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Erstes Date, er lädt dich in ein Lokal ein, er bestellt die teuersten Dinge von der Karte und geht dann angeblich kurz auf Klo. Doch er verschwindet und kommt nicht wieder. Der Kellner / Ladeninhaber verlangt das du die Rechnung bezahlst. Was würdest du tun?

Ich bezahle meinen Anteil, zu mehr bin ich nicht verpflichtet, aber bin so nett und hinterlasse alle Kontaktdaten des "Dates" über die ich verfüge, damit das Restaurant ihm seine Rechnung schicken kann.

What makes you happy?

“What is happiness…?!
i asked parents…
cousins ….
and second cousins….
teacher at school…
professors at the Institute ….
priests in temples…
friends and mistresses ….
Someone tried to answer,
Someone was smiling…
Someone shrugged his
shoulders in confusion
And them
I saw you …! “
one from my favorite sayings….
And i discovered one thing about myself…. yes, i’m deep…
and i’ve added a lot of beautiful thoughts before….
but in that time they didn’t have a face for me…
and yes , all my thoughts… showed the beauty of my heart…
but they didn’t have a face…
i understand that when only a some days ago
in my phone so many pictures about places what i want to see
about things…
but not about love with the
yes, i’m magic… and i quit unearthly
know see me know that …
now, everything has a so
handsome face … and name
my Andrew….
and it’s so … so … for me to discover and feel love right now …
it’s like my heart was so closed
it’s even not about closed
it’s not the same
and about your question anonymous
a lot of things in this life can you make happy ….
not only love… or only
everyone has their own expression of happiness…
i think so from childhood…
someone happy from one thing another from another everyone different….
about me a lot of beautiful things could make me happy…
things … places … fulfillment of my desires… spoiling me
but comes moment in life when your happiness in his arms
and his happiness in your
and i want to be in all beauty of happiest moments of my our life with him…🕸❤️
and makes him 🕸❤️happiest man in the history of humanity …
when only we know about ….
something from thoughts
in pre- week days ….
and i couldn’t saw that i’m happy right now….
because in this moment right now
i must to be with….him…🕸❤️
preparing for the most beautiful day of our year…
because we have and will have
our dates in our year …❤️❤️🔗🔥
with him….🕸❤️
to days after the most beautiful day … because no event in that day… only after in this year ….
And i don’t want
and shouldn’t
sitting at home… or be somewhere…
not with him…🕸❤️
with my Andrew…❤️
right now
even most beautiful words…
could not express when it’s should happen….
my words only for
till we met …. he know that i feel everything…
and he could a little bit open in me …
me for him…❤️❤️🔗🔥

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What makes you attracted to the person you like?

I'm in that phase where my mind conjures up a fictional dream man for me to ogle at and go on imaginary perfect dates with. Okay, maybe he's real but in the form of a twisted grown-up version of a primary school classmate whom I was never close with and haven't seen him since decades ago. But besides that point, what I'm saying is that my crush is as real as Jacob from Twilight.
On a serious note, I've a thing for respectful, responsible and communicative men of their words.

:I I like this 19 year old girl, thing is I’m 26 and she only dates men at most 4 years older. People tell me I look younger should I tell her I’m 21 and do “things” with her then after that tell her my true age?

don’t lie about your age, i’ve done that before…i was sneaking into the bar when i was 20 and met a chick there and danced with her and we exchanged numbers. i told her i was 21…so she wouldn’t tell the bouncers i was underage. so later on when i turned 21, a week before my birthday i told her i was turning 21 and she definitely was pissed off and cut ties right away. moral of this life experience is don’t start any kind of relationships based with telling lies. it will only hurt you in the end.

