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Do you like Autumn? 🍂

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
Yes and no... I do really like the changing colour of the leaves! The cooler weather. Its the start of cosy season!
I love autumnal decor that comes out in shops as well!! It's always so strikingly comfy cosy :3
But then it also reminds me that winter is on its way... and winter causes me to just feel so down. Its so cold and just not nice for me lol
Do you like Autumn

Sorry if this is too much!!! But you post a photo of your desk and side table recently. Could you list where you hit the items from? I really like your decor!!! 🖤

It's not a problem :) I'll go from left to right for the items! As well as group them by store!
🌸 D E S K :
Ivy on the monitors, the panda succulent, the pink potted succulent, pig succulent, hedgehog succulent, glass bowl succulent and mini salt lamp were all from B&M.
The lil flower watering can and two small glass floral bottles were from The Range.
The pink dragon was from the Corris Craft Centre.
Baby Groot POP was from Madame Tussauds (Blackpool).
Wooden calendar hut was from Hobbycraft.
The light up floral bottle and the water diffuser were from local stores.
Then other items were gifts :3
🌸 S I D E T A B L E :
The drawers, candle and lavender pot were from The Range.
Artificial flowers, coaster set, crystal geode and raven skull were from HomeSense.
The glass jar (has my scrunchies in) and the succulent bell jar were from B&M.
The vase was from Primark and the "welcome" was a cute thing from Pound Land lol.
Everything else were gifts :)

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Sorry if this is too much But you post a photo of your desk and side table

My friend invited a bunch of nerds who are gamers to MY server. At first I was like ok cool they're ur friends but now I'm starting to get annoyed.In my circle we discuss fashion, music, home decor and personal dramas,we dont discuss het men issues like crypto&games. Would it be ok to kick em out?

Not sure why the term nerd is related to gamers or an insult xD
(I am a gamer lol)
But if it bothers you that much, talk to your friend about it and let them know how you feel. Also maybe just voice that you're uncomfortable in the server as a like PSA?
Simply kicking them out with no warning will just cause you a ton of drama!
I get it's your server, but not everyone has the same interests. So it's bound to happen eventually :)
My friend invited a bunch of nerds who are gamers to MY server At first I was

Mai aveți chestii de organizat? Care a fost cea mai drăguță chestie din punctul tău de vedere pe care ai avut-o de organizat? Sau ce ți-a adus ție în mod special plăcere?

Hm, avem chestii de clarificat cu cei care sunt responsabili de localul unde va avea loc nunta.
Avem o întrevedere cu ei atunci când vom fi în Puebla și vom clarifica orice aspect legat de aranjamentul floral, detalii de decor etc.
Mai e și proba de make up și coafură + alte mici detalii.
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If you were a king / queen during medieval times, how'd your castle look like? What kinds of rooms and features would it have? 🏰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
You always have great questions, that makes one think! I would do something with birds probably. Have some peacock rooms and decor for sure. Alot of birds carved in stone outside. Maybe a moat...and a waterfall room. With a fountain and all bright blue.

What is the equivalent of flowers to boys? I mean we girls like flowers what do boys like?

Honestly if i speak for the boys in my life, cousins/bros,
They’d just be happy if you even got them anything in the first place,
boys are rarely the ones being spoiled with gifts(and i HATE this in the desi structure)
so whatever you gonna get will make them happy.
That being said, iska matlab ye nae kuch bhi utha lao 😑
Just keep an eye on the things they like,
fav football team ka merch, good shirts/jeans, eastern wear, watches, perfumes, or even the stuff that’s “girly” for some people like scented candles or room decor, that would be sweet too i think 💞
just because they don’t express it doesn’t mean unka dil nae karta 🥺
other than that please give your thoughts in this thread 🌷

Buna....Azi o sa-mi pun capat zilelor...Nu mai suport pe nimeni si nimic,si m-am saturat sa fiu judecata...Grija de voi

Hei, nu știu de contează sau nu, de macar vei citi acest răspuns sau nu, dar dacă vrei să vorbești cu cineva sunt aici, nu doar de decor sau din obișnuință îți spun asta. Sinuciderea nu face durerea să dispară, doar o pasează altcuiva. Nu exista om care sa nu fie apreciat și iubit de cineva, doar că de obicei noi căutăm atenția și iubirea oamenilor care nu sunt capabili sa ne-o ofere, iar asta ne afectează mult mai mult decât faptul că unii oameni pe care nu îi băgăm noi in seamă ne iubesc și ne apreciază sincer și necondiționat. In fine, de vrei mă găsești aici. Ai grija de tine!
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How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Very diverse. Things my kids made, holiday themed decor that I never took down, things that were given to me, ocean themed decor, some horror themed things, etc it's really random. Most of it isn't up rn, but I fr have the most random shxt for decorations lol. My preferred style is light, tropical, kind of breezy & airy but still homey

