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now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

> now he saying u have low self esteem
Expert analysis. As everyone knows, it is impossible to have high self-esteem unless one impersonates others, obsesses over trivial nonsense and "hides" behind 10,000 profiles just to get one person's attention. It's all very flattering and it has done wonders for my "low self-esteem." 🤣
> andlike answer u dont understand
Another brilliant deduction! Translation software does not exist, Google Translate is probably just a conspiracy theory and as you are aware, it is impossible to read / understand more than one language. Yes, the law specifically forbids it!
"Ioi... No, tulai Doamne!" Ardeleanu' nostru... 🤣🤣🤣
now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

A few problems with that charity idea. One, how does a private organization compel another private individual or org to contribute resources? It doesn't sound voluntary. At best, you'd have peer pressure. Two, is it tax-deductible? Three, how much is a "certain amount"?

Well, obviously its not an entirely thought out charity since I’m not actually making it, I just think it would be cool to actually see these people in the streets with the people lol but it would be a pool of people who want to be put into that lottery, like they sign up ect & the catch would be serious tax deduction if you get chosen (you know the rich can’t waste that opportunity 😘) I also didn’t put an actual amount because its not real & that’s something that would be voted on by the people who would like to be involved & the board members or whatever.

Do you believe in the effect of envy or jealousy?

Kind of I do but I have my personal deduction so let me explain.
يقول مارسيللو تروتزي : الإدعاءات الاستثنائية تتطلب أدلة إستثنائية so تعالي نناقش الموضوع من الشقين
1- منطق معرفي '' أبستمولوجي ''
2- منطق إيماني '' ديني ''
وخلينا متفقين ان الحسد في َمنطقة تانية إيمانيا.
هنفترض ان احمد صديقك يقول إنه سوف يأتي لزيارتك،لو تأملت الأمر قليلا لوجدت ان احمد لو اتي في العيد لكن ادعاؤه صادقا، لكن لو مجاش؟ هل يكون الادعاء كاذب؟ لا لأن احمد محددش موعد للزيارة، لكن ببساطة ده ادعاء غير قابل للتكذيب unfalsifiable، ابسطهالك عشان نتأكد من صدق ادعاء احمد لازم يكون قابلا للتكذيب، يعني يحوي تنبؤات محفوفة بالمخاطر، في مثل مصري مشهور بيقول '' قالوا الجمل طلع النخلة، آدي الجمل وآدي النخلة '' بمعنى ان أحدهم القى ادعاءا يقول ان الجمل قد صعد النخلة، لنفحص هذا الادعاء سنحضر الجمل ونضعه بجوار النخله وننتظر عملية الصعود، كذلك وجب على أحمد أن يكون واضحا في ادعائه فيقول سأزورك يوم الأربعاء، هنا بقى هتقدر تختبر صدقه كلامه لان ادعاءه محفوف بالمخاطر؟ دعنا نفترض اني انا وانت قاعدين عادي وجه حد خبط على الباب وقولتلك اللي خبط ده (ولد او بنت) وقتها انا هبقي قولتلك جملة صحيحة وهتقوم تفتح وتتحقق التوقع، لكن هل ده شئ خارق؟ شئ اعجازي؟ ببساطة لا هتعتبر كل كلامي صحيح ولا غبار عليه وده مصطلح اسمه '' tautolgy '' يعني اللي بقول صحيح في كل الأحوال، جملة مطاطة حمالة أوجه تبدو متماسكة لكن في حقيقتها هي تفتقر للتماسك، جملة اللي هيخبط على الباب (ولد او بنت) ملهاش اي قيمة معرفية على عكس لو اللي هيخبط ولد هنا النبوءة اصبحت محفوفة بالمخاطر.
دلوقتي انا حلمت ان احمد صحبي هيموت، مش اولريدي هيموت؟ اي السيناريو اللي هقول فيه ان حلمي متحققش؟ حتى لو مات بعد 20 سنة، هقول ياه ده كلامي طلع صح وغير قابل للتكذيب، واحد قعد يتكلم عن صاحبه واد اي هو مجتهد ومتفوق وجميل وخلوق، اي السيناريو اللي هيكذب انه هيحصله حاجه وحشة؟ مش طبيعي بنمر بمشاكل في حياتنا، أمراض وعقبات؟ ولا سيناريو هيكذب ان هيحصلنا حاجه وحشة، ألم في البطن، حادثة مفاجئة، نزول في المستوى الدراسي لان بديهي ان بيحصلنا حاجات وحشة في حياتنا!
فمعلش النحلة اللي قرصتك في رجلك وانت بتعدي الطريق مكنتش بسبب الحسد.

