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On Reddit there's this thread for advice on all kinds of stuff, including dating tips and I've noticed that it's full of people, particularly young adult men aged 18-25 who always ask if they're ug!y and if that's why women won't date them. It's weird, why are so many of them so insecure?

Perhaps they’ve had people call them ugly in the past or they’ve convinced themselves that they’re ugly.

Today's reality: Everyone is dating now someone's ex tho🤷🏻😂😒

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Toh Pehlay b Sab K Dil main Kisi na Kisi ki Chahat Hoti Thi Faraq Itna k ab log Keh Detay Waqat Guzaar Letay Hain Sath tab Pehlay k zamanay main Bol Nai Paatay Thay chup chup K Tarstay Rehtay Thay or Wo chahatain Andar he Andar He Insaan ko Khaa Jaati thin ab Toh Experience ho Jata Insaan Samjh Jata k Kya Theek hai mere Liye Kya Nai ❣️

دكتورة شيماء.. ما رأيك ب dating apps او شبيهها لو تأخرت فرص الزواج على ارض الواقع ؟

للاسف اغلب اللي داخلين فيها مش غرضهم الاساسي جدية العلاقة، لو عاوزه تستخدميها دايما خلي عندك فلترة قوية من البدايه عشان ما تستهلكيش وقت و طاقة عالأرض، اللي شفتهم كملوا كملوا عشان الاتنين مشوا العلاقه في الاتجاه دا ودا شفته نادر اوي..

You're prejudiced and judgemental

And you don’t know how to accept the fact I’m not obsessed with someone I broke up with. You persistently harassed me and accused me of being dumped, accused me of not being able to move on when I persistently told you I want to be single because I am sick and tired of dating men who don’t know how to have a life of their own how to support themselves sick of dating low life’s but you persistently BLAME ME and accuse me of shit. I’m not judgmental or prejudice I’m just sick of your shit

If you have been rejected before, for what reason were you rejected?

I once started to date a woman very briefly but the relationship ended when she left the church group to which I then belonged. The rule of the group prohibited someone from marrying and hence dating anyone from a different church group.
I might add that thanks be to God I have subsequently found his Church. The Church does not forbid its members to marry Protestants but I personally strongly advise that one does not do that.

Why do you think people demonize polyamory and open relationships so much? If it's not for you, that's fine, you can move on. Vanilla makes me sick and gives me heartburn, but I don't demonize it nor people who like it. My existence isn't affected in any way by it existing and people enjoying it.

Just to be clear, you can be in a monogamous relationship but not be vanilla. I think the people who demonize open relationships and polyamory think of those relationships as cheating on your significant other, forgetting that everyone in the polyamorous or open relationship are dating so no one is actually cheating on anyone. Some people are more conventional and/or have issues with jealousy so they can’t imagine themselves being in those kind of relationships yet they also choose not to respect others decisions due to their lack of understanding. If it was a more common occurrence, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be as demonized but since it’s “out of the norm” for monogamous individuals, they simply may not know how to accept it but some make their dislike/disapproval of such relationships very obvious.

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موقف تتذكره صار لك في الصف الثالث ؟

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Jetzt Mal ohne irgendwelchen Quatsch... Was sind hier für VøIIidioten unterwegs... Das Prinzip von askfm ist eigentlich sehr einfach. Du stellst oder beantwortest Fragen.
Dann kommen diese Miśtviéchér daher und fragen: "Was suchst du hier?"
Du in Kot getunkter VøIIidiot... Das hier ist keine verdammte Dating App oder eine App um deinen peinlichen Fétiśch auszuleben.
Wer auch immer sich hiervon angesprochen fühlt sollte sich schleunigst löschen

What is the difference between love and infatuation? Last year when I was in love people told me it was infatuation. Looking back now I would agree but then have I never known real romantic love in my life, just infatuations? Or are they one and the same? What is the difference? Anyone here know?

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Infatuation is usually just a physical attraction. Romantic love is more complex. I don’t know that I could clearly define it. One element to consider is time. How do you feel after 6 months of dating? After 12 months?

Ist das hier ne Datingplattform?

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In diesen großartigen Zeiten des Internets hast mit Sicherheit auch du die 10 Sekunden Zeit um dich minimal zu informieren über diese Schmutz Plattform.
Außerdem, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, dass selbst wenn das eine Dating Plattformen wäre (was sie nicht ist mein Freund) das dein Profilbild jede Frau dazu bringen würde sich sofort von hier abzumelden.

