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Tatuagens são cicatrizes da alma pintadas no corpo? (Livre Interpretação.)

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(personal Q, ie , not a mindless shout!)
* * *
"" "Are tattoos soul scars painted on the body? (Free Interpretation.)" ""
I've stared at this so long & . . . . .
~ I desperately hope not !
But , they are surely mental health wounds, if not scars . . . .
Only skin deep
So , they can be shed one day
Turned to slime, or powder, or directly atomised in the coming holocaust , imploded to . . . . . nothing , not even N.R.G.
Do you think the SOUL has a 'flashpoint' ?
Whatever it is way above that of Hell . . . . . which is 0 Kelvin, absolute zero; -273.15°C . . . . . nothing!
Tatuagens são cicatrizes da alma pintadas no corpo Livre Interpretação

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Katherine returned the kiss, mirroring his passion. A soft muffled whimper once the kiss ended. She didn’t have time to even recover from that kiss before she was flipped around, her back flush with her torso while facing the wall. She released a soft moan of his name as soon as his kisses were planting on her neck, reflexively she leaned her head back against his shoulder, furthering his access, she moved her hips back against his, grinding was her only form of control in the position but again, not even that lasted and after the few words he voiced, the brunette was left touchless and frustrated.
She turned to face him, her expression reflecting just how unamused she was at the entire situation; his latest display of jealousy and dominance had left the doppelganger wanting him, badly and the biggest problem was that he knew it.
breathing heavily as she starred at him, her eyes glimmered with a mixture of lust and frustration. She ran a hand through her curls, brushing them away from her face, it wasn’t rejection but rather Damon teasing her, she reasoned. “something tells me it’s a little too late for that.” Katherine provoked, granting Damon no time to respond, her lips were on his in a nanosecond and her hands roaming his chest and shoulders from underneath the shirt. “we’re probably the worst rescue squad in history.” Katerina mumbled into the kiss, smiling at just how much truth that statement held.
She dipped her face into his neck, getting carried away rather quickly once her lust took over, lips scattering kisses all the way to his collar bone before she suddenly stepped back, chest raising and falling with suppressed desire; the voice of reason had seeming punctured throw the thick veil of desire and Katherine felt the need for a last warning. “if we don’t leave now, Damon. I assure you we wont until the morning.” Katherine informed, unsure herself if her words were meant to be a threat or a promise. Images from last night danced in her line of vision, causing her to smacked herself mentally, realizing just what she might lose with those words, or most likely just delay, but she knew that if they continued the only thing they would be finding is another bed while Stefan’s fangs deep in victims.

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🌸 here's a flower. Put some deep thought now.

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Scariest fact about sharing too much, It hurts more when someone close to you repeats something you told them when you were weak.
When they use a secret or an insecurity against you.
When they throw a bitter word in the middle of a joke to make you feel bad about yourself.
I believe that the closest people to us could destroy us more than strangers.

Какую музыку слушал(-а) в подростковом возрасте?

переважно це був дядько Скрябін, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Deep Purple, The Beatles, The Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd, AC/DC та в принципі зарубіжні хіти 80-х(таких гуртів, як Modern Talking, Depeche Mode, Queen, Scorpions. ну і наші теж звичайно ж), деколи ще пісні Marilyn Manson, Бумбокс, Друга Ріка і багато інших, кого я точно не зможу пригадати, бо в мене біла з пам'ятю.

