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Чи є українська особистість, яку ви вважаєте взірцем або джерелом натхнення?

Ab1rapper963’s Profile Photoعبدالسلام
Всі народи мають такі особистості у всіх сферах діяння, і не по одному і не по два.. Вийняток імперські формування і роблення з багатьох народів один штучний. Як от рф. Який всю історію краде здобутки народів яких приєднав силовим методом і пропагандою і терором. силовими методами. І одне діло, коли імперії, наприклад європейські, попри мінуси, несе і плюс, розвиток, то совок нічого не несе крім війни і пропаганди, смертей і деградації. Але ближче до вашого питання.. Уточніть, що ви маєте на увазі. Спорт, літературу, науку, мистецтво...
All peoples have such personalities in all spheres of activity, and not one and not two. The exception is imperial formations and making one artificial out of many peoples. Who throughout history steals the gains of the peoples whom he annexed by force and propaganda and terror. And for one thing, when empires, for example, European ones, despite the minuses, also carry a plus, development, then the scoop carries nothing but war and propaganda, deaths and degradation. But closer to your question.. Clarify what you mean. Sports, literature, science, art...

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️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️ ️️ ️️️️️️️️️️

Carrera dura. Por desgracia, nuestro ritmo está marcado por la degradación y la gestión de las gomas, pero lo hemos dado todo y seguiremos trabajando en el nuevo paquete y el desarrollo del coche. ¡Gracias! Correr en casa siempre es un placer.
Tough race. Unfortunately our pace is dictated by tyre management and degradation, but we gave it all and we’ll keep working on this new package, developing our car. Thank you everyone out there! It’s always a pleasure to race at home.
Carrera dura Por desgracia nuestro ritmo está marcado por la degradación y la

Porn: what are your thoughts? Is it degrading? How would you react if you caught your partner watching it? Would you watch it yourself or with your partner?

If the porn features degradation as a kink or with no respect to the performers, it can be. If it's filmed/posted without consent, I could see that argument too. I wouldn't care if my partner was watching it as long as they didn't prefer to use porn to get off or it hadn't become a thing they couldn't get off without. Or if they knew/spoke to the person they were watching, that'd be a no from me. I don't watch it much but yeah I guess I'd watch it with them if they were interested in doing that

What r u thinking rn🌚

No one knows the state of the heart better than Allah. He alone knows every thread of your heart and the desire attached to every thread. He is the Knower. He knows which strings will cause your heart to wander, and which strings will draw you back to your Lord. He knows everything. He who sits in the heavens is the One who has God. He knows you better than you So just stop with everything and degradation that will take time to happen
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Avez-vous constaté dans votre entourage une dégradation de l'ambiance entre les personnes qui ont accepté le vaccin Covid et celles qui l'ont refusé ?

Avec la famille éloignée, Oui. Toujours dans le jugement.
Avec la famille proche, non pas du tout. Chacun fait ce qu'il veut. Normal !

You seem to me a very interesting person on askfm. Isnt it askfm weird? How come u know about this?

i guess that's part of my social media persona. i don't think so that I'm even remotely interesting irl. and regarding askfm being a weird app, it kind of is but purely in technical terms such as its dull user interface, slow server/appengines and (occasionally) in terms of moral degradation. I created my acc way back when i was testing various social sites, had to come back once i deleted my twitter because i need a place where i can vent my feelings off freely (not too often tho)

Bonjour. J'ai lu ta dernière Réponse. Je me le disais aussi... Avant on pouvait poursuivre la Conversation en dessous de la Réponse qu'on avait reçue. À présent, ce n'est plus possible et tu le confirmes aussi. Ask essaie d'améliorer mais fait tout le contraire ! C'était mieux Kwest. Bonne Journée !

