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📙 What was your favourite book that you had to read for school?

My favourite book was probably “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens. Poetry wise, I think my favourite play that I read was “The Duchess of Malfi” by John Webster.
To be honest I think I liked all of the books I read for various reasons, some leaving an impact more than others (such as “1984” by George Orwell). The only one I really struggled with was Wuthering Heights, as I couldn’t stand the characters 🤣
. . . . . .
Luckily I had to read a fair amount of books and plays for uni as well, to put my own creative spin on designing the world and characters within them. My favourite book there was “The Castle of Otranto” by Horace Walpole (hands down, the most ridiculous gothic book I’ve ever read! To be fair, it was one of the first of its kind) and play wise, “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde is stellar, and so funny :)

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What was your favourite book that you had to read for school

I love to talk about money. . .Suggest me a way to earn dollar online, i am really interested. I am searching for opportunities, Give me the realistic ways to make money online. . seriously, i will appreciate ur help.

First develop any skill, either it's content writing, graphic designing, web development or whatever , once you get hold onto the skill then go with freelancing marketplaces

✨️ we're seven months into 2022. what have you accomplished so far this year? what are your goals for the remainder of the year?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Wow, it’s quite scary to realise that, it didn’t quite hit how far we’re into 2022 until seeing it written down! 😅
In terms of what I’ve achieved… it’s hard to say really. Everything that I’ve been doing, especially the last few months, is hustling as hard as I can, for a major deadline that if all goes well, means that it will be a colossal burden lifted for my family. So while that’s not exciting to do or read about even aha, everything that I want to do (art, etc) is kind of shelved until I can get that done, on my part.
In terms of more interesting things though!
✨ I’m very close to finishing a painting I’ve been working on for @nurbzee! As to the above, it’s been difficult carving out the time I want to give towards creating, but I want it to be to the best of my ability and because she deserves the absolute best! 💫✨
✨ I’ve now finally seen in person some of the work I did way back in last December that was graphic design, in terms of designing chinaware (teacups and saucers primarily), and such. I saw two of the designs on Friday and I’m so, so chuffed with how they came out! Actually selling them to people was the most amazing feeling. Unfortunately I can’t post them here due to my contract, but I’m glad that the hours spent on them paid off! 😄
My goals are to continue what I’m doing, finish my painting and hopefully some of my own personal work as well, and if everything goes okay, I can then start looking properly into garden studios to do my art!! 🎨

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Have you ever given monetary support to something which was in development? Like through kickstarter, patreon, early access etc.? What do you personally think of giving that kind of support? 🤔💵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I apologize in advance for my long winded answer.
I am not familiar with the products that you mentioned. Years ago, as a young engineer, I did get involved with the development of hardware used to build the internet i.e. modems, multiplexers, routers, switches, management systems, firewalls, etc. Most of my career was spent learning these technologies, educating users, designing networks, installing equipment, configuration and troubleshooting network problems.
I did not get involved much with applications; however, I am interested to see how Elon Musk will rebrand and redesign Twitter and I am also interested in what Trump is creating with the Trump Media and Technology Group.
I never thought that the networks I implemented would be used to suppress free speech and to determine election outcomes. So I am committed to investing my time, effort and finances to help develop any network and associated applications that support free speech and will give all humans a voice in determining the future for our planet and humankind. I believe in culture, tradition and national sovereignty and I do not support the World Economic Forums radical agenda and their stated goal of a New World Order, Great Reset or One World Government. Each nation should determine it's own destiny and all decisions should be made by local governments and NOT by a centralized government that does not answer to the citizens of each country.
This is why we need parallel networks that support the will of the worlds citizens and not the will of tyrannical governments, globalist billionaires orspecial interest groups who want to force their will upon the citizens of the world. I will therefore support any organization that believes in free will and freedom of speech and who are willing to confront and compete against Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tyrannical Governments, NGO's, Special Interest groups, Legacy Media, Hollywood, the Globalist Ruling Class, WEF, WHO, United Nations, Intelligence agencies or any other entity or organization that is attempting to control the world through violence, pandemics, war, disasters, food shortages, disease, taxes, mandatory lockdowns, suppression of free speech, Open Borders, Hyper-inflation or any other clever and nefarious strategies and evil schemes that these globalist tyrants can imagine, plan and implement without the expressed consent of the people.