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Hello po tita, sobrang frustrated po ako dahil financially irresponsible ako. Di ko na po sure gagawin, I splurge money to please people kahit walang wala na ako. Lalo na kapag sa parents ko or someone I love kasi nasanay sila na manghingi then they guilt trip me kapag wala. I beat myself up pa rin.

This may feel like a money issue but it's actually a validation issue. You use money to feel love from your family even if you need it more. You don't stand up for yourself because you're afraid they won't accept your love if it's not in the form of money. So you don't even tell them that you're endangering yourself just to make them happy. You can physically make it impossible to spend on your family by creating an auto deduction from your paycheck account to another account for your savings that you cannot touch. Then you're free to do whatever with the remainder. But that's superficial. The emotional issues are harder to fix. Until you fix them, you will always suffer, whether or not you give cash.

Hello, tita. Puwede po ba makahingi ng link ng answer ninyo sa tanong kung paano mag-start ng emergency fund? I just started on a new job. Gusto ko pong mag-save for the future.

Congratulations on securing your future! An emergency fund is at least one year's expenses saved in a liquid account (meaning you can make a withdrawal today if you need to). How to calculate one year's expenses? Figure out what is rent/mortgage, utilities, food, transportation, entertainment, medical costs, etc for a month and multiply by 12. That is the total goal you're saving. The bigger the better. Don't be worried about the huge amount. You'll get there. Next, figure out what you can spare in your salary. Be as aggressive as possible as you can change this anytime. You'll also discover that what you don't save, you will definitely spend on garbage, so be generous with the amount. Remember this is for you and not for anyone else. Next, open a separate bank account (maybe a linked account to your existing one or in another bank) with online management. They always have an auto-save plan function that takes from your direct deposit account where you get your salary. Create an automatic deduction every time you get your paycheck. Then forget about it. As in don't look at the EF account. You'll be surprised how much and how quickly it accumulates. I'll try to write a post about this that's linkable. Thanks for the idea! Let me know once you've reached your goal and I will give you lots of cheer! 🤗

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You may or may not be aware that magnesium oxide can be quite effective in preventing migraines, with something like a 40% deduction rate in terms of severity. 1000mg of magnesium ox. taken with 50mg of zinc picolinate is highly recommended (pure minerals - nothing synthetic).

Ahh that’s super interesting, thank you for letting me know!! I genuinely had no idea. Much appreciated!
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Who is an open minded person according to you?

