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If your ex gave you an invite to their wedding, would you go?

I would decline the invitation simply for the fact that I would feel very awkward being there. Not because there's any bad blood between us. With the exception of my most recent ex, all my relationships ended on good or at the very least, civil, terms.
But, I don't know these people anymore. We haven't properly spoken to each other in years and years and, we are probably both entirely different people now, compared to who we were when we were still dating. To attend any of my ex's weddings would be like attending the wedding of a complete stranger.
I would thank them for the invite and congratulate them.
But I wouldn't go.

Probabil daca ti-as spune ''Vrei sa iesi cu mine in oras ?'', m-ai analiza exhaustiv atat cat iti permite o prima impresie si faptul ca iti spun ca sunt mai linistit si simplu, ca pun pret pe lucruri pe care altii nu le ofera importanta deosebita, vei socoti ca o iesire cu mine e inoportuna.

Sigur, la cat imi bat capul cu fiecare in parte, nu va sterg intrebarile si caut tot timpul sa va dau un raspuns cat mai pertinent ca sa ramaneti cu ceva in cap din ceea ce vorbesc, tot eu sunt superficiala. Cat despre dating, ai cam gresit aplicatia, dar sfera online este oricum ceva ambiguu si inselator, tu poti sa te dai drept oricine si eu la fel, intr-o poza este capturat doar un singur moment dintr-o intreaga zi si dintr-o viata de om, tu, sincer, dupa cate criterii ti-ai dat seama ca eu sunt potrivita pentru tine? Vezi, nici tu nu poti fi sigur de asta.

No hate αλλά γιατί οι περισσότεροι βλέπουν το ασκ ως dating app?

Πρώτον επειδή η ίδια εφαρμογή καλεί τους χρήστες σε private chat επί πληρωμή και δεύτερον, επειδή μέσω της ανωνυμίας όλοι οι αγάμητοι φλώροι και οι πορνόγεροι, βγάζουν τα κόμπλεξ τους και τις καύλες τους στα κοριτσάκια χωρίς να δείχνουν τη μούρη τους.

Ask looks more likes a dating app🤡

romesanoor1212’s Profile PhotoRomesa
It was not back in time. It has slowly turned into dating platform. Majority use it for hitting up for DMs & shit. So this was our perspective so far, I mean public not actually me. Things got worse when ASKfm officially started their campaign three years ago & they labeled this platform "A dating point". Introduced paid stuff like emojis, unlock DM feature etc...

do you think every man has to find a girlfriend? so what does a man lose if he does not find a lover all his life

Why do y’all have to date multiple women at the same time & be fcking atleast 3 of them at the same time. That’s why I don’t like dating these days.💯

What was the most painful breakup you have ever experienced?

My most recent ex broke up with me at the beginning of quarantine. She kinda had a breakdown. I lost her the dog and her home that we lived in together that I had put countless hours of labor into redoing and updating it. It broke my heart. Crushed me. I had been looking for an engagement ring. Good news we hung out this past weekend. She told me how fucked up she was mentally at that time and she realizes now what we had and were building to. She wants to start hanging out again and work to try to bring our relationship back to even better then it was. Going to be a long process but I think I want to try. I've had some pretty shitty things said to me, but I think the most painful breakup was the guy who said nothing. I felt like I was the only one making any effort, and I felt very sad and neglected. I stopped making an effort to spend time with him and he didn't contact me for FIVE WEEKS, then he happened to run into me in town and asked, "So did we break up?" ANNDDD he already had a new girlfriend who was living with him because he decided to cheat on me since I 'wasn't paying attention to him'. This is after YEARS of doting over him, hoping that he would care about me back. I felt like a complete fool and like I had wasted years of the prime of my life. I guess when I decided to back off I had hoped he would reach out to me and make some romantic gesture to win me back, but instead he found an underage girl to do drugs with and stick his dick in. Joke's on me!
It was a wall of text he sent me while I was neck deep in exam stress. It was basically a huge rant about poor him for having to go back into the dating scene again. Nothing about his feelings for me, just how much it sucks for him not to be in a relationship. That really cemented the paranoia I had that he was just with me because he wanted to be in a relationship, not because he wanted to be with me.
Then when we broke up he said, “I’ve decided I like having a girlfriend, I just don’t like you.” Both those things have actually haunted me for years. I still don’t believe there is actually anything particularly attractive/special about me, I think the guys who have been with me just kind of wanted a warm body and I happened to be there at the time.
During our first split: “She was the only person I could see myself with, besides you.” (After I found a text message back before we were married...He was trying to get this girl to agree that they would both leave their respective fiancés. She told him it was weird and she was not leaving her fiancé. Apparently he contacted her with this idea unsolicited. He sent the note about a month before we were married. I found it about a year after we were married. )
During the grand finale about 2 years later: “you are so PATHETIC. You’ll find someone else, God! Just leave me alone!” ( after he told me he wanted a divorce and I asked him if he was really sure that this is what he wanted.

