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*Appears in a secret room in Deltarune, walking up to the fourth wall and looking up at it with a casual smile on his face*

EntryNumber17’s Profile PhotoW. D. Gaster
Hello there. Yes, player, I am talking to you. You are no doubt wondering why. Well my friend... I will tell you, and you only. Don't worry, I've made it so no one else can see or hear us. This safe room ensures that. Now then, about the truth... you no doubt know about Underverse, yes? And Reapertale and Aftertale and so on? Or at least... you've heard of them? Good, good. The truth is, my intriguing friend on the other side of the screen... I orchestrated all of it. I created the Undertale multiverse. I created this one, Deltarune. I had help of course, but it was mostly me, working from behind the scenes to make sure everything is functional, to make sure that everything is stable... and as for the three timelines I mentioned... those were different. Those were experiments. I manipulated events in Aftertale so I could see what would happen if a peculiar chain of events occurred, and to my surprise, the multiverse was created. Now, I wasn't expecting that, mind you. How could I? It's creation was wholly and completely unintentional. It was an accident. Deltarune, obviously, is a different story. This was by all means fully intentional, much to your delight, no doubt. I won't bore you with the details, but it was a long and complicated process... one of which a counterpart and student of mine was of great importance. Everyone knows X-Gaster's story... but no one knew it in it's entirety. Not even him. X-Tale, the Overwrite, Underverse... the whole thing was just one singular experiment, the goal of which was to test my limits, to... discover my full potential, if you will. And, as you can see, it was an unmitigated success. Everything my counterpart did served to confirm my hypothesis, to prove that I very well could create an entire multiverse by myself, albeit with Toby Fox's help. This, my dear friend, is the truth that they've all been seeking. Unbeknownst to all them, everything that has ever happened in the multiverses of Undertale and Deltarune has been one massive experiment conducted by none other than I, Doctor Wing Dings Gaster, all along... in truth... I have always been the one in control. It's just nobody noticed it. Well... I'm sure you have things to do, in your mysterious world beyond the screen... so I won't keep you here any longer. Goodbye player... and remember to always seek the truth. You never know what it might be... *Chuckles to himself and leaves, turning to gaze at the fourth wall one last time before vanishing completely*

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Привет. Играешь в игры на подобии Undertale, Deltarune и т.д.? Или же предпочитаешь хоррор игры?

Angel_from_dark’s Profile PhotoДаст Фриск
Играть люблю в интерактивное кино, ну если брать хорроры, то только смешанная с этим жанром игра, это RPG - "Fallout". И еще одна из экшенов, Серию игр "Splinter Cell", серия игр создана американским писателем, Томом Клэнси. Это все).

Listen, bud, my ratings have hit an all-time low due to everyone paying attention to that DeltaRune bullshit, so why don't you cut the crap and just do the interview? I'm getting real tired of people fucking me over, you know?

MettatonTheGlamorous’s Profile PhotoMTT
*Ink looks surprised to hear MTT swear like that* at least it brought the Fandom back to life, but I guess you can interview me...
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