unwantedniceguy_moody’s Profile PhotoNot just a nice guy
For starters, to be an open-minded person, it is important to accept that close-minded people exist & that can be our very own self. Open-minded people care to understand. There's never a right or wrong answer. It's all about understanding. They don't impose their beliefs on others. They accept the fact that we all have different perspectives on life. They do their own thing in peace without judgment. They look into matters with an impartial mind. They give you positive vibes. They embrace being wrong. They are free of illusions. They question their own conscience too, if needed. They identify & fix problems faster compared to a close-minded person. It's about "opening your mind before opening your mouth". They aren't afraid of their ideas being challenged. Instead, they're curious about why there is a case of disagreement. They ask genuine questions & focus on what they don't know rather than proving themselves right. They understand reality is too complex for one individual to fully make sense of & feel compelled to see things through other's eyes.They verify & fact-check information before sharing such info to others as factual knowledge. They remember the sources of the info, most often than not, whether it’s 3rd hand, speculation, a deduction from a collection evidence, or simply a casual observation. They try to piece every bit of related information into a larger picture, to gain an understanding of how everything is connected, to ensure there are minimal unexplained contradictions. An open-minded person will take on board everyone's theory on life & dismiss none. Henceforth, he/she has a greater chance of unleashing the real truth. An open-minded person always sees everything possible & the one who sees everything possible, is capable enough of making anything possible. Life is a journey of infinite possibilities, after all. And, last but not the least, open-mindedness is the willingness to search actively for evidence against one's "most favored beliefs".

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Okay so .... i can rank this the 1st on my top 5 seasons ...tied with FRIENDS and wallah yr eurus was scary .. but i still didnt get how was she scary like besides all the puzzles and games ... and the deductions..could she deduct? ... i think she could ... but what distinguished her from holmes

namikazexafi5084’s Profile PhotoDawlence liya tou bugs bunny
She was kinda a loner in her childhood which turned her into a Psychopath... the girl in the plane that was her voice .. she was expressing herself about how she felt her whole life ... she kill redbeard( sherlock’s best friend) just so she can get her brother’s attention ... but when her uncle ( who was in the secret service realized that she is a complete pshyco he staged her death and kept her in Sherrinford)
Her deduction abilities were the highest even more than sherlock ... so mycroft used her to deduce terrorist attacks and everything .. other than that u know about the enslavement quality of her ... so she was kinda super mad genius 😂
I love her acting 😍😍 it is just So Macho 🖤🔥
If u rank the Holme kids:
~emotional intelligence
Mycroft is the worst ( having no heart at all)
Sherlock is the most emotional one although he pretends he doesn’t care ( but the whole series shows how much he excelled emotionally and all thanks to John and his friendship 😩♥️♥️♥️)
And talking about being Genius .. no one can be compared to Eurus .. then comes Sherlock and Mycroft is just a big old Dummy 😒( although i did appreciate his last act when he is telling Sherlock to kill Watson ♥️🖤 that was the most heroic thing he ever did 😂)
I can talk about this the whole day 😂

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+36 answers in: “Give my love to Mary ... tell her she is safe now”

Don't be. I'm good after enough rest. Oh ya, before I forgot. Next week will be my last week of work before quitting. I'm preparing for my new life. My employer won't give me my pay slip and she gives so many excuses. She didn't pay me in full too. I want to know what's the deduction but she refused

atnur77’s Profile PhotoNuriza Ahamad Thamizi
To be honest, from everything you've told me about her it sounds like you're doing the right thing getting away from her 👍
By the way, please please please let me know what your good news is on Sunday? 😁
+6 answers in: “Hi! How are you?Sending love and smiles your way for a happy happy day. 😊🌹🌷”

Oh fuuuuckk my life! Dude this whole deduction thing was shitty. Don’t be a Sherlock tany, dear. Or you’re pretty smart and you did this so I can give you info easily.

Ahaha.. so I was close with the age.. and got the easily bored ryt, and yes I did that so you can give me infof easily XDD


When i received this question i wasn't even happy because i knew it was staif but when i confirmed it i was happy because of my kewl deduction felt like Sherlock tbh
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Chalo your deduction about why did Hannah Baker suicide? What do could have done to prevent this calamity?

Hannah basically suicided because no one actually understands her she always wanted to share her feelings but every one ended using her, could have prevent her from suiciding by asking her what she actually felt what she feels deep inside no one cared about her
+4 answers in: “What is the difference between principal stress and normal stress? Please elaborate. #sawal ka haq”

My logic is that your parents made you on january so its october. Rather than dec to sept. Dirty but true ?

