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Post a photo, or anything that was from this year, that makes you smile. Can be a photo you took at some point, something you made, or something you saw elsewhere that you have a good memory of from this year.

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I have so many good memories from this year! Too many to put on here lol
But mini breaks with my boyfriend, meals out with my best friend, trips to the gardens, spending time in my garden, decorating my personal space (has helped boost my mental health), shaping and growing my d&d character, cuddles with Sooty, finding a new game I love!
Post a photo or anything that was from this year that makes you smile Can be a

They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so, what are you grateful for today? Can be big or small 😁

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I’m very grateful to have today off from work (which is due to the train strikes in London), for the beauty of winter to still be lingering outside, for being able to enjoy a mug of hot tea, for cuddles with my boys and to have central heating/hot water/electricity/a roof over my head, especially at this time of year :)
They say that practicing gratitude can help lift your mood so what are you

tell me about your dog?

Well I have two doggos, Teddy is three years old and a golden cocker spaniel, and a little cockapoo pup called Woody, and I think he’s around eight months old :)
Ted is the most loving being I’ve ever come across, he truly is the embodiment of pure, unconditional love. He’s incredibly smart and extremely caring and devoted to the family, and loves showing/receiving affection. I’ll always be eternally grateful for him ending up in our lives.
Woods is a sweet boy as well, and absolutely worships Teddy. He’s a tad naughty and mischievous sometimes, but it’s typical puppy behaviour, and it’s quite funny when he realises he’s been caught in the act of doing something and immediately runs away, sheepishly! He spins around constantly when he’s happy and squawks like a bird (he hasn’t worked out how to bark 🤣). He adores cuddles, and he always leaps up into my arms whenever he can for a cuddle and to wrap his head around my neck. It’s really sweet 🥹
All in all, they’re two very good bois and I love them both dearly :)

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tell me about your dog

What makes you happy?

My animals, cuddles, the sound of rain, being out in the rain and the smell afterwards, video calls with my best friend, music, naps and cosy blankets, my hair being played with, learning about true crime cases and psychology, my favourite band, forehead kisses, reassurance, unexpected sweet messages/words of affirmation, morning and night texts, seeing someone’s eyes light up as they talk about something they love, seeing my friends happy, certain nicknames, inside jokes, stupid memes, making progress with something I’m working on, asmr and plans for the future :)

hey nats how are you, hope your all good and being looked after sending hugs xox

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hey, still the same. It’s a cross between wheezing or feeling fluid moving in my lungs. Getting bored of resting haha, I’d just like to feel some improvement man 🥺 Kittens are great company tho, I am getting all their cuddles and being entertained by their antics haha. How are you?

What was the last thing to upset you?

I had a cry in the shower earlier, felt overwhelmed by emotion for some reason. Almost like a heart break feeling, caused by my brains tendency to overthink everything and mental health has been a bit shit on top of that. I feel things too deeply every now and again and then I wonder what the point of caring is if no one else does ya know? I took a diazepam and had kitten cuddles tho so I'm feeling better haha

What are little things that make you happy?

“I saw this and thought of you”, good morning and good night texts, reassurance in situations that I may be anxious about/uncomfy with, the sound of rain, smell of rain too, hair tickles, forehead kisses, unexpected nice texts or comments, “I miss you or I am proud of you”, when the horses put their noses out for kisses, spending time with my animals, naps, asmr, comfy blankets, my favourite shows, cat videos, when cats lay on you and curl up into you, cuddles, a long relaxing shower and apple flavoured green tea 😊

What are some random things you love? I’ll go first - pomegranates, good pens, freshly washed hair and 80’s music

Autumn , when the leaves turn pretty colours and leave a crunchy path
The little glint in people’s eyes when they’re excited about something
When I crawl into my freshly clean bed and the linen rubs against my soft moisturised legs
Taking my dog to his favourite places
Strawberries and Mangos
That first warm windy breeze of Spring
When you drive towards the ocean and can smell it
The elderly, their hearts and their happiness to share recipes or stories
When it’s a cool crisp day and the warm sun hits your back just right
Every single shooting star I have ever seen
Sitting passenger with the windows rolled down , good music, on a summer afternoon
That feeling once you’ve complete the hike and then the feeling after you’ve set up camp
Bed socks

How do you stop Lola feeling left out?

I try and involve her in everything, even with me breastfeeding, I ask her to read us a book while I’m feeding.
When possible ( so when Brandon is back to work next week Thursdays and Fridays aren’t possible but Monday-Wednesday is) I will be taking Lola to school just me and her so we have our time in the morning.
She’s involved in the nappy changes, (getting the stuff ready for me, passing me things I need etc)
I make sure to put some time aside for her bath time, bedtime routine.
Lots of kisses and cuddles, telling her I love her whenever I can.
Making sure we have time to talk, about anything, I ask her how she’s feeling like 600 times a day to make sure she’s feeling good and if she isn’t we talk.

Parents: use this thread to brag about y’all kids.

My son is 1 day old and is perfect, he gave me the best birth I could of imagined, nice quick and easy, and so far even though he is brand new he has been so great at home. So blissfully happy!
My daughter is an amazing ball of personality, I can’t wait to give her big cuddles again soon, I can’t wait to watch her be a big sister too because I know she’ll be incredibly! I was really blessed with amazing children
Parents use this thread to brag about yall kids

what's your "escape route" from stress?