johnnyholidays19735566’s Profile PhotoLionSun73 (Officiel ✔️)
Ah mais là c'est la totale. Entre le fonctionnement qui devient pourri et les gens qui sont de plus en plus cons, ça fait un réseau social de moins en moins attractif.
La dégradation ultime a été la création des statuts VIP et du classement. Quel intérêt ? Surtout que dans la plupart des cas, les gens dépensent des sous pour monter au classement. Imagine si aux présidentielles l'élection dépendait de la somme dépensée par le candidat dans des voix.
Ils feraient mieux de remettre les fils de conversations, de supprimer les shoutouts, le classement et les statuts VIP.
Ils veulent faire un truc intéressant ? Qu'ils créent la possibilité de classer nos réponses par thèmes, dans des catégories que l'on choisirait soi même. Celui qui viendrait sur ton compte pourrait choisir le thème de tes réponses qui l'intéresserait.

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No, no, you misunderstood me or I didn't phrase it well. By "the opposite doesn't exist" I meant there isn't a sea of popular mainstream p0rn showing women degrading men en masse (like *normal* hetero p0rn).

yah, sorry. I could've easily interpreted it that way.
Similar answer tho; it does exist, but this example shows a slightly different kind of porn-weirdness: lot of folks still tend to assume the audience for that kind of thing is men as well. When we see women being degraded in a hetero way by men, we assume men are the intended audience, BUT, when we see the opposite...that's still presumed to be for men.
Obvious take-away from this is that old masculinist tune: all porn is for men, because men are the libidinal, deformed sex-beasts of the human race. I assume; & meanwhile, women are asexual victims waiting to be defiled. Tale as old as time, always been false, but the idea being that the agency necessary for sexual depravity is the domain of males only. Women lack the ambition & motivation, you see. Nonsense.
But anyway, as always in the face of patriarchal heterosexuality we must ask immediately: what about the gay men? They're men; what kinda porn are they watching? gay dude porn, the straight men reply sagely. BUT this brings us to another weird stereotype about women & porn: straight women apparently love guy-on-guy porn too. Is this true? I couldn't say, but let's assume it's not total bullshit: what to make of such a pattern?
An obvious consideration is that porn that's all-man has less degradation of women involved. I mean statistically, that seems inevitable, so that could lend itself to greater feminine appeal. I imagine gay dude sexual culture is absent a few of the sexist assumptions that colour hetero porn (tho not all of them obviously).
So what's the point of all this? The idea being, even if porn consumption did demonstrate some weird politics among women viewers, we wouldn't know, because any sign of self-directed sexual depravity will be assumed to be masculine in origin. Someone's being a perv online, it's safe to assume a man is responsible, even tho we know for a fact women get fucked up about things too. Sure they do! Of course they do! BUT, patriarchy says, if you want to be a really depraved freak, you gotta be a cishet man. Sorry, I just make the rules, & also enforce them.
I think you've hit on an interesting point in the discourse about porn, but I'm not sure what it is exactly. Maybe it's just "we're all overlooking the possibility for some really in-depth & disgusting meta-analysis of women's porn habits," which isn't too profound, but still. We know women watch porn, we know men mostly MAKE & get paid for porn's production: same deal as most of the entertainment industry honestly. Aside from the more pressing issues of oppression & inequality here, I hope eventually we also ask tho: how are we distorting & redirecting women's sexual preferences/aesthetics in all this? Not just their self-conception, but also the formation of their own desires?
The studies likely won't get done until after I'm dead I'm sure, but I think we'd learn some pretty alarming shit tbh.

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+3 answers in: “Why do men find misogyny so enjoyable or even hot? They rly dig it.”

А ещё шутка про возраст и сантиметры и комплимент твоему аску тоже принадлежат мне. И я из подписоты, да. Have fun, в общем🌝

Рили? Воть это неждан)))
Ну штош тогда, дружок-пирожок, от всей души и всей стены моего аска выражаю глубочайшую благодарность за правильность выбранной тобой дороги (ну и за вопросы конеш, комплименты там и все в этом роде). Будет время, заходи, пиши, анализируй, короче делай, шо хошь. Мой аск - твой аск😋
И, собсно, как грится, Welcome to the league of degradation
З.ы. Поздравляю с починкой клавиши shift
+4 answers in: “Как ты думаешь, твой профессиАНАЛЬНЫЙ АНАЛитик — это кто-то проходящий или кто-то из подписчиков? Подозреваешь кого-нибудь?”