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Katherine watched as he slid into the shirt, her attention quickly then drifted to the nearby coffee machine but she was listening, not to mention enjoying the display of jealousy in his words. She smiled to herself in silence, her back to him until she felt him approaching. "That friend is trusted by Klaus, Damon. Well, as much as Klaus is capable of trusting anyway." She corrected herself with an eye roll. "I just don't want to make him an enemy, nor see him dead." Katherine pressed, eyebrows raised emphasizing that last part.
Her lips curved in a smirk, not hiding how satisfactory his reaction has been so far to her pride.
The brunette gasped softly once her back hit the wall, hand on either side of her head, fingers intertwined, she didn't bother to hide how her heart skipped a beat the closer his face came to hers. His jealousy was a turn on, there was no denying that especially after so long of him trying and failing to hide it.
She slipped her hands out of his, instead resting them on his face, her eyes studying him from head to toe, her glance filled with a layer of unquestionable desire. "Gosh, you're hot." As much h as it seemed she was ignoring his reaction, she was plainly distracted, her focus quickly drown in the blue of his eyes as soon as he began lessening the distance between them. Brown eyes fluttered between his lips and eyes. "I know you hate it, Damon. But some of those 'flings' have helped keep me safe so far so as much as I'd love to, I can't leave them at your 'mercy' just yet." She smiled, finding irony in the choice of words, knowing what Damon had ahead for her ex lovers.
Her hands slid down from his face to his neck, over his chest, gliding all the way down his torso before seductively tugging at his belt lightly. Her eyes following her hands all the way down before they snapped back up to meet his, her hands droppingto her sides as she took a deep breath.
"I think we should leave before we get more.. distracted."

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https://www.instagram.com/p/CjGBL2KKdBd/?igshid=NDc0ODY0MjQ= Can you explain this quote to me?

When you plant a tree or plant in soil, water it and let it grow..you've let it develop roots deep in that soil right?
Then when you cut the plant, the roots still remain in that soil. The plant that has been cut is negatively affected when it's cut from it's roots. It dies!
Some people pour so much of themselves into people they love that when those people leave, it's like their roots have been cut off. Get it?

If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

I’m not sure, actually. In terms of literature, one could read “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” or “The Body Keeps The Score”, in understanding why I am the way I am.
Or most books by Neil Gaiman actually, he captures the beauty and innocence of life as well as deep anguish perfectly. I can see myself in the protagonist of “ Stardust”, as well as my inner child in “The Ocean At The End of The Lane”. That book in particular resonated to an uncomfortable level.
In terms of understanding what I love, then maybe my favourite book, “The Lies of Locke Lamora”, or the film “Back to The Future” or “The Mummy” (1999). They encapsulate the topics I enjoy and what I find funny! Cinderella (2015) felt like a protagonist I could relate to well in terms of values, as well as Captain America.
To listen to, classical music by Hans Zimmer or Patrick Doyle comes to mind immediately. Or in terms of my everyday tastes, anything with indie rock angst will likely fit the bill!

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Katherine watched as his gaze dropped lower, breaking the eye contact but her eyes stayed on him, desperately trying to read through him.
She tilted her head slightly, eyebrows arched curiously silent as shesensed that there was a continuation to come.
The brunette gulped softly, realizing just how thin her emotional veil had become. "I know Klaus, Damon. You're dead if you're caught, you need me." She reasoned but he questioned her further.
Claiming she was doing this for Stefan was her next card to play but as if he saw right through her, he burned it. His walls were down, he wanted something that he rightfully deserved and Katherine wouldn't dare break him again with the mention of his brother especially after his warning.
It was clear now; Stefan was an overplayed card and Damon could clearly see that.
Lips parted as she readied her defense but he continued, his hand on her cheek almost wiped out any lie she was in the process of weaving.
Her eyes were fixated on his and she took a deep breath. Hands dropping to her sides just as she lowered her own walls mentally. Pink lips parted a second time but her mind was blank. After multiple fails to string a sentence, frustration got the better of Katherine and she blurted out the raw truth, unaware of the weigh her words held for someone who's waited a century and a half to hear them. "Telling you that I love you won't change anything other than putting us both in greater danger, not unless you're willing to spend the rest of eternity on the run with me." The confession only hitting her after she'd said it out loud. A deep breath was inhaled as she allowed the words to sink in."There." Her arms slapped her sides in defeat. "It's only been Stefan till I met you, nothing after it meant anything. I turned him so you wouldn't be alone and the rest is history."After a long silence, she simply added in defeat. "It's always been you, Damon. It just took you a while to see it."

