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Write down what's in ur head ..

Life gives us what we want to see ... it gives us everything but we have chosen nothing except what our eyes focus on .
It gives us " light " so there is no need for a torch ; it gives us an eye contact therefore looking for another eyes to look on is silly ; it gives us love and this is a massage for those the pessimistic who just believe in hate ; it gives us body contact so ya as u call it " cuddling " but in fact it should be called : soul containment .
Life gives us kisses but human beings still looking for lips ; life gives us a rain and I think it's an expression for a new beginning .
Finally : u just need to focus on what you need so the life will help you and give you a hint to reach your aim .
Write down whats in ur head

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

There are a lot but this is what I do when I feel happy and just makes me feel great😊
Listening to songs while driving to my university town (The drive is so beautiful)❤️
Sitting at a corner of beach at sunset with peace and tranquillity ❤️
Eating the food especially that hits home🍽
Meeting your parents after several years😢
Eid up Fitr fun (People should be lucky they can spend Eid in their home country abroad people have literally nowhere and not a lot of people to celebrate it with I have literally a final exam on eid)😊
Hitting a last ball six or saving an almost unstoppable goal🙌🐐
PS Have more but these look enough 🙌😂

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

Most certainly, all of the above options could be considered as great feelings. However, the ones I would like to highlight are as below:
1. When someone appreciates beyond bodies and genuinely compliments things other than just appearance.
2. Able to sleep a tad extra on an off-day when you worked hard the entire week to achieve your goals.
3. Taking off your shoes after a long hectic day or that first gulp of water after walking home on a hot day. Sometimes, moments of relaxation are the moments of happiness.
4. Peeling the plastic sticker off electronic gadgets which you just bought. With own money? More sweet.
5. Successfully moving on from toxic relationship and feeling the freedom within.
6. Reading your favourite novel on a rainy day, while sitting in the balcony and holding a cup of tea/coffee.
7. Unexpectedly meeting old friends and end up living your childhood once more.
8. Witnessing your parents smile and talk about you with pride in their eyes.
9. From being a part of the crowd to being the reason for a good crowd.
10. And sometimes, even the tiniest of things like "Cashback" and "Out for delivery".

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What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

-If I choose option2, whenever i find the Quaid e azam from the washed clothes ammi says “MEREY HE HUNGAY”. Toh Computer jee 3 par tala lagaya jaye.

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

Itnay achey naseeb kis ky hein? Hamary tou Ac ka pani leak hota 🥲 paisy jaty milty nai humea 🥲 cuddle? Miss karwao idhar wo itni safai sy kaat gai apko apni pati howi 🥲

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

Closing your eyes a little too long while a fresh breeze of air flows through, and the wind's lightly howling.

It’s so cold on this Friday night, who wants to come keep me warm? 😉 what?! No-one? 😢 Oh well, better dig out the hot water bottles and fleece 😅. Seriously though, how you spending your Friday night?

Usually im watching my favorite streamer on Friday nights, cuddling the baby recently and hoping for a quiet night 😋

What is life to you?

You know this right?
Why do I have to write?
But I love to dream
of love that we deserve,
Of the nights in sweat
Swirling in swerve.
Smitten by your smell,
Bitten by your lips,
Wrapped in your warmth,
Melting me as you strip.
Covered in the invisible cloak
Yet as naked as souls,
Mixed up as alloys
Inter changing our roles.
Staying from dusk to dawn
Often leaning on your walls
Cuddling our frames
But digging deep as we crawl.
This dream is so seductive
Even in its virtuality
I fear if I ever will
Wake up from your gravity

Do You Have A Secret Crush Right Now?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
Not so secret anymore, but still my crush and favourite partner in crime. (A picture taken in Sweden, 2021.)
“I just want you. Your messy morning hair. Your humming when you’re making breakfast. Your cuddling during thunderstorms. Your hand holding mine as we gaze at the stars. Your good days. Your bad. Your everything. I want you.”
Do You Have A Secret Crush Right Now

Do you think physical touch is a big part of romance? Moreover, what gestures in particular do you find romantic?