"ОПЯТЬ ЭТА ЛИХОНИНА?!" 😅 Overdose of degradation ❤ Копытца 👋 Шипперишь со всеми, перестань (продолжай💋) 👫 Лешу чаще меня видишь блин😅 Ух, а его друзья-то! 😂 Twerk (ну, почти) 🍑 Бесполезные обе две ❤ Память на др такое себе 😁 Твой дом - мой второй дом🏡 Близкая мне очень стала, спасибо тебе ❤

Stastya_Davidovskaya’s Profile PhotoLitunoovskayaa
Хватит (продолжай)
Люблююю, жду завтра❤️

So do you guys jobless? Pengangguran gak ada pekerjaan? Why are you bitching around her? Just mind your own business. Biar dia urusin pekerjaan, hobi, Instagram dia; toh gak ngusik hidup kamu juga

actually, no. dia ngusik hidup kita semua.
see, selain MRA gue juga ikut komunitas asian identity. cewe kayak dia; we call her lu (for asian american), sarong party girl (for singaporean) dan gaijin, farang, guai lo atau bule hunter (whichever fancy you); itu mempropagasikan hegemoni kultural barat.
dan ketika sampah2 kayak si yemimma dan temen2 sampahnya itu mempropagasikan pola pikir sampah ini, itu merugikan banyak orang. banyak banget.
pertama, yang dirugikan adalah bule2nya sendiri. dia mengobjektifikasi cowo bule dengan melihat dia bukan sebagai apapun yang dia tekuni atau his passion, tapi sebagai bule doang. titik. sampah2 kayak mereka secara gak langsung mengkomunikasikan kalo pencapaian terbesar mereka adalah terlahir bule dan yang lainnya gak penting.
kemudian, sampah2 itu juga memvalidasi narasi incels. ya, gue juga ga expect mereka punya edukasi yang cukup untuk tau soal incels sih (bule hunter itu rata2 kelas bawah, yem keliatan banget kelasnya), tapi mereka harusnya nyadar lah kalo mereka menjunjung tinggi narasi gender role. an extreme, misogynistic version of it. siapa yang diusik? everyone. bonus ironi adalah biasanya bule hunter sampah ini biasanya feminis liberal. siang2 ikut women's march malem2nya ngasih makan incels. let that sink in for a while.
dan terakhir, of course yang dirugikan adalah non whites, asian mostly. dari segi dating ya jelas lah ya, we got wilkes mcdermid sampe bunuh diri... poor guy, sayang dia dikelilingin sampah2 guai lo hunter dan belom nemu self-respecting asian woman. atau lo bisa liat WMAF (white male asian female) sampe jadi stereotype dan degradation fetish. fuck, even black girl ga ada yang punya racial degradation kink.
dan dari segi kultural juga dampaknya banyak banget karena sampah2 kayak si yem ini segitu menjunjungnya kultur barat. we asian can make good music, tapi apresiasinya bakal selalu dibawah musik barat (thank god for 88rising for fighting the good fight). dan dari segi consumer goods, literally daniel wellington dijunjung tinggi sementara seagull watch dianggep rendahan. like, are you fucking kidding me? seagull in house automatic movement got less credit than daniel wellington mass produced quartz? and i can go on and on and on dari segi consumer goods karena emang bidang gue.
tapi ya intinya ya mbak, kelakuan sampah2 kayak mereka itu sangat mengusik. lo nya aja yang gak nyadar. makanya otak sekali2 dipake, jangan jualan memek mulu.
PS: inggris lo literally sesampah itu, belajar lagi or better yet just kill yourself.

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+5 answers in: “Cewe kayak gitu enaknya dibugilin jangan ditubirin borr?!”