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فضفضه : بالنسبه لي : اشتقت حق ناس سافروا عني 💔 اليوم اتذكرهم بكثره شنو عنكم ...؟ حتى لو موضوع جوع 🤣 قولوا

flowur123’s Profile PhotoGaladriel
For me … its the most difficult thing to deal with … like I mean first when I know someone I love is gone at the beginning become emotionless 💔 cuz deep inside I don’t want to believe this kind of news but few days later it hits me so badly and i get mentally low 😔💔

Help, I can't stop these thoughts in my heads. I can't find my purpose and I just want to give and I am getting tired of my life

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photobuttercup
Aw Abs, is there anyone in person you can talk to to alleviate some of your worries? Would chatting to your family help in any way?
You’re incredibly talented, wonderfully kind and have so much to offer, you may just need a bit of a break to regroup really! Is it possible for you to book a couple of days off work, if you don’t have much holiday? Trust me, it will help so much just to get a change of scenery - I can only imagine how immensely stressful it must be in your profession. Things that have helped me is doing meditation - it doesn’t have to be anything that woo woo, but just taking the time to sit or lay still, even if it’s just listening to peaceful music, and focusing on your breathing, deep inhales and longer exhales. It does help calm your body down a little, which in turn may help things feel a tad more manageable at that moment in time.
If it’s really bad though, is it possible for you to seek any advice from a medical professional?
I hope you feel better soon bud, I’m sending lots of hugs your way 🤗💛

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Have you considered going to therapy? (Not calling you a crazy person, I swear! Lol SheeeeeeEeeesh) 🤪😝 Have you ever gone? If so, what was your experience like?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Therapy isn’t designed or meant to save you. Only you can save yourself, with the guidelines and loving support that only a therapist can give you. If you have a genuine and respectful therapist then you can literally move mountains. It isn’t easy. In fact it is bloody hard. Harder than I could ever have imagined and extremely painful. It is the only space where you can feel true exhilaration yet deep depression all at the same time. And every other emotion under the sun too. It is bloody hard. At times is frustrating, hurtful, feels like it is stuck

when you're feeling sad, do you listen to sad songs or do you listen to happy songs in hopes that they'll cheer u up

When I’m feeling sad, I accept those feeling, I cry it out and then I try to overcome the sadness by taking deep breaths and doing things I enjoy.
I don’t seek for music when I’m feeling sad, I rather look for activities.
when youre feeling sad do you listen to sad songs or do you listen to happy

Serious question: Should you get married if you are emotionally attached to someone else.( not w the person you're about to marry)? The person you r going to marry is perfect ticks all the boxes but you are scarred by past traumas and still have feelings for the person who hurt you?

ilysm_13’s Profile Photofizzey
Sounds like this is coming from a v deep place.
Once stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships, as a defense mechanism, you psychologically train your mind, heart and body to get used to everything that happens to you. It develops into an ongoing routine, and you gradually stop looking for an escape which results in you getting attached to these feelings of extreme pain and unhappiness to the point where they leave you numb.
Coming to the first part of your question, when you eventually get out of what seemed like an endless loop of toxicity and come across someone who breaks the cycle and proves himself as someone you always dreamt of being with...the suppressed trauma and emotions start to kick in and force you to compare this person with the one from your past. And you find that even now, somehow, you have strong feelings of attachment w your past deep inside.
But...those feelings are NOT real. The attachment is only towards that routine...the pain and grief...the feeling of numbness, as it all seemed way too familiar to you. That toxic phase unfortunately became a comfort zone. Now, when you find yourself stepping out of that comfort zone and on the verge of making big, life changing decisions...unresolved trauma can act like a barrier and force you to overthink or doubt your own worth.
I'd advise...marry the person you're about to marry. But it would be even better if you have an honest conversation with him about your past and how you feel stepping onto this whole new journey, so that they may help you move forward at your desired pace.