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What's the last creative thing you accomplished?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
Not finished yet, but I'm Designing a website for my travelling group. And i add booking online.
Also i felt creative when i Designed a one day retreat called Silent Hike & meditation. I added Breathwork techniques & Qigong and finally Zen meditation. Then people will remain silent while hiking then they scream. Many people felt that they cleanse their emotions.

What's your favorite board game? Why? ♟️🎲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Chess is my favourite, but it is funny that you brought this up just now, because I'm in a process of designing my own board game as a project for the uni. And so far it's coming out really good, so maybe this will become my favourite 😆

What was your fave subject during your uni days?

When I was studying engineering I enjoyed Physics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor theory and Networking (routers and switches). Designing, configuring and troubleshooting networks is what I enjoyed most in my career as a Network Engineer.
While studying Music at Berklee College I enjoyed playing in ensembles, harmonic theory, counterpoint, and conducting. As a musician, I enjoy playing my guitars and performing live with bands.

What's your success story? ?

saqimohal’s Profile PhotoCh Saqib Mohal (جٹ)
I was the little 4 year old one, who usually play beside the lake with cousins and try to find from where the water came here. The one who usually wear wrong shoe so I look different from rest of the people 😎. (Jis py abba sy bht bar bht mar bi parhi 😅)

Now the one working on novel genomic editing against cancer and drug designing 😇
Everything belongs to Allah

What do you do to relax? What's the most relaxed you've ever been? 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Whenever the world imposes itself upon me and intrudes on my lifestyle and my privacy, I go to bed and take a nap. However, most of the time I avoid stress by writing poetry, political essays or by playing golf or performing on stage with my guitar and an ensemble of respected musicians.
When I was younger I managed stress by designing and building houses, but at this stage of my life I am forced to slow down a bit and limit myself to writing, golf, music and working part time at our high school. :)

What are your biggest regrets in life?

When I was in the Army I got accepted into the biomedical program at the University of Washington. My girlfriend at the time talked me into going back to Michigan for the summer, my plan was to head straight to Washington and get settled and she was going to join me after a month or so. Well I went to Michigan. Then she talked me into putting it off for a semester which I did. Then she dumped me for another guy. Well here I am in Michigan still, now going to a community college. Fucking women will ruin your life if you let them.
This is for the dads out there. When my kids were little I went through this weird selfish stage (the reason isn't important) which as a result I missed several of their birthday parties. Blew it off at the time but years later it started to really bother me. They usually went to one specific pizza / gaming place, and I can't drive past it now without feeling regret.
Not meeting someone I met on-line that could very well have changed my life. He's well known in his genre of books, but I was hesitant because of a couple of things that seem rather silly and petty now. Couple of months ago I had another opportunity to meet him face to face, I was embarrassed to approach his table because of our on-line relationship (it became sexual). I regret that I cannot be a fan on his FB page and interact with fellow fans, I'm so embarrassed by what we did.
Not changing my major to something else when I came home from college to a community college. tl;dr I had a nervous breakdown at a small Catholic college because it was cultish and I didn't fit it. I also was an education major and went with it in community college until I transferred to another college and saw designing lesson plans was not for me.
Six years ago I broke up with a long time girlfriend, she was coming out of a severe deppression due to the death of her parents in a car accident, we were fighting one night, I don't even remember why, I just remember it was a stupid meaningless fight. It was 2 am, she told me she never wanted to see me again, then grabbed her keys to her motorbike and left. She was drunk too, She drove out to the beach and drowned herself. I still know I could have and should have stopped her.
This is probably going to sound like a petty first-word problem, but I have huge regrets about not accepting my admission to the Naval Academy. I was already enlisted in the Marine Corps at the time and the thought of signing away 10 more years of my life scared me away at the last minute.
I ended up finishing my enlisted contract and going to an Ivy League college, so it's not like it had any negative effect on my life, but I still regret it a lot and get really jealous every time a new class starts their plebe year. By now I'm too old to attend, even if I wanted to.

