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Какая у вас любимая песня?

dia6043847’s Profile PhotoDiana
The Coral - Dreaming of you
Keane - A bad dream
Red hot chili peppers - Snow
Kansas - Dust in the wind
10.000 Maniacs - Rainy day
Arctic monkeys - Old yellow bricks, Do you wanna know?
The Beatles - All my loving, Michelle
Xandria - Come with me, Blood on my hands
Epica - Quitetus, The skeleton key
Powerwolf - Demons are a girl's best friend, Dancing with the dead
Sabaton - Panzerkampf, Uprising
Three days grace - The abyss, Painkiller
Breaking Benjamin - Give me a sign, Dear agony
The Anix - Warning signs, Die with you
Queen - I want to break free, Friends will be friends
Scorpions - Maybe I maybe you, Humanity
Coldplay - Fix you
Avril Lavigne - Nobody's home
Linkin park - Papercut, What I've done
Skillet - Not gonna die, Lucy
Luca Turilli - Dante's inferno, Demonheart
Lordi - Hard rock hallelujah, Monster monster
Rob Zombie - Dragula, Boom-boom-boom
Static-X - New pain, Destroyer
Muse - Resistance
Rammstein - Mutter, Mein teil
Oomph! - Jetzt oder nie, Labyrinth
Bring me the horizon - Kingslayer, Sleepwalking
Lindemann - Ladyboy, Fat
System of a down - Dreaming, Question!
Serj Tankian - Lie lie lie, Harakiri
Evanescence - Secret door, Lithium
Halestorm - I get off, I like a heavy
In this moment - Bloody creature poster girl, Scarlet
Lacuna Coil - Delirium, Die and rise
Мельница - Dreadnought, Дороги
Король и Шут - Забытые ботинки
Нууу в общем как-то так🤷

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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time? 🕖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
• Jamming sessions
• Dancing
• Researches
• Cooking
• Photography
🌟Jamming Sessions
When it comes to losing myself or fully immerse myself to the point that I forget about the existence of time, one of the more commonly performed activity in groups would be jamming sessions.
Given that the world isn’t plagued by the pandemic, I used to gather a handful people that are experienced in music and the uses of instruments with another handful of people that has zero knowledge in music. Then, I’ll leave the floor open to everyone’s choice of music as we jammed to the songs we may or may not heard of.
This can be challenging as everyone has to be very open and accepting of others’ choices of musics — However, this is also one of the methods I used to pull them out of their depressed state as everyone tries to jam in the songs of their choice, it allows them to feel that their opinions is valid and they could feel ‘alive’ again.
I’m bad at choreograph dances but mimicry is my best teacher. This puts me in my flow state entirely and I lose my senses of time after I’ve managed to make a few steps into any choreographed steps or even just freestyles itself.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the time until the sky went dark 😂
This is relatively very random, but more often than not this brain of mine would just pops up a question in which I have no answers to, and that would eventually be the things listed on my ‘future researches’ list.
This is where I tend to learn more and even went out of bounds most of the time, far away from what I was taught back in school, college/university, or even in my workplace alone. With the help of Google, knowledge is free.
I am bad at cooking. Still bad as I’m still an amateur cook. But that doesn’t mean I can’t cook myself so I tried to research recipes myself and try them out.
Sometimes, once I’ve learned how to cook without the recipes, I would eventually find a way to modify the recipes to cater for various tastebuds, or to see if there will be a birth of a new item. This is where I draw the line and called the things I cook through experimentations: FrankenFoods. Judging by the name, yes, the ingredients can be very odd at times 😂
But alas, to every meal that I cook, I tend to have a crafty mind to articulate the meal themselves to make them more presentable (even though I don’t sell nor work at a restaurant in the time being) and that brings us to the next thing that makes me lose the trails of time.
It’s self explanatory, but as I take photos, the essence of perfection comes into play as I want things to ‘look presentable’ and not just to trash them onto any social medias to tell what I’ve been doing, but more of a photo that is presentable even to the point that it can be on magazine covers.
Well, magazine covers is a little too far fetched but a kid could dream. And I won’t take a bad picture and excuse myself from trying again.

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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time

The best memories during primary school?