Jack is romantically pursuing Penelope. He asks and makes all the plans for the first and second date. At what point should Jack pull back and let Penelope be the one to be proactive on communication and date asking/planning? (as a way to gauge interest level)

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
Hmm she might not take initiative so soon, not for dates or planning. Maybe after the relationship is established, she might start initiating texts or calls and that’s a good sign that she is interested in continuing. As long as she is saying yes to the dates though, she is interested :)

Tell me something about which type of man is best for marriage👍💯

-Middle Class boys are the best Marriage material because they don’t have their dad’s money or family wealth to rely on, they know the Struggles, Life’s brutalities and Responsibilities that come with fatherhood. Just a little trust and patience, they will give you the world, They know the world beyond papa ki civic and vape and parties in the farm houses , dates in posh cafes , they know the real world and girlies only a man who knows how to fight the real world can be the Father of your children, only they know how to deal with tough situation as well as they can adjust anywhere.
That's the best part of a responsible boy Respect for them.♥️

Was war dein schönstes und was war dein schlimmstes Date? Falls du noch kein Date hattest - Wie stellst du dir das schönste Date vor?

berfin347’s Profile PhotoBerfin‘s Gedankenwelt
Ich hatte schon viele schlechte und schöne Dates. Als schlechtestes würde ich aber folgendes auswählen:
- wir haben uns in der Stadt getroffen, und der Typ kam erstmal im komplett grauen Jogginganzug, jaaa so hab ich auch geschaut. Das ganze Date ging es dann so, dass er sich darüber aufgeregt hat, dass man ja Jogginganzug immer als so schlecht anzieht und weil ich wohl offensichtlich gezeigt hatte, dass ich das auch nicht gut fand. Ich hatte mich nicht in Gammelklamotten getroffen und fand das irgendwie unpassend von ihm - da wurde natürlich nichts draus.
Das schönste Date war wohl mit meinem Mann. Bei unserem ersten Date waren wir Schlittschuhlaufen und er hat sehr schnell Körperkontakt gesucht - das fand ich sehr positiv, da er mir dadurch sein eindeutiges Interesse gezeigt hat. Danach sind wir in ein amerikanisches Diner gegangen und danach in einen ToysRus und hatten da mega Spaß drin wie kleine Kinder. Und auch der Abschied war einfach perfekt, ich bin in wollte den Bus einsteigen und wir hatten uns zum Abschied umarmt und als ich mich umdrehte um einzusteigen ging er mit seinem Arm an meinem entlang an meine Hand um möglichst lange den Körperkontakt zu halten. In dem Moment wusste ich: DER GEHÖRT MIR!

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What interesting things have you learned from the ancient Egypt course?

These are the main ones that I can remember off the top of my head :)
~ There are around 175 kings known today, with The Great Pyramid of Giza being attributed to Khufu. The rough time span of these kings are 3400 years, with it being split into three parts; The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. (I’d have to check my notes for the exact dates for these).
~ In between the time periods of these kingdoms, existed a Predynastic and Protodynastic period. This is essentially when times were rather volatile and were the intermediate periods before everything stabilised and kicked off again, so to speak.
~ The Egyptians kept records of their history and often amended it/updating rulers of the past. The most well known documents are the Palermo Stone and the Abydos King List. It was later recorded in Greek, when that become the dominant written and spoken language, but this is relatively recent in terms of their own history.
~ One of my favourite facts of their chronology: an Egyptian priest (his name escapes me atm) in the early 300BCs included time periods where there were existing rulers before the Pharaohs, consisting of The Gods, Demigods and the Spirits of the Dead. After their time of ruling, then humans followed (though I guess Pharaohs were seen more as a stepping stone between a regular mortal and a demigod, in a way).
I could keep going, but I’d have to reread my notebook for the more in-depth facts on their chronology within each of the Kingdoms, the rulers, etc.
Tbf, my favourite part was going over their mythology which I knew some of, and how that related back into and influenced society at that time! (Through their art, talisman and amulets, beliefs, burial practices, etc) :)

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What interesting things have you learned from the ancient Egypt course

Do you ever try to set your single friends up on dates?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I did it when I was a teenager and I regret it, don't put your nose in your friends' relationship if they don't ask for it specifically. You will receive the blame for the outcome even when you don't have anything to do with it - except for enabling it.

Do you believe in guardian angels, ghosts, vampires, dragons, or witches?