I don’t have one, which is my immune system is permanently shot to pieces 😅🙈
I don’t know, really. I internalise everything and bottle it, which I certainly wouldn’t recommend - it does your health and well-being no favours. Cuddles with Teddy helps, as does listening to music, being in nature, chilling in my room, etc. None of it really alleviates it though :)

Are you a romantic person when in a relationship? What does romance mean to you?

I can be, it just depends. Like I'm not all over them but I am affectionate and I gentle bully to show love 😅 I'll get them their favourite food or drink or just kiss them randomly because I can, I love hugs and cuddles so I expect a lot of that. If someone is with me they gotta be with my cats too, not like that obviously but they are my everything so if they can't handle or don't like a cat bye. I don't like too much affection but a decent amount is preferable, I will get cranky or sad from time to time mostly sad cause of my depression and a lot of people have left after one fight not that I've been in a lot of relationships before, I need space but also a lot of attention 😅 I do sometimes get needy or want attention but will never tell anyone I want it, I'm not really a romantic person. I don't go on fancy dinner dates or get people flowers or anything like that, I'd like to be but I'm just not. I'll try and remember what they are into though and get them something that reminds me of them or what they are into. I don't really actually know what kind of person I am now in one compared to when I was a teenager, yes I have been in one when I was like 21 or 22 or something I dunno but that was long distance. I have no idea what I'm like irl now

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If you could write down a shopping list of things you "need" right now, what would it entail?🛒🛍️😜 (Doesn't have to necessarily be things you physically "buy" either 😉)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
✍🏻 Another pair of my favourite leggings
✍🏻 A green tea and fluffy socks
✍🏻 All the blankets or a blanket fort
✍🏻 Cuddles, hair playing or back tickles
✍🏻 Reassurance
✍🏻 Stupid tiktoks or memes
✍🏻 My cat to improve over night and come home. I'm not ready to say goodbye to him just yet 🥺

What are some red flags that would make u seem not interested in Guy

davidgreyson40’s Profile PhotoGreg
🚩 if my best friend or animals don't like him (especially ronald)
🚩 if he can't have a healthy discussion without raising voices
🚩 doesn't respect my opinions or tries to invalidate them
🚩 if they make me feel like an option rather than a choice
🚩 if they use insecurities against me or try and play with my feelings by making me feel replaceable/not good enough
🚩 parties often or drinks all the time, takes drugs or smokes
🚩 doesn't like cuddles, doesn't have a compatible sex drive

What makes you sad? What makes you happy?

overthinking, feeling like I'm annoying people, my brain being mean, when someone is not ok and there's nothing I can do to help, distance, people who flake, when people try to play mind games with me, when I try my best and it's still not enough for someone, when they make promises with no intention to keep them, getting breakouts, when I buy something cute and then hate myself in it, people who say things that they don't mean, making me feel undesired/unwanted, when people talk over me, when people think just because I look younger that they can talk to me like I'm stupid, when I feel like I'm the only one who cares or is putting effort in, when people lie to me or do things knowing it would hurt me 🙁
my animals, whether that's spending time with them or just in thinking about them, the sound of rain, video chats with my best friend, a nice cup of tea after being out in the cold, when people make effort, when people listen to me and remember the small things, forehead kisses, cuddles, being appreciated, comfortable silence, when people make time for me + actively want to spend time with me, blanket forts, music, sex, asmr, true crime documentaries, psychology, life's mysteries (aliens etc), pink lucozade zero, good morning/night texts, playing with my hair, when I overcome something, reassurance, clear skin, sugarfree redbull, spooning, new lingerie, white roses 💓

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Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think cats who are free have more freedom whereas domesticated cats have lots of love and cuddles and get told how pretty they are everyday 🙂😊😄😃

Favourite memories of 2021?

For me, they’re mostly all travel related - exploring Edinburgh for the first time, being by the sea at Devon and being lucky enough to visit on two separate occasions.
Spending the day exploring Kensington Gardens in the summer and seeing Van Gogh Alive was really special, too.
Those and just the everyday small things; listening to a song you love - particularly when it was for the first time, cuddles with my dogs, being in London, etc! :)

What are the three most annoying things a boyfriend can do? How about the three best things?

Annoying things? Not listen, not give me all the cuddles, not put time aside for me 🥲
Best things? Remembering the small details of stuff you’ve told them and using that information later to make you happy, all the cuddles, playing with my hair 🥺
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Pros and cons of dating you?

Pros :I'm nice, friendly, i like cuddles, I'm a good cook, play video games, watch football, i don't like cheating, i try to be very supportive, i will hate the same people you hate 😂 I don't like fights
Cons :I'm not very confident, I get jealous, when I get angry better stay away, I don't think I'm that funny 😅
The rest you'll have to find out alone 😂

How do you dispose of the remains of a deceased guinea pig?

We bury ours in shoeboxes in our garden and then usually mark the grave with a nice rock. We like to bury them all tucked up with some food and veggies for their journey to Rainbow Bridge (guinea-pig heaven). There are usually tears and it's an emotional time as they hold a special place in our hearts. Here is one of ours we lost this year, she was a good age and gave the best cuddles!
How do you dispose of the remains of a deceased guinea pig

hi friends — i feel like sending a few personal questions to some people i follow. soo, 1. when was the last time you were genuinely happy/content? what were you doing?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Hi Leigh! So good to hear from you, I hope you're well ☺
I'm genuinely happy right now. I've had a really good day at a craft market with friends, I've managed to clear my inbox off work for the first time in wEEKS, I have my dog a bath so now his cuddles smell more like butterscotch and less like dead fox, and I'm curling up with some Agatha Christie. It's allll good ☺

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