Do you think it is racist if a woman is only attracted to the men from her race/group?

No, it's not necessarily racist for someone to have a preference or attraction towards people within their own race or ethnic group. Attraction is complex and influenced by a variety of factors, including culture, upbringing, personal experiences, and personal preferences. It's important to recognize that people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to attraction, and as long as those preferences are not motivated by discrimination or prejudice, there is generally no issue. However, if someone limits their dating preferences solely based on race or ethnicity and actively discriminates against others because of their race, then it may be considered racist.

Dlaczego mężczyźni którzy nie lubią kobiet nie zaczną się spotykać po prostu z innymi mężczyznami? :D

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Why don't men who don't like women just start dating other men? :D
Therefore, because they are not homosexual. They don't have to dislike all women in general, they just don't like conceited and stupid women, but no one likes such people
Dlatego ponieważ nie są homoseksualni. Nie muszą nie lubić wszystkich kobiet w ogóle, tylko nie lubią zarozumiałych głupich kobiet, jednak takich ludzi to nikt nie lubi

How to cheat on my girlfriend without getting blamed for it? Like is there something I can do so that I look innocent if I got caught?

to break up with her.
because you don’t love her anonymous.
and i don’t want questions like this because
i want only beauty on my page…
without any cheating or
my man❤️ found his treasure
me his Ines
and we will be together…🙌
i answer because everyone must know my opinion.
today all day long one divorced woman write
i want answer her
i girl who was never even dating
with anyone
all those beautiful and happy
things awaits me… i don’t want
your such low aura
on my page …
i want marry only one times
in my life.
and be happy
you and me on any on different levels of the life…
you must hang out with women like you with divorced women
a lot of divorced people exist
my mind my heart my page even should not know that things like divorce exist
because a lot of divorced people
happiest only ‘few ‘people
bad good i don’t care
i want like i want!!!
i don’t want you soiling my page
with your presence
just answer at once and forget .
what are you doing on beautiful girl which even
has not date with anyone yet.
with your such low aura.
divorces and etc .
guys , don’t mess with what you don’t need
life only one.

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Are you dating anyone

I’m not no, but here’s my dilemma 😂 Taylor Swift is coming to town next week I tried in vain to get tickets to see her. A guy from college who I know likes me has two tickets and has asked me would I like to attend with him😅would he consider that a date?🤔😂

If someone propose you on this app will you accept the proposal?

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
Khuda ka khoof karain.....Destiny is already written...This app is to answer questions,neither for dating nor as marriage beauro company😂
Is sb sy bahir nikal k daikhain zindagi mai aur b bhat kch h.✨
Also if someone loves you aur wo apsay halal rishta rkhna chahta h to he/she will go for marriage..but for that pehlay apnay parents sy bt karain Allah g sy dua mangain and then go for it.Naseeb mai hwa to mil k rahay ga ..Aur agar naseeb mai nahi h to dua karain qk duaon sy takdeerain badal jaty hn aur Allah qadir h har chez par ...💝
Mostly awaam ghar bt karty nhi..larki ko kehtay k tm bs apni side daikhna aur jb larki ghar bt kar lay ya stand lay to ghar k maslay masail shuru ho jatay😂ami nahi maan rhi to abba nahi maan rahay 😂 ami hospitalized to abba ka bp tez ....to isliyay bhtar h pehlay ghar walon sy dil ki baat karain phir mutaliqa insaan k ghar aur phir shadi kr k har roz propose karain 💝

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How are you and Rachel, Rachel has been telling me that you guys are dating

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We're doing good, Sage. Jeans never tighter and those red belts tho! We wear matching ones. There was a sale, $7.99 each! Luckily, Rachel had some coupons. Meh, dating is for amateurs. We are waaay past that stage now. Call us if you wanna take some secret pictures at our wedding. All the breadsticks ya can eat if you arrive early. We all go through a lot. From one hotel to the next. Not like we have a choice, we keep breaking the beds... She's a wild woman! So mean. 💗
How are you and Rachel Rachel has been telling me that you guys are dating

For girls only. If you were dating a guy and things were going well. Would you rather learn he was cheating on you or that he was bi-sexual?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Bisexual but, hopefully he’s never been romantically or sexually involved with a guy before and has a preference for females in general. I just can’t see myself being with a guy who has been with other guys in the past and prefers to be with someone of his own gender.