How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Kind of a mix between boho and eclectic, I think!! Whenever you see images phrased as light/dark academia, that tends to get my attention! As in, vintage finds and objects, almost like you’re stumbling upon a different time, etc. That would be my dream kind of decor, with the odd pop of colour in there too! :)
Howd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration

How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I could decorate my house how I wanted to, it'd be what I'd personally refer to as queer goth chic: a mainly monochromatic colour scheme with pops of colour here and there (especially the green of houseplants and rainbows of pride flags), stereotypical Halloween-grade decorations (like bug art and anatomical figures), a crystal/geode collection on display (I'll never not love crystals), and more. The furniture would be fairly minimalist but the blend of decor would make it feel more cosy, and there'd be a few nooks tucked away for one to be able to sit and read (a bay window would be a dream) or just chill out by themselves.

How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Umm, eclectic modern? Grunge modern? The closest thing I can think of is dark academia but in home wares and decor rather then fashion.
I like my spaces to be clean and tidy and stream lined but I also like my home to ya know, be a home. So frames on my walls, vases, candles

How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I guess... eclectic probably sums it up best?
I don't have a singular style and have varying aspects of varying styles!
Like I love plants, crystals, shells, so natural things as decor, but also techy things, cute things, etc etc etc lol :3
Howd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration
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Hm, nu știu cum e nici în Moldova, dar în România mirii de obicei stau la o masă separată de restul invitaților. Așa va fi și la voi sau cum va fi organizat?

Vom sta și noi la masă separată, dar doar pentru că decorul e puțin mai diferit.
Mi-aș fi dorit să stau cu toate domnișoarele și domnișorii de onoare, dar asta e situația.
Oricum, masa noastră are un decor deosebit.😊

Ce anume ai de planificat cu florista? Dar meniul? Este deja unul ales sau acum e momentul în care îl vei alege?

Păi i-am trimis tema și culorile pe care le vreau, iar acum trebuie să discutăm detaliile. Ei îmi vor prezenta câteva variante pentru decor și împreună vom decide care e cea mai bună variantă.
Cât despre meniu, ei ni l-au trimis și ne-au spus să alegem 2 opțiuni.
Azi vom degusta tot ce am inclus în cele 2 opțiuni și o vom alegea pe cea care ne convine cel mai mult.

What's your opinion on mirrored headboards? My friend from Paris sent me a picture of her cat sitting in bed and her bed has one and then explained to me that the neo-baroque interior design is the hottest trend in Paris right now, in terms of home decor. Would you get one? I plan to when I can.

my best friend lived in Paris for 13 years and she just moved back to Cali (shes going to move back to Paris soon though) & her entire house is mirrors. She was telling me that in Paris it's like extremely popular to have like a crazy amount of mirrors in every room. I remember making the joke cause she has a mirror headboard too, "we all know you just wanna watch while doing the nasty" 😂
Whats your opinion on mirrored headboards My friend from Paris sent me a picture

Ten things you love about Spring or other season 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I'll do each season, just because I have free 30 mins 😂
Spring :⛅🌸🌷
Gets warmer, lighter outside.
First spring flowers appear
It's time to plan ahead - like summers coming, what are we doing?!
Spring is the busiest month I think, there's a lot of garden work to do 😍
It's when the spring sun warms us when we chill in the house through the window.
Spring smells nice 😄
Easter day!
It's shorts and tshirt season. We can go swimming, sunbathing. The days are really long - great for walks and travelling. Flowers, flowers and flowers 😍 the trees are pretty and green. It's when the nature is most noticeable. Homegrown veggies, greens, fruits! Also thunderstorms. They're amazing and just a summer thing.
Love it when it changes from the day to darkness in 30 mins 😄
It's movie time, warm drink time. It's when everything becomes yellow and orange outside, which is pretty.
It's harry potter time 😄 Halloween!
Preparing for winter 😄 having strip lights in the house.
Winter: ❄☃️🧊
Snow! The house is extra warm and cozy. Building snowmen 😄 hot cocoa. Sit by the window and watch it snow. Gift shopping. Christmas. Christmas decor everywhere in the house and the store is decorated really nicely. Everything smells like smoke from the chimney. 😄
Sorry I'm waiting someone, so - I'm bored 😂

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Hi how is everyone? I've not been on here since I was 22 so I'm back to make new friends, last time I was here I was goth and into metal music and now I'm into 80's, 90's and early 2000's music, fashion, decor and nostalgia, I love bucket hats, is there anyone into the same thing?