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How do you spend time when you are alone

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
My house consist of two floors lower portion is of parents ,upper floor is mine I am mostly found in my upper portion
spend hours on your favourite activities do what you like , enjoy your own company to the maximum and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch
I have ocd problem so I deep cleanse my room I do dusting of my bed ,dressing table I put all perfume bottle on floor clean each and every bottle with vinegar put it back on dressing table
Clean window with glass cleaner
All tshirts are folded kept in clothing cupboard ,all shirts are hanged in closet
I love seeing everything organized ,super clean 😃😃😃🙌
I watch fear files (indian horror drama based on real events ) on YouTube and walk
I make break fast to dinner by myself 😃😃🙌
Like today I made mushroom stir fry : take fry pan add mushroom slices diced bell pepper onion rings salt pepper paprika garlic powder onion powder chicken powder Sriracha fry it serve with rice
Lychee Tea : take tea pan add lemon tea bag lemon juice grated ginger lemon zest 2 cup water boil 4 minutes put strainer on cup take out add quarter cup lychee juice

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What you know about rolling down in the deep? 💀

Dexter_Ch’s Profile PhotoCursed with a blessing.
zingadi kitni rangeen khushal or masroof hai hena? shehron me ab to suraj k dhal jany se bhi ujala kam nai hota, raat me to baazaron ki ronak or brhnay lagi hai, vaypariyo k sajaye bazar un me any waly hazaro grahak, hazaaron trhan k khanay, un per bethy logo k fiza me gunjtay kehkay, or doston ki mehfilain, sb dekh kr lgta hai, aj insan jis bulandi per hai yahn zawal nahin...
sarko per chlti hazaro gariyan, gariyo me bethy log, asman jitni unchi imaaratain, or un me jalti hazaron khirkiyon ki roshni, her e trhan k logon k liey sajayi mehfilain, kitni khubsurat lagti hain... kitni pur umeed, kitni mehfooz, jese sb pur sukoon ho, kisi tehray huay pani ki trhan, ya toofan se pichli rat ki trhan..
magr agr nazar ko or taiz ker k, me ap ka dehan un rangeen bazaron me, un mehfilon me, un khirkiyon, un gariyo me bethy insano ki trf le jaun, yani us teh k nee hy jo khaal chupaa rahi hai to wo sb kehkay or khushiyan, wo sb roahniyan hi, kho jayen gi or jald duniya bilkul andheri hojaye g, umeed k sbhi diay bujhnay lagy gy, khouf jism k her hisay per rongty hry kr dega, bechaini se achank kmray me mojud oxygen km lgny lagy ga..
kiu k insan, ki wuqat ksi madaari k bandar se zyada kuch bhi nahin, yad hai kese wo bndr apni gardn k gird bandhi lohay ki mazboot wazni zanjeer k sath ondha, seedha nach kr aik tamsha krta tha, us k jism k ustry se ksi mochi ki trha utar kr usy ksi guriya ya jootay ki trhan rang kr, kaaan beech kr, behuda kpry pehna kar ghair munasib makeup ker k kaha jata tha .. "insan ki trhan chal ke dikho, susral ja k beth k dikhao" ulti seedhi harkatain krta dekh kr kese tamashbeen kehkay lagaty thy? bachy khushi se lot pot hoty thy, buzurg bhi .. to muskuraty thy.. kiun k .. wo bandar to insan bny na bany hm insano ki kahani usi bandar jesi hai.
chimak k dar se, kabi aik niwala roti k liey najany wo bezuban kitny ghanty, kahn kahn kitni baar apna tamasha banata tha,
kahin na kahin hum b to wahi hyn 💔🙂

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What you know about rolling down in the deep? 💀