Ты читала The Degradation и Young and Beautiful ? Если да, то что думаешь о них ? Просто посмотрела список твоих любимый фф и стало интересно

я читала обе работы (они охренительны)
Деградацию я не дочитала, поэтому не спойлерите (я хочу дочитать ее чуть позже из-за личных причин)
а Y&B я прочитала после того как составила список работ (да, я оттягивала момент до последнего). и... это тоже очень хорошая работа.
2 этих фф это классика для фд, как та же Война и Мир и Мертвые Души для мира литературы.

Chew, well, damn, I ain't no cow , but I'll explain what I want ,I want you to have finally understood and realized their mistakes,and if you don't understand what I'm saying, it not in my forces as you said "chew"

Just read your question and remembered the popular saying: "In another's eye and see the speck, but in its logs do not notice."
Well, you see what you people, you say I'm "selfish", and she keep telling me how to live MY life with the words "I want". You know? Are you trying to point some of my mistake, but don't forget that this is MY fault. You watch your life. You point me to the error, supposedly, you hinted it and I want it to show me, but you read it, is there some instructions? In my opinion there is only offense) Most do not. to stoop to this level??
Yes, the selfishness and the degradation (rot), I can only say that I treat people as they are to me.

ACE inhibitors(eg.:captopril) as we know cause dry cough as a SE , 1.why can explain that briefly ? 2.site of action in the body (mostly) 3.if it's cause cough which another drug can replace it and act same action approximately ,without this SE? الجواب حتى ع سؤال واحد يكفي ،وباي طريقه ?.

Mohanad Sajjad
1. Bez. also cause degradation of protussive mediators like bradykinin and substance ? accumulation in URT ? cough
2.kidney or arterioles.
( not sure ?)
3. Surely ARABs ( Angiotensin Recebtor Blockers) .
نريد اسئلة مختصرة ?
حسستني عندي امتحان فصلي والعياذ بالله

Berdasarkan maraknya fenomena SJW (Social Justice Warrior), apakah definisi SJW sendiri bagimu dan apakah keberadaan mereka baik atau buruk?

I think the SJW speaks for itself, ya gak sih? if we're talking about the cause, I totally agree with them. because the most urgent problem we are facing isn't moral degradation or some bullshit crap spouted by conservatives, but inequality. unequal distribution of resources and information, and if we want to fare well, we need to minimize the gap, not maximizing it. social justice warriors work on the principle of eradicating inequality, however I personally just don't like radical approach.
to put it simply, I am very much a proponent of social justice, but not a warrior.
but using it for personal gain? what for? I won't publicly irl disclose my political views. I'll just silently working to solve problems you people are too busy to care about in your urban life bubble.

Do you believe that the modesty or parda of a woman affects whether or not she is sexually assaulted?

Assalāmo 'Alaikum! I do not believe that a woman (in this case, a victim) should be held responsible for the crime of another. Sexual assault is a crime and the blame should solely lie on the criminal not the victim.
With that said, Islam says that modesty is important for the moral and spiritual progress of women and society at large. Men and women collectively have a responsibility in this regard in maintaining the moral standards of a society. In many cases, sexual assault is a show of power by the man but it is motivated by the repeated triggering of lower, baser sexual desires that the society provides the environment for. Whether on television, internet, social media, or just walking into a mall for clothes, the sexual desires of men are repeatedly provoked for the sake of marketing. This has created an environment that is very harmful for the spiritual progress of a society.
From the Islamic perspective, this leads to moral degradation which in turn leads to the spread of immorality which in turn leads to normalcy of certain immoral behaviours. Among those accustomed to immoral behaviours, some may act out aggressively and commit a crime. Here I refer not just to men but to women also who commit crimes.

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Which route of administration have the hights bio-availability and why ? (tablet ,capsules, suspension ,syrup ) ?

