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Quale è in vostro film preferito??

AndreaZenatti’s Profile PhotoAndrea Zenatti
Veramente sto seguendo un cartone Anna dai capelli rossi. Questa ragazza aveva un fervida immaginazione e sai credo che comunque pare che sai non vorrei dirtelo però pare che sai adesso si era arrabbiata perché la donna che la cura pare che comunque non aveva una buona educazione religiosa. Poi sai lei non sa stirare e fare l uncinetto. Poi voglio dirti che comunque pare che sai volevo dirti che comunque pare che sai lei ha avuto una vita difficile e ha dovuto curare figli piccoli ma lei aveva appena otto anni. Poi pare che comunque sai c'è l uomo che ha in cura suo fratello sai non ama pregare in chiesa ma prega nei campi e poi lei non può di certo aiutare nei campi e poi hanno deciso di tenerla lì perché stava per andare da una signora perfida che voleva sfruttarla come bambinaoa però sai gli ha persino detto che pareva un po' tonta. Poi sai pare che comunque sai che la sua vicina di casa Diana diventa sua amica visto che oer tutte le persone è una ragazza strana

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— Rogers!— Diana turned back, only a door separated them from the room but the alert was high and guards were still following them. They didn't have much time to affront all of them..—Let's go!—

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Steve took a deep breath before continuing to the next door.
The weight of the mission and the high alert heightened the intensity of the situation.
The corridor echoed with the distant sounds of approaching guards, Steve didn't hesitated much and opened the door.
- Let's go
The room was dark, illuminated with few red lights that revealed mysterious machines and equipments.
Steve approached to a screen with glowing numbers and realized that it was a countdown.
- We have to destroy it before
He suggested while his mind raced with possibilities.

Alcohol, Andamio, Catálogo, Dardo, Farola

UriarteDaniel’s Profile PhotoDUP
Jaime volvía a su casa borracho como una cuba. Iba haciendo zig-zag. Su amigo Enrique le había dicho que se fuera, que ya se había bebido más ALCOHOL del que podía procesar. Él, que en un principio se negó, acabó accediendo. Cuando se puso a besar a aquella FAROLA como si fuera Jenni, la mujer por la que bebía los vientos, creyó que era momento de irse, pero aún le quedaba otro obstáculo, volver a casa.
Y no fue fácil. Al llegar al primer parque que atravesó ya había amagado dos veces con irse al suelo. Quizá la suerte, o su habilidad para caminar borracho le mantenían de pie. Dentro del mismo tuvo que parar un par de veces para dejar de ver el mundo girando. Se movía tanto en el banco que parecía estar posando para un CATÁLOGO de moda.
Aún le quedaba la parte más difícil. Su calle. Están haciendo obras y hay que atravesar un ANDAMIO. Él, mientras cantaba el himno de Francia a pleno pulmón, dudaba si pasarlo por debajo, o por fuera, esquivando a otros borrachos como él. Lo pasó por debajo, pero chocó con uno de las vigas de soporte y este se tambaleó.
Subió las escaleras. Y llegó a su piso. A duras penas consiguió introducir la llave, pero se chocó con la panza de su padre, con cara de pocos amigos.
- Menuda puntería - Dijo con mucha dificultad - He lanzado un DARDO y he hecho diana.

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2) — I'm making my way through the lab area and it is on the second floor. Hurry up!— Diana felt like she was being followed, she remained vigilant and continued her way to the place where the A.T was stored

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
As Steve made his way to the elevator, a sudden and forceful blow struck his jaw.
The attack caught him by surprise, sending shockwaves of pain through his face.
The force of the hit sent Steve stumbling backward, his head throbbing from the impact.
But he wasn't someone who gave up easily.
With his jaw aching, he quickly turned to face his assailant, his eyes locked on him.
Steve's hand instinctively went to his ear, confirming his fears.
He realized that his ear device was gone, destroyed by the guard during the attack.
The loss of his communication device left him isolated and cut off from Diana.
- Damn...
Steve muttered under his breath and approached the man.
With a swift move, he kicked his leg to destabilized him, then with a perfect timing, Steve punched the guard's chest.
The impact of the punch struck him with force and made him stumble.
The fight continued with kicks and blocks until that Steve unleashed a decisive punch, targeting the assailant's neck with precision.
The powerful hit made the guard incapable to stand up.
- The second floor...
He murmured then ran with determination to the elevator, leaving the guard behind.
As the elevator doors closed behind him, Steve remained focused on the mission and hoped that Diana was fine.