Dexter_Ch’s Profile PhotoCursed with a blessing.
just finished compiling/concluding a group assignment and i have a class @ 8am. abb main soun ya jaagoon
also rolling in the deep by adele great song chef's kiss (YOU DON'T SAY! DO THEY REALLY?) can't say chef's kiss without quoting the meme anymore. u know the drill

there is no concept of deep conversations in brown household. you be discussing a important topic / situation of life and she'll interrupt saying, "jaa gas band kar aa"

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
These angrez wannabes 247 disrespect their parents thinking they're different and better and cool. You're all totally shit personalities who are worthy of doing nothing. If your parents don't pay your internet bill, you have no longer access to Netflix and YouTube and continue being angrez wannabes. Worthless, jobless, lifeless, talentless, piece of shits. Get a life. Find it somewhere.

🍂 Friday 16th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Random acts of kindness are externally focused demonstrations of love."
- Teal Swan, The Sculptor in the Sky.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "When you are full of love, you choose to act with kindness, patience and forgiveness. "
- Beryl Maurine Hammond, Making the Mosy of Each Day in Life.
• "In a sense, kindness truly is the acting out of out deep and real connection to everyone and everything around us."
- Editors of Conari Press, Random Acts of Kindness: An Illustrated Celebration.
Friday 16th September 2022

I want to love myself more I don't know how do you know?

"Gratitude and Self-Love" by Nico
This is such an important question and one that I have asked myself hundreds of times over the years. So the first thoughts that come to mind are: What is self-love, why is it so important and how can I make it part of my life?
There are four fundamental attributes to self-love:
1. Self-Awareness - Before we can love ourselves, we must know ourselves. Reflect on your authentic self and what drives you? Motivates you? Excites you? Disappoints you? Saddens you? Angers you? Inspires you? Relaxes you? Take time to consider your deep-seated values and how they affect your decision-making and your triggers. Your values are the blueprint for who you are as an individual.
2. Self-Acceptance - As you evaluate yourself and take a deep dive into self, you might not like what you see. That is ok because we are human with an abundance of imperfections. So own your problems. Own your mistakes. Own your values. Once you can fully accept and embrace your authentic self, the easier your self-love journey will be.
3. Self-Confidence - The best way to describe self-confidence is to think of it as self-congruence. When you show up as your authentic self in the world, and act on your self-acceptance, that’s self-confidence. It takes courage and bravery to decide to respect your own values and opinions more than others. But that’s what you have to do every single day. Not everyone will love you – but that doesn’t matter when YOU love you.
4. Self-Love - From here on out, you will make a commitment to yourself and to your growth. You will carve out time in your daily routine to invest in yourself, compliment yourself, reassure yourself and cheer yourself on.
There are three components to self-love:
1. Gratitude - each day write down three things you are grateful for and reflect on why you feel grateful. Try to connect your gratitude to your values. What are you proud of yourself for? What compels you to get out of bed every morning and keep going? Share your gratitude with others.
2. Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk - Remember, our thoughts, whether positive or negative, precede action and affect our behavior. Be careful how you speak to yourself. Show yourself love and gratitude by choosing kind and encouraging words. Have your own back especially when it comes to standing up to your inner critic.
3. Self-Care - Self-care can be defined as any act that nourishes the self. Some self-care acts might re-energize, while others might be for relaxation purposes. Typically, it’s used to rest, reset or reflect. Taking care of yourself can be divided into three different categories: mind, body and soul.

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I want to love myself more I dont know how do you know

Suppose, one day you open your eyes and found yourself all alone on this planet what'll you do.

syedatooba102’s Profile PhotoTooba
I am best friend of mine I am most happy when I am with me
I deep cleanse my room , I put all perfumes on floor clean each and every bottle with vinegar put it back on dressing table
I watch favourite horror drama on YouTube like fear files,aahat ,Kaun hai etc

【⚠️】After a while, the sound of a truck approaching at high speed could be heard in the distance. Perhaps, being a normal thing to happen on a road, but there was something abnormal when it was much stronger. That truck was approaching YB's house specifically, completely crashing there.