I think romance is shown in lots of ways, sure physically. Most of us like physical romantic gestures.
I like things like holding hands, hand on the small of my back while walking, cuddling etc
But it’s also in little things like buying their favourite type of soap when you know they’re about to be out or if they like the crust cut of their sandwich. Surprises randomly. Asking if they’re taken care of themselves, “have you eaten?”
Idk romance to me is many different things

If you are single, tell me one positive thing (skill, trait, etc) you can bring to a relationship. If you’re already taken, tell me how you met your partner.

Nothing. I don’t want a partner and the fact it I’m always going to love my animals more than them anyway so its pointless. I’ve only got room to cuddle Steve and Nova and if anyone thinks I would move them to hug them instead, they are sadly mistaken 😂 100% Would rather be cuddled upto them. My ex used to always moan I wouldn’t cuddle her but I was always cuddling Steve 😅
In order for me to even consider a relationship or more than a friendship, that person has got to be better than 4 very amazing animals. Which is 2 of the cutest bunnies every, a needy old French bulldog and the most amazing pug ever. That’s not gonna happen 🙅‍♀️🤣

How would you react if you were cuddling with a guy friend watching Netflix and his hand went to your breast?

Lol, that happened not long back. I haven’t seen him since, made it way awkward despite him being fully aware that I don’t fancy or like him in that way. They always gotta try something and put me off seeing them, then moan they wanna see me and miss my company. Respect a women’s wants and needs too, then you may have more friends fgs. Proper pet peeve of mine lately is guys who say ‘I’m happy to be just friends’ and then still try to try it on in some way. Respect the boundaries or just don’t even talk to me at this point.
How would you react if you were cuddling with a guy friend watching Netflix and

Do you prefer summer or winter weather? Why?

I prefer the winter. I feel like it's easier to warm up if you wear multiple layers of clothes and have a thick blanket. Also, who doesn't love cuddling and drinking hot chocolate? In the summer, if you don't have AC you're pretty much out of luck. The electrical bill cost too much as well. You can go completely nude and still be too hot!
I live in Florida, so "winter" is relative but definitely winter. Summer is hot here and there's no other way to describe it. It's extremely humid and in the summer it also rains every single day. The only thing that makes summer manageable here versus going to other cities is that the A/C is always blasting. Whether it's your car, your job, your home...you're just basically going from AC to AC. I noticed in northern cities where they don't blast the AC it's uncomfortably hot when you walk into establishments.
Winter. I live in Missouri, so we have Summer for like 6 months. Then a day of fall, then close to 6 months of winter, with around 11 days of Spring randomly interspersed throughout. It sucks. The summer is unbearably hot and the winter is excruciatingly cold. Living here fucking sucks I still choose Winter though. I can always put on more layers, whereas with summer, you can only take off so much. Plus, the heat makes everyone ornery and bitchy. The cold just makes everyone sad, and I can handle that just fine, because living here fucking sucks.
Oh my goodness I love both though! Summer is perfect for sunrise walks with no one but the birds and me. The flowers and endless fields of green grass definitely are my favourite: then again, winter brings frost. It covers all the trees in little white jewels and the way that the world sparkles in the sunlight is just breathtaking
Summer. I hate the cold... passionately. It's easier to cool down than to warm up,not that I'd want to cool down. The only thing that sucks during the summer is I have to deal with idiots that like to blast the a/c to 65.
Other than how it looks I don’t particularly like or dislike Winter. Cold wind is bad. Summer’s heat is terrible and it doesn’t look nice outside. Just bright.
I like the long days in the summer but hate the heat, fall is really the sweet spot. I enjoy cool/sunny/long days.
I don't so much mind the summer heat itself, but the humidity here is unreal and it turns my hair all poofy. Personally, I prefer autumn over all the other seasons.
I’m not particularly fond of winter because there’s nothing to do in my area and it almost never snows. It’s just cold. I like summer because there’s more things to do activity wise. But I HATE the bugs. Spring looks beautiful but makes my allergies horrible. Same with Winter, but it’s also cold and has what I believe to be a holiday with unused potential and is instead given to children.