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¿os gustan las lentejas? a mí me hacen tirarme unos pedos que peores que los de una mofeta, pero me sirven para propulsar mi silla de ruedas averiada

@esmitorriso a ver cabeza tanque a ti te meto tal hostia y no te fallo porque tú cabezón es como una diana pero imposible de fallar con un blanco tan grande, cabeza buque para tan poca neurona, feto mal hecho
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4) Red emergency lights began to flash and Diana's heart raced as she fumbled to her earpiece and urgently spoke to him —Steve, something's gone wrong! The facility's on high alert. We need to find out what's happening and get to the Dr before it's too late! —

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Meanwhile, Steve found himself in a lengthy corridor where the scientists were being closely monitored.
He took up a position to observe the behavior of the guards attentively.
When the alarm went on, Steve took the chance to use the situation to his advantage.
The chaos and confusion caused by the alarm allowed him to blend in seamlessly.
The alarm had diverted everyone's attention, while he was moving further.
- Diana, where are you?
Steve asked while his attention was drawn to an elevator in front of him.

4) She subtly initiated a conversation with Steve through their concealed earpieces and maintaining the appearance of a casual interaction with her colleagues. — Steve I'm inside, blending in with the scientists..Keep an eye on your end. Any updates from your side? —

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Steve was relying on his acting skills, assumed the role of a new recruit, using the stolen security guard uniform to his advantage.
He approached the facility's guards with confidence with plausible story, explaining that he was there to replace one of the guards.
The guards allowed him to take up his new role, believing he was just another member of their security team.
This clever ruse allowed Steve to move deeper into the facility, all while maintaining his cover as a security guard, ensuring that their mission remained covert and undetected.
- I've successfully convinced them that I've replaced the previous guard.
I'm moving further into the facility.
Stay cautious, Diana.

— We're well prepared and one step closer to our goal. Let's press on and make sure that the Doctor doesn't get a chance to use that advanced technology for harm. Now there's no turning back. Are you ready ? — Diana was ready to go to the facility and waited for his answer..

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Steve's response carried a deep sense of responsibility.
As he replied, his words were measured and resolute, reflecting the weight of the mission and the trust he placed in their partnership.
- Our journey has brought us here, and there's no turning back.
Our commitment to justice and the safety of innocent lives is what matters the most.
I am ready, Diana.
He said while he was looking at the black uniform he was going to wear.

Diana reached out to Steve through their secure communication. She knew it was time for them to meet at their determined location chosen — First part of the job is done — Prince spoke through her device and was on her way..

The_wonderwoman’s Profile PhotoDiana☆
Steve acknowledged her words and replied.
- Roger that, I'm on my way.
As Steve reached their rendez vous point, he found Diana waiting with a smile on her face.
They had successfully completed the initial phase of their mission, and the stolen items in their possession marked a significant step toward achieving their goal.
- It is good to see you.
It took me time to have this but patience is the key.

📍BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS - woran arbeitest du gerade?

LittleWritingMoon’s Profile PhotoLittle Moon
◜diana lee◞ für deja vu
Der Steckbrief zu Deja Vu steht bei mir grade an erster Stelle, daher liegt auch hier mein kompletter Fokus. Ich gebe mir die größten Mühen, damit ich Diana bis zur Deadline fertiggestellt habe ! Aktuell wäre ich tatsächlich gerne weiter, als ich es bin; aber ich bin optimistisch, dass es klappen wird ! <3
◜crimson petals◞
Crimson Petals ist eine für den Kpop Fandom geplante MMFF, an der ich bereits seit knapp einem Jahr arbeite. Ich bin zwar noch nicht so weit, wie ich eigentlich sein wollte, aber ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ich die Geschichte Ende Dezember 2023/ Anfang Januar 2024 veröffentlichen kann. Vorausgesetzt, dass Interesse daran besteht. Mit diesem Projekt wage ich mich zum ersten mal wieder an eine Fantasy AU mit Schwerpunkt auf ◜Hanahaki Disease◞ und ◜Seelenverwandschaften◞. Die Schattenseite einer Seelenverwandschaft, die tödlicher zu sein scheint, als der Krieg, der den drei Reichen des Yugen bevorsteht.
„this garden of flowers that blooms so beautifully is piercing the flesh of lungs inside my chest, so before I no longer have space to breathe, let me take this last moment to confess. while I fade away, one suffocating silk petal at a time, know that though I wasn't the love of your life — you have always been mine.