ONEEYEDDEMON’s Profile Photo✖⠀ 真島 吾朗 ⠀?
*The two were inside the house deep inside where in a separate room YB was with a tied up Nova and her dismembered leg on the floor just talking to his captive victim *

Percebi que nesse APP tem muita gente sem esperança, carente, com brilho apagado... o que deixou vocês assim?

micaelafidilio2’s Profile PhotoMicaela Marini Alves Fidilio
A vida né flor, tem gente fracassada em todo lugar da internet e fora dela, mas aqui o anonimato é maior, bem vinda ao purgatório dos aplicativos, aqui é tipo uma deep web esquecida pelo tempo! ksksksk 😌

Meri mental health khatam ho rhi hai Kya kron??? Bhtt depression hai life main or na khatam honay Wala depression

Pehly to take a deep breath and relax ho jao ab ye socho jab apna ghum bot lagne lag jai na ird gird dhkhna chahie dunya me bot ghum hai shaid tmhe tmhra ghum kam lagne lag jai or phir namaz paro or Allah se jo Hai share karo sab or Phir khud dhkna relax feel karo ge or depression b kam hoga........

Are you ever jealous?

I really struggle with jealousy. Ever since I started dating I would be overwhelmed with jealousy if I ever saw my partner even look at anyone else. Then my (then, now ex) husband cheated on me. All of this combined into a rat king of potential issues for me. But instead of becoming a crazy person I took a deep breath and realized my jealousy wasn't helping a goddamn thing. I was upset all the time, my partners were upset with me. So I decided to change.
I struggle with jealousy if I only like the guy, or it's kind of a crush. If we're in a relationship, all of that worry kind of goes away. He chose to date me, if I didn't trust him wholeheartedly then I wouldn't be with him, and if other girls find him attractive, it only makes me feel a weird and twisted sense of pride.
Now that I have a reinforced sense of self worth both within and without, my lack of jealousy serves me just fine. If I were jealous-natured today I figure I would just create self-fulfilling prophecy and drive away good things. Like pride, I don't see jealousy often being useful beyond a certain point, more often it is harmful to the feeler and the relationships the feeler has...but then, I can only say that through observation. It's never been my problem except for being on the receiving end (that is, a partner being unduly jealous with me, which didn't serve either of us because my sense of loyalty is strong to a flaw!)
I'd say I was the jealous type in a sense but nowhere near your sister. My jealousy is not because I think my bf has bad intentions or that he flirts with anyone. I trust him and he is a good man. I mostly get my feathers ruffled because I know what other women (or girls I suppose they are) are up to. Some of the shit they say to him trying to provoke him, or comments and likes on social media and stuff...he doesn't respond and he's good about it, but the girls piss me off. I rarely if ever mention it to him though...I figure it's my problem and he shouldn't have to deal with it if I can help it.
I started out like it. My SO flirts with everyone. When I say everyone, I mean, everyone. Girls his age, girls younger than him, older than him, teachers, professors, store clerks, everyone. He doesn't even realize it a lot of the time. He just thinks thats how to talk to people. At first It really bothered me. We fought a lot about it. But I realized that he loved me. He would never do anything to hurt me, and he's really cut back on it as well when he realized how much it bothered me.
I was cheated on by my ex boyfriend, so jealousy can be an issue, but I try to keep it out of my current relationship as much as possible. There hasn't been any really big things happen yet, except two of his friends that have flirted with him in the past and some chick who flirted with him on a camping trip. He's open and honest, so I know he would never lie to me or cheat on me, which helps tremendously with not feeling jealous.

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Do you think someone can love or fall in love if they just been chatting online?