I would say the part i get called outside class to practice dancing for school's event, so fun la escape class macam tu 😂 not a good attitude but yea, studying is not my cup of tea at that time

Do you like going clubbing/partying or do you prefer small gatherings in a bar or at home?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I prefer smaller gatherings by miles! Though I do still enjoy the occasional night of drinking and dancing, nightclubs just don't appeal to me as they did when I was younger. I like to be able to actually have a conversation with the folks I'm drinking with, without having to scream over blaring music.

I don’t enjoy clubbing- is that ok?

So i’m 19 and everyone is out clubbing. I just really don’t enjoy it. I suffer with bad anxiety and i can’t think of anything worse than a loud space, dancing, being approached by people. I’m more than happy to go for drinks or food but i hate how i’m made to feel not “normal” because i don’t go out out. Is it ok that i prefer to go out when it’s quieter and more chilled. I also have a history of sexual assault so i’m very wary on drunk men and spiking ect. I’d prefer to stay away.
I feel similarly. I’m in my 30s now and did my fair share of clubbing because I enjoy dancing. I’m also male, so I have less fear attached to things like that. But now I enjoy talking and having real conversations over drinks. It’s more enjoyable and safe and it feeds my soul more. You’re just ahead of your friends. Just don’t shame them for wanting to go out and invite them to more intimate gatherings when you can. You’re good.
Some of my friends used to look at me weirdly whenever I’d say that. I’m the same age as you and honestly I hate clubbing and loud crowded spaces just because I’m a quiet person. Nothing wrong with not liking any of that. My friends don’t bother asking me anymore just because they know I feel out of place since I don’t drink or smoke. I prefer chill quiet places too
I’m much older but when I was your age I always had much older friends and all the friends that I did have (Gf, etc) always wanted to club but I was much more mature and somehow passed that phase. You ain’t missing nothing. You do you and be proud that you are saving money by not participating.
Yep! I’m 24 and I’ve been clubbing once and hated it so much. It was hard when I turned 21 (I live in the US) and it was all my friends wanted to do, but you’re not alone and you should be able to find friends who want to do things that aren’t clubbing. And if your friends do enjoy clubbing you can obviously still be friends, maybe just suggest some other activities every once in a while and communicate your concerns if it seems like clubbing is all they want to do.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You are perfectly normal. I grew up in one of the "clubbing capitals of the world" so from age 18 to 21 I'd hit the club every week. I thought that's what I was "supposed" to be doing but never really liked it. Smelly, sweaty, drunk people all around you....also hated how girls degraded themselves for a cheap bottle.
I hate clubbing. I’m more of a sit at a bar type to eat and chat peacefully without loud music blaring directly in my delicate ears. I did try it a few times for a night-out with the girls due to a friends bad breakup but guys kept interrupting our time just dancing together. One even snuck behind me without warning and proceeded to rub himself. Like stranger please, you didn’t ask to dance and helped yourself to get handsy around my parts.

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Am I the only one who likes partying but is introverted?

The worst thing to become popularized in the last decade is the concept of extrovert and introvert. These things are not exclusive to each other and most people are not just one or the other. It's a spectrum that were pointed in and most importantly its a spectrum that can change due to a plorthea of circumstances.
Yip. I'm super introverted and love my alone time. But I'm also a massive party animal. I DJed at clubs/festivals for years as well. But I legit hate performing, especially in front of big crowds.
I always have fun with my friends from back home no matter what we’re doing. I also have fun with my brothers like we can talk and do random stuff (without alcohol) for hours and still have a good time. I’ve also realised that after COVID I’ve become much more family oriented compared to what I was before, not sure why. Yeahh, that makes sense. I feel like as I’m getting older, I’ve begun to love my ‘me time’. When I was in my first year at uni, I practically spent every single minute of everyday with friends. I only came to my room to sleep. I would NEVER do that now.
Even when I'm dancing I prefer to find a spot for myself so I'm not in a crowd. I'm usually the one on a speaker or something.
So I’m 24 and I loveee partying, clubbing, drinking, etc. When friends make plans to go partying, I’m always in. When I go for night outs, I genuinely have so much fun. You know when friends wanna leave the club early? I never do cuz I’m always wanting to stay till the end. However, I’m also an introvert. After a long day I legit fantasize about watching Netflix and chilling by myself in my PJs. So basically, I don’t really enjoy regular hangouts with my friends,as in going out to eat and stuff like that. If I’m doing something non party related, all I wanna do is leave so I can be alone doing my own thing. But while clubbing, I’m the opposite. Am I super weird for being an introvert that’s likes to party? It is absolutely ok. No one should feel forced to do something they don't want to do. There is a reason people go to clubs in a group so they can look out for each other. I think the biggest challenge for us as introverts is not how to avoid everything we don't like turning us into hermits. The challenge is to make sure we take the steps necessary to overcome these situations in a safe and fun way. Clubs too loud? Find a quieter public place. Dancing? Could that be just a insecurity? Find a way to dance home alone to build confidence. Approached by people.. Find a group with common interests that you can ease into. You are going to have to take baby steps to not only get over your trauma but to protect yourself from further problems. As a hermit myself I regret almost every day not taking a more proactive role in my life.