KieronRabbett’s Profile PhotoKieron Rabbett
Hey! I am good thank you for asking.
Welcome back to Ask! :D
Nice, I'm more into emo stuff and for me it was never a phase. x3 I do like some 90's rock, can't go wrong with it and sme with the 2000's. I love old school fashion too for emo, hehe. x3
Hi how is everyone Ive not been on here since I was 22 so Im back to make new
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Say you were to start your own business, what kind of product / service would you sell? What makes you think that'd be the best fit for you? 🏷💵 (If you don't already own a business I mean lol)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I wish to have a cute little art shop someday, which has stuff like paintings, handmade jewellery, home decor, wall hangings, candles etc...

What is your favorite type of flower?

JoshyHartwell’s Profile PhotoJoshy Berecz
🌷 There are lots.

I like roses and tulips for their scent.
Orchids, peace lily and anthurium for house decor, because their flowers last long.
Oriental lilies (Lilium Stargazer) - I don't particularly like their scent because it's too strong for me. But I'm amazed with the combination of colours within a flower itself.

Mau apa akad nikah mu

Sederhana ajaa sih hehe yang penting mah menikah sama orang yang aku cintai & dia pun mencintai aku. pernikahannya disaksikan keluarga besar diterima dikeluarga besar, undang temen² yang beneran dekat aja. Ga perlu decor wedding yang mewah cukup decoran yang simpel tapi menawan.
Kalo akadmu mau seperti apa?

mannedieuh mais il avait pas dit qu'il trouvait la litté classique c.hiante à mourir ?

Phesyle’s Profile PhotoPhesyle
C'est très ambigu... depuis deux ans, il essaie de monter en compétences, mais continue de s'habiller comme un adolescent dans un décor qui va de pair... ses efforts littéraires sont sporadiques... la science fiction, fantaisie, et même les livres d'univers Star Wars et autres restent ses bases sûres... il pioche ici et là quelques classiques très reconnus... dans tous les cas, sa lecture est très superficielle... parfois j'écoute les vidéos littéraires de sa chaîne alternative pendant que je joue à Minecraft.. c'est très amusant... je suis mesquine, je n'ai plus le droit au Jeremy Kyle Show, alors l'écouter être un imbécile est mon réconfort...
https://youtu.be/Q5xB1Dikew4Scaevolascar’s Video 166544768093 Q5xB1Dikew4Scaevolascar’s Video 166544768093 Q5xB1Dikew4

Hi, im Prashansa Singh Thakur A female fitness gym coach especialized for PCOD, PCOS, thyroid, effective loosing and gaining weight within months and more. A government certified fitness trainer. Feel Free to contact.

itsprashansa’s Profile Photoitsprashansa
Hi I am Ryan Jain. An engineering graduate , interior designing deploma holder and a businessman. Currently having manufacturing units specialised in wall decor and remodeling. Feel free to contact me either. 😂
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What are you interested in that most people aren’t?

Dead stuff. Most people think it’s gross but I find it fun to save bones (especially skulls and teeth), skin and tan hides if the animal I find isn’t too far gone for it (basically making sure it isn’t starting to rot so the fur doesn’t slip), and if they’re really fresh I wet specimen the organs. It’s always interesting to find pregnant animals and save the fetuses too. Last I found that way was a roadkill beaver with 4 pups inside her. We thought it was a boy beaver until we cut “him” open and found the babies. Sad because we don’t have many beaver around here and that was a breeding female. I wish people would slow down and watching where they’re driving.
Unfortunately can’t sell parts of most wild animals without a license, but the stuff we don’t sell we just keep for our own collection and to make decorations with (bone tree decor is really cool and easy to make and will make intruders think twice once they see it, lol).