Jesus hahahhahahahahhahahhaah. I laughed at thus like real good. Hahhaahhahahah. Wise deduction you have there.

I read ur last answer ☺ how you know all of this while you have never been in love 😕 I feel uneasy 😊

Someone asked me a question
I answered
Spare me the observational deduction please
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Do you agree if everyone, -no matter what age,background/occupation is-must learn Algorithm and Programming Code to improve the logical thinking skill? What do you think we have to do in order to improve our logical skill generally?

There are many skills and things people -should- do that improves many aspects of life. Algorithm and programming being two of them. A must? not really. If people are forcefully obligated to learn organic chemistry, we'd be a clean-eating society. If people are forcefully obligated to learn advanced geology and climatology, the measures to slow or even reverse climate change would've been done 50 years ago.
Every skill and activity will benefit you in many ways but the facts are : Time, resource, passion, and talent are limited. Artists would fare better if they spend their time focusing in their crafts than spending time learning programming the way programmers would fare better if they spend their time learning coding than practising advanced jiujitsu. I do think it should be mandatory as introductionary school subjects. Fortunately, they already are.
Any activity that requires logical deduction like math, physics (which is the bastard of math and philosophy), chemistry, and biology, economy, all improve logic. Funny thing is I find entrepreneurship teaches you non obvious logics, where some business aproaches can often be offensively counter intuitive but correct.

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thought on sex before marriage teh? jangan disangkut pautin ke agama deh tapi hal lain, padahal kan bisa jadi try out untuk sex sebenarnya

Pertanyaanmu membuat ku tida polos lagi :(
Bahasan 18++ nih, jangan heran kalau ini bakal ilang jawabannya ya
Jadi ini udah dibatasi dengan:
-jangan diliat dari sudut pandang agama
-s before marriage as try out(?)
First thing first, ini adalah sudut pandang gue, simply because you asked me
Trus gimana?
I don't take s as a test, you can't pass the grade by doing s, and give it a score. Jadi why necessary to have a try out?
Lagian yang pernah gue baca dan surely banyak orang juga udah tau kalau menikah itu menyempurnakan agama, it's not only about s dan if Iam not mistaken ada bab fiqh yang membahas tentang s**life deh, kan bisa belajar sama-sama, jadi gausah mengoverratedkan s after marriage and jump to deduction s before marriage is a try out.

dulu gue ikut debat kementerian apa gue lupa. Mosinya tentang government should ban citizens from studying and working abroad. Gue kontra, udah menjelaskan argumen secara panjang lebar, cuma dikomentarin juri "kamu ga nasionalis". terus lawan diminta juri debat nyanyi Indonesia Raya, menang. wtf

Yea, once I even got points deduction because seragamku dkk ga rapi, kaya keluar-keluar, like wtf ministry people, you care more on nonsensical bullshit than actual contents. It was shit.

If my deduction are right ,,you are the only person i have seen is looks exactly like me in thinking ,,, i'm really surprised😮😄😇😅 مكنتش اعتقد اني اقابل شخص شبهي للدرجه دي

😅 ليا الشرف طبعاا .. ان شاء الله هتوصل لهدفك وتحققه وتبقى ليك مكاانة كبيره اووي بس استمر وخلي عندك ثقة ف ربنا و عزيمة ✊

Most of pages i follow related to loneliness and friendships and all 0.0 i noticed the ghost and assumed they are lonely , it was my deduction and you confirmed it earlier down there 👇🏻 no ?! 😟

Yes I did .. before the GIF works
But after that .. I didn't see that the ghost in it presents loneliness 😅

At times after o levels FSC becomes tough :) and Phir Apke up to marks nahi ate and A levels ke grades convert karke kam hojaate hai

Nah nah nah nah
That is a total misconception.
Alevels guys generally do better wherever placed.
And in the equilance there is literally no deduction . I managed getting admission in Govt medical colleges too.