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What's your side of the story?

maazich’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Moaaz
You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
Set fires to my forest
And you let it burn
Sang off-key in my chorus
'Cause it wasn't yours
I saw the signs and I ignored it
Rose-colored glasses all distorted
Set fire to my purpose
And I let it burn
You got off on the hurtin'
When it wasn't yours, yeah
We'd always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dancing was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me 💜

🌎 have you ever had to talk in front of a crowd? If yes how did you go?

l used to be on the debating team in School and somehow managed to overcome my nerves to a degree, whilst clearly shaking until my nerves settled.
The only time I was in a large crowd was when I was at a Hypnotised and was chosen to come up. Being sceptical , I still went up and
thought it would be a laugh. The thing was apparently my partner told me (For anyone that knows me I am very introverted and never am
shall we say the life of the party ) I was singing to a room full of strangers and dancing around with the utmost confidence. The irony is, I don't actually recall doing it.

What do you do for fun?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
If you mean how I am relaxing during my free time, so :
1.watching various tv shows (about singing, dancing, cooking, baking and other talents or knowledge and other competitions - just now about surviving 👇😁)
2.reading crimi book
3.watching funny or historic or fantasy or thrilling series and movies
4.browsing social sites
5.chatting with friends or meeting my best friend and talking
6.going out to walk or bike (warm days)
7.visiting theatres and cinemas.
What do you do for fun

I was watching a live performance on YT from 2001 of this band that I love and everyone in the public was with their hands up and dancing, like they were totally enjoying the moment. Nowadays they'd all be with their phones in their hands recording. Don't you feel like technology made fun less fun?

No, people made fun less fun. Each individual has a choice to make here-live in the moment or video it. If they choose to video it, they made it less fun, not the phone 😝

In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably dance. I've been dancing for most of my Life. I am into Ballet for 20 years, I am doing Jazz and Hip-Hop for 12 years and for 5 years I am also into Poledance.
So yeah dancing is a big part of my Life and i would always pick this section for me. ❤️
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Tell me about your children

Having children has always felt like a far off dream – it’s like watching the sea, you know? Some days it appears closer, and other days it feels as though the ground rushes out from underneath my feet, that the waves are dragging everything away from my grasping hands.
People have told me that it doesn’t have to be that way. I could be less fussy, less selective. There are plenty of loveless relationships, after all. I could be just another statistic. But God, the thought of that terrifies me. I grew up in loveless houses. I grew up hiding my brother under my bed, covering my ears at night, ducking under the bath water so that all I could hear was my own pounding heart. There is no way that I would bring a child into that kind of world.
And that I know for a fact.
No, the house that my child grows up in will be drenched in perpetual sunshine. I want my child to know that there is no sky that isn’t worth enjoying – that sun is for growing in, rain is for dancing in, snow is for jumping in. I want my child to fearlessly run through that house, skidding on the floors, loud whoops of laughter following them. I want them to grow up with grazed knees and muddy boots, covered in dog hair and reeking of adventures and discovery. I want my child to be utterly fearless, fuelled by the knowledge that they are so deeply, ludicrously loved. I want them to fall asleep with the ghost of a smile still on their lips. I want my child to live simply. And when the world lays down hardship and strife at their door, I want my child to know that they can handle it – whatever it is – because they have learnt that you don’t get to pick and choose in this world. But you do get to pick and choose how you take it.
Scar tissue, they say, is far stronger than the original skin. It is less pliable, it’s largely immovable.
Sometimes I think that I am more scar than girl.
Surely that makes me a better step to boost themselves off of, to see the world from.