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When do you consider yourself in a relationship with someone?

Bring it up but no, 5 dates and sleeping with someone in this day and age is not cause for any assumption of any kind. So ask and see where he stands. Also 5 dates over what time frame? When I really like someone I probably see them 5 times in the first 2.5 weeks, which is definitely too soon to declare exclusivity. Sometimes it is 5 times over a month, which timewise may be more reasonable, but you're only seeing them once a week which means you probably aren't exclusive.
It is the moment to bring it up when you either want to or you feel worse for not doing so. It's an awkward conversation, so I think you just need to focus more on taking the leap. It's good to lead with an unambiguous statement so that you don't chicken out and backtrack. "Hey, Hotstuff, I was wondering if we could just touch base on things. How do you feel about this? . . . Okay, so how would you feel about being a couple?" Don't get sidetracked by what he says -- remember what you want to hear. If he goes, "hey, you're really special to me, and I really like you." that is not an answer. An answer would be "hey, you're really special to me, and I really like you. I would really like to be a couple with you." Or "I need more time to figure things out" (at which point you have to give a deadline or risk being a warm body getting strung along). Be firm and don't lose sight.
Bring it up or it isn't official. Even if you personally decide to stop seeing other people and see where it ends up, there isn't anything until you both agree to it, in explicit terms. Even if that's just a "Hey, want to stop seeing other people?" "Yeah, sure, that sounds good," some sort of mutual agreement has to be reached.
I've been on like five dates with this guy and I already slept with him. I've never slept with anyone so soon after dating, so I'm not sure if at this point, do we consider ourselves getting to the point where we should stop seeing other people or not? We're both pretty shy people and I don't know how the "talk" starts about being in a monogamous relationship. When should we consider ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend? After how much time? Will I feel if a moment is right? How do you bring it up without it being awkward?

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Today’s word is: Unappreciated. Tell me a time when you went out of your way to do something for someone and felt unappreciated for it.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Fortunately, it's been a long time since I've last been made to feel that way. In fact the most recent instance I can recall was over seven years ago now, when my ex and I were still dating. I gave so much to that relationship and in the end, it was all thrown back in my face.
It was soul-crushing, but it taught me a valuable lesson about the kinds of people I should and shouldn't allow in my life.
Todays word is Unappreciated Tell me a time when you went out of your way to do

Why do women (or at the least the ones I’ve encountered so far) seem to not understand the concept that I can still love a woman with all my heart whilst having sex with other women, it’s not cheating sex is sex and love is love and I like a variety, one wouldn’t want the same film would they?

highwaystar34871’s Profile PhotoBen
I would say that it can be inversely proportional, in fact there are people who have no problem dating other people and there are monogamous ones, you are and must be free to live love and sex as you want, but you must have a woman by your side who thinks the same differently you would be the useless cause of suffering for your partner. It is right to be free and to be respected but we must also respect and let others free to think as they believe.🙂
Why do women or at the least the ones Ive encountered so far seem to not