I'm sorry, Rachel. Will u be my girlfriend now? I never met a real girlfriend before. Or ever had one. Girlfriends or relationship? I don't care what people think about other people in relationships. What do u like about having a boyfriend? Call me if u wanna start a dating service. -Sage

Dating service for breadsticks and zucchini? 🤔 You may be on to something. $7.99 - No coupons accepted!

why would someone lie to their partner about their dating history?

Probably because people these days care about body count a lot and they may not want to come across as someone who has too much of that or give off the impression that they can’t stay in one relationship (if they’ve been in many relationships).

Glad to hear that you and Devon are good. Esp with all these lies and rumors being told. Do you think Maigua is saying those things to try to cause problems with you and Devon? What's Maigua obsession with Devon?

Devon and I think this all started 4 years ago cause once devon and I started dating, he stopped paying attention to maigua, and I think she liked the attention from him and got jealous, so she started all the fake account bullshxt hoping devon would think it's me, and break up with me. I don't know what her problem still is, though.

What is deemed as "emotional cheating" within a relationship, in your opinion? 🤔💔😳😱

Oh boy… I have a few. I’ll list out some of the big ones for me.
-Subtly flirting, showing romantic interest
-Communicating with someone in secret/hiding how much you talk to them
-Defensiveness when confronted about talking to/spending a lot of time with them
-Believing your life would be better if you were in a relationship with them
-Constantly wanting to hang out with them one on one without your partner around, or refusing to let your partner join in.
-Distancing from your partner to spend time with them
-Having fantasies about them, s*xually, or romantically. Also, daydreaming about dating them, living with them, etc.
-Feeling sad/angry when you can’t be with them
-Having resentment or bitter feelings towards staying with your partner.
-Sharing private details of your current relationship without partners knowledge/consent
-Trusting them more than your partner about issues you’re having within the relationship.
Those are ones I can think of, off the top of my head! 🤔

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What is deemed as emotional cheating within a relationship in your opinion

Does it matter to you how many other relationships a current partner had before you, what type of people they dated, if they were similar or different from you and why the relationship ended? Is that something you want to know?

no. what's in the past is in the past. the only thing that would matter to me is if the person i was dating had cheated on a past partner or something.
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For what ever reason you deny reality. Men and women are not the same. It is very obvious that women are much much much more selective than men. mgtow

I could point you towards the many many MANY men's dating profiles that have long ass lists of qualities they expect from women that are often misogynistic and Unrealistic, I could speak to you from my own experience of dating, I could do the leg work to find you proof, but it wouldn't matter because you aren't open to genuine discussions or mew information that doesn't align with your pre-decided "reality", so I won't bother. Have a nice life being bitter, I hope it works out for you 👍🏻

Have you ever been accused of being a gold digger? My neighbor was accused of that, but she's a manager and the man she's dating makes slightly above min. wage💀 Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's funny how some minds operate and how people assume women are golddiggers by default.

Broke people accuse others of being gold diggers but the question is what gold? Calm down😂😂😂😂
I was never accused of something like that anyway. 🤣
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aș vrea să știu cele mai bune sfaturi pe care le-ai primit vreodată legate de dating! 😁

Nu am primit :)) la mine ambele relații s-au întâmplat foarte natural, nu am ,,căutat” și nici nu am ieșit cu gândul ca sunt la un date.
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I recently brokeup with my long distance boyfriend i somewhere knew he was cheating on me but I don’t know I am just enough of dating phase I don’t know why this happen with me I am started feeling empty and lonely I’ve good friends around me but still I feel so alone how I overcome

All i can say is “us bro us” - ngl, it’s an extremely uncomfortable phase, no matter how hard it gets keep focusing on yourself; and it’ll honestly help you in the long run, people come people go- you stay all along- so, Give yourself the princess treatment you deserve, so you no longer rely on a guy to give you the same, and never settle for less bbg.💅🏻🎀💕
I recently brokeup with my long distance boyfriend i somewhere knew he was

Since how long you are not dating anybody.

shinchaaann’s Profile PhotoTaaniiyaaa.
It's been years and i don't think girls where single nowadays haha but single people's must hit heart button ✅ over here 🙊 let me see those single buddy to hangout someday

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