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How long have you had your childhood stuffed animal for?

One of my aunt's made me a "pound puppy" back when they were really popular (youngsters look it up). She made 3, one for me and my 2 brothers. They were all unique so to a little kid this was way cool. I still have it 35 years later. The plastic nose broke off but other than that it still in good shape. It's an antique now in storage.
My parents used to give me a stuffed animal for every holiday. When I was 2 they gave me a stuffed dog for Valentine’s Day. I carried it everywhere and slept with it till I was 9. His name was Bosko-Sepia (Bosko from the old cartoon, Sepia from a Crayola crayon, I just liked the word sepia lol). My mom secretly packed him in my things when I went to college. Almost 36 years later, Bosko-Sepia lives on my bed, next to my pillow. His head flops around, one of his ears is almost torn off and he’s been sewed up a couple of times. If my house burned down, he is one of the things I would grab.
Kept the panda plush that his family bought for him on Christmas back when he was 2 years old. 42 years later and he still has it, even when he moved out of his dad's place. Now it just sits at the very corner of his drawer/desk behind a non-functioning desk computer. Surprisingly still intact after all those years. But I find it adorable and slightly amusing when guys still keep their childhood stuffed animals, even if only a few years or decades has gone by. Cuz in most cases I've seen, they would usually hide them away or get embarrassed over it being visible when someone comes over. The small stuffed bear my best friend gave me when I moved from the US. The bunny from when I first got into anime. The miny beanie stuffed whale from when my family visited a zoo. The bigger teddy bear from when I graduated high school.(My class went to a mall together and I bought it at a toy store) The oldest is the mini whale, which I've had since I was 8.
I have some family in Australia (don't personally know them, my late grandfather did but we live in Brazil so I guess I'll never know) and they sent my mom a kangaroo which was passed down to me, still in great condition and will be passed down to my children too. I don’t get very sentimental with childhood stuff but it felt very wrong to just throw them away. They spent many years protecting me from getting my foot grabbed by the monster under the bed, the least I owe them is a dignified retirement.
I had a collection of beautiful teddy bears my dad used to get me when he went on business trips. These days they belong to my kids. The first one I got, which I used to sleep with, is the least appealing to them because the fur is somewhat matted, but they enjoy cuddling with all of the teddy bears.

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What is your favorite and least favorite about every season? 🌷☀️🍁❄

🌷- my favorite thing about spring has to be the sprouting of the trees and flowers. I also get to do some gardening, nothing major though just some flowers and veggies. It’s pleasing to watch plants grow, they’re like my children. My least favorite thing about spring are the frequent rainfalls and overcasts.
☀️- my favorite thing about the summer are the longer days, my birthday lol , the sun is out more so I get to soak in that vitamin D. This is actually my least favorite season out of all of them, I dislike the heat, ugh and the emergence of various bugs ( especially those mosquitos ).
🍁- fall is my favorite season, I looovvveee the colors of the leaves , so vibrant and pretty. I get to wear my cozy sweaters, and boots. Oh and the temperature is just right. The only things a I dislike about this season is the shorter days, and the overcasts.
❄️- my favorite thing about this season has to be the first snow fall, snowflakes are precious little things. I am still awestruck at the fact that each snowflake have their own unique structure.. so amazing. Definitely cuddling weather🥰. Least favorite thing has to be those frigid days, it can be a bit too much.