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kartun fav yg sering ditonton waktu kecil

oliviassafitr’s Profile Photoolip
honey bee hutch, hinja hattori, sailor moon, kamichama karin, chalkzone, dora the expolre, spongebob, sinchan, avatar the legend of aang, popeye, naruto, scooby doo, the powerpuff girls, tom and jerry, pokemon, doraemon, tinker bell, beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, tangled, frozen, disney princess movies, alice in wonderland, the kion king, wall-e, up, finding nemo, ratatouille, monsters, inc, alvin and the chipmunks, toy story, upin ipin, barbie 12 dancing princesses dan masih banyak lagi. nonton dari tv entah dari global tv, mnc, spacetoon, rcti. sampe sekarang masih suka nonton kartun dari disney, pixar dll.
kartun fav yg sering ditonton waktu kecil
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a message to your future wife/husband? 👀💌💐

beaxt’s Profile PhotoHassan Bin Akram ™️
Be prepared for a million questions, random dancing, my mood swings, walks in the rain, useless arguments, my musical outbursts, pillow fights, Nails fights, in short TOFAAN-E-BADTAMEZI with khata metha pyar bla bla. You have to be patient my love a true clown is on the way🌝♥️.
And, And And when we finally meet I am going to slap you so hard on your butt shab for taking so damn long.
Looking forward to see you soon HONEY.

Romi könyvek sorik filmek léccii 😂

Könyvek: Szólíts a neveden, A felolvasó
Sorozatok: Bridgerton, Így jártam anyátokkal, Skam, Született feleségek, You, Modern family, Csak színház és más semmi
Filmek: Szólíts a neveden, A felolvasó, Csillag születik, A ház a tó körül, 50 első randi, Szerelmünk lapjai, Forrest Gump, Casablanca, A mindenség elmélete, Van, aki forrón szereti, Dirty Dancing, Római vakáció, Egyszerűen bonyolult, Mamma mia

Have you ever felt resentment toward someone and then later in life, felt compassion toward them?

What I am about to write is personal and the only reason I am sharing this information is to help other victims of abuse.
"Nobody's Perfect" by Alex
Yes I have felt resentment. When I was about 5 years old my family attended a family gathering at the Hoboken Club. All my aunts, uncles and cousins were there. People were eating, dancing and playing games. I wandered off and found myself in the basement of the club, where I caught my mother having an affair with my uncle. I got the attention of one of my uncles who intervened and broke up the illicit encounter.
For the next 40 years my mother and I hardly ever spoke to each other. You might say that I didn't respect her and she hated me. I avoided my mother like one might avoid a virus, and whenever we were in the same room together the tension was intense. We were constantly walking on egg shells.
Eventually I got married and my wife and I moved to another state. My wife was upset that my mother and I never talked and she would periodically call my mother and then stick the phone in my face and say: "talk to your mother!" This went on for a few years until one day my wife got very upset and asked me why I refused to talk to my mother? So I explained to my wife about my mothers adultery and how it affected me and that I had no respect for her because of how she treated my father. My wife said that ignoring my mother was hurting me and I needed to forgive her.
Some time passed... and one day I prayed to God about it and he gave me the courage and grace to begin reconciliation. So for the last 10 years of my mothers life, I made every effort to spend time with her. We attended concerts together (Frank Sinatra, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond) ate at restaurants together, and we took her on family vacations with us.
Mom passed away in August 2004 from breast cancer. She was 74 years old. About two weeks before she died, my wife and I visited her and she was curled up in a fetal position on her couch, in pain, and looked like she was a frightened little girl. You see, mom never believed in God and thought that all Christians were hypocrites and so she didn't believe in prayer. I sat next to mom and asked her if she would do me and herself a favor. I asked her to pray to God and ask him for forgiveness. I told her that if her intentions were sincere, God would forgive her.
Two weeks later mother slipped into a coma and passed from this earth. To this day, I am thankful for my wife's understanding and guidance, as she motivated me to forgive my mother and repair our broken relationship. And I am also grateful that my wife and I were able to love my mother and spend time with her, share some laughs, and enjoy each others company. And I am pleased that I had enough common sense to never discuss mothers affair with anyone, as it would have destroyed her marriage along with our family. My mothers final words to me were: "nobody's perfect."