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✝ ️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️K.R.C ️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️✝ https://ask.fm/chcotic/answers/165400827148

chcotic’s Profile PhotoKAIRI CASTLE. ️️ ️️ ️✝

️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️▐▀ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️KAIRI CASTLE ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️▀▌
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️steps take him a distance from her, and he can almost fool himself into thinking it's not NECESSARY─────── that he does it simply because he wants to, and not because the smell of SPRING isn fucking INTOXICATING. arms crossed, he leans callously on one of the many tombs, eyes travelling to the high ceiling, REJOICING in the DARKNESS within.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️the features that cross her face bring an AMUSED smirk onto his lips, but he knows she'll say something soon that will cause it to fall. he doesn't answer her FIRST QUESTION, letting the place speak for itself─────── which its RESIDENTS could certainly do. he straightens, but doesn't move as he answers the question that he KNEW she would ask.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️' . . .KIND OF. ' a cryptic answer, he realises, letting the smugness of his IMPENDING WIN soothe the tension at his soul at having to explain it to a MUDBLOOD GIRL. ' they all link, to wherever it is they're buried. THE GAUNTS─────── ' he watches HER, to keep the rising ANGER in check, ' . . .all buried close to my HOME. ' by CLOSE? . . .he means the GARDEN.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️TOMBSTONES for garden decor never made for many friends, and that suited his family just fine. ONYX flickers almost playfully around the room, to land on a TOMB that resided next to SLUGHORN. ' this one- ' TRAVERS, ' . . .is great if you ever want to learn about the war where GRINDELWALD was bested. better to LEARN from past mistakes, NO? ' ───────A GRIN.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️' RISE. ' HE COMMANDED, and a man with a HAT and a scowl greeted him. or it would have been a MAN─────── if not for his transparent form and ZOMBIE-LIKE LOOK. unlike normal ghosts, TORQUIL TRAVERS was shrouded in darkness; A LIVING CORPSE. all here were a variation of that, with eyes more ALIGHT than any of the GHOSTS at hogwarts.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️. . .as if PRIDE and ARROGANCE helped them cling to the threads of their past lives. ' ask him a question. ANSWER HER. ' he ORDERED the GHOST, or whatever it was─────── hoping it would not question the blood that ran in her VEINS. torquil wasn't as evil as the rest of them. the YAXLEYS beside him? they'd instantly know her KIND if he. . . WOKE them.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️' TORQUIL was head of the aurors not that long ago. knew DUMBLEDORE. ' xavier was aware he hadn't answered her. he wasn't sure he should, since the TOPAZ was. . . CUNNING. it either KNEW or wanted to know HIM, which was FOOLISH. ' my father had me come here to learn POLITICS since i was SEVEN. AT NIGHT. ' ───────he hadn't feared the DAKRNESS since.

️ ️ ️ ️he moved to stand BEHIND her, PLAYFULLY WHISPERING
️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️in her ear. ' they're all DAMNED souls────── like YOURS. '️
️ ️ ️️

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When was the last time you stayed at a hotel? How was your experience? 🛎🛋🛌

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
Does Travel Lodge count ?
~ 30th November 2019 . . . . when Viki returned to Scotland for ever . . .
(otherwise ; Meldrum House Hotel , XMAS '18)
*the decor & V @ Travel-Lodge, year ago ~ I was 'in the shower'*
When was the last time you stayed at a hotel How was your experience
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Em định mở quán à mà tìm hiểu về trà thế? Mất tích bao lâu chẳng hỏi thăm gì nhau gì hết, Huyền ơi là Huyền =.= Dạo này em thế nào?

chypngu’s Profile PhotoNgôn Hy
Em chưa đủ vốn mở quán trà NH ơi. Em đang cần tài liệu để decor quán trà giúp người thân thôi.
Dạo trước bão lũ nên em không làm gì được hết. Mới ra HN lại nè
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I'm your president, Donald j. Trump and I command you to vote for me this coming election or no stimulus check thank you I'm Donald j. Trump and I approve this message ???

Found some fall decor ?
Im your president Donald j Trump and I command you to vote for me this coming
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افكار لمشروع او مشاريع كويسة من البيت ضروري يا جماعة ياريت وياريت افكار كتير لاني ملغبطة جدا اصلا. مع افكار لتسويق المشروع بردو لان معنديش قاعدة معرفة بصحاب كتير وكدا واغلب العيلة مش ف نفس البلد كمان ف تقريبا زيرو معرفة بالنسبالي .