If you want to date someone from ask who would it be and why? Tag him/her

I think dating is an adanvace way of time wastage and a modern way of getting depression. And Since I am too lazy to leave my bed and go out So, I have decided to think about more negative sides of dating to motivate myself..
If you want to date someone from ask who would it be and why Tag himher

Have you ever brought a partner home to meet your parents? How did it go? How did you feel?

a_suomynona’s Profile PhotoWFT
Yeah when I was dating at the time And it went good my mom accepted all the girls I had dated And it was a relief because I thought oh lord she’s gonna say something or show them old pics of me that might make them want to leave but my mom is cool and I’m glad she accepted them and there wasn’t no bad connection with her and them

It says askfm is a dating app, does anyone agree with that?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
How can it be a dating app if everyone just posts meaningless shoutout to get points and doesn’t even care about answers? 🙃
It feels like I’m surrounded by robots

[18+ only] Ask us any questions about sex, kinks, dating or relationships. We will give your our best answers.

rule34pod_’s Profile PhotoRule 34 Podcast
See if all you other people send one shout-out like this....it wouldn't be a big deal...pointing out the age limit, and not sending out sex questions is how you get the age group etc to YOUR page. Take notes from shout-outs like this

It says askfm is a dating app, does anyone agree with that?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
I hate to admit it, but based upon my own observations and experience, there is no doubt that some folks are using askfm as a "dating site." They are hoping to find their twin flame, soul mate and eternal love. Personally, I could care less as I see no harm in it; however, for those of us who enjoy writing it can be a distraction because if we are not careful we can get caught up in the senseless drama and our writing and words can be turned against us and used as weapons whenever these lovers disagree with us or perceive that we have posted something that they find offensive or targeted at them and therefore feel compelled to report the post as "hate speech."
So one of my short term goals is to find a platform that encourages and celebrates proficient writers and does not promote itself, as askfm does, as a "dating site." I am not at all interested in the drama that seems all too prevalent on sites that promote flirting, dating, sexting, hookups and other clandestine activities.

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It says askfm is a dating app, does anyone agree with that?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
I definitely don't agree with that at all. I have been on this app for years and to me personally it will always be just an app where I answer questions and make friends with some genuine and amazing people. All that dating app shxt is weird ASF considering the age limit to join the app is from 13 on....so to consider this a dating app where children are still allowed to join is just weird to me.

Why do you believe that a lot of men gave up on dating

bxbernie’s Profile PhotoBernard Clarke
Because for many men, dating is not worth their time or effort. I think most men understand that to achieve the result you desire, you must expend a certain amount of energy, time and effort. And this energy, time and effort must be proportional to the outcome you envision. The problem becomes when the amount of effort required to achieve a satisfactory outcome is disproportionate to the energy and time expended.
In todays Woke Cancel Culture driven by radical feminists, where men are perceived as supremacists, misogynists, pedophiles, abusers, mansplainers, sexual predators, and toxic masculinity, some men have simply lost interest and given up on women. In fact, I know many young men who would prefer to play video games then spend time with women. Think about that for a moment. Young men choose video games over women. Wow!!
The question is, whose fault is it?
My father used to say:
"if you kick a dog long enough, eventually the dog will bite you and then run away." Dad was correct.
* The attached quote by a radical feminist says it all and unfortunately demonstrates why some men prefer video games and prefer the friendship of other men over the company of women who insult, demean and denigrate men.

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Why do you believe that a lot of men gave up on dating
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How did you meet your significant other, and how did you approach them?

We met 11 years ago at our auditions for the show we both costarred in. I was playing guitar and she came over. My dad instantly started talking to her. Then I talked to her and it was love at first sight. Everyone called me crazy because we were only 15 when we met but we really did get along so well and just clicked. We ended up auditioning together that day, got the show, and then costarred together in the show for 4 years. We started officially dating a year after audition and the rest is history ❤️

well, legally speaking it cannot be a dating app, as the age requirement to join this site is 13. so unless they raise the age limit to 18, like all dating apps are, it cannot be a dating app.