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Lubisz słuchać remixów z piosenek? Czy raczej wolisz słuchać oryginalnego utworu?

Kiniamx’s Profile PhotoKinga M
Lubię słuchać remiksy, czasem coovery są lepsze niż oryginały. Znów dzięki machinacjom aska mogę wstawić tylko jedna piosenkę, dlatego dla pierwszej podam tylko wykonawcę i nazwę, a dam link do drugiej piosenki. Oryginał "You Don't Own Me" śpiewała Lesley Gore natomiast coover, lub jak wolisz remiks śpiewa Grace https://youtu.be/8srab18win0?list=TLPQMDUwNDIwMjJkmMM5xeHvxgKubaGR571’s Video 169278738405 8srab18win0KubaGR571’s Video 169278738405 8srab18win0 Piosenka była wykorzystana w filmie "Suicide Squad" a wcześniej również jako soundtrack w filmie "Dirty Dancing"

It’s okay to be different from others.

idk why but this love for punjabi culture (in a pathan gene is so strange).
guess what,
we believe dancing is not good, and its forbidden in religion too.
but when ever i listen to the voice to that bhangra beats on dhol & when it gets louder i get crazy.
something in me gets out of control. i just wish there is nobody to see me so i can let my body pick the beats.
even if i resist me not to dance, still my head & feat flex with the beat !
on a stranger's punjabi wedding where my family tells me to behave,
i at times go to the empty bridal room to do those dance moves ... on that high beat dhol, which the family of groom and bride fail to do! 🙂

Post a quote that you love 🖤

OsamaShakoor’s Profile PhotoAwwsama
“The democratic system of the west is the same old instrument whose chords contain no note other than the voice of the Kaiser, The demon of despotism is dancing in his democratic robes yet you consider it to be the Nilam Pari of liberty.”
Allama Muhammad Iqbal 🔥
Post a quote that you love

How do you take care of yourself mentally and physically?

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoاكسو
- I eat micro- and macronutrient dense foods that don't inflame or trigger my GIT
- I started taking the health of my GIT more seriously
- I avoid eating fast foods or highly processed calorie-dense snacks
- I keep my food intake under control: I don't eat due to boredom or for fun (rare exceptions)
- I walk a lot, do zone 2 cardio, and lift weights
- I make sure to get as much sunlight and nature exposure as possible (safe degrees)
- I take good care of my skin and use the appropriate products/medications for it
- I brush my teeth daily and floss
- I use sunscreen and protect my skin from excessive exposure
- I join active groups for dancing, hiking, etc.
Note: I am interested in sports physiology and nutrition and have been a serious athlete before. I can create my own dietary and exercise programs.
As for the skin, I am up to date with what can be prescribed/which products I need.
- I maintain a good relationship with my boyfriend. His presence in my life has a huge impact on me.
- I also maintain good relationships with my family and friends.
- I found a less stressful working environment with agreeable colleagues
- I keep educating myself and challenging myself in different aspects
- I put active effort into cutting out whatever decreases my overall quality of life, while simultaneously focusing on anything that enhances it.

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‏أنا لا أعرفك لكني أعرف أنك تشعر بالحزن أنا كمان أشعر بالحزن، تيجي نجيب شاورما؟😂

كنت أمشي على أطراف أصابعي حتى لا تستيقظ أحزاني، فظن الجميع أنني أرقص
I was walking on my fingertips even don't wake up my grief, everybody thought I was dancing🎻🙂

In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think it would be dance because I think I'm pretty good at dancing haha (': plus, among all those list dance is the only thing that is easy for me to do 🤧

Are you happy with the person you have become and is that the kind of person you wanted to be when you were a kid?