هو على العموم يكون ال suspension and syrup اكثر bioavailability بحكم كونهم عابرين مرحلة degradation وصايرين dissolution يعني جاهزين لل absorption بينما ال tablet and capsules لا يحتاج يجتازون هاي المراحل حتى يكمل bioavailability مالتهم طبعا بالأظافة الى عدة تاثيرات او عوامل اخرى منها stability , solubility , ph , ionized or unionized drug , hydrophilic and hydrophobic , cell membrane of organ

https://ask.fm/OneDirectionFanficBook/answers/142721743266 Да, конечно:) Я вам очень благодарна . Спасибо:-)

Если я верно поняла, то вы вообще ничего не читали с Ларри, кроме "99 дней без тебя", верно? Тогда, думаю, логичнее было бы распределить в списке все фанфики по количеству плюсов, то бишь лучшие по рейтингу сверху. Но настоятельно советую не вестись на популярность. Порой работы и с десятью плюсами бывают превосходными.
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1195788 — The Degradation [перевод, планируется макси, последнее обновление было в июле 2016-го]. В оригинале завершён;
https://ficbook.net/readfic/969275 — Sinister [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/520814 — Room 317 [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1612997 — Stars [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1596210 — sweet turning sour [перевод, мини, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2753907 — Hoping This Cold Blue Water Scrubs Me Clean And Spits Me Out Again [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2935384 — painless [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1814931 — Выжженные сердца [миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/3221901 — Flicker [миди, закончен];

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Здравствуйте. Если вас не затруднит, можно пожалуйста фанфиков где Луи сначала с Элеанор а потом с Гарри, я раньше видела у вас список но сейчас не могу найти его(

Здравствуйте. Даже если такой и был, он явно канул в лету, потому что найти мне его, увы, не удалось. Так что прошу, держите новый скромный список работ по запросу (и не теряйте его):
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2747064 — Get out of my life! [макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1195788 — The Degradation [перевод, планируется макси, в процессе, последнее обновление было в июле 2016-го];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1541007 — Back to Where We Began [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/593025 — Hearts of Ice [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2492678 — Bitter honey [миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1517015 — Can't stay so far away [макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1448357 — 27 Минут [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2232865 — Моё совершенство [макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1627470 — So Many Words We Are Not Saying [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1870877 — Alaska [перевод, планируется макси, в процессе, последнее обновление было 27-го июля 2016-го]. Если есть возможность, то вы можете прочесть работу полностью в оригинале;

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Привет! Ой, пожалуйста-пожалуйста-пожалуйста, можно как можно больше фф на ваш вкус, по перепискам. Жанр не важен. Гет/Слэш-все равно. С кем из ребят тоже все равно. Размер не имеет значение. Но только один критерий, чтобы он был закончен. Зараннее Благодарю, надеюсь поможете. :)

id193317862’s Profile Photoфэнсон.
Ола. Снова вы меня в неловкую ситуацию ставите :p
Около трёх дюжин переписок перерыла, но найти что-то, что я действительно могла бы порекомендовать, увы, не смогла. Ни в коем разе не забрасываю в очередной раз камень в чей-либо огород, просто я никогда не являлась фанатом подобных работ. Извини, дружище, если ничего из этого не подойдёт.
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2627950 — twitter [мини, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2418805 — texting [перевод, макси, закончен. Есть вторая часть: https://ficbook.net/readfic/2596487];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2868676 — U've got message // h.s [перевод, макси, закончен. Есть вторая часть: https://ficbook.net/readfic/2948921];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2635987 — The_helper №13 [миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2488561— Ask.fm [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2733106 — Send me a little SMS [миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/4557543 — Broken Hearts of the Forest [мини, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/1195788 — The Degradation [перевод, в процессе, но столько страниц, что читать — не перечитать]. Тут переписки далеко не основная тема, но why not?;
https://ficbook.net/readfic/3608677 — 200 Miles [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/3672763 — Your Hands in Mine [перевод, миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/3054083 — hashtag: loveforlove [мини, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2525611 — Oops, I'll kill you [миди, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/2554129 — Why don't we go there? [перевод, макси, закончен];
https://ficbook.net/readfic/3216542 — No homo [перевод, в процессе, но страниц тоже много];