I don't believe in guardian angels as such but I do believe in spirit guides and loved ones watching out for us, definitely yes to ghosts/entities, vampires I'm going to say probably not, I do believe in dragons considering we have species of dragon on earth still (not the fire breathing kind but dragon nonetheless) but I believe they found the remains of one recently that dates back to the time of dinosaurs (argentina I think?) and as for the witches, yes, but not necessarily in the sense of pointy noses and black hats 🙂

I love you ! Can you say it without feeling it ? I don’t … I mean it !

about whether you can say …
world do not have a man ….
who hear my ‘I love you’
neither a boy …. nor a guy… nor a man….
and him….🕸❤️ too
we are not met yet…
but we are in maddening love
and if you are reading…. here or somewhere….
or see words about love on my pictures….
in my “saved”
it means one thing
I’m in this….
we are in this with him we are in love…. i feel only like this…
we are in love …. in love which cannot “fit” into words….♡🌀♡
just like that i will never express anything…..
everything a little part ( little ….little… because i don’t want expression- “this
little is too much “because it must be in private life and stay there …. without expression on web)
of the what in my heart ❤️
another question anonymous
i was read a million times …..
a lot of guys wrote to me ….
and here too of course
no one could talk
because i didn’t want to go…. on dates ….
it’s absolutely true i’m girl who didn’t do anything….
but a lot of guys felt in love …
and it was strange for me to listen sometimes to all sorts of stories about breakups…. or something else…
and i don’t need to do anything…. just need to exist…. and to be with him….- in order for him to be the happiest man in this world…. and he
will ….. he 🕸❤️always will be the most happiest man on this earth….
oh ,anonymous for you
i’m sorry….
you will found your real love…
and all guys here who loves me or likes me …. everyone will be happy !

in my he♡a♡rt he🕸❤️

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What's the most important thing have in a long lasting relationship?

itsQaiserhere’s Profile Photoقيصر اعجاز
Miltay rehna bar bar take cheat krne ka moqa na milay na itnu space milay k kisi or k baray me socho or adat rahay phir surprises jese chotay kotay gifts gajray flowers calls ya phir khana bhijwa dena ek dosre ko dates plan krna sabko milwana finds family larae na krna or Jo dil me ae wo krne dena be like friend not abba

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have this very romantic idea to go on coffee dates with my friends, wander along a meadow hand in hand, read books under a cozy blanket and play a bunch of board games.
Sadly, no friend nearby for that. :<
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Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
First dates ideally should be something that promotes talking and getting to know each other, I think dinner dates must be awkward because you're eating not talking 😂 me n fella already knew each other pretty well but for our first proper date we visited a castle and chatted the entire day and it was awesome!

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm not big on the idea of dates unless I'm already with someone. I rather get to know someone as a friend and person first rather than seeing them on a date first.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone howd it ideally look like

Wie hast du dich früher in der Schule immer im Unterricht beschäftigt, wenn dir langweilig war?

Dates ausgemacht, mit Freundinnen geschrieben oder geschwätzt
Aber mir war meist nicht langweilig weil ich oft ( zumindest im Winter) nur drei Tage in der Schule war - und gute Noten haben musste damit ich die freien Tage bekommen habe
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What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It largely depends on a person i am with and to some extend also other stuff like seasons and what my current hobbies, likes and needs are.
For example now that i haven't really sleep in 3 weeks and i am sooo exhausted, there is nothing i would like to do more than nap. Anybody who i would feel safe with, i would simply wanna nap together. I would be so happy if somebody was scratching my head/back while i can nap next to them (just like i was doing it to my roommate, such cute bonding moments).
Whenever i was around younger friends (most friends of my parents have kids years younger than me) i loved playing with toys with them. Like barbies etc. Or watching cartoons. I wouldn't exactly suggest to do so with older people 😅 activity i love to do with my husband is working out, which in general i don't like doing infront of people but i do like to walk and chat with everybody. I also love going out to restaurants or make feasts at home.
I have a thing for taking crushes/boyfriends to the pool for some reason 😅 there was only one guy that i had a thing with and we didn't go to the pool of some sort. Like other have dates at movies etc, well i have them at pools and wellness centers 🤣 speaking about boyfriends, in both cases where they had a car, i loved just sitting in the car with them and talk, listen to music or just be present while they drive, especially at night🥰
But what matters most to me is not activity itself, it's the people :) with people i love, i would be happy doing anything.

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If you're married or going steady with somebody, do you still go on dates? I mean, are they still dates or does "dating" refer to the stage where you guys are just getting to know each other more and form a connection?

Personally my boyfriend and I haven't ever called any part of our relationship a "date / dating" lol
Even if we go out, it's not referred to as a date :)
Personally I've only ever really heard that used by my American friends, or on American shows / movies :)
If youre married or going steady with somebody do you still go on dates I mean

If you're married or going steady with somebody, do you still go on dates? I mean, are they still dates or does "dating" refer to the stage where you guys are just getting to know each other more and form a connection?