For me personally, love is a complex thing. It takes time and deep connection. It's something I personally would not be able to connect with online.
I know people have been able to do that, but for me, without being with a person irl, that isn't proper love!
Do you think someone can love or fall in love if they just been chatting online

Que clima de España os gusta más para vivir Este,Oeste,Norte o Sur?

jijijaja1996’s Profile PhotoBelén Fernández
@jijijaja1996 🍁 Holi Belén, ahora voy a tu Ask 🥃
Ettoo... nací y vivo en Canarias, que también pertenece a España, adoro mi clima después de viajar por España 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Motörhead - Ace of Spades (2006)

Motörhead - Brotherhood of Man (2013)

Motörhead - Electricity (2015)

Motörhead - Heartbreaker (2013)

Motörhead - Iron Fist (2006)

Mudhoney - Suck You Dry (2009)

Muse - Dead Inside (2015)

Muse - Muscle Museum (2010)

Muse - New Born (2010)

Muse - Plug In Baby (2010)

Muse - Sunburn (2010)

Muse - Unintended (2010)

MxPx - Aces Up (2012)

My Chemical Romance - Disenchanted (2013)

My Chemical Romance - Helena (2009)

My Chemical Romance - Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us (2008)

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers (2011)

My Chemical Romance - Thank You for the Venom (2008)

My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You (2013)

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade (2009)

Napalm Death - On The Brink Of Extinction (2010)

Neck Deep - Happy Judgement Day (2017)

Nelly Furtado - In God's Hands (2009)

Nervosa - Death (2014)

Never Shout Never - Peace Song (2015)

Neverstore - Stay Forever (2008)

Nickelback - Edge Of A Revolution (2014)

Nickelback - Hero (2013)

Nickelback - Satellite (2015)

Night Of Queen - Prophet's Song [cover Queen] (2011)

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Que clima de España os gusta más para vivir EsteOesteNorte o Sur

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Katherine kept her seductive smirk on as she walked side by side with that unfortunate man. "Actually," she started, forming her reply as to what she was doing alone. A stolen glance at the car though caused her to pause mid-sentence. Why did she even think he'd stay in the car, the brunette scolded herself silently but even this thought got interrupted as Damon made his entrance. His comment, caused her to smirk proudly; he was jealous, she could practically smell it on him.
She had no time to react though, the Salvatore was fangs deep in the man's neck before she could form a coherent thought. Her smirk disappeared as she through suspicious glances left and right, making sure no one else had signed their death sentence by being around and witnessing their hunt taking place. Once she made sure of that, a hand rose to her hip and she breathed a sigh of relief before starring at Damon judging him silently. This was basically the same recklessness that forced her to lie to him about their past upon her return to Mystic Falls. "You could have waited till I got him in the car. Couldn't you?" She retorted, not hiding her slight annoyance at this stunt.
She took his invitation with a scoff and head shake, still playful though as it quickly turned into her signature smirk again. She had just opened her mouth when the second invitation came, Katerina squinted her eyes at him, trying to work out whether it was truly meant or not.
She didn't wait too long though, after all Katherine wouldn't want to waste such a tempting offer. In the blink of an eye, the doppelganger had sped them to the nearest wall, trapping Damon between her body and the wall faster than the victim's body had hit concrete.
She took a moment, looking Damon in the eye, testing the waters a last time. Blood sharing was an intimate experience and she just wanted to check whether or not he was on board. "I'd love to." She almost moaned into his ear.(...)

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How would you describe your own personality?