On what basis do you call an act "moral"? The intention, the intrinsic nature of the action or the consequence? Elaborate.

Tanisethia’s Profile PhotoTani
Finally good question ☺
I base morality off of intention yet I can't ever know a person's intention for certain besides my own. As such, it is up to my deduction skills and the other's person's word that is the determinant which isn't exactly adequate as a whole but it must do for me.
I value a moral intention higher than a moral action because a moral action is one individual positive action whose intention is unknown yet a moral intention takes root from a moral mindset which theoretically will result in multiple morally intentioned actions. Multiple morally intentioned actions are of more value than a single one, hence my valuing moral intentions higher.

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blond_woman_’s Profile Photoю н о с т ь
1) David Arnold & Michael Price - Window Deduction (OST Sherlock Series 4: The Lying Detective) Шерлок ван лав♥
2)DJ DimixeR – Lamantine
3)Alan Walker – Sing Me to Sleep
4)Скриптонит - Космос
5)Meghan Trainor – Me Too
как-то так)

I'm talking about how there's a 70% rise of aboriginal incarceration since 1989, how aboriginal babies are four times likely to die than those non aboriginal. I would join the kkk if I wasn't half Hispanic but I mean continue talking about a country your not from and ignore your countries problem

You don't have to be from somewhere to recognise all the problems with it and nice deduction from some website there, we actually are implementing more health care for rural areas and better rehabilitation programs regarding crime so keep rattling on while trying to recover the little hope your own country has.
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Nah not mathematically but Chloe didn't wanna show her true feelings for me, thus she gave me a low rate, when really she meant the number I showed previously. It's really a matter of simple scientific deduction of the human mind

nick1lewis1’s Profile PhotoNick Lewis
May I try.
My deductions on your mind Nick is that you're hurt, Chloe has hurt you, and your ego is trying to find a way that makes you feel better about yourself but in reality she was probably holding back and -5 was her being kind and in fact she could have said -50 or -500.
So I finally deduce that anything that you're about to say is in protection of your ego and it should not be believed .

QOTD: If you could create your own pack with different characters from different shows, who would choose and imagine if you could give them powers (only if didn't had them), what powers would give them? (Choose at least 5, and i'm sorry if my question is basic sweeties)

Probably these 5 because they're some of my absolute favorites: :)
- Psylocke: we all know her powers
- River Tam: any firefly fan knows what power would fit her
- Inara Serra: natural badass? Yes I'm making that a power, just cause.
- Jay Halstead: ability to make me fall in love with long guns. LOL.
- Min Tae Yeon: ability to make vampires look like adorable puppies.... ok. seriously speaking, he has superhuman strength and sherlock-type (?) deduction skills when drinking blood.
IDK it's clearly too late for me to answer this seriously. Interpret these answers as you wish.
QOTD If you could create your own pack with different characters from different

YESSSSS INDEED But it's not done yet, i believe you are intellectually capable, and I'd like to see you dance around and find my Ask account with merely my name in hand, then explain to me how you came to your deduction ps.the duck has a name it's Shillberg ps.it isnt only the duck that's cute💁

I may be intellectually capable but I'm def not mentally anytime now ILL MURDER YOU THO and that was smooth af. Just so you know, you're winning at life, or atleast me for now #ICanBeSmoothToo

GREAT DEDUCTION SKILLS, you've come out with a very amusing full idea,You've come to realise im a male,but unfortunately you drifted your conclusions apart from the main plot its who im cncted to not me,you haven't seen me recently, and you might've not seen the person im connected to, "seen with"

Well thanks for the prep talk and just to be clear since I'm confused (and it's 5 am, bear with me) is the someone who commented on my picture 15 times and the someone I've been "seen with" the same person or nah? And you're basically saying I might've not actually saw the person but they've been in the same place I was?

