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Opowiedz o swoim niebie, K.

Now she's
Pee peeing on me
when diaper's off
Is it that sweet? I guess so
Mary can't sleep,
Baby, I know
Boobies she needs, me also
Moving it up, down, left, right, wow
Crying of boredness, oh
Daddy can't sleep
Toys on the floor
That's that cute bambino
Opowiedz o swoim niebie K

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

If the friendship is more important to you than your other feelings then you should just crush that crush and keep on being friends with them,IMO!

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

it's normal but trust me don't wait make a move otherwise you'll regret that you had time if you were just brave enough IF trust me this word messes up with your head real good

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

This "shy" person might be Lucifer himself if you check out his personal questions. Just saying. :))
I wish nothing but the best for you.

Oh please, stop making excuses for your Faceboomer addiction. Admit you have a problem and we can work on your recovery. Take one Lex and call me in the morning... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I hate Faceboomer. ☹️🤣 But you know I need another cute gothy metal brunette to hang out with. What’s the world gonna do with two of us? 😁🤣 I have 16 friends, all of which I’ve known irl at some point. I feel like a “normal” Faceboomer. 🤣🤣🤣💗
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I have found myself obsessing over AI Art on Instagram. Do you think that AI Art sets an unrealistic expectation of beauty standards online?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I once tried this prequel app where it turned your images into AI art and it was fun turning it into a cartoon and the cute version of ourselves though I do think that AI can contribute to unrealistic beauty standards by promoting idealized versions of ourselves, it's important to balance their use with a healthy awareness of reality. 🌻

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
I don't remember most of my childhood birthdays. They were all very similar to each other so they tend to blend together in my memory, making it difficult to pinpoint any one specific birthday as being the "best".
The only one that sticks out in my mind was my twelfth birthday. I went to the cinema with my parents, brother, and a couple of our cousins, then we got pizza after. I'm not sure why that specific birthday stands out above all the others, but it's a pleasant memory nonetheless.
Meanwhile, I have the exact opposite problem when it comes to my birthdays as an adult... I have so many great memories that it's actually really hard to choose a favourite, so I'm just going to go with my most recent-- my thirtieth birthday.
I spent my birthday (and the days leading up to it) on holiday in the Loire Valley, France with my fiancé. We stayed in a cute little farmhouse, right near Cour Cheverny. The Loire Valley has always had a lot of sentimental significance to me. I last visited there on my twentieth birthday. Not with my partner, we hadn't even met at that point, but with family.
Anyway, I felt it would only be fitting for me to close off the wild, wonderful chapter of my life that was 'my twenties' in the same place it began, and I'm glad I did. Not only was it fun to revisit some of the same towns and spots I'd visited all those years ago, but it was nice to reflect upon just how much my life had changed over the past decade.
Who knows, maybe I'll make a tradition out of it and go back for my fortieth birthday. I'm not thinking that far ahead, though. Not just yet.
I hope you enjoy your upcoming birthday,
may it be a pleasant day for you! 😊🍰

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Hi Rachel, 😉👋 have you heard of The Warning? They're an all-female rock trio from Mexico that's been taking the world by storm. Oh, and their bassist is pretty cute too! 😍

Brutalzone’s Profile PhotoSALVATORE BALESTRA
Hey Salvatore. 😊 I have not heard of them but that sounds like something I would enjoy. I will definitely check them out. Thank you for the recommendation . 😊

why are we supposed to say "it's okay" when it's not?

because we are kind isn't it. Didn't like to be a bother to those people. But personally.. I feel we just some stupid little shit that can't put out our own thoughts in the open because 'We need to be strong for all these trouble time'. Because human. Human is judgemental. But yeah, I'm also a hypocrite human too. But at the same time, I miss the childhood time. Where what were said, is just a solid truth, and the adult can't do anything beside laugh and said 'How cute you are' while they slowly dead inside.