I think it’s good to continue going on dates even when it becomes a long term or official thing :) date nights or doing fun activities together is a good way to spend quality time

Ich habe ein neues Mädchen kennengelernt und es könnte auch was werden. Mit meiner vorherigen Partnerin habe ich häufiger mal "private Filmchen" gedreht. Sollte ich es ihr sagen oder nicht?

Würde ich jetzt nicht bei den Dates als Gesprächsthema nehmen... 🙈 Vorallem Gespräche 'von der Ex' in der Kennenlernphase ist ein absoluter Abturner... Wenn es dann mal richtig läuft und dieses Thema passt, kannst Du das erzählen... Es ist ja nichts schlimm daran.

Are there any local Folklore that you believe in?

Yep :3
I believe that if a robin crosses your path, then it's a loved one who has passed on, coming to make sure you are alright!
Now I believe this because a robin does pop up on significant dates to those of my loved ones who have passed away :)
Are there any local Folklore that you believe in

Spiel vorschlag. Es werden dir user genannt und du musst nur anhand des profils festlegen wohin du mit dieser Person während eines dates hingehen würdest 🙊

Also unter der Voraussetzung dass die mich überhaupt Daten würden , die single waren ich auch oder wie?
Nehmts aber bitte nicht krumm wenn ich sag ich würd die Person gar nicht erst Daten ok😅
Und bitte auch nicht zu heftig aufnehmen wenn ich auf ein Date gehen würde. Das heißt ja nur Mal zusammen weg gehen und was essen oder whatever...nicht dass ich die knattern will😅😅😅
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Tes projets après cette star academy ?

Je travaille sur un album qui est en préparation, il y aura aussi la tournée en Belgique avec la comédie musicale Mamma Mia, j'incarne le rôle de "Sophie"
5 dates à partir du 20 Janvier 2023
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who pays on Dates? what if you're dating an unemployed?

I’ve usually just paid for my own and vice-versa, but often I’m happy to pay. I’d offer if I knew they were skint. I’ve a friend who often pays for me as she knows I’m on government support, despite my protestations.
I remember at one point in the 1980s when me and my gf were both absolutely brassic but really wanted to eat out, we’d go to a restaurant and ask for one starter and two sets of cutlery and share it!

Can I ask some relationship advice please? There’s a guy I’ve known for a year I like him and there’s chemistry (we’ve been on a couple of dates) but I’ve just found out what type of p*rn he consumes and I’m sickened. It’s nothing illegal & I know some girls are into that stuff too but I 1/2

I never got a part two to this but him watching a certain type of p*rn does not mean he wants that in reality. If it’s something he does want then it will be something you say you’re not comfortable with if or when it comes up 🙃

Nowadays there is no time for couples to interact with each other when you have smartphones on hands. Both sitting together playing with their phones and forget about each other.

imsyedaofficial’s Profile PhotoHoorain
I believe you didn’t find the right person. We always put our phones down when we are spending time together. We go out together, we do dates (like restaurants) or simply cinema or bowling 😁

What's the best way to start a new relationship I've been single 2 years and in a bad relationship previously, which killed all confidence what's best way to start new if I'm lacking confidence

Honestly, stop thinking about being in a relationship. You need to work on you first, get happy with who you are, do the healing you need to do, before you get into a new relationship.
If you feel like you've done all that and just need to build your confidence back up, then I'd suggest going on a few dates with people from Bumble or Facebook Dating or something. Gives you a chance to get back into the dating scene without being too heavy on confidence.

J'aimerais avoir autant de flow que toi à 30 ans

J'ai l'impression que les gens ici ont beaucoup d'idées reçues concernant la trentaine. Tu sais on est encore jeunes, nous ne sommes pas supposés se transformer en prince Philippe à cet âge là, et rien ne s'arrête.
Ce chiffre vous fais peur, surtout aux femmes. Mais tout ça c'est à cause du patriarcat et de la pression sociale. Comme si nous étions des produits avec des dates de péremption.
Reste authentique, c'est tout ce que j'ai à te dire. Si on t'accepte pas pour ce que tu es, apprécie ta propre compagnie. La plupart des personnes de mon âge ici en France me trouvent "intriguante" comme si j'étais un objet d'étude, ils veulent me côtoyer par curiosité et pour moi ce n'est pas tolérable. Du coup je passe du temps seule, je mange seule dans les restos, je voyage seule, je décline les invitations aux fêtes, je garde ce mode de vie jusqu'à ce que je rencontre des personnes qui m'apprécient pour de vrai. Et si ça n'arrive pas tant pis. Je n'ai pas perdu de temps à attendre leur validation ou leur disponibilité.
Bref, avoir du flow comme tu dis n'est rien d'autre qu'être soi-même, ya pas de secret.