I am a gentle, kind-hearted, romantic, sympathetic and compassionate individual. I always look for people who are as kind hearted as I am. My friends say that I am kind hearted, caring and tender. My easy-going, kind-hearted temperament is ideally suited to working with people. I try to give an helping hand to all those who are most in need of a helping hand. Peiple say I am the sweetest, most kind-hearted person that they've ever known. I am broad-minded, kind-hearted, perfectly informed, clear-sighted and congenial. I loved experiencing the different cultures of the two prefectures and learning more about their kind-hearted people and Japan. I am so soothing, so smart, and do kind-hearted deep inside. I am kind-hearted, always nice and quiet and try my very best to be helpful to everyone I meet along the way. My master is a kind-hearted and sympathetic man, but, he didn't agree to help me.
You're a handsome, kind-hearted, young man, and any girl would be lucky to have you in her life.
A man of great modesty and shy by nature, he was kind-hearted and generous.
I have told many stories of the enterprising, generous and kind-hearted people that live in this community.
He was their kind-hearted teacher and mentor and guide from whom all drew inspiration.
She has a warm personality and she is very kind hearted.
Quick to laugh and kind hearted, I was a happy child.
I expect the man I am looking for will be be reliable, caring, intelligent and kind-hearted.
I’m a really open hearted, giving, loving person. Though I get wrapped up in emotions very easily and that sends me into a downward spiral of depression. I always want my love to be reciprocated which is so selfish I know. Another horrible thing about me is that I seek attention. I have a loud personality. Most people find me a lot of fun to be around but for some I might be too intense. I’m complicated 😐
People generally tell me that before they got to know me they were scared of me or thought I was cool. I personally just see myself as kind of distant and detached but I also care deeply about lots of things. Also I have really thin skin and it kind of shows.
This is a hard one. Most people that meet me, and even know me well, tell me I’m one of the nicest people they’ve ever met (I was voted “nicest person” in 8th grade) but I don’t feel that way at all. I feel like if they knew my thoughts, they wouldn’t believe that. I’m quite critical and cynical, though I mostly keep it in my thoughts and in my reddit comments, hahaha. I do try to be a good person though, and I would say I’m fairly generous and loyal. I care deeply, but that also means I get worked up over injustice easily.

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I'm in deep need for positive energy, please!

كل ما العمر يعدي بيكي هتكتشفي ان اللي انتي محتاجاه من الحياة هو الستر وراحة البال وانك تكوني في المكان اللي بتحبيه لا تضري حد ولا حد يضرك ❤️👌
فروقي كدا وكملي سعي علي مستقبلك
وميهمكيش من الدنيا

What would you define love as?

Love is also something you have to actively choose to do— it's something you must express to others (if you didn't express love, it wouldn't mean anything). It can be expressed in a variety of different ways. I think it is somehow closely related to respect, too. I also think expressing love is not always an easy thing to do and that it's not always easy for certain people to express and that is okay.
So, to me, love is something you give away and expect nothing in return. It's respecting someone as the person they are. It's respecting their boundaries. It's supporting someone in the way they need it. It's something I've chosen to try as hard as I can to give freely. Sexual attraction and values. You can have sexual attraction to many different girls (especially in different degrees). You can value many different girls. So, it's stupid to say that someone is the one. Love is replaceable. What's questionable is that whether you can have someone just as best as someone else. That'd be hard. Divorced guys find new love.
Love has multiple definitions to me. Intimate love is finding someone with whom you share a deep connection, to want to support them, to want to see them succeed, to want to see them be the best person that they can be, and to want to make sacrifices and compromises yourself in order to give them that support. And obviously a sexual connection.
To me love is a meeting of the minds. We agree on issues that would otherwise separate us, we like fucking each other and we want each other to experience all of the physical and emotional pleasure that we each desire, and we have each other's backs, first, last, always.
For me, love is knowing my best friend will always be there because I know I will always be there for her. Love is feeling her calm in my storm. Love is hearing her sweet voice carry me away, as it has so many times. Love is her soft touch when I brush her cheek before a kiss. Love is smelling the sweet scent of her perfume in the air, before I see her enter a room. Love is not bought but grown. Love can be hot but is better to last when it is unfettered and made known.
It wears off, but at the time it can be so strong that you literally feel that sensation is going to last forever, and if your ego gets involved, then game over, you are screwed.
I heard it takes at least 3 years for the chemicals to dissipate if you are already invested all the way, so you really have to be careful.
If you are already in trouble because of the spell the best you can do is to avoid seeing her completely. That way you can probably get rid of those feelings really quick, but if you keep seeing her you can probably reset the time, and be stuck with those emotions for years. I have seen guys, it can happen, and you don't want that happening to you.

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