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List 10 things that make you really happy 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
1. Friends, family and partner
2. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
3. Waking up and seeing freshly laid snow
4. Doing something for others
5. Cuddling in bed
6. Those night time talks with my girlfriend just before we go to sleep
7. Watching Harry Potter
8. Feeling appreciated
9. Checking into a hotel
10. Good food

Sebenernya gua bodo amat kalau mantan gua udh punya cewe lagi. Tapi si cewe ini yg nyolot duluan, kaya masih ganggu hdp gua, dm dm gua segala, enaknya diapain ya

kalo gue malah sebaliknya non. dikepoin dan diblaming sm mantan bf gue. udh gue ajakin confess, eh ternyata ga puas dianya. emg sih problematik bgt anaknya. kenal gue juga engga, tp sok paling tau tentang gue. ini dia masih stalking2 gue, salah satunya di askfm. sekalian deh gue mau bilang ke mba2 problematik. plis ya kalo gue blok gausa kepoin lagi. oiya, my relationship isn't your business. jadi, gausah riweh bgt lah, mau gue kissing, cuddling, putting, hs, itu gaada kaitannya sm elo. drpd ngurusin hubungan gue, mending upgrade diri lo deh. kurangin juga problematiknya biar dapet pasangan yg sesuai👌
Sebenernya gua bodo amat kalau mantan gua udh punya cewe lagi Tapi si cewe ini

What's your ideal guy?

My ideal guy is ;
• someone whos pleasing to look at, doesnt have to be super handsome but just a nice face.
• has a good body whether its from genetics or he works for it.
• who can make me laugh like laugh until im crying & my lungs hurt.
• who main veins red pill ALL DAY
• who can have an argument/debate without freaking out or getting angry.
• someone who tries to be positive all the time & enjoys breaking down the psychological aspect of whats going on around them.
• they can cook AND they love food.
• likes to dress up every once & awhile to go out somewhere nice & just live it up.
• someone i can just sit in big sweats binging some show for hours & not get bored.
• lots of cuddling
• big animal lover
• when they smile it makes me smile.
• someone who never wants to stop learning & pushing themselves.
• they love to spoil me & make me happy with stupid shit i dont need but they do it anyway cause they like to see me smile
(I cant think of any more but im sure there’s more things lol)

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What was the nicest thing happening to you this week?

joelly_v’s Profile PhotoᏠᏫËllᏋ
I had a long and intense cuddle session with my cat on my lap.
He loves my lap and in the past years we had a strong bonding, but for a while now he kinda changed, he wouldn't follow me that often around anymore and didn't like to cuddle when my other cat was around. He clearly has some psychological issues (just like me, haha), so I just let him be and tried to be there if he were ready to show more affection again.
One evening the past days he was inside our house and cuddling with my fiancé, but since this guy was exhausted I sat down and invited my cat on my lap just once. He took that invitation instantly and cuddled a lot with me then, he even started moaning a little bit when I fondled over his eyes...so cute! It was a special moment and I feel like we finally grew a bit closer again. Our bonding the past months wasn't particularly bad, but I think it's great for our both mental health if we can rely on each other in a closer relationship.

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How is having sex with a girl you love different from one you don’t have feelings for?

