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I'm someone still thinking about what medical field to choose. Is dentistry worth it? How does it feel? What are you future plans about it? It is too tiring, for I have the health of a peanut. I wanna for sure work in this field but I'm not sure what's the best option for me. Can you enlighten me🙍?

Dentistry is definitely worth it in my point of view,you’ll get to love the department more once you start studying in it,future plans :opening my own clinic and become a lecturer also. Im still in preclinic stage so im not sure if the clinic life is very tiring or its ok,but even for preclinic stage all the hard topics ,preclinical practical works ..etc will get you very tired ,but im sure you can take it

Haha zor basha ay dentistry chona hane information m bare lasary azanm ka 5 sala dway 5 sal atwani la clinic esh bkay? Thanks for answering:(

Mmm a aw zoor xoshtra u asantra dway taxaruj yaksar datwany 3yaday xot haby u wa la katy kulya datany bbya mandub ba zoory dway marhala 3 wa dakan parakay basha bas bo ta3inat rawastawa chunka taxatujy zoora .... agar bo parara saidalya la hamu bashtra 😂

اى رياح أتت بى ! ? لااا ابدا ، اشتقت لدواليبكم ! فقولت ادخل بقى عند اى حد من ريحة Alexandria faculty of Dentistry ! ?

إنت اللي بتحسدنا ع الدواليب!
النهاردا أفتكرت الحوار ودخلت في نقاش مع إصحابي إن دفعتنا الـ 720 هيكفوا دواليب الكلية إزاي ! ??
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Answer 💜 White oR Black ? Germany oR London ? Love or Money ? Ur mother oR father ? Future oR the Past ? Home oR outside ? Holiday oR work ? Yasmeen flower oR Rose flower ? Naughty oR Quiet ? What are your advantages ? What is your dream?

Black .
Rose flower.
Many things.
Dentistry 💛
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انا ما بعتمدش اسباب.. طالما faculty of dentistry يبقى اجدع ناس وزمايل ?✔️. مش فاكر السبب لان الفولو من فتره طويله ?? فاكيد انسراتك حلوه او متفاعله مثلا ✔️?.

زمايل مهنة ?
ولا يهمك تسلم جدا والله ومتشكرة ع التفاعل ??
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a Certain Subject. Not a whole Year. Subjects of Dentistry are: - Cons - Perio - Crown - Prostho - Ortho - Prevention - Pedo - Oral Surgery - Oral Pathology & Oral Medicine

نعرف شن قصدك ولما قلت سنة الإعداد نقصد على موادها مش مهمات في الاسنان ومضيعه للوقت ،، واما باقي المواد اللي ذكرتهم/ذكرتيهم كلهم مهمات ومواد تخصص ولو نبي نلغي ح تكون ال Prevention
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حد من دكاترة اسنان محتاج الكتب دي (Removable Partial Prosthodontics_ Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics _ Local Analgesia In The Orofacial Region _ Guidelines To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Anaesthesia _ turdevant`s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry )

🌹🌹شكرا ل الناس اللي بتساعد م غير مقابل طبعا ثوابكم عند ربنا كبير الله يكرمكم♥️

I wouldn't be able to show you around UAE if I am not there, wouldn't I ? Plus knowing that you are a smart dentistry student I guess you already guessed who I am.

Lol! I move between kuwait and egypt much , and probably most people “around me” are moving between 2 countries so .. yea i had to ask where do you live
And nupp the smart dentist couldnt catch that???‍♀️
Is that date possible when your niether in kuwait nor egypt??

Its not high salary! Other people get much more for less effort and less study! Also I am not sleeping/ traveling/ socializing/ attending any family gatherings or weddings or funerals just to do my work...

You have to choose non shift work maybe you choose shifts work in this case you don’t have any free time when you take your board you will work less than you think I know a lot of doctors and my major is dentistry I think this is your fault you don’t know how to manage your time and isolate your personal life from you career life.
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I really envy those who consider their study interesting, aik me hu, always like ... ye waly sessionals guzr jae bs, phir finals guzr jae, aur sem break na guzry kbi b. And cycle goes on :'D And yes every study has difficuilties of its own kind, its all abt how you get explained abt em.