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سلام عليكم جعفر ممكن تكللنه شنو اهم شي تتوقع او هي كايله مهم بماده قبل المد وانت حتقره قبل المد لو لا؟؟

وعليكم السلام?
اني قريت فقط بعض الشغلات المهمة عن قبل المد والي اتوقع ممكن تجي بالفاينل بس بشكل عام الاغلبية الكبيرة من الاسئلة هي من بعد المد❗️
-thalassemia types#
-heme structure#
-how denaturation occurs at levels of protein structure#
هاي الملزمة الثالثة
-edman degradation and limitations
-mass spectrometry and limitations
-how determine protein primary sequence
-NMR application
هاي الملزمة الرابعة
groups of specificity-
-enzyme inhibitors
-application of michaelis menton equation
-enzymes help in communication and support cellular helath of tissue.
هاي الملزمة الخامسة
-reactions of amino acids
-application of zwitterion
-objective and principle of henderson hasselbalch equation
-antibacterial mechanism of amino acids.
هاي الملزمة الثانية

does waste contribute to climate change? like..... the trash that accumulates. where does it all go??

excellent question that nobody ever thinks about :-)
humans do, developmentally by the time they're ,, 2 ?, have object permanence so we know that once something isn't directly in our line of sight -- it doesn't mean it doesn't exist anymore. but when we throw something away, we kind of turn it into "oh it's away! i threw it away!" without ,, apparently think about where it actually goes lol it has to go somewhere
so it ends up in the landfill !! yay !! millions of tons of heaped, rotting trash that releases methane, CO2 or poisonous toxins ( from plastic ) into the soil and the atmosphere. or we get even luckier and that stuff ends up in the ocean, where it kills animals. or plastics end up in the ocean and release more harmful toxins into the water which continues to harm animals. or all the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere through that degradation increase ocean acidification which also harms animals and arctic ice ( not to mention getting into our own water sources ).
it goes into landfills and it stays there. plastic does not break down - it has a half life of like ,, ~500 years. so it takes 1000 years for plastics to *completely* break down. every time you throw something away that is plastic, that's where it's going. a landfill or into ecosystems where it destroys animal life and decimates the environment.
recycle ! ! ! dammit ! ! ! recYCLE
( though i feel the need to address that some cities are implementing methane harvesting systems that place pipes into landfills and they harvest all the methane that the rotting trash produces and use THAT for energy which is really great !! but not enough places are doing that )

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Why aren't you a feminist? Do you support them?

Because too often I see it being associated with the degradation of men, instead of working on a collaborative solution. Sure, guys have wronged me but women have wronged me spitefully. Men have done things to me because they're too stupid to know better but that doesn't mean all men are stupid and women have done some serious twisted shit because they felt like it. You shouldn't let pain define you. I have also seen feminists shaming women who are fine living out "gender role" lifestyles when these women genuinely enjoy being a wife or mum or what have you and letting the man in their life provide for them.
I believe in appropriate equal rights.

OP Wedding band: Why is it that when men decide to step out or leave their wives for someone the woman is always given the blame? I'm in it for the sex. It's good. I'm single so that means I'll have sex with whom I please. I didn't take any vows. Why should I care about his marriage if he doesn't??

Girl. If you don't get out of here with this self righteous foolishness. You gonna make me use words my God don't like to hear.
Now, I'm not calling you a bird, but I'm telling you that you sound like one with this ish. You're getting blamed cause you're knowingly humping a married man and asking about dumb ish like him removing his ring like that makes him less married. You also wrote in with the question, not him. You want to hump a married man, take the drama and degradation that comes with it. You doing dirty ish but you want it to look pretty and you want folks to support it. That's not how any of this works.
If all you want is sex, go find a single man. Peen is free and plentiful in these streets and is offered daily to any halfway decent looking woman. #supportsinglepeen #supportlocalpeen