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BLOOD SWEAT  TEARS  woran arbeitest du gerade

Какая Ваша любимая группа или исполнитель? 🎼🎵🎶🎧🎸🎹🥁

Nina2927’s Profile PhotoНина Валерьевна
Нет у меня кумиров, много разных групп и исполнителей слушаю по настроению. Джаз нравится: Diana Krall, Oscar Peterson ,Art Tatum и много других.

Clark was well aware of the mysterious lady's identity, as her formidable demeanor left an indelible impression. There was an enigmatic quality in her gaze, concealing something beyond words. - I'm Clark Kent, I recently came across an article featuring a photograph of you at the Smithsonian.

Diana was intrigued by Clark's recognition and the mention of her appearance at the Smithsonian.
— Ah, it seems my works have caught your attention, Mr. Kent.
I'm Diana Prince and I have indeed been involved with the Smithsonian in recent times —
,she replied calmly but curiously.
Diana quietly wished that her secret identity remained hidden...

Clark stepped into a bustling café, his eyes caught a woman radiating a certain grace. She was sitting alone at a table near the window, sipping her coffee with a contemplative expression. He approached her with a warm smile. - Excuse me miss, may I join you?

Diana looked up from her coffee, her eyes filled with surprise and curiosity.
Pausing for a moment, she motioned towards the empty chair in front of her.
—You can sit here if you'd like..
I was enjoying some quiet time but I'm glad to have your company..

✴┊¿Qué tema(s) de conversación consideras aburrido(s)?, ¿por qué?

DianaRaquel7u7’s Profile Photo— N®.
Diana!! 👀
Obvio hay temas que me interesan o que me importan más, pero considero que también es muy relevante la persona con la que trato el tema.
Me ha pasado tocar un tema, que ciertamente me importaba poco y nada inicialmente, pero que en el transcurso de la conversación se volvió interesante porque la persona dominaba el tema y sabia expresarlo muy bien.

What's your favourite cover version of a song?

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
I like these:
🎵 Travelin’ Light by Eric Clapton, covering J J Cale
🎵 Step On by The Happy Mondays, covering John Kongos
🎵 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, covering Bob Dylan
🎵 Hey Ya by Shawn Lee’s Pingpong Orchestra, covering OutKast
🎵 Venus by Bananarama, covering Shocking Blue
🎵 You Keep Me Hangin’ On by Vanilla Fudge, covering Diana Ross & The Supremes
🎵 Lay Lady Lay by Magnet & Gemma Hayes, covering Bob Dylan
🎵 I’ll Keep Holding On by The Action, covering the Marvelletes
🎵 And more recently I heard covers of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” by both Apocalyptica and Mozart Heroes which I liked.

Jakich artystów słuchają?👑

kimkardashianpolska’s Profile Photo#kkwp Kim Kardashian Polska ♥
Perrie - Christina Aguilera, Céline Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyonce.
Jade - Blackpink, BTS, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Tove Lo, Charlie XCX, Raye.
Leigh - Rihanna, Raye.
Te osoby pierwsze przyszły mi do głowy, ale generalnie słuchają przeróżnych artystów.

kaphatunk képet a csodapulcsiról?

