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It fills my heart with joy to see you designing Ben 10 aliens again after swearing off the fandom. Omniverse always had the best style in my opinion. It was a great show with a great style. Glad to see you back Mr. Wyatt!

Thank you. I do enjoy it but some fans put me off sometimes. One reason Fasttrack took so long is because I kept getting rude/mean/demanding messages about it that put me off working on it even when I found time

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Hi, im Prashansa Singh Thakur A female fitness gym coach especialized for PCOD, PCOS, thyroid, effective loosing and gaining weight within months and more. A government certified fitness trainer. Feel Free to contact.

itsprashansa’s Profile Photoitsprashansa
Hi I am Ryan Jain. An engineering graduate , interior designing deploma holder and a businessman. Currently having manufacturing units specialised in wall decor and remodeling. Feel free to contact me either. 😂

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ايه مجال دراستك في حاسبات

بص الموضوع كبير والله 😂
نظريا ف الكليه الدنيا مش ملمومة ولسه متخصصتش
فعليا مع نفسي ماشيه ف الcomptitive programming + 3d designing & animation + oop
ف سبيل اني ابقي game developer بالصلاه على النبي 😂🖤
ف دعواتك بقا 🤷‍♀️

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Post a moodboard about your work/passion! Explain what you do for a living.

questionslikestyles’s Profile PhotoHarry
Most people like to forget that my main goal in life is not to be a fashion designer. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing and living out my creativity and how something that was just an idea becomes a real thing. It’s actually crazy when I think of all my designs being actual clothing afterwards. But I study at the university of Oxford, my main subjects are psychology and medicine to not only become my dream job as a psychologist but a psychiatrist. I wanted to not only do therapy but to be able to prescribe medicaments as well so I started studying medicine last October. Ice always wanted to help people with damaged minds and understanding them. The human brain and all its work gets me every time. And yep, that’s what I actually do for a living.

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Post a moodboard about your workpassion Explain what you do for a living

i thought the same than ibstarted following, i follow gaming stuff lol and designing related. Those videos still show.

fearme9’s Profile PhotoF e a R •
Well, I don't follow any pages with videos of Friends or The family guy but still, they are in my video feed because I like to watch them and I watch them all the time.

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+1 answer in: “Why is facebook promoting nudity? Like you go to the watch area and you see just nudity shit. I don't even follow any stuff kike that”

Wsalam bro. I'm fine, wbu? I also recently made an account on fiverr. Graphic designing abhi nahi kyunk I don't know anything about it. It's on my list, I'll learn it in this year. Can you elaborate Digital marketing, it sounds like sth I can do. Do I have to learn the stuff that you just mentioned

sameedarshad2’s Profile PhotoSameed
Alhamdulilah. Thanks for asking. It sounds great that you have made your Fiverr account but my first tip for you about Fiverr is to create a your profile when you actually want to sell your service. Nowadays new profiles are ranking, create 7 gigs at the same time and wait a day for the result. This is first advice. Secondly, you have to learn something. Kyunke kuch hoga tu becho ga. Digital marketing includes Managing the accounts of influencers or companies for promotion. This also includes running ads and finding hashtags(insta) and pins(pinterest) etc. You can watch Digital marketing training playlist on Hisham Sarwar's channel.

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+7 answers in: “That freelancer question was mine brother. I'm a beginner and I want to know a bit about the market. I'd be thankful if you can guide me about the skills which are in demand and how do I start?”

That freelancer question was mine brother. I'm a beginner and I want to know a bit about the market. I'd be thankful if you can guide me about the skills which are in demand and how do I start?

sameedarshad2’s Profile PhotoSameed
Assalam- o-Alaikum! Kese han aap?
Bro I work on Fiverr. So, I can help you with that. You can ask me any question regarding that. As per your question. Skills in demand? So, on Fiverr and in technical language we call certain skill as niche. For example graphics designing is one niche, digital marketing is one niche and Content writing and etc is one niche. Now under every niche there are small skills. Like in Graphics designing. It’s like I will design mascot logo, I will design gaming logo. Similarly in digital marketing its like I will be your facebook marketing manager, I will run facebook ads, I will find best hashtags for Instagram, I will find 100 pinterest pins etc. Means in every niche, services are divided into small works and these are called GIGs on Fiverr. So first you should discover what niche you want to choose? What you want to sell?