Sir ano po ang masasabi mo sa sinabi ni Binay sa #PilipinasDebate2016 na aalisin nya ang income tax? LOL

Yung exemption ata tataasan nya. Mga 30,000.00 daw na gross compensation per month tax free. Tatanggalin din daw nya ang estate tax, tsaka real estate tax. Wow. Di na tayo mahihirapan magcompute ng vanishing deduction at kakalimutan na natin ang masalimuot na mundo ng property relations between husband and wife.
Pero sa totoo lang, wala namang power of taxation over these matters ang presidente. -_-

On what basis do you call an act "moral"? The intention, the intrinsic nature of the action or the consequence? Elaborate.

KamranAhmed1o’s Profile PhotoKamran Ahmed
I base morality off of intention yet I can't ever know a person's intention for certain besides my own. As such, it is up to my deduction skills and the other's person's word that is the determinant which isn't exactly adequate as a whole but it must do for me.
I value a moral intention higher than a moral action because a moral action is one individual positive action whose intention is unknown yet a moral intention takes root from a moral mindset which theoretically will result in multiple morally intentioned actions. Multiple morally intentioned actions are of more value than a single one, hence my valuing moral intentions higher.

Sir litong-lito po ako. Kasi turo po samin hindi magde-deduct ng dowry deduction (10,000 pesos) para sa illegitimate child on account of marriage kasi they are only relative in blood but not legally recognized na relatives. ano pong masasabi niyo?

I submit pwede naman yan idowry deduction. Pero may view nga na hindi pwede. So as to not raise conflict sa exam, I'd rather not ask.

You shouldn't feel silly for pre-writing your answers and copying them over. That would be like feeling silly for taking pains to improve your handwriting. It just blew my mind that she made that leap from so little information.

I actually felt silly because I feel in hindsight that I should have guessed myself that posting long and numerous answers all at once would be at least somewhat suspicious.
But yes, those are some pretty impressive deduction skills, I agree.

Did you like oregairu? If so, why did you like it? I didn't find it to be very good, even though many people seem to like it and I do like the romance comedy genre.

Of course it's not like oregairu will appeal to everyone. This is love or hate pretty much.
For people who aren't into relationships, this anime revolves around Hachiman's brilliant ideas and deduction + some humour, that's all. But for the those relationships are presented in a very interesting and complex way. You could say that every gesture, every act that you can spot in the anime has an actual impact, that's how I felt while watching it. There's always some exaggeration when it comes to characters' features, but still they seem to be 'real human beings', not dolls like in Elfen Lied. Another thing is how the characters change over time. People change mostly through relations with other people and it doesn't have to be a change for the better and we can observe those changes that appear to be very probable. Again, it's not as simple of a change, other series usually resort to feelings concerning love or acknowledgement.
I really like how events which are shown as plain and simple can also contain very complex set of smaller events and complex feelings.
The anime is versatile, you can watch it without caring much about and it's still fine. But you can also go deeper and have twice the fun. Similar to Code Geass, you can watch it with a serious approach, but you can also watch it as a top-tier comedy and self-parody.

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Hey there, what did you find out for the past couple of months? Could you please list them all down? Thank you.

einedame’s Profile PhotoIG: @bu.ustajah
1. Gojek gabisa pake referral code lagi.
2. I am surprisingly good at debates since my team (me & one friend who have not studied at all for it) only lost through deduction points. ?
3. There are campus geotags on Snapchat!!! (including my hidden campus!!!)
4. Concert ticket prices are becoming more and more ridiculous.
5. Harga tanah juga naik terus.
6. Makeup makin mahal, deh.
7. Dollar tapi menurun, mayan.
8. Relationships, relationships.
9. There is this awesome new local social broadcasting network called Zeemi.TV! (and you should def try it out when you're back, mb Mal!)
10. Aurel sama Krisdayanti kemarenan perang dingin. #infokekinian
11. I started a YouTube account aaaaand I hope it's content's worth for everyone to watch. (http://www.youtube.com/kevinachristina) #UJUNGNYAPROMOSI

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