ادخلي هنا على صفحتي فيها حاجات هتعجبك اوي بخصوص ديكورات البيت وشقق العرايس
الصفحه اسمها Home decor from sea ❤️

Jewelry & Accessories Designer / Package Box Designer / Designer-Decorator / Interior compositions & decorations / Souvenirs. Wall & Door & Room Art & Decor by Victoria Deregus on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GiftShopByVictoriaDeregus

vilym77’s Profile PhotoVictoria Deregus
8,5 лет разницы)в детстве это бесконечная пропасть,а после 20 уже без разницы)))у меня 2 брата с одним мы погодки ,а второму 15)и вот со вторым мы сейчас вообще на равных )))как будто и нет этой разницы в 17 лет )))надеюсь у моих будет так же)))❤️
Jewelry  Accessories Designer  Package Box Designer  DesignerDecorator  Interior
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Banate jau be be fazool fazoool cheezien he banate hain bs decor acha krte hain. Khair kabi aap khel kr tou dekhna maybe you will like it.

Nae yar some of their dishes seem delicious.You mean you like the end wali plating part ?
I just get mad k what will happen to the rest of the food after the judges have tasted :(
Video games mene bachpan me kheli hui hain?
yar they're too catastrophic for a lazy person like me.
Khair will try one day for some vibe check.
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Ai face vreodata nunta? Cu invitati si sa fii in rochie de mireasa plus toate traditiile alea oribile?

Da, dar fără tradiții moldovenești pentru că oricum nu mi-aș face niciodată nunta în Moldova.
La partea cu invitații nu știu cum voi sta. Îmi va fi mai greu la capitolul acesta.
În rest, toamna, o nuntă simpluță cu decor frumos, undeva în munți.😊
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Jewelry & Accessories Designer / Package Box Designer / Designer-Decorator / Interior compositions & decorations / Souvenirs. Wall & Door & Room Art & Decor by Victoria Deregus.
CONSTANT UPDATING new fresh collection includes various combinations of forms, color and materials. Handmade renders each piece unique. LIMITED QUANTITY!

You are attending a birthday party of a very rich person who "has got everything". What do you give him/her as a gift?

Nxanas’s Profile Photoمحمد انس قریشی
Rich my foot😂🤣☠ , if thats my frnd ,i think my presence will b more than enough for her in bday ,ma ne us ko bday par itna entertain kr dena ha k wo kabhi nai bhulegi nd thats my real gift to her to give her beautiful memories jo wo kabhi nai khareed skti...ab formality par ajaen to ill buy her sm beautiful decor piece within 1000rs of range cuz meri pocket money ma itna hi asakta ha😎 ghareeb log😄
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Путину завидуют другие президенты, что у него народ такой послушный, почему я не президент, всеволиш-та нужно обещать, и обещать, и обещать, и так 20 лет,

FRUIT TREE - Mobile Composition. Wool Art. 3D Interior home / salon decor.
Уникальная мобильная композиция Фруктовое Дерево в изумительных и приятных для глаз солнечных теплых и холодных оттенках с роскошным сложным дизайном с декоративными элементами. Набор из 2 единиц. Праздничный / повседневный декор.
Украшение ручной работы для жилых помещений, салонов, офисов, гостиниц, ресторанов, банкетных залов для проведения торжественных мероприятий.
Выполнена в единственном экземпляре. Эксклюзив. Хрупкая работа.
Композиция в целом 27 см х 17 см.
Декоративная основа 17 см х 17 см.
Деревянная основа 10 см х 12 см.
В работе использовано: природный материал натуральная деревянная основа (срез), декоративные фрукты-помпоны из шерстяных ниток разных цветов, деревянные, металлические и акриловые пуговицы разного диаметра, другой декоративный материал.
Все элементы сплелись в ярком букете.
* Больше фото
* Процесс создания + Детали
Живите в своё удовольствие, занимайтесь любимым делом. Жизнь - это яркая палитра красок.
С уважением, Виктория Дерегус
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Путину завидуют другие президенты что у него народ такой послушный почему я не

Jewelry & Accessories Designer / Package Box Designer / Designer-Decorator / Interior compositions & decorations / Souvenirs. Wall & Door & Room Art & Decor by Victoria Deregus on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GiftShopByVictoriaDeregus

vilym77’s Profile PhotoVictoria Deregus
Не пиши мне эту фигню
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Και απο αυτό έχω...Και κρασάκι,και κεράκια,ρομαντική ατμόσφαιρα (death metal decor με αναγεννησιακες τάσεις) μια χαρά...Μόνο το πιάνο να μην θες να παίξεις γιατί νευριάζει ο από κάτω..

Χαχαχαχαχ σε ωδείο μένεις? Και γω θέλω απολα στο χώρο, μόνο drums δεν μπορώ με ΤΙΠΟΤΑ να παίξω.
Φαίνεται εύκολο αλλά είναι σαν να έχω ανάποδα χέρια, δεν ξέρω πως γίνεται...
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