How would you describe your ideal work space? 💻🗃️🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Nice computer with a cute keyboard that sounds like rain drops when you type. Some nice lighting that I can dim or make bright. Nice window with some curtains. A lot of plants everywhere. And my cat is allowed to come in when he wants. Mini fridge with snacks and drinks 😊

I'm sure it is. I know how much they all mean to you. How are you holding up? Cute AIs, love 'em... 💗💗💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
It comes in waves. I was okay before but now I’ve been crying for hours. A little piece of me is missing. There was an extra special bond with that cat. 💗

How much are you into gardening / keeping plants? 🌿🌷

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am not that much into gardening but I love keeping plants. My favourite ones are succulent plants. Like nature and plants brings me somuch joy. I love how every little flowers or cute small little plants grow in little patches together and I love love to find cute little flowers or buds going around the side of the corner. 🌻

But I'm taller than you right now! Can I pet you? *she wags her tail excitedly*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
N-not for long! I'll be back to normal soon! I hope..uhh... what? *Reaper just blinks, he looks very confused to Neo wanting to pet him* You uh..realize I'm still.. Death..right?
*Oh God that made me think of the AU where while Reaper was stuck like this he actually got stolen and sold in a pet store as a pet birb and Geno had to free him out of the bird cage he was tossed into XD Geno would flip if that happened to him and Reaper rn, someone taking them and selling them as normal pets in a pet store- I think Geno can still use magic as a puppo tho so he might be able to break them free and terrorize everybody XD BREAKING NEWS: CUTE DOGGO IS DESTROYING THE PET STORE LITERALLY IT'S ON FIRE AND EVERYONE IS SCREAMING how the f-ck IS A DOG BLOWING UP BUILDINGS WITH BONES AND MAGIC LASERS!?*
But Im taller than you right now Can I pet you she wags her tail excitedly

i cry and then look into camera/mirror to see if im looking pretty.. m i normal?

ishnaal’s Profile Photoruined mascara
Lol. I only cried once in school and all my friends around me kept saying rotay huay kitni pyari lagti ho. Sar deewar may marnay ka dil kiya tha us waqt mera. Then, i once had a huge breakdown and i was sitting in my mum's and dad's room. Sobbing, while my siblings came from outside and my brother worried saying "kya hua" while my sister was like "isey dekho kitni pyari lag rahi hai. Uper say red nose and cheeks or itni cute shirt" so, bas us kay bad say jab bhi roti hu chupkay say sheesha bhi dekh leti hu😂 ya phir unconsciously.

How would you describe your ideal work space? 💻🗃️🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have quite ideal work place 😁👍, I need just table, chair, notebook, coffee machine 😅 and something cute for nice feeling like this heart 😅👇💚... and kind coleagues around of course! 🥰 As the half time of our working years we spend with our coleagues, it is important for our mental health to be happy to spend time with them 💚👍
How would you describe your ideal work space

Morivin, I know you are related by blood to Nights, but how do you feel about Candy Pop himself?

Morivin: -Currently attaching limbs onto one of his patients , pops his head up to anon-
OI! A faceless! Ahaha I'd say im busy but I can talk.... Hmmm Candy Pop. I want to squish his face, I like the jester. Its too bad he got infused with my brother. He'll always be tainted and corrupted in someway, that is if ever manages to break free from the fusion.
-He stops talking to stop the now attached limb from smacking him- SETTLE DOWN NOW! Anywho, I'd choose Candy Pop over that betrayer any day of the week. IN FACT, I'D GLADLY wish to be apart of his family, Genyrs are so cute, goofy but WOOO powerful. They could revival Serants in power. They fact, my brother tricked them before they could seal him away, says a lot. Hell Pop himself was I believe not a full strength and still managed to seal Nights. If that doesn't tell you how powerful they are.

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weil ich lynoes frage und solastas interpretation so cool fand, klaue ich sie einfach (ich hoffe, das ist okay🙈) wie wäre deine gottheit in einem modern au und teile wenn du magst ein fakeinstaprofil~