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Hiya livi! I hope you're well ☺ okay question do you think everything through before you decide what to draw and paint is do you just begin to draw something and go with the flow?

GhostGoth’s Profile PhotoEmma
Hey Emma!! I’m good thank you, how are you?? 🤗
I tend to plan everything out before I create artwork - it’s probably been drummed into me through uni, with costume design having to be something that’s meticulously planned and researched before designing, and I think that process has carried through into my art, as well. It’s probably also natural for me too, as I like to explore concepts and ideas before working out how to translate that through my art! I quite enjoy the research aspects of it too, in truth - anything that involves scouring books always gets my vote!
How about yourself though, what’s your natural process when it comes to your art?? :)

What moves your heart?

patchy_life’s Profile PhotoPatchy_life
🌷 There are many ways. But one of them is when I see and know more about a person, through other ways they could express themselves or with what they observe from the lives of others and with everything around them.
Such as.... composing poems, making music, doing arts and crafts, cooking, designing, writing, etc. It makes me appreciate them in a totally different way, as compare to just a normal convo. It's like through those ways, it helps me feel and understand more about their point of view, as how they see and feel things, which often moves my heart.

Hello. How are you all doin? I need a suggestion and a advice from the people living in Lahore. I'm a bachelor's student and want to do part time job. Do you have any idea about what kind of job is good? Or if you have any link plz suggest 😊

It's a Digital Era Bro, start learning some skills i.e Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content writing or any thing of your choice and earn as a freelancer

I often get inspiration from things I watch and also just things that I come across IRL in general lol In this case the main inspiration was a video where a character that a youtuber draws suddenly got a wario-esque rival 😆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My inspiration comes from both my music background and my engineering background. With music I have been experimenting with tone, rhythm and frequency since I was very young. Producing a good (pleasing) sound inspired me to practice, experiment and work harder.
With engineering I was tasked with designing networks and finding technical solutions to business related problems, which I found both interesting and inspirational.
And least I forget my 12th grade High School English teacher (Ms. Holmes) who taught me how to write and give a coherent presentation. Ms. Holmes was, without doubt, the most well informed, creative and articulate teacher I ever had. She knew how to motivate me and to inspire me; and for this I am indebted and eternally grateful.
Sorry for not answering your question. It was my fingers. My fingers refused to obey the electronic impulses that my brain transmitted to them and instead they did what they damn well pleased. Nooooooooooooooo!

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I often get inspiration from things I watch and also just things that I come

Do you game? If so, what platform do you play on?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I don’t but a close friend recently gave me his Xbox one, just for fun. So I bought the old crash bandicoot trilogy to play and also have rayman too 😅 So that’s occupying me lately ☺️ Tbh it was fun for me just designing my avatar for my profile 🤣
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Industrial designer kia hota hai?

Well we design products to ease the use of our users( customers, clients). It involves multiple processes to design a final product for examplr research, surveys, observation, ideation(sketching), 3d modeling, animation etc.
Basically everything you used in your home is designed by the process followed in industrial designing so that you can perform the necessary action with it.