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Do you think hypocrisy is incentivized on a societal level? It seems like maybe when you inject religion into state affairs, some of which offers unrealistic guidelines, you are implicitly designing a system which rewards living double lives.

you're on point, exactly why I say the state shouldn't impose religion, just as an examole take the countries that enforce hijab on women, watch women from those countries here in the west, they go wild the moment they are here, I' not judging them but it's my personal observation that Pakistani women in the west are much more covered up and "modest" than their arab counterparts. and I think that is because hijab isn't as strictly imposed in Pakistan, when you impose religion on people they will go against it, that's simply human nature.

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+6 answers in: “Why do people choose to be so annoying?”

Happy New Year Olivia! 🥳 I’m hoping that you achieve ur goals this new year 2021. All the best and goodluck! kick ass in painting and designing stuff! well I believe you will 💛 I hope smeday you can design a logo for my kitchen 👏🏼 thank you for everything! so many plans ahead 🤠 till next time in 22

Happy New Year Abie!! 🤗 That’s so sweet of you to say thank you, and I wish you all the best in your studies!! You’re so lovely, you truly deserve the best 💛 Teddy says hi!! (It’s well past his bedtime now, he woke up for the photo 😂)

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Happy New Year Olivia  Im hoping that you achieve ur goals this new year 2021

Introduce yourself with some simple answers to your followers/viewers that are new to your page. (Don't have to answer.) 1. Name & nickname. 2. Age(If you want) 3. A hobby of yours. 4. Fav. animal. 5. 2 fav foods. 6. Hot or cold? 7. 2 Fav conversation subjects 8. Element 9. Horoscope 10. Fav. Drink

maryam_ishfaq’s Profile PhotoM A R Y A M.
Momina (Momo)
Dress designing
Rice/ Fries
Diet cola
I wonder if any guy Will send me a rishta afterwards this or not

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Oh ow. Someone misguided him with the keywords maybe. That's pretty sad for him... Well, he'll eventually realize that you were right and will ponder over this fact. Don't worry clients come and go on daily basis. So you work as a freelance SEO man?

Yup. I'm pretty sure that someone most probably a desi misguided him cause he previously used the increase domain rating service which is just a number increase in ahrefs DR but it hurts the Organic search traffic of the website really badly even the new or upcoming SEO can't even do his calculation for ranking cause it's manipulated. I did told him about that. Khair I provide Web Designing and Development and SEO Services on Fiverr.

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+8 answers in: “? Free Space ?”

Hey, How are you I post great content regarding Editing | Designing | Vfx I always believe in building real connection and learning from others. Do support me and let build the community :) Let's Connect Cheers https://www.instagram.com/reel/CHLQioEHfZo/

pkumar21’s Profile PhotoPrateek kumar
NO , Oh-NO
Your language is identified as 'MARATI' , by google translate . . . & it cannot translate . . .
However , I guessed it might be 'HINDI'
(after trying Pashto , Gujarati ~ which google-ding-dong suggest)
Hindi did translate into coherent ENGLISH
But you've never been on my account before .
And insta is for mastabatory pre-adolescent children !
No , your language anomalies may be amusing , but no more .

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Hey How are you

I post great content regarding Editing  Designing  Vfx 


According to Dwayne, whenever Kevin talked about his dog, he was referring to a pet he had in the Null Void that he called a dog, and took it to a vet named 'P'str'ph'. Was the concept of Kevin owning an dog-like alien the inspiration for him adopting Zed?

No, I never heard that. Greg Cipes asked us if Kevin could have a dog. I started designing an Earth dog for him before we decided on Zed

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I'm a little curious about the creation of the Transformers designs, the creation of the transformations processes, can u tell a bit about that? Do you think the toys transformed the way you thought? And for exemple there are 2 Optimus Toys that transform differently, what are your thoughts on that?

maximoeric’s Profile PhotoDoutor
We designed the animation models in concert with Hasbro, so they did the transformation engineering with Takara while we were designing characters for the show. I’m sure they try not to have things transform the same way

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What's your story with drawing and how did you start? was it because of a competition or you just found yourself good at it? and how much was the choice of your major affected by your drawing talent?

I can't remember exactly how it all started but I remember that my classmates spent art classes talking to each other and missing around at school, while I loved them and waited for them patiently, but I hated being told what to draw and what colors to use and so on, so my art teachers usually let me choose whatever I want.. Only once I enrolled in a drawing course for bigenners, the teacher ended up giving me pictures to copy, which wasn't much fun, so I taught myself by trial and error.. My love for drawing didn't affect my choice but my love for art did, drawing for me is just a way of expressing an idea, and I need to do that whether by designing a building or painting or anything else

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