Exactly. ?plus im doing dentistry and I love the profession
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my orthodentist doctor is pretty beautiful and it look easy and nice you just need a place and the materials and yeah if you go to europe you'd become rich in no time

You know dentistry is an entire different thing, they have their own college & they don't study the entire human body like we do, they are specialized from the very beginning but they have many sub specialities later & their contributions are essential to society, but them and us are not the same, I Can never specialize in dentistry and a dentist can never specialize in anything not related to dentistry.
We study everything related to the entire human body (we even study teeth) then we have a speciality for e.g. Internal medicine then a subspecialty for e.g pediatric internal medicine and u can even be more specialized like a pediatric cardiologist or endocrinologist.
A dentist studies everything related to teeth in much more details, then later specializes, say in dental surgery..etc.
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acha to kpk me he reh k dentistry krne ka plan hai? then maybe its fine lekin baaki poore punjab me i think MCAT he hota hai... do try for lahore and Islamabad as well..no?

Yeah well i didnt know about MCAT but ill search it up on google and yeah ill try giving it aswell. Wanna go out of Peshawar 😂
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فيه oxford dictionary of dentistry وفيه كمان Mosby's dental dictionary دول اللي أعرفهم الصراحه ، بس مش محتاجه كل ده عادي يعني المصطلحات بتيجي مع الوقت يعني ??

hema1234566789’s Profile PhotoIbrahim Mostafa
تمام .. شكرا نيابة عن الى بيسأل ??
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الناس الحلوة 💟😍 عشان كانت فرحتلكم ليا كبيرة ساعة النتيجة 💟😍 قولت ابشركم بالكلية 💟 faculty of dentistry ain shams university 😍💟💚

الف مليون مبروك 😍😍
عقبال التخرج بقي يارب 😊
+هتتنفخى 😂😂

The university was hard for me and I’m just little broken inside 💜 We’re the same age and I’m studying dentistry in Damascus university You kind of reminded me of myself and I’m here to tell you to stay strong you’re amazing

إنو شكراً عهالكلام الحلو و الطالع من شخص لطيف متلك ❤❤
بس و الله ما بعرف خير الله مهموم و قرفان الكلية و الدراسة و لو يصحلي أترك لأترك 💔💔
ادعيلي مدري اش صايرلي 😔😔
و ليش عبتبعت انكليزي و أنون؟ 😕

I know you will not study at the American University this is impossible Because your brother is studying at anajah university and Because of your family, there is no specialty that suits you at the American University I will keep hoping to be satisfied in dentistry

I can't mind who u are ..
This is more important than what I will study🌚🎶
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Really why u have preferred dentistry over mbbs like u were somehow inspired from any incident or from someone or there is someone in ur family too who is dentist may be ur father XD

Nah. My grandmother is a dentist. So I was actually inspired from her. And yeah there's no comparision between these two fields. Both are completely diff professions so you can never say why I preferred this and not that and bla xD
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mohanad🎂 , happy 18th birthday ya 86a3it kufr yoba 😂❤ , 3u8bal al 100 saneh w mn enjazat l enjazat a3la enshallah next semester btkon snfour dentistry , wish you all the best , allah ywf8k , happy birthday 🎂 enjoy it's your day ❤❤🎂.

ههههههههههه اخووي ❤❤تسملي تسلمي انشالله بوجودك يا رب ❤❤❤ جايب شغلة الاشتقاق معك😂
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We are (Royal professional dentistry)? group of stager of IRAQ Dentistry ( iben_hayyan university ) 3rd annual asking you to post our graduation group’s name in your timeline or your story as a way to celebrate and support to as. and we will appreciate that. and thank you so much

الاسنان مو عدهم سفرة لتركيا لو اني غلطانة؟ ??

We are (Royal professional dentistry)👑 group of stager of IRAQ Dentistry ( iben_hayyan university ) 3rd annual asking you to post our graduation group’s name in your timeline or your story as a way to celebrate and support to as. and we will appreciate that. and thank you so much

تردون اقراها كلها واترجمها😳

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