lunaphile’s Profile Photoskotophobia
danke für die frage, ich liebe die antworten hierauf :D ich hatte ja auf so etwas gehofft, als ich die frage das erste mal gestellt habe :D
zu meiner miss birth of beauty...
🦋 her dad is a famous actor, her mother a former politician, and giyeon is a nepo baby
🦋 giyeon is a model and influencer who launched a beauty brand named “beauty and duty”
🦋 her social media accounts blew up internationally after her appearance on “singles inferno,” where she was the most popular girl. she ended up choosing between three love interests and left the show in a relationship with a fitness influencer. they broke up shortly after
🦋 giyeon is known for her beauty and cute personality, though there are rumors and even scandals about her being arrogant and snobby
🦋 she had a couple of minor acting jobs in k-dramas, always portraying a regina george type of girl
🦋 everyone knows that giyeon loves luxury brands, but she promotes every shitty brand her management, “clan of the sun,” tells her to
🦋 she has been at a yoga retreat in bali for a couple of weeks now and has started posting spiritual quotes
🦋 rumor has it she met a law student there whom all her friends hate…

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weil ich lynoes frage und solastas interpretation so cool fand klaue ich sie

How would you describe your ideal work space? 💻🗃️🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’ve noticed that air quality and light is so important!
My ideal workspace isn’t all too bright. I have photophobia, so I’m sensitive to light. It shouldn’t be too dark either, otherwise I have to squeeze my eyes harder and that’s exhausting.
I like a place that is not too quiet, but not too loud either, but if I really have to I can also work in loud environments.
I don’t want a lot of movement around me, so I prefer to be in a desk cell or just a room remotely from other people.
Besides that, I like to have a lot of place for movement. I implemented a lot of activities in my therapy sessions and I need to have the space (and the materials) for it. The cabinets at work are full of toys, games and other handy tools I can use to make our goals tactile and fun.
I mean, look how cute these little figures are!

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How would you describe your ideal work space

🌸hanafubuki🌸 Kulturschock! Welche Dinge verblüffen oder schockieren deinen OC am meisten an der Außenwelt? sofern es spoilerfrei geht natürlich (:

valchen64998’s Profile Photovalchen
Wünschte ich könnte hier eine super deepe oder überraschende Antwort geben...aber Haru ist selbst nicht so die hellste Kerze auf der Torte und manche Dinge würden ihr gar nicht erst auffallen (wie z.B. die Tatsache, dass es auf den meisten Inseln kein Ständesystem gibt) oder es würde sie nicht großartig interessieren :') Was ihr aber sofort auffällt ist die Vielzahl an anderen Menschen/Rassen in allen Größen, Formen und Farben die es in der Außenwelt gibt und das würde die gute Haru einfach komplett umhauen (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) :'D
basically Haru: What do you mean there a even more tall men and elegant women I can simp for??? No way?!!? Omg! Tall fishmen AND cute fishgirls??? Fluffy Minks? Pretty Mermaids and hot Mermen??? These aren't even all?? KSKSKSKS!!!
She is harmless and a little dummy, but she develops crushes so easily T3T

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Talk about anything random

I'll talk about my day a little bit. Had biryani for dinner and then went out for ice cream. Then I watched kungfu panda2( I think?) with my cousins after a very long time. We moved the main TV in the drawing room and made a little makeshift cinema. Cute little day💗

Speak about ur favorite person 🌚♥️

samamohammed88535’s Profile PhotoSämä♡
Actually I don’t have only one favorite person, I have a lot of friends and people in my life that I consider as “My favs”.
I’ve a very cute little family who takes care of me very well. I’ve friends .. a real friends who loves me just exactly like I love them. Monopolizing one person as my favorite would be unfair to the rest of the people in my life. I just love everyone who exists in my life and loves me for nothing 💜.

> but only attempted briefly - I hope you didn't use Tor. Keep in mind who developed it. Sea. Eye. Ahy. 🤣 "B-bu-but, muh volunteer-run relays!" 🤣 You'd never guess who some of those "volunteers" are... 🤣 "Much security, very anonymous!" That's cute. 🤣 Am. A. Teurs. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I think I did but it didn’t make any sense. It looked like just a regular browser. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was a long time ago.

Do you like to decorate your electronics (laptop, phone, tablet, etc) with stickers?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
Mmhm, I have a few on my laptop! Most were gifted to me by a friend, except for the weird frog lady, I bought her from a lovely artist I met at a craft fayre last summer, alongside a cute hand-painted trinket dish. 😊
Do you like to decorate your electronics laptop phone tablet etc with stickers

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