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http://ask.fm/IvanDepetro/answer/139640561276 oggi vi chiedo anche di postare la canzone più cattiva che conoscete, ho voglia di ascoltare roba malata buona giornata c:

Cattive, vediamo...
Killed And Served By The Devil dei Carach Angren, leggi il testo e spaventati, eccone una parte:
"He takes his time when he stabs the boy to death.
He keeps slashing and slicing
even after his last breath.
Ill-fated gods are given praise.
Whilst stabbing the infant's torso,limbs and face.
Gaping wounds gushing blood and gore,
covering the pentacle on the floor.
No way to die at that age.
Slaughtered before his sister's eyes
staring from the cage."
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTBSYEh28_ITotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 gTBSYEh28_ITotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 gTBSYEh28_I
Little Hector What Have You Done, sempre dei Carach Angren, leggi il testo e rabbrividisci, eccone una parte:
"Hector was nine. In school making colorful drawings most of his time. One day he made this horrible portrait of a dead man and his child. The teacher was shocked! How could such a young lad draw pictures so sad?
Hector was asked to explain. He replied: 'It's me and daddy in the attic; hanging when we are dead.' "
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8WTaKLpmmgTotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 S8WTaKLpmmgTotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 S8WTaKLpmmg
Altre cattive (leggi sempre il testo insieme alla canzone):
Bitte Tötet Mich, The Witch Perished In Flames, Lingering In An Imprint Haunting, Sir John, There's No Place Like Home, tutte dei Carach Angren.
Fuck Your God dei Deicide.
Cast Down The Heretic, The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh dei Nile.
Abomination Reborn, Bind Torture Kill dei Suffocation.
Five Nails Through The Neck dei Cannibal Corpse.

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TotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 gTBSYEh28_ITotallyNotHuman’s Video 140044729482 gTBSYEh28_I

Berdasarkan maraknya fenomena SJW (Social Justice Warrior), apakah definisi SJW sendiri bagimu dan apakah keberadaan mereka baik atau buruk?

I think the SJW speaks for itself ? if we're talking about the cause, I totally agree with them. because the most urgent problem we are facing isn't moral degradation or some bullshit crap spouted by conservatives, but inequality. unequal distribution of resources and information, and if we want to fare well, we need to minimize the gap, not maximizing it. social justice warriors work on the principle of eradicating inequality, however I personally just don't like radical approach.
To put it simply, I am very much a proponent of social justice, but not a warrior. I won't shove my beliefs on your face.
but using it for personal gain? what for? I won't publicly irl disclose my political views. I'll just silently working to solve problems you people are too busy to care about in your urban life bubble.

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In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة 😔

Glycogen is Highly Branched يعني فيه تفرعات متعددة وطبعا الجلايكوجين هو عبارة عن بوليمر للجلوكوز " سلسلة جلوكوز متفرعة " عشان هيك
لما نيجي نكسر جلايكوجين رح يتحرر عنا اكتر من قطعة جلوكوز بنفس الوقت كل وحدة جاي من تفرع

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة ?

هو بحكيلك انه
in the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer
بتمنى تكون فهمت ❤

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة 😔

هاد يا سيدي معناها
ارحم حالك من الدراسة بدك تبلش من هلا مشكلتك شي راجع لك بس مو ترسل جماعي وتعذب نفسيات الي ما بلشو😂😂😂😂💔

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة 😔

مشان الله مش هيك ☹ لسه ما بعرف شو مادة الفاينل 😪💔

to be honest, if Ellen would've posted a picture of herself on a white athlete's back, this wouldn't have been an issue. racism does not just refer to the degradation of the black community, but ANY sort of discrimination. and Ellen chose Bolt because he's the fastest, and not because he's black.

No racism refers to the historic and systematic degradation of a race of people based on the colour of their skin
The problem with it having been done with a black man is the fact that yes he is black and that adds connotations of slavery and a system of oppression against people of specifically that race, of them being historically used as commodities and not being considered human beings
Of course it wouldn't have been an issue with a white man because white men have not been systematically oppressed in the past and there have not been entire societies and cultures built around their degradation?????
History is a thing, don't ignore it. It affects things today and is incredibly important and powerful.