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Jal Jayo Raysa. Salanghae Chingu. 💜

NiceSky938’s Profile PhotoSkylar Caputo
good evening beautiful skylar, Due to the unfortunate situation in Itaewon, the episode of "Running Man" in which Jin will be appearing has been cancelled, it has not been said what day it will be broadcast.
*We will be informing you dates and times later .
i found out about what happened in itaewon also a bit of carving in latin america skylar you also gave me the information about itawon i'm sad my condolences to itawon
Jal Jayo Raysa Salanghae Chingu
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Aik baat nahi samjh ati ye jummah walay din pura whatsapp madrassa ku bana hota?

mubeenrehman’s Profile PhotoِM•U•B•E•E•Nٓ
This might be triggering but people are only “religious” on some selective dates and days this attitude is beyond me. Namaz? Oh only on Eids and Jummahs, Some only care about being *nice* during Rabiul-Awal and the specified date*, cause it’s holy right? otherwise only remember the tragedy of Karbala during the specific dates, not the whole year round. People only wanna be *woke* and *helpful* during Ramadan otherwise nobody cares, right? It’s always certain dates that gets us all pumped up and enthusiastic. Otherwise? meh let’s just do whatever. 🙂
Atleast try to be a good person round the year. People be changing their behaviours like a chameleon changes colour.

So I went on a few dates with a guy what would be a good gift to get him (I’m also a guy)

Before you buy anything, next date really listen to him and see if you can figure out what his likes are…..then consider a gift
Alternatively, buy him something you like so you can share why you like things 🤷🏻‍♂️

Should I start writing down all the memories I can remember even if I can’t remember dates and years? Would it help me to remember more? I have huge gaps in my memory and not sure how to retrieve them. I cry because of it.

Sure it would probably help you remember more when you go back to it and read it.
I’ve read that losing memory is sometimes a sign of vibration raising.
Should I start writing down all the memories I can remember even if I cant

Why ?no one ever stick around ?

Even some relationships and friendships all have expiration dates. It doesn’t matter what you do or willing to do, you will never be good enough for the wrong people. They will always find a reason not to stay. They're not bad people and there's nothing wrong with you. You're not made for everyone, so don't beat yourself up. Focus on yourself and your career for now. Keep your heart open cos you will love when you're not looking for it!.

Don’t you think that there should be an option of rating people on dating apps after going out with them just like how we rate uber drivers..

I've never used dating apps so I'm not sure, cos I think most people would just block or report after a negative experience but maybe a rating system would help raise red flags and warn other potential dates that the person was creepy or rude. It could very easily get misused by people who were upset that it didn't end up with sex or a second date tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴊᴇᴄᴛ ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ɴɪᴄᴇʟʏ 🥲🤌🏻

Rejections are never nice but people deserve to know the truth. There’s this childhood fren. She’s a real sweetheart. She was suppose to get married in this March then it got postponed to Oct and now it’s delayed to December and the dates are still not confirmed? Almost the whole year went by. She keeps saying that her fiancé moved to Dubai, he needs time and she’s gonna move, as well and stuff but? All the situation seems off to me. I hope the guy isn’t wasting her time.
I don’t understand how men can chicken out and get pressurised. Like that’s so very gay. If you’re not interested, man up, apologise and call it quits.
It’s way wayyyy better than wasting someone’s time and giving them false hope.

🥀 Do you like planning dates, having dates planned for you or going with the flow?

I think a mix of all the above is nice. If it's always one person who plans, arranges or books things it can feel like the other doesn't care to put effort in. Go with the flow type dates are nice but again, if it's the same person suggesting those dates every time, the other should try to even it out a bit and make their partner feel special 😌

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