And how do they verify that an account was created by someone under age 18? If I recall, when you create an account they ask you your age and you enter any number you feel like, right? Besides, many of those accounts I am referring to are people over the age of 18, or so they claim. You've got 40 year old women chasing 23 year old men and in one case a 45 year old married woman with 2 children in college sexting and scheduling hookups with young men half her age.
I've been here since 2015 and in that time I have seen it all. So in my humble opinion, while askfm might not technically be a "dating app" many people over the age of 18 are using for that. And when you think of it it makes sense. askfm is perfect for developing relationships, especially if you are a good writer and have something useful and thought provoking to say. And what woman have you ever met who doesn't enjoy a good poem or well written love song, right?
So I completely understand why people over age 18 use askfm to develop serious long term relationships and I have no problem with it; except, that is not what I am looking for. I am a writer, pure and simple and do not want to complicate my life.

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why do you think tumblr has died out? like ik it's not completely dead, but it is compared to let's say 7 years ago.

I think the primary reason tumblr became irrelevant is due to their business decision to remove all porn. Several years most of the tumblr accounts were dedicated to porn which resulted in a demand for their services.
Personally, I decided to delete my tumblr account, which was where I had posted over 200 original poems, because they changed my password and I could no longer perform edit functions. After unsuccessfully reaching out to tumblr to correct the problem, I got frustrated and deleted my account and along with it over 400 followers. I will never use tumblr again.
And to be honest, I am very close to leaving askfm. Why?
Because askfm used to be fun when it was mostly used for questions and answers, but it seems now it has become a dating application where many people are looking for a partner or some type of long term relationship which I have no interest in
I have been looking for a social network dedicated to writers, but most require a monthly subscription fee which I am not willing to pay for. So I think what I will try doing with askfm is sending more anonymous questions to avoid the Woke Cowards from constantly reporting my account as "hate speech" which I am not only frustrated with but totally bored with. So ya, my days hanging around askfm are coming to and end. Freedom of speech no longer exists in America.

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why do you think tumblr has died out like ik its not completely dead but it is

Damn, wasn't he a young guy? How did he have a heart attack so young?

Football and being somewhat overweight? Idk it was like 5 years ago he died or something? Wasn't dating him at that time. Just found out from our mutual friend that he did die. Would have been in his 30s but yes...

I work at a coffee shop and I have a huge crush on a regular. We're both really shy, it's obvious. But I speculate he might think I'm attractive as well. Would it be weird for me to start writing things like "have a great day" or cute little coffee jokes? If it sounds weird, I don't wanna do it lol

To be honest, I have been out of the dating scene for several decades so it is difficult for me to relate.
> he might think I'm attractive
What makes you think that? Is there any evidence or are you hoping?
> if it's weird I don't want to do it
Weird is a subjective term that is open to many interpretations. Why not just say: "hello, how are you today?" Sometimes simpler is better and less is more.
Good Luck!

sono fidanzato, secondo voi posso scaricarmi lovoo tanto per passar il tempo?

Ma se vuoi passare il tempo perché invece non organizzi qualcosa per la tua lei.. un qualsiasi cosa non per forza una cena, ma qualcosa che possa piacergli e che possa sorprenderla e farla sentire voluta, dai retta a me lascia perdere quelle cag*te delle dating app e cerca di innamorarti ogni giorno di lei perché è questo che da forza a una relazione, altrimenti perché ci stai assieme!
Fai tu.. ✨

❓What are some fatures you would like to see added / changed on askfm?

i feel like i'm beating a dead horse with this answer, but improvement to the reporting/blocking system. ever since askfm emphasized the use of shout outs and tried to portray themselves as some sort of "dating" site, there have been so many disgusting people sending questions to people -- including minors. and, unfortunately, askfm staff do not care and do little to remedy these situations.