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة 😔

فتحت علي المواجع💔 اي تشابتر هاد؟
anyway يلي فهمته
انه لما نكسر الجلايكوجين بيعطينا بالمرة الواحدة اكتر من جزيء جلوكوز لانه الجلايكوجين متفرع فكل نهاية بتعطي جزيء على عكس حالات تكسير السلسله غير المتفرعة يلي بتعطي جزء واحد بكل مرة بنكسرها
وهاد شكل الجلايكوجين (متفرع) 👇
Liked by: Khawla Yahya Alomary

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة 😔

انو الجلوكوجين موجود بالكبد بصير عملية تكسير لإله وبصير جلوكوز .. .. والباقي معناه انو الجلوكوجين متل ما أخدنا بلاب البيوكيم هو branch بيتكون من 8 ل 12 بوليمر وقت بصير تكسير بصير حلقات من الجلوكوز على شكل linear يعني فيكي تقولي متل ما كنا نقول بلاب البيوكيم انو Fisher كأنو وهو الجلوكوز من مجموعة ال aldohexoes هيك فهمت من الحكي والله أعلم ..
Liked by: Khawla

In the degradation of glycogen several glucose residues can be released ... One from each end of branch rather than one at a time as would be in the case in linear polymer ... شو يعني الجملة ?

ما بلشت دراسة ?? يا دوب حملت الريكوردات و طبعت الورق ???

Привет 💥 Как ваше настроение? Прошу у вас картинку, песню и цитату, характеризующие сегодняшний день. С любовью,

The little mad clown✨|ЛИМИТ
1D - strong
Никогда не держи всё в себе, потому что в один прекрасный момент это начнёт занимать столько места, что ты не сможешь найти среди всего этого самого себя.
The Degradation

sinc your profile is full with ur personl matters i thought i cud ask something els bro. how do ou see global degradation thats happening now?

I believe that all those problems are very undesirable ofc but are all inevitable at the same time as it is caused by our human presence and disruptions we cause within the environment. The more our human species grows, develops and evolves, the greater the damage that we are going to cause to the environment. I believe that we should stop cutting down forests and reduce the pollution as well as stop people from producing too many children as this also results in overpopulation. With all these factors under control, we may be able to sort out our environment over time.

but you know degradation kink is like calling her names in front of everyone including almost slapping her lmfao

i obviously meant the degradation kink during sex. i enjoy feeling dominant, and i am fully aware that there is hitting involved. i ain't gonna smack the fucking shit out of her that it leaves scars or some shit though.

Доброго времени суток? ?ЗД от Ocean Strong? Напишите 5-7 своих любимых книг. Мне будет интересно почитать ваши ответы. Можем сойтись хоть в 1 пункте, я тогда с вами поговорю насчет этой книги❤ И еще прикрепите фото на тему: "книги-жизнь"+цитату про книги❤ Счастья и удачи?

звёздная ветвь
1. The Degradation
2. Дом в котором...
3. Танец с лошадьми
4. Маскарад лжецов
5. 50 дней до моего самоубийства
The Degradation - это не книга. Это религия. Это история, которая даст понять, что любая любовь достойна уважения.

Aneh nggak, sih, kalau perempuan berfantasi tentang pemerkosaan atau degradation atau being a submissive? 'Cause those things turn me on. A lot.

Everyone have their own dark fantasies and reason(s) behind it.
Gue juga ada kok fantasi uncommon kek gitu, yang bahkan mungkin ga bisa diterima beberapa orang.
And as long as we're cool about it (as in lo ga pake bikini tengah malem di tempat sepi dengan ekspektasi diperkosa), i think it's totally okay.
Speaking of which, i think what we have in mind would go along side-to-side. It would be dear if you could went off anon since it's pretty hard to find someone with this kind of common interest to talk to.

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