Phenix0x’s Profile PhotoNightfury
Are you happy with the person you have become and is that the kind of person you wanted to be when you were a kid? Phenix0x’s Profile Photo
March 16, 2022
Become ? ~ certainly not ,.
Became ? ~ I was better than I could ever dream . . . for 20 years . . . maybe more .
Now I'm fukked . . . . for caring & being kind . . .
But , I ,
shall rise again,
above it all .
a little more . . .
TRANSLATION to 2nd link:
Yesterday I went to the hazel wood
Nuts were sought for food
But it was on every branch but
I face you
Yesterday I went to the shellfish beach
Harvest a pond of cockles
All pearl shells appeared
Your beauty my love
I went into the same hotel
For your scourging out of my head
Every glass I picked up fell off
Beauty in it
I went to bed early last night
You were chased away to sleep
But you did not allow me to sleep
Until I made a poem
I want to be free from your pursuit
But that we are some distance '
Your shape was shaped like an image
I will have the fair
You have left me a fool
Deaf relatives with your reputation
When you come you will see
Error even
They see a peak dancing with a tidal current
Famine and eagle 'in the reel'
Gently stir in the strawberry
Fun about the eye
I will see you and you
Bil ri bil are n 'anail aoint'
Chewing like this constantly with
Spouse was your property
(links to songs ; up above)
I REALLY H8 ASK ~ I'll get them one day

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Are you happy with the person you have become and is that the kind of person you

😪🥺 Espaço Desabafo 😩😢

But when you walked out that door
A piece of me died
I told you I wanted more
But that's not what I had in mind
I just want it like before
We were dancing all night
Then they took you away
Stole you out of my life
You just need to remember
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What is your best form of expression? Through writing, speaking, photography, art(drawing, painting, sculpting), music (singing, dancing, playing instruments), etc.? ✍📝🗣📸🎨🎸

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
That's a really good question. I've tried using a creative outlet to express myself a couple of times but perfectionism would get the best of me. Probably through clothing or singing?

Опиши своё настроение строчкой из песни🎧

On my waist, through my hair
Think about it when you touch me there
Close my eyes, here you are
All alone dancing in the dark
Tell me baby if it's wrong
To let my hands do what they want?
Late at night I pretend we are
Dance-dance-dancing in the dark
Опиши своё настроение строчкой из песни

What is life like on other planets?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
If Putin starts a nuclear war, I will let you know pretty fucking soon. I dont fucking fly. But in that fucking case... Holy shit! I would be entering the first fucking spaceship I could find to the tunes of Rihanna's shut up and drive. Except I wouldn't be dancing around in some fucking hot pants and a leather jacket for midgets. Jesus Christ! Those little green guys would have cancelled my fucking visa straight away if they saw that shit.
I wish I could use some fucking nuclear bombs and erase humanity with too when I hear fucking music like that.

جماعة ممكن تقولوا أحزن أغاني عدت عليكم عربي او انجليش .. علشان ناوية أعمل أحزن بلاي لسيت. ..🙂🙃

لسه فيه كتير اوي بس دول كفايه اوي 👍
Another love ( tom odell )
I know
Ride ( lana del rey )
Dark paradise
The scientist ( cold play )
Do i wanna know ( arctic monkeys)
Counting stars ( one republic )
My immortal ( evanescence )
Sick boy ( the chainsmokers )
Everybody hates me
Demons ( imagine dragons )
Bad liar
When we were young ( adele )
Million years ago
Dancing on my own ( calum scott )
If you wait ( london grammer )

Que clase de música te gustaría bailar?

emiliousuriaga’s Profile PhotoEmilio Usuriaga
Don’t stop me now de Queen, cualquiera de ABBA, It's a sin de Pet Shop Boys, Modern love de David Bowie, 1999 de Prince, Don't stop 'til you get enough de Michael Jackson, Girls & boys de Blur, Just can't get enough de Depeche Mode, Psycho killer de Talking Heads, Rock the casbah de The Clash, You should be dancing de Bee Gees, Jump around de House Of Pain, It's tricky de Run–D.M.C., Shake your body (Down to the ground) de Michael Jackson, The Jacksons, Over and over de Hot Chip, Atomic de Blondie, Disco inferno – LP de The Trammps; estos serían unos cuantos de los que me hacen mover el esqueleto en forma.

Language: English