amazing. It started off by calling my favourite human, my university friends had baked a cake for me and gifted me a handmade card, all of my class fellows babied me the entire day, then we went to a restaurant where, coincidentally, people who had prebooked a table for a birthday didn't come, so we got a decorated table (and extra free food). Then I returned home to a letter delivered from my dearest.
I also got wished by my crush of that time, which was so unexpected because we weren't close at all and had fought.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done when you had a crush on someone

CellTiktok’s Profile PhotoCelestia
Searched for him when I knew he was around back when we happened to stay in the same place and I wasn’t expecting to see him there. In the Turkish community that I’m a part of, we “camp” by staying in a hotel and have various activities (mostly religious) that we do throughout the day and it’s a great way to socialize as well. Yet, every time I’d get a chance to see him by coming across him in the hallways, he’d pretend as if I wasn’t there and would avoid making eye contact with me. I guess I was hoping that we would have a conversation since we were no longer keeping in touch with each other at that point.

¿Te has sentido alguna vez atraíd@ por alguien de ask? Sin contar si has tenido un noviazgo con alguien de ask, obviamente xd. Me refiero a un crush

Zi. Dos. Uno ya lo dije hace unos meses, no tengo vergüenza pa eso. Además que quedaron en eso, personas que me llamaron la atención hace 8 o 9 años.
Liked by: Sandro Rey [SS]

How do you know Devon never told maigua he wanted to f her? Were you around when they were very good friends?? Obviously Devon told her something to make maigua and everyone at their old job know he had a crush on her

A crush. That's hardly anything worth bragging about. My god g3t over it.
This chick's man was literally in kaseys dms with vulgar shit and yall obsessing over a lil crush🤣🤣

What would you do if your crush tells you that they have a crush on someone else?

thespookywitch’s Profile PhotoRonnie
I would probably have an easier time moving on since they then have officially confirmed that they don’t have their sights set on me. When I don’t know whether or not they like someone else, it’s harder to move on because I think that I still stand a chance and can delude myself into thinking they feel the same way about me as well. My crush never directly told me that he was interested in someone else but, he would walk a girl to her classes and would at times initiate physical contact with her as well yet I still couldn’t move on. If every guy that I liked told me that they didn’t like me back, I’d respect them more and wouldn’t go out of my way/make an effort for them to notice me.

We were best friends for 7 years and I had the chance to date him for 3… were coming up on a year since being broken up and he wants nothing to do with me at all

Sometimes, getting into a relationship with a long time friend can ruin the friendship but I’m not sure if that’s the case with what happened between you two. Sorry that you’re experiencing that, my first crush wants nothing to do with me at the moment considering he’s removed me as a friend on social media and told me to stop adding him as a friend online.

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