With somebody you don’t have feelings for it feels really good for your genitalia more than anything, and that’s totally fine and lots of fun, but great sex while in love is just another level. I feel warmth in my entire body and just have more desires to kiss and be physically close to the person. The post nut with love makes me want to cuddle while often times after sex with people I don’t care about, I don’t feel like cuddling them or sometimes even touching them after and I kinda just want to leave after I nut because I don’t care about them.
It is definitely a more intimate and satisfying experience to make love to a woman I care for. I want her to feel good, more so than I do. I love her reactions to what I do and the level of comfort I feel around her increases my ability and motivation to perform. It's more about me and using her to get myself off. That being said, I have rarely if ever had sex with a girl I haven't had at least some feelings for. In short, the level of feeling determined the level of intimate pleasure we both experienced.
I like having sex with my partner because we understand each other's kinks. It's passionate lovemaking, and most of my one night stands didn't like me slapping them, spitting on them and calling them whores, etc. So, it's nice to be with someone that wants to be degraded but also cuddle up and watch a movie...
Having sex with a girl you love contains certain feelings and brings forward a more powerful sense of vulnerability during intimacy. Sometimes, you get that butterfly feeling in your stomach and don’t know if it’s from the enchiladas you ate last night or if it’s love at first sight. Having sex with a girl I don’t have feelings for doesn’t contain much remorse because there wasn’t any feelings attached, only sexual arousal for a momentary bliss. It is for selfish reasons, and you can tell wether the enchiladas you ate last night affects you. A lot of players or what they call, “Pick-up artists” tend to manipulate women’s feelings and attraction for their own sexual pleasures. It is for selfish reasons because the pick up artist main goal is to build attraction in the woman without the man developing “one-nitis”. For those who don’t know what “one-nitis” is, it’s a powerful weapon in relationships, so powerful it will ruin a man’s entire mind and heart up if he gave in to it. This is a red flag in courtship. It is developed if the man’s attraction for the woman is far greater than his own strength and dignity. It is that powerful to abstain attraction from any other woman in the world. He loses all respect for himself and salutes high to the pedal stool he envisions the woman of his life to be.
I wouldn’t even sleep with a girl I don’t have feelings for. It’s not even worth the time. The sex is just bad and underwhelming. Sex with a girl I have feelings for though? Instant erection and good times will be had.

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What does it feel like to have sex with someone you love/really like vs someone you just want for hooking up?

After the deed, there's this blissful feeling that settles down around you. The endorphins are flowing and you're lying in bed next to someone who is more attractive than anyone else in the world. You adore every single detail and gaze into each others' eyes. Every touch feels 100x better and you can't get enough of each other. It's one of the most profoundly beautiful emotional experiences in the world. Pure satisfaction.
I've never had non-marriage sex so I can't really compare but one thing I've noticed about our experience is that there wasn't nearly as much pressure to perform flawlessly every time. We were both virgins so we knew that there was going to be a learning curve in the beginning. We didn't have to worry that if I finished too fast once or she couldn't finish or queefed too much or whatever that the other person wouldn't talk to us again. It gave us the security to fail without worrying the relationship would be over, which allowed us to try new things and not get so locked in to one thing that works but gets boring after a while. It also helped us to put aside a lot of the hangups I see other people have. We're all we've got and if I had refused to ever use a dildo on her for fear of her liking it more that my dick or she never learned how to suck dick right we would have a boring ass sex life. We put in the time to make it good for each other but if we ever can't perform we know we will have another chance to get it right.
Hook-up are like going to the gym. It is a good workout, fun, and pretty chill without any commitment but it is a passable moment that doesn't really carry any extra weight. You carried out the action to meet an end (whatever your particular goal is). Mild chemical high. Sex with someone you love is a strange yet hard to describe feeling. If I were to be completely straight faced, I would say that it is similar to any action that you are hugely emotional invested in (painting, drawing, whatever you love) then ramp up the chemical high to awesome. Or I could say it is completing a race that you passionately trained for months, watching fireworks for the first time, and listening to a song that touches your soul all at the same time. No comparison. Plus the cuddling afterwards is filled with less regret.
I just wonder how guys feel about having sex with their fwb. Cause honestly I feel like these responses can't really describe the way me and my ex fwb used to fuck and how we felt about each other. it wasn't super intensely passionate but it definitely wasn't awkward and was still a little lovey dovey and stuff too. Never had a random hookup but from what I've read in many different subs, being with someone you like/love is much more intimate. While hookups may be fun and exciting, nothing beats the intimacy and closeness you get with someone you truly care about.

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"Actually both Vio and myself are asexual, so we don't do physically intimate much more than cuddling and kissing. Neither of us is interested in anything further."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Well, I have some tips on how you can get Vio to cuddle with ya~ How about you take this jar of Ink *Reaper places a jar of Ink in Shadows hands from his robe* and splash it on yourself, say you got injured in a fight and act like your dying~ And I mean really throw it all out there, it works on Geno everytime~
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Are you at peace with life right now?