egykilenc90’s Profile PhotoValós Személy
Jajj, a lelkesedésem félrevezető lehetett... :D
Mivel alapból minimalista az öltözködésem, ezért ha veszek valami ruhát, az mindig egy halál egyszerű alapdarab, aminek én viszont minden alkalommal úgy tudok örülni, mintha legalább Diana hercegnő estélyi ruhája volna. :')
Sajnos a pulcsi épp szárad, de egy teljesen szimpla, vékony garbóról van szó, viszont ami a lényeg: pont olyan árnyalatú sötétbarna, mint amire vágytam! ❤️ Csatoltam egy random referenciaképet, de az én példányom ennél sötétebb és bordázott az anyaga - fátyolkönnyű, mégsem látszik át, és zseniálisan kombinálható, úgyhogy tökéletes az öröm!
(Szerintem a férfi olvasóim úgy a harmadik sornál szúrták t*kön magukat... :D)
kaphatunk képet a csodapulcsiról

Como te arde que la gente diga verdaes, a ti solo te gusta humillar y que endiosen a tu puto genero, y con esa cara de rata y tu mentalidad de mierda no se a quien pretendes humillar, en persona acabarias como Marta del Castillo y Diana Quer

si se ve que haces bromas con personas que han sido asesinadas a manos de hijos de puta. Y veo que tu eres uno de ellos. Chupala,mamón

The new season of The Crown will show how Princess Diana met Dodi Al Fayed and the events that led up to her death in the tragic car crash when the Paparazzi were chasing them. Anyhoo, any good tv series you been watching?

Like I said, never seen it. I've been watching ghost adventures, house or the dragon, 90 days, outlander, the walking dead, ancient aliens and biblical explained.

Ay mil gracias! Te dejo las siguientes guapa: 1. Una usando las palabras 'azotes' y 'cinturón'. 2. Otra usando 'azotes' y 'culete' y otra 3. Usando 'pañales' y 'azotes' :) a ver qué tal sale <3

1. ¡Mira la guerra que ha azotado nuestro pueblo! Como si Dios hubiese dado su brazo a torcer, alzar su cinturón y cargara entre nosotros su ira, pero ¿Dios malevolo existes realmente en nuestro cielo?
2. Te ofrezco mi corazón pero no lo azotes, puesto que para aquellos que sientan, que la ira y el dolor con sangre entra, mi corazón no es la diana de un culete por el cual puedas desahogar tus deseos.
3. Un golpe y el pañal está listo para que el nene de mamá no llore más. Y si llora de nuevo, azotes se recibirá...
¿Que te parece? jajaja ay, me esta gustando esto jejeje

saraca regina a trait fara sufletul ei pereche, dar a putut sa traiasca aproape 100 de ani stiind ca a pus sa fie omorata printesa diana, ca s-a purtat urat cu harry si cu meghan, mai lasa ma si cu hoasca asta

nimeni nu neagă că are și ea partea ei de vină, în toate lucrurile astea, însă asta nu înseamnă că nu are și propriile suferințe.
Liked by: Moni Anna Lorena

Jak oceniasz styl Elżbiety II i księżnej Diany?

Melija7703’s Profile Photo♥️Ciekawostki historyczne♥️
Pozytywnie, szczególnie podobał mi się styl królowej Elżbiety, zawsze nienagannie ubrana i z nienagannymi manierami. Wpływ na taką ocenę może mieć też to, że młodość królowej Elżbiety przypadła na lata 40. i 50., które podobają mi się pod względem mody. Księżna Diana też ubierała się z klasą, większości jej stylizacji nie mogę nic zarzucić, ale jej młodość przypadła na lata 80., a z tego okresu czasu sporo trendów niezbyt mi się podobało. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, jeśli gdzieś chciałybyście upatrywać modowych inspiracji, to Brytyjska Rodzina Królewska może być dobrym adresem 😉
Jak oceniasz styl Elżbiety II i księżnej Diany

A ti te pego una paliza que te dejo hospitalizada, informate como acabais las tipitas cuanbdo vais solas, Diana Quer, y Marta del Castillo por ejemplo asi acabariais tu y Iveta, crees que un tio de 80 kilos que entrena boxeo tendria problemas con una desnutrida de 50 kilos como Iveta

¿Qué paliza? Las películas de Rocky Balboa no te sentaron bien.
Me da lástima que aún haya psicópatas sueltos por el mundo, sembrando maldad y destrucción.
Por pegarme una paliza no te preocupes, tenéis puntos débiles, me lo sé de sobra.