What is the biggest waste of human potential?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Discrimination against women and girls in education, work, and politics. Even if we think purely self interestedly educating women pays. I read somewhere that Statistics Norway (www.ssb.no) says that women entering the work force in Norway in the last sixty years has had a greater positive impact on the country's economy than North Sea oil. Unfortunately I can't find the reference now. And of course educated women have fewer, and healthier, children which means less stress, less demand on health services, and higher future income. Reality shows. None are real.
Finding things to be upset about. On the one hand you have a few people who don't have to bother do anything because they have everything, all they need to do is lean on their wealth leverage to stay where they are. Who have more than most of mankind combined. On the other hand you have billions without the resources to do anything. And even if they have the resources to try to do something, they usually can't afford to fuck up even a little bit while doing so. It even completely distorts all the incentives. As long as there is this extreme inequality, it will always be a lot easier and a lot more lucrative to mildly amuse one of those super wealthy than it is to improve the lives of billions. Wars, and conflicts between countries in general. Imagine if the world was just a bunch of intelligent humans who work with each other, don't have any reason to be mad at each other, and care about the planet. Too good to be true.
40+ hours work week. Waste of lots of potential human relationships of all kinds. Don’t get to be with family, friends that often. Lots of people are sucked into their work that it can impact their personal lives. Education. Surely there’s a more efficient way of schooling so it doesn’t take someone sooo many years of general education (primary/secondary education). General education that doesn’t qualify you for much. Money. Finances blocks so many things we could potentially achieve. Think of all the things we could have done if lack of funding were not an issue. We would have much more data for all areas of studies/academia etc.
Intelligent people toiling away at menial labor because they don't have the financial means or confidence to rise above this capitalistic society and apply themselves to the greater issues that plague humanity.
People have stopped inventing things. All the way up to the 1940’s and 50’s it wasn’t uncommon to see young adults in their garages wiring things or designing something new or in their bedroom with ac chemistry set doing experiments. Imagine how advanced society would be if everyone in a local area got together even spent a few hours trying to invent something.

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Is intelligent design a myth?

Hello @alexandermonroe397579
How are you?, according with Cambridge dictionaty a myth is an ancient or set of stories or series explaining the early history of a group of people about natural events and fact.
In this case I would say that is intelligent designing a myth, On the contrary if is designed to create false stories and belief is not intelligent at all.
E.g: The myth that men are not emotional and are not able to expresa emotion.

Could you explain your process for designing a new Ben 10 alien?

It’s different with each character but generally I look for reference and do rough sketches until I find a concept I like. Sometimes I’ll draw the character small on a post it which is on a printed out size comp. then I blow up the post it character to full size on the photocopier, and draw my final tight rough on the back of the copy

It fills my heart with joy to see you designing Ben 10 aliens again after swearing off the fandom. Omniverse always had the best style in my opinion. It was a great show with a great style. Glad to see you back Mr. Wyatt!

Thank you. I do enjoy it but some fans put me off sometimes. One reason Fasttrack took so long is because I kept getting rude/mean/demanding messages about it that put me off working on it even when I found time

Hi, im Prashansa Singh Thakur A female fitness gym coach especialized for PCOD, PCOS, thyroid, effective loosing and gaining weight within months and more. A government certified fitness trainer. Feel Free to contact.

itsprashansa’s Profile Photoitsprashansa
Hi I am Ryan Jain. An engineering graduate , interior designing deploma holder and a businessman. Currently having manufacturing units specialised in wall decor and remodeling. Feel free to contact me either. 😂
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My friend and I thought of an idea for an alien for Ben that's like a walking seahorse alien and we both made designs for it and we call it Plodkuda. Would you consider designing it for one of the future Ben 10 polls?

I guess if people wanted to do a design based on a fan character that would be fine, but they’d have to win the vote

While designing your dream home, what are your must haves? 🏡

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
It really depends on how crazy I can go 😂 I have some ideas that are pretty bonkers Haha But if I had an endless budget there'd be three things I would definitely get:
🔵 A dedicated room for movie-watching, gaming and VR. Definitely the most realistic thing on this wishlist Haha It'd be so cool to have like a huge projector and really comfy seats. In one corner there'd be a sick gaming PC but also enough room so I could play VR in there. I'd want some sick blue LED lighting in there too 🎮
🔵 A big saltwater aquarium! I think aquariums are super cool and I find it quite soothing to look at fish. I'd want some quite unique and colorful fish in there, maybe even some small sharks if I wanted to go nuts lol 🐠🦈
🔵 And finally: A huge indoor pool fit to swim laps in. This would be the DREAM for a swimmer like me. I'd never even need an at home gym with something like this Haha No need to share a lane with someone far slower than you cus guess what? You OWN it 😂 I'd probably want an outdoor pool too but it could be circular and more fit for pool parties. As long as I get to have one pool that's rectangular and I can use all year long 🏊‍♂️