What’s it really like dating someone who’s always busy, a business man and always traveling… but hes loyal and loves you. He asks for you to be understanding and to support him, and wants you to pursue your dreams and career to become a power couple. Is this ideal or not?

> What’s it really like dating someone who’s always busy, a business man and always traveling…
It's terrible. Worse than you could imagine. If he is so busy and taking such dramatic steps to retire early with a huge pile which will allow both of you to live very comfortably for the rest of your lives, I can't see anything positive in it... ;-)
> but hes loyal and loves you. He asks for you to be understanding and to support him, and wants you to pursue your dreams and career to become a power couple.
A sharp lad. He sounds like my twin. I already like him. 👍
> Is this ideal or not?
Yes. Marry him and invite me to the wedding. After you take your vows, I would like to pull him aside and discuss some investment opportunities. Yes, your honeymoon can wait. ❤️
Whats it really like dating someone whos always busy a business man and always

Do you think the majority of people, who are dating a toxic person, do not know that their partner is toxic because attachment is clouding their judgment?

I think on some level most people start to get a feeling that something isn't right, that it shouldn't be that way, that the person is lnt treating them how they should. But it can be hard to accept. You care for someone and feel emotionally responsible for them, like if you leave you're a bad person for breaking their heart, and maybe if you just try a little harder they'll treat you better, if you do everything they ask maybe one day they'll trust you or stop mistreating you. It's hard to break out of that thought pattern.

What are your thoughts on can ex's be friends after breaking up ?.

jiglii’s Profile Photojiglii
Well this is quite tough because of the fact that both of you have spent alot of time together. And even if you think, you will be as friends the reality wont be the same.
There will be awkwardness. While talking or hanging out , as there will be a flashback in your mind of the old memories. Which may lead to the same old feelings.
Which may affect your newer relationship and hold you back from dating or meeting newer people.
Morever No one on this earth , are happy with the fact that their better half are friends with ex (which may cause instability ,problems, arguments in your new life), coz im sure you yourself would not like your present soulmate hanging-out with ex. Ain't I right!

💑 Are you currently in a relationship?

Ever read something and incorporate it into your own life?
(Went something like this)
If you want to avoid heartbreak, unwanted pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, the demons we pick up from others?
Make a pack with yourself, that if you're not ready for marriage, than you're not ready for dating.
Otherwise you're dating for what? Fun? If you want to have fun, get a hobby. If you want to have fun, go muddin, go rock climbing, go scuba diving, climb a mountain, learn to swim.
Never use another persons heart for fun!
Ive lived by that standard.

Are you afraid of getting older?

I had always been worried about getting old and sleeping on the street without anything, and that's not going to happen, but in terms of health, I've been really abusing my health for the past 3 years and I've been struggling to regain my full health back, I didn't realize health was so important, I thought I'm immune to illness, haha, I was deluded, hopefully, I can, I need to exercise a lot before it's too late.
As for my mental health, drinking seemed to intensify my paranoia, and I was excluded from reality for this reason, so I gave up on it for good, my God, my health had been gradually deteriorating for many years without paying attention to it, and it was hard to get back on my feet again, I've been completely insane for so many years, can you imagine a crazy person dating, socializing and studying, can you imagine that! It's kind of an accomplishment, and I'm glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now my issue is with my reputation, I've totally ruined my reputation, and I'm ashamed about it, so I cut people off entirely, to be fair, some were utterly mean and not worth my time and some were taking advantage of me.
I was supposed to be in a mental health hospital for a while but there was no one to guide me or support me financially so I have exclusively given up on humanity and empathy and now I am learning how to live alone and focus on my work and get more experience. My co-workers are so amazing they helped me in all ways possible, I owe them my life, they noticed my slowness and loss of confidence and helped me feel good about myself again, I think the majority are INTP and ENFJ, I thought the workplace is all unhealthy and competitive environment, I was wrong, still skeptical, I don't want to be naive again, I know human nature now, they are all full of shit and a sense of superiority.
I also aspire to strengthen my relationship with my family, sisters, and my colleagues.

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