This is going to sound super lame but I remember my first date with my ex, we had been getting to know each other for a few months and I had accidentally fallen completely in love with him. We walked back to his place, parents weren't home, so we spent the night cuddling and fell asleep on the living room floor. I woke up in the middle of the night with him cuddled around me and it was the best most amazing feeling in the world. I felt like nothing could ruin it and I just felt completely amazing and like everything in the world that could hurt me was a million miles away behind a big wall.
So, one time, right before I had to leave for Christmas break to see my family several states away, my SO and I went back to his house and took a nap. The sun was streaming through the windows just right and we managed to curl up around each other perfectly with him as the big spoon and having his arms wrapped around me. He set an alarm, like he always does, to wake us up in 30 minutes, but this time it was so quiet and warm and comfortable that he kept pushing it back thirty more minutes. I woke up for a moment or two each time and then almost immediately fell back asleep. Being in his arms like that, with his breath ruffling my hair, warming the back of my neck, feeling his hips curve against mine and our legs folded neatly against each other was everything for me.
I had a lot of mental health issues in high school, but one day, during the summer, I went out into the woods in my backyard, into a clearing. It was very warm and I took my iPod and played music out loud while I read some random YA novel. I ended up falling asleep on my belly, and woke up with my iPod stuck to my face, yelling at me about how it was too hot and shut down. But I was so peaceful in that moment. For me, it was when I was in Spain a few years back. We were taking a bus back to Seville after a day at Alhambra (this really cool Moorish palace), and I was one of the only people on the bus who was awake. There was sun and shadow outside, and I just felt this really strong urge to put on peaceful music as I watched the fields pass by. So I did. It was just this really strange and beautiful moment of peace and solitude.
My SO and I were laying in bed together. He was sleeping with his mouth wide open and he has a habit of holding my hand as he sleeps. Our baby was asleep on my chest, snoring a little with a handful of my shirt in her hand. My fluffy cat was asleep on my lap and I could hear her purring. I was laying there watching a movie and I just felt really lucky and like everything was exactly as it was meant to be.

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What else do you expect of your friends little sister lol they are legit pillows! I bet cuddling you is amazing and not just cause of yoyr huge boobs 😊 I bet her sister slept very well!

She did and even though I was very uncomfortable that night it was going to be her birthday so I let it slide. And then she told her mom, my birthday was amazing I got to sleep on tits. Now I understand why people say they are comfortable!

I defied every site of your petty missteps, Often stabbed my soul onto soft corners. The anxiety of failing your belief over me, Often propelled my warmth onto perdition. All my ambitions ever been in your courtesy jaani, But you crushed me all forever, When I saw you cuddling onto someone like me.

trying_pickup_lines’s Profile Photobadtameez jaani
Ok ik this is a staif, but reading this felt like a personal attack because it's that intense lol.

I defied every site of your petty missteps, Often stabbed my soul onto soft corners. The anxiety of failing your belief over me, Often propelled my warmth onto perdition. All my ambitions ever been in your courtesy jaani, But you crushed me all forever, When I saw you cuddling onto someone like me.

trying_pickup_lines’s Profile Photobadtameez jaani
I would never cuddle someone like you😒
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I defied every site of your petty missteps, Often stabbed my soul onto soft corners. The anxiety of failing your belief over me, Often propelled my warmth onto perdition. All my ambitions ever been in your courtesy jaani, But you crushed me all forever, When I saw you cuddling onto someone like me.

trying_pickup_lines’s Profile Photobadtameez jaani
Badtameez jaani yaar why so dil toots sad?
Allah palaa kray ga pareshaan nahi hona bas. Theek haina?

I defied every site of your petty missteps, Often stabbed my soul onto soft corners. The anxiety of failing your belief over me, Often propelled my warmth onto perdition. All my ambitions ever been in your courtesy jaani, But you crushed me all forever, When I saw you cuddling onto someone like me.

trying_pickup_lines’s Profile Photobadtameez jaani
Told you I was trouble.
I defied every site of your petty missteps
Often stabbed my soul onto soft

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