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While designing your dream home what are your must haves

ايه مجال دراستك في حاسبات

بص الموضوع كبير والله 😂
نظريا ف الكليه الدنيا مش ملمومة ولسه متخصصتش
فعليا مع نفسي ماشيه ف الcomptitive programming + 3d designing & animation + oop
ف سبيل اني ابقي game developer بالصلاه على النبي 😂🖤
ف دعواتك بقا 🤷‍♀️

Post a moodboard about your work/passion! Explain what you do for a living.

questionslikestyles’s Profile PhotoHarry
Most people like to forget that my main goal in life is not to be a fashion designer. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing and living out my creativity and how something that was just an idea becomes a real thing. It’s actually crazy when I think of all my designs being actual clothing afterwards. But I study at the university of Oxford, my main subjects are psychology and medicine to not only become my dream job as a psychologist but a psychiatrist. I wanted to not only do therapy but to be able to prescribe medicaments as well so I started studying medicine last October. Ice always wanted to help people with damaged minds and understanding them. The human brain and all its work gets me every time. And yep, that’s what I actually do for a living.
Post a moodboard about your workpassion Explain what you do for a living

i thought the same than ibstarted following, i follow gaming stuff lol and designing related. Those videos still show.

fearme9’s Profile PhotoF e a R •
Well, I don't follow any pages with videos of Friends or The family guy but still, they are in my video feed because I like to watch them and I watch them all the time.
+1 answer in: “Why is facebook promoting nudity? Like you go to the watch area and you see just nudity shit. I don't even follow any stuff kike that”

Wsalam bro. I'm fine, wbu? I also recently made an account on fiverr. Graphic designing abhi nahi kyunk I don't know anything about it. It's on my list, I'll learn it in this year. Can you elaborate Digital marketing, it sounds like sth I can do. Do I have to learn the stuff that you just mentioned

sameedarshad2’s Profile PhotoSameed
Alhamdulilah. Thanks for asking. It sounds great that you have made your Fiverr account but my first tip for you about Fiverr is to create a your profile when you actually want to sell your service. Nowadays new profiles are ranking, create 7 gigs at the same time and wait a day for the result. This is first advice. Secondly, you have to learn something. Kyunke kuch hoga tu becho ga. Digital marketing includes Managing the accounts of influencers or companies for promotion. This also includes running ads and finding hashtags(insta) and pins(pinterest) etc. You can watch Digital marketing training playlist on Hisham Sarwar's channel.
+7 answers in: “That freelancer question was mine brother. I'm a beginner and I want to know a bit about the market. I'd be thankful if you can guide me about the skills which are in demand and how do I start?”

That freelancer question was mine brother. I'm a beginner and I want to know a bit about the market. I'd be thankful if you can guide me about the skills which are in demand and how do I start?

sameedarshad2’s Profile PhotoSameed
Assalam- o-Alaikum! Kese han aap?
Bro I work on Fiverr. So, I can help you with that. You can ask me any question regarding that. As per your question. Skills in demand? So, on Fiverr and in technical language we call certain skill as niche. For example graphics designing is one niche, digital marketing is one niche and Content writing and etc is one niche. Now under every niche there are small skills. Like in Graphics designing. It’s like I will design mascot logo, I will design gaming logo. Similarly in digital marketing its like I will be your facebook marketing manager, I will run facebook ads, I will find best hashtags for Instagram, I will find 100 pinterest pins etc. Means in every niche, services are divided into small works and these are called GIGs on Fiverr. So first you should discover what niche you want to choose? What you want to sell?

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