1- ?me llamo?Galilea Apolonio quintana: 2-?me dicen?gali: 3- ?❤️soltero o en relación?❤️en una re: 4- ?nombre de mi ex?: 5- ?canción favorita? 6-?cumpleaños?: 7-?mejor amigo?: 8-?mejor amiga?: 9-?tomo?: 10-?fumo?: 11-?celosa?: 12-?alguien que me haga reír?: 13-?lugar favorito?: 14-♨️color favorito?:

yaquequinthanitha’s Profile PhotoYäqüë Qüïnthänïthä
. Me llamo Violeta
. Violeta
. Soltera
. Jhon
. No tengo una canción favorita
. Hace unos días
. Javi
. Diana y Alejandra
. No tomo
. No fumo
. Admito ser celosa
. Javi
. Mi recamara
. Azul

have u forgiven diana yet or gonna a hold a grudge forever ?

> have u forgiven diana yet
There is nothing to "forgive." I've made this abundantly clear.
> or gonna a hold a grudge forever ?
Is that how you interpret it? I'll say one thing - you two have a great deal in common. That pleases me. Tremendously. ❤️
have u forgiven diana yet or gonna a hold a grudge forever

What’s your favourite sport?

Dianabikbik’s Profile PhotoSweetDianne
@Dianabikbik 🌻 Hi Diana, my favorite sports are swimming, camping, mountaineering, hiking, archeology 👍
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 4

Batman 1 Gotham (1989)

Batman 2 Returns (1992)

Batman 3 Forever (1995)

Batman 4 Robin (1997)

Batman 5 Begins (2005)

Batman 6 Dark Knight (2008)

Batman 7 Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Batman vs Superman (2016)

Battleship (2012)

Beethoven (2006)

Beetlejuice (1988)

Beginners (2011)

Bella y la Bestia (2017)

Ben 10 Alien Swarm (2009)

Bendita ignorancia (2018)

Beso de Pantera (1982)

Bestias del sur salvaje (2012)

Biblioteca de Libros Rechazados (2019)

Bienvenida a Montparnasse (2018)

Bienvenidas a Brasil (2018)

Big Eyes (2014)

Big Fish (2003)

Billy Elliot (2000)

Birdman (2014)

Blackwood (2018)

Blade (1998)

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blancanieves y el Cazador (2012)

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

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Whats your favourite sport

still mad at diana why you dont talkto her ??!

> still mad at diana
Why would you assume that I was "mad" at her? There are numerous reasons why I might choose to avoid a person.
> why you dont talkto her ??!
For what purpose and why would it matter to you? 🤔
Stop with these provocations and enjoy the scenery - it may do you some good.
still mad at diana why you dont talkto her

¿Te gusta el borde de la pizza? 🍕

@Lechegotica_rataesqueleto 🐉 Holi Henni, ya me paso 🌷
Ettoo... obvio, la pizza se come entera 🍕🍻
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
"Batman vs Superman: Amanecer de la Justicia"
USA (2016) 152 min. Dirección: Zack Snyder.
ACTORS: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Scoot McNairy, Jena Malone.
PERSONAJES: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent), Lex Luthor (LexCorp), Lois Lane (reportera Daily Planet), Alfred (mayordomo), Perry White (jefe Daily Planet), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Anatoli Knyazev (terrorista ruso).

https://youtu.be/bha24P9uw-Esalquial’s Video 170409317177 bha24P9uw-Esalquial’s Video 170409317177 bha24P9uw-E

https://youtu.be/puH3GbpXxHMsalquial’s Video 170409317177 puH3GbpXxHMsalquial’s Video 170409317177 puH3GbpXxHM

https://youtu.be/kof_CxLtri0salquial’s Video 170409317177 kof_CxLtri0salquial’s Video 170409317177 kof_CxLtri0
Te gusta el borde de la pizza

¿Que nombre de niñas te gustan? 🤰🏼💜

Diana, Gaia, Eris, Melínoe, Ariadna, Victoria, Helena, Isis, Anya, Nora, Fiorella, Freyja, Skadi... Y así un sin fin de nombres de diferentes mitologías, o simplemente extravagantes.
Que nombre de niñas te gustan

Why are you being mean about Diana? I thought you were friends? She’s not responsible for what her stalkers or imitators say!

> Why are you being mean about Diana?
Forgive me, but I didn't say anything negative about her. It isn't "mean" if people wish to avoid each other.
> I thought you were friends?
We hardly ever spoke... Let's not assume that it was some monumental friendship.
> She’s not responsible for what her stalkers or imitators say!
How does this change the fact that I would like us to avoid each other? My decision wasn't based on the actions of her stalkers, imitators, elves, gnomes, aliens from distant worlds or whatever you'd like to believe.

Are you intimidated by Diana because she is more intelligent than you?

> Are you intimidated by Diana
Not in the least. We simply dislike each other. Yes, it's really that simple and you are reading too much into it. Observe:
> because she is more intelligent than you?
According to what metric and what does our mutual dislike have to do with "intelligence?" Quite frankly, I've no desire to deal with her. Or you. There, "mystery" solved. Satisfied?

Zacznij w końcu być sobą a nie udawać kogoś kim nie jesteś nagle Diana jak tylko Sylwia ma xd tak to piszesz do niej bezczelnie smsy a potem wielkie halo i znowu wojna xd żałosna jesteś w opór

Chyba Ci się coś pomyliło anonimie
Miałam unikać odpowiedzi na takie pytania ale odpowiem ostatni raz
Pierwsza założyłam konto z imieniem Diana a Sylwia druga ustawiła wiec No kto tu od kogo kopiuje?
Lepiej do mnie się czepiać a na kogoś innego przecież przymknąć oko hah miłego dnia 😊

Lenne kedved neked is zenei ABC-t írni? :)

skotinyaka’s Profile PhotoMisca
Igeen, köszi!!
Vannak köztük olyanok is, akiket ritkábban hallgatok, de megpróbáltam mindenkit felsorolni, akit valamennyire hallgatni szoktam:
A- Aaliyah, ABBA, Adriano Celentano, Aerosmith, Al Bano&Romina Power, Alice Cooper, All Saints, Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin, Axelle Red
B- Baccara, Berlin, Beyoncé, Bing Crosby, Blondie, Bobby Vinton, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler, Brandy, Brenda Lee, Britney Spears, Bryan Adams, Brownstone, Boyz II Men
C- Cardi B, Céline Dion, Cher, Chris de Burgh, Chubby Checker, Ciara, Connie Francis, Cyndi Lauper, Chopin, Colette Renard
D- Da Brat, Dalida, Daniela Romo, Darlene Love, Dean Martin, Destiny's Child, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Doris Day
E- Édith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Engelbert Humperdinck, Eurythmics, Etta James
F- France Gall, Frank Sinatra
G- Gene Pitney, George Michael, Gloria Gaynor, Gloria Lasso
H- Heart
J- Jack Jersey, Jam&Lewis, Janet Jackson, Jason Mraz, Jennifer Rush, Jerry Lee Lewis
K- Kovács Kati, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Kelis
L- Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Luther Vandross
M- Mariah Carey❤, Mardoll, Mary J. Blige, Megan Thee Stallion, MIKA, Missy Elliott, Mahalia Jackson
N- Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, Neneh Cherry, Nina Simone
P- Patti LaBelle, Paul Anka, Pentatonix, Perry Como, Phil Collins
Q- Queen Latifah
R- Ray Charles, Ricchi e poveri, Rick Astley, Roxette, Rihanna
S- Saweetie, Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, Shakin' Stevens, Sheena Easton, Sister Sledge, Stereo Swing, Stevie Wonder, Spice Girls
T- Taylor Dayne, Tina Turner, TLC, Toni Braxton, The Andrews Sisters, The Beach Boys, The Crystals, The Golden Gate Quartet, The Pointer Sisters, The Ronettes, The Supremes, Tracy Chapman, The Exciters
W- Wanda Jackson, Whitney Houston